Monday, November 19, 2007

Pizza Place

By tirsomaly1979

My name is Shawn. I work at a Rich's Pizza in Salem, Oregon. Rich's is owned by a man named Rich but he is never there. He pays Jill and Brandy to run the place. They are my managers. I have worked for Jill and Brandy for five years and I still get paid minimum wage. I want to quit but I'm too afraid. Jill and Brandy are mean to me. I will tell you some examples of things they have done to me. I close the restaurant seven nights a week, and if my closes aren't perfect they punish me.

Once when I did floors I left some water on the ground and I came into work the next day as always. I work 9am to close which is anywhere from 9pm to midnight. But I’m only allowed to get paid for forty hours a week or less if I'm bad.

Anyways, when I came into work Jill was there. She yelled at me, "Why the fuck is there water left on the floor? You know I don't have time to clean up after you. I'm gonna teach you a lesson. Take off your pants!" I took off my pants and Jill grabbed my nuts.

"I've got you now asshole! I'm gonna fuck up your nuts for that shabby close!" She made a finger ring behind my balls, placing my taut nuts on the cold metal counter. She made her other hand into a fist and puckered her lips with a mocking kiss before slamming her knuckles down with my balls crushed between her fist and the counter. She pulled away instantly to increase the shock to my balls.

"I'd say you need about six punches for that close wouldn't you?"


"Don't disagree with me!" My balls were already burning and writhing with pain from the first punch but she unmercifully brought down her fist again.

"TWO! Kinda tingles a little doesn't it?" she teases, giggling, as I begin to feel nauseous. She slams down her fist again. This time it felt like her ring punctured my left nut. My head swelled.

"This is fun!" She punched my jewels again and I started to cry.

"Poor little pussy. Can't handle the consequences of a bad close? Maybe you should put more effort forward if this is too much for you; you only have three more punches to go, so just hang in there."

"FOUR!" My whole body was aching now. The pulsation of pain had developed into a rapid beat.

"You’re WEAK! You fucking pussy! I should cut off your teeny-weeny penis right now and save you the embarrassment of trying to pretend to be a man."

"FIVE!" I started to go numb.

"Are you starting to feel it now sweetie?"

"SIX!" She let go and I fell down to with my face on the ground close to the water that I left on the floor.

"Now lick up that water or I'll cut off your dick and chew up your balls. Oh yeah, this is for disagreeing with me about the punishment." She kicked me hard, the toe of her shoe crushing my swollen balls into my pelvis and shoving my face into the water.

"Lick it up numb nuts! I want that floor dry or your balls are as good as pancakes.” I licked up all the water and worked the rest of the day with swollen balls.

I will continue these stories as long as I can hopefully for a while, sorry about the past-tense present-tense mix-up I was just too lazy to fix it and give me any suggestions you have, thank you.

CAST of My pizza stories –

Shawn: busted crew member

Jill: Manager

Brandy: Manager

Heather: bitch co-worker

Kelly: strict co-worker

Julia: shy co-worker

Sarah: egotistical co-worker

Rich: owner

Anonymous male workers that are inconsequential to the story: ah, that’s it

These stories are based upon fictional characters. No copyrights held feel free to use this story as you will. I don't give a fuck.

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