Friday, November 9, 2007

The Rain

By stockings

A few weeks ago I was driving along a busy road taking my daughter to a party. On the pavement was a fantastic looking woman, around 30, wearing a short skirt, tan stockings and black sling-back court shoes with 4" stiletto heels. She looked so good I even turned my head while driving to maximize the time I could look at her.

It took me around fifteen minutes to continue the drive to the party during which it rained very heavily. Having dropped off my daughter I started my journey home and as I approached the road where I had seen the lady, my thoughts turned to the possibility of seeing her again. Unfortunately there was no sign of her. I approached my turn-off and took the corner quite fast… whoosh! I drove straight through a giant puddle created by the rain. What's more, when I glanced to the pavement, there was the woman all soaking wet from what I had done.

As someone who always hoped to be in a situation where he might be confronted by an angry woman who would kick him in the balls, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Indeed, her pointed toe sling-back shoes were not only very sexy but also deadly. Thus, instead of driving off I decided to stop, get out of the car and see what developed.

As I approached the woman I decided the best action was to plant the idea in her mind of revenge and how kicking me in the balls might be a good way of achieving it. I therefore started to say, “Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, look how wet you are! Please don't be angry and do something silly like kick me in the balls. Please let me drive you home. "

A wicked smile flashed over her wet face. She started pushing and said, “So you are sorry are you? Well, you have ruined my evening and so now I am going to ruin yours!" With that she drew her right leg back and kicked me full force in the balls. The pain was unreal but wonderful. I slumped to the pavement in the fetal position re-living the fantastic sight of her tan stocking legs and feet in those deadly but sexy shoes smashing into my balls. Yes, I could have dodged the kick (I knew it was coming) but my plan had worked perfectly. I heard the click-clack of her stiletto heels as she ran away down the road. I must have lain on the pavement another ten minutes before crawling back to my car and slowly driving home. My balls were very swollen and bloody for days. Then came the bruising and only now do they seem to be back to about normal. The pain lasted about a week but was a wonderful reminder of an incident I will treasure always.

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