Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Girlfriend

by sag

Hi. It is me sag. I haven’t finished the ballbusting in the village yet, but some thing happened to me that I want to share. I met this girl whose mother is from my homeland and her father is Canadian. She is so cute. She lives by her self now, and I told her about my fetish. Now I write stories about her and not all of them are true. Here goes.

Last month I was so pissed off. I didn’t do well on my tests and I had to repeat those courses again. It was raining all morning. Finally we had a little sun near dusk. I decided to go on a walk in the park near my apartment. Lots of people were out walking in the park. I found a seat and sat on for half an hour enjoying the view. I noticed some giggling noises from the back of the bench that I was sitting on behind the bushes. I turned back and saw three girls around 26 playing and laughing together. I was gazing at their breasts jumping up and down that suddenly one of them grabbed the other from the back and rub her self against the other ass. They were wearing stirrup tights so the view was great. Suddenly the one in front turned and kicked her hard between the legs. She went down holding between her legs and making funny noises like man who got hit in the balls.

The kicker said, "Yes, that’s how you deal with a man who is bothering you." There was a lot moving in my pants. I couldn’t help it. My cock was so erect that I could feel how hard the bench that I am sitting on was. I listened again.

One of them said, "What if the attacker balls were damaged? Then you will go to jail for forty years.”

"No, if you are defending yourself you can do what ever you want to his balls. The police won’t suspect a thing because you are a woman and you won’t go to jail, because it was in self-defense." I thought my penis would touch the ground any minute. I couldn’t lose this moment. I didn’t want to get hit in the balls but chatting with these girls would give me pleasure. I went toward them and I pretended I was walking.

I talked to the teacher. "You folks are martial arts champs? You are pretty good." This small compliment worked. She was kind of embarrassed.

"Hmmm... no! We are practicing women self-defense." I pretended that I didn’t know what that was, so she began to lecture me about it for two hours. You know how they bore you with too much talk, but this one gave me a hard-on and the two other girls kind of noticed that but just giggled. I continued talking and most of the time listening, so I was kind of getting to know this teacher girl, her name was Atina. She was a little fat around the waist, but in a cute way.

The casual talk changed itself to first date. I told her I liked her and she said I was such nice guy that cared to listen to people. I invited her to a cop of coffee with her friends. They laughed at the word cop that they heard cup, and her friends said they have to go now. We went to a coffee shop nearby and talked more.

It had been two months now. We talked about sex already. She showed that she needed it like a thing that all people do, so she had to do it too. She wasn’t a virgin but she was pretending it was okay by her. Finally I was invited to spend the weekend in her house. I packed my things and arrived there ten minutes later. She was wearing what I love, skin tights and pantyhose under it. She said she felt cold a bit. She was looking nervous. After kissing she went to bring me tea and crackers. Boy was that day a cold one.

She began to talk. “I am very happy that you are here. What shall we do tonight?”

“We could go to a movie if you like,” I said.

“No it is too late and my niece will be home by now,” said she.

“I am sorry. I didn’t know that you were not living alone.”

“Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you. She is here just for a couple of days. I am sorry but my sister had to go on her business journey.”

“Oh, you have a sister. I didn’t know that. Looks like you are going to tell me more about yourself.”

She started to talk for a long time about how her sister killed her husband in self-defense and how her husband used to beat her sister. I got this hard-on again. To my surprise something suddenly touched my private parts. It was a very nervous hand. It was too quick and fast that I thought some body hit me in the groin. Well the pain was like that.

“Oh, I am sorry, I am sorry. Are you okay? Sorry this table is too small.” I was on the floor holding my balls in pain, moaning and crying. She helped me get up then she again touched my thing.

“Don’t worry, I know first aid.”

Oh, boy. That was the best first aid that I had. Then she said, “I wanted to ask you something. I don’t know how to say this… My… my… my friends told me you had a hard-on the day that we met, is that true?”

I was red with shame. “Why were your friends looking at my, you know?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Let’s forget about it, my friends say so many stupid things.”

“Maybe they are jealous.”

“That’s got to be it.”

She was red all over. Suddenly someone came in, a very cute 17-year-old girl in high school out fit, pantyhose and a bag.

“This is my niece Karen. How are you honey? This is my boyfriend sag. So tell me did you have good time at school?”

“Have I ever? Do you remember I told you about a bully who wouldn’t leave me alone?”


“Well I took your advice. This time he grabbed me from behind, I slapped him hard and I kicked him in the balls even harder.”

Atina was red and embarrassed all over. I was going to have an explosion in my pants. She ran into the kitchen to bring more tea, and of course and escape from my strange look. I went in the kitchen. She got so exited that she dropped the teapot.

“You are wondering what a bad aunt I am, but I can give you a hundred good reasons why I told her to do that.”

I tried to look confused. “What are you talking about? What did you tell her any way?”

“You know, let’s go to my bedroom. I am going to tell you a story.”

This should be good, I told to myself. When we got there she shouted to her niece to not bother us for an hour. I laughed. “Only an hour?” I made her only more embarrassed.

We sat on her bed and she began. “You see when I was 18 I wanted to go to the places that boys of our high school go. I was in my last semester and I had a crush on this boy named John. We went out a lot together. Once we went in the gym. Two guys attacked us. They beat Johnny pretty hard. I screamed for help but it was no use. They grabbed me and one of them wanted to do something bad to me. Luckily, my mother taught my sister and me how to defend ourselves against men. So I got up and kicked one of them in the groin very hard. He went down holding his balls in pain. The other one attacked. I sat down quickly and punched him in the balls. I felt his tender thing flattening against my little hand. I was worried for John. He was lying there unconscious. When I was done with both of those guys after stomping on their balls, I went to Johnny. But I was too late. He was dead. The doctor said he had an internal injury. The court sent them to jail and it was over. Oh, if it was up to me I’d order that I personally cut off those guys’ balls with my nails. After that I couldn’t date any boys any more. I hated the male gender. I went to a self-defense class and finished the whole level. Now I am a self-defense teacher. So you see, I don’t want that what happened to me to happen to my niece. You are the first guy that I feel safe with after that. I can tell you stuff and you listen.”

Her voice was shaking and she was crying. I held her in my arms. She did some thing very unexpected. She reached down and grabbed my balls along with my erect dick.

“You bastard. All the time you had a hard-on. What makes you so happy? My near being killed by those guys?”

I was in a great deal of pain. She was yanking my cock and balls so hard that I screamed in pain. She didn’t let go. She held them until my erection went off in pain. She sat on me, looking in my eyes. “Wait. You had a hard-on when I told you about groin strike technique in the park. Then you had a hard-on when I touched your thing in the living room. And now you have, sorry, had a hard-on when I told you I hit those guys in the balls. You have a fetish. I know what that is. You want me to beat you up.”

I said with a shaking voice, “No, I love you. I care about you. True I have a fetish just to hear a woman beat a man in the balls, but I don’t want to lose my manhood and I don’t want to be beaten up by anybody. Please stop torturing me.”

She looked at my face. I was in pain. Then she undid my pants. She brought her feet covered with nylon toward my thing and grabbed with her foot. “What you need is a foot job to show that I believe you.” I was in heaven. During the foot job she told me about her other ball busting events too. I came four times in a row. After that she told her niece good night and we had sex all night.

At midnight I got up to grab some thing to eat and drink. I asked her if she wanted anything or not.

“Bring me a chocolate from the fridge. Sorry I can’t get up and make you something, so help yourself.”

I went in the kitchen wearing my boxers. I was in front of the fridge and someone kicked me hard in the balls with their barefoot. I jumped up in pain but she grabbed my balls from behind and squeezed hard.

“I will tell my aunt that you bothered me in my home, attempting to rape me.” It was Karen. She squeezed my balls with her soft hands so hard that I screamed in pain like an alarm to warn Atina.

She ran to the kitchen and saw me. “What happened here? Honey, let go of his… his… you know… things,” said Atina.

“No aunt Atina, he tried to rape me. As you taught me before we have to cut the rapist’s ball off.”

“Wait a minute… if he wanted to rape you, why did he attack you with his behind?” said Atina.

“Well… I don’t know,” said Karen.

“Tell me the truth.”

“I am sorry. I wanted to draw some attention. You guys left me alone here. I would have told you the whole thing before you cut his ball off.”

“Will you stop saying that word?”

“You always say it too.”

“Not in front of my boyfriend.”

“Oh, sorry I didn’t know you guys still didn’t do it, to become comfortable with each other to say these things easily.”

“What? Yes we did. I mean I don’t want to say balls in front of you with him.”

She was so confused. Her niece had a smart mouth.

“Okay. I guess I can forgive you. I think sag will forgive you for me, wont you?”

“Yes. Yes. Definitely, any time. I mean yes.”

“Well honey (talking to me), I guess you could be a good sample of our private self-defense lessons,” said Atina.

“What? You want to hurt me again? Please I can’t take it.”

“Don’t worry. Just show my niece what a man’s private parts look like.”

“No, I love you and I only show that to you.”

“Okay. Maybe I better tell Karen to nail your balls, you rapist.”

Both were laughing.

“Fine, Fine here you go.”

I took off my boxers and both took a good took. Their eyes were wide like they never seen such a thing. Karen wanted to touch them but her aunt didn’t let her and dragged her hand away but instead her hand hit my balls again. I was on the floor crying and they were sitting around me apologizing.

“Aah. I am sort of hungry. Let’s make some thing to eats,” said Atina.

“I call for cooking,” I said.

“No, you’ve had enough trouble today. I will cook.”

“Perhaps you could make me cook by grabbing my, you know, thing (I tried to sound like her).”

“Ooh, tempting, but not in front of my niece. I guess you better put on something before I step on you BALLS accidentally.”

We had a great time that night. That became out weekly routine. Karen always made an excuse to come to her aunt’s house on weekends to hang around. Atina never let her touch my thing again.

Karen likes to hang around with us. She feels she is so cool talking to her elders about stuff.

But she makes me worry. Last time she said she was going to bring her mom too. I wonder if she wants to try some self-defense technique on me.

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