Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Meeting (part 1-2)

By speedycj1

It was the first meeting of its kind. A community whose members reside in complete anonymity had agreed to show face and mingle with each other. They were bound by a common interest, albeit a normally secretive one, but now had the opportunity to put faces to the many names they have known, but never met for years.

The setting was a hotel in New York City. A conference room had been reserved under the name TLCnet Online Community Forum. The name was innocent enough to not to draw suspicion from the hotel powers that be but was recognizable enough to those who were part of its following.

Chris had no idea what to expect as he entered the banquet room. As a longtime member of this community he had the utmost respect for everyone he had “met,” or chatted with online over the years. He had personally contributed to this community over the years through his appearances in numerous video shoots, working hard to emulate the performances he had admired over the years from Andrea, Knackers and other “male actors,” who take hours of beatings in order to provide the community with material to help it grow. Even though he most likely had been seen by everyone in the room through the video clips and pictures he appeared in for the past six years, he still had an uneasy feeling about crossing the line that existed between fantasy and reality.

His uneasiness settled a bit once he made eye contact with an attractive woman from across the room. He could see that he had caught her attention as she excused herself from a conservation and walked over to him.

“Hi, I'm Angela,” she said with a huge grin and a sparkle in her brown eyes. “You must be Chris?” asked Angela, assured already of his answer.

“Yep, I'm Chris. It's so nice to 'officially' meet you Angela,” said Chris as he shook her hand. “Can I buy you a drink?” asked Chris as the two of them made there way to the bar.

They continued their conversation through a few rounds of drinks, occasionally speaking with others who walked by to meet and mingle. However they eventually returned to conversing with themselves, talking about everything from their upbringing to the reasons behind their ballbusting fetish. They spoke candidly about their feelings and Chris definitely admired her for views and the unabashed way she spoke about inflicting pain to the opposite sex.

“Do you think I can take a few shots at you tonight?” said Angela as she blushed slightly at her aggressive question. Perhaps partly the alcohol was to blame, although right now she knew she had before her someone who could withstand quite a deal of punishment, and she wanted to experience that for herself.

“Sure, that would be great,” said Chris as he quickly chugged the rest of his wine. “Where should we go?” asked Chris as he knew he had at least enough drinks to help dull the pain a bit should she cause any.

“How bout my room?” said Angela with raised eyebrows and a wink.

“Um, sure,” said Chris as his cheeks turned redder than the wine he was drinking.

“Great, let's go,” said Angela as she grabbed her purse.

Chris hadn't gotten a good view of her yet, but as he followed her to the elevator he saw that she had an athletic body. At 5'6,” she was definitely in shape and had slender but strong legs that were on display thanks to her slightly above the knee, light green flowing skirt, with white stockings and brown calf length boots. Her brown hair was tied up in a ponytail, which revealed her sparkling brown eyes and pretty face. They got in the elevator and no sooner did the doors close and Angela stood right in front of Chris and slid her hands to the front of his pants. She gave him a good grab as Chris was caught off guard by her bluntness.

“Just want to see what I'm working with here,” affirmed Angela as she gave him another firm squeeze. Chris moaned slightly as Angela giggled. They reached her floor and entered her room.

“Have a seat on the chair,” said Angela as she went into the bathroom to freshen up. Chris complied and waited for her, his mind racing with uncertainty about what she had in store for him. Moments later Angela came out of the bathroom and walked towards him. She stood directly in between his legs and smiled. She placed the heel of her boot on his crotch and pushed down slightly.

“Just so you know I'm expecting a lot out of you Chris,” said Angela as she dug her heel into his crotch slightly. “Especially since I've seen what you can take in videos,” she continued as she traced her boot down his crotch and back up again.

“How many shots did you have in mind?” asked Chris, half-nervous about his predicament.

Angela laughed mockingly. “As many as it takes,” she laughed as she pouted her lips at him in the form of a kiss. “Sit before me on your knees,” said Angela politely as she removed her boot from his crotch. Chris complied and kneeled before her. Angela brushed up against him with her body and walked around him stalkingly. She returned to the front of him and lifted his chin up with her hand. Suddenly she slapped his face hard with her free hand as the sound of the slap echoed through her hotel room. Chris' cheek stung from her sudden and vicious blow. Before Chris could react to her slap she quickly kicked him in the groin with the toe of her boot. The blow wasn't too severe since he still had his pants on but it caught him by surprise as he doubled over in pain and groaned.

“That sucked,” said Angela disappointingly, “we'll need to remove those pants,” she said as she ordered Chris to remove his pants. Chris stripped down to his boxer briefs. “That's better,” said Angela as she eyed his boxers examining her target.

“Would you mind laying on your back for me?” asked Angela in a soft voice as she gave Chris another one of her irresistible smiles. Chris lay on his back and Angela stood between his legs, spreading them apart. She eyed his crotch as she placed her boot squarely on his balls pushing down with some force. Her eyes grew wide as she lifted her foot off the ground and looked Chris in the eyes. She smiled again and suddenly slammed her heel into his balls causing Chris to scream out in pain. His body jerked up to clutch his balls but Angela kept her boot embedded in his groin.

“That one had to hurt,” laughed Angela as Chris slowly lay back down on the floor and took deep breaths. His balls were stinging as her solid heel had caught him square in the balls, particularly his right testicle. Angela removed her heel and bent down to have a look. She pulled down his boxers and saw redness on his testicles from her blow. She grabbed his balls gently with her hands and squeezed, alternating between squeezing the right and left testicles as Chris groaned in pain on the floor. She admired how his balls were perfect for busting and noticed a good resiliency to them.

After a few more moments of squeezing she told Chris to stand up and remove his boxers. “You don't mind if I take a few kicks do you?” asked Angela sweetly as Chris again really couldn't say no to her demands. Chris straightened up and Angela instructed him to place his hands behind his back. Chris took a deep breath as Angela stepped back to observe her target. She arched her leg forward and nuzzled her boot under his balls to measure him up. She lowered her boot and took two steps back.

“You ready Chris?” asked Angela as she stared him in the eyes. Chris nodded yes and braced himself for the blow. Angela glanced down at his balls hanging between his legs and took two quick strides and nailed him in the balls with a medium strength Chris. Chris yelled out as the toe of her boot hit his right testicle again.

“That wasn't even full strength,” laughed Angela as Chris doubled over in pain. “I know you can take more than that,” she said. Chris grimaced in pain but didn't want to disappoint Angela so after a few seconds he straightened himself again.

“That's what I like in a man,” laughed Angela as she took two steps back again. Chris placed his hands behind his back and braced for her next kick. She smiled at him and again eyed his balls which were growing redder by the second. She stared at his balls all the way through her powerful kick which caught him flush in the balls with the top of her boot. The loud slap echoed in Chris' ears as he instantly dropped to the floor in pain. The sound of the blow alone would make most men pass out so you could imagine the pain Chris' balls were in at the moment. Angela stood besides him admiring her handiwork. She had felled someone who she saw take some of the hardest kicks she'd ever seen in just two to three blows. She knew most guys she's busted needed to warm up with a few kicks to build resiliency, but she didn't hold anything back on that last kick. It was probably one of the hardest kicks she'd ever given to any male, even those who she busted regularly.

Angela bent down to check on Chris as she saw the pain etched across his face. She rolled him on his back and checked his balls. His testicles were still intact although they were beet red and very tender to the touch. Chris tried to hold back the tears that were welling in his eyes as he slowly started to catch his breath.

“I'll tell you Chris, that was one of the hardest kicks I've ever given,” said Angela, not sure if those words were exactly comforting. “Glad to see you're still in one piece,” she said as she patted his balls and stood up. Chris managed a slight laugh through the pain. As he sat up and inspected the damage himself.

“Yeah, I still hear the sound echoing in my ears,” said Chris as the pain was slowly subsiding. Angela sat on her bed and removed her boots.

“As a reward you can come and kiss my foot,” said Angela as she dangled her white stockinged feet off the floor. Chris gingerly made his way over to the bed and kissed her feet. Angela let Chris kiss her feet for a few seconds and then stood back up.

“It's getting late and we have a long weekend ahead of us,” said Angela as she brought her boots over to the closet. “But I would love to see you again tomorrow night, if that's ok with you?” asked Angela sweetly as she walked back over to Chris who was still on his knees at the foot of the bed.

“Yeah, I guess that's okay,” said Chris.

Angela ran her foot gently against his balls to give him some extra convincing. “Maybe next time I'll be a little less rough on you too!” laughed Angela as she ran her foot softly across his crotch and over his thighs.

“Ha, yeah that would be nice,” responded Chris as her soft touch was starting to arouse him. Noticing this Angela withdrew her foot as she knew had given him all the convincing she needed to give.

“Till tomorrow then?” said Angela as Chris picked himself up and put back on his clothes.

“Sounds like a plan,” said Chris as he dressed himself and Angela walked him to the door.

Angela opened the door to let him out. “Thanks again for letting me bust you, it made my night!” beamed Angela as she gave him a hug.

“It was great to meet y...” said Chris when suddenly his words were interrupted by a hard knee to the balls. Before he could bend over in pain Angela grabbed his shoulders and kneed him as quickly and strongly as she could in his balls. After five quick knees she couldn't hold Chris up any longer and let him slump to the floor before her.

“Just wanted to give you something to dream about for tomorrow. Good night,” said Angela happily as she blew Chris a kiss and closed the door to her room, leaving him slumped on the ground in pain in the hallway.

Chris trudged slowly back to his room and closed the door. He went to the bathroom and examined the damage Angela caused. His right testicle was swollen and red and the left one had some swelling. She caused a lot of damage in a short amount of time thought Chris to himself as he washed up for the night, took two Advil and went to bed.

At 6am there was a small knock at the door. “Room service,” said a faint voice. Chris awoke in a panic as he didn’t remember ordering room service. He walked to the door in a t-shirt and boxers and peeped through the hole. He couldn’t make out the figure so he opened the door slightly, standing behind the door as a safeguard.

“Your room service sir,” said the voice which appeared to be from a younger girl.

“I didn’t order room service,” said Chris as he was trying to clean the sleep out of his eyes.

Suddenly the female pushed the door backward and Chris went stumbling backward. The cart was pushed into the room and the door quietly closed. Chris was stunned by the female aggressor who was dressed in standard hotel maid clothes, a white shirt and a tan skirt with a white apron. She was 5’2’ tall and appeared to be young and ethnic, perhaps South American. She had a small, petite body and her long black hair was in a ponytail. The room was still dark so Chris had problems making out her face. Chris stood idly by while the worker set up her tray of breakfast in the room. She used a flashlight to help her see and Chris was able to make out what appeared to be a tray of eggs, toast, bacon and orange juice. Chris was still in shock as this was all unexpected.

“I’m sorry… can I ask who this is from? I didn’t order room service,” said Chris quietly as the lady finished laying out the spread.

“Yes, sir, this is courtesy of Angela,” said the female with a slight Spanish accent as she finished her tray and stood in front of Chris. She shined the flashlight in his eyes and Chris instantly raised his hand to shield his eyes from the light. Suddenly the female punched him square in the balls as Chris let out a groan and slumped to the floor. The female giggled as she stood over him. Chris glanced up at her and saw this petite figure standing over her, looking much taller than her 5’2,” frame. She grabbed him by the hair and lifted him up to his knees.

“Spread your legs please,” said her innocent voice as she tapped his legs apart with her white sneakers. She drew her leg back and quickly kicked him in the balls with her sneaker. She held him up by his hair as Chris moaned loudly in pain.

“Be quiet,” she said in a soft voice as Chris struggled to grasp what was going on. Before he could even think another kick came crashing into his balls as she released his head and let him slump to the floor.

She mumbled to herself in Spanish and then bent down to the ground. Chris had tears welling in his eyes but could make out a pretty face and soft, delicate features.

She placed her hand on his cheek. “I’m sorry to do this to you… I’m sure you’re a nice person,” she said as her fingers ran down his cheeks. “But money talks,” laughed the girl as she reached down and grabbed him by the balls tightly.

Chris moaned loudly in pain as her small fingers dug into his already swollen balls. “Aaaaaargh!” Chris screamed out as she grabbed his tender right testicle. She was shocked that it felt larger than normal. She took out her flashlight and inspected his balls. To her surprise she saw that they were swollen and red. She instantly felt bad thinking that she had caused all that damage herself.

“Sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you this badly; the lady made me do it. Oh mi dios”!” she said rapidly.

“What lady made you do it?” asked Chris stunned by her admission as the girls put her hands to her face in disbelief.

“The lady, Angela, she paid me to scramble your balls… like eggs,” she said shamefully while dropping her head.

“Ha,” said Chris while thinking inside how cruel Angela was to send an unsuspecting woman to do some of her dirty work.

“I said I couldn’t do it but she gave me $100 dollars,” said the girl rapidly as she was cleansing herself of her guilt. “A hundred dollars is a lot for me,” repeated the girl in shame.

“It’s okay,” said Chris, feeling some remorse for the girl. “’Rosa’, is that your name?” asked Chris, getting close enough to read her name tag.

“Yes, sir,” the girl said apologetically.

“It’s okay Rosa,” said Chris as the flashlight was still shining on his swollen balls.

“My apologies,” said Rosa dejectedly. During their whole conversation, Rosa was putting her hands on his balls and her gentle touch was starting to make Chris slightly erect. Rosa looked down and saw this.

“Can I fix?” she said in a soft accent.

“Fix?” asked Chris in return.

Rosa gently ran her fingers over his penis as it responded immediately to her touch. “Like this,” explained Rosa as Chris didn’t know if this was a trick or not on her behalf.

Chris struggled to find an answer while Rosa gently coaxed his erection with her soft hands. She squeezed his balls gently causing Chris to groan in pain.

“I’m sorry!” Rosa said in a state of disbelief as she hadn’t seen anything like that before. She was completely surprised at how much damaged she caused, not knowing that Angela had caused a significant amount of it the previous night. Chris meanwhile didn’t know how to explain that Angela had done most of that damage already. Nor did he even want to attempt to explain that this was a turn-on for him, despite the pain he was in.

Rosa got his penis fully erect and had Chris lay on the floor. Rosa reached down and untied her sneakers, revealing her cute size six feet, which were encased in tan stockings. “Stockings are ok?” asked Rosa as she sat herself between Chris’ legs. Chris had no complaints as she slowly slid her stocking foot over his erection. Chris moaned softly in delight as her gentle feet slid back and forth across his penis. “It feels good?” asked Rosa with a smile as Chris lifted his head up and smiled.

After a few more minutes of caressing his penis between her feet she suddenly stopped and stood up. She walked over to him and placed her foot on his chest. “Angela didn’t pay me to make milk,” said Rosa softly as she ran her foot over his chest softly. “But if you pay me, I’ll make milk,” said Rosa as she placed her foot over his mouth. For someone who initially didn’t appear to be, she was actually quite a seductive woman.

Chris wasn’t sure how to answer. On one hand his penis was throbbing and looking for release. On the other hand he was scared if Rosa was going to tell Angela or hotel management. “Umm…” said Chris as Rosa’s foot traced its way down his cheek, over his chest and over his penis, pushing it gently down towards the floor. Chris took a deep breath as she pushed down harder.

“A hundred dollars,” said Rosa as she pushed Chris’ erection down further. Chris couldn’t believe she was negotiating with him nor was he in any position to do anything about it.

“Um, what?” asked Chris surprised. Rosa pushed her foot down harder. “A hundred dollars and I make milk,” said Rosa very matter-of-factly.

Chris stammered to find the words. “Well, um, I only have $50 in my wallet,” said Chris sheepishly not knowing if that was an insult or not. Rosa released her foot from his penis dejectedly and walked away. Chris wasn’t sure what he said or did but certainly she didn’t like what he said. Rosa walked over to the tray of food and lifted one of the covers. Her back was to Chris so he couldn’t see what she had in her hands.

Rosa put the objects on the floor. Chris sat up only to see that Rosa had put on a pair of black 3,” pumps and was walking back towards him. Chris wanted to get up but couldn’t, between his massive erection and the pain in his balls. Rosa stood between his legs. She looked a lot more menacing with high heels on rather than white sneakers. She reared back and kicked him in the nuts with her pointy toe shoe. Chris screamed out in pain. Rosa laughed and stepped down on his penis with her heel.

“Fifty dollars!! who do you think I am?” said Rosa sternly as she twisted her heel into his balls causing Chris to hold back yelling for his life. “You scream and I break them,” said Rosa not caring that her sharp heel was digging into his tender flesh. She released her heel, stepped back and kicked him hard in his erection causing Chris to squeal out loud and curl up into a ball.

Rosa cursed at him in Spanish while she walked over to his head. Chris’ hands clutched his battered groin as tears started to well up in his eyes. His body rocked back and forth in pain. Rosa bent down and put her hand on his face, caressing his cheek. “I wasn’t going to make milk,” said Rosa insultingly. “But for money I will do anything,” laughed Rosa as she patted him on the head and stood up. “Tomorrow morning I’ll be back… have some money ready,” said Rosa as she traced her shoe down his body.

She walked over to grab her sneakers noticing Chris’ wallet on the table. Chris was still curled up in pain as Rosa reached into Chris’ wallet for his $50 and walked over to him. A rush went over her and she decided she wasn’t done with him yet. She bent down and put the $50 in his mouth and pushed him on his back. She placed her foot over his mouth and started to shove the money into his mouth with her heel. She laughed cruelly as Chris tried not to swallow the money while grabbing desperately at her foot. Chris eventually pushed her foot away and Rosa responded by kicking him in the head with her shoe. The blow nearly knocked Chris out as he lay still on the floor. Chris managed to spit the money out of his mouth which made Rosa laugh.

She looked at her watch and realized the time. She stood up and took off her heels and put them back on the tray. She scrambled to quickly put her sneakers back on and straightened her outfit up. Suddenly there was a small rap at the door. Rosa smiled and ran to the door gleefully.

“Hello Miss Angela,” said Rosa as Chris’ body instantly paralyzed itself in fear.

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