Friday, November 16, 2007

Low Blow in the Low Countries

by Targetpractice

Hi all,

I am going through some exercises to get over my writers block, and a friend of mine recommended to me that I freewrite. So, I thought I would offer this story to the board:

I boarded the plane from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands bustling with excitement to be in the capitol of it all-sex, drugs, and non-stop partying. I had talked about going to Amsterdam for years and years, and finally I am here!

I made a beeline for the Red Light District, out of curiosity and strangely out of hope for finding one of the girls there who would grant my wish of being kicked.

I'm a picky kind of guy, interested in many different types of women at different times. Sometimes I like a girl in a soccer uniform with a pair of cleats. Sometimes I like girls with boots that go all the way up the calf, and sometimes a nice pair of heels always hits the spot. I decided that this evening, I would look for a sporty lady.

I had some trouble finding a place, considering that I was a tourist in a foreign land, and my Dutch is really, really poor. I finally found this blue, innocuous place on the recommendation of a flyer I got.

I went in and started looking around at the place. It looked harmless enough, with aromatic candles everywhere. Behind the counter was a brown haired girl looking in her twenties.

"Goede avond," said the lady from behind her book

"Um...Ik...zoek een...vrouw om..."

"I speak English," said Gertrud.

"Thank you. I am looking for a woman to be with. I've never done this before."

"Don't worry. We get a lot of tourists who haven't been to Amsterdam before. Go ahead and fill this out and give it to me when you're done. Best thing I can tell you is to be honest about what you're into."

I looked at the printed list and it mentioned a lot of options. I felt like I was giving a sexual history to them.

I started looking at the list and scanned it for what I was into, but had so much trouble getting in the States. "Come on, groin kicking or ball busting, please be on there…" I scanned down the paper and saw one for feet (which I love) and shoe fetish (lets you write in what footwear you're into). But no ball busting :( I was bummed, but I had been looking all night and I could at least get one out of the two loves. I saw a box which allowed for you to have more than one. I had never done this before-had two women on me at the same time.

I checked the box for more than one woman preferred.

Gertrud took the list and made a couple of checks and circled a couple of things on it. She put it through a door slot behind her. "So doc, am I sick and perverted?"

She started to laugh. "You're nothing compared to what some guys are into here. Some guys are into really, really kinky things."

"Is there anything else that you are looking for before I bring some girls out?"

Well, I'm interested in being kicked in the balls."’

Gertrud gave a blank stare. "You are into being kicked in the groin for pleasure? I see... Well you'll have to ask the girls who you'll be with. Some of our girls are only interested in suck and fuck, but we have some special ladies that you might like. Go ahead and step through the door and go to Room 12 on the second floor. A couple of ladies will be there to greet you."

I walked up the stairs with the feeling of walking away...but I've already agreed to do this, and paid for the girls up front. I opened the door to a room that was pretty bright with a bed on the right hand side and two ladies sitting down. One of them was dressed like a high school volleyball player and the other was dressed up like a businesswoman with a pair of strappy heels that crisscrossed to her ankles with a pair of white panty hose. The other girl was wearing these Japanese like loose socks. I was in heaven, literally.

The businesswoman's name was Caley, who had wavy full brown hair and her sporty companion was called Cam. Cam had her hair in a ponytail and hung down from the back with her blond straight hair. The two were like Yin and Yang. Cam gave him a robe to put on and told him to go change into it. It was the quickest I'd ever been to get out of all of my clothes, but it felt like an eternity. I got all of the clothes off and saw Cam tying her Adidas Superstars with black stripes, and Caley doing half kicks in the air.

"Hi, I have changed into the robe."

Caley and Cam took a seat at the table and motioned for me to sit down. Caley pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one and offered me some wine, which I graciously accepted. We started to talk about who I was, and why I had come to Amsterdam. Every once in a while, Cam's shoe would nudge my foot, and each time she would come into contact, she would mover her foot up closer and closer. She stretched her legs as I started to talk about my fetish where the tip of her toe just brushed up against the hairs on my balls. I decided to be brave and scooted my butt forward, pushing my crotch into her toe. She pushed as well, sort of squeezing my balls a bit. My dick immediately rose to attention, and she noticed immediately.

"You like this huh?" she said as she started pulling back and pushing inward. Caley noticed what was going on and started to run her heel upward on the outside of my leg, and laid her foot to my side. I grabbed her soft foot and rubbed as Cam was continuing to nudge my balls. As she was nudging (and I was pushing in) the chair was getting pushed back more and more. I accidentally slipped out of the chair and fell to my knees at the edge of the table. I got the nerve.

"I have a request... can you... kick me?"

"Kick you? Where would you like to be kicked?" said Caley. She pushed her foot forward to my bare crotch. "Right here?"

"Yes...that would be great."

She looked over at her teammate and had a little stare. All of the sudden, her foot shot out at my balls. It hit with a little thud. My dick sprang to attention, but her kick was soft. Cam saw the look on my face and started to giggle. "OK, my turn!" She kicked out with her shoe and her laces hit right at my ball sack. She was a little harder than Caley.

"Cam, you got him better than I did, so I'll sit next to you. You stay there on your knees." Caley went to the bed and rifled through a bag. She produced a couple of scarves and walked over to me. She took the scarves and tied my hands to the table. Then she tied my legs to the bottom of the card table so I couldn't move. Finally, they blindfolded me so I couldn't see their kicks coming.

Then Cam and Caley sat side by side. They asked, “Shoes on or shoes off?”

I said, “Can we do half and half?”

They said sure and started by flipping a coin and to have me call heads or tails. If I got heads, I got to pick the first girls, and if tails, they picked. To my luck, I got heads. I heard one of them getting up and the chair scuffled. I heard a chair hit the ground behind me. I said to myself, are they going to kick me from the front and behind?

BAM! I felt Cam's shoe come up from behind. She didn't hit hard, but she got me good. I started to slump towards the table. I felt the heel of Caley fly up and hit just below my balls. I felt her knee brush against my stomach for a second. They started to alternate forward and backwards for a good five kicks each. Each time their foot got harder and harder. They would ask me along the way "harder or softer?" Since I was already in the heat of the passion, I always said harder until that fifth kick. I asked for a break after that one. They untied me from the table and took off the blindfold. I took a ten minute and was soaking in precum from their dainty feet.

Cam starts to take off her shoes and leaves her socks on. Caley also takes off her heels.

Ten minutes roll around and I'm ready for more.

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