Thursday, November 29, 2007


By Wizard

Chapter One: Class Dismissed!

Today is my favorite day: Initiation of new recruits. I’ve been looking forward to this one for about three months now. I am so worked up I get WET just thinking about it! It’s fun to work with the guys; it’s fun to work the guys over; it’s fun to beat the guys; it’s fun to graduate the guys. But, though it must be obvious that I love this line of work, I still get the biggest thrill from this day. There is just something about the look on their faces; something about how they behave that is absolutely the most.

I want to get right on with the action, but I’d better at least tell you who I am. My name is Rose (like the flower, NOT Rosy). I am 32 years old, stand 5’ 9” in my bare feet, weigh 130 (a lot of which is muscle, thank you), have fair hair and could hold my own in a beauty pageant. I run the Real World Defense School and I like to specialize in all-male classes. I could do nothing without my two assistants, both younger than me. Tamara is tall, busty, leggy and with masses of dark hair, and to contrast her there is “Stitch” Jaqi. Jaqi is tiny, with an angular face and short-cut blond hair with almost non-existent breasts (but fabulous nipples) and a few discreet tattoos. I know this for a fact because Jaqi got her nickname because she prefers not to wear a stitch. She is always the first to strip for the shower, to change, to go swimming – any excuse and even no excuse at all! Her preferred attire as my assistant was a thong bikini, which she could get away with because she was so slight that she could perform any and all gymnastics without parts of her going astray. This is very useful when working with a bunch or horny males – they have to learn to counter distraction! Tamara, on the other hand, would simply come flying out of her bikini top as soon as we started any exercises, so she was normally dressed up in a tracksuit affair. We saved the skimpy outfits for real emergencies. My preference was for slinky workout suits that kept everything nicely in place while not restricting movement.

My new class was ready. There stood fifteen men of all shapes, sizes and walks of life. They needed some self defense instruction for sure. Not all men know how to fight, you know, and since my class advertised itself as being women-taught it did tend to bring out some of the more timid examples. I was still a skeptic, but I had heard that some men actually LIKED a woman to hit them in the privates – their testicles to be exact. If so, then they would certainly get a turn-on on this class, for as women we found a man’s testes to be an irresistible and very effective target, and we were always thinking up new methods of attack. Having seen the effect of a good groin strike on hundreds of men I failed to see how they could be turned on since most I managed to render unconscious, many with a single blow! In fact instructing this class was the very best way I knew of to practice such blows against a wide variety of men. Believe me, if ever a man is foolish enough to assault me physically, I’ll know exactly what to do! The funny thing was, even after taking this class most men were still highly vulnerable to an attack from a female upon the male organs. I guess they just can’t resist flaunting their genitals at a female – luckily for us girls!

In the lineup there were also some youngsters who I suspected were “victims” of the increased attendance by women in martial arts and defense training. I looked them over, gave them the usual speech and then got right down to business – the inspection! As I moved over to inspect their attire Tamara and Jaqi joined me. I checked over my first recruit. Cocky young brat, I thought. I grabbed his genitals and gently squeezed. He caught his breath beautifully. I love that reaction. Hmmm, nice! Cocky indeed!

Before I get carried away with my inspection, I should explain here that “Real World” means no protection, and we had to check all our new class to be sure there were no jocks or cups in evidence. I moved to the next recruit. He was not so well equipped and I had to grope around a bit to be certain. Meanwhile Tami and Stitch had started in the middle and at the end of the line. I heard a squeal and looked up. It was well hidden, but I knew that had to be Jaqi. She tended to be a bit rough in these inspections.

“Gotta toughen them up,” she would say like she was a Sergeant-Major at boot camp. I suppressed a giggle. You have to maintain a very professional demeanor in this first class so you didn’t frighten anyone off. I moved to the next in line. This guy was older than me and soft looking. I was surprised ‘cos there was no way I could get one hand round his nuts. I groped and felt and squeezed and he just stood there smiling and then I remembered I had the rest to check. Did I tell you I loved Day One? Next I had a cheater – this hard lump had to be a cup! Ooops! No it wasn’t. My turn to be embarrassed. Eventually I would get their names, but for now I loved the anonymous grope of it all! Fifteen new bodies and I had a great excuse to grope them good!

I don’t know if they noticed or not, but instead of dividing them up between the three of us they each got a grope from me, a fondle from Tami, and a good hard squeeze from Stitch! Ah heck, they’d have been just plain dumb not to notice, but then you never can tell how well a man thinks when his nuts are in your hand! Let’s just say we three girls just got carried away. Oh all right, I confess. We ALWAYS do it, OK? It turns us on. If anyone gets too frisky, well we know how to handle that also, but honestly I believe they like it too. Everyone is all smiles that first day.

I’m going to skip the boring parts where everyone is introduced, etc. Typical first day stuff. Then we got to the test. I explained carefully that the test would demonstrate to them the real reason that they needed a course such as this. I lined them up ready to enter the test room one by one and went off to prepare myself. The purpose of this test was to show them how they had to be able to deal with the unexpected and the only thing we told them was that they had to defend themselves.

The first one stepped into the test room. Big guy. Steve was his name, I think. Whatever he expected it was not the sight of me, totally nude, standing before him. As he goggled at me open mouthed I swung my leg up between his in a powerhouse kick and the big guy crumpled instantly to be dragged groaning from the room by my assistants. Not so big now! One down; fourteen to go. Easy!

I buzzed the door and the next contestant entered the room, all funny growls and noises like he was in a Kung Fu movie. I stepped out from behind a screen and his noises stopped dead. The look on his face was so comical I danced around a bit to tease him. His eyes followed my bouncing breasts, but then a subtle change in his expression warned me he was on to my game! Not to worry. I faked a punch to his face and when he raised his arms to ward me off I let him have it straight up his scrotal sack full force! He was pretty small and almost went flying through the air! I had to grab him to let him down gently. I couldn’t remember this one’s name but he was out cold. Nice to know I still had the touch! Next!

A gorgeous hunk, six foot plus, muscled, handsome. I know, a cliché, but I can’t help myself. Unfortunately he was also gay, judging by his non-reaction to my sleek naked form. I’m not prejudiced! He’ll get his nuts flattened just like all the others! I used my special “man-stopper” on him. It really is simple! First a good solid front kick right in the gonads, then when he bends over in pain I grab his neck under my arm and ram my knee up into his helpless balls as hard as can, lifting him off the ground. I’ve got him firmly around the neck so he can’t get away and I can do it again and again until he is too limp for me to hold up and then I let him slump to the ground like a rag doll. Yeah! Girl-power! No man has revived sooner than 30 minutes after this one. Check it out on your man, girls!

I was smiling and sweating after that one and in rushes Lee, the Chinese gent. He doesn’t stop rushing and despite his rather small size barrels right into me knocking me off my feet. He lands on top of me with both hands smashing my breasts. I’m still buzzed from taking down blondie and Lee gets to feel my tight nipples. I let him play for moment and then suddenly he realizes what’s up (and so do I) and turns a bright pink. I have no choice but to use my thighs and he turns a beetroot red! I tip him off me and he’s still awake, if rather a funny color. A tit man! He’s still trying to reach over a cop a feel so I let him have with hammer fists right where he lies. Wow. I cannot begin to describe the rush I feel when I lie next to a man and render him totally helpless with just a swing of my arm to his balls. I watch the look of agony on his face as I hit him once more, pounding the contents of his scrotum and trying to drive them through the floor. Tami pulled me away and back to earth so Jaqi could pull Lee into the cool down room. Tami looks deep into my eyes. I can see her thinking – is she getting over excited? Then she smiles as she realizes, yes! OK, I’ll freely admit it turns me on. We all get off on something, right?

Next! Young, athletic, hard body and hard on when he sees me! I’m rather flattered and don’t notice that Tami is still here. She reaches between his legs from behind, gets a great grip on his danglers through the thin exercise pants he is wearing, and suddenly jerks back and up! One minute he is standing before me and the next he is flat on his face! (Good job we have mats or his nose would be broken!) I go over and complain to Tami, casually kicking him between his legs when he moves. Ohh! I can clearly feel each individual testicle rolling in his ample scrotum! I stick my bare foot between his legs again and begin to shudder as I roll his balls over the ground with my foot. I start to gasp and he starts to rise to his feet! I swing my leg and deliver an almighty kick to his nuts waiting patiently exposed between his thighs. He goes head over heels! I gasp with an orgasm! Tami drags him off and lays me down behind a screen, still shuddering. What a great crop of recruits we have this year!

I get the youngster next – is this one even out of high school? I wasn’t ready – Tami has let him in too early and I drift back down to earth to find him staring at my body lying spread-eagled on the mat. The sight is too much for him and his equipment is in his hands! He wasn’t meant to see this much I thought as his gaze seemed to penetrate right up my pussy! Oh well, at least I get a chance to practice my ground fighting, I thought, as I kicked up with first one foot then the other smack! into his naked testicles! He sprayed me liberally with his cum before he suc-cum-bed to my best ball beating. Damned youngsters I thought as I hastily toweled off. Get a grip Rose! I would have to keep an eye on this one.

I have no idea who was next – it all happened in a haze. A man was thrust into the room, I stepped out to taunt and distract him with my glorious naked form. He hardly had time to ogle me before I kicked as hard and high as I could and thus dispatched them with brutal efficiency. I was gasping slightly as he groaned, lying balled up on the floor clutching his aching balls, but it wasn’t from exertion.

I was feeling mellower so when Sam came in and flushed bright red at finding me naked – well he did just happen to catch me bending over and caught an eyeful of my rounded ass and throbbing pussy lips - I couldn’t resist teasing him. I slowly undulated towards him, watching him as his eyes devoured my body. I stood before him, legs parted, shoulders back and head held high to thrust my breasts out to maximum advantage. I slowly rubbed my hands over my body, squeezing my buttocks, caressing my thighs, my belly button, cupping my breasts and gently massaging them, teasing and brushing my erect nipples.

His pants were now bulging out in front so I sidled up to him and whispered “Looks like I need to check you again for a cup,” and gently ran my fingers across his crotch. “Hmm,” I said. “Is this all you?”

“Y-y-y-yes,” he stammered, his erection straining in his pants.

“I’m not so sure,” I purred, “mind if I verify?”

“V-v-v-v-v…” he started to ask as I deftly unzippered his fly. His dick popped out like it was on a spring, but I ignored it and got my thumb and forefinger clamped around his scrotum, feeling the weight of his balls, rolling them a little but maintaining a good grip.

I bounced his testicles in my hand, looking at him straight in his eyes and with a serious face asked him, “You sure these (squeeze) aren’t padded? Huh?” (Squeeze)

“N-n-n-n (squeeze) ah! N-n-n-n (Squeeze) Uh! (Squeeze) Nooo!”

“Good,” I said, as I relaxed my grip and smiled sweetly at him. I did not release his balls, however. “Come here,” I said, smiling still, tugging at his nicely captured testicles. “I want you to touch me,” I pouted, guiding his hand to my breasts. Hesitantly at first he gently touched and rubbed my breasts. I gave him some encouragement by tugging and squeezing simultaneously, and he gasped but started to squeeze my breasts together and pinch my nipples. “Do you feel them?” I asked.

“Oh yes!” He smiled, pre-cum slowly oozing from the tip of his throbbingly erect penis. I increased the pressure on his scrotum, positioning his fat nuts perfectly as I gently brought my thigh up into his balls. “Ooof!” he went, which was satisfying but not nearly enough.

“Do you feel them?” I asked again, but with my terms of reference obviously shifted from my breasts to his testicles.

“Y-y-y…” he started to reply when I let him have it again, whacking those balls into the palm of my hand with a satisfying whump! He tried to double over in a reflex reaction but this caused him further pain as I still had a firm grasp on him! I tugged and let him have it again with the thigh, calmly watching his expression as his body tried to jerk away from me and I tugged him back. This was fun!

“P-p-Please stop kneeing me!” he cried. I couldn’t resist.

“That was NOT my knee,” I told him. “This is!”

“Aaaaahh!” he gasped and I had to wait a moment before he could speak again. “J-just please stop with the leg, O-O-K?” he pleaded. I looked at him.

“Sure thing,” I said, and punched him, smashing his balls between my two hands. He slumped on me. I tried to hold him up using my grip around his scrotum but finally his testicles slipped through my fingers. His legs were apart on the ground, so I kicked him with my instep just out of spite.

Damn I was running out of time! I would have to hurry things up unfortunately. I was getting mightily turned on again and wondered how Tami and Stitch were getting on. Some guys get real angry at being taken down so easily by a chick which was why we positioned my helpers to keep all the men under control until my lesson was through. A swift hit by the girls to testicles that I had nicely pre-tenderized to maximum sensitivity for them seemed to quiet them down in a hurry. Two aching and throbbing balls somehow seemed to take up their attention until we were ready to deal with them on our terms. Actually, I suppose we were already dealing with them on our terms – it certainly wasn’t theirs! I sometimes wondered what on earth we would do if we ran this class for women. How the heck would we control them?

My next recruit arrived. I casually walked up to him and hammer-fisted his balls. I passed him as he bent over, positioning his targets nicely for the leg which I threw up on him from behind, crushing his testicles easily into his own body. I laughed! It was really so easy it could get boring I mused as he was dragged groaning from the room.

Next up was Pete. Pete was medium everything – medium height, weight, features, genitals. He was also so keyed up that he sprang into the room ready to fight. I’m not even sure my nakedness fazed him, which always seems to piss me off! Well, he was untrained, that’s for sure. He swung at me wildly and I blocked and grabbed his arm even as he was swinging his other arm, which I also grabbed. Suddenly he became aware that he was standing before one very naked, very pissed female. And I held both arms. I took advantage of his sudden attention to my nakedness – I just love using my body as a weapon – and before he twisted or kicked I made my move. First I rocked him from side to side, his eyes fixed on my swaying breasts even as he widened his stance for balance. I had him right where I wanted him now! I rock pretty good and he had had to spread his legs nice and wide to keep from getting knocked down, leaving me with great access! Oh, I’m just too good at this! (Any girls out there want lessons? I’d love to share my techniques.) I was treated to a delightful “deer in the headlights” look as a sudden awareness of his vulnerability before me came over him. Too late! I kicked high and lifted him from the ground and lashed out with my other foot which was still going up as he was coming down. Crunch! Even I felt that one! I wanted to have another round with him, but he was out of commission. God I’m glad I’m not a man!

A word here on kicking technique. I prefer to connect with my shin, when at all possible. My feet and ankles are saved the repeated blows and that chore is taken up by hard bone! The only disadvantage I can see is that my shin bone is narrower than the ball of my foot, but at the force with which I kicked it really didn’t matter if I hit one or two. Want proof? Outside the exit I now had a pile of ten groaning men lying on the floor. I could tell you that it’s not a power trip that one little old naked female had produced this dramatic effect – but I’d be lying! I loved it! And guys, get this. I could do ten more just as easily! Tami and Stitch were not left out in the cold either. Any man foolish enough to get to his feet too early was put firmly in his place by a hard thigh from my assistants. Yeah, I know the knee is bonier but it can be dislocated so easily. I teach my assistants to use the bone of their thighs to great effect! Of course, they were free to improvise if necessary as long as the men were kept in line.

Things must have been slow out there because Tami came in and I could tell by the look on her face that she was dying to let it rip. I sighed and told her she could have the next guy. How I pitied him! In he walked, all swagger and show, his ponytail bobbing and his cute blue eyes scanning the room. He stood before Tami, arms crossed, legs slightly parted. I cringed. He was making this much too easy for Tami. He must like her, I decided, and reminded myself to get his name.

“So, what’s up?” he asked.

“We test the surprise factor,” she replied. She called me out from behind the screen and I obliged, really hamming it up for her. He turned his head and took a good, long look up and down my body. I know as a woman I’m not supposed to like this treatment, but you know what? I was loving it! Tami didn’t strike then as I expected. I saw her hand go down to her crotch while he was distracted.

“Very nice,” he said to me and then turned back to her, “but I’m not really surprised. A body THAT good should be on display. So what’s the surprise? Give it to me!”

I cringed at the cliché, but Tam was all smiles as she said, “Gladly” and delicately flicked the ball of her foot into his balls.

He jumped and his mouth formed a little ‘o’, but he recovered and straightened up and the smile came back to his face. “Ya got me!” he exclaimed. “For a second there I thought you were going to flatten my gonads!” I couldn’t believe the “balls” of this guy! He still stood squarely before Tami who had just kicked his nuts – albeit lightly – in the same inviting stance.

Tami got a little twinkle in her eye. “Do you want me too?” she asked demurely. He paused a moment as if sizing her up.

“Aw,” he said, sounding a little disappointed. “You wouldn’t dare.”

I expected her to floor him but Tami played him along a bit more. “Actually,” she said, all matter-of-factly, “I’d love to!” I couldn’t believe this was going down. I wanted to scream “kick him already, will ya!”

It was his turn to get a twinkle in his eye, as he spread his legs wider and thrust his groin out at her. “Come on then, let’s see what you got!” She swung her leg back and forth, teasing him. I could tell she liked this, but he just stood there like a pillar, waiting patiently. Finally she wound up an almighty kick and delivered it through his front door. He made no attempt to avoid it and I wondered at his will power. She slammed it up between his legs and the impact drove him back, but he stayed standing.

“Is that it?” he started to say, when suddenly his face distorted, then his butt thrust back and his legs splayed at his knees and his eyes went crossed. A long high groan came out of his mouth and he stamped one foot on the floor. He started to gasp and he spun around clutching his hands to his nicely pulverized testicles. Tami and I looked at each other and couldn’t help but giggle.

He managed to get his voice under control and enthusiastically exclaimed “Hoo-weee! Not bad at ALL!” and managed to resume his position before a laughing Tami. “Can ya do it again, or was that all ya got?”

Tami got in real close, and stroked his cheek, playing him along. “I don’t want to hurt you,” she lied, savoring his disappointed look for just a moment before smashing her knee between his legs. She just managed to dodge aside to avoid getting head-butted and he got a mouthful of her ample tit. I think it must have hurt ‘cos she rammed him again, lifting him off the ground. He was fighting to keep control, but his legs had given way under her brutal assault. He knelt on the ground, gasping lungfulls of air then forcing his head to rise. I noticed he kept his knees apart, however. Shit, he probably couldn’t close them around those aching, Tami-crushed testicles! It was a mistake to do that with her, however. She came forward and stepped full on his balls, grinding them into the floor. He slumped and I thought he was a goner, but he didn’t keel over. He could not keep his head up though and curled forward, preventing her from stepping again. His ass rose in the air, however, and Tami calmly stepped behind him and kicked him from the rear into his newly exposed rear door. He fell forward and his head hit the mat. Tami was loving it! He still didn’t keel over and she had easy access and took full advantage, kicking him so hard he rolled head over balls. Finally he was lying still, but amazingly with a smile on his face. I looked at Tami. She was so turned on she glowed!

Another guy came in looking like he had just started college. He took a good eyeful of me and then looked around the room smiling. “Where’s the camera?” he asked. “This must be candid camera, right?”

“No,” I said, getting bored, “this is funniest videos.”

“Whooah,” he said. “What’s so funny?”

“Naked woman kicks man in groin,” I stated. “That’ pretty fuckin’ hilarious.” His smile slipped a bit, and he looked at me carefully. I smiled back and wiggled my ass at him. Then my smile slipped too, and he slipped his hands down to protest his precious jewels.

“Uh, is that why you checked us out earlier for cups?” he asked.

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous! I would never do that to a guy,” I said, shaking my head from side to side in such a way as make my breasts swing. Along with tits I gave him my best smile. He relaxed some and his hands slowly moved away from his crotch. Suddenly I faked an attack on his tightened testicles and he instantly bent in the middle and shot his hands down again. Cruelly I laughed at him.

“Look at you!” I said. He glared at me for a moment then relaxed a little. “What’s your name?” I asked him.

Gary,” he managed to say.

“Okay Gary, this is funniest videos where a naked woman embarrasses the hell out of a guy.”

“Cool,” he said. “I’m not embarrassed, but I think you’re really beautiful.”

“You’re just saying that ‘cos I’m naked, Gary. You’re in college right? How many naked women do you get to see?”

“Well…” he started, but I cut him off.

“Come over here. How can you appreciate my beauty from over there? Now, how’s that for a nice pair of breasts, eh? You like breasts, Gary?” I taunted him, making sure to make them wobble nicely. “Feel them, Gary. Come on, don’t be shy. Feel my breasts. Hey! You said you weren’t embarrassed, right?” His hands came up and gently cupped and rubbed my tits, licking his lips suggestively. I slammed my thigh up into his now unprotected testicles as hard as I could.

“Now, THAT’S funny!” I told him. I somehow doubt he heard me however. He was hunched right over making funny noises. I thought he was done, but when I teasingly suggested he feel up my breasts again he suddenly came too and started stroking me again, rubbing and squeezing them gently. His tongue came close to licking them, so I slammed my thigh right between his legs again hard enough to drive his poor little testicles up into his throat! Unbelievable! His head kind of slumped between my breasts, and he rocked gently from side to side practically inhaling my soft breasts.

“More?” I asked.

“Mmmmm,” he mumbled between mouthfuls of breast, so I let him have it full force! I got in two more before he finally hit the deck with a big smile on his face. Incredible!

I made a mental count. Three more to go. Was I imagining it or were they getting tougher? Yikes, maybe they were, for I had a real large, muscled, bouncer type specimen before me. I was actually a bit scared ‘cos if he hit I’d wake up sometime next week. I kicked real quick and very nearly screwed it up. My force was off, my aim was off - even my access was not good. There was no way I could have really hurt him, but there he was curled up on the floor, 300 pounds of hibernating bear. Either he had the weakest balls of any man I had known or was faking it. Or maybe his woman had busted his balls good just last night making them very tender. Oh well, no time to wonder, here comes the next guy.

Tall, handsome, black (or African-American, if you prefer) and a big smile as he stared at my white (or European-American, if you prefer) ass. I smiled too, and you know what I did next! He, however, was totally unprepared and staggered back, hurt and annoyed (which was the whole point of the exercise, after all).

“Now, why d’ya do that?” he asked.

I, of course, played the innocent bitch for him. “Do what?” He didn’t answer so I kicked him again and asked, “Is that what you are talking about?” His eyes were bugging out of his face, but he didn’t answer, so I punched him in the balls, kneed him in the groin, kicked him in the testicles, grabbed his crotch, and hit him where it really hurt. “Any of these what you are looking for?” I laughed as he ran from the room! (And he looked so serious too. God I love this job!)

Last to come in was Dana. Kind of soft looking, Dana looked over my body, but didn’t seem that fascinated. “Another gay boy?” I thought to myself, so I acted immediately, walking slowly toward him with my head down as he looked around the room. Swing! Crunch! Splat! (Splat?) Dana was surprised, but not bent double or lying on the floor as I had expected. Maybe he was made of sterner stuff than I thought. I should have known something wasn’t quite right, but in the heat of the moment I felt my pride as a female defeater of males was in question.

Look, I don’t mean to brag but check out how easy it was to floor fourteen guys. Not only was this quite hilarious in itself but I would say it might just point to the superiority of females, don’t you think? OK, so it involved a little trickery, but really I get sick of men thinking they are the greatest all the time, when I can fix ‘em in a fight quite handily! (Hmm, this gives me an idea! But back to the story.)

Anyway, so I knee him and the force of the blow is enough to knock him down, but I’m not finished yet! I go to grab a-hold of his precious little jewel sack and the blasted thing is empty! Oh my God! I’ve burst his balls completely!

I felt a bit sick and could just imagine the lawsuits when Dana groaned, “Oh me cunt!” My ears pricked up. Cunt? Wait a minute! I reached into “his” pants and found a soggy mess of condoms and jelly. Oh my, we have a little F-to-M cross-dresser here. One who likes to stuff her pants with an artificial male “package” to fully appreciate the floppy bits that a man has to put up with between his legs, to encourage that swaggering walk as a guy’s balls rub between his legs! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – I just gaped at her in disbelief.

As I picked her up off the floor I asked her if she had ever kicked a guy between the legs and she answered, “Hell yeah, every chance I get! Maybe that’s part of being so fascinated with what a guy’s got down there.”

I’m not sure I got it. I’ll have to talk with her later. It was time to pack up so we headed into the cool down room to see how Tam and Stitch were fairing with my cast-offs.

Dana looked at the rolling, groaning, ball-hugging crowd and turned to me with awe in her eyes. “Did you bust them all?” she asked me?

“You bet!” I replied. “Cool, huh?” Her eyes sparkled, thinking of all those throbbing, aching male “packages”, no doubt.

“Man, I might just like a job like that!” she purred, showing that her female instincts were not dead. That got me thinking. Sometimes the recruits wanted a male instructor. I’d have to watch her.

Chapter Two: Aftermath

Oh my, what a contrast. Fourteen real men, lying about the place in various stages of agony, whimpering like babies. Beside me was Dana, the boychick who had come into the class as a man, but was now the only member of the class still standing! Men may have the muscles and attitude, but once I got ‘em good in the balls they folded like paper tigers. What had given me such a scare was her “pants stuffer”. This was one confused person I thought, but Dana didn’t act like she was confused. We’ve all seen male cross dressers wearing stuffed bras. Well this was a female cross-dresser who wanted to feel something bouncing and swinging between her legs. I guess she fooled me with her jelly-filled condom contraption coz I took a great kick at what I thought was a nice juicy pair of male testicles waiting for my loving attention! I thought I’d really burst some balls completely! Now her “package” was an oozing mess in her crotch. She went straight to the showers to clean up – the men’s showers of course. (Would she shower in briefs, I wondered? This cross-dressing stuff was new to me.)

“De-briefing next time!” I yelled and started to pack things up.

Tami came up to me. “You’re hitting them too hard,” she said. “I hardly had any practice in here at all,” she whined.

“Can’t be,” I said. “I don’t feel a thing! I can’t help it they are so weak down there. Just be glad you’re a woman.”

“I get period cramps every month! At least this lot weren’t moaning until you belted their bollocks!” she cried.

I thought for a moment then looked around. Gary, come over here a moment.” Then to Tami, “I’ll make sure you get your practice next week, but first let’s have a second opinion.”

I turned to face Gary. “Come closer.” I purred. He came trotting up like a good dog. “Was it too hard?” I asked.

“What?” he responded. I don’t know; men can be so dense sometimes. I glanced suggestively at Tami and she nodded.

“Why, this of course!” I spit out as I rammed my thighbone through his already abused balls. I got a good clean sliding leg up between his and caught his tender little parts dead on, smashing them nicely into his body. Heck, I was on a roll tonight.

“Now Gary, that wasn’t too hard was it?” I asked. Gary was bent over, resting an arm on my shoulder and breathing in gasps through his mouth.


“See,” said Tami, “too hard!”

“No-o-oo! It was fine” groaned Gary, putting a brave face on things. Men, you gotta love ‘em. They just don’t want to admit defeat.

Gary straightened up and Tami sidled up to him. “You poor thing,” she whispered in his ear. “She should have done it like this.” Gary’s eyes just had time to get real wide before Tami’s lovely padded thigh raised itself into his groin. “See!” said Tami triumphantly. Gary was still standing, though with a frozen surprised look on his face. “Now I can get him again.” Gary opened his mouth to speak but Tami’s other thigh caught his balls again. “It’s all a matter of pacing,” declared Tami. Throwing yet another thigh into poor Gary’s long-suffering testicles. I was beginning to feel sorry for the guy. He was bending lower and lower.

“Okay” I said, “but what if you are out of time. I’ve got a whole class to deal with.”

“Oh easy,” smiled Tami, slipping her leg back and swinging it up between Gary’s helpless legs – he was too far bent over for her thigh now anyway – hitting with an audible thump and collapsing him instantly to the floor.

“Uh Tami,” I started to say, eyeing the hunched up bundle on the floor, but she was gone.

Tami was at the door, stopping the sensible ones trying to flee, whacking them firmly in their balls – which judging by their reactions were still very sensitive – and asking them innocently, “Now that wasn’t too hard was it?” The only problem was that whatever the poor dears responded, they got a further whack to their balls! Oh the pained expressions in evidence! Tami was acting so sweet, and asking so innocently (and the fact that her ample expanse of bosom and cleavage was much in evidence just made it so much harder for her victims) that they just couldn’t stop themselves responding to her.

“Err, no,” they’d reply, and Tami would punch or knee a bit harder and repeat the question, her smile widening with each successive hit.

“Oh yes it was!” they’d gasp out and Tami would have at their testicles again and repeat the same question.

“Well…” they’d waver, not wanting to answer with a yes or no and Tami would really lay into their scrotal contents! Ouch! Even I was flinching! I don’t have testicles obviously, but I’d witnessed enough reactions and the way things were going with Real World I’d soon be a world’s expert.

“No!” they’d cough. (Whack!)

“Ah! I mean yes it is!” (Whack!)

“I – I don’t know!” (“Well try this and decide!” Double-whack!)

My God, it seemed like the only way they’d escape was to crawl out on all fours! I’m sure the only reason she got away with it was the wonderfully gentle and sweet manner in which she held herself. I’ll bet at least half this crowd would be dreaming of Tami tonight – if their two aching balls didn’t keep them awake all night!

Oh no! Now what? I rush to the shower to find my big black guy – Rob I think – curled up on the shower floor clutching his nuts. This is not a good day to possess a pair of testicles! When Rob had recovered sufficiently to make sense the story finally emerged. Rob, apparently used to shower-room antics and unaware of the “special” status of Dana had entered the shower and delivered a friendly slap to the rump of Dana. Dana did not take this kindly and clamped her hand firmly around Rob’s nuts. She then spun around to face her rump-slapper and promptly slipped on the soapy floor, not only maintaining but increasing her vice-like grip in an effort to remain upright! This is what caused Rob’s screams and his current incapacitated state. In fact we think he would have had those nuts yanked right off him if the hand gripping them had not been soaped up itself!

Well, all in all a good session! Not only had all three of us girls had great fun, we had gotten through our first important lesson and at the same time established a firm dominance over the men, just to be sure they would not try anything silly. Even better was that some of them really did not seem to mind being taken down so effectively. I was always game for a little extra practice, and I loved it when a man could take some hits. This encouraged me to hit even harder and more effectively! I’m tellin’ ya; I’ve had so much practice that I’ll be deadly if I ever have to do it for real. We were running the course, but I think we women got more out of it than the men!

I have to relate to you an incident that happened before we got to the next class. The Real World course is run in a general-purpose gym, and one afternoon while Stitch, Tami and I were having a business meeting there was a group of about twenty local high school girls doing their high school gym stuff. When they were done they all went squealing off to the showers while their instructor asked if it was okay if she skipped off to an appointment she had. I promised to keep an eye on things and make sure the girls got safely on their way. We were just going over the usual maintenance expense items when darned if there wasn’t another commotion in the shower! Since I was now acting guardian I rushed off to see what the matter was.

My, oh my! In front of me were 22 very naked, very wet and very angry teenaged schoolgirls. At first I had no idea what was going on but then the ranks of wet skin parted and the mystery was solved! Three schoolboys had found a way to spy into the showers – apparently it really turned them on. (Guess how I knew that?) But they had been discovered and were now surrounded. Obviously these peeping toms needed to be taught a lesson – and I think I had the very thing! I whispered to my assistants who slipped away to lock the doors so that we would not be disturbed. Then I addressed the boys. I gave the usual crappy speech about how wrong it all was, etc. Even the girls were getting bored by it! Then one of the boys played right into my hand, pleading for me not to tell the authorities and especially not his parents! I appeared to contemplate for a moment.

“What do think, girls? Do we teach them a lesson?”

“Yes!” they roared! Then I promised not to turn them in – we all did – as long as they went along with our punishment. Reluctantly they agreed.

Quickly we went into action. The boys were stripped as naked as the girls already were – they were about to object until I yelled to Tami to call the police. I got three of the more extroverted girls to stay naked; the rest were free to get dressed, although a couple of the more adventurous only got as far as bra and panties. The rest got dressed, some putting on socks and shoes, some barefoot or staying in stockinged feet. One girl had brought street clothes and was wearing flared jeans and huge looking boots! I loved it! Trust the females to do it right!

I picked the most developed of the boys for the initial demonstration. Yea well, I picked the one with the biggest balls, okay? No point in having the targets hard to find, now is there? I guess I was stuck on big or perhaps I just wanted the maximum contrast between our two models, but I also selected the girl with the biggest breasts, too. Jaqi was to be our instructor since her small size matched the boy’s height nicely. I also knew she wouldn’t be afraid to punish our peeping toms – I was sure Tami would go easy on boys; that’s just the way she is. So with everyone’s eyes forward Jaqi began her study of comparative human anatomy. She had a nice big pointer stick and walked around her subjects pointing out the weak points of the human body that could be exploited in a self-defense situation.

“Rules are for sports competitions! It is okay to try and poke someone’s eyes out if you are in danger of your life!” she started. “That’s what we are talking about. How to target the body of someone who is bringing violence into your life, using targets that are unrelated to the size and strength of the person attacking. Now let’s look at the various targets on the human body.” All eyes were on our naked female volunteer and the naked male body.

“Hands by your sides!” ordered Jaqi and our Tom uncovered his genitals which caused many giggles to run through our eager female crowd.

“First note,” said Jaqi, “how the male and female bodies are quite similar…” and she proceeded to run through targets areas like the nose, throat, eyes, solar plexus, knees, always punctuated by whipping her pointer out to indicate the target areas on the bodies before her. The solar plexus caused some confusion and also some giggles as all the girls probed the area between their breasts. “Now we have covered the similarities, we move on to what is different between a girl and boy.” Jaqi now had her subjects stand back to back, their sides to the audience. “Pay careful attention, now. I don’t want anyone to miss this!” she said, waving her heavy pointer stick in the air. She stood in front of the girl and winked at her. Obviously the boy could not see what she was doing – but he was going to find out! “Girls!” she said. “The difference is…” and she swung her stick up between the girl’s legs – Thwack!! The end of the stick stuck out between the boy’s legs.

The audience was stunned. Just picture the scene: the naked schoolgirl stood tall and proud before a grinning Jaqi. The naked schoolboy squealed, jumped, bent double in the middle, groaned, clutched his genitals with both hands, rolled his eyes and fell over, writhing around the floor in agony!

After the initial shock there was much giggling, high-fiving, shouts of “Yeah, alright!” And big smiles amongst all our group of wronged schoolgirls. The other two boys looked as though they were trying to sink into the floor.

Jaqi surveyed her group of happy faces. “Yes,” she said. “Although there are many similarities between the male and the female body, only boys have testicles! You probably think that boys are the better fighters. Well, maybe they have to be! You, as girls, have the advantage over boys! It’s up to you to use it!”

She whispered to the next naked schoolgirl and she nodded. She had him stand in front of the next boy. (Since the first wasn’t much good at this point.) Our second Tom was a sorry sight. The previous demo had him looking very worried, his scrotum had tightened and she was trying to cover his balls with his hands. Jaqi had HIM covered, however.

“Distraction works very well on males,” declared Jaqi, and signaled her eager assistant. She raised her arms, thrusting out her firm young breasts, seductively moving herself in front of the boy. She had his attention now. “Now touch them,” she ordered the boy. He obviously could not believe his luck and slowly his hands left his groin and reached towards the undulating naked breasts displayed before. His dick was hardening, which caused some giggling, but he was oblivious.

As his hands wrapped around her breasts, Jaqi shouted, “Now!” In front of the whole crowd the naked schoolgirl brought her knee up smartly between the naked schoolboy’s legs and thudded solidly into his naked schoolboy balls. As he crumpled the giggling gave way to outright laughter.

The next naked girl jumped up – she wanted her turn! Jaqi whispered into her ear and they dragged the reluctant boy up in front of the crowd. “Boys most often fight with their hands – punching and wrestling. Use this against them. Wrestle!” she instructed.

The boy thought this was going to be easy and came at the girl with his arms out to grab her. Instead, she brought up her arms and grabbed his hands with hers. They struggled for a moment, locked hand in hand; then the girl kicked right up between his legs! The boy jumped, but kept struggling.

“Do it again!” yelled Jaqi. The boy was helpless as the girl still had his hands and she planted a second kick to his dangling, swinging balls. Again he jumped, all the watching girls screamed with laughter but he was still game.

“Darling, kick that leg as high as you can,” said Jaqi. “Like this!” and kicked beautifully at the boy from behind, lifting his feet clear off the ground. He screamed in pain and stood still; trying hard to double over as a hushed silence fell over the room.

“Okay!” said the girl, taking the lesson to heart, and let fly into the already stunned boy’s pulverized testicles with her foot, lifting him up again and then dropping him neatly to the floor in a heap. The other two boys who had recovered enough to watch turned pale and then a mighty cheer went up from all the girls in the room. They all wanted to try and a mob of girls went after the poor boys. One tried to crawl away but the girls knew just what part of the male anatomy to attack now, and his were dangling invitingly between his legs, bobbing from side-to-side as he tried to crawl at high speed!

The first girl caught up with him, made a grab with her hand and squealed in delight as she circled his scrotum handily trapping and squeezing his helpless testicles in her clenched fist. She used her other fist to punch his balls. It was his turn to squeal as she punched and punched, reveling in her newfound power. His body jumped and jerked at every hit, but if he tried to get away she jerked him right back by his balls!

Meanwhile the second would-be escapee was being firmly held by the arms by two big girls. They marched him over to a shy girl who was hanging back. “This little shit was spying on your naked ass in the shower,” one of them said, as the shy one blushed bright pink. “Now teach him a lesson!” Many eyes where on her now as she approached him. She slowly brought up her knee, and as her skirt lifted to reveal bare skin she shuddered as she grazed his balls.

“Oh they’re itchy!” she said.

“He was staring at your breasts!” they taunted her. “He wanted to put his hands on your soapy ass!” Her eyes narrowed as she stared him straight in the eyes. “He wanted to sniff your pussy!”

She was inches away from his face now. “So you like my body do you? Well, I like yours too. Especially these bits!” And with that her knee exploded into his balls and he moaned in agony. The girls found this hilarious! They pushed the shy girl out of the way and imitated her style.

“Yeah, thought you could get off looking at my tits, eh? Take that!” Whump!

“This is what we do to boys in our shower!” Thud!

“You want a piece of me? Here’s my knee! Tee-hee!” Crunch!

One of the bold naked ones approached him. “Oh, does in hurt?” she asked him, his face writhing in pain. He could only nod. “Let me rub it better for you!” She proceeded to rub her hand over his genitals and the look of pain was replaced by a smile as his cock started to stiffen. She gently held his cock in her hand and started to rub it, then brutally rammed her knee into his helpless nutsack with a loud smack! All the girls cheered as he crumpled and they could hold him up no longer.

I was standing watching with Tami and Jaqi as the girls took their revenge. Ironically we now had to protect the boys from this marauding mob – we didn’t want them to suffer permanent damage, just to be taught a lesson they would not soon forget. Oh, and supply a little girl-power to the group. It was nearly time to stop them, but they were enjoying themselves so much!

Our boot-clad lass had our crawler on his back now. “What are you?” she asked. When he did not reply she stepped on his balls, crushing them between her boot and the floor.

“Ahh! A bad boy?” he answered.

“Not good enough!” she cried, leaning forward to put more weight on her foot. The boys grimaced, racking his brains for a suitable answer even as his balls were racked!

“Uh, uh, a miserable worm!” he blurted out, beads of sweat appearing on his forehead.

“Better,” she declared. Then, “Apologize.” He looked at her, hesitating a moment too long and she carefully applied more pressure to his balls. Those watching stared in fascination at his reaction as she applied pressure and then let up. His breath was coming in gasps now as the pain from her boot washed over him again and again!

“I’m sorry!” he managed to get out and his tormentor smiled at him.

“Good. Now who is better: boys or girls?”

Without thinking he started to answer, “Boys,” when she stomped right on his nuts! His eyes nearly bugged out of his head as the pain hit him. Desperately he tried to croak out the correct answer, but she was annoyed now and drunk on her sense of power.

“Girls are superior to boys – say it!” He writhed on the ground, unwilling to admit what should have been obvious to a boy in his position, but pride dies hard. “Say it!” She stomped him again, lifting her leg up high and slamming it down hard on the ground. With his balls trapped under her boot. He was trying to speak and fighting the pain. “Say, girls are FAR superior to boys! I am just a pathetic boy!”

“Please!” he pleaded.

She stomped again and the fear in his eyes made him shout it at top volume. “And don’t you forget it!” she yelled, and stomped his little inferior boy nuts so hard he passed out.

They were all laughing and high on their amazing success at punishing and controlling the boys by targeting their testicles. I wanted to calm things down a little so I took advantage of the interruption to call them to order. One of the boys seemed okay. (He had been on the ground and wisely had stayed there!) The others were basically out of commission.

I decided one more demonstration would be in order. Jaqi stepped forward and gave her blurb about when grabbed from behind. He was very hesitant to grab Jaqi when one of our crafty and bold naked girls jumped, up. She looked slightly flushed, and I noticed her nipples were hard.

“Grab me!” she cried. At the chance of being so close to that young ripe flesh he came forward and did as instructed, grabbing her tightly trapping her arms at her side. And groping her breasts for good measure. Her reaction was swift, automatic and deadly to his maleness. She pushed her hand down and back and grabbed on. Tight! When his grip loosened she swung her arm forward then smashed it back into his nuts. His butt jumped up as he let go and folded over and she spun around, held his head and kicked hard into his balls before he could cover them with his hands. His legs jumped and he was flat on the floor to a rousing cheer from the girls!

Jaqi clapped her hands in appreciation – this was one lesson it seemed she didn’t have to teach!

We got everyone dressed, sworn to secrecy again, watched as the boys left somewhat splay-legged (to more giggles from the girls), and listened to some complaints about more boys from the same school. An idea was forming that… well I’ll be sure to tell you about it if it works out. It’s not every day we get to work with a bunch of girls, and it was lucky for us those boys happened along. Nothing like the old “differences between a boy and a girl” on naked models to empower the females!

Chapter Three: No Groin Hits!

“Remember, ladies, this is the crucial second day of training! We must not scare our customers off! I want no; I repeat NO deliberate targeting of testicles… come on gals! I’m trying to be serious here!”

Tami and Stitch were both giggling like little schoolgirls. “What is it?” I asked. Both women tried hard to look at me with straight, unsmiling faces, but neither spoke.

After a moment holding their gaze I continued. “As I was saying, be careful this time around NOT to target any of our trainee’s testicles…”

Tami could hold it no longer and burst out laughing, at which point Stitch cracked too. I goaded them along. “Testicles, testicles, TESTICLES! T*E*S*T*I*C*L*E*S!!!!!!!” I screamed.

The hall’s janitor poked his head out of the bathroom door and looked at us in shocked amazement.

“Testicles!” cried Stitch, advancing menacingly toward him with her arms down, palms of her hands out front, clenching and opening her fists. “Testicles, testicles…” With a look of pure terror on his face he flew out of the door, bucket and mop flying and raced out of the building.

Stitch reached the door and fell over with laughter. “That was so funny I could STRIP!” she cried. Tami and I looked at other, shook our heads and laughed anew, as if to say, “Any excuse!”

“Come on ladies, I know those schoolgirls got you all worked up, but we have a business to run.”

“Yeah, it’s great waking up those young ladies to the realities of the sexes,” said Tami. “It’s worth it for the smiles on their faces alone. I wish we could do special courses for the young kids. I was bugged by some real bratty boys in school and it put me off wanting to talk to any of the boys. Some of them were real neat and I regret that I missed the chance. If only I’d known then what I know now there would have been a whole bunch of boys walking ‘round the school funny!” We all giggled again.

“I knew,” said Jaqi. “When I first started going to school the neighborhood was kinda rough, so my mom made sure I knew what to hit on a boy – and how hard!”

“You mean you didn’t always hit like a freight train?” asked Tam.

Jaqi laughed. “Oh I laid quite a few of the boys out cold! It depends what they did. Some just got a ‘warning’. I actually liked those – the ones whose balls I had to flatten were really annoying and I had to work to make sure I got them just where I wanted them so I could really let them have it. Sometimes I had to let them touch me so they would be distracted.” Jaqi smiled dreamily. “I never once failed to nail a boy perfectly if he really deserved it. But the sweet ones I just lightly tapped. You should have seen how their eyes would get real wide as they realized the power I had over them. Made me feel great, and you know, many of them became good friends of mine. Hmm. Now I think of it, I think some of them bugged me after that just so I would hit them in the balls. Funny that! But the more they bugged, the harder I would hit until they were unwilling or unable to come back!”

“Did you get any of the boys mad? You know, bullies and stuff. They ever come after you?” asked Tami.

“Well, there was this time…”

“Ladies, please!” I pleaded.

“I’ll tell the story later!” said Jaqi.

I spoke. “I’m not sure we can get away with teaching really small kids – people are so sensitive these days.”

“Especially those tender young nuts!” giggled Jaqi.

“However,” I continued, “I’m sure we could arrange a self defense demonstration. Perhaps our schoolgirls would be willing to participate? Let me work on that one! Okay, everyone got their street clothes today?” I should explain that as part of our psychological strategy to be non-threatening (or at least, non testicle-threatening!) for our second lesson we dressed in street clothes rather than exercise or self-defense gear and got trainee against male trainee for the exercises. One of days, I thought, I’ll have to teach an adult female class. The only problem with that is that you need men – lots of them – to have realistic training. I really believed in body memory and that if you always practiced by pulling your punches, then when the time came that you really needed to defend yourself you’d still be pulling punches. If we practiced only on straw dolls then we’d be able to defeat a whole army of them, but freeze up when confronted with a street punk. Padding was okay to prevent brain damage and such, but there was no way you could effectively learn to groin kick when your opponent’s testicles were padded and protected and he always bounced right back up. Basically you would then be learning that a groin kick was pretty ineffective, and in that split, split second in which your brain has to operate to save your life the choice might be for something practiced often in training, rather than the most effective move. This could have deadly consequences. My goal would be that all the females in my class would have live, unprotected males upon whom to practice. I would want all my females in shorts or short skirts so that their bare legs and feet would be able to feel the impact to the males’ testicles, feel their softness; their location; their movement; their vulnerability as my students kicked and kneed high and hard – very hard – and crushed them mercilessly! Then they would witness the males’ reactions as they exhaled, bent double and collapsed helpless to the floor at their feet. (I love that part!)

Did I mention I would teach all my females to hit HARD? They would be taught how effective it is to target well through the testicles, to drive the leg or thigh deep into the male’s body smashing those external organs to oblivion in the process! Only then would you see the light go in inside these females as they realized the awesome power they held over the male animals – how they could dominate them completely given the will or the necessity, turning their powerful legs against the males exposed external weakness. Only then would they truly know how to successfully and reliably take down their male attackers. Only then would they truly know their power as females. The only problem is that over the course of an hour’s class one feisty, fighting female could dispatch dozens and dozens of males, and I seriously doubt that any of them would be in good enough shape to be offered up as a target for a second time. Even given beginning students who no doubt would need several tries to successfully floor a male using testicle strikes there would still be a need for several males for each female student. I mean, (bam!) with a knee, “Oh still standing?” Bam! Again. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! BAM! “Oh, can’t you please stand up? I was just getting the hang of it and would love to practice more! No? Oh well. Next male please!” I mean to say, it takes far longer to write that out than it does to deliver that many hard knees! I would be “needing” a LOT of males.

Meanwhile we had class! Jaqi was wearing jeans with bib’n’braces and clunky shoes. If I didn’t know better I’d swear she was in her teens. Tami looked fabulous in an outfit that was at once conservative, fun, businesslike, hard, soft and sexy! Short (but not too short) skirt, blouse just a little too tight around her ample chest, buttoned but showing cleavage too, and long black stockinged legs with leather shoes. She’d be a knock out in any male dominated business meeting. I was wearing some stretchy slacks, flat shoes and loose T-shirt-like top. I felt positively dowdy compared to Tami, and positively ancient compared to Jaqi. I began to question my choice in assistants – weren’t they supposed to make me look good?

We looked over our recruits (as we preferred to call them). I did a quick headcount and found we were down about three. Actually that was not bad going after the treatment some of them had had the previous week! I scanned their faces to try and gauge who were the eager ones. (I was always on the lookout since I wanted that special female-to-unprotected-male class one of these days, and a cadre of volunteers would be great!) I kept a close eye on their faces as I checked them out for protection. There is nothing in the world quite like the feeling of holding a man’s testicles cupped in your hand and looking deep into his eyes as you roll them gently in your fingers. The eyes widen and nostrils flare when your hand turns into a claw, and the reflex to pull away is strong, but by that time I’ve usually got the whole scrotum-full clenched in my hand and to pull the body away risks leaving the testicles in my grip. It’s about this time that little beads of sweat can appear on the forehead and I almost certainly have a big smile on my face at this point.

I was drawn from my reverie by a muttered, “Bitch!” from Jeff, protesting the iron-like grip of Jaqi’s hand – or in his case both hands – on his not-so-private parts.

Jaqi, her back toward him, stiffened ever so slightly then continued to clamp and squeeze the next in line, young Nathanal. His smile was broad and something was straining at his fly but Jaqi didn’t seem to notice. Satisfied, she released him and he let out his breath, his legs sagging somewhat as he bravely tried to recover from Jaqi’s “inspection”. She passed around him to the rear line.

Jose stood before her. He got worried as she placed her hands on his shoulders and moved her knee up, but she suddenly flipped her foot up behind her, her heel thundering into Jeff’s unwittingly waiting balls! Quick as a flash she drew her leg back. (She didn’t notice but her knee slammed beautifully into Jose’s balls after all, causing him no end of agony.) Jeff doubled over, partly in pain, partly at the shock, but Jaqi was ready. She clamped his large balls tightly from behind using both hands and pulled upward mightily. Jeff could not help but bend forward until his face almost touched the mat. Bravely he tried to straighten up, straining his scrotum against Jaqi’s unbreakable grip. All of his muscles were useless, all those hours in the gym not worth a damn as Jaqi jerked again and Jeff’s face plunged helplessly down again. He didn’t want to move, he didn’t want to do anything that might cause Jaqi to punish his balls further, but he had to do something! It was hard to think straight as pain lanced through him and the humiliation of the position he was in came through to him. He tried kicking backwards and his arms struggled to grab Jaqi, but she responded by jerking up once more on his captured balls, hauling on them like a dock worker might pull on a guy rope. Then she showed him just how helpless he was and stopped his struggles in their tracks. She head-butted his balls! You should have seen it! She had ‘em gripped between both hands and then her head bobs down and her forehead slams into them. There was a whooshing sound as Jeff drew air in through clenched teeth. His body froze. Then little gasping noises could be heard. Everyone’s attention was on Jaqi and Jeff now. All the men had these shocked expressions etched into their still faces. Some were blushing with embarrassment.

I looked at Tami. She wasn’t shocked at all – she was grinning from ear to ear! I realized I was smiling too, and a warm glow passed through me, not of embarrassment, but of a wonderful feeling of, well, I hate to say it but I guess you would have to call it superiority. I felt damn good knowing that I, as a woman, could do this to a man, if I wanted to. If I needed to.

Jaqi was grinning too, but a grin of determination. “What was that you said?” she asked.

“Nothing!” Jeff mumbled. Jaqi’s eyes raised in exasperation and then she jerked and head-butted at the same time. “Ah-a-a!” cried Jeff involuntarily as he tried unsuccessfully to grab and protect his manhood.

“That,” proclaimed Jaqi, through her grin, “was nothing.” Keeping his testicles just where she wanted them in her two-handed grip she jerked them back and then shot her knee into them from behind, again and again! She must have got in two dozen shots she was that fast, and every one of them was as hard as a battering ram! Many of the men now stared slack-jawed at the scene; their hands instinctively protecting their groins as this hard bodied athlete slumped groaning to the ground, beaten decisively by the tiny Jaqi. I was so proud I wanted to cheer! Jaqi bent over his hunched body.

“Man,” she said, “you haven’t even begun to see ‘bitch’ yet!” I think he heard her, but it was hard to tell.

I clapped my hands. “Okay people,” I cried as if nothing had happened. “Let’s get started!” I got them straight into some basic exercises, movements, strikes and blocks. That kind of stuff, all man on man like we had originally planned.

Well, mostly it was man on man. Dana had showed up and was really enjoying strutting around with the guys. I wasn’t sure what to do with her, but hey, I keep an open mind, you know? Maybe she would give me some ideas.

Jaqi was sensibly keeping a low profile and I admired Jeff’s stamina when he joined our group, albeit a bit slowly!

I sidled over to her. “I thought I told you to leave their balls alone today!” I whispered. “Jeez, can’t I get you to lay off the testicles even for one session? You getting insecure or something?”

“Well, he did call me a bitch…” she sighed, watching Jeff gingerly moving around. Then she turned to me with a huge grin on her face and said “Besides, just look at him. How could I resist? Such lovely targets…” Her eyes were becoming unfocused and she had a dreamy far away look on her face. “Hmm, I’d like to give him some special discipline at home…”

I softened a little. “You certainly dealt with him very effectively! He looks so big and strong too. Lucky for you he was wearing those thin training sweats.”

Jaqi giggled. “Training is right! I’m training him not to think of me as a bitch!”

“Uh, Jaqi,” I replied, “he probably thinks you are an even bigger bitch now! I mean, you just tore into his balls and showed him up in front of everybody!”

Jaqi grinned even wider. “Yeah, I sure did, didn’t I? God, don’t you just love men? Built in control points! And, if he still thinks I’m a bitch then I’ll just have to correct him some more, won’t I?” With that Jaqi proudly strode off.

“Yes,” I thought. “I guess you will at that!” And I reminded myself again how lucky I was to be a woman when there were females like Jaqi around to take care of the males.

Jeff was not to be any more of a problem that night – luckily for him I would say – but I noticed our young stud Nathanal looking lustily after Jaqi as she took off for the changing rooms. I gave some pointers to a sparring pair, and when I next looked Nathanal was gone too. I excused myself and went to investigate. I stopped dead as I turned the corner and tried to assess the scene. Nathanal was standing before Jaqi and they were talking in soft tones. Perhaps he was encouraged because Jaqi had dressed so “young” today, but he obviously fancied her. There was a huge a bulge in the front of his pants and they were so close he was almost rubbing it against her. I was surprised that Jaqi seemed to be encouraging it – she wasn’t one to change mood so quickly, and I’m sure he was too young for her. She raised her arms and told him how she liked to feel helpless at the hands of a man. Then I heard “handcuffs” mentioned. This wasn’t the Jaqi I knew, but it was obviously getting the boy so hot he was starting to squirm. He held her wrists above her head and it was her turn to squirm.

“Hold me tight, now!” she purred. He dutifully kept a grip on her wrists, widening his stance to counteract the squirming of the live, hot, captured female before him, all his male hormones coursing through his body at maximum level. She turned her pretty green eyes on him, pouted and asked if he really wanted her. He could not believe it. Here was a strong, athletic, self-defense trained but petite female practically begging for it and held firmly against the wall, helpless in his grasp! He was practically ready to come, his dick swollen and throbbing and holding back a flood. He couldn’t trust his voice so he stared back into her eyes and nodded his head.

Jaqi’s knee exploded into his groin!

This was the Jaqi I knew! I smiled at how she had set him up so perfectly. The air whooshed out of his lungs. He tried to bend in the middle but now Jaqi had grabbed his wrists, and she spun around and slammed him up against the wall while he was still in shock, kicking his ankles apart and pinning his arms against the wall above his head. He was offering no resistance and I was trying to see if this was because of Jaqi’s lovely knee or his willingness to be kneed! She moved in real close so that there was no way he could close his legs, rubbing herself against his still vibrantly erect penis.

He groaned and moaned, spreading his legs wider and Jaqi’s knee thrust upward again. He gasped, and Jaqi seemed unable to resist his opened lips. She leaned forward towards him, pressing her thigh hard against his genitals. Interestingly his legs, which had tried to close involuntarily after Jaqi’s ball-crushing knee, spread again, inviting her close. They both seem to be getting off on this though I wasn’t sure I believed it! She was teasing him, brushing his lips with hers and kneeing his balls at the same time. He was gasping again, but this time it wasn’t from pain! With a final slam into his balls from Jaqi’s deadly little knee he came, his whole body shuddering as Jaqi pressed herself to him, pinning him to the wall. I flushed with embarrassment. I felt as if I had just witnessed a real intimate moment and then I realized I was getting pretty juicy myself! I snuck away.

Back in the main hall Tami had gathered a group of admirers. I tried to see her as they would. Tall, long legged, busty and beautiful. Maybe her street clothes were too sexy, but really it was nothing you couldn’t find at offices all over the country. Well maybe the blouse could use some buttoning. She had a crowd of six all wanting her to demonstrate. It started off easily enough. She swept a couple of guys off their feet judo fashion. She told Rob to stay on the floor a moment so she could show them something. She stepped over to him and made to stomp his groin. Rob instinctively grabbed her foot and she swayed a moment before telling him to let go. Little beads of sweat glistened on his dark brow as she swung her foot between his legs. Again instincts overcame him and he instantly clamped his legs together, toppling Tami onto the floor. Her dress was so short I hope she was at least wearing panties. The guys’ faces certainly seemed happy.

“Okay,” she said, “you saw what happened when I used my legs, but check this out.” She stood over Rob, drew her fist back and punched at his groin. Rob was expecting something and he managed to grab at her hands. “But here’s the difference” said Tami, “If my hands are grabbed I still have my balance.” Then she dropped onto her knees catching Rob right in his balls. His face showed his agony even though Tami had not dropped on him full force.

“You will notice,” she said, that even though I could have put my whole weight behind that but didn’t, he still felt it. Consider this. Rob’s back is against the floor. Even if he wanted to he cannot dodge my hits. I can only drive them though him and into the floor.” I noticed some of the guys winced at this, but Paul was smiling big time. He was behind Tami who was still leaning over Rob – and I did mention that her skirt was real short, didn’t I?

“So,” she concluded, “it really is better not to kick a man when he’s down – punch him!” She bent over Rob in concern. “Are you alright dear?” she asked. I think he was fine but he kind of rolled his eyes and I just had a feeling he was getting a good look at Tami’s oversized breasts. Paul certainly was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

“Can you handle all of us?” asked a wide-eyed Paul, no doubt wanting a good breast ogle himself. (He was having trouble maintaining eye contact with Tami.)

“Oh sure!” said Tami off-handedly, turning around to take them all in. “If you want.” Paul decided to test her and grabbed her from behind, his arms reaching around and his hands cupping both of her large soft breasts! This was going to be interesting. She immediately bent forward sending him flying to the mat. He couldn’t help his hands going down to protect his groin. I guess he figured he’d end up like Rob now he was on the ground – only this time Tami was not likely to pull her punches! But Tami wanted to up the ante.

“Come one!” she pleaded. “You can do better than that. You’d better have someone grab from either side!” Taking her up on her challenge Lee and Pete grabbed her from each side, Rob and Paul approached from the front, and Gary got his arm around her neck, but not before brushing at her breasts. They couldn’t resist them! The other guy was just hovering nearby. Tami waited only long enough for Rob and Paul to get close then exploded into action.

Her movements were restricted but with her hands down by her sides she made a grab for the balls of Lee and Pete, then tensed her neck muscles and used the purchase to kick out with BOTH legs to catch Rob and Paul unexpectedly in the groin. It wouldn’t have been the hardest kicks but I was impressed just the same. She bounced off her feet to the cries of Lee and Pete and kicked again, knocking the shocked Rob and Paul to the ground and getting more reaction from Lee and Pete. Their grip loosened and her elbows were in their faces. (No broken noses, I hoped!) She shifted to one side and executed a hammer back-fist straight into Gary’s balls. He was hurt but hung on for dear life. So she punched, punched, punched and when his grip finally loosened she flipped him onto the floor. The sixth guy was approaching, but turned around when he saw the look in Tami’s eyes. She immediately leaped to him and swung her foot up between his legs from behind, flooring him instantly. She bent over him as he was bent double in agony on the floor, clutching himself.

“Man, that’s my favorite, from behind! How was it?”

I smiled, and gave Tami a round of applause.

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Please Tami come and bust my balls Id love to be rolling around at your feet begging for mercy while you laugh and punish my nuts some more. Amazing story