Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Office Beatdown Part 4-6

By speedycj1

Part 4: Chris’ Beatdown Continues

“Is he dead?” laughed Colleen as she stood over Chris’ body and poked him with her heel. Chris was still passed out on the floor after Stacey and Kelly’s beatdown about an hour prior. Chris didn’t even hear his girlfriend Katie come home and had no idea two of her friends, Colleen and Jamie, were with her. All three girls were very intoxicated and Katie was so drunk she had to be helped to the bathroom by Jamie and didn’t even see Chris laid out on the living room floor.

Colleen and Jamie were Katie’s best friends from work and were big partiers. Colleen was hot to say the least and the object of every guy’s affection. At 5’5”, with long straight blond hair, a slamming body and killer green eyes she basically put every guy she met under a spell. She was a true fashion icon to her girlfriends, as she always wore designer clothing and shoes. Tonight was no different as she had on a pair of thigh fitting Seven brand jeans, a low cut black tank top that revealed her ample cleavage with a green blazer for color and pointy toed 4” silver stiletto Manolo heels. She was a shoe-a-holic and easily owned over 100 pairs of shoes, most of them easily over $200 a pair. Jamie was nearly as attractive as Colleen, although not as much as a knockout. She had brown hair she often wore curly or up off her face. She was tall, 5’9” and had very long legs that she often made look longer by wearing pointy-toed shoes and boots. She was more of the beer drinking girl who’d rather spend her money on alcohol rather than shopping. Also since Jamie had a boyfriend, she wasn’t worried about impressing the boys.

Katie was busy praying to the porcelain gods as Jamie was consoling her. Colleen was laughing at Chris passed out on the floor as she continued to poke at him with her heel. Evil thoughts crossed her mind seeing Chris lay prone beneath her. The two were friendly, and had hung out plenty of times before. But Colleen was basically known as a bitch who relished being in control of any situation. Colleen circled Chris’ body slowly, her 4” heels softly hitting the area rug in the living room. The only other sound in the apartment was Katie swearing off drinking between heaves in the toilet.

Colleen ended her walk around and straddled Chris’ body. Chris still lay motionless, not hearing anything going on around him. Colleen gently placed her heel on his chest. She peered down at him and felt a rush of power over the situation. She slowly inched her heel down his chest and stomach. She looked back and Jamie and Katie were still occupied in the bathroom. Colleen smirked as she glazed his crotch with her heel. He still had on his mesh shorts which barely offered Chris any protection. From her angle Colleen could not see the damage that was already caused to Chris from the entire day. She traced his penis with her heel seeing if she could arouse him in his passed out state. Had Chris been awake he no doubt would have enjoyed the predicament he was in.

Colleen glided her shoe deftly over his crotch as Chris’ penis started to show signs of life. Colleen grinned as she continued to trace his crotch with her heel. She adjusted her position so she was directly between his legs and spread his legs out further. She stared down intently at his crotch. “I’ve always wanted to do this,” said Colleen aloud, but basically to herself. She lifted her heel up and slammed it into his balls hard causing Chris’ body to convulse in pain. Chris moaned slightly but was still half passed out. Colleen laughed as she kept her heel embedded in his crotch. Katie had passed out on the floor and Jamie went into the kitchen to get some water.

“Coll, what the hell,” said Jamie, seeing her friend with her heel embedded in Chris’ groin.

“Oh, hi Jame,” said Colleen as she twisted her heel before removing her foot from his groin. “He was passed out here so I figured I’d have a little fun and vent some stress. Don’t tell on me…pleezzze,” begged Colleen. She had just gone through a nasty breakup so the opposite sex wasn’t her favorite at the moment. Unfortunately Chris was taking the brunt of her frustration. Jamie laughed.

“Oh Coll, I won’t tell. Besides I see the way Chris looks at us sometimes, he deserves a beating for that!” It was true; Chris had eyed Jamie and especially Colleen on occasion when they went out. It was hard not to, the girls were that beautiful. Although Chris would never cheat on his girlfriend the girls knew he was a flirt and they too were guilty of flirting back on occasion.

“Ha, you’ve noticed that too?” chuckled Colleen as she flipped back her long blond hair.

Jamie looked in the bathroom at her friend passed out. “Ah, what the hell, let’s have some fun!” she said in delight as she put down the glass of water and walked over to Chris. “He’s completely passed out huh?” said Jamie in amazement.

“Yeah, watch this,” said Colleen as she drew back her foot and kicked at his balls with the toe of her shoe. Chris’ body moved slightly but he was still out. Both girls laughed in amusement.

“Let me try,” said Jamie as she took Colleen’s place between his legs. She had on pointy-toed 3” boots that would probably cause immense damage if used properly. Jamie wasn’t one to beat up boys just for fun, but being a former tomboy when she was younger, she certainly had kicked her share of boys in the balls.

She reared back and laughed. “Man, this is gonna hurt,” said Jamie.

“Sorry Chris,” Colleen whispered as Jamie wailed him in the balls with the toe of her boot. Chris let out a moan as his legs shook. Both girls laughed loudly.

“Shh, don’t wake Katie,” said Jamie laughing.

“Oh that girl ain’t getting up for a while,” laughed Colleen. Jamie placed her boot on Chris’ balls and dug in her heel. She hadn’t done this at all to her current boyfriend so she was enjoying the power to be assertive and dominant.

“Hold my hands Jame,” said Colleen as she stepped on Chris chest. Her left foot was planted on his chest while she slowly moved her right foot over his stomach. “Hahaha, this is fun,” laughed Colleen who was obviously drunk enough to let her frustrations boil over onto Chris. Her heels dug into his skin at Jamie kept her friend up. Colleen pushed all of her weight down as Chris’ body slightly shook. She nearly lost her balance a few times as the alcohol was affecting her sturdiness. Jamie laughed as finally Colleen fell off him.

“Bastard!” yelled Colleen as she lifted her heel and stomped on his stomach hard. Chris’ body jumped at her blow as he was showing signs of coming to.

“Shit, we should get our shots in now before he wakes up,” said Colleen in excitement.

“Good idea,” replied Jamie. “Me first,” said Jamie as she took two steps back and then ran forward with a vicious kick between his legs. The blow caught more of his below the balls region which caused Chris to moan loud in pain.

“Move,” demanded Colleen as she jumped between his legs. She raised her right leg up and stomped down on his balls with her heel, grinding it in hard after the stomp.

“Good one Coll!” said Jamie as Colleen was still grinding away.

“Asshole men, always playing fucking games!” muttered Colleen as she raised her foot up and stomped down hard on him again. “No more fucking games for me,” said Colleen sternly as she had a crazed look in her eyes.

“Ok, Coll, you’re gonna kill him!!” said Jamie laughing as she stared on in disbelief. Colleen twisted her heel hard into his balls causing Chris to moan loudly.

“Guess that woke him up,” laughed Jamie. Colleen wasn’t done as she drew back her foot and unleashed three quick hard kicks into his balls with the tip of her shoe. She then dropped her knee down on his balls hard, causing Chris’ body to jerk violently again. Chris was starting to come around as he slowly sat up. He opened his eyes and saw Colleen’s knee planted in his crotch. He had no idea what was going on. Last he remembered his new neighbors were busy beating on him.

Colleen reached over and slapped Chris hard in the face. She crawled up Chris’ body and pinned him to the floor. She grabbed his cheeks in her hand. “So you like staring at us when we’re out huh?” vented Colleen as she squeezed his face tighter. “I know you wish you were with me Chris,” whispered Colleen as she dug her nails into his cheeks. “I’m quite the fuck,” said Colleen as she pushed his head down and starting kissing his neck.

“What are you doing Coll??” asked Jamie in bewilderment. Colleen didn’t answer Jamie.

“I bet just the thought of me on top of you right now is making you cum in your shorts,” whispered Colleen as she bit his ear. Chris yelled out in pain as Colleen grabbed his neck with her hand choking him. “Say you want me Chris!” said Colleen sternly as she tightened her grip on his neck. Chris tried to speak but his air supply was being cut off by her grip. She slowly slid her legs down his body and moved her knee over his balls while keeping her hand around his neck. She pushed her knee hard into his balls.

“I d make all your fantasies come true,” said Colleen as she slowly ran her knee against his crotch. Chris tried to breathe but he was in shock by the whole situation. He looked up at Jamie who just smiled at him smugly. Colleen sat further down his body and finally released her grip on his throat. She reached back and punched him hard in the nuts causing Chris to yell loud.

Jamie kneeled down and covered his mouth with her hands. Colleen punched Chris’ balls again and again as Chris whimpered, his cries muffled by Jamie. “See, I make all the boys cry,” said Colleen as she unloaded punch after punch on his nuts.

After a few more punches, Colleen’s arm grew tired. She stood up and placed her heel on his crotch. “I have a deal for you Chris,” said Colleen as she poked her heel into his balls. Jamie released her hands from his mouth and stood up. “I’ll let you take me out on a date,” said Colleen as she slowly pushed down on his crotch with her heel. “And I’ll wear my sexiest outfit that will have you hard in seconds,” continued Colleen as she toyed with his crotch with her shoe. “If you let me and my roommates use you as a guinea pig for our self defense practice.” Jamie laughed as Colleen pushed her heel hard into his balls. “Is that a fair deal Chris?” said Colleen with an evil smirk on his face.

“I think you better say yes Chris,” laughed Jamie as Colleen pushed down harder with her heel.

“Ughhh… Yes, yes,” said Chris as Colleen’s heel had the skin of his balls trapped under her sharp heel against the floor.

“I can’t hear you,” said Colleen as she pushed down harder.

“Jesus, yes, please stop!” begged Chris as the pain was unbearable.

“Wow,” said Jamie. “Can I get a diamond necklace from Tiffany’s too?” laughed Jamie. Colleen laughed and twisted her heel even harder causing Chris to burst into a full blown plea for his life.

“Ugh… yes… please… anything just stop!” stammered Chris in incredible pain.

“Did you hear that Coll?” asked Jamie to her friend. Jamie bent down and grabbed Chris’ cheeks in her hands. “Did you say you’ll buy me anything??” asked Jamie happily. Colleen adjusted her heel so she caught more of his balls.

Chris yelled loudly but his screams were muffled by Jamie squeezing his cheeks. “Mmmf, yes,” muttered Chris as tears welled in his eyes.

Jamie smiled ear to ear. “If you tell Katie, we’ll kill you,” said Jamie as Colleen pushed down even harder.

“Got it?” demanded Colleen. Chris nodded his head yes. Colleen released her heel from his crotch. “We start next week,” said Colleen as she fixed her top and adjusted her jeans. “Make sure you jerk off all you can this weekend, cause after next week you may never be able to again,” laughed Colleen as she nudged her balls with her shoe. She turned away and went to check on Katie.

Jamie stood up and placed her heel on Chris’ chest. Chris looked up at her helplessly as her legs seemed to go on forever. She smiled down at him as she moved her foot slowly over his chest. “So whatcha buying me?” said Jamie softly. Chris was too paralyzed in fear to answer. She moved her foot slowly down his stomach and over his crotch. “Hmm?” said Jamie as her boot glided past his battered groin.

Chris took a deep gulp afraid of further pain. “Anything you want,” said Chris softly without confidence.

“Anything??” beamed Jamie ear to ear as she gently ran her boot over his balls. “That could be dangerous for you,” laughed Jamie as she poked her heel into his balls. “I could get diamond earrings, a necklace, a bracelet,” said Jamie aloud as she kept her foot planted on his balls.

“And don’t forget about me, I need new Manolos,” said Colleen as she re-entered the room. Her heel joined Jamie’s on his balls.

Chris looked up and saw the two of them wearing evil grins and braced for the worst. Colleen looked at Jamie and Jamie looked back at Colleen. They both lifted their legs up high and gazed intently at Chris’ balls. Jamie mouthed to Colleen quietly, “One, two…” Chris closed his eyes as he sensed his balls would be destroyed. Both girls brought their foot down stopping just inches from his crotch. Chris opened his eyes as the girls laughed out loud.

“Such a sucker,” said Jamie.

“Besides I wouldn’t want the goods too badly damaged before next week’s class,” laughed Colleen.

“Jame,” said a faint voice from the bathroom. Katie was starting to come to.

“Well I guess we’ll just discuss our little Tiffany’s shopping spree another time Chris,” said Jamie as she gave his balls one last tap with her boot. Suddenly she dug her heel into his balls sharply, making Chris yell in pain.

“What was that?” said Katie faintly from the bathroom floor.

“Oh, nothing,” laughed Jamie as the girls went to help their friend in need.

Part 5

It was after a few hours of sleep on the living floor that Chris woke up in a panic. He looked around and realized that it was Friday morning, time to go back to work again. He slowly got up and remembered the tremendous abuse his balls had taken on Thursday, from the girls in the office to his neighbors down the hall and lastly his girlfriend’s friends. He pulled down his boxers and saw his balls were terribly swollen. They were the size of grapefruits and just as discolored. He noticed they basically touched both of his thighs they were so swollen. He took a few steps and experienced extreme discomfort.

It was 7am and Katie was passed out in bed. Chris took another few steps and saw a note on the kitchen table. It was from Colleen. The note was a reminder to show up at her apartment for her self defense clinic. Luckily for Chris it was scheduled for next Tuesday night. He knew there was no way he could take any more abuse until then as he thought of excuses to miss it. Maybe his job sent him away next week? He made a mental note to think about what to say later. After showering and getting dressed for work Chris checked on Katie again. She had the day off anyway so she was going to sleep off her hangover. Chris said his goodbyes and headed to the office.

Chris got in the office at 8:30, well before any of his co-workers would straggle in. He sat at his desk and saw an envelope next to his keyboard. Chris opened the note. It was from Suzanne.

Dear Chris,

Hope your testicles aren’t too swollen today. Meet me in my office at 9:00 am for a debriefing.


Chris shook his head as his knew his day would not start off well. He grabbed a cup of coffee and started going through his emails. About five minutes later Jennifer came to his cubicle.

“Hey, how they hanging today?” laughed Jennifer mockingly.

“Haha, very funny,” replied Chris as his face reddened in embarrassment.

“Yeah, sorry I had to do that to you last night, couldn’t not be one of the girls,” shrugged Jennifer.

“Ah, it’s okay said Chris. “You guys did what you needed to do.”

“Ha, yeah, and it made for some great sex last night with George!” said Jennifer happily in delight. Chris shook his head and laughed as Jennifer patted him on the shoulder. “I can’t believe how vicious Carolyn was with you!” said Jennifer.

“Yeah, I need to stay away from that girl, she nearly killed me,” replied Chris.

“Well you can be assured that I won’t beat you up anymore,” said Jennifer.

“Thanks buddy,” laughed Chris.

“Well unless the girls make me!” whispered Jennifer with a wink. With that she left his cube laughing.

Chris stared ahead at his computer hoping none of the other girls would visit his cube anytime soon. About ten minutes later an instant message pops up from Erin.

“Sorry we beat you last night… it was fun though. Let’s do it again sometime. LOL… j/k.”

Chris knew that Erin was acting out of character last night, but like Jennifer if she was around the girls in the same situation it could be deadly. Chris wrote back to Erin that same comment he had for Jennifer. Erin answered back with a smile. It was about 8:45 and Chris had to report to Suzanne’s office in 15 minutes. His palms started getting sweaty as he didn’t know what to expect. He sat there for a few more minutes and heard Carolyn’s voice down the hall. That’s the last person he wanted to see right now since Carolyn was the one who was the ringleader of the girls attack on him last night. Plus he knew Carolyn enjoyed abusing him way too much. He remembered her last words “I always get the last shot,” then envisioned the vicious back kick she unleashed on him. He snapped out of his vision quickly as Carolyn’s voice grew nearer. Chris made sure the coast was clear and took off towards the bathroom. He stared in the mirror and washed his face with cold water and took a few deep breaths. He adjusted his balls in his boxer briefs below his khakis. If you looked closely you could probably see the swelling through his pants. Chris took off towards Suzanne’s office.

The door to her office was open. Chris stepped in and a woman he hadn’t met before was there.

“Hello, you must be Christopher,” said the lady. Chris nodded his head yes as he didn’t know what to expect now. “I’m Laura, Director of Human Resources.” Oh shit, Chris thought to himself as he just knew that Suzanne had told on him and now he was getting fired for sure. Chris gingerly shook her hand and seconds later Suzanne entered her office. Chris hadn’t met Laura directly before but had spoken to her. Laura was a very buttoned-up executive. She had short blond hair, cut above her neck. She was wearing a cream colored business suit, with black heels. She was extremely conservative in her dress and tone.

“Oh I see you’ve met Laura,” said Suzanne cheerfully on a Friday morning, coffee cup in hand. “Morning Suzanne,” said Laura with a bright smile. Suzanne too had on a business suit, but this one was sexier than Laura’s. She wore a low cut white top beneath her black blazer and wore a black pencil skirt that fell just above the knees. She had on black stockings with patent leather black below the knee boots that were newly shined. Of course Suzanne had a penchant for tall heels, and these boots were three inch heels with what looked to be a very sharp heel. Suzanne sure knew how to dress to kill.

Laura closed the door. “I bet you’re wondering why I’m here,” said Laura. Chris couldn’t tell by her tone if Suzanne had broken the news or not.

“Um, yes, that’s a good question,” said Chris his voice cracking a bit with nerves.

“Well we’ve recently had a string of sexual harassment complaints throughout the company, and wanted to speak to each male in the office individually to assure them this type of behavior was not tolerable,” stated Laura in a corporate executive tone. Chris shook his head and took a look at Suzanne. She was busy plugging in her laptop.

Laura approached Chris and stood inches away from him. “Are our policies understood Chris?” asked Laura sternly as she stared intently in his eyes.

“Yes they are ma’am,” said Chris with a gulp in his throat.

Laura squinted her eyes at him briefly. “Good, glad to know some men in this office still respect women in the workplace,” said Laura.

“Chris is one of the most polite and considerate men, Laura,” chirped in Suzanne out of nowhere.

“Good, okay, well I guess I’ll move on to the next team. Enjoy your day,” chirped Laura as she grabbed her briefcase and left the room. Chris let out a sigh of relief.

“Thought I told on you huh?” said Suzanne with a chuckle.

“Ha, yeah,” said Chris with his voice now clearer.

Suzanne walked towards Chris and stood in front of him. “What’s the matter, you don’t trust me, do you?” said Suzanne softly as she grabbed his top button on his button-down shirt opening it gently. She opened the next two buttons and looked at him. She was nearly eye to eye with him wearing her heels. Suddenly without warning she shot her knee directly into his balls. Chris was caught off guard by the blow and crumpled to the floor at her feet.

Suzanne laughed wickedly. “That’s for not trusting me. Now stand back up,” demanded Suzanne.

Chris grabbed his balls as once again pain was shooting through them. They were such a big target due to the enormous swelling that there was no way for Suzanne to miss. Chris struggled to get to his feet as Suzanne tapped her boot impatiently. Suzanne bent down and grabbed him by the hair pulling him upward. Chris stood up and moved his hands to his head as Suzanne was giving his hair a strong tug. Suddenly Suzanne shot another knee into his groin, causing Chris to emit a loud groan as his knees buckled. Suzanne however kept him up by his hair keeping Chris from falling.

Suzanne laughed wickedly as she released his head. Chris’ hands went to protect his balls. As he moved his hands Suzanne unleashed a wicked slap across his face. Chris’ face turned violently as the blow was hard and the sound of her slap echoed in his ears. Chris bent down and grabbed his ears in pain. Suzanne grabbed his head and quickly brought her knee into his face. Her knee caught his cheek flush as Chris yelled in pain and crumpled to the ground in agony. For someone with such a petite frame Suzanne sure was strong. Suzanne kicked him viciously in the ribs with her pointy toed boot causing Chris to scream again as he curled into the fetal position. He was taking quite a beating at the hands and feet of Suzanne.

“Oh stop your moaning,” said Suzanne, “it’s pathetic.” Suzanne circled around him as Chris didn’t know which area hurt the most, his balls, the ringing in his ears, his face or his ribs. Suzanne then kicked him hard in the back of his thigh as Chris felt like his leg was on fire. “Dead leg!” laughed Suzanne as Chris writhed in pain. Chris struggled to his knees and crawled over to her desk. He needed to get out of her office before she killed him.

Suzanne came up behind him and reached down between his legs grabbing his balls tightly. She couldn’t get her hand around his swollen balls so she reached out with both hands. Chris yelled as Suzanne clamped down with her fingers. He fell back on the floor in pain. “I want you to stay under my desk for a while,” said Suzanne as Chris moaned in pain. “If you are a good boy, I’ll reward you nicely,” whispered Suzanne as she clenched a little tighter. “Understood?” asked Suzanne sternly.

“Yaaa… yesss,” said Chris in agony as the words couldn’t leave his mouth fast enough.

“Good,” said Suzanne as she released his grip. “Take off your pants and go lay under my desk.” Chris obliged. He slowly stood up and sat down below her desk. He took off his shoes and pants and lay on the floor. Suzanne confidently walked over and adjusted Chris so he lay right below the edge of her desk. Suzanne stood on Chris with her heels causing Chris to yell in pain.

“Be quiet!” demanded Suzanne as she put on her speaker phone. Her heels dug into his chest and stomach through his shirt. “Sarah, can you come to my office for a second,” said Suzanne.

Sarah was Suzanne’s assistant. She was 33 and a good worker. She wasn’t as attractive as the other women in the office as she wasn’t an avid gym goer. However she was generally sweet and kind towards the staff including Chris. “Yes Suzanne,” said Sarah as she entered Suzanne’s office. Suzanne twisted her heels into Chris’ skin as Chris bit his lip in pain. He knew Suzanne was testing his ability to keep quiet.

“Can you sit down and take some notes for a bit?” said Suzanne.

“Sure thing,” chirped Sarah as she sat in front of his desk, not knowing what was going on behind the desk.

Suzanne stepped off Chris and nudged him forward. Chris slid his body underneath the desk. Suzanne moved her chair closer and had a seat. She crossed her legs so the heel of her boot rested in his mouth. She jabbed her heel into his mouth until Chris got the idea that she wanted her heel in his mouth. Chris complied.

“I have an important conference call this morning,” said Suzanne as Sarah listened intently. Then I’m gonna be tied up until lunch,” continued Suzanne. “Also I have some updates to our sales deck,” added Suzanne as she bent down to get her bag. She looked at Chris and smiled with an evil grin. She removed her heel from his mouth and uncrossed her legs. She slid forward in her chair and placed both feet on his crotch. She dug her heel into his unprotected balls as Chris again bit his lips trying not to make a peep.

“On slide three, the graph needs to be updated with fourth quarter numbers,” said Suzanne as Sarah took notes. “You can see that we had a sharp turndown in sales,” said Suzanne, putting emphasis on the word sharp as she twisted her heels into his balls. Chris opened his mouth to scream but made sure nothing came out. After a few seconds Suzanne released her heels and started gently stroking his penis with her boot. Chris took a deep breath as he relaxed.

“On slide five you’ll see that we had quite a rise in activity,” said Suzanne as she gently slid her boot across his penis, which started to respond to her gentle touch. “I really want to make sure the graphs show this rise. It should be the highlight of our presentation,” said Suzanne as Sarah nodded in agreement and jotted down. Suzanne grabbed his growing erection with both of her feet and slowly started to pull on his penis with her boots. She was definitely skilled at using her feet to arouse a man.

Chris was hard within seconds as Suzanne continued. “However the competition looks much better than us in slide eight,” said Suzanne in slight disgust. “What happened in the numbers?” asked Suzanne. As Sarah answered Suzanne tightened her grip on his erection pulling it harder. Chris’ penis stiffened stronger at her touch. He was now fully erect. After Sarah finished, Suzanne took a glance down at Chris. She withdrew her boots. “Well, all I know is we should be kicking the crap out of the competition,” said Suzanne strongly. On the word kick she unleashed a powerful kick to his erection with her boot. Chris moaned in pain.

“What was that?” asked Sarah curiously.

“Oh, I smacked my foot,” laughed Suzanne. Sarah laughed as Chris winced in pain. Suzanne kicked his head with her foot as a reminder to keep his mouth shut. She put her left heel in his mouth so he couldn’t moan in pain. “I want you to find numbers that show we kick their ass!” shouted Suzanne as she used her free right foot to kick the head of his penis hard. Chris went to scream but Suzanne shoved her heel down his mouth. Chris bit her heel to clench his teeth in pain.

Suzanne slowly stroked his erection with her right boot to calm his nerves. After a few seconds of heavy breathing Chris unclenched his teeth and relaxed again.

“I understand completely,” said Sarah.

“Good,” said Suzanne. Suzanne continued to give Sarah instructions as she kicked at his erection gently with her boot. Chris started moaning slightly, but this time in moans of ecstasy. Suzanne kept talking but Chris couldn’t hear what she was saying. He concentrated so hard on not cumming beneath her desk as her gentle taps were fueling his massive erection. Suzanne noticed him panting and moved both feet away from his body. Chris breathed deeply as he tried to ease his erection. Suzanne crossed her legs and dangled her heel just inches away from his erection. Chris closed his eyes so he couldn’t see her gorgeous legs. He thought about anything non erotic but with Suzanne’s boot so close to his penis he had a hard time trying to trick his brain.

Sarah finally left the room as Suzanne pushed her chair back. “You okay down there?” laughed Suzanne as she saw Chris with his eyes closed. Chris nodded his head yes. “Good, now time for your reward. On your knees,” demanded Suzanne. Suzanne sat down on her chair as Chris knelt before her. “Kiss every inch of my boot and my legs,” said Suzanne. Chris was caught off guard by demand. “Worship is a reward,” said Suzanne confidently as she knew Chris was expecting a repeat of last night’s reward. Chris obliged and slowly kissed and licked every inch of her boots. His lips made their way up her boot as Suzanne sat back and admired the service she was getting. “Now my legs,” demanded Suzanne as she hiked up her skirt and spread her legs. Chris moved closer as he slowly kissed her calves and knees, working his way slowly to her thighs. Suzanne raised her right leg and rested it on his shoulder. Chris could see her black panties beneath her stockings. Chris inched up her thigh slowly as Suzanne moaned in pleasure. She pushed his head between her legs and then closed her thighs around his head. Chris could smell her started to get wet as she tightened her strong thighs around his head. After a few seconds she finally released his head.

“Sorry Chris, don’t know what got into me,” said Suzanne slightly embarrassed by her behavior. “I’ll have you service me another time in a more appropriate setting,” said Suzanne as she pulled her skirt back down. She looked down and saw he was still erect. She placed her boot on his erection and pushed it down onto the floor gently. Chris moaned in pleasure. Suzanne stood up as more of her pressure went onto his penis.

She pushed down harder as now Chris moaned in more pain than pleasure as his erection was being smashed into the carpeted floor. Suzanne grinded her boot back and forth, up and down as Chris moaned wildly in pleasure. Suddenly she withdrew her boot and kicked him in the stomach. Chris doubled over in pain. “Not so fast,” laughed Suzanne as Chris winced at her sudden blow. Suzanne turned her back to Chris and slowly placed her heel on his penis. Chris bit his tongue as Suzanne told him not to scream. She slowly started adding pressure with her heels as they dug into his bare skin. After a few seconds Chris went to yell but Suzanne adeptly removed her heels. Chris had heel marks on his penis from her pressure.

“Those should go away in a few days,” laughed Suzanne as she faced Chris again and kneeled down to admire her work. Chris clutched his penis as his skin was on fire. “Start playing with yourself,” demanded Suzanne as she sat on the chair again. Chris looked at her in disbelief. “Go ahead, jerk yourself off,” prodded Suzanne as she made the jerk-off motion with her hands.

“What?” said Chris.

“Well I’m sure as hell not gonna get you off, so you do the work,” said Suzanne sternly. Last night Suzanne did the work herself, but this was all about the humiliation factor for her. Chris slowly and gingerly started to stroke his erection which was fading due to his embarrassing predicament.

“Getting soft?” asked Suzanne sarcastically. Chris turned beet-red as he was unsure of what to do. He tried stroking harder but to no avail. Suzanne laughed at him as she took off her right boot. She moved her bare nyloned foot between his legs and started slowly stroking his penis back to erection with her foot. She moved her other foot across his thighs as slowly but surely his erection returned.

Suzanne stood up again and pushed down on his penis with her stockinged foot. She slowly moved it across his erection as Chris breathed heavily in pleasure, her soft stockings causing his penis to stiffen greatly within seconds. “Now you’re ready,” laughed Suzanne as she sat back down. “Start stroking.” Chris desperately needed a release so he started jerking himself off in front of her. Suzanne moved her bare foot across his face slowly as she giggled watching Chris increasing the speed of his hands. She moved her booted foot across his hands as Chris tightened his grip. Suzanne removed her feet and stood up in front of him. She looked down at him as he continued to stroke his erection.

“Move your hands,” demanded Suzanne suddenly. Chris was close to climax, however he obliged. Suzanne stepped back and saw his penis at full mast leaving his balls exposed. She told him to grab his penis and start pumping again. Chris started to jerk himself again when suddenly Suzanne stepped forward and nailed him in the balls with her stockinged foot, causing Chris’ body to jump in pain. Chris couldn’t release his hand fast enough as a second and third kick pummeled his balls. Chris fell forward clutching his balls as Suzanne laughed at him. She bent down and grabbed his dick with one hand and started punching his balls hard with the other. Chris screamed in pain as Suzanne was relentless in her abuse with punch after punch. His balls felt like they were going to erupt. After a few more punches she released her grip. Chris clutched his balls and tried to protect himself.

Suzanne picked up the phone. A female voice answered. “Carolyn can you come to my office for a second?” asked Suzanne. Chris’ body froze in fear as he stared up at Suzanne. Her eyes lit up and a big smile etched across her face. That’s when Chris knew that this was just the beginning of what would be another miserable day.

Part 6: The Self Defense Begins

Carolyn knocked on Suzanne’s door and opened it. She was looking as cute as ever with a denim skirt, black tights, brown furry “Eskimo” boots that were calf-length and a purple top. “You wanted to see me Suz?” asked Carolyn softly.

“Yes, come in,” said Suzanne cheerfully. Carolyn entered the room as Chris cringed behind Suzanne’s desk. “I have an idea I wanted to float by you,” said Suzanne as Carolyn stood in front of her desk. “I noticed a lot of the females in the office are under a lot of stress. Wouldn’t it be great if we had some kind of weekly stress reliever?” asked Suzanne as a smirk appeared across her face.

“That would be awesome,” said Carolyn happily. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well,” continued Suzanne, “something that we can really release stress and anger, sort of like a self-defense class but without all that martial arts crap,” laughed Suzanne.

“That would be sweet,” chimed in Carolyn.

“Maybe something like we can beat the crap out of a male employee,” laughed Suzanne as she waited for Carolyn’s reaction.

Carolyn was startled by her bluntness. “Yeah, that would be fun!” she said not knowing if Suzanne was sincere or just daydreaming.

“Ok, just wanted to get some of your thoughts,” said Suzanne, “I’ll start working on some ideas and we’ll gather all the ladies for an informal meeting next week.”

“Can’t wait,” said Carolyn as she smiled and left Suzanne’s office.

Suzanne waited for the door to close and she looked down at Chris. “Looks like you’re gonna have a lot more ‘responsibility’ here!” laughed Suzanne as she kicked at him gently with her foot. “First meeting is next Friday, I want you to rest your balls till then,” ordered Suzanne as she bent down and gave them a slight squeeze. “Now, get out and don’t say a word if not I’ll fire your ass in a second,” said Suzanne subtly. Chris put back on his pants and gingerly left her office.

The weekend had passed and it was pretty uneventful as Chris and Katie had family to visit. Chris tried to forget about what lied ahead for him this week. Tuesday he was supposed to be a self defense victim for Colleen and Friday all the females in his office would probably beat him to a pulp. He thought about running away, just escaping from it all. But with no where to go and lack of funds to get there he had to face his predicament head on.

Monday was an uneventful day at the office as most of the staff was attending a conference for the day. Chris stayed behind to work on some future conference work but in general no one was in the office to harass or bother him. Monday night after work he got a text message from Colleen. He didn’t even know she had his number. “Tomorrow night, 7pm, West St. Dance Studios,” said the text message. Chris was a bit realized the self defense clinic was off site but wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing.

Tuesday was another uneventful day at work. Suzanne had passed him several times without much of a smile and the girls didn’t bother him about kicking his ass the week prior. They were almost behaving too innocently which bothered Chris even more as he wondered if they already knew the deal about Friday. The only bad reminder he received was an email from Jamie asking when they were going shopping at Tiffany’s for her necklace, bracelet and earrings. Chris ignored her email as he wasn’t in the mood to deal with anything. Hopefully Jamie wouldn’t be there tonight thought Chris he shut down his computer, changed into his wind pants and sweatshirt and went to meet Colleen.

Chris showed up at the Dance Studio and was told to go to the second floor. He walked up the stairs and heard a few female voices. One of them was Colleen’s. He shook his head and took a deep breath. “Hey Coll,” said Chris half excitedly.

“Oh, good I’m so glad you came!!” said Colleen with extreme excitement and some disbelief that he actually showed up. Colleen looked hot as usual except she was in street clothes and not in “workout wear”. She had on jeans and a thin black sweater with her long blond hair back in a ponytail. Chris looked down and saw she had on black boots which definitely didn’t bode well for him. Two females were standing with Colleen as Chris was introduced to them.

Sharon was older, in her mid 30s and looked to be in outstanding shape. She was wearing the traditional karate gear which fit her snugly enough to see she had a lot of muscular build beneath her robe. She had short blond hair and stood about 5’8” barefoot. Chris gulped as he shook her hand. The other female was Sasha. She was short, about 5’4”, but was just as attractive as Colleen. She was half Jamaican, half Puerto Rican, so she had a very tan complexion. She looked like a little spitfire with her brown hair up off her head. She too was dressed in street clothes, wearing jeans, a tight pink top and brown boots. “Hi Chris, I’m Sasha,” she said perkily. “I used to be a cheerleader so I have quite the kick!” she said happily as she smiled widely at Chris. Chris was caught off guard and didn’t have a response except to smile and nod his head.

“Oh and here comes Jamie,” said Colleen happily as Chris’ felt like his stomach had dropped out of him.

“Hey Coll,” said Jamie excited as she walked into the studio. She caught eye contact with Chris and smiled. She was also in street wear, wearing jeans, a white top and the same pointy toed black boots she had on when Jamie and Colleen kicked Chris’ ass last Thursday night. Chris was definitely worried about the damage that was gonna be caused since he was just starting to heal from his last set of wounds.

Three more girls entered the room although they were students of Sharon’s. Chris breathed a sigh of relief that they weren’t associated with Colleen at all. These girls also had on more traditional workout wear in the form of sneakers, leggings and sweatshirts. The girls, Fawn, Letisha and Janice, were introduced to the rest of the ladies and they excitedly gossiped as Sharon came over to Chris.

“I’ll try not to kill you too badly, but I’m not responsible for how hard they hit,” said Sharon sternly as Chris stared at the floor wondering what he got into.

“Ladies, let’s get started,” said Sharon as she wanted to get her class underway. The girls, six in all gathered around Sharon and Chris in the dance studio. “Thank you all for coming this evening. As part of our continuing class, tonight we’re gonna concentrate on disabling the male attacker when you’re placed in harm’s way,” said Sharon. The girls giggled in delight. “Also thank you to our male volunteer Chris for graciously helping us out this evening.”

The girls clapped in appreciation as Chris turned red in embarrassment. “Thank you Chris,” they all said in unison. Chris stood there frozen in fear as he sensed they couldn’t wait to start wailing away at him, especially Colleen and Jamie.

“Ok so tonight we’re going start with the grab, which is a highly effective move when you’re backed into a corner or being grabbed by your attacker.” Sharon positioned Chris in front of her and had Chris grab her arms. “The grab should be a sudden and powerful move and you should clench your fingers together as tight as possible, like so.” Sharon instantly grabbed Chris’ crotch with her strong hand and closed her fingers around his balls. She couldn’t get a great grip through his wind pants but she had enough of him to cause him discomfort. She sensed the girls wouldn’t be impressed so she twisted her hand and tightened harder causing Chris to moan loudly and his knees to buckle. The girls oohed and clapped.

“See how Chris’ knees are buckling,” said Sharon as she continued her firm hold on him. “A few twists of the hand and some rolling of the fingers will cause extra pain,” as she expertly demonstrated. Chris let out a yell and fell to his knees at her strong grip. He hadn’t been grabbed in the balls that hard before and now knew how much pain Sharon could easily inflict.

“Ok who wants a turn?” asked Sharon as she released his balls leaving Chris crumpled on the floor grasping his balls in pain. All of the girls shot their hands up with chants of me, me, me.

“Ha, not all at once,” laughed Sharon. “Colleen how bout you go first,” said Sharon as Colleen eagerly clapped her hands and walked over to Chris. Sharon helped Chris to his feet and had her grab at Colleen. Colleen acted like she was in despair for a second and then glanced into his eyes. She could see the fear etched across his face as she suddenly grinned and punched Chris square in the balls. Chris doubled over in pain instantly at the unexpected blow.

“Colleen!” said Sharon in shock.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I forgot we were doing grabs, not punches,” said Colleen as she covered her mouth like she had innocently done something wrong. She walked over to Chris, lifted him up by his hair and grabbed his balls firmly in her right hand. “Grabs, now I remember,” said Colleen as the rest of the girls laughed. Colleen turned her hand to the right then to the left as Chris squirmed in pain.

“Scream Chris, I don’t hear you screaming,” said Colleen as she clenched her fingers as tight as she could sending a loud scream from Chris. “That’s better!” said Colleen as the girls laughed in delight. After a few seconds Colleen released her hold and went back to the line.

“Good job Colleen. Who’s next?” asked Sharon. Again the girls all chimed in they wanted a turn. “Jamie how about you?” said Sharon. Jamie gleefully skipped to the middle and stood next to Chris.

“This time Chris is going to approach Jamie from behind,” said Sharon as she positioned the two of them. Sharon had Chris place her arm around her neck and stand behind her.

Jamie was just about his height in her boots so she turned and whispered to him “I’m gonna make you say ‘Tiffany’.”

Chris stared ahead silently as he was in serious trouble. “Jamie, you’re gonna reach down and grab Chris’ balls. Once he releases his hold on your neck you turn around and take him town with your grab.”

“Oh no worries there,” said Jamie matter-of-factly as the girls had a chuckle.

“Begin,” said Sharon as Chris grabbed Jamie around the neck softly anticipating her grab.

“Grab me tighter,” said Jamie, “this is supposed to be real,” she said sternly.

“Grab tighter Chris,” encouraged Sharon. Chris increased the strength of his hold as his body pushed into Jamie’s. Jamie kept her body pressed against his for a few seconds as Chris smelled how soft and delicate her hair smelled. She was wearing her hair curly which made her have a cute, innocent look about her. Jamie slowly reached down and slipped her hand beneath his wind pants and grabbed hold of his nutsack. She smiled as Chris froze in fear. She tightened her fingers as they dug into his skin. Chris let out a huge yell and released his arm around her. Jamie twirled around and twisted his balls at the same time. Chris’ balls felt like they were on fire as she was quick and powerful with her long slender fingers. He tried to fall to his knees but Jamie kept a firm grip.

“Say it Chris,” said Jamie sternly as she reached further down his pants and adjusted her grip. Sharon watched in disbelief as Jamie’s intense grip was causing Chris to melt to the ground slowly. “Say it or I don’t release,” whispered Jamie as she followed Chris down staring at him intently until he uttered the words she wanted to hear. The only words coming out of Chris’ mouth were breaths of anguish as Jamie was pulverizing his balls with her fingers. She managed to trap his right testicle in her hands and yanked down hard. Chris started to moan loudly in pain and begged for her release.

“Jamie let go,” demanded Sharon as Chris felt like his ball was going to explode.

“Say it dammit,” said Jamie as Chris’ knees gave out and he slumped to the floor. She dropped to her knees trying desperately to hold on. Sharon walked over to Jamie and tore her hands off him. Jamie stood up as Sharon tried to calm her down.

The rest of the girls except for Colleen were standing there with their mouths dropped open in disbelief. “What got into you?” asked Sharon in shock.

“Sorry I was just flashing back to the time I was sexually assaulted,” said Jamie.

The girls gasped as Sharon hugged Jamie. “It’s ok to let it out,” said Sharon as she comforted Jamie. Colleen hadn’t known about that but deduced that was the reason for her vicious behavior. Jamie went back to the girls and they gave her a group hug.

Colleen hugged Jamie separately and Jamie whispered, “That bastard didn’t say Tiffany,” laughed Jamie.

“He will honey, he will,” said Colleen as Sharon checked on Chris to make sure he was ready to continue.

To be continued...

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