Friday, November 30, 2007

Not a Good Night

By y_n0t_g0_4_1t

Tri-Delt was their little sister sorority, so they mixed with them all the time. It didn’t happen every time, but certainly often enough that there was a greater chance for a Teke to get his balls kicked by a Tri-Delt than by anyone else on the planet.

The last time Tim got his was on Hell night, just about a year ago. Many of his brothers had not fared so well. In the course of the school year, he had learned a lot about the way his fraternity interacted with the sorority. The Tri-Delts weren’t bitches or anything, just kicking balls was the norm between them, and as bad as it hurt the guys that got nailed, it made for a fun game of tag. If a sister even gave the guy the eye he’d start running, and sometimes that was all the entertainment she needed and let him off the hook at that. Other times a sister would knee a guy as a silly way of saying hello, or more likely saying good bye after a less than thrilling night.

If a brother knew it was coming, he could beg and plead or apologize or try his hand at flattery – and most of the times this worked. There were four or five sisters that kicked balls all the time and never missed, and others that never kicked at all. Of course, the girls that loved exercising their privilege would gladly volunteer to nail a guy for one of the girls who didn’t and sometimes would without being asked if she felt that a brother needed it.

You’d think that the whole thing would instill a sort of fear for the Tri-Delts amongst the Tekes and that they’d either stop mixing with them or treat them with such respect and deference that there would never be an excuse to kick balls. To the contrary. Many of the Tekes looked forward to the mixers. Tim suspected some of them liked the danger and others were just twisted. Guys in Tim’s own pledge class would antagonize the girls almost to see how far they could push it.

All in all, it made for a very flirty game and the girls were great about it. After one of the sisters kicked a Teke, they wouldn't be an asshole to him or anything - they’d just get whatever enjoyment out of it the shot was worth. After the guy was walking, whatever misdeed had gotten him kicked was usually forgotten and most of the time the girl that kicked him would offer him a drink in reconciliation.

Besides the girls that seemed to love nailing guys and the guys that pushed it, there were some general rules Tim had discerned. First, the more alcohol that was flowing the greater the likelihood that somebody was getting kicked in the balls. Second, guys that were popular with all the girls would get kicked at a lot in the beginning of the night, and almost not at all towards the end when a girl had settled in on hooking up with him. Less popular guys could sneak in the background all night if they wanted to, but those guys that insisted on trying with the sisters often became the victims of their flying feet by the end of the night. At the beginning of the semester the new sisters were squeamish, but by the end of the school year most of the girls were comfortable with it, if not kicking guys themselves at least with it happening in front of them. When girls kicked a guy for pressing too hard for some action, they usually put on the air that he ought to be thankful he got at least that action.

Finally, there was one brother – Jeff – that was the fraternity dork. Anytime he’d open his mouth, something stupid would come out and even an attempt at making a comment justified a kick. Jeff was generally the only brother that had the benefit of a warning: the girls would tell him to open his legs whenever they felt like nailing him. Jeff was the barometer for the night. He’d get kicked if anyone did, and an early kick in the balls for him was a sure sign that the girls would get into a ball kicking mood if they started drinking. Thus, while there were many “good nights” (the term used to refer to a night where nobody got their balls kicked), there were also quite a few nights were more guys got kicked than laid.

Tim was a guy that hung out in the background. He was not a guy the girls lusted after, but if he chilled he might get lucky and have a girl want to be with him that night rather than party alone. It was late November, and Teke was having a mixer with the Tri-Delts. This was the last mixer where TKE could count on pledge labor to do the clean up, but the first mixer where sisters allowed their pledges to come. Just as he wasn’t allowed to go to any mixers as a pledge, neither was their new batch of recruits.

All night April had been giving him eyes, and Tim finally worked up the courage to walk over and say hi. So strange, because he talked to April so often, but now with the some liquor in the veins and the specter of romance in the air, Tim felt a little shy. April wasn’t a real ball buster, but he had seen her kick Jeff a few times and knew of a time she kicked one of the popular guys as a way of flirting. Tim knew he had to be cautious.

“Hey,” Tim said to April, “you having fun?”

“Of course! Can I talk to you for a second?”

Tim and April backed into the hallway where there was less partying.

“What’s up?” he asked her.

“I just wanted to ask you about last year…”


“I mean on hell night,” April clarified.

“Oh…” Tim uttered and paused. “What about it?”

“What was it like?” April asked.

“It hurt.”

April tilted her head as if to say tsk, tsk and put Tim on notice. “I know that. I mean, what was the whole thing like?”

“Hmmmmm,” Tim said, “well first, we were kind of prepared without being told.”

“What do you mean?” April asked.

“Well, the entire time were pledging, the brothers would take shots at our nuts but never hit them. If we flinched we had to do push ups or sit in the Teke chair, or something. So we got real used to not flinching. In a sense, it became our instinct not to flinch or cover up.”

April laughed. “You guys are very easy to kick because of that. Especially the new guys” Then she gave him a playful but menacing look. “Plus, we get a lot of practice.”

Tim gulped and continued with his story.

“On hell night itself we had no idea what was happening. We were all blindfolded, but what was unusual was that we were told not to stand in the bond. Instead, we were all spaced out, and Mike told us to stand feet should length apart or more. Then were heard all the brothers go upstairs.

“Then we heard footsteps come down, but we knew they weren’t the brothers. As soon as we heard female voices, we figured it was Delta Delta Delta. Your pledge mistress asked us if we remembered the picnic, which we of course had, and then she said it was our turn to be embarrassed.

“The only thing I was uncomfortable with was the fact that it was you and not the brothers, and that the pledge master wasn’t there to stop it from getting excessive. But ultimately, I didn’t expect anything bad – especially that – and figured fair was fair after our fraternity had made you fake those orgasms and do those dances in the public park.”

April laughed as she remembered the picnic and also the irony.

“So then I heard a thud and a round of laughter. A few second later I heard another thud, then another, and then all you girls go ‘aw, it’s alright’. Then I heard a louder crack and all of you go ‘Ooooooooooooooh,’ followed by applause.”

April cracked up. “I remember that!”

“What happened?”

April looked at Tim sternly, “You know we’re not allowed to tell you any of the details. What was it like when it happened to you?”

“Surprising. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. A thud, some laughing, and an occasional coughing or a yelp. I couldn’t imagine what it was, but we had already been through so much I figured I could handle it. I didn’t even know it was my turn. I just felt the foot smash in my crotch and I felt straight to the floor.”

“Well, what did it feel like?” April pressed on.

“Pain! I mean, it was the worst. The sick part was, I felt the toe. Like, I know whoever did it had somewhat pointed but rounded shoes because I felt the toe of it go in my nuts. I had never been kicked in the balls before and didn’t know what had happened until I was on the ground for a little while. It hurt so bad I blotted out all sound. I heard you all laughing, but it had to be at Jon because it was at least a few minuets after.”

April grinned from ear to ear hearing the story. “Don’t worry Tim, we got a good laugh out of you too” she said as she patted his shoulder. Your reaction was soooooo cute.”

“It was you, wasn’t it?” Tim asked

“Oh no, no, no,” April replied, “but if you wanted me to do it all you had to do was ask.”

At that April slammed her knee into Tim’s groin. Tim clutched his package and slumped to the floor. It wasn’t his first time this time, but it hurt just as bad. This time he knew what was happening as it happened and didn’t feel any shoe shape – just the flat and wide knee that smashed both of his balls into underside of his crotch. As Tim rolled onto his back, April called out to her little, and in doing so called to her the attention of the rest of the sisters.

“Oh look, April got Tim,” he heard followed by a raucous of giggling. A moment later he heard the distinctive yelp of Jeff getting his balls kicked. Directly above him, April began to explain to her little the tradition she was about to take part in next Friday at Tekes hell night.

It was not going to be a good night.


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I really really hope every girl who has ever kicked or kneed a man burns in hell for eternity .you cunt deserve It .

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