Thursday, November 1, 2007

Overtime at the Office (part 2)

By sag

It was Friday noon. John finally showed up at work. He was limping and once in a while he had to stop and catch his breath. He noticed there are a few men around. Mostly he would see women going back and fort. Some of them say hi and some of them giggle when they saw him. ‘Could Rosa make this public?’ he thought to himself. He went to his cubical, Sat down slowly. A secretary girl was passing.

“Hey John. Rosa wants you in her office.”

“Who me? I didn’t do anything. I swear.”

“Okay, it is not the first time you screwed up the weekly reports.”

He wiped the cold sweat of his forehead. He acted prematurely. He got off his chair with the same slow motion again and went to her office. He knocked and entered while his legs were shivering.

“Come in Johnny.”

“H… Hi.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I haven’t told anyone except Linda… and Nadia, pearl, Maria, and…”

She went on and on for a while naming almost all women in the office. John didn’t know what to say.

“Oh please I can’t go to jail. It... It was an accident. I will do whatever you want. Name it. Anything…”

“Anything? Well, I might be able to arrange something. Of course you have to do something for all the girls that I told them about you last night. For now, I want you to get on your knees and start kissing my foot.”

He held her cute sexy feet in his hands and started to kiss them. Her pantyhose were very soft and silky. He started to grow in his pants.

“It appears you liked my foot in pantyhose last night. They liked you too. Well, mostly they liked your nuggets. Man, they are soft and vulnerable. When I grabbed your groin last night I got your dick and balls at the same time. You were growing big last night. I guess you are not capable of that today or maybe never. Let’s see.”

She pushed him with her foot on his back and sat down on him. Her soft and warm ass in pantyhose and stirrup leggings were setting him on fire. She reached down his pants and opened his belt and Took down his shorts. His nuts were red and swollen. But to her surprise his dick was straight as an arrow. Rosa felt all her kicks and grabs were almost for nothing.

“You dirty dog. You still get an erection? You were supposed to be harmless according to the book. Well, I think I have to be satisfied with hurting those red nuts of yours.”

Suddenly the door opened. It was Linda. She was wearing the shortest miniskirt John had ever seen and her legs were shining in her tan pantyhose. The skirts were so loose and soft and so short that john could see Linda’s g-string dividing her big ass to two. She said hi and hugged and kissed Rosa. For a second their legs went between each other’s. Something was going on there. John’s dick was hitting the roof almost. Linda approached john that was on his knees with his dick straight up and his swollen nuts. She put her sexy feet in pantyhose under his nuts and lifted them. John moaned in pain and pleasure. She played with his dick too and she started to laugh nervously.

Rosa, have you thought of something that he can do to make it up to all the women he insulted last night?”

“Yes, but I can’t tell in from of him.” They whispered in each other’s ears and giggled.

“Okay Johnny. It has been decided. You are going to make a formal apology today in front of all the women of the office in the gym. We saved you some of the embarrassment by giving all other men, a day off today.”

“I will do whatever you want. Please. Not that.”

“Sorry Johnny. My mind is made up. At 2:00 PM be ready at the gym or we will come after you with police. Women police that is. We have people in the force that keep you in the jail and have fun with your balls as long as they want.”

“Ok, ok I will do it. No more ball busting please. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Oh, little baby’s balls hurt. Oh, well. Maybe one more.”

Linda and Rosa grabbed his hands and lifted him up. Then they spread his legs apart and kicked him in the balls one at a time. He was jumping up and down like a rabbit. Those soft silky feet in pantyhose weren’t so soft now. Several kicks got his dick and he was ready to shoot. Linda noticed that and stopped. Sharply, she grabbed his balls and squeezed. And with the other hand she grabbed the tip of his dick, digging her nails in. He screamed in pain like a girl and his voice went high.

“Wait. Just kill his erection. Remember, we need him up and about for this afternoon,” said Rosa.

“Yeah you are right. Well you got lucky. I was going to pop your balls. Ha, ha, ha.”

Linda grabbed john’s head and gave him a big kiss of death then she left the room to go and arrange for john’s apology ceremony. Rosa pulled up his pants for him and helped him to the room back of her office. She put him on the bed and went to get some ice, she then pull off his pants again and put the pack on them. John let out a relief sigh out and relaxed. Rosa kind of liked the idea of holding something between a man’s legs, so she got a bit closer. A smile was on her lips and john noticed that. Their heads got closer and they started kissing. John’s hands were busy all over Rosa’s body. He had one hand on her thigh, feeling the smooth silky stirrup leggings she was wearing and the other hand was holding her chin. After a while his hands moved on her big ass and her huge boobs. That was when Rosa went mad a bit and showed that to him by pressing the ice pack hard on his balls. He squealed in pain and doubled over.

“Well, well. You just lost your place little boy. But that’s ok. A man crawling into a ball is turning me on.”

She pushed him back and took the ice pack off his balls. Then, she sat on the bed in front of him and put her feet in pantyhose on his dick and started to rub. He was jumping up and down. Her feet were hitting his balls a bit. His dick started to get bigger. She could feel the harm cum building up. At the right time, she let go of his dick and moved away. John with a humiliating effort followed her to have her finish the job. He grabbed her from the back and rubbed his cock against her ass in soft silky leggings. She suddenly kicked back and her heel caught him in the balls. He went down crying.

She turned back and said, “You think it is the first time I did that? I never let you cum.” John, holding his nuts in pain, looked at her with anger. She came close to give him more beating. Suddenly, john grabbed his own cock and jacked off. He pointed his dick toward Rosa. She screamed. But it was too late. She had to change her leggings. It was stained with his cum almost anywhere of her leggings. She rushed toward him to kill. Suddenly the door opened. Two hot girls came in with Linda.

“Its time,” said Linda. They grabbed John by his arms and Linda grabbed him by the balls from behind.

“You try something stupid; you know first thing you will feel is pain. So behave like a little good boy and do what mommy says.”

John’s dick was growing again. He tried to hide it from Rosa this time. She had to go to her rest room and change. They arrived at the conference room. Girls pushed him in. there was at least twenty hot girls in there. All were wearing 70’s style minis with pantyhose and high heels.

“Hi ladies. As you know this is john. Your department manager. He is here to make a formal apology to all the women in this office for the way he acted.”

John was pushed to the front. He put himself together. One look at those shoes and he knew what would happen if he doesn’t comply. So he started with a shivering voice and apologized. Then Linda pushed him away and said, “Well ladies, he is at your mercy. Do you accept his apology?”

They all screamed no… and laughed.

Linda said, “Well, you know what his punishment is.” The two girls again clamped him and pulled his legs apart with theirs. Each woman came to the front in a line. Each said what they hate about him and kicked him in the balls.

“Remember you reported me because I forgot to stable the report? It is pay back time.”


“Remember you wore cologne that I was allergic to? Here is what I did in my mind back then.”


“Remember you got me flowers for my birthday at the office. Well, I hate flowers.”


John couldn’t breathe anymore. He was red as a tomato. And so were his balls. He received twenty kicks and his balls jumped up from the blow every time with their sexy feet in high heels. At the end of the line Rosa was standing. She had changed into loose miniskirts and pantyhose with high heels. She came toward him with a sexy walk

“Well, well. I think it is time that I tell you why I have an urge to terminate you manhood. I don’t know where to begin. Remember you tried to rape me last night…”


“Remember you told on me when I left the office for my hair dresser?”


The list went on and on. Rosa got his balls with her high heel good. She then used her knee. Putting her hands on his shoulders, her knee crushed his balls against his pelvis. He let out a scream. All those other women were kicking him softly and none used their knee. The two other women let go of him. Rosa hugged him and kneed him again. Her soft silky pantyhose were hitting him in the balls and his dick. He couldn’t take it any more. Her grabbed on to Rosa like a boxer and held her knee between his legs by crossing his knees. Now her knee was on his cock and balls. He put his head on Rosa’s shoulder breathing heavily. His eyes were full of tears. Rosa wrapped her soft hands around his waist and put her head on his shoulder. John thought that’s it, and she has forgiven him.

“Please Rosa. Don’t destroy my balls. I love my balls. I want to be with you. I will do whatever you want. “


“Please no.”

“Remember once…”

“No, no please.”

“Remember I had a crush on you, but you went out with Suzan?”


She released her knee from his grip, put one step to the front and with the other leg kneed him square in the balls. The blow lifted him from the ground. He collapsed on his back. He wasn’t holding his balls anymore. Rosa, Linda and the two other girls approached him. They spread his legs apart. His dick was standing and there was an empty sac under it.

“Ouch, you put him out of commission. He is not a man anymore.”

“Well, let’s see. “

Linda poured cold water on his face from a flask on the table. He came to. John was moaning and crying. He reached down his nuts and felt that they were gone.

“Please, get me to a doctor. I am begging you.”

“Listen you piece of shit. I will help you. But after that you are my bitch. I expect you to do whatever I say.”

“Yes ma’am. Please call a doctor. It might be too late. I can’t feel my balls.”

“Oh, you are going to feel something.”

Rosa took her shoes off and pressed on his belly hard. His nuts shoot back into his scrotum. He jumped up in pain and shouted holding his nuts and fainted again.

One of the girls said, “Oh, I ‘m gonna miss his screams in high voices. Now that he is your bitch we have to find somebody else in the office to have fun with.”

“No, you can always borrow him for the night,” said Rosa.

“Ooh, thanks. If you want we can trick my boyfriend the same way. It has been so long that I wanted to teach him a lesson about girl power.”

“Sounds good.”

The girls left the building telling each other ball busting their experiences and laughing, while John was lying on the ground with his pants down wondering how long it would take for him to recover and get an erection again.

The End

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