Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Office Beatdown part 7-9

By speedycj1

Part 7: Self Defense Lesson Continues

Chris was badly hurt by Jamie’s extended squeeze attack but assured Sharon he could continue. The girls continued to whisper about Jamie’s sudden vengeful attack on Chris as Sharon tried to restore order to her class.

“Ok ladies, let’s continue,” urged Sharon as the girls stopped chatting and lined back up at attention. Chris struggled to stand up straight as his balls were still on fire. “Jamie so adeptly showed us what an intense grab can do to a male,” laughed Sharon, drawing giggles from the girls and a sheepish shrug from Jamie. Chris looked down the whole time to avoid eye contact with Jamie. “But to avoid breaking our male model lets remember we need him to last an entire hour ladies,” continued Sharon as she turned to Chris with a smirk. Chris was not encouraged by her remark but appreciated her effort to spare his balls.

“With that in mind, let’s move onto the knee. A good knee will bring your attacker to his knees or at the very least set up a follow up attack,” stated Sharon. “Chris, grab my neck,” said Sharon as she turned to face him. Chris grabbed at her neck and Sharon instantly grabbed a hold of his shoulders and planted her knee firmly into his crotch stopping just short of nailing him with her powerful legs. “See how quickly my knee gets in there, the knee should be a lighting-quick attack. How bout someone to demonstrate?” asked Sharon. All the girls raised their hands eagerly.

“How about you Janice?” Janice eagerly walked over towards Chris. Janice was a relatively athletic girl although she had more of a penchant for drinking and partying than she did for working out. She was wearing black leggings with red mesh shorts and a white t-shirt. She wore white sneakers and her blond hair back in a ponytail.

“Ready for your knee in the nuts?” asked Janice cheerfully as the girls laughed. Chris gulped as Sharon instructed him to grab her neck. Janice waited until Chris’ hands were around her neck and she lifted her knee with medium strength into his balls. Chris’ body jumped slightly at the blow although it wasn’t enough to hurt him significantly.

“Good,” said Sharon although Janice wasn’t satisfied with her results.

“How come he didn’t go down?” she asked disappointingly.

“Sometimes the male can take multiple attacks without falling,” explained Sharon, “especially if the blow is seen or expected.”

“Huh, I thought any slight touch sent the guy falling to the ground,” asked Janice.

“That’s a common misconception,” explained Sharon further. “Some guys have more pain tolerance than others; sometimes adrenaline plays a factor in a fight situation. If that’s the case, just use multiple knees in rapid succession and grab onto him to give yourself more balance and support.” Janice took Sharon’s advice and grabbed Chris’ shoulders and stared at him intently. She backed up and brought her knee hard into his balls causing Chris to emit a small groan.

“That’s it Janice get him,” chanted the girls as she brought her knee up into him a second and third time, the third one causing Chris to yell loudly and drop to his knees. Janice jumped up and down at her accomplishment. The girls clapped in delight as Chris clutched his balls on his knees.

“Good work Janice!” exclaimed Sharon as she patted Chris on the head. A few moments later there was a knock at the door. Sharon had an urgent phone call from the front desk of the studios. She excused herself and left the room for a moment. Chris stayed on his knees uneasy as the girls talked about Janice’s knees laughingly.

Colleen walked up to Chris and knelt down. “Having fun yet?” said Colleen sarcastically as she laughed.

“Very funny, you owe me big time,” said Chris still smarting from Janice’s knees.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I’m gonna make sure I’m one HOT date,” said Colleen as she ran her finger through his hair.

Jamie and Sasha walked over to Colleen. “Sorry about that before Chris, but you had it coming,” said Jamie half apologetically. Chris stared at her with an icy glare but didn’t say a word.

“It’s no fair, I haven’t had a turn yet,” said Sasha pouting. “Can I take a practice shot Chris?” she asked in her softest tone. Chris looked at her and knew he had no choice but to comply with her wishes to avoid further pain. He nodded his head yes as Sasha clapped excitedly.

“Lay down,” demanded Sasha as Chris laid on his back. Colleen and Jamie stood on his sides as Sasha stood between his legs. “Open them a bit more,” said Sasha as she tapped his legs with her boot. She measured him up with her heel, holding it inches from his crotch. She took a step back and a deep breath.

“Crunch!” she shouted as her heel drove powerfully into his balls causing Chris to groan loudly. Sasha kept her heel embedded in his crotch as his legs twitched in pain. “That was awesome!” said Sasha with a huge smile on her face as she removed her heel and Chris instantly curled in the fetal position. The rest of the girls came running over as Sharon reentered the room.

“Bad news girls, I have some trouble at home and need to cut out early,” said Sharon dejectedly. The girls sighed and voiced their disappointment. “I know, but since you seem to have a willing subject on your hands,” laughed Sharon as she saw Chris curled up on the floor with the girls huddled around him, “why don’t you use the rest of the time to practice what we’ve learned so far and we’ll regroup next week,” said Sharon to cheers and applause. “And remember please don’t kill Chris, we could use someone like him for our more advanced lessons,” said Sharon as she grabbed her bags.

“Colleen, you’re in charge,” said Sharon as Colleen’s eyes widened in excitement.

“No worries Sharon, we won’t hurt him too badly,” said Colleen as the rest of the girls laughed. Sharon winked at Colleen and left the room, leaving Chris in a room with Colleen in charge and five other girls eager to hone their techniques on a vulnerable Chris.

Part 8

Colleen stood over Chris and placed her 3” heel on his chest. She glanced down at him and shook her head. “So I’m in charge huh... this is trouble for you my dear,” laughed Colleen as Jamie bent down and undid Chris’ pants. With a few tugs he was down to his white boxer briefs. “Better for target practice,” said Jamie reassuringly as the rest of the girls giggled.

“Sash, grab his other leg,” said Jamie as the two sat on either side of him spreading his legs apart, with each girl holding onto his ankles. Colleen removed her heel from his chest and took position between his legs.

“Coll, would you like to demonstrate some moves?” asked Jamie with a smile and a wink.

“Sure thing,” said Colleen happily as she told the girls to gather closer.

“When you have your opponent on the ground like this, the best thing to do is smash away with your heel,” said Colleen matter-of-factly as she lifted her foot and eyed her target. The girls gasped and Sasha and Jamie grasped Chris’ legs tighter so he wouldn’t move. Colleen then slammed her heel right into his vulnerable balls, causing Chris’ body to shake in pain as he let out a loud scream. Jamie and Sasha laughed as they struggled to keep his legs spread apart as Colleen kept her heel planted on his crotch. The other girls covered their mouths in disbelief as they wanted to laugh but were in shock by her heavy blow. None of them had really seen a male get hit flush in the balls like that, especially with high heels. But Colleen’s actions did give them some empowerment as they too wanted to try their hand at attacking a vulnerable male opponent.

Colleen removed her heel and turned to Letisha. “Would you like a free shot?” she asked Letisha with a big smile on her floor. Letisha happily obliged and took Colleen’s place between Chris’ spread legs. Letisha was an African-American bombshell, with dark silky skin and a flawless complexion. She looked like she could model for Covergirl; her facial skin was that flawless. She actually was an aspiring model, and at 5’8”, the former track star had slim, toned legs that went on for miles. She showed off her model-like legs by wearing short grey gym shorts and white tights. She had on white sneakers and wore a black t-shirt.

She looked down at Chris’ crotch and placed her size 7 1/2 sneaker on his balls. Chris closed his eyes trying to ready himself for the painful blow that was about to come. Letisha removed her foot and raised it high in the air. She took a deep breath keeping her steely gaze on his crotch and slammed her sneakered foot into his balls. Chris muttered a groan but not as loudly as Colleen’s shot. Letisha looked a little disappointed her blow didn’t hurt him more. She reared back her leg angrily and unleashed a vicious kick to Chris’s balls that caused his body to jolt with pain.

“Aaargh!” he screamed out as she had nailed his balls dead on with her kick.

“That’s more like it,” said Letisha confidently as she walked away from his body. Chris tried to sit up to clutch his balls but Sasha, Colleen and Jamie laid him back down again.

“No rest until everyone gets a turn Chris,” said Colleen in her sweetest voice. Chris reluctantly lay back down on the ground as Jamie and Sasha once again spread his legs wide.

Fawn stepped up as she was the last to have a shot at Chris. She was a tiny girl, only 5’1” and weighed just over 100 pounds. She was not anorexic by any means, but she had a very petite frame. She was flirty in her dress and was wearing a short black flowing skirt and black tights. She wore black sneakers and had on a white long sleeve t-shirt. She knew what she lacked in strength she would need to make up with quickness and viciousness.

She took her place between his legs and smiled widely. Suddenly she dropped to her knees onto his balls. Her bony knees landed flush on his balls causing Chris extreme pain. Chris’ body sat up instantly as Fawn giggled out loud. Jamie and Sasha pulled Chris back down as Fawn sat on his stomach and turned to face his balls. She started pounding his nutsack with her fists, left then right, each shot causing Chris to groan louder and louder. The girls laughed as Fawn mercilessly attacked his balls with ten straight quick punches. She then quickly rose to her feet and stood on Chris’ crotch. She didn’t weight much but she applied all of her pressure onto his balls which started to trap Chris’ balls against the floor.

Chris tried to catch his breath as Fawn hopped up and down on his balls. If she weighed any heavier they would definitely pop under the pressure. Chris was in anguish as she started stomping in place on his nuts. She was a spitfire of energy and her quick attacks were causing Chris a great deal of pain and giving the girls immense enjoyment. Finally, after a few more stomps and seemingly out of breath, Fawn jumped off of Chris.

“Nice work Fawn,” said Colleen as she again took her place between Chris’ knees and sat down. Chris sat up to try to nurse his balls but Jamie and Sasha held him back down. Colleen laughed as she took down his boxers to inspect the damage. His balls were swollen slightly and had redness from her heel attack. Some bruising from all the attacks Chris underwent last week was still visible. Colleen took his balls in her fingers and squeezed them. Chris groaned as Colleen tightened her grip. Jamie reached down and took off her right boot and held it in her hand. Colleen removed her grip and held Chris’ legs apart.

“This is gonna hurt girls, watch this,” said Jamie as her eyes widened. She raised her arm up as far as it would go and quickly slammed her heel into his bare balls. Chris let out a loud scream as he struggled to curl into the fetal position. Letisha and Janice had to come over to help keep Chris down as tried with all his might to free their hold on him. His balls were on fire from Jamie’s blow. Colleen grabbed his balls in her hands and squeezed tightly trying to get Chris to lay still. Chris finally lay back down as Letisha and Janice held down his arms and Jamie and Sasha once again held his legs apart.

“Ok, it’s almost time to go,” said Colleen with a frown. “Everyone get their last shots in until next time. Fawn, lead us off,” said Colleen as she stepped aside. Fawn took a few steps back and eyed her target. She took two steps towards Chris and unleashed a strong kick between his legs. Chris yelled and struggled to move but with four girls restraining him he had a hard time to try to free himself.

Fawn took her place as Letisha got up and walked towards his legs. She lifted her leg up and stomped her sneaker down onto his balls causing Chris’ legs to shake.

Letisha then took her place on Chris’ arms and Janice took her spot between his legs. Janice bent down and punched Chris in the balls hard as tears started to well in Chris’ eyes.

Sasha was already holding his leg so she just reached over and nailed him in the balls with her fist. Chris yelled as the tears now rolled down his face.

Jamie was next and she stood up and put her heel on his bare balls. Her heel pressed down on his balls as she grinded it in. Chris was screaming in pain so Sasha went over to his face and covered his mouth with her hands. After a few more seconds Jamie released her heel and stepped back. Chris breathed a sigh of relief but that was short-lived as she unleashed a vicious kick with her pointy shoe into his balls. Chris turned over in pain and faced the floor. No girl was going to restrain him this time. He rolled around the floor in pain grasping his balls to see if they were still there.

“Wow, nice shot Jame,” said Janice as the girls were impressed by the strength of her kick. Chris cried out loud as the girls giggled and laughed at him.

“Ok girls, that’s enough for tonight, we’ll see you all next week.” The girls, satisfied about their lesson, gathered their bags and went home.

Colleen walked over to Chris and bent down. “They still there?” she asked half-concerned. Chris wanted to tell her off but being that he couldn’t really speak he just nodded his head. “Good, cause we’re going on our hot date tonight,” said Colleen as she stroked his hair with his fingers. “And wait till you see my outfit!” whispered Colleen seductively as she got up and walked towards her gym bag.

Part 9: The Hot Date

Colleen excused herself from the room to go change. Chris made it to his feet finally, but was still doubled over in pain. He put on his boxers and wind pants and checked to see if he suffered any permanent damage at the hands of the self defense class. Seeing considerable swelling again, he was worried. Although he was more worried about how his manhood would respond to Colleen’s “hot” outfit.

A few minutes later Colleen walked in and Chris’ jaw dropped to the floor. She was wearing a silky chemise pink low cut top that showed off ample cleavage and a tight, cling to your body black mini skirt with black tights and black just below the knee patent leather 3” heel boots.

“How do I look?” said Colleen with a giggle as she did a twirl. Chris tried not to visibly drool as he felt signs of life from his battered groin. She walked towards him confidently as Chris stood there in shock. She placed her hand on his chest and slowly drew her fingers down his chest and stomach. She looked at him in the eyes and smiled widely. Slowly she reached for and grabbed his balls in her hand. Chris sighed a deep breath as his penis started to twitch in excitement at her delicate touch.

“Mmm, looks like someone still works,” said Colleen in her sexiest voice. Chris just nodded and tried not to get too excited, but with her fingers tracing his growing erection that was easier said than done. Suddenly Colleen removed her fingers and shot her knee up into his balls sending Chris crashing to the floor at her feet. Chris let out a loud scream as the blow caught him completely off guard. Colleen laughed wickedly as she tapped her boot on the ground impatiently.

“Get up Chris,” said Colleen half serious/half trying not to laugh at his plight. Chris was in terrible pain as his balls were already swollen from the beating he took at the self-defense class. Colleen bent down and pulled him up by his hair. Chris got to one knee and Colleen removed her hand and slapped him across the face hard sending Chris crashing back to the floor.

“Aaah!” he screamed in pain as his cheek stung from the blow.

“That’s for taking your time getting up,” said Colleen. “Now why don’t you just be a good boy and lay down on your back for me,” said Colleen. Chris quickly obliged, fearing another hard slap from Colleen.

Colleen slowly walked around Chris with a powerful strut. “Do you like my outfit tonight?” asked Colleen knowing full well his response. Before he even answered Colleen stood off to his side and placed her boot on his chest. “I’m the hottest girl you’ve ever seen, right?” said Colleen as she slowly traced her boot down his stomach and over his crotch. Chris’ penis instantly started to swell at the touch of her boot tracing his crotch back and forth. “Well I’ll give you a choice,” said Colleen as she could sense he was starting to get erect beneath his wind pants. “We can either go out to dinner tonight and maybe if you’re lucky I’ll give you a goodnight kiss.” Colleen pushed her foot back and forth slowly on his growing erection as Chris bit his lip to listen. “Or I can finish you off right here and we skip dinner,” said Colleen as she smiled sensing his erection getting larger.

“Before you decide, there’s a catch,” said Colleen as she removed her foot and bent down. She took down his wind pants leaving his erection sticking straight out. She wrapped her fingers around his penis and pumped up and down slowly. “If I finish you off now, it’s gonna cost you,” said Colleen as her fingers worked there way up and down his shaft. “If I make you cum, you will be my slave for the entire year,” said Colleen as she ran her fingers slowly around the head of his penis making Chris moan in pleasure. “Whenever you’re not with Katie, you’ll be catering to my every need...and I do mean every,” said Colleen as she leaned over and wrapped her lips around his penis. Chris was in shock as Colleen worked her mouth slowly up and down his erection with relative ease. She was definitely a professional when it came to pleasuring a man.

After a few seconds Colleen released her mouth and licked her lips. “Not bad huh?” said Colleen as Chris’ mouth was wide open. He couldn’t believe she had just done that to him, but to Colleen it was all about displaying her incredible power over him. She wrapped her fingers around his cock again and stroked up and down as fast as she could. Chris moaned loudly in pleasure as his penis started throbbing.

“You’ll take me on shopping sprees, expensive dinners, treat me to the salon and pamper me whenever and wherever I need pampering,” said Colleen matter-of-factly as she continued to pump his erection up and down rapidly. Chris tried to control himself but he felt the cum building within his erection. Colleen knew he was almost there and she slowed her hands down. After a few more pumps she removed her hands and sat down besides him. She stuffed his erection back into his wind pants and stood up.

Chris was breathing heavily as Colleen looked down at his seductively. She lifted her skirt up to show him she wasn’t wearing any underwear and slowly placed her booted foot on his crotch. She grinded her boot down onto his erection while she playfully ran her fingers up her stockinged thighs under her skirt. Colleen moaned as she stroked her own crotch while she continued to grind her boot and heel into Chris’ groin. Chris was ready to explode any second as he couldn’t believe what Colleen was doing. Colleen moaned louder and louder as her fingers moved faster and faster. Chris stared at her pleasuring herself and it only made his erection pulse faster. Colleen pushed down hard with her heels back and forth across his balls as she moaned loud and flipped her long blond hair back. She barely even noticed that Chris was starting to cum in his pants at the pressure of her boot on his crotch. After a few more seconds Colleen removed her hands from her skirt.

“Sorry, got carried away there,” blushed Colleen as she fixed her hair around her face. “Where were we? Oh, so what have you decided Chris?” asked a flustered Colleen as she kept her boot firmly embedded in his crotch.

“Um....I...think you already made the choice for me,” said an exhausted Chris in a soft tone as he was still cumming beneath her foot.

“What??” said Colleen in surprise as she noticed her pointy heel was still embedded in his groin. “Really? You don’t say. First time I’ve ever done that,” said a surprised Colleen as she bent down and removed Chris’ wind pants. Cum was still oozing out of his penis. Colleen laughed. “Well I guess you’re my slave now,” said Colleen happily stood back up. Suddenly she kicked him viciously in his penis with the pointy toe of her boot. Chris screamed loudly at her unexpected and vicious blow.

“Next time you wait till I tell you to cum... slave,” laughed Colleen as she turned around and grabbed her bag. Chris rolled on the floor in pain as she left a mark on his penis with her hard kick. “I’ll be needing you in a day or two so heal yourself up,” said Colleen as she blew him a kiss and walked out the door.


Anonymous said...

One of the, if not the greatest ballbusting stories I've ever read. I never wanted it to end. Please write more!

Anonymous said...

I have read it around 10 times...please write what happened after Tuesday night...