Monday, November 19, 2007

Le Tragique Έcrous (part 1-12)

By tirsomaly

Chapter 1

Truth or Dare

His father died fifteen years ago. His mother had been raising him and his sister ever since. Allen was a healthy seventeen year old boy. He was in pretty good shape, with built pecs and a noticeable six-pack but he was also pretty shy, so he had a hard time dating girls.

Allen’s sister Hannah was two years younger than him; she was about five feet, five inches tall with a petite figure. She had blonde hair and decently sized breasts and butt. Allen and his sister were really close friends. They goofed around all the time ever since they were little kids. They liked to make fun of each other and tickle and wrestle each other as well.

When Hannah was about eight years old, Allen and her were wrestling. She was on top of him, trying to pin him to the ground. He was holding her away from pinning him by holding her up with his knees that were pinned together. She persistently attempted to part his knees by shoving her knee in between them. She began to feel that it was hopeless and pushed down with one more forceful shove. His knees spread ever so slightly apart; just enough to allow her knee to slam its way straight through to his developing testicles. Hannah felt her knee make impact on his vulnerable balls and couldn’t help but laugh at her own mistake. Allen quickly threw her off of him and fell into a fetal position, holding his groin and trying not to cry from the pain.

“You should have just let me pin you, stupid. You were the one holding me off with your knees,” Hannah said while she was giggling. Ever since that day she had this obsession with kicking her brother in the balls. She would purposely start tickling wars, or wrestling matches with him, just so she could ‘accidentally kick him in the nuts’. She just thought it was so funny, that she couldn’t resist doing it to him.

Sometimes his mother would see him, holding himself on the floor and she would say, “Did your sister kick you again Allen? I asked her not to do that. She’s so rebellious. But she’s so cute that I just can’t be mad at her. Sorry ‘bout your privates Allen.” Then she would plop down on the recliner and watch TV.

Allen’s mother, Angela, was a 39 year old woman. She had blonde hair and the usual aging signs of a 39 year old woman. Her breasts sagged a little and she had a fat ass. For the most part she was pretty for her age. Angela was a marketing executive for Yahoo.

When Hannah was about thirteen years old, she started kicking her brother in the balls without even pretending it was an accident. She would kick him in front of her friends, just to show off and so they would think she was funny. He tried to block her kicks but was never fast enough. She always left him on the floor, gasping for air, while she walked away giggling to herself. Sometimes she would even kick him in public places, especially when there were a bunch of girls from South Eugene High School were around. She thought it was hilarious to watch her brother rolling on the floor in pain and humiliation. He didn’t know how to stop her, since their mom didn’t really seem to care.

Allen had two cousins who lived in the same town as him with his mother’s sister. His aunt’s name was Heather and she was forty three years old. Heather was divorced and lived off her husband’s child support and the government. Heather dyed her hair brown and went tanning regularly; she actually looked younger than her sister. Heather had two daughters; Sarah, thirteen and Robin, eleven. Both her daughters had blonde hair and looked pretty similar, as far as young girls look. Sarah had a little bit longer hair than Robin.

Our story begins on a smoldering summer day in Allen’s small Eugene, Oregon home. Sarah and Robin had come over to stay the night with Hannah. Allen was in his room doing homework, while his sister and cousins were making tons of noise, banging against the walls and giggling and such. Allen was getting very annoyed with it but he just finished doing his homework. When he was done doing his homework, Allen sat up from his chair and left his room to get some munchies.

As he walked by Hannah’s room, Robin popped out and said, “HEY, Allen, come in here and play truth or dare with us!” Allen didn’t really want to, but had trouble saying no because his cousin was so cute and he felt guilty. So he hesitantly said Okay. Allen stepped into the room and saw his sister sitting on the bed laughing with Sarah about some joke or something. Allen immediately wished he had chosen to pass up this opportunity for boredom but it was too late for him to change his mind now.

“Allen, I’m glad you’re going to play truth or dare with us. We needed a fourth player. Okay, we’re going to play truth or dare. If you don’t agree to tell the truth or take the dare then you have to eat this raw egg on this plate,” said Hannah. Allen didn’t want to eat the raw egg but he was pretty sure he wouldn’t have to, even if he didn’t accept a dare, they couldn’t make him eat a raw egg. On the other hand, it would be funny to see one of them eat a raw egg.

“Youngest goes first,” chimed Robin.

“Okay, go ahead,” said Hannah. “

Okay… I want to dare Hannah. I dare you to go down to your mom’s office and steal one of her bottles of alcohol.”

“NO, I can’t do that! Do you know what my mom will do if she catches me?!?!”

“Well, if you refuse to do it, then you’re out of the game and you have to eat a raw egg,” laughed Allen. Hannah gave Allen a look like she was really pissed, because he knew how angry her mom would get if she caught them stealing her alcohol. Allen had done it a few times before and would never do it again. The last time he got caught stealing his mom’s alcohol, he was grounded for a month with no TV, phone or entertainment of any kind. All he had were educational books to read in his room. She installed a lock in his room during that time so he could only get out for school. Now he behaved very well, because of his fear of getting locked in his second story room. Hannah didn’t want a lock on her door, but she knew her mom favored her and would never do that, so she decided to fuck the consequences and go down and steal some alcohol. After all, she didn’t want to be out of the game and it would be her turn to give a dare next. She had a little plan for her brother, because he laughed at her about having to steal mom’s alcohol.

She very casually walked downstairs and easily broke into her mother’s alcohol cabinet. She stole a bottle of southern comfort and happily walked back upstairs. As she walked back into the room, she was smiling and said, “Here’s the booze… Okay, now it’s my turn and I want to dare Allen.” Allen smiled and wondered what she would dare him to do. “I dare you to let me kick you in the nuts,” Hannah plainly stated. Sarah and Robin laughed hysterically at this situation. Hannah waited for Allen to make his choice. Allen didn’t want to get kicked in the nuts because he knew how extremely bad it hurt every time she kicked him before.

“That’s not fair; you can’t dare me to do something that will hurt my body. That’s like me daring you to let me punch you in the eye.”

“No it’s not,” argued Hannah. “If you punched me in the eye that could do permanent damage.”

“Well, so can kicking me in the nuts.”

“NO it can’t. I’ve kicked you a million times before, it will only hurt for ten minutes or so and it will be entertaining for us to watch. Don’t you want to see me kick him in the nuts?” she asked Sarah and Robin.


“Also, you can’t hit us, because mom doesn’t allow you to hit girls.” They both whined at the same time.

“No, hunta, Fuck this, this isn’t how you play this game,” Allen said as he got up and began to leave the room.

“You have to eat the egg!” yelled Hannah. Allen just walked away.

“Hold on a second,” Hannah told her cousins. She ran out following Allen and grabbed him. “Listen, Allen, if you break the rules I’m going to tell mom that you stole her alcohol again, so either take the dare or eat the egg.”

Allen looked really angry. “You are such a bitch, I can’t believe you. You’re evil.”

“I know I am, don’t ya love me?”

Allen was angry as hell, but there wasn’t much he could do to argue. He knew his mother would believe Hannah. “Fine, you fucking bitch, I’ll come back in there and play by the rules,” he muttered under his breath.

Allen and Hannah came back into the room. Allen had a frustrated look on his face and was completely silent. Hannah looked triumphant. “Well, Allen has decided to play by the rules and not be an asshole.” The cousins smiled, hoping they would get to see him eat the egg or get kicked in the nuts.

“So what’ll it be, Allen? These eggs? Or those eggs?” she cleverly asked, pointing at his crotch. Allen had a hard time deciding. He hated eggs, even cooked, so he really didn’t want to eat a raw egg. But a kick in the nuts hurts so badly. He decided that he could be a man about it and take a kick in the nuts; after all, he wanted a chance to give some dares.

“I’ll take the kick, I guess.”

“Good choice, Allen. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Allen stood up, stepped into an open area in the room and spread his legs. Hannah stood up, never dropping her gaze from her target. She stood in front of Allen and planned out the kick in her mind. She wanted it to be right on target. Allen anticipated the kick. Hannah snapped her foot out, but Allen was prepared and reflexively pulled his knees together, effectively blocking the kick completely.

“You didn’t let me kick you, THAT was the dare. So either let me kick you, or eat the egg.”

“I couldn’t help it. It was a reflex.”

“Well, close your eyes this time, so you can’t tell when the kick is coming.” Allen closed his eyes and intermittently couldn’t help but close his legs together. At one of the moments when his legs were apart his sister kicked her bare foot, blasting the ball of her foot directly into his balls, making more contact with the left than the right. His left nut became all that he could feel, a sizzling ache, running down his leg and into his stomach, all the way to his brain. His right testicle hurt too, but not nearly as bad as his left one, which he felt would never function again. Then again, that’s what it always felt like when his sister kicked him and he always managed to function as a man. All this pain came on almost immediately and it was so intense that he barely noticed the content smile on Hannah’s face and the look of shock on his cousin’s faces.

After a minute or so, Sarah and Robin began laughing, as if they had been holding themselves back from doing so for the past minute. They laughed uncontrollably for about five minutes. They were laughing so hard that tears began to come to their eyes. Hannah just stood there with that satisfied look on her face, happy at how funny her cousins thought it was. This was the first time Hannah had introduced Sarah and Robin to this. She thought they were too young before, but now she felt they were old enough to learn how to hurt a man. Hannah was a bit of a sadist, as all young girls are. She enjoyed seeing her brother in pain. She enjoyed listening to his little cousins laugh at him. She loved the fact that he was suffering from extreme pain and moderate humiliation. She loved the feeling of her foot crushing his warm, vulnerable balls. It was so funny and he deserved it.

After about ten minutes Allen managed to sit up in a chair. His left nut still hurt a little, but the pain was abating quickly. The girls all looked at him differently after he got up. They tried their best to keep a straight face, but couldn’t help but break out in laughter every now and then.

“Okay, now it’s my turn to give out a dare.” In the middle of that sentence Robin and Sarah burst out laughing.

“Okay, who are you gonna dare?” asked his sister, with a laughing smile on her face.

“I’m going to dare Sarah.” He didn’t know exactly what he was going to dare her to do, so he tried to think quickly. “Sarah, I dare you to take a drink of that Southern Comfort that Hannah stole from our mom.”

“Okay… No problem,” Sarah picked up the alcohol, unscrewed the lid and braced herself to take a drink. She took a small sip that made her gag; she spit the booze out all over the floor.

“Oh shit. Allen, you have to clean that up. That was a stupid dare; she’s too young to drink anything. You’re an asshole, so clean this up so I don’t get in trouble.” Allen was a little embarrassed because maybe she was too young and maybe he was out of line. He went to the kitchen to get carpet cleaner and cleaned up the alcohol off of the floor. The game resumed.

“Okay, let’s see, it’s my turn now, right?” asked Sarah.

“Right,” replied Hannah.

“Okay, hmm, well, sorry, I need to think about it for a sec…” She looked towards Allen and he hoped she wasn’t thinking what he thought she might be thinking. “Can we do the same dare more than once, Hannah?”

“Sure, of course you can.”

“Okay, I wanna dare Allen… to let ME kick him in the nuts.”

“No, no, I can’t take another kick. Sorry, you’re gonna have to choose a different dare.”

“Okay, let me think.”

“NO, she can do whatever dare she wants Allen. You need to obey the rules and part of the rules, is you can’t ask somebody to change their dare. Either do it or eat the egg.” Allen knew he was blackmailed in a way, so he didn’t argue.

“FINE, let me think about it.” They were all surprised that he even needed to think about it but he really hated eggs and he doubted that Sarah, who was only thirteen years old, could kick worth shit.

“Okay, I’m gonna take the kick.” A huge smile immediately came to Sarah’s face after he said that. Sarah was wearing socks and somehow, in his delusional thinking, he thought that maybe the socks might soften the blow along with the lack of strength in her legs. He stood in position like before.

“Close your eyes again. We don’t want your legs hurting little Sarah’s foot, do we?” Allen obeyed and felt like this whole truth or dare thing was just a ploy so they could kick him in the nuts. Nah, they couldn’t be that cunning. Well, maybe Hannah, probably not, whatever, fuck it. He closed his eyes and had his legs spread. He felt afraid, even though she was only thirteen.

Sarah lifted her foot up to his groin slowly so she could get a feel for how far her foot would kick. She felt nervous too. She didn’t really want to hurt him; she just thought it would be fun. “I can’t do this. I thought it would be fun, but I don’t want to hurt you Allen.”

Allen opened his eyes in sweet relief. “Thank you Sarah, that’s nice of you.”

“Wait, wait, wait, Sarah, you have to do it, you already dared him. Don’t you want to kick him?” Sarah nodded her head yes.

“Allen, close your eyes; she’s still gonna kick you.”

“No, she said she doesn’t want to!”

“Close your eyes Allen or I’ll have a talk with mom about you-know-what.” Allen was angry, but he closed his eyes because he really didn’t want to get locked in his room again.

Hannah kneeled next to Sarah. “What’s the matter?”

Sarah whispered, “I don’t want to hurt him, he might be mad at me.”

“No, he won’t be mad at you. Let me tell you a secret. He rolls on the ground after we kick him partly because it does hurt but also because he knows how funny it is and he wants us to laugh at him. Its half pain, half show. You understand?”


“Yes, really.”

“I never knew that. Okay, I’ll kick him then.”

“There he is. Why do you think he would wait like that and let us unless he enjoyed it in some way?” Sarah walked up again and positioned herself. She drew up all the power within her legs and snapped her foot out, slapping the top of her foot against his left nut again. This felt a lot different than Hannah’s kick. It only made contact with his left nut, but it felt a lot sharper. Maybe it was because of the fact that the testicle had already went through hell or maybe it was because she had a more focused kick, but his left nut went into an even more agonizing state than before.

“That was fun!” Sarah laughed.

“Good job Sarah. You got him good.”

Hannah kneeled down next to Allen and spoke quietly in his ear. “How does it feel, Allen? Did she break one of ‘em? Having trouble answering my questions? *giggle* We’re gonna be kicking you a lot more from now on, so get used to it. Don’t even think about telling mom or I’ll just deny it and then you don’t wanna know what I’ll do to your balls. K?”

While Hannah was talking to Allen, Sarah told Robin all about it. “You have to do it, it was so exciting!”

“But you hurt him. Don’t you feel bad?”

“Hannah told me it’s mainly just a show. Why do you think he just let me and Hannah kick him? Of course it hurts, but he knows how funny it is and that’s why he rolls on the ground and stuff. As soon as you get a dare you have to try it.”

“Okay, but I’m not gonna do it hard.”

“I didn’t do it hard either. Believe me, I could’ve done it a lot harder.”

Back with Hannah and Allen, about three minutes later. Allen was still in extreme pain. “Does it still hurt, Allen? Well, get up and let’s finish the game, you’re just gonna have to grin and bear it.” Allen now felt completely terrified of his sister and he was pretty much under her control. She didn’t realize the extent of her power; she didn’t think he would buy her threats. But he did.

Allen cleared his throat and his voice cracked as he tried to speak, which caused all the girls to burst out in laughter. “Okay, ahem, it’s my turn to, ah, dare. I guess I dare Sarah… to… ahem… moon the window.”

“Okay, but you have to turn your head, Allen.”

“Okay, Sarah, you make sure she does it, okay?” Sarah watched as Robin pulled down her pants and showed her butt to the world out of Hannah’s bedroom window. Robin pulled up her pants and sat back down.

Allen turned back around. “Did she do it?”


“Okay my turn again,” Robin said with joy in her voice. “I know what I’m gonna do, I dare you to let me kick you in the nuts.” Hannah laughed with so much ego in her voice. Sarah giggled, hoping that he would accept the dare.

He didn’t need to take too long to think about, as his left nut was pretty much making the decision for him. “I can’t take another kick.”

“You know the rules,” said Hannah.

“Fine, this was such a stupid game, I’m sorry I ever came in here, I know you had this in mind from the beginning Hannah. You’re cruel.” With that Allen took the plate with the raw egg on it. He stared at the egg for a long time.

“Go ahead, we don’t have all day,” said Hannah. All the girls were smiling. He plugged his nose and choked the egg down. He nearly gagged as he tried to swallow it. It was one of the most disgusting things he had ever done. The girls laughed and cheered for him. He got up and left. He got incredibly nauseous about fifteen minutes later, but didn’t throw up. He stayed in his room and tried to concentrate the nausea away.

After he left, the girls continued talking. “Sorry, you didn’t get a chance to kick him, Robin.”

“It’s okay.”

“No, it’s really not okay. It’s not fair that we all got to kick him and you didn’t. I have an idea. You may get to kick him in the balls after all. We need to figure out a way that you can kick him without him expecting it. Any ideas?”

“We could tell him to look at something, like on the cartoons, and then she could kick him really fast while he’s not looking.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea, Sarah…Let’s wait until he gets out of his room and then we’ll put our plan into action. So, Sarah, what did you think? Was that your first time kicking a guy in the balls?”

“Yeah, it was fun… and funny.” They all giggled a little bit.

“I better fill up this booze with water and put it back.”

Allen felt sick for the next hour. After lying in bed for an hour, he went downstairs to watch TV. The girls heard him walk past their door, so they went downstairs to watch TV with him. Sarah asked the girls if they wanted some chicken nuggets.


“Yeah, definitely.”

“Come in the kitchen with me then and help me make them.” They all went into the kitchen. Allen was the only one who was tall enough to reach the pan that they needed to make the chicken nuggets so Hannah called him in the kitchen.

“Allen, come in here, we need you to get the pan for us.” Hannah positioned Robin so she would be standing in front of Allen when he got the pan. There was a window directly across from the cupboard where the pan was. Allen came in to help them and found Sarah and Robin standing next to the oven trying to reach for the pan.

“Can you get the pan for us, Allen?” asked Hannah.

“Okay, but next time you can just get a chair to get up there.” Allen reached up to get the pan.

“SHIT, look out the window!!!” Allen looked immediately out of fear, leaving his legs wide open for Robin. Robin panicked and took the kick as fast as she could. Her tennis shoe hit him in his right testicle and whacked the tip of his penis pretty good too.

“Oh, FUCK!” Allen exclaimed, as the pain that was once in his left nut now began to emanate from his right ball. His testicle was on fire again. It was all he could think about and it felt like he might have lost a nut. But it always felt like that. He collapsed to the floor, groaning in agony. Robin, Sarah and Hannah were all laughing at him, just standing over him, laughing hysterically.

After about five minutes he recovered enough to speak. “That was a dirty trick.” The girls just laughed at him. They thought it was hilarious that the old trick actually worked on him.

“That’s the oldest trick in the book,” taunted Hannah. They heard Angela, Allen and Hannah’s mother, at the front door. Robin got really scared that she would get in trouble and froze up.

Angela walked into the kitchen. “Allen, what happened? Are you okay sweetie?”

Hannah answered for him. “He wasn’t looking where he was going and he walked right into the door handle.”

“You should really be more careful Allen, God only gave you two testicles and they can’t be replaced. Sorry to be blunt but you need to be more careful. You girls go up to your room, this isn’t a show.”

The girls ran up to their room and giggled about how they got away with it. Robin was relieved. Allen never told his mom the truth, because he was too afraid of her finding out about the alcohol. Angela went to her office to start getting drunk. Allen was left in the kitchen cradled in the fetal position, with the lights off.

Chapter 2


Later that evening, Allen managed to get back up to his bedroom. His balls ached for the rest of the night, but he slept fitfully.

The next morning Hannah walked into Allen’s bedroom while he was sleeping. “Time to get up, Allen!” Allen was irritated and rolled over, hiding underneath his covers. His balls still ached a little and he was really pissed off about that.

“What’s the matter? Are your balls to sore to get up?” Allen just ignored her.

“Well, you better get up soon because mom is making breakfast and if you aren’t down there, she said she was gonna kick you in the nuts.” Hannah was lying and Allen knew it. Allen knew their mom wouldn’t kick him in the nuts but she would be angry if he didn’t come down for breakfast. So he got up, threw some clothes on and went down for breakfast. The kitchen smelled like bacon, eggs and pancakes. The counters were a mess, with food and pans everywhere.

“Good morning, Allen.”


“How are you feeling? Downstairs, I mean.” Allen was a little embarrassed that his mom was asking this in front of Hannah and his cousins.


“Well, that’s good. You should be more careful.” Hannah and the cousins were trying to hold back their laughter. Sarah accidentally let out a burst of laughter but Angela didn’t understand the real reason why. Angela set everyone’s plates down on the table in front of them.

“Mmm, looks good mom,” Hannah said out loud, before speaking in a hushed tone to Allen, so only him and the cousins could hear, “Enjoy your scrambled eggs, Allen.” The girls all giggled to themselves, remembering all the fun they had the night before.

Sarah and Robin got some time alone and began to talk about the night before. “That was so fun last night, Sarah. I can’t believe he fell for that.”

“I know, I know, I really didn’t think he would fall for it. You got him so good, too.”

“I did?”

“Yeah, I think you kicked him harder than any of us.”

“I was so scared that I was gonna get in trouble when Angela came home. I wonder why Allen never told her the truth. Isn’t that weird?”

“Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe he did tell her, but she just hasn’t said anything yet.”

“I hope not. If we get in trouble for this, we’ll have to get revenge on him.”

“We could hurt his balls really bad somehow, like with a baseball bat or something.” Both the girls giggled.

“I bet that would hurt really bad.”

“That would be so hilarious to watch. I could just imagine the look on his face.” Sarah and Robin went home later that afternoon.

For the rest of the day Hannah seemed to have some magical control over Allen. Whatever she asked he would obey on command. If she wanted a Coke, he got her a Coke. If she wanted his seat, he moved. If she called him, he came running. The reason she had such great control of him now, was because he refused to get her shoes out of her room for her in the afternoon.

When she had to go get them herself, she walked into the living room where he was watching TV and spoke to him. “You’ve got a lot of fucking balls, Allen. I asked you to get my shoes for me.”

“I’m not your slave.”

“Well, from now on you do whatever I say, because if you don’t then I promise you, I’ll kick you in the balls so hard that you’ll be limping for a week. And I’ll figure out some way to get mom mad at you.” Allen was dumbfounded. His own sister just threatened him and he didn’t know how to react. He realized that she did have a position of power, because her mother would believe any story she told her. He realized that even if she castrated him, she could figure out some way to make him look bad. He realized this and felt very angry, but out of control. He decided he would put up with this bullshit for the day.

As the day went by, Allen’s resentment of his sister grew. He had trouble falling asleep trying to figure out a way to explain things to his mother, but he knew whatever he said didn’t matter. Hannah would simply make up a reason that he was mad at her and say it was a lie. Then Allen would be in trouble. He was very distressed. The night was long.

Chapter 3

Leadership Abilities

Allen woke up the next morning with the rays of the rising sun glowing in his room, reflecting off of every piece of dust that floated in the air. His worries of the night before seemed a mile away and his morning went by without incident. He had a relaxing breakfast and a generally relaxing morning. Allen wanted to play guitar, but needed to get his guitar tuner out of the cabinet that was in the living room. Hannah was sitting in a recliner directly below the cabinet that Allen needed to get to. He walked up beside the chair and reached up to the cupboard. Hannah noticed that his crotch was hanging out almost parallel to her face. She saw this as a perfect opportunity for some fun.

She turned to the left slightly, pulling her fist back behind her head. She quickly slammed her little fist into Allen’s crotch using all the strength she had. Allen lost his balance from the blow and fell, pulling down a load of stuff onto Hannah’s head. The punch had made a direct hit on both of his nuts, sending a wave of unbearable pain throughout Allen’s abdomen. He was angry and suffering.

“You asshole, you spilled shit all over me. Clean up your mess, NOW, or I’m gonna tell mom.”

“Fuck you,” Allen muttered under his breath.

“You’ll be sorry you said that, asshole.” Hannah stormed up to her room.

After Allen recovered, he did clean up his mess, because he knew his mom would blame him for it. Allen watched TV for awhile after that. Hannah came back downstairs about the same time that Allen was getting a snack out of the refrigerator. She walked into the kitchen and began talking to Allen.

“I’m sorry I punched you in your nuts, Allen.”

“You should be sorry; it fucking hurt!”

“You don’t have to be an asshole; I was trying to say I’m sorry.” As Hannah was saying that she started to stare at a point behind and to the left of Allen. Allen couldn’t help but look, wondering what she was looking at. At the moment he looked away Hannah snapped her sock-covered foot straight up into Allen’s already sore sack. Allen collapsed to his knees, giving Hannah the opportunity for her second snap kick. The first kick was only starting to register before the second arrived. The pain in his balls was like nothing he ever felt before. Allen began coughing and feeling extremely nauseous. His vision was going purplish black in waves. He was having difficulty breathing and his head was even aching. He was also sweating and feeling like he had a fever. His groin was a fire of burning hell that spread throughout his entire being. He was sure that his testicles were damaged.

“I told you, you would be sorry for making that mess. The first kick was for dropping the shit on my head and the second was for saying ‘Fuck you’.” Allen couldn’t speak and he could barely comprehend what she was saying.

“If you keep being such a brat, you’re not gonna have any balls for your eighteenth birthday.” Allen was terrified of his sister right now. Mostly he was scared that she would keep attacking him, or try to pry his legs apart or something.

“You look so funny, laying there on the ground wike a wittle baby, gasping for breath, holding onto your balls for dear life. I wish I had a camera right now, so I could take a picture of you and show everyone in school how you lost your balls!” Hannah giggled after saying that. “You’re such a faggot.” With saying that she spit in Allen’s face, got herself a snack and sat down to watch TV.

The pain gradually grew worse and worse the whole time Hannah was tormenting him and for a few minutes after. The pain peaked for about ten minutes and gradually decreased over the next two hours until there was nothing left but a slight ache that came every now and then. He was on the floor for forty five minutes and nearly threw up. His mother never found out. Hannah slept soundly that night, dreaming about beating the shit out of her brother’s balls, among other things. Allen had the same insomnia as the night before, but fell asleep after about two hours.

Chapter 4

Cracker Jacks

Allen went down for breakfast the next morning. His nuts were still sore, but they were intact. Hannah and Allen were eating breakfast together.

“Sarah and Robin are coming over today.”

“So what?”

“Just remember what will happen if you don’t do what I say.”

“Fuck you, you’re a bitch.”

“You’re pretty stupid, Allen, don’t you remember what happened to you yesterday? Do you want to be a eunuch?” she asked, giggling. Allen was quiet and resentful but he knew he was out of control of this situation. He never thought his sister’s power trip would have gone this far.

Sarah and Robin showed up at eleven a.m. Hannah welcomed them with open arms, but Allen was less than friendly.

“What’s a matter, Allen, you in a bad mood cuz of your sore nutsack?” Sarah and Robin giggled.

“Why don’t you show us your balls, Allen? So we can see how swollen and bruised they really are,” Hannah suggested in an authoritative tone. Allen hesitated then noticed the look on his sister’s face. She looked impatient and he didn’t want to find out what the three of them could do to him, so he complied. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his package.

“Your balls aren’t swollen or bruised! You were just faking when you were lying on the floor! Give me those!” Hannah roughly grabbed Allen’s scrotum, locking his nuts on the outside of the ring formed by her index finger and thumb. “They don’t really hurt at all, do they?”

Sarah and Robin were in awe of what they were seeing. Hannah slowly started tightening her fist, squeezing his nuts in between. “How does that feel, Allen?” She squeezed down as hard as she could, nearly flattening his balls. He felt like his testicles were being crushed. The insides of his balls were crushing into themselves. He held his breath.

“Stop, let go,” he gasped.

“No, I’m not gonna stop, I wanna see what happens. I know it doesn’t really hurt.” Hannah knew it must hurt, but she didn’t want Sarah and Robin to know. She continually squeezed as hard as she could for a minute. Allen was back to the same hell he was in the night before.

“Here, Sarah, take these. Make sure you squeeze tight or you’ll lose them.” Sarah didn’t really want to touch his nuts, but she was too self-conscious to object. Hannah yanked Allen by his balls over to where Sarah was standing. She took Sarah’s hand and transferred his balls to her hand. Sarah squeezed hard, but not nearly as hard as Hannah; it didn’t make much of a difference to Allen. He was in a burning fever of testicular agony, gasping for breath.

“What should I do?” Sarah was nervous.

“Just punch him in the balls or something. Do whatever you want; he can’t do anything. If he fights it, he’ll only rip his own balls off.” All the girls giggled. Allen continued gasping for air. Sarah punched his nuts. She didn’t punch very hard but the state his balls were in, even a light touch would burn. His nausea was growing ever stronger. Allen was beginning to feel like he might pass out.

“Let’s pass him over to Robin now.” Robin was actually kind of excited. Hannah transferred his testicles safely to Robin without letting his balls free. Robin grabbed tightly with her little hands, squeezing down hard on his nuts. Robin didn’t need any instruction, she punched him three times as hard as her little arms could and let him go. In a daze, Allen collapsed to his knees, allowing for that same brutal closing kick that Hannah got in last night. His balls didn’t look bruised or swollen, so the girls assumed he was fine. The all laughed at him as he lay on the ground in the fetal position. They laughed for a long time. Allen didn’t think there could be a worse pain than the night before, but this seemed worse. He was certain he would vomit. He could feel his balls were intact, but he thought there was probably internal damage. He could barely think. He felt very angry and embarrassed.

“Your balls are so funny Allen.” Allen couldn’t believe all the shit they just did to him. They left him down there. He was on the ground for a couple hours this time. He got up to go to his room and lay down, because even after the two hours he still felt nauseous and his nuts were still on fire to some degree.

As he passed Hannah’s room, she called out to him. “Get in here, Allen, don’t be anti-social.” Again, Hannah suggested this in an authoritative tone. Allen really didn’t want to but he was now completely subservient to his sister, she had basically modified his behavior through physical punishment. So he resentfully entered the room, sitting in the corner, being anti-social.

“Allen, could you get that unicorn on top of the bookshelf? None of us are tall enough.” Allen seemed pissed, didn’t say anything and got the unicorn for her. He was careful to guard his sore balls as he did so, he remembered the day before. After handing her the unicorn, he turned to sit back in the corner. As he walked by Hannah she swung her arm out and around, slamming a ten pound dumbbell into Allen’s busted nuts. The girls all laughed and Allen was sent back into his miserable state of pain, debilitated on the floor.

“I can’t believe you, Allen; you’re making this way too easy for me. Let’s go outside and play baseball. We need you too Allen, so quit pretending like it hurts and get outside. Let’s go outside and wait, Robin. Sarah, you stay here and help Allen get up.”

As Hannah was walking out, she leaned down and whispered to Allen, “If you’re not down in five minutes I will castrate you, I promise.”

Sarah didn’t know exactly how to help Allen up. “Do you need help?” she asked.

“No, just give me a minute.” He didn’t know how he was going to get up. After three minutes he pulled himself to his feet. He stood there a few seconds. It was a struggle just to stand up.

Sarah was mischievous and picked up the nearest thing to her, which was a roller-skate. She didn’t know why, but she decided to throw it at his crotch.

“Bitch,” he managed to mutter out as he collapsed to his knees.

She dropped her jaw. “I’m gonna tell my mom, you called me that.” Allen crawled out of the room, because he knew he only had about a minute to get downstairs and outside. Sarah ran downstairs ahead of him. He was late crawling outside, but Hannah wasn’t timing it.

“Come on, Allen, get up and play with us.” Allen managed to get himself up and limp around. The girls had fun playing baseball but not because they loved the sport. They were having fun watching Allen struggle to play. When he actually managed to hit the ball, he could only limp to first base. Each step he took burned as his legs rubbed against his balls. The girls laughed at him constantly. All that could be heard throughout most of the game was girl’s giggling and grunts of pain from Allen. The whole thing was humiliating.

It was getting late into the game and Allen was up to bat. Robin was pitching. She wasn’t a very good pitcher. She threw the balls overhand as hard as she could and nailed Allen in his battered balls. If they had taken his balls out for a look now, they would have seen that they were both bruised and swollen. Allen collapsed again, getting extremely light-headed and somewhat disoriented.

“Nice pitch, Robin.” Sarah and Hannah clapped and they all laughed some more.

“Let’s take a break.” They all went inside for a drink and a snack, leaving the now delusional Allen in the dirt, crying. After thirty minutes or so they came back out.

“K, Allen, your break is over, time to get up and start playing again. It’s your turn to pitch.” Allen didn’t know what was happening now. He obeyed, but was completely out of it. He stood on the pitchers mound wobbling. His vision was blurry. He just stood there.

Hannah walked up behind him. “WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?” she asked while bashing a baseball bat up between his legs with as much strength as she could muster. The girls all laughed even harder now. Sarah and Robin were having so much fun and they had a sense of power over Allen. Allen fell to the dirt. The girls all huddled over him, laughing.

“Did we break your little nutsies, Allen?” Hannah mocked. They all giggled. Allen began staring vacantly, not hearing any of the laughter, or mocking words. He couldn’t feel the pain anymore, in fact, his body was numb. His brain felt like he was going to pass out. Everything went woozy and he was out.

“I guess it was just too much for him.” The laughter gradually abated, to be replaced with worry. Allen didn’t look too good. He was pale and unconscious. His body was covered with sweat. The girls were somewhat worried about him but more worried that Angela would get home and find him like this.

“Okay, when my mom gets home, we’re just going to tell her that we were playing baseball and he got hit really hard with a baseball on accident. Okay? You got that?” Sarah and Robin both agreed that story sounded believable.

“But won’t he tell her the truth.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll make sure he doesn’t.” Hannah knew he wouldn’t tell his mom the truth. She knew he was too scared.

Angela came home. “Mom, there’s been an accident. We were playing baseball and I accidentally hit Allen in the nuts when I was throwing the baseball for him to hit.”

“Is he okay?”

“No, he’s, ah, still lying out there on the ground.”

“Let me go have a look at him.” Angela walked outside and Hannah sheepishly followed.

As soon as Angela saw the state Allen was in, she exclaimed to Hannah, “Are you crazy?!?! You should have called 911!!! He’s in shock!!!” Angela ran inside and called 911. Hannah didn’t know what to do. She felt guilty. It was funny seeing him in pain and even seeing him pass out. But she didn’t want him to die. The ambulance arrived and rushed him to the hospital. Hannah, Angela, Sarah and Robin drove to the hospital. None of them really spoke except for Angela telling them how serious it was and that they should have called 911. Hannah thought she was just overreacting but kept her mouth shut just the same. They waited in the waiting room to find out how Allen was doing. They waited there in uncomfortable silence for what seemed like three hours, but actually was only about an hour.

Allen woke up in the ambulance, not aware of where he really was. The paramedic asked him some questions about the president and the current date, but he couldn’t understand what he was saying. When he arrived at the hospital, he was rushed through a hall and into a treatment area, surrounded by blue curtains. A nurse came in. she had red hair and was a pretty average looking woman all around.

“Hi, my name is Jenny. So you had a little accident downstairs huh?”

“Yeah.” Allen was incredibly embarrassed and still didn’t understand what was happening.

“Well, let’s take a look.” Nurse Jenny unzipped his pants for him and pulled them down. She took off his shoes and pants completely and slipped a hospital gown over him. She examined his balls, feeling them with her thumb and fingers.

“Ow, that really hurts.”

“Sorry, I’m being as gentle as I can. I need to examine your injury and the only way to do that is to feel your testicles. Unless you want us to cut open your scrotum to get a closer look.” She chuckled as she said that.

“Well, I can see you have significant bruising and there could be a rupture but the doctor will be able to tell you that for sure. I will tell you that if there is a rupture, or two, you could lose the ruptured testicle.” Allen became afraid at this statement. But Jenny left before he could ask her any questions. About twenty minutes later, the doctor finally came in. She had red hair too, but was noticeably older and fatter than Nurse Jenny.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Shannon. Let me have a look at you.” With that she lifted up his gown and began fondling his testicles the same way that the nurse did.

“That hurts.”

“Sorry, I would give you a pain pill, but by the time it starts working I will be done.”

“I could probably use a pain pill anyways. I’m in a lot of pain.”

“No, you don’t need any medication, you’re gonna be just fine.” She felt around his scrotum a little while, concentrating intently, closing her eyes.

“Well, your right testicle is ruptured.”

Allen began freaking out. “Am I going to lose it?”

“Well, you might, but I’m going to try and do everything I can to prevent that, okay?”

“Okay.” The doctor proceeded to gather some various materials, such as gauze and scissors. She wrapped his scrotum tightly, securing his nuts in a vice type grip. The gauze wrapping really hurt.

“Sorry if this hurts a little, but look at it this way, you can go through the pain of having this wrapped around your testicles for the next four days, or you can spend the rest of your life with one testicle,” she said with a smirk in her voice. “If you want I can remove the testicle right now so you can avoid any risk of infection.”

“No, I’ll wear the gauze.” She instructed him on how to change the gauze and that he had to stay in bed for the next three days.

Nurse Jenny walked up to Angela and the kids. “Are you Allen’s mother?”


“Well, the bad news is, Allen’s testicle was ruptured. This means that the testicle was put under too much pressure, resulting in a tear of the protective outer layer of the testicle. We’ve wrapped his scrotum in gauze. He’s still a little out of it, but you can go and see him if you want. Angela followed the nurse to Allen’s bed. But when she got there Allen was out again.

While Angela was gone the girls talked. “I can’t believe we actually ruptured his testicle.” Hannah laughed. They all giggled a little. “Next time I’ll have to swing the bat harder and maybe I can turn it to mush.” All the girls laughed hysterically at this.

Allen woke up about two hours later. “How are you feeling Allen?” Angela asked her son.

“It still hurts a lot.”

“Hannah is really sorry, but it was an accident. You’re not mad at her are you?” Allen was very angry at all of them, but right now he was under a certain degree of control from his sister and he didn’t know what she might do to him in the vulnerable position that he was sure to be in for the next few days. So he decided to cover for her.

“No, I’m not angry. I know it was an accident.”

“You’re such a good boy, Allen, I’m so proud of you. As soon as you’re ready to go, I’ll help you into this wheelchair so you don’t have to walk to the car. Okay sweetie?”

“K, mom. I guess we might as well go now.”

“Okay, here, let me help you.” Angela helped her son into the wheelchair and rolled him out through the waiting room. “Come on girls, let’s go home.” The girls followed Angela and Allen out to the car. Allen sat in the passenger seat and the three girls sat in the back seat.

“Don’t you have anything to say to your brother Hannah?”

“Sorry for rupturing your testicle.” Hannah said in light-hearted, almost joking way. The girls all snickered quietly in the back seat. Angela didn’t really call them on it because the whole situation was so unusual, that she wasn’t really sure what to say.

When they got home the girls went up to Hannah’s room and Angela helped Allen into his room where he had to lay in bed for the next four days. Angela called her sister.


“Hey Heather.”

“What’s up?”

“Well, there’s been an accident. Allen and the girls were playing baseball earlier today and Hannah accidentally threw the ball at Allen’s crotch.”

“Ahuh.” Heather laughed a little bit after she heard this, but tried to control herself.

“So, when the baseball hit him, it ruptured one of his testicles.”

“Oh my god,” she faked concern.

“Well, when I got home, he was unconscious and looked really pale, like he was in shock or something. For some reason the girls didn’t think to call 911. So I did right away.”

“Well they probably didn’t realize that he was unconscious, they probably just thought he was holding his balls, like guys always do when they get hit there.”

“Maybe… anyways, the doctor said that he did rupture a testicle, but he won’t lose it or anything. He just has to keep it wrapped in gauze and stay in bed for the next four days.”

“God, that’s pretty sad. I didn’t know there could be so many problems just from getting hit in the nuts!”

“Well, yeah, I feel so bad for him. My poor baby’s nuts hurt so bad and when I look in his eyes, I can just see that he is in pain.”

“That’s sad. He’ll be okay though, you shouldn’t worry.”

Chapter 5

The Healing Light

Allen slept through the morning and didn’t really eat anything. In Hannah’s room they all laughed about the events of the previous day.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if he had lost one of his nuts?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, that would have been so funny. I would give him so much shit about it. He’d be Allen, the one-nut wonder.” They all laughed. “Let’s go see how he’s doing,” Hannah suggested.

“Yeah, I wanna go see,” agreed Robin.

“Me too,” said Sarah. They went into Allen’s room. He was sleeping.

“Shh,” Hannah said as she put her finger in front of her mouth. They all walked quietly next to Allen’s bed. Hannah very carefully lifted the blanket off of Allen, revealing his naked body and his wrapped balls. Robin started laughing because she thought it was so funny to see him with a cast around his balls. Like he had broken balls.

The laughter woke him up. “Hey, what the fuck?” Allen grabbed the blanket and covered himself up. By now all three girls were laughing. “Leave me alone, I need to sleep.”

“Okay, I just wanted to say sorry and thank you for not telling mom what really happened. Oh, and I’ll try to be nicer to you from now on.” After saying that she jabbed her fist right into his balls, stopping just millimeters before hitting them.

“Jesus fuck,” Allen gasped.

“Just kidding,” Hannah laughed. Sarah and Robin joined her in laughing. “Okay, we’ll let you get some sleep now. I love you, Allen.” Hannah really did feel bad after she saw him with that gauze around his balls. She decided she wouldn’t kick him in the nuts anymore, unless he really deserved it. They left and let him sleep.

Heather came over to get Sarah and Robin at about five in the evening. Before getting her daughters she visited with her sister a bit. “How’s Allen doing?”

“He’s doing fine, I guess. He’s been sleeping all day. You can go up and see him if you want to try and make him feel better.”

“Sure.” Heather went up to Allen’s room and opened the door quietly. Allen was half-awake and noticed her open the door.

“Hey, Allen, how are you feeling?”

“A little better.”

“So, you, ah, ruptured a nut, eh?” She laughed a little in embarrassment after realizing what she had just said.

“Yeah, but the doctor said I’ll be fine. I just have to stay in bed for the next four days.”

“Do they hurt still?”

“Yeah, they still hurt pretty bad.” He wasn’t lying; his testicles had been in pretty much the same amount of pain since he got home the night before. It was kind of like a constant, intense burning pain in his abdomen that never really abated. Sleep was his only escape.

“Well, I hope you feel better. See you later, Allen.”


Heather left, taking her daughters home with her. Allen slept for most of the next three days. Each day after the first the pain gradually decreased. By the fourth day there was nothing but a dull ache in the testicle that was ruptured.

Chapter Six


It was the fifth day and Allen had to go the doctor early in the morning to get looked at. “Hi Allen, how are you doing?” asked Nurse Jenny.

“Oh, I feel a lot better now.”

“Good, the doctor will be in here in a few minutes, you just need to take off your pants and underwear before she gets here, okay?”

“Okay.” Allen was a little embarrassed, but did it anyways.

“Alright, let’s see how you’re doing.” Dr. Shannon unwrapped his gauze. “Well, you could certainly use a shower,” she joked. She began feeling his testicles with her gloved hand, squeezing them between her fingers again. It still hurt when she squeezed, even though he was recovered. “Well, the rupture has closed up. That’s a good thing. It looks like you will get to keep both of your testicles. You’re a lucky boy. Just be sure not to get kicked in the nuts or anything, okay?”

“Okay.” Allen left the doctor’s office and got in the car with his mom.

“So, Allen, today is the first day of the fair and there is a band that Hannah wants to see. If you’re up to it, you can go too.”

“Will you buy me a bracelet?”

“After all you’ve been through, of course I will.”

“Okay, I’ll go.”

“Great.” They drove home. Hannah was ready to go when they got there, so they left right away. They went to McDonald’s before the fair because Allen didn’t get breakfast. Each person in the family had different things they wanted to do at the fair. Angela wanted to look at the various arts and crafts. Hannah wanted to see a band. Allen wanted to go on all the vomit rides. So they all split up and agreed to meet together at about eight o’ clock. They all enjoyed themselves more or less, although it was a little hot and muggy.

Allen got to go on a lot of rides. A few of the rides kind of hurt his balls, because of the g-force, so that made it a little less enjoyable for him. Allen was about to go on the Ring of Fire, when three girls called out his name and started quickly walking towards him. It took him a moment to realize that they were some girls from school, Jessica, Becca and Holly.

Jessica had a dark complexion, due to her African American heritage. She was short and fat and had shoulder length curly brown hair. Allen wasn’t very popular in school, but just because you’re not popular, doesn’t mean you’re nice. Allen had been particularly cruel to Jessica over the last year in school. He called her names and laughed at her when other people made fun of her. He even left notes in her locker telling her that she was fat and ugly and that she should kill herself. He wasn’t really a mean person, just a destructive teenager that was prone to peer pressure. His friends always tried to get him to do mean shit to Jessica and he complied, not without guilt.

Becca and Holly were better looking than Jessica, but not popular in school because they were nice to Jessica. Becca had blonde hair and was a cute cheerleader type. Holly was Native American and had bleached blonde hair with dark brown roots growing in. Holly was very beautiful; she could have been a model. They all walked up to Allen and stood around him, kind of pinning him against a nearby wall.

“Hey, Allen,” Becca said with an extreme tone of sarcasm in her voice. “How are you doing today?”

Holly spoke, “Why were you always such an asshole to Jessica last year in school? I think you owe her an apology.”

“Sorry,” Allen said half-assedly. After he said that Jessica kicked him in the balls, jamming her flip-flops and toes into his crotch. Allen let out a gasp and immediately collapsed. His testicles were much more sensitive because of the recent damage to them and this kick sent him back into a world of intense abdominal pain.

“You’re such a fucking prick! I hope I popped your fucking worthless testicles! If you fuck with me at school ever again, I swear to God I’ll castrate you.” Jessica spit in his face after threatening him and they all strutted away. Allen was left cradled on the ground. He was laughed at by quite a few girls as they walked by, ranging from teenage girls to adult women. Allen just lay there on the ground for the next hour. He was very worried that his testicle had been ruptured again. Doctor Shannon specifically told him not to get kicked in the balls, like he would do it on purpose or something. He was worried, but too embarrassed to tell his mom.

After assaulting Allen, Becca, Holly and Jessica developed a sort of paranoid guilt. They were afraid that Allen would call the police, or tell his mom and she would call the police. They didn’t want to get in trouble. Jessica didn’t want to go to jail.

“What should we do?” asked Jessica in a worried tone.

“We have to make up a story, just in case.”

“Yeah, just in case.”

“Okay, okay, I have a plan,” purported Holly. “Let’s say that we caught Allen raping you in the bathroom,” she said to Becca. “I’ll call his mom and explain to her that we walked into the bathroom and caught him raping you. We got him off of you and ran away but you didn’t want to call the police because you were too embarrassed, so we just kicked him as hard as we could in the balls and left. Does that sound believable?”

“Yeah, but what if he calls the police?” asked Jessica.

“Well, if he’s that much of a dick that he’ll call the cops just because you kicked him in the nuts then we’ll just tell the cops the same story. If he’s that much of an asshole he deserves to go to jail.”

“You have his home phone number?”

“Sure do, luckily, I never throw away a phone number. I found his phone number in my locker at school. I’m gonna try calling her as soon as I get home.”

Allen finally got up after an hour, but he didn’t feel like doing anything else. His testicle was still in serious pain, so he went to the place where he was to meet his mom and sister in three hours. He sat on the bench for three hours as the pain very gradually abated. Finally his mom and sister showed up.

“Hey, Allen, sorry we kept you waiting.” His mom didn’t realize how long he was really waiting there.

“It’s okay.” Allen got up and walked out to the car with them, trying not to limp. Angela and Sarah didn’t notice any difference in the way he was walking, besides what they already expected because he was still recovering from his last injury.

Chapter Seven


Holly tried to call Angela when she got home, but nobody was there. She tried calling again the next evening and Angela answered the phone.


“Hi, is this Allen’s mom?”


“Hi, my name is Holly. I go to school with Allen. I’m calling to tell you about something that happened at the fair yesterday.”


“Well, I was at the fair yesterday with two of my friends. Anyways, we were out in the old stadium, just messing around. Becca went down to go to the bathroom. Shortly after she left, we heard her screaming, so we ran to the bathroom. Allen was on top of her, trying to pull her pants down. I ran up behind him and kicked him in the groin then we all ran away.”

“Oh my God.” Angela was in shock.

“I told her to call the cops but she was too embarrassed and didn’t want to. I just thought you should know, so you can maybe do something about it.”

“I’m so sorry. I never had any idea that my son could do something like this. I’m so sorry.” Angela was in denial. She just couldn’t understand. Angela went upstairs and locked Allen in his room. He was asleep and didn’t realize what had happened. Allen woke up in the middle of the night, hungry. He tried to open his door, but realized he was locked in. He didn’t know why his mother locked him in his room, but he was trapped in there and knew he must have done something to deserve it. He didn’t try to get out because he was afraid she would get angry. He decided to go back to sleep.

The next day Allen was still locked in his room. He wanted some food and water, so he started trying to get somebody to let him out. He started knocking on the door, yelling, pounding on the door, to no avail. Hannah heard him but didn’t really care. He must have done something to deserve being in there.

Angela was still disturbed, but tried to go on with life as normal. She really didn’t know what to do about Allen. She considered castrating him, but didn’t want to kill him in the process. She knew he had probably raped other girls before. She knew he had to suffer for his crimes. Angela left Allen in his room all day with no food. The only water he had was from his bathroom sink. Allen was getting really hungry and really depressed about being locked in his room. He needed food; he needed to know why he was locked up. Angela went to sleep that night with a worried mind, hoping she could train her son to be a good boy.

Angela woke up and knew that Allen needed some food. She brought him up an apple, two slices of bread, some cheese and multi-vitamins. When she opened the door, Allen was quiet; he knew he was in some sort of trouble.

“Allen, I need to talk to you.”


“I locked you in your room because of what happened at the fair.”


“Allen, don’t pretend like you don’t know.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“You don’t know that you tried to rape that girl from school in the bathroom?!?! You don’t know that her friend saved her?!?! You don’t know that she was too embarrassed to call the cops, so she called me instead?”

“Mom, that’s not true, I never tried to rape anyone!!! I swear mom! You have to believe me. I would never do that!!! Please! You have to believe me!”

Angela grabbed his scrotum through his briefs, taking both of his nuts in between her tightened fist. “Just shut up Allen, denying the truth is only going to make your punishment worse.”

Allen gasped for air; he was in shock that his mother was doing this to him, especially because he was innocent. Angela squeezed down as hard as she could, letting out all her frustration with Allen on his nuts. Allen was starting to black out, his vision was black but he was still conscious. It was as if the pain kept bringing him back awake. He was beginning to feel very nauseous and started dry heaving. There was nothing but a little water in his stomach. Angela let go of his balls and gave him a quick punch to his aching balls. Allen was dry heaving and gasping for breath, desperately trying to hang on to his nuts. He collapsed to the floor, his whole body in a fever from the burning pain emanating from his testes.

“You tried to rape a girl. I’m sure you have succeeded in raping girls in the past. You are lucky you’re not in jail. This is how it’s gonna be. You’re staying locked in your room, until I feel that you are ready to return to society. I am going to discipline you until you no longer have the desire to rape girls. You will not cry out or try to get your sister’s attention. If you do that you will lose one of your testicles, do you understand?”

“Yes,” Allen gasped under his breath. He was horribly terrified and saddened that his mother didn’t believe him. There was nothing he could do about it.

“Stand up, Allen.” Allen tried to stand up, but couldn’t get past his knees. “If you aren’t standing up in five seconds you’ll be sorry.” Allen barely managed to pull himself to his feet.

“Okay, sweetie, now we’re going to do a quick exercise of trust. I want you to close your eyes and spread your legs.” Allen did so despite his best reasoning telling not to. He could hear his mother’s breath. She was preparing herself and her feet. She eyed his crotch and flexed her legs. She snap kicked the ball of her foot right into his barely clothed, burning vulnerable balls. Allen let out the most obscene sounding squeal that she had ever heard come from his mouth, as he went unconscious on the floor. Angela left him his breakfast and never returned to him for the rest of the day. She felt like they were on the right track to him being a valuable member in society.

Allen woke up a few hours later, in some intense fucking pain. He was starving and managed to drag himself over to his stale breakfast. He ate it all but was not satisfied. His mind was reeling from the stress of this situation. He lay down in bed, in a world of pain and mental anguish.

The next day, Angela brought Allen the same meal. “Allen, I hate to have to do this to you, you know?” Allen was in too much of a daze to respond. He was so hungry, that all he could do was immediately eat the food.

“You are a rapist. I don’t know why, but somewhere I must have gone wrong. Now it’s my duty to teach you why rape is wrong. Stand up Allen.”

Allen started crying. “Mom, I didn’t do it! Please mom, I didn’t do it!”

“Stand up NOW!” Allen stood up in fear of what his mother would do next.

“Close your eyes and spread your legs.” Allen didn’t want to obey her, but was too afraid not to. Allen’s mother was wearing a one piece dress, kind of like a housewife dress, she was barefoot. Angela gave her son another hard snap kick right to the nuts. The calloused ball of her foot smashed Allen’s balls against his pelvic bone, causing him to collapse on the floor in agony. He wondered when his nuts were gonna get a break from all the abuse over the past week. Allen was cradled in the fetal position.

Angela got down really close to Allen’s face and whispered to him, “Now you’re going to see what it’s like to be raped.” Angela rolled her son over onto his back. She spread her legs above his head. Allen was horrified to look at his mother’s bare vagina and ass above his face and he had no idea what was going to happen. She squatted down positioning her warm pussy in his mouth. Allen was disgusted with the smell of her vagina and asshole, because her asshole was right over his nose.

“Lick my pussy Allen. Make me cum, like you came in those girls.” Allen started slowly licking her pussy but was really disgusted with the taste, so he barely licked it. He felt his mother’s hand wrap around his scrotum. She started violently squeezing his balls between her fist.

“You’re gonna have to put a little more effort in than that if you wanna keep your balls. Lick the whole pussy; lap it up with your whole tongue.” She positioned his balls on the outside of her fist, so they were fully exposed and trapped. Allen started licking her whole pussy. He really couldn’t stand the taste. He had never licked pussy before. Not to mention the fact that he was in tears about what his own mother was doing to him. He started getting sick of licking so he slowed down a bit. When he did that, Angela flattened her other hand and slapped his nuts a couple times, as hard as she could. Those slaps sent a lightning bolt of pain throughout his abdomen. He felt nauseous, but forced himself to do as she wished. He kept licking. After about five minutes he slowed down again.

“What’s the problem, Allen? Don’t you like being raped? You better start licking.” After saying that she gave him three hard punches in his trapped nuts which felt like they had exploded. He was trying not to cry. After another five minutes, Angela’s ass and legs started tightening around Allen’s face. She was starting to cum. She had an orgasm for a couple minutes then left Allen on the floor, alone in his room until the next day.

Allen was disturbed and in that same unbearable pain. He was sure he would vomit and that he would never have children again. He couldn’t believe his mother would do this to him. He couldn’t believe she didn’t believe him.

Angela, on the other hand, was starting to enjoy punishing her son. She was getting very turned on by having him in there as her slave, even though she knew it was wrong. He deserved it for being a rapist.

That evening, Angela called up her sister, Heather to tell her the terrible news.


“Hi Heather, how are you?”

“I’m doing good. What’s up?”

“Well, I have something to tell you about Allen.”

“What is it? Is he okay?” “Yeah, well, yeah he’s okay. I found out from some girls that go to his school that he has raped a few girls from school, but they were too embarrassed to call the police.”

“Oh my God.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not calling the police, but I have him locked in his room.”

“That’s good, what are you going to do?”

“I’m gonna have to make it so he will never rape a girl again. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Well, I’ve only been giving him one meal a day and I’ve been punishing his testicles.”

“That makes sense.” “

Well, I’ve also been teaching him what it feels like to be raped, by forcing him to eat me out.”

“Oh my God, that’s terrible.”


“Well, I guess you’re right, he does deserve it.” Heather was really turned on, she thought Allen was getting sexy as he grew older and she had fantasized about him before. She was a sadist as well, so this really turned her on. “Do you need me to come over and help you?”

“Yeah, if you want to. I can come get you tomorrow before I punish him.”

“Okay, please do.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

The next day, Angela picked up her sister at about noon. They drove home and prepared Allen his daily meal. They went up to his room to punish him. Angela walked in first.

“Hey, Allen, I have a surprise for you today.” Allen looked at her. “It’s your aunt; she’s come over to help me punish you.”

Heather walked in the room smiling. “Hi, Allen.”

“Hi Aunt Heather.”

“Your mother tells me that you’ve been raping girls.” Allen didn’t even bother arguing this time. “Well I think that’s terrible, so I asked if I could come over and help punish you.” Allen wasn’t wearing any clothes underneath his blankets. Angela pulled the blankets off of Allen and started fondling his balls.

“These testicles are what have caused you to rape girls, so these testicles are what we will punish.” Angela took a hold of her son’s balls. She started squeezing down hard again, but this time she was rougher. She trapped his nuts on the outside of her fist and just started punching and slapping the life out of them. Allen was struggling to get away somehow, but the more he struggled the harder she pulled on his nuts. He couldn’t breathe. She finally stopped after what seemed like ten minutes.

“Why don’t you have a try Heather?”

“Okay. Sorry to do this to you Allen, but you deserve it.” Angela slammed her fist down hard, over and over again into his trapped balls. Allen couldn’t breathe again. His heart was racing and he was sure he would pass out soon. It was as if each punch was keeping him awake.

“I have a suggestion for you Heather.”

“Okay, what is it?” Allen was about to vomit.

“Just slap his balls as hard as you can. It really gives an even shock to the entire testes and it actually sends an even more intense shockwave of pain through his body.

“Okay.” Heather slapped him once as hard as she could. Allen began dry heaving again.

“Wow, you’re right, that really works.” Angela released his balls that were now bruised and swollen. Allen felt like his balls were two burning auras of fire. He could feel nothing but the intense pain, causing his body to fever and his mind to burn with a sweltering fever pitch that was driving away from consciousness. He heard the faint sound of his mother and aunt laughing at him in the background. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him.

“Allen sweetie, I need your mouth over here.” Angela cooed. Allen was so disturbed from all this. His mother pulled him by his shoulder, onto his back. He watched her wriggle out of her jeans. She slid her panties off, but left her shirt on. He watched as his mother’s big ass came towards his face. He could smell her pussy and ass even before she sat down. Her pussy was moist and warm when she sat on his face. She started grinding her pussy in his face.

“Lick.” He took the one word command and began licking his mother’s hot, moist vagina. Her asshole was right in his nose again. She casually wrapped her hand around his pulverized balls and trapped them on the outside of her fist, in case he got lazy. She only had to slap him a few times. The slaps meant nothing to her but were hell for Allen. Her legs started tightening up around his head and she came with her son’s face in her ass. She got up, stood over him and gave him a good hard kick in the balls. He doubled over, gasping for air yet again.

“It’s your turn Heather.” Heather was already naked, rubbing herself. She quickly got on top of Allen’s face. If his mother’s pussy was moist, Heather’s pussy was dripping wet. Her asshole smelled a lot worse than Angela’s. Overall it was a lot grosser eating her pussy. Heather started really getting into it and trapped his balls on the outside of her fist. She started slapping him over and over again, he could barely keep licking. He stopped licking because he was gasping for air.

“Nobody said you could stop licking.” She pinched each nut between her thumb and fist. “You better be careful Allen, or I might just pop ‘em like grapes.” Allen started licking even though he couldn’t breathe. Angela started slapping his balls again. Her ass started tightening around his face. She had a long slow orgasm, dripping pussy juice all over Allen’s face. She lingered for a while after coming, no longer hitting his balls but still forcing him to lick. She finally got up.

“Well, see you tomorrow Allen,” Heather said, half out of breath from cumming. They both smiled at Allen as they left. Allen was left in his hellish prison, with another stale meal and swollen balls.

Chapter Eight

Cigarette Burns

Hannah was wondering why her brother was in his room. “Why has Allen been in his room the last few days mom?”

“His testicles are bothering him; the doctor said he might have to have them removed.” Hannah laughed. Angela now laughed with her because she was developing a sadistic view of her son.

“I better get up there with his breakfast, so he doesn’t get cranky.”

Angela carried his breakfast up to him. “Heather’s on her way but first I have a little gift for you. It’s something to help you on the road to recovery.” Angela revealed a vice from behind her back.

“Wh… what are you gonna do with that?”

“Oh, you’ll see.” Angela was wearing a sundress and straddled her son’s face on the bed. Her pussy was clean-shaven and smelled noticeably better. It seemed like she had just taken a shower. She leaned forward, so he had to lift up his head to lick her pussy. His nose was right in her ass, but it didn’t really smell bad this time. He was still disturbed but at least it was cleaner.

“Now, we’re going to play a game, Allen. Every time I feel like you need to do a better job at licking, I’m going to tighten this vice one turn. If I don’t cum soon enough, then your balls will be pancakes, so you better hope I cum.”

Allen was terrified and felt her slide his balls in between the cold steel walls of the vice. She turned the crank far enough where his balls couldn’t move out of place. It didn’t really hurt yet, but he was scared. He licked her pussy the best he could but eventually she did turn the vice. The first turn made Allen very uncomfortable. His balls felt like they were going to collapse. He started lapping up her, now moist, pussy, with more vigor than before. Yet again, his licking didn’t quite fit the bill, so the crank was turned another full circle. His balls were really cramped and very tight now. He was having waves of pain. It was a strange kind of pain because, instead of being focused on one point on his nuts, it was spread out evenly. His testicles were starting to flatten. They were not their normal shape.

“You better put more effort forth than that. They’re almost flat now. You don’t want flat balls, do you Allen?” Allen didn’t respond; he didn’t know what to say. He lapped her pussy, like a little puppy, trying to please every part of her. She only tightened the vice one more turn when he slowed down a bit. His nuts were in excruciating pain. They were almost completely flat and he was horrified. His mother started cumming over his face again and finally she finished.

“Look at your nuts, Allen, they’re like pancakes now. They look so funny. Here, let’s get that old vice off of you now.” After saying that, she kicked the vice off the bed, yanking Allen to the floor on top of it. His balls felt like they had been ripped out of his body.

“I guess it was tighter than I realized. You better just lay on the ground and I’ll pull it off.” Allen secretly loosened the vice by one turn before she came around to the other side of the bed. It was still tight, but when she yanked on it, it only took a couple times for it to come off.

“Let me see if they stay flat or not.” She pried his legs apart and saw that his balls had returned to their normal shape.

“Oh, your nuts are no fun, they didn’t stay flat. Oh well, they’ll be flattened soon enough.” Allen was sickened with the intense pain from his balls being ripped out of socket. He was having difficulty breathing and really needed to be alone. There was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.” Angela let her sister in the room.

“Allen’s over here.”

“Oh, so the rapist is hiding behind the bed. You’d better get up on the bed so I can rape you, Allen.” Heather went back behind the bed and gave Allen a slamming hard kick right to his already out of socket nuts. He felt the rubber of her boot give him a rug burn on his nutsack and her boot just pounded in there, sending him into further torment.

“Get up there before I kick you again.”

Angela giggled to herself. “I’ll leave you two alone.” Angela left the room.

“Good, now I can be rough as I want, Allen.” She reached down to his crotch and managed to move his hands and get a hold of his nuts. She yanked him to his feet and threw him on the bed. Heather pulled down her grey sweat pants and took her panties off. He saw that she had a pad in her panties and knew that she was on her period.

“Today’s your lucky day, Allen. You get your red wings today.” Allen looked disgusted but was more consumed with the intense pain in his abdomen. Heather crawled on top of him and straddled his face. She was rough as the day before, squeezing, punching and slapping his nuts. Her pussy was dripping blood and juice.

“Drink it all up, boy.” Allen’s mouth was full of a disgusting tasting mix of blood and his aunt’s disgusting pussy. His balls felt like they were being destroyed today. Heather had a long orgasm on his face and relaxed taking a short nap over his face.

“Be my pad for me while I take a nap, won’t you Allen?” She laid her head down on his burning aching testicles. Even having her head resting there hurt his balls. She didn’t nap for more than a couple minutes.

She crawled off of him and leaned really close to his face. “You’re such a good nephew, Allen,” she whispered right in his ear. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it right in front of his face. Every time she shook the ashes off on his penis, which burned a little bit.

When she got to the end of the cigarette she said, “Where should I put this out?”

“I d-d-don’t know.”

“I guess I should put it out in the ashtray.” She grabbed his penis with one hand and slowly lowered her cigarette towards the top of his dick, right underneath his head, on the right side. She twisted the cherry out slowly on the side of his dick. Allen started writhing around, trying desperately to escape the all-encompassing pain. Heather laughed while she was burning away the skin off of her nephew’s cock.

After she put out the cigarette she started jacking him off, which was intensely painful. “Do you want a handjob now?” she laughed. “Allen, I’m really sorry to tell you this, but I have to take a piss… and I don’t feel like walking to the bathroom. Will you be my toilet?” Allen had a very scared look on his face. She couldn’t be serious.

“Open up and don’t spill any, or you’ll be very sorry.” She straddled his face, her thighs and asscheeks smacking against his face. She positioned her urethra over his open mouth. The stench was still disgusting. Allen was not ready for what was about to happen. He felt a warm fast stream of urine start spraying out of her. There was much more urine than he had expected and he could barely swallow all of it without spilling anything.

“Now lick me clean.” Allen licked her urethra until she got off of him.

“Okay, see ya tomorrow, Allen. Here’s a cookie for you.” She pulled his mouth open and shoved her old pad in it. “Eat that. If I find it in here tomorrow, you’ll be in a whole new world of pain.” She forced him to chew, put her pants on and left the room, laughing the whole time.

Allen wanted to hide the pad, but couldn’t think of anywhere that they wouldn’t find it, because of the strong smell. He forced himself to finally eat every last fiber of it. He was in hell. His balls felt like they were completely destroyed and his stomach was full of his aunt’s period. He was sickened with all of this.

The next day, Allen woke up with sore, aching balls. He hadn’t recovered at all from the day before. He certainly must have had permanent damage. Just the same, he was starving and couldn’t wait to get his meal. His mother and aunt came in together that evening, bringing his meal with them.

“Aren’t you happy to see your mommy and auntie Allen?” Angela asked. Allen didn’t even make eye contact. He only stared at his food.

His mother walked up to him and lifted his chin. She made a pouty face. “You can’t eat that, until you eat us. Okay? But first, a little discipline. She ripped off his blankets, exposing his nude body. He shivered.

“Get on the ground!” Allen slid to the floor. “Now spread your legs Allen, the same way you forced those poor girls to spread their legs.” Allen spread his legs and Heather lifted up her skirt to sit on his face. She pulled his arms up above his head so he couldn’t block the blows except with his legs. His legs were spread because he was afraid of being disobedient. He couldn’t see anything but his aunt’s ass. Angela started kicking him in the balls. Her foot slammed into his nuts three times before he reflexively struggled to block. Kicks were by far the most painful blow that he could receive to his nuts, without any sort of weapon. Each kick made his balls about ten times more painful to have on his body. Now he was gasping for air, as his mother struggled to spread his legs in order to kick him some more. By the time his aunt came he had been kicked about eight times in the balls by his mother’s bare feet. Allen’s face was soaking with his aunt’s juices.

Heather lit a cigarette and smoked it, using Allen’s genitals as the ashtray. “Hmm, where should I put out my cigarette today? What do you think Angela?”

“How about right here?”

“Okay.” Angela pointed at the center of the head of her son’s penis. Heather slowly ground the cigarette out on Allen’s head, leaving another terrible burn. Angela wriggled out of her jeans and stood over Allen’s face. She squatted down on his face and forced him to eat his mother’s pussy again. Heather got in about three more really hard kicks with her pointy heels. After Angela came, they left him there on the floor barely able to stay conscious from the intense pain in his groin. Allen examined his balls to find them bruised and swollen. His scrotum seemed to be full of blood.

The next day Angela and Heather brought little Allen his breakfast in the afternoon. “Another day, another ball-beating,” Allen’s mother joked. “I want my head first today, Okay Heather?”

“Fine with me.”

“Just lay there on the bed Allen. You know what to do.” Angela threw the covers off of Allen’s nude body and pulled off her dress. She crawled over his chest and sat her pussy down in his mouth, with her thighs and ass cheeks in his face.

“Slap him around a bit for me, will ya Heather?”

“Sure.” Heather grabbed a hold of Allen’s jewels tightly, trapping them on the outside of her fist. She started slapping him, as hard as she could. Lightning bolts of sheer agony tore through his abdomen. His balls were so damaged that they always hurt. Heather seemed to really enjoy beating on his balls. She was always smiling and laughing as she did it. Angela had a really intense orgasm this time. She dismounted her son’s face, leaving it for her sister, who was still on her period.

“How do you feel about being my vibrator today, Allen?” Allen didn’t respond. Heather mounted Allen’s face, with her smelly, hot, pussy dripping into his open mouth. Angela got up on the bed and started kicking him again. Her toenails must not have been trimmed lately because he felt them tear into his skin a little. His balls weren’t much more than aching nuggets of meat now. He could have still recovered if it had stopped there. Heather had a wet, sloppy orgasm in her nephew’s face.

She casually lit up a cigarette, still using Allen as a pad. She smoked her cigarette, while all her period blood dripped into Allen’s mouth. This time she slowly put out her cigarette on the side of his shaft. “I brought a surprise for you, Allen.” Allen was terrified; he remembered his mother’s surprise a couple days earlier. Heather stepped outside and came back with a medium sized wooden contraption. It looked like two wooden blocks with two clamps on the outside.

“I made this just for you, Allen. Here, I’ll show you how it works.” Angela and Heather were both smiling. Heather proceeded to loosen the clamps, taking the two blocks apart. This revealed a carved out space between the two blocks.

“If you haven’t guessed already, your cock and balls go in here. So you can’t rape anyone.” She rested his genitals in the indentation on one of the blocks of wood. The other block had a parallel indentation, which she closed tightly over him. She used the clamps to seal the deal. The indentation was the right size for his genitals, but there was almost no opening, so it almost completely cut off the circulation to his genitals.

“A little tight isn’t it? Kinda pinches?” Angela joked.

Heather began explaining this to Allen. “I decided that you need to wear this until we come back tomorrow.” Allen didn’t want to do that because he was afraid there was no circulation.

“Can we trust you not to take off the clamps?”


“Hmm, I don’t think we can trust you. You’re such a little baby; you would probably want circulation to your wittle balls. We’ll just have to be make sure you don’t take it off.” Heather pulled five long nails out of her pocket, along with a hammer.

A look of terror flushed Allen’s face. “NO! No! You can trust me! You can trust me!” Allen pleaded with them, but his cries fell on deaf ears.

Angela tied her son’s ankles and arms to the bedposts with some of his clothes. “Don’t worry, Allen, I’ll be real careful not to put the nails through your privates. Angela held the block still as Heather positioned a nail on the outer edge. She swung the hammer, but it just kind of bounced because it was on the bed. That bounce nearly yanked Allen’s nuts out of his body.

“Let’s set it up on this dresser,” Angela suggested. They yanked the block over to the dresser on the side of the bed. Heather positioned the nail again and started pounding it in. Each pound from the hammer sent shockwaves through the wood and caused immense pain for Allen. Heather nailed one nail on each side, beside his genitals.

Angela spoke up. “I think we need to give you some toilet training today Allen. You need to learn what real shame feels like.” Angela crawled over her son’s head again and positioned her urethra above his mouth. “Open wide and don’t spill anything or you’ll be sorry.” Allen opened his mouth and tried to prepare himself for what should never have been happening. He waited. A warm spray of urine shot in his mouth. He choked a little bit and spilled some on the bed. He swallowed most of it, but made a little mess.

“I warned you not to spill anything Allen.” Angela grabbed the block and yanked it back on the dresser.

“Give me a nail and the hammer, Heather.” Heather handed her what she requested.

“This is what happens when you make a mess, Allen.” Angela positioned the nail around the middle of the block and started hammering. Each slam of the hammer sent that same shockwave through Allen’s groin. It looked as if the nail was going to go through his genitals somewhere. He prayed that it wouldn’t. As the nail drove further through the wood, the point of pain seemed to be focusing on his left testicle.

“Look Heather, I think I nailed him right in the nut.” Angela giggled. Heather laughed as well. Allen was getting faint from the all encompassing pain of this nail being driven through his testicle. He started throwing up over the edge of the bed.

“Very bad Allen. You made another mess.” Allen was in a complete daze; he could barely comprehend what was happening. Angela finished driving the nail in completely with one hard pound.

“Now for that other mess you made, which I expect to be completely licked up by tomorrow.” Angela started nailing another nail; this one was positioned above his penis. Allen was so completely out of it mentally that he couldn’t even feel that nail being driven through the middle of his penis. All he could feel was his left testicle.

“Sorry Allen, but I have to go pee too.” Heather crawled on top of Allen’s face. “Open wide,” she commanded and positioned her urethra right over his face. Allen was out of it but managed to open his mouth. He couldn’t even swallow any of the urine; it spilled all over his face and the bed.

“You fucking slob! That’s so gross.” Heather yanked the wooden block back up to the dresser and started pounding a nail above his right testicle. Allen tried to scream as the second nail was being driven in, but couldn’t. He passed out from the pain. Heather drove the nail completely through the block and through his right testicle. They left him passed out on the bed. Allen couldn’t piss with the block on. By evening he had to piss like a racehorse, but he held it, because he had no way of taking the block off. Even the slightest movement touching the block caused his pain to double. He had a fever.

Chapter Nine

Black as Night

The next morning Heather and Angela returned with another meal for Allen. Angela had a crowbar in her hand. “Time to take off your cage,” she chimed in a happy tone. Allen still had a fever and was nauseated. He was afraid of what was about to happen.

Angela got up on her son’s face. “But first, we need our pleasure.” Angela came on her son’s face again. “Now open wide, Allen.” They had fallen into a routine and now Allen knew what was expected of him, so he opened his mouth and waited for his mother to urinate in him.

Angela hopped off of Allen and patted him on the head. “Good boy, now it’s your auntie Heather’s turn.”

“Oh, it’s my turn already?” Heather straddled Allen’s face and had a wet sloppy orgasm leaving Allen soaking wet. “I have to pee too.” Allen opened his mouth and filled his stomach with his aunt’s urine. Drinking their urine was disgusting, but it also made him have to pee even more.

“Okay, let’s pry this off, so you can take a piss after we leave. Will you hold this against the dresser, while I pry it apart?”

“Sure thing, Angie.” Heather pulled Allen’s block onto the same dresser, causing him to gag from the intense nauseating pain.

“This might hurt a little, brace yourself.” Angela managed to wedge the crowbar between the two blocks of wood on the left side. She pried while Heather held down the bottom block. It took a lot of force to separate the blocks, but Allen felt every nudge, as the nail slowly tore its way through his left testicle. Allen was crying and dripping with sweat and tears. Angela switched sides with Heather and started prying up on the right side. The nails were now tearing through both of his testicles and penis.

When his mother got the blocks loose enough, she just yanked them apart and Allen collapsed on the bed. He was afraid to look at his genitals, but when he finally did, he saw what a horrifying mess they were. They looked all blackish and had holes in them where the nails were. He could see some of the insides of his scrotum on the outside.

“Allen, I hate to tell you this, but I think your peepee is dead,” Heather said with a sick sadistic tone of voice. She took a final drag off of her cigarette and brought it down towards Allen. “Let’s see if it’s really dead.” She grabbed his purplish black penis in her hand and pinched the head, opening the urethra.

“We don’t want you to be too comfortable pissing after all.” Heather twisted the cherry of her cigarette out in Allen’s sensitive urethra. He definitely still had feeling in his penis, because that cigarette was the most painful burn he could ever imagine. He passed out shortly afterwards.

They left him alone, laughing about how good it felt to take the law into their own hands. Allen woke up three hours later in a puddle of his own urine, which his mother would force him to clean up later. He looked at his genital and saw that the color had returned to them, but they were covered in blood and the wounds looked dirty. He was afraid he was getting an infection and he still had a fever.

Allen’s mom came back up the next morning alone. “I have a special breakfast for you this morning, an appetizer of sorts.” Allen didn’t know what his mother was talking about. Angela crawled over Allen’s face and he realized what she meant as she spread her asscheeks and positioned her pink asshole over his face.

“Open wide, Allen, I ate a lot of spicy food yesterday, so don’t be surprised.” Allen closed his eyes with his open mouth under his own mother’s asshole. He felt a giant hot log start to emerge from her hole. He kept gagging, but tried to detach his mind from his body. He continually gagged as his mouth was filled with shit. This was truly the most disgusting and disturbing experience of his life. She finally finished. The shit rose up above his lips a little.

“Well, what are you waiting for shit head? Start swallowing it. Allen couldn’t bring himself to obey her command. He saw her reach for a bottle of rubbing alcohol. She opened the bottle and doused his mutilated genitals in the alcohol. The intense burn of the alcohol seeping into his testicles was indescribable, but hopefully it would help his infection Angela then pulled out a lighter and positioned next to his balls. While rubbing the alcohol in with her other hand she said.

“Chew up that shit and swallow it or I’ll light this candle and end your career as a rapist right now.” Allen forced himself to start tenderizing his mother’s shit with his molars, he was sure he would puke, but he managed to finally swallow it all.

“Go brush your teeth and use mouthwash now.” Allen got up and walked to the bathroom. Each step caused his wounded balls to burn with the extreme pain of the infection going on down there. He thoroughly brushed his teeth and used mouthwash twice. His stomach was extremely upset and he was almost sure that he would vomit. He walked back to the bed, where he saw his mother spreading her butt cheeks.

“Now be my toilet paper; lick me clean.” Allen was humiliated to, but he licked his mother’s dirty asshole clean. He felt so sickened that he wished he could die.

Angela got up and gave her son a good hard kick to the balls. “Sweet dreams, darling.”

Chapter Ten

Ground Pork

Angela returned with Heather the next morning. Angela had some sort of mechanical device, which Allen did not recognize.

“Good morning, Allen.” Angela said in a cheery tone. Angela and Heather both used Allen as a human dildo.

Heather took a huge shit in his mouth today. “Mmm, tastes good doesn’t it, Allen? Now swallow it dear.” This was the second day in a row that Allen had eaten shit and he was afraid he would get sick.

“Allen, I decided, as your mother, that it is no longer safe for you to have a penis. That’s what this meat-grinder is for.” Allen shuddered. “Now, don’t be afraid, it’ll just be like grinding a band-aid off.” Angela and Heather both laughed. Angela pulled her son up to his feet and positioned his penis in the teeth of the meat-grinder.

“Will you hold him up for me Heather? I think he might be a baby about this and try to keep his little dink.” Heather got behind him and held his body tightly against the meat grinder.

“Close your eyes, my sweet little boy, this is going to hurt more than you could ever imagine,” Angela warned her son in a serious tone. She started to slowly twist the crank and Allen felt the teeth growing tighter around his penis, until they finally broke through the skin.

Heather whispered in his ear, “Now you know how you made those girls feel.” His penis was shredded now and he was sure to pass out soon. His mother started turning the crank furiously until he was left with a massively bleeding hole where his penis used to be. He was hyperventilating now and going into shock. His penis looked like ground pork on a dirty plate.

Angela walked towards the door and said something. “You can come in now; he’s bleeding.” Allen’s doctor and a nurse walked into the room and began cleaning and treating his wounds. Angela had told them he was a non-convicted rapist, but Allen had no idea of that. They said nothing to him, only made sure he didn’t bleed to death or die from infection. Doctor Shannon gave Angela some antibiotics to give to Allen so he didn’t die from the raging infection in his testicles. The nurse gave Allen two Vicoden that knocked him out after an hour or so. Those pills were the only relief he had during this whole ordeal.

The next day was the same as any other, except Allen didn’t have a penis. All he had was a stitched nub with a hole in it for his urethra. Angela and Heather still used him for pleasure and this time they both pissed in his mouth. Angela and Heather each kicked him in the balls about three times. Each kick was the worst kick of his life because of his severe infection.

“Hey, Allen, I didn’t think about it until now, but it’s gotta feel pretty good to pee with no burn in your urethra. I’ll have to fix that.” When Heather was done with her cigarette, she twisted it out in Allen’s new urethra. The burn was as incredible as before and he knew it would be hell for him to pee now. Angela forced Allen to take his antibiotics and they left him alone, to wallow in his own self-pity.

Chapter Eleven

Final Days

The next day they both used Allen as a human toilet, by peeing and defecating in his mouth. Angela and Heather both felt like giving Allen a hard time today.

“You little fucking prick! How could you rape girls?” his mother yelled while kicking the life out of his little balls. “We’re gonna end your career as a rapist and a man, you little punk!” his mother yelled while squeezing and pinching his burning balls.

Heather slammed her fist into his blackened balls over and over again. She squeezed his nuts, digging her nails into the holes from the nails. She slapped his nuts again and again. Heather pulled out a bottle of extremely hot, hot sauce and poured it all over his genitals, using her pinky to push it into his urethra and the holes in his balls. Allen was in the most extreme testicular pain of his life. The hot sauce felt like a cool relief at first, but after about a minute of her rubbing it around, it started to burn so intensely that he felt like there was molten lava running through his groin. He was sweating and delirious from the pain.

Heather pulled him to his feet and asked Angela to hold him up. Angela held him, up and Heather kicked him once as hard she could. The impact of her warm foot caused him to gag. Heather took a tight hold of Allen’s left testicle and pulled him to the bathroom.

“Angela, can you poke his testicle through to me, when I get to the other side of the door?”

“Sure,” Heather agreed.

“I want to abuse his nut without him being able to defend himself in any way.


Heather pulled him to the bathroom and handed Angela his testicle. “Now, when I pull the nut all the way through, slam the door, okay?”

“Got it.”

Heather walked into the bathroom and Angela poked Allen’s nut through the crack in the inside of the door. “Wait. Make him stand on a chair, so we can pull it out from under him if we decide to.”

“Good idea,” Angela said. Angela got a chair and forced Allen to stand on it.

She poked his ball through the door and Heather grabbed it tightly. “Now slam that door as hard as you can Angela!” Angela slammed the door but as she did, Allen’s testicle slipped out of Heather’s hand. His nut naturally tried to get back where it belonged, so as the door slammed, his testicle got trapped. The door was so tight and slammed so quickly, that his testicle was completely smashed.

Heather started laughing from inside the bathroom. Angela could see that Allen was in pain, but didn’t know what had happened.

“What?” Heather told her, trying to hold back her laughter. “Oops, I accidentally let go of Allen’s testicle as you were slamming the door and it got caught in between. I think it popped.” They both burst into laughter. Allen was feverish from this continual suffering.

“Well, that’s one down and one to go.” They both laughed.

“Should I pull the chair out from under him?” Angela asked, laughing.

“Aha HAHA, yes, do it!”

“Sorry to do this to you son.” Angela ripped the chair out from under her son’s feet and left him hanging by his scrotum for about fifteen seconds, as it slowly tore itself away from his body. Allen fell to the floor, in a sweaty, bloody mess. He was gasping for air and trying to stay alive through this torture. Heather came out and peeled his testicle from the inside of the door. She squeezed the mush out of his scrotum that used to be his left nut. She showed Allen his testicle.

“See, Allen, this little thing was nothing but a problem for you, aren’t you glad to be rid of it? Open your mouth!” Allen opened his mouth and Heather shoved his mashed testicle and scrotum into it.

“Chew your food up really good before you swallow,” Angela instructed. Allen was humiliated to have to eat his own testicle, but he was a slave now and had no say in the matter.

“Do you have that blowtorch, Heather?”

“Yeah, it’s in this bag.” Heather pulled out a small blow torch.

“I’m going to cauterize your wound with this, sweetie,” Angela told her son, as she and Heather pried his legs apart. Angela started the blowtorch up and brought it to Allen’s genitals, not only cauterizing his wound, but burning his penis nub and remaining scrotal tissue.

“Tomorrow you can return to society, Allen! Aren’t you excited?” Allen nodded. “All we have to do is one more step in making sure you never even want to look at a girl ever again. Angela pulled a razor blade out of her pocket and carefully cut a slit into the right side of Allen’s scrotum. She lightly squeezed so his testicle popped out of the slit.

“We’re just gonna have a little fun with what you have left of your manhood, before we make you into a eunuch.” Angela pinched Allen’s bare nut and caused him to vomit, over and over again until there was nothing left in his stomach. When there was nothing left he dry heaved because the pain was so intense.

Heather was smoking a cigarette and ground it out on his bare nut while laughing with a sadistic look on her face. Allen’s heart was racing now and he swore he would pass out or die, but he didn’t. He couldn’t breathe. Heather and Angela took turns clapping his bare testicle between their palms. They were turned on watching the horror and sheer agony on his face. They thought this whole situation was fun and really had no comprehension of the hell they had put him through.

“I’ll destroy this one Heather.”

“I get to watch though.” Heather watched in anticipation of how Angela would destroy her son’s right testicle. Angela reached down and grabbed his nut.

“This for all those girls you raped.” She dug her pinky into the middle of his nut opening the nail wound further. She then started twisting and tearing up the insides of his nut. Allen was convulsing. She shoved her other pinky in next to the other one and tore his nut in two. One half was still attached to his body. She took the last half in-between her palms and rubbed her hands together furiously, giving Allen an Indian rug burn, on the last half of the last half of his manhood that was already burned by a cigarette. Allen was sure he would die, as his testicle simply turned to mush between his mother’s palms. She quickly cauterized his wound and watched as he passed out on the bed. Angela and Heather came many times while looking at their new eunuch.

Chapter Twelve

Return to Society

The next day, Angela came up to Allen’s room and pulled a chair next to his bed. “I just want to explain a few things to you before I let you return to society. First of all, if you tell anyone what we did to you, we will make sure that the whole school knows that you are a eunuch. Secondly, I’ve told your sister and cousins that you were in here because of your testicular injuries. They do not know that you lost your testicles but they know that’s why you were up here. So, anyway, here’s some clothes and now that you are a woman, I feel safe letting you back into society. We’ll give you testosterone injections so you will still seem like a man. Now, get your clothes on and come down for breakfast.”

Allen was different now; he was nothing. He was full of sorrow. He would always feel like a beaten slave and nothing more. He obeyed his mother, as he always would, and put some clothes on to go down for breakfast. His head tingled from the feeling of leaving the room that he was sure he would die in. The world felt different now that he was a eunuch. As he walked through the hallway alone he heard feet running up the stairs. He saw his sister and cousins running upstairs smiling.

“Hey, Allen, do your balls feel better?” Hannah asked, laughing with the other girls. “I’ve been waiting for them to get better so I can give you a present.” Allen didn’t really speak anymore, as his spirit was broken. He looked at his sister in a new light and felt like a worthless being. Hannah kicked Allen in the crotch and didn’t feel anything there. Allen didn’t even collapse; he just stumbled back a little.

“Oh… MY… GOD! He LOST HIS NUTS!!!” All the girls laughed.

“Haha, now you’re Allen, the nutless wonder!” His sister and cousins made fun of him all the time after that and eventually the whole town knew he was a eunuch. All the girls laughed at him because he wasn’t a real man. He was alone in this new world.


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