Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Office Beatdown - part 1-3

By speedycj1

Just wrote this tonight, inspired by the fabulous women in my office... hope you enjoy! As usual, feel free to offer any comments/criticism etc.

Jennifer was your average 28 year old working professional. Somewhat content in her job, slightly underachieving and vastly underpaid for her age, she simply was coasting around until she had her first child in a year or two and could become a stay at home mother. However her husband’s salary wasn’t quite enough to think about that at this point so in general she was stuck. Her marriage was in its second year, and it too was experiencing a slump. The spark was gone a little. The attraction was still there, but their sex life was suffering since her husband was on the road four days a week. Jennifer never openly admitted this, but you could tell the frustration was beginning to take its toll on her. She had added a few pounds to her 5’6,” frame and started losing some of the tone she had put on prior to her wedding. She was still very attractive, but gone were the clingy, body shaping clothes in favor of more loose and baggy clothing.

Jennifer’s office mates were a good bunch, all around her age. Three other coworkers had formed a little clique over the past few months. There was Erin, the 31 year old sales executive who recently had become engaged. She was more of the artsy type and the biggest drinker in the office. At 5’7,” she was thin, thanks to years of yoga but wasn’t as toned as the other girls in the office. She was more conservative in her dress, but tended to wear a lot of long skirts and boots and tight fitting tops showing off her above average breasts. Carolyn was the newer employee of the group and had just gotten married a year ago. She was still in great shape and was an avid runner. At 27 she definitely had a great body and wore clothing that reflected that, short skirts and tall heels. The fourth member of the clique was a male. Chris was 28 and the only manager in the group. He had known Erin and Jennifer for the past three years and had actually gone to the same college as Carolyn, although they weren’t more than occasional acquaintances.

One Thursday had been a particularly stressful day. Managers were fighting about sales numbers, assistants were grumbling about workload. The only thing to look forward to was end of the year bonus time which would come around next paycheck. The group decided they needed to blow off steam at a local bar for happy hour.

They settled into their corner booth and proceeded to knock down beer after beer. After the fourth rounds the discussion turned from work to personal relationships. This is where Jennifer’s frustration started to come out. She started complaining openly about her sex life with her husband. She admitted she hadn’t had sex in a few months much to the disbelief of the group. Jennifer wanted to know some tips from the girls about how they kept their sex life active. The girls looked at either and decided Carolyn would be the better of the two to answer that since she’d been married for a year. Carolyn took a large swig of her drink as her face flushed slightly in embarrassment. Jennifer was eagerly waiting her answer and equally curious was Chris and Erin.

“Well,” paused Carolyn. If she hadn’t had as many beers already she probably wouldn’t have been admitting what she was about to say. “I dominate him.” Erin nearly spit out her drink and Chris choked on his.

Jennifer’s chin dropped. “You what?” said Jennifer in disbelief.

Carolyn turned a little redder as she spoke quickly to break the awkwardness. “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t beat the shit out of him...I just let him know who’s boss once in a while.” Jennifer finished her beer as the waitress came over to deliver another round. Not surprisingly Carolyn was the first one to grab a beer.

Jennifer wanted to know more as she felt this may be a possibility. “So what exactly... how do you dominate him?” asked Jennifer.

Carolyn took another big gulp. “Well, I tie him up, stand over him and do some things to let him know I’m in control.”

Erin quickly jumped in as she often did. “More specifics please,” said Erin sternly. Chris moved his chair forward in curiosity too as his girlfriend was not a dominant person in the least bit even though he had often yearned to be dominated.

“Well for starters,” said Carolyn as everyone moved their heads closer to her to listen, “I wear some really threatening heels, like these,” as she took of one of her shoes and put it on the table. It was a black stiletto pump, about 3 1/2 inches in the heel with a pointed toe. Jenn took her shoe and ran her finger over the heel.

“And what do you do with those,” asked Erin quickly. “Chris, you may not want to listen,” laughed Carolyn.

Chris laughed as he definitely wanted to know. “Ha, it’s ok, I can take it,” said Chris in a half slip, half hint that he was okay with domination.

Carolyn gave him a slight curious look and continued. “Well, I put my heel on his chest and dig in. I let him know that if he doesn’t do as I say, I’ll show him how painful my heels can be.” Jennifer and Erin nodded intently while Chris stared at Carolyn like he was falling in love all over again. “I then move my heel down his chest and over his crotch. I dig the heel in just to know I mean business and then I go from there.” Jennifer nodded her head as she liked the idea. Erin equally nodded as she was not a dominant person at all despite her brash personality. Jennifer held onto her shoe as she started imagining what shoes she had in her closet. Carolyn quietly took her shoe from Jennifer and put it back on.

“Oh sorry,” laughed Jennifer embarrassed by her daydream. She recomposed herself.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” said Jennifer, “what kind of things do you make him do?”

Carolyn was a little drunker at the moment and was spilling the beans more easily. “Well I make him go down on me. Kiss my feet. Give me massages. Stuff like that.”

Jennifer was more intrigued instantly as her husband hadn’t serviced her in quite some time. “What kind of rewards do you give him back?” asked Jennifer.

“Well he’s into legs and feet,” said Carolyn openly. “So I indulge his little fetish, let him kiss my legs and feet, tease him a bit and get him off... if he’s lucky,” said Carolyn excitedly as she laughed wickedly. Erin and Jennifer laughed too as Chris started to feel a bulge in his pants.

“Well,” said Erin. “That’s certainly not my area of expertise,” as she downed her beer.

Jennifer wanted to know more. She needed ideas on what to do to feel in control. “I don’t think I’ve ever done that stuff to my husband before,” said Jennifer dejectedly knowing she probably was missing a good opportunity at home.

“Well, have you ever tried?” asked Carolyn.

Jennifer laughed. “Oh definitely not, he would probably laugh at me,” said Jennifer.

“Well, that’s why you need to have him tied down, so he can’t fight back,” explained Carolyn.

“Hmm...” said Jennifer. “Chris, do you have any thoughts about this,” asked Jennifer.

Chris and Jennifer were very close and he had known a little bit about her problems as she had opened up to him before and trusted what he had to say. “Well, my girlfriend isn’t really dominant,” Chris explained. “But past girlfriends were and I had no complaints,” stated Chris. Carolyn perked up and asked what specifically they’ve done to put him in line. She squinted at him in a curious and seductive fashion and it took Chris a few moments to regroup himself. He finished off his beer. “They would use similar things to what Carolyn did,” said Chris. “Use their heels, be stern and once in a while be mean…,”

Before he could finish Carolyn piped in. “Did they kick you in the balls?” Her tone was sincere. Chris took a big gulp as Carolyn stared at him intently.

Jennifer and Erin were doing shots that they had ordered and started laughing. “Why would they do that, Carolyn?” said Erin.

“Cause it turns them on,” said Carolyn sternly.

“What????” said Jennifer. “What kind of guy would be turned on by that?

“Chris,” said Carolyn quickly. “Would you care to answer that?” said Carolyn as she raised her eyebrow at Chris seductively. Erin and Jennifer turned their attention to Chris as they eagerly awaited his answer.

“Well,” said Chris as he tried to stall as he loosened his tie a little bit. “I can’t believe it,” said Erin before Chris even had a chance to answer.

Chris looked down at his now full beer. “Well, done correctly, it can be a turn on,” said Chris as he looked up at Carolyn. She had a sinister grin on her face and Chris knew this was probably a bad admission.

Jennifer started laughing as she was now wasted. “I can’t believe it,” she stammered. “Doesn’t it hurt more than anything?”

Before Chris could answer Carolyn jumped in, “If they’re turned on you’d be surprised how much damage they could take.” Neither of them could believe the assertiveness Carolyn was exhibiting. Chris started to bulge a little more in his pants. Jennifer and Erin looked at Chris and then looked at Carolyn. They then looked at each other.

Erin was a loudmouth and could read Jennifer instantly. “I think Jennifer needs a demonstration so she can try this at home tonight.” Jennifer shrugged her shoulders and took another drink. Chris looked at them in disbelief.

Carolyn piped in, “That’s a great idea Erin!” as she glanced at Chris with a smirk on her face. Chris stared at her back as he knew she was very drunk.

“Jennifer... you in?” asked Carolyn. Jennifer looked at Chris with puppy eyes.

“Oh Chris, would you mind helping your ole friend out?? Pretty please??” said Jennifer as she put her hand on his thigh.

Chris looked at her and knew he had no choice, plus this was like a dream come true for him. “Well that’s what friends are for, right?” said Chris trying to play off his impending fantasy. Carolyn saw right through him and knew she was gonna have fun with this one.

They downed another shot or two and stumbled out of the bar and went back to the office. They found an empty conference room and locked the door. Carolyn took off her scarf and told Chris to sit down. Clearly she was going to enjoy showing Erin and Jennifer how to dominate their men at Chris’ expense. He sat in a chair as she tied his hands behind his back.

“This way you can’t resist,” said Carolyn happily. Erin and Jennifer were laughing hysterically at the plight of Chris. Chris was worried about how drunk they all were but he was convincing himself that any pain would be nullified, at least for now, by the alcohol.

“So first things first you have to arouse him a bit so it’s easier to get in his mind,” said Carolyn taking the lead role. She stepped between Chris’ legs and stood before him. Chris was wearing khaki dress pants with a blue shirt and his tie, which was very loose around his neck. Carolyn, of course, had on her heels that she showed at the bar along with a short black skirt falling above the knee, and a white top that was low cut to show some of her cleavage which was small but definitely shapely. She also had on black stockings, which accented her strong calf muscles. She lifted Chris’ chin up with her finger and got close to his face. She grabbed his tie and brushed her knee against his inner thigh as she inched closer to him.

Jennifer and Erin gathered around closer to take notes as they giggled. Jennifer was wearing 3 inch, pointy toed, ankle length black boots with black pants and a red sweater. She put her foot on his thigh as to mimic Carolyn’s moves. Erin in her curious state stood on the other side of Chris and placed her boot on his other thigh. She wore brown thick heeled boots, 2 1/2 inches high with a brown below the knee skirt, white sweater and white stockings.

Chris started to get more aroused as he was completely helpless. He tried to hide his erection but the alcohol wasn’t helping and neither were Carolyn’s lips, inches from his. She ran her finger across his cheek and then suddenly slapped him in the face. Jennifer and Erin were shocked at first then started laughing.

“Why’d you slap him?” asked Jennifer curiously in amusement.

“Because he’s getting aroused,” said Carolyn sternly.

“How... how do you know that??” asked Erin.

“See for yourself,” said Carolyn with a smirk. Erin moved her boot over his crotch and pressed down.

“Feels firm,” laughed Erin as she would never do that in a sober state. “Jennifer, your turn,” said Erin. Jennifer hesitated as she wasn’t sure about this since Chris was one of her better friends in general. Carolyn and Erin wouldn’t let her second guess.

Carolyn moved her foot over his crotch for her. “See?” said Carolyn. However Jennifer lost her balance and fell forward. Her foot pushed down into Chris’ crotch with all of her body weight causing Chris to yell in pain.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry,” said Jennifer as she was upset that she had hurt him.

“No, no,” said Carolyn. “That was perfect. He’s not hurt, he’s more turned on.”

“Impossible,” said Erin as she felt for herself with her hand. “Well I’ll be damned,” said Erin in shock. Chris’ erection had grown significantly. Jennifer removed her foot from his crotch. “Wow, that’s amazing,” Erin said as she cautiously moved her foot over his crotch. She tapped her boot on his erection. “Hard as a rock,” she laughed.

“Damn I’m good!” laughed Jennifer in excitement.

Carolyn nodded in approval. “Well now that you have him aroused, you need to decide if you want to hurt him or please him... or both!” said Carolyn.

“Both?” said Jennifer. “How does that work?”

“Well let me show you,” said Carolyn excitedly as it was her turn to shine. She told Chris to lie down on the floor. He laid down as his erection poked out of his pants. Carolyn straddled his body standing over his stomach.

“First, as I said, begin with the heel,” said Carolyn as she placed it on his stomach firmly and pushed down. Chris moaned slightly. “Make sure you keep eye contact so he can see that you mean business while you move your shoe seductively,” said Carolyn as her deadly heels moved slowly down his crotch, coming to rest on his erection. “Then you press down firmly like this,” said Carolyn as she maintained eye contact as her heel dug into his balls causing Chris to moan slightly as Jennifer and Erin watched curiously. “If you feel him start getting harder, give him a few firm shots to get his mind off that.” Carolyn lifted her heel up and slammed it down into his crotch. Chris yelped in pain as Jennifer and Erin covered their mouths in shock. Before Chris could move his body, Carolyn’s heel was resting again on his crotch and she started to stroke his crotch gently with her shoe.

“Didn’t that hurt Chris?” asked Erin in shock.

Chris muttered a brief yes as Carolyn dragged her heel slowly over his erection. “See, he doesn’t hurt anymore but he knows I can hurt him badly if I wanted to,” said Carolyn as she continued to work on him. “Although I have a feeling if I kept doing this he would be creaming his pants in no time,” said Carolyn as she pressed her shoe into his crotch softly. “Right Chris?” asked Carolyn.

“Yes,” said Chris softly as his erection pulsated.

Carolyn laughed and removed her foot. Chris took a deep breath as he was close to blowing his load. Carolyn walked over to his face and pushed her heel into his cheek. She pushed down. “You wouldn’t dare cum in your pants that soon would you?” asked Carolyn as her heel was digging into his cheek. Chris tried to speak but her heel was really digging in.

“Carolyn, I think you’re hurting him,” said Jennifer concerned a bit.

“It’s okay; I’m taking his mind off his erection.” Carolyn released her heel as the imprint was visible on his cheek. She placed the flat part of her shoe on his throat and pressed down causing Chris discomfort. “See for yourself,” she said. Erin kneeled down and felt his erection. It was still strong, but not pulsating like it was a few moments prior. “Now you can do other things, like let him eat you out, but that’s not it for him right now is it?” said Carolyn as she gave Chris a peek up her skirt teasingly.

“I hope not,” laughed Erin. Jennifer shook her head in disbelief at Carolyn’s bluntness.

“Your turn Jennifer,” said Carolyn.

“What?” said Jennifer.

“How are you supposed to learn without practice?” laughed Carolyn.

“Very true,” said Jennifer. Chris couldn’t offer any objection as he was getting a long peak at Carolyn’s legs.

Carolyn took a seat on the chair, crossing her legs over Chris’ face tapping her heels against his cheek. “Be assertive,” advised Carolyn. “Spread your legs Chris,” instructed Carolyn as she poked his face with her heel.

Chris complied and Jennifer stepped between his legs. She ran her boot up his inner thigh and over his crotch. She took note about how his body twitched and when she saw his erection grow when she gently brushed his penis with her boot. Carolyn meanwhile had put her heel inside Chris’s mouth and told him to suck on it. Chris quickly realized how much of a dominant she really was. Erin stood by intently watching Carolyn and Jennifer work on Chris.

“Ok, now let him have it,” said Carolyn as she shoved her heel further down his throat. Jennifer stared down at his crotch and took a deep breath. She lifted up her boot and slammed her heel firmly into his groin. Chris tried to scream but Carolyn’s heel was in his mouth. His legs shook a bit as her blow was dead on.

“Now arouse him again,” instructed Carolyn. Jennifer moved her foot slowly over his crotch and after a few moments his erection was getting harder again.

“I can’t believe this shit,” said Erin. Carolyn finally removed her heel from his mouth and slipped off her shoe. She then rubbed her stockinged foot over his face as she felt a wetness under her skirt. Jennifer continued to torture Chris with her heel.

“Ok, I need to see this for myself,” said Erin as she playfully pushed Jennifer aside. Carolyn laughed as she moved both of her stockinged feet back and forth across his face enjoying that she was sharing her dominant side with her friends. Jennifer stood next to Carolyn, excited about her new-found method to spice up her relationship. Erin stood there laughing as she poked at his crotch with her brown heel. She lifted it up and slammed it down hard into his balls. She didn’t stop at one though as she stomped on him three, four and five times.

Chris tried to sit up but Carolyn pushed his head down with her feet. Carolyn stood up angrily. “How dare you try to move,” she said sternly as she pressed down hard on his face with her foot.

Erin, take off his pants,” demanded Carolyn.

“Do what?” said Erin.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself,” said Carolyn as she walked over to Chris with her one heel still on her foot. She undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled them down around his ankles leaving him in his boxer briefs.

“Easy Carolyn,” laughed Jennifer as she tried stepping on his face with her boot.

“Well, you need to put him in his place so he won’t disobey you!” yelled Carolyn as she knelt down in-between his legs. She slipped her shoe off and clutched it in her hand. She then suddenly slammed the heel into his crotch causing Chris to scream in pain. Jennifer moved her boot over his mouth to muffle his scream. Carolyn pounded his crotch again and again with her heel as Chris’ body buckled in pain. After the tenth hit she stopped. Tears were welling in his eyes. Jennifer and Erin looked on in disbelief.

“Carolyn, I can’t do that,” said Jennifer worried that she had caused major damage to Chris. Carolyn realized she went a little hard on Chris. She apologized to him and said she would make it feel all better. She slid to his side and slowly rubbed her legs against his crotch. Back and forth went her stockinged legs as Chris slowly started getting more aroused.

“Does that feel better Chris,” pouted Carolyn seductively as she moved her feet and legs over his boxers fueling his erection.

“Again... unbelievable,” said Erin in disbelief.

“How is it still working?” asked Jennifer.

“Balls are more resilient than you think they are,” said Carolyn. “They can take enormous abuse done properly.” Carolyn lifted his boxers with her foot, springing his erection. She leaned over and pulled down his boxers around his ankles. His balls were slightly red and some cuts were visible from the heels attacking him. The girls came over for a closer look. Carolyn pointed out some noticeable things to the girls as they were shocked by not only what was happening but by how large Chris’ erection was.

Carolyn tapped his penis with her foot. “Someone’s ready to burst, huh?” she laughed as she slowly slid her foot against his shaft. Erin and Jennifer were shocked by her forwardness. Erin kicked at his penis with her boot as it moved a few inches and sprung back.

Erin laughed. “Jesus, he’s rock hard,” Erin exclaimed as she kicked a little harder causing Chris to moan. Carolyn placed her feet around the base of his erection so it wouldn’t move as much as Erin kicked away. Her rounded toed boot was digging into his skin causing Chris considerable pain.

Jennifer felt left out of the action so she started pressing her heel into his balls. “Here you can kick,” said Erin as she moved aside. Jennifer stepped back and started kicking his erection with her pointy boot. She laughed as Chris’ penis seemed to be getting even harder. Carolyn removed her feet from his shaft and let Jennifer have her fun. After a few more kicks from Jennifer’s pointy toe more of his skin was started to break out in redness. Carolyn said it was time to stop. She removed his shoes and pants and told Chris to stand up. He struggled to his feet as his erection pointed straight forward.

“I think he’s aroused enough, time to cause a little more punishment before I lose my buzz,” laughed Carolyn.

“What do you have in mind,” asked Erin.

“Everyone take off their shoes,” commanded Carolyn. Jennifer and Erin complied. Carolyn stood before him and laughed. Suddenly she blasted her foot into his balls causing Chris to fall to his knees in pain.

“Oh my god Carolyn,” yelled Jennifer. “You’re gonna break them,” she said concerned.

“Chris is fine,” said Carolyn confidently. “Get up Chris,” commanded Carolyn. Chris rose to his feet wearily. “Spread your legs and take your punishment and maybe I’ll reward you for it,” whispered Carolyn in his ear as she grabbed his erection to get it growing again. After a few moments of stroking his erection she suddenly kneed him in the balls hard. Chris’ knees started to give but she yanked him up by his throat. She kneed him again and a second time and then grabbed his balls. He was still defenseless with his hands bound behind his back. Jennifer and Erin stared in complete shock. They couldn’t believe the abuse she was giving him.

“Good boy,” whispered Carolyn.

“Ok your turn,” Carolyn said to her captive audience. Jennifer and Erin looked at each other afraid to go first.

“Jennifer, go kick him,” laughed Carolyn. Jennifer shrugged her shoulders and stood before Chris. She stepped forward and gave him a weak kick in the balls.

“No, no... kick him. Don’t be afraid, he can take it,” said Carolyn assuringly. Jennifer looked at Chris and said she was sorry. She stepped back, measured him up and delivered a hard and accurate kick to his unprotected balls, causing Chris’ knees to buckle slightly. She giggled as she hadn’t kicked a guy in the balls in years. She kicked him again as the sound of the top of her foot smacking against his balls resonated through the room. She delivered another solid kick and then stepped forward and delivered a hard uppercut to his balls with her right fist, dropping Chris instantly into the fetal position.

“Wow, that’s quite a punch,” said Carolyn impressed at the job Jennifer did.

Erin laughed as she said once again, “My turn, my turn.” Chris’ eyes were tearing as the pain was becoming unbearable. What was once a fantasy was becoming a nightmare for Chris. Jennifer stood over Chris and counted to ten. Chris didn’t get up and she pronounced herself the champion, jumping up and down in victory. The girls laughed as Chris was dying to clutch his balls but was still bound. Erin walked over to Chris and rolled him on his back. His erection had subsided considerably. Erin spread his legs and stood over him. She raised her white stockinged foot in the air and stomped down hard on his balls, causing Chris to sit up in pain. Carolyn ran over and sat on Chris’ chest so he couldn’t move. Jennifer walked over and held his ankles in place as Erin stood between his legs.

“This is fun,” said Erin as she measured him up by placing her foot on his crotch. She pushed down softly, raised her foot up and stomped on him repeatedly. After five stomps she rested her foot on his crotch. Chris’ balls were swollen like grapefruits and his body shook.

“I think we did a number on him girls,” laughed Carolyn as she slowly slid down his chest over his face. She hiked up her skirt and straddled his face, her stockinged crotch completely moist. Erin knelt down to examine the damage she helped cause. Jennifer slid closer between his legs. They took his balls in their hands feeling how the skin was smooth around his swollen balls but full of abrasions from their shoes and stockings.

Carolyn meanwhile was close to orgasm as she dug her crotch into his face wildly, nearly breaking his nose. Jennifer and Erin couldn’t believe she was actually doing that. They looked at each other and laughed as Carolyn moaned in pleasure. They decided to help their friend out and cause Chris to scream by alternating punches to his balls. Chris yelled at each punch as Erin and Jennifer pounded his balls. The vibration of Chris’ screams worked wonders on Carolyn’s crotch as she moaned wildly. Their punches got harder and harder as Chris screamed louder and louder. Jennifer started slapping his balls with her open hand so hard the echo bounced off the walls repeatedly. Chris’ body bucked as Carolyn finished her orgasm. She sat there dazed as her hair was fallen around her face after falling out of her ponytail.

The girls ceased their punching and Carolyn stood up, her legs wobbly. The girls looked at her stunned but definitely jealous. Erin looked at Jennifer and Jennifer nodded her head. Erin unzipped her skirt and went over to straddle Chris’ face. Carolyn meanwhile took off her soaked stockings. She was gonna hold her end of the bargain with Chris. She instructed Jennifer to get Chris aroused again.

“Can he still get hard, look at his balls?” she asked.

“Yeah, definitely,” said Carolyn as she sat next to his crotch. Jennifer sat between his legs and placed her feet on his crotch stroking it slowly. Within a few seconds, Chris started to stiffen as Erin felt his moans on her crotch. She nestled in so his lips were touching her lips through her stockings.

“See, it takes a little gentle touch,” said Carolyn as she moved her bare feet over his stomach and inner thighs, helping along the erection. Within a few minutes, Chris was full mast again. Jennifer smiled in delight and relief they hadn’t caused permanent damage.

Carolyn smiled and put her stockings over his erection, encasing his penis. She stroked him up and down. “So he doesn’t ruin the floor,” explained Carolyn as Jennifer nodded her head. Erin meanwhile was close to orgasm but Carolyn wanted to help repay the favor. She went over and put her heels back on. Jennifer meanwhile worked on his balls with her feet, massaging them softly. Carolyn stood next to Chris and pushed his erection towards his stomach with her heeled foot. Chris moaned loudly into Erin’s crotch as Carolyn pushed harder. Jennifer meanwhile continued to stroke his balls softly.

“Pound his balls Jennifer,” said Carolyn confidently.

“What? No way, I’ll break them,” said Jennifer disagreeing with Carolyn.

“Trust me on this one,” said Carolyn. Jennifer shrugged and started pounding his balls with her feet. Chris moaned loudly as a combination of pleasure and pain filled his body. Erin shivered in pleasure as she was reaping the benefits of his moans. Carolyn used her heel to step on the underneath portion of his shaft, cutting off his ability to cum for now. Chris’ legs and body shook violently as he was desperate to cum. Jennifer continued to slap away at his swollen balls while Carolyn teased him mercilessly with her heels. Finally Carolyn moved her heel and bent down and grabbed his shaft. Within seconds Chris was squirting cum into her stockings encased over his penis. Jennifer kept pounding and Carolyn kept stroking until every drop was out. He convulsed at least nine or ten squirts as Erin had finally come to orgasm and sat on his face soaked in sweat. After finishing Chris off the girls cleaned themselves off.

“So, um, I hope we learned something today,” laughed Carolyn.

“Definitely, thanks Carolyn,” said Jennifer as she was eager to practice her new moves on her husband.

Carolyn leaned down to Chris’ face and whispered “Let’s do this again sometime,” as she kissed him on the cheek. She left her cum filled stockings on his chest as a reminder. “You can keep that as a souvenir,” laughed Carolyn as the Erin and Jennifer put on their shoes. The two of them went off to the bathroom to wash up.

Carolyn stood over a completely still Chris who was still on his back with his hands tied. “Oh I forgot to untie you...silly me,” laughed Carolyn. She stood between his legs and tapped his balls with her shoe and smiled at the damage they caused. His erection had subsided a bit. She laughed and went to untie his hands. She helped him to his feet and gave him a hug. She spun away from him and looked over her shoulder. Suddenly she slammed her heel into his crotch with a vicious back kick. Chris screamed loudly and fell to the fall in pain clutching his balls at the unexpected blow. He was sobbing he was in so much pain.

She bent down again and said in her sweetest voice “Sorry, I always get the last shot.” See you tomorrow,” said Carolyn as she left the room and closed the door.

Part 2

“I think I left my bag in the conference room,” said a voice down the hallway. Chris didn’t know if he was hearing things or not after Carolyn’s vicious back kick had floored him minutes earlier. He sat up and saw blood trickling from his balls from where her heel had made contact with his skin. The pain was starting to set in as his buzz was subsiding. He struggled to get to his feet but his body was ridden with pain after the beating he took at the hands of Carolyn, Erin and Jennifer. He could hear the sound of heels clacking against the floor. He looked around and his pants were on one side of the room, his shirt on another. The cum-ridden pantyhose were on the floor, next to his shoes and socks. He heard giggling but still had a ringing in his head. He assumed either one of the girls had forgotten something. The conference room door swung open as Chris was able to get his pants on.

“Wha….what the hell are you doing!!” yelled a shocked and surprised Mary. Mary was a sales executive in the office. She was 27 years old, recently married and one of the rising sales stars of the company. She was tall and athletic, with long blond hair to her shoulders. She was about 5’7,” but always wore two-three inch heels to make her more intimidating. Tonight she was wearing 3,” high black below the knee boots with a black short skirt, black tights and a long tan coat which gently revealed a white button down shirt with the first few buttons undone. Chris struggled to explain as Mary’s chin was dropped to the floor. She saw his shirt, shoes and socks and then got a glimpse of the-cum stained stockings.

“Oh my god!” said Mary in disgust, “who the hell were you in here with??” Chris wasn’t sure what to say. Did he speak the truth and risk getting killed by the girls? Did he make up a lie and say it was someone else? His mind raced for answers. Mary bent down and observed the stockings closer.

“Ugh, Chris, this is disgusting,” said Mary as she dropped the stockings on the floor in disgust.

Before Chris could start to explain another voice called out “Mary, are you ok?” Chris knew instantly from the voice it was Suzanne, the sales manager of the office. Suzanne was a party girl in the past, but since recently being married she probably be absolutely disgusted by what she saw. Sure enough her reaction was the same.

“Chris, what the f*ck are you doing???”

“Apparently it should be WHO was he doing,” quipped Mary. Suzanne didn’t laugh as she was definitely pissed off. She was an intimidating business woman. Newly turned 40, you would never know it since she was an avid exerciser and had a great body for her age. She always dressed younger too, wearing skirts, tight fitting tops and designer heels. Tonight was no different as she wore 3,” black stiletto pumps with a black pants suit and a white button down shirt under her blazer. She had her long blond hair in a ponytail which made her look young and innocent but definitely sexy and intimidating.

Chris had fear written all over his face as she knew that Suzanne had huge authority over him in the office and worst of all would tattle in less than a second. It appeared that both women had been drinking after their big client meeting and dinner. Suzanne walked over to the stockings and looked at Chris in disgust.

“It’s not what you think it is,” said Chris apologetically.

“The hell it’s not,” said Suzanne as she examined the evidence. She walked the pantyhose over to Chris. She definitely was more brazen than Mary. She shoved the pantyhose in his face. “That IS what I think it is!” said Suzanne sternly. Anger filled her veins as Chris took a step backwards. Suddenly Suzanne grabbed Chris’ balls firmly and squeezed. Chris let out a yell as Suzanne twisted his balls, never breaking eye-contact off his face. Chris’ knees buckled instantly but Suzanne kept a firm grip. Mary chuckled in the background. Suzanne felt his balls were unusually large and couldn’t quite get a complete grip around them. She brought her other hand to his crotch and squeezed tightly with both hands. She felt for his balls but they were hard to find. She became curious.

“What’s with your balls?” asked Suzanne sternly as she kept a firm grab with both hands on him.

“They… they’re swollen,” said Chris faintly. Suzanne squeezed harder causing Chris to yell.

Mary stepped closer. “Why are they swollen Chris?” asked Mary curiously.

“Eh… ahh,” stammered Chris in pain... It’s... it’s hard to explain,” said Chris as Suzanne’s grip was becoming unbearable. Suzanne released his balls. She undid his pants as Chris hoped that if she saw how badly he was already damaged she would spare him further physical harm.

“Holy shit!” said Mary in shock.

Suzanne’s eyes widened as she observed his badly damaged balls. “What the hell did you do, screw the table?” asked Suzanne as she couldn’t believe her eyes. She lifted his balls up with her hand. She bent down for a closer look and saw the cuts and bruises. “Were these...cuts caused by heels??” asked Suzanne observantly noticing the small red marks all over his balls.

Mary took a closer look. “Look how swollen they are,” said Mary as she cautiously touched them. Chris was beet red in embarrassment.

“Well?” asked Suzanne.

Chris knew he needed to answer her for his own good. “Yes,” said Chris quietly.

Suzanne stood up. “Are you gonna tell me by who?” asked Suzanne as she stared at him intently. Chris took a big gulp. Mary continued to feel his balls, disbelieving the damage. Chris started to get hard at her soft touch. Mary took notice and slowly started to stroke his erection while Suzanne waited for an answer. Suzanne didn’t see what she was doing.

“Tell me now,” demanded Suzanne as she leaned in closer to Chris awaiting an answer.

“Eww, Chris is getting hard,” said Mary suddenly in disgust as she released his erection and backed away from him quickly.

Suzanne looked down. “You mother f*cker, you’re getting hard just thinking about it aren’t you?” said Suzanne as she slapped him hard across the face. Mary laughed as she knew Suzanne was gonna lay into him at her doing. Suzanne grabbed his arms and quickly kneed him in the balls. She kept him standing and delivered two more lightning quick knees sending Chris slumping to the floor at her feet.

“Close the door Mary,” demanded Suzanne. Mary happily obliged.

Suzanne got the cum-filled stockings and placed them on Chris’ face. She grinded her foot into his face rubbing the stained stockings against him. “Open your mouth,” demanded Suzanne as she forced the stockings into his mouth with her heel. Chris could barely make a sound as the pain was shooting through his balls from her sharp knees. “Keep them there; I don’t want to hear a word out of you,” stated Suzanne as she kicked him in the ribs and pushed him on his back. She stood to his side and placed her heel on his chest and looked down at him. She slid her shoe down his stomach and over his inner thighs. Her shoe slightly brushed by his balls and penis causing his body to quiver.

Mary stood next to Suzanne observing her boss in action. Suzanne teased his balls and penis with her shoe causing him to become erect again. Suzanne laughed cruelly as she knew what he didn’t know, that she was about to cause Chris incredibly more pain. She lifted her sharp stiletto heel up as Chris’ body tensed. She looked him in the eye and brought her foot down as Chris instinctively closed his legs. Suzanne stopped her foot just inches from his crotch.

She batted her eyes at him. “Chris, like I would do anymore damage to you,” said Suzanne softly as she rubbed his crotch softly again with her shoe. Chris took a deep breath and his body eased as the stockings were still in his mouth. “Besides I would kill you with these heels,” said Suzanne as she ran her heel against his growing erection. Suzanne laughed cruelly again as she tapped his now stiff penis with her shoe. “Do you like that Chris?” asked Suzanne seductively as she tapped his shaft a little harder with the side of her shoe causing his penis to stiffen even harder.

“I think he does!” added Mary excitedly as Chris’ erection continued to grow with Suzanne’s gentle tapping. Suzanne pressed his penis down against his stomach with her shoe as Chris moaned quietly. She ran her foot back and forth across his erection causing more moans from Chris. Suddenly Suzanne stood on his body, one heel on his chest the other still planted on his erection. Her sharp heel dug into his chest as Chris moaned in pain.

“If I fall, you’ll lose your balls,” laughed Suzanne sternly as she placed more pressure on his penis. Suddenly without warning Mary kicked him squarely in the balls with the toe of her boot. Chris’ body buckled at the unexpected shot and Suzanne lost her balance and fell off him. Mary laughed cruelly as Suzanne kicked her heel sharply in his ribs causing Chris to scream in pain. She kicked him once more in the side, hurting her foot on the blow. She was furious now as she rubbed her foot. Mary kicked Chris in his thigh with her boot causing him to yell again as the stockings fell out of his mouth.

“Tsk, tsk,” said Suzanne as she removed her heels and kneeled down next to Chris. Mary rolled him on his back and held his legs apart. She was proving to be quite the accomplice for Suzanne. Suzanne lifted her arm and smashed her heel against his balls causing Chris’ legs to buckle and him to scream loudly. She pounded her sharp heel into his balls repeatedly as Mary kneeled on both his legs so he couldn’t escape her assault. Tears and pleas of mercy were going unanswered as Suzanne was bludgeoning his balls with her sharp heels. Blood was trickling from his balls in several spots. After a few more shots Suzanne stopped. She wiped her heels against his legs leaving traces of blood on his body.

“Holy shit Suzanne,” gasped Mary. “You almost killed him.” Chris was crying in pain as he felt the sting of her sharp heels throughout his battered and bloody balls.

Suzanne stood up as sweat was beading on her brow. She stood over Chris and placed her stockinged foot on his face. “Kiss my foot,” said Suzanne as she smothered his lips with her shapely size 7 foot. Mary stood up and couldn’t resist taking a shot at him. She stomped her heel into his balls hard causing Chris’ body to shake violently. Suzanne kept his head down forcefully with her foot as Mary laughed.

“Watch him jump Sue,” laughed Mary happily as she kicked his balls with her boot. Chris’ body bucked again in pain. She took one last kick and Chris tried to yell but Suzanne muffled his scream with her foot.

“If you say a word, we’ll finish your balls for good,” said Suzanne as Mary grinded her boot into his balls for emphasis. “Understand?” asked Suzanne as she pushed his head into the floor with her foot. Mary twisted her heel into his balls as Chris struggled to scream out. He finally was able to turn his body enough so Mary couldn’t grind her heel in any longer.

Mary laughed in amusement as Suzanne removed her foot from his face. “I don’t think he understands,” laughed Mary. She had such an evil, sinister laugh it was hard to tell if she was serious or simply enjoying her power over Chris right now. Plus with her boss doing the same thing, she wouldn’t get in trouble for her actions.

“Stand up Chris,” said Suzanne, “and put your underwear on, I’m sick of looking at your bloody balls.” Chris struggled to his feet and slipped his boxer briefs over his slowly subsiding erection. Suzanne walked behind Chris and held his arms behind his back. “Spread your legs,” said Suzanne as she kicked them apart with her foot. “Ok, Mary,” said Suzanne, “pretend you caught Chris looking up your skirt, what would you do to him?”

Mary laughed. She paused for a second and smiled at Chris. She unbuttoned another button on her shirt teasingly as Chris stared helplessly. She lifted her skirt slowly giving Chris a peak at her strong thigh muscles encased in stockings. Suddenly she jolted her right foot into his balls with the toe of her boot. Chris screamed in pain and his knees buckled but Suzanne held him up. She had nailed him in the right testicle, setting it ablaze in pain like it was on fire. Chris panted loudly trying to relieve some pain.

“Nice shot Mary,” said Suzanne proudly.

“Thanks, I had good motivation!” replied Mary happily.

Suzanne reached between his legs. “Oh stop your crying, they’re still there,” said Suzanne mockingly as she grabbed his balls. She gave them a good squeeze making Chris’ knees buckle more.

“Another kick Mary?” asked Suzanne cheeringly.

“Sure!” said Mary as Suzanne moved her hand. In an instant Mary kicked his balls with the top of her boot, the sound of her boot slapping against his balls was almost more violent than the blow itself. Chris went to scream but the words couldn’t come out.

“Must not have hurt, lets try again,” said Mary as she stepped back and took a running start at him delivering a vicious blow to his balls with the top of her boot. Chris barely felt any pain since his balls were already desensitized by the major damaged he received this evening. Nonetheless the sound of the impact was enough to make Chris crumble to the floor as Suzanne released her hold on him. He curled in the fetal position clutching at his balls. Mary stood over him and poked at his body with her heel.

“Think he’s done?” mocked Mary.

Suzanne bent down and reached between his legs. She yanked on his balls as Chris’ screamed. “Hmm... almost,” said Suzanne as her fingers curled in her hand bringing more tears to well in Chris’ eyes.

“Look, he’s crying,” laughed Mary as she wiped her boot against his face as Suzanne tightened her grip. Suzanne laughed as Mary bent down to take a closer look. “Should we leave him alone for the night?” asked Mary. “After all we don’t want to break him right away, he could be a good stress reliever!” added Mary.

“Great idea,” said Suzanne as she released his balls. “No wonder why you’re going places in this company!” laughed Suzanne. She stood up and retrieved her heels, while Mary went to get her coat. Suddenly she saw the pair of cum-stained stockings.

“What do we do with these?” asked Mary as she carefully picked them up with her fingers.

Suzanne thought for a second. “Chris would you care to reveal who these belong to?” said Suzanne as she took the stockings from Mary and waved them in front of his face. Chris wasn’t sure what to say that would avoid causing him a further beating at this point. Suzanne stepped closer to him and whispered in his ear. “If you’ll be a good boy and tell me, I’ll let you cover these with cum a little more,” said Suzanne as she ran the stockings against his face. Chris was silent and paralyzed with fear.

“Hmm, Chris,” said Suzanne as she ran her hand down his chest and stomach and over to his crotch. She ran her knee slowly up his leg meeting her hand at his balls. She massaged his balls gently with her knee. “Maybe I’ll show you the nice fishnets I have under my pants, would you like that,” said Suzanne seductively. Chris couldn’t tell if this was just a ploy by Suzanne. While his mind tried to fish for answers for his dilemma his penis was definitely responding to her touch. Suzanne slipped off his boxers and gripped his growing erection. She placed the stockings around his penis and started to slowly stroke him. Chris bit his lip in pleasure as Suzanne was manipulating his manhood masterfully. She nearly had him fully erect in a matter of seconds.

“Mary, take over for a second,” said Suzanne. Mary was not as brazen as her boss but complied anyway. She stood before him as his penis stood at full mast. She playfully kneed at his penis as she was too uncomfortable stroking him. She kneed him in the balls medium strength but the blow was enough to send Chris to the floor again.

“Mary!” yelled Suzanne.

“Sorry,” apologized Mary as Chris clutched at his balls yet again. Suzanne meanwhile undid her pants and pushed them down to the floor revealing her strong legs and fishnet pantyhose. She removed her pants and walked over to Chris. She placed her fishnet stockinged foot on his face and ran it against him softly.

“Get him hard again,” yelled Suzanne to Mary as she was mad about her felling Chris so fast. Mary resisted at first but then obliged. She rolled Chris on his back and sat to his side. She ran her boot against his balls slowly, until his penis started to grow again. She ran her boot against his shaft as it grew instantly against the touch of the stockings that were encasing his erection.

“That was quick!” said Suzanne happily. Mary blushed as she couldn’t believe how he was still able to get hard. She worked on him for another minute until Suzanne was ready to take over.

“Ok Chris,” said Suzanne as she ran her foot down his chest. “I’ll make you cum,” said Suzanne as she pushed her foot against his penis pushing it towards the floor. Chris moaned in pain as she pushed down harder on him. “If you tell me whose stockings these are,” said Suzanne as she pushed harder making Chris sit up and grab at her legs. She flexed her calf muscles as she twisted her foot on his penis. She released a little pressure as Mary pushed Chris’ body back down. Suzanne ran her foot back and forth against his penis firmly as Chris moaned this time in pleasure seeking a release. Mary playfully ran her boot against his face as Suzanne expertly manipulated his cock with her stockinged foot. Chris was close to cumming so Suzanne released her foot. She kicked him in the balls as Chris’ body shook. Precum worked its way out of his erection.

“Tell me,” said Suzanne sternly as she kicked him again in the balls hard causing Chris to scream in pain. Mary placed her boot over his mouth to muzzle his cries. Suzanne bent down and started stroking his erection back to full strength. She ran her fingers around the head of his penis and jerked up and down quickly. Mary removed her boot from his mouth so he could speak. “Tell me, and I’ll let you cum,” said Suzanne as she grabbed his battered balls in her hands and squeezed. She jerked faster and faster as Chris’ body quaked in pleasure. She stopped instantly as she felt Chris’ penis starting to pulsate. “A deal’s a deal,” said Suzanne as she ran her fingers around his shaft.

“It was Carolyn,” blurted Chris as he desperately needed a release.

Suzanne smiled as Mary sighed in disbelief. “I knew I liked that girl,” said Suzanne as she stood up. She playfully kicked his penis and his balls repeatedly as Chris’ body tensed in pleasure. She pushed his erection down towards his stomach and ran her foot back and forth quickly. Within seconds Chris’ body jerked, his legs tightened and he finally achieved release. Suzanne kept her foot moving as squirt after squirt of cum filled the pantyhose. After she was sure he was done she moved her foot back, lifted it up and stomped on his balls as hard as she could, causing Chris to scream in pain.

“That was mean,” laughed Mary. Suzanne shrugged her shoulders and went to put her pants back on. They put on their coats and grabbed their bags as Chris lay there helplessly on the floor, drained of all energy to move.

“See you in the morning Chris,” said Suzanne laughingly. “Oh and make sure you ice your balls tonight, you’ll be getting more abuse tomorrow,” said Suzanne as she walked out the door. Mary walked over to him and laughed. She drew her foot back and kicked him right in his still erect penis with the toe of her boot sending a huge wail from Chris as his body shook violently.

“MARY!” said Suzanne hearing Chris’ scream down the hallway.

“Sorry,” said Mary sheepishly as she laughed and skipped out of the room happily.

“Oh and one thing Chris,” said Mary mockingly leaning back into the room. “The cleanup crew comes in five minutes, you better get yourself together,” laughed Mary as she walked down the hallway with an evil smirk across her face.

Part 3: The Beatdown Continues

Chris gathered himself in his cubicle. He had a rough day getting his balls pulverized by the females in his office and the pain was slowly setting in as his buzz was completely gone. He needed to go home and ice himself for a long time. He gathered himself just in time as the cleaning crew had made its way to the conference room, just like Mary said they would. He hated when she was right.

Chris took the subway home, trying not to noticeably limp. He struggled to hide the pain, but eventually made his way to his apartment he shared with his girlfriend. It was a forth floor walkup so it definitely hurt him to get up the stairs. He opened the front door and took a deep breath. No more attacks tonight, he sighed to himself, although tomorrow he’d be back at work. He thought about calling in sick, but he had a big meeting with a few clients from out of town he couldn’t cancel. He took off his clothes and changed into mesh shorts and a white t-shirt. He had no appetite as his stomach was churning from the abuse he took to his nuts but he found the energy to crack open a cold one. Luckily his girlfriend was out for the evening with some co-workers so he had some down time to himself for a while.

He looked down at his groin and saw it all swollen and bruised. Cuts were visible on his balls and penis. He sat on the couch and turned on the Knicks game. He put the ice pack on his aching groin and took a sigh of relief. No sooner did he get a chance to settle and relax when he heard girls’ voices coming from the hallway. From the sound of it the girls were drunk. He heard the clack of heels get louder and louder. He prayed it wasn’t his girlfriend. Suddenly the heels stopped before his door. He paused for a second, listening for a key. He heard some giggling.

“They’re a couple, they may have some,” he thought he heard through the hallway. There were quite a few apartments on his floor so he wasn’t sure which of the neighbors it could have been. Plus a lot of new people had moved into the building recently.

Three knocks at the door followed by a bell ring. Chris sighed and put his ice pack aside. He limped slowly to the front door and peeled it open slightly. “Hi,” said Chris half-excitedly.

“HI!” screamed one of the girls loudly causing Chris’ eardrums to ring. He heard loud music from down the hall. He assumed these girls were living there since they were talking like they couldn’t hear anything.

“Do, you have,” said one girl.

“We’re looking for… um,” said the first girl.

“Can we come in for a second??” said the second girl quietly obviously really drunk. Chris nodded his head with a smirk on his face and begrudgingly let them in. Both girls were young, in their early 20s. They were both very attractive and were either getting ready to go out for the night or had just come in and were still partying. They both wore low cut tops, silky lingerie type numbers that revealed shapely breasts. Chris was trying not to stare having had his fill of the wrath of the opposite sex tonight.

“Hi I’m Stacey,” said the shoulder length, blond haired girl with the green silky top. She was about 5’8,” tall, but she was wearing 3 inch heels which made her almost as tall as Chris. She had on tight blue jeans and green closed toe stiletto pumps.

“Hi Stacey, I’m Chris.”

“And I’m Kelly,” said the perky brunette with her hair pinned up. She was shorter, about 5’4,” and had on the red silky top, designed slightly different than Stacey’s. She wore a black skirt with black fishnet stockings and black 3 inch high below the knee boots.

“Hi Kelly, nice to meet you both. Well what can I help you ladies with,” said Chris as he leaned against his wall.

The girls looked around the apartment in curiosity. Stacey spoke up first, “Well this is kind of embarrassing, but um.”

Kelly jumped in. “Well one of our friends is hooking up in our apartment right now and the guy she met doesn’t have, um, you know,” said Kelly as she blushed slightly. Stacey giggled.

Chris nodded his head yes and smiled. “Um, yeah I know. Let me see if we have any, you can sit down for a second, make yourself comfortable,” said Chris as he went into his bedroom to search for condoms. He barely used them with his girlfriend but he was gonna check anyway. He dug through a drawer while the girls sat on the couch.

“Ha, found some,” said Chris. He went into the living room with the box of Trojans. “I’m not sure how old they are,” said Chris, “but here you go.”

“HA, perfect! Thank you,” said Kelly cheerfully.

“What’s the ice pack for?” asked Stacey.

“I got hurt playing basketball, pulled a hammy,” said Chris as straight-faced as possible.

“Aww, I’m sorry sweetie,” said Stacey. “Want me to take a look, I’m a practicing nurse?” asked Stacey.

“Naa, it’s ok,” said Chris, “I got my ice pack and a beer,” he laughed. The girls chuckled.

“Well you know you should have someone massage it, get the kinks out,” said Stacey. “Come sit down and I’ll help you.”

Chris started to get nervous. “No worries, you should go attend to your friend in need,” said Chris as he walked towards the door in an effort to get them out.

“I’ll bring them the condoms! Be right back!” said Kelly as she grabbed the condoms from Chris and walked out the door.

“But wait,” said Chris in a futile effort. He turned and looked at Stacey who was motioning for him to sit on the couch. Chris prayed that his girlfriend wouldn’t be home anytime soon.

Chris walked over to the couch and sat down. “Which hamstring?” said Stacey seriously.

“The right one,” said Chris quickly in hopes she’d just rub his leg and leave. Stacey sat up and pulled his mesh shorts back slightly as she slowly kneaded his inner hamstring. Chris stared ahead and tried not to let her soft touch stimulate him.

She inched her hands closer up his shorts as Chris took a deep breath. “Everything ok?” asked Stacey concerned.

“Yea, it’s helping thanks,” said Chris as he tried to think of anything but her hands. Sports, food, anything.

Kelly meanwhile came back into the apartment blushing. “Well looks like they’re gonna be tied up for a while, no pun intended,” she laughed. “You mind if we hang with you for a little bit?” asked Kelly.

“Um, well…”

“Oh please,” said Kelly as she sat on the other side of Chris.

“Ok, fine, but my girlfriend will be home a little later so I don’t want her to kill me when she finds two strange girls in our apartment!” said Chris.

“Ha, no problem, I know the drill,” said Kelly. “If we get caught, we’ll pretend we were looking at apartments,” said Kelly assuringly.

“Sounds good to me,” said Stacey. Chris took a deep breath as he had to manage the situation as best a possible.

“So how’s Stacey’s magic touch?” asked Kelly as she stared at her hands massaging his leg.

“Working well, feels brand new already,” said Chris. “You can stop whenever,” continued Chris. Stacey inched her hands further up his thigh almost directly across his balls. He prayed she wouldn’t hit his swollen balls.

“Watching the Knicks huh?” said Kelly observantly as she crossed her legs. Her skirt rode up her thigh showing off her fishnet stockings.

“Yeah, they suck,” laughed Chris.

“Tell me about it,” said Kelly. “My father has season tickets.”

“Really?” said Chris suddenly interested a bit more in the perky brunette at his side. “Yeah, had them for years, seven rows back of the court. Most nights go unused, it’s a shame,” added Kelly as she screamed at the Knicks futility on the TV.

“Yeah, I hate the NBA now, so overpaid, no passion like the old days,” said Chris. Stacey felt like she was being completely left out of the conversation as she wasn’t a sports fan. Suddenly she inched her fingers closer to his balls.

“Hey there,” said Chris in shock.

“Oh, sorry,” giggled Stacey. “Sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own.”

“Yeah, especially with guys she’s never met,” added Kelly smartly.

“Whoa, what’s that supposed to mean??” retorted Stacey.

“Well, you’re a slut!” laughed Kelly. Obviously alcohol was helping to fuel this conversation.

“As if,” said Stacey as she reached over and snacked Kelly. Kelly grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. Stacey’s elbow landed on Chris’ balls. He clenched his teeth tightly, but didn’t want to scream as he didn’t want to draw attention. Kelly had Stacey pinned down on Chris as she pulled her arms forward even more. Stacey was practically lying on Chris’ lap as Kelly pulled her hair. Stacey was a little stronger and eventually pulled Kelly back across the couch and over Chris. Kelly’s legs brushed against his crotch as Stacey dragged her further along the couch. Kelly’s knee dragged across his lap and slowly her legs. Chris started to feel a tingle in his shorts as he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Kelly struggled to fight off Stacey as her legs went back and forth on his lap. Chris tried to slide over but that just caused her legs to rub against him more.

“Enough, enough,” said Kelly as Stacey was pulling her hair.

Stacey laughed, “I win again!” as both girls sat up and tried to fix themselves. “Sorry you had to see that Chris,” said Stacey blushing.

“It’s ok,” said Chris. “Fight often?”

“Yeah we do, it relieves stress!” laughed Kelly.

“Although Stacey has the height advantage, but I’m quicker!” said Kelly confidently. Chris laughed. “You should wrestle with us sometime, it’ll be fun!” perked Kelly.

Chris turned beet red. “No, it’s ok… besides you’d probably kick my ass in no time,” said Chris as he was concerned by how much the girls had to drink.

“Nah, we’re weaklings,” added Stacey. “Although you’re not afraid of getting beaten up by a girl are you?” asked Stacey coyly.

Chris laughed and shook his head. This had trouble written all over it. “Definitely not,” said Chris carefully, “but I’m injured already so I’ll have to take a rain check.”

“I thought you said that felt better,” asked Stacey. She was sharp and relentless.

“It is, but still, you have a weakness to exploit, that’s not fair,” said Chris.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, the hamstring is off limits,” said Stacey as she was itching to fight and let out more stress.

“Kelly, help me out here,” asked Chris.

“Ha, Stacey’s a fighter,” said Kelly sternly. “She is always itching for a fight.” Chris knew he was screwed especially since his girlfriend would be home soon and these girls weren’t leaving anytime in the near future with there friend busy in their apartment.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, two on one is really unfair,” said Chris.

“That’s ok, Kelly can be my manager just like the WWE,” said Stacey quickly.

Great, thought Chris to himself, a girl who loves wrestling. Thoughts of ECW with Beulah and Francine as valet crossed his mind. “Ha, managers interfere,” said Chris in return.

“True, but I am a girl, I should have some advantage,” said Stacey as she stood up and stood before him. Kelly cleared the coffee table out of the way as she wasn’t gonna let Chris back down now.

“So are you a chicken or are you gonna rassle with a little girl like me?” purred Stacey as she raised her foot and placed it on her thigh. Little she definitely wasn’t at 5’11” in heels.

“You’re wrestling in heels?” asked Chris, concerned.

“Of course, can’t hurt the toes,” said Stacey. “Besides I don’t kick that hard,” laughed Stacey and Kelly giggled too. Chris knew that was a lie as well.

“Well no low blows then!” said Chris.

“Ha, what’s wrestling without cheap shots?” said Stacey as she poked at his crotch with the heel of her stiletto shoe lightly. Chris eyed her long legs and knew he was in trouble, having suffered horrible damage early. But he was in a no back out situation. Stacey felt that he had nothing on beneath his mesh shorts and smirked. Chris saw her smirk and knew he was a dead man.

She poked her heel again into him as she laughed. “Oh yeah, loser owes the winner dinner,” said Stacey.

“A nice expensive dinner,” added Kelly.

“Agreed?” asked Stacey as she grinded her heel into his crotch softly.

“Yeah, sounds good,” said Chris as he was starting to get a little turned on by her probing.

“Any other bets Kell?” asked Stacey as she winked at her friend. Kelly threw her legs across his lap and placed her heel on his inner thigh. Her strong calves were accented by her stockings and boots.

“Hmm, I think I’d like a slave for the evening,” said Kelly as she ran her boot slowly across his thigh.

“Ooh, good one!” said Stacey happily as she put more pressure on his crotch with her shoe. Chris didn’t want to let on how much this hurt nor did he want them to see the damage already caused.

“Thanks!” said Kelly as she noticed Chris getting harder as she too probed her heel into his crotch.

“Ok, ok,” said Chris, “Slave and dinner, that’s good for the winner,” as he tried to get up off the couch.

Stacey pushed down hard with her heel as Chris yelled in pain. “Ok, agreed.” “Let’s start right NOW!” said Stacey as she drew her foot back quickly and planted her heel into his balls. Chris screamed out in pain as Kelly slammed the back of her heeled boot into his balls. Before he could cover up Stacey had landed a few more shots with her heels and Kelly had dug her heel into his thigh and balls hard drawing scratches on his skin. Chris’ balls were on fire as he finally was able to slump to the floor. Stacey stood before him with her feet in front of his face as Chris was on all fours.

“Oh come on Chris I barely touched you,” mocked Stacey. “I know you’re gonna be able to take more than that.” If Stacey only knew what he’d been through already today. “Come on, get up,” said Kelly as she helped him to his feet. Kelly grabbed his arms and put them behind his back. Stacey eyed his crotch and his somewhat erect penis beneath his mesh shorts. She stepped back and without her eyes leaving his balls unleashed a vicious kick with the toe of her shoe into his nuts sending Chris crumpling to his knees. Unfortunately Kelly still held his arms as she kneeled down with him.

Stacey took advantage and stepped back again. “I should’ve warned you, I’m a dancer,” said Stacey as she ran forward and absolutely unloaded on his balls with a vicious kick. Chris’ screams were only audible for animals it was that high-pitched.

“Oh my god, Stacey, I think you killed him!” said Kelly, concerned. Chris clutched at his balls in pain as Kelly let his arms go. Kelly reached between his legs and felt his balls. “Holy shit Stacey, they’re super swollen!!” said Kelly, concerned. “You might have broken a nut,” she laughed.

“Let me see, I’m the nurse,” said Stacey. She rolled him over and took down his shorts.

“Holy shit!” said Stacey as she saw his battered and bloody balls. “I can’t believe we just did that!!” said Stacey without a clue that he was damage goods before they unleashed on him. “Promise you won’t tell Chris?” pleaded Stacey.

“We’ll do anything,” said Kelly as she stroked his hair. Chris couldn’t even speak he was in so much pain.

“What should we do?” asked Kelly.

“Back on the couch,” said Stacey. The girls lifted Chris to his feet and put him on the couch. His eyes were welled with tears. Stacey got the ice pack and put it back between his legs under his shorts.

“Do you think they’re broken?” asked Kelly.

“Don’t know,” said Stacey, “there’s a lot of swelling.” She drew his shorts back down again and probed around with her fingers. She felt both his testicles enlarged but not popped.

“I think he’s gonna be okay, whew!” said Stacey.

“That’s a relief, said Kelly, although do you think he could ever get hard again, look at them!?” laughed Kelly in shock.

“Not sure,” said Stacey, “I haven’t seen balls battered this badly since I worked at the hospital and this guy had come in after getting his balls ruptured by a dominatrix,” continued Stacey.

“Really?” asked Kelly as she didn’t know guys would subject themselves to such punishment. “You know Billy liked to be smacked around but never did I cause damage to his balls,” added Kelly as she eyed his balls in shock. “In fact I’ve never kicked a guy in the balls real hard! Who knew that some actually like it!” laughed Kelly.

“Oh lots of guys like that, you should see how many patients come in with battered balls.”

“No shit,” said Kelly.

“Yeah, can’t say I haven’t caused a few myself,” said Stacey wickedly.

“You’ve what???” asked Kelly finding out new details about her roommate she hadn’t known.

“Yeah, ex boyfriends… kicked them about as hard as I kicked Chris!” laughed Stacey as she patted his balls lightly. Chris couldn’t believe the discussion they were having as he started to come to a bit more. Kelly hadn’t noticed but her hand was resting gently against his balls while she listened intently to Stacey’s stories.

“Yeah, didn’t break any of their balls, though, wish I did!” mulled Stacey. Kelly meanwhile had instinctively started running her fingers across his penis softly. “Actually if I saw him again I’d take my stilettos and bash his nuts in!” continued Stacey angrily.

“Whoa, I think you did enough damage for tonight,” laughed Kelly. With that she looked down at Chris and saw his penis responding to his touch.

“Well I guess that answers my question,” said Kelly. “Although I suppose I do owe you an apology,” said Kelly as she leaned in and kissed his earlobe while playing with his growing erection with her fingers. Stacey sat back and watched her roommate go to work. Kelly bit his ear lobe as Chris got harder.

“Sorry a couple of girls beat you up,” whispered Kelly as she nibbled on his ear. “Although, you know, I didn’t even get to do any real damage,” whispered Kelly as she continued to stroke his erection with her fingertips. Stacey looked on in amazement as he was getting incredibly hard. “You know I could do some life threatening damage with my boots don’t you, you only felt the back of my heel,” panted Kelly as she moved her knee up his leg and pushed it against his penis. Chris was frozen by her seduction and prayed the door wouldn’t open anytime soon cause then he’d really be dead.

“Do you like the feel of my fishnets against you?” continued Kelly as she slowly made her leg inch up his shaft. Kelly bit down on his ear hard as she drove her knee into his balls. Chris screamed out. “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot,” apologized Kelly as Chris took deep breaths to null the pain.

“Good job Kelly, way to add insult to injury,” said Stacey sarcastically.

“Well at least I know it works again. I saved you a lawsuit!” said Kelly smartly. Chris’ erection amazingly was still going despite the blow.

Kelly moved back on the couch as Stacey stood up. “Well we’re glad we didn’t break you,” said Stacey in a concerned tone. “However the fight’s not over, we still need to pin you,” added Stacey. Kelly laughed as Chris look at them in disbelief. Stacey lifted Chris off the couch and stood in front of him. “Kelly, here’s your chance to kick a guy for real,” said Stacey as she turned Chris and put his arms behind his back.

“Oh Stacey, we’ve hurt him enough,” pleaded Kelly.

“Kelly, look how hard he got cause of you. He has a girlfriend. He was basically cheating!” stated Stacey. Chris tried to respond but Stacey covered his mouth with her free hand.

“Oh my god, you sick bastard,” said Kelly in disgust. She eyed her target and nailed Chris in the thigh.

“Shit I missed’ said Kelly.

“Relax,” said Stacey. She spread Chris’ legs further apart. She was strong enough to keep his hands bound behind his back. Kelly eyed him up again. She stepped back and confidently kicked him hard in the balls with the top of her boot, the blow echoing off the walls.

“Wow, that felt great!” said Kelly in delight. Chris was still standing, well, was being kept standing by Stacey.

“One more Kell,” cheered Stacey. Kelly happily obliged and kicked him hard again, but this time she followed her kick with a few knees to his balls, the fishnets rubbing abrasively against his already ripped up skin. Chris silently slumped to the floor. Stacey let go of his arms as Kelly admired her handiwork.

“Time for the finisher,” said Stacey. She laid Chris on the floor on his back “Keep him down Kelly,” ordered Stacey as she stood between his legs. Kelly sat on his chest. Stacey took off her stilettos and held them in her hand. She chucked the first heel at his balls and nailed him. Chris’ body shook in pain at the sudden blow. She knelt down and hammered the second heel into his balls causing a loud yell and body convulsion from Chris. She stood back up and lifted her leg up high in the air. With tremendous force she stomped on his with her bare foot. Chris felt his balls explode but wasn’t sure if she broke them or not. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. The next few moments were blurry as he was pinned by Stacey and then he heard something about money in a wallet and dinner and being a slave. He awakened to Kelly giving him one last hard stomp with her heel before he passed out again.

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