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By Wizard

Chapter Four – The Missing Men

I suppose we made a mistake splitting up. If it had turned out differently, it could have been tragic. Only our training and experience saved us.

To start at the beginning, we were doing follow-ups. We would call on the recruits that where missing from the second class and find out why they were missing and see if we couldn’t get them to return. We couldn’t scare everyone off if I wanted to run a successful school, and since every man had gotten a good look at my not-inconsiderable “charms” as they are delicately put, or my gorgeously naked bod as I would be more apt to phrase it, I expected most would come back for more. Of course, at about that time they also got a hard kick in the groin, as it is so delicately put, or “their balls were mine” as I would probably phrase it. I wonder how many of them realized that I was using far more than just my leg as a weapon. You should always use your whole body to attack, and my body – especially when naked - can have quite an impact on a real man. Then it was time for my foot to impact the “real man”. For some reason this always discouraged a few.

We were short on Jose, who I remembered as the “kung-fu” guy. Who knows, maybe he felt his kung fu was useless since I had floored him with a single kick. I smiled at the recollection. Ahh! Sometimes it is sooo satisfying to be female! Well, his Latino macho pride was his problem, and my class was the perfect way to address it. We were also missing Sam, who seemed real gentlemanly if a bit shy. Maybe tough women frightened him; he wouldn’t be the first. That could not be true of our other missing guest, John the bouncer. He was supposed to be able to deal with anything! Male, female, not sure and downright animal, he should have been able to handle it. I would send Jaqi to deal with Jose. Her small size should make sure that he would not be intimidated. Tami I would send to charm Sam, and I would deal with John myself. I wanted him back in the class.

Tami’s Story

I called Sam’s number and found that it connected to his office, a respected law firm. He worked late so I decided to visit him there. I was dressed appropriately in sensible dark business suit, black stockings, “work heels” and a blouse. Since it was after hours I had to buzz and Sam himself came to the door. He politely informed that it was outside regular business hours and I purred back that I had important business to discuss. He wasn’t biting so I told him that I had come from the Real World Defense School. He opened the door and blurted out how it had all been a mistake and he wasn’t interested. His eyes met mine, and he smiled. Then his eyes drifted downwards to take in my cleavage. (Well I never did like to be all buttoned up.) His voice trailed off and his eyes went even lower, devouring my waist, my hips, my skirt and finally were captivated by my stocking-clad legs.

I let him stare for a long moment, and then exclaimed, “Oh no! Don’t tell me I have a run!” I raised my left knee up high, balancing on my right leg and pretended to search for a run in my stocking. Sam stood like a statue, staring bug-eyed up my skirt at my thigh – and maybe more!

“Is it on my other leg?” I asked. Sam was only capable of emitting a sort of grunt as I lowered my left leg, and raised my right, resting on arm on Sam’s shoulder and pulling my skirt high as I examined first the outside then the inside of my thigh. I was conscious of Sam’s breathing, which was beginning to sound a lot like gasping. Eventually he must have felt embarrassment for he quietly asked me to come in. My behind had that hot feeling so I know his eyes were boring into my flexing buttocks. He kept his head down though whether that was because he was too shy to look at my face right now or whether he was fixated on my legs I wasn’t sure.

I turned around. “Sam…” I began but he ran right into me. Instead of backing off he slipped his arm around my waist and began to draw me to him. I looked him in the eyes. “Sam,” I began again, “I don’t think you should do this.” His breathing was heavy, and he managed to mumble something about me smelling so good, looking so good. Well, I was flattered, but really! I hardly knew the guy. I had to stop him before he got carried away. However, I didn’t want to put him off our defense school forever! But my options were very limited. He was close as hell and I had no working room, no arm room. My knee was already twitching. It knew that I should slam it upwards, straight through his vulnerable testicles. It knew I should catch him by surprise, hard and fast to discourage any counterattack. Just like a military campaign! But, as so often happens in real life, political expediency took precedence over military necessity. Reluctantly I held my army back. I smiled at him, thinking how easy it would be to take him down, imagining his innocent, waiting sack with its tender contents. Fighting was the last thing on his mind and I loved the thought of taking advantage of that which made him male. Of course, he misunderstood the hesitation, the smile, just like in real politics. Now he pulled me closer, his hands inching lower to my butt.

“Sam,” I warned again, “you know what I’ll do.”

He looked at me, not really understanding, as I raised my knee, oh so slowly, the nylons slipping easily between his legs until I was just a hair away from his balls. A shudder of pleasure seemed to go through him, and he did not let me go. I cleared my throat and raised my knee between his legs a little faster. When I reached his balls I pressed them ever so slightly, putting just enough pressure so I could feel that his testicles where neatly trapped between my bone and his. I smiled again. I was actually starting to enjoy this. I moved my knee just a little and could distinctly feel his soft balls rolling in his scrotum. What a delightful feeling!

His eyes were closed and the smile on his face told me he was enjoying this. I rolled my knee, grinding his testicles. I could feel them slip and slide as I increased the pressure. The front of his pants was straining with a pulsating rod! I was actually quite impressed, but then his hands firmly grabbed my butt and he rudely pulled me into his groin. I could feel his rock hard erection trying to thrust its way into me. I pushed my chest into his face, slapped my hands on his shoulders and rammed my knee with all my might straight through his genitals.

My slippery nylons really cut the friction and it felt as though my knee reached chest height! Sam’s head jerked forward and buried itself in my cleavage. He was making little mouse noises – high-pitched squeaks. I tried to push him away but couldn’t get his face out of my breasts and as his hands grasped my butt in a firm squeezing grip so I smashed my thigh into his balls again. I hit him so hard my leg hurt! Sam was now curled up on the floor moaning and groaning. I felt my cheeks flushing. I love to take a man down this way – but really it’s so easy it’s embarrassing! That thought made me laugh, but I don’t think Sam heard. Sure makes me feel like a super-woman though. I looked down at Sam. Did I really hit him that hard? I looked at my watch. I didn’t have all night!

I went over to him and helped him up. He pretended to be all groggy and groped at my breasts so I gave him another sharp knee. He was smiling as he sank to the floor!

I didn’t have time for this – “Just come to the class, OK? I’ll give you a special lesson.” I think he heard me.

“No,” he said. “Lesson now.”

I knelt beside him. “You actually like this, don’t you?” I asked. He nodded, so I punched his balls for him, nice and hard! I was thinking that this was great practice – he was just lying there. Now he was gasping on the floor like he was having an orgasm! His legs were still wide apart – such a tempting target – so I punched him again, driving his balls into the hard floor. He went fetal on me so I tucked a Real World card into his waistband, blew him a kiss and left. He was staring at my legs as I left. I flicked my heel at him and was gone. I hoped my boyfriend would make it back home tonight - damn was I horny!

Jaqi’s Story

Of course, it was just my luck that Jose lived on the wrong side of town, on the wrong side of the tracks, on the wrong side of everything! I hadn’t even known our town had such an area. It wasn’t that it looked so run down, it was the people, and the way they eyed you warily as you passed. I was dressed very skimpily in short, short skirt and halter top, and I suddenly felt very naked and knew I should leave. As I turned my way was suddenly blocked by six guys, and they seemed huge and menacing. Their faces were all in shadow under their hoods. They stood across my path like immovable giants. I was scared, not least of all by how suddenly they had appeared. They wore scarves of the same color, and moved in unison like a well-trained military unit. I turned back and ran right into another, who grabbed my arms roughly and looked me up and down.

“Well, what have we here?” he asked, his eyes boring into mine. He would have been good looking, but his face had a shrunken appearance and his skin looked like plastic.

“Let’s have some fun with her,” growled a voice behind me and I suppressed a shiver. I really had to stay cool and calm to get out of this one I told myself as my “fight or flight” adrenaline started pumping through my veins. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears, even as the leader groped at my chest. I barely felt his rude touch even though my breasts and nipples are usually quite sensitive.

“Aw,” he said, “she’s just a kid – no tits at all.”

NOW I was mad! I gave him my sweetest smile and asked him, “Hey, you want to see how I have fun?”

Now his face became hideous as a smile cracked his lips. “As long as it involves this!” he cried out as he grabbed his crotch and pulled. He put on a real wicked grin for his audience who whooped and hollered.

“Oooh! Let me see that,” I purred and pulled down his zipper.

“Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!” he cried as I pulled out his prick and then hooked my hand around his nice big nuts and yanked them none too gently out into the open, scratching them with my nails as I did so. He shuddered at the feel of my fingers raking his scrotum.

“Now get on your knees bitch!” he commanded.

“Oh,” I said, “it’s knees you want, huh?” He nodded.

I gave it to him full force on his exposed testicles, ramming them mercilessly.

The whole group of men froze in shock at what I had done; including the leader until he suddenly keeled over. I smiled at him. I felt much better. Nothing like flooring a big strong guy using his manliness against him! I should have run but suddenly this great big dude was standing before me. The others were still cowering, thinking about what I had done to their leader and thinking about how I might do it to them, except for this big dude. I guess he thought he was too big, tough and mean. He was. But he was also kind of dumb.

“Just try that with me, Bitch!” he sneered, towering over me. So I did. I was giving him the sixth knee when the others came to their senses and grabbed me. Big dude fell over clutching himself. Not so tough now, eh?

The rest weren’t about to be taken so easily. They had stopped seeing me as a helpless little girl, something to use as they wished and discard like a gum wrapper. Now I was a 400 pound female gorilla who liked nothing better than to grasp the testicles of helpless grown men in a crushing grip, swing them around my head by the scrotum and toss them casually aside! Two of them had a firm grip on my arms, and despite me flailing around I could do nothing.

They didn’t have my legs however, and I used these to deadly effect, crushing the testicles of the pair of thugs foolish enough to approach me from the front. The fools! They thought that just because my arms were pinned I was helpless. It was amusing to watch them approach me slightly bent in the middle, as if they could move their weak little balls out of harms way. Hah! All it guaranteed was that my leg could catch their testicles nicely between their pelvic bones and my leg.

Crunch! You should have seen how fast they dropped. Even the guys holding me gasped! The adrenaline was pumping now and everything was happening in slow motion. The guy on my left had only the top part of my arm and was not maintaining his grip. His mistake! I balled my fist and pivoted my arm to hit his nose.

Whack! He immediately reached for his face so I reversed motion and swung my arm in a half circle to connect with a load thump in his balls. He dropped his hands and hunched over so I whacked his nose again. He thrust his head back and raised his hands so I thumped his balls again, even harder now I had the swing of things. I was so fast his hands seemed to hover about his middle, not making it anywhere to protect the vulnerable areas of his body. I’d whack his nose and in trying to get away he would thrust out his pelvis, so I’d thump his balls as hard as I could and he’d bend in the middle making his nose an easy target. He fell back in pain and his accomplice grabbed my other arm. Silly! My legs are much stronger – as he found out when I soccer kicked him between his legs. I was just congratulating myself and wondering if all men are dumb about their testicles, believing you won’t hit them or it won’t hurt – until I do and it does! However, at that point a freight train hit me in the side of the head and I went sprawling.

Things didn’t get any better. I could hardly see and there was a ringing in my ears. I came round and my attacker had pulled off my panties – my short skirt was no obstacle at all – and pulled up my top. I was sprawled naked and defenseless before my attacker – who intended to rape me for sure. Luckily I had put most of the guys’ minds off rape, but this one wanted me bad. The violence had turned him on it seemed. I was just figuring out what to do when he hit me again. Then he really made me mad. He pulled a knife on me, playing it across my face and breasts. He held it to my throat as he fumbled at his zipper. This was not going too well! There are times to fight and times to submit. I had to submit at this point. I willed myself to want this strong male, to submit in all my female weakness to his superior male strength. Why was I not still fighting and resisting at this point? I can only say that I wanted to survive. I had to distract him enough to get the knife away from my throat. He had to lose himself in the moment long enough for me to strike. And I had to recover from his blows enough to do so, without taking another strike. If I lost consciousness I might lose everything, so I concentrated on being a woman for him.

His body betrayed him, responding at a deep level to my body moving under his. He was lost for a moment in ecstasy, and I had him. I grabbed his knife wrist and pushed it aside, thrust my hips up, got my right knee under him, rolled him over and out of me, smashed the heel of my palm into his face and drove my knee into his balls. YES! I could feel the power flow through me now, all injuries forgotten. Now he was helpless before me. Still holding the knife out of the way I smashed his balls again and again as the anger poured out of me. Every hit didn’t seem hard enough and I’d pulverize his balls twice as hard the next time! I grabbed his knife and looked around. Some were stirring but not yet a threat. I grabbed his raw, swollen balls, pulling the scrotal sac taught. I made sure he was conscious – I had to slap him a few times – and made sure he saw the knife. Then I positioned the cold blade under his stretched scrotum. One flick of my wrist and he would no longer rape. I increased the pressure on the blade, looked him in the eyes and smiled at him. He was totally in MY power now.

Then two things happened. First, he came! There he was, totally helpless before me with a sharp knife pushing into his scrotum ready to castrate him – and he damn well came! Secondly, there was a shout and people came running. I didn’t want to stay around. Reluctantly I slipped the knife from beneath his balls without performing the crude castration, deserving of it though he was. I didn’t want witnesses to that! I jumped up and ran, pulling my clothes down as best I could, though not caring if I was naked. The leader was finally and carefully getting to his feet, his back towards me. I put him down again by kicking him between his legs from behind, crushing his already tender testicles. He never saw it coming and collapsed instantly. It was all instinct. I still don’t know if the people approaching were friend or foe. I just ran and ran.

Since I was far from safe, I made it to Jose’s place and had to pour out the whole story to him. He was very sweet, and he sat earnestly before me listening to my every word. I realized afterwards that sitting on the couch before him with a short skirt and no panties meant I must have flashed him about 5000 times! All the exertion had caused my nipples to harden under my top. I was flushed and sexy. No wonder he wanted to listen! The little creep was probably getting off on it. I shouldn’t be too hard on him, but I had just been raped. I wondered what would have happened if I had been able to complete my revenge castration and been caught. I didn’t feel guilty but the law was a strange beast, and one whose balls I couldn’t grab and hold and twist to my advantage! At least Jose had readily agreed to attend the next session – Maybe I could get my revenge!

Chapter Five – The Bouncer

While Tami and Stitch were having their adventures, it was my job to check out the bouncer, John. I arrived at his modest house and the door was opened by – well to be honest my first thought was “bimbo”. She was obviously just out of the bath or shower, dripping water, wearing a short towel that barely covered her huge breasts (somehow a bimbo just has to have huge breasts) and so short she flashed her snatch every time she breathed. Around her hair (was it blonde? It had to be blonde, right?) she wore another towel turban style. But it was none of this that specifically labeled her as bimbo. I think what did it for me was that on the ends of her long strong legs she wore a pair of high, high heels! Bath towels and heels! To be sure, it was an outfit that would have had any red-blooded male on the planet drooling on the spot. I had only just met her and I hated her already – funny how that works! (Yes, even we gals can fall victim to a stereotyped cliché. I think it is just how the human brain works – it instantly latches on to an idea and it takes much conscious effort to change its point of view.)

I coolly introduced myself and she coolly invited me in. She went over to the couch and bent over it to move some items. If I had been male, I would have been barely able to restraint myself by now, since she presented her soft rounded rear to me. Not just her bubble-butt - I could see everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. This kind of pissed me off too. She was so blatantly sexual, so blithely generous with her generous body, that I actually felt offended.

Sorry gals, but women just don’t do anything for me in the sexual department. I know lesbianism is “trendy”, but it turns me off. The only things I want in MY bed are more guys – hmmm, four or five might be real nice. And if they got out of control I’d just have to grab, twist, jerk and squeeze their handy naked balls. That’s what’s so nice about being naked. Grab, twist, jerk and squeeze them back into line. Now THERE’S a thought to get a real girl all hot and bothered! I studied the naked butt before me. Nothing to grab hold of! No way could I control four or five women in my bed – and maybe that’s where my problem lay – I’m a control freak!

I took a seat and she informed me that John would return soon. Bimbo – what did she say her name was? – reached up her arms to adjust her turban, raising her body towel. I was staring right at her heart-shaped pubic hair – blond of course. I was amazed. I imagined her as being one of these people so highly sexually charged that it takes over their entire personality. It mattered not that I was a respectably dressed female from a school. I could have been the pizza guy, the church lady, schoolboys selling papers, girl scouts with cookies, the plumber, the postman or even her own mother, and it wouldn’t have made any difference. She would have come from the shower, flashed her ass, sat them down on the couch and casually reached up to adjust her turban, showing them her all. I looked at her in a new light. Now that it wasn’t personal I wasn’t bothered by the lesbian thing, and started to see her as this wonderful, glowing, sexual person. A part of me was envious at her obvious love of her body, her exhibitionism, her sexuality. I shook my head. What was this, a bad episode of Emmanuelle?

Then John arrived. I had been so engrossed by – her – that I hadn’t noticed him come in. Or had he come in? I had a sneaky feeling he had been here and watching the two of us the whole time, though I couldn’t swear to it. He immediately starts in on the bimbo with mucho attitude. I couldn’t believe it! Here was this wet dream of a female almost perfectly posed for male appreciation and he was trashing her! Then he deigned to notice me. His attitude didn’t really change when he questioned me. He seemed to pause when I told him I was from the Real World Defense School. He looked at me real strangely – I guess he had been too busy grooving on my body to remember my face from the class – and mumbled something and split.

I went over to bimbo immediately to ask her why she took it from him. She explained that he had to practice his meanness for his job as bouncer. Instead of dwelling on that I started to tell her what we did at school. I explained that I was going to open up classes to females real soon but that I had to line up some male “volunteers” first. Then when she questioned that I had to explain that statistically women were far more likely to be attacked by a man, and that, in accordance with the Real World philosophy I wanted male attackers for my women to practice on.

“Ohh,” she said. “You attack guys?” Her eyes were big as saucers. “You, like, beat them up and stuff?”

“Well,” I replied. “We don’t really beat them up. We just beat them. Defeat them.”

“You can beat a guy?” she asked incredulously. “But they are so strong and aggressive.”

“Yes they are big and strong,” I explained, “so you have to know where and how to hit them. Haven’t you ever kicked a guy in the balls?”

“You mean...” she gestured.

“Yes! The testicles! Great target. They are soft and vulnerable on even the biggest and strongest of men. You must have seen a guy get hit there.”

“Oh! I’ve seen Sable do that on WWF – but I thought that was all faked, you know? Wait. I did punch a guy in the balls once…”

She seemed lost in reverie so I asked her what happened.

“Let’s see, his name was… Terry! Yes, that was it. We were supposed to be sucking each other but after I sucked him good and hard he wanted to stick it in me instead of giving me my sucking. So I punched him good and hard in his little hanging nut sac.” She smiled at the recollection.

“And what happened?” I prompted.

“Oh yes!” (Laughs) “He fell over clutching his balls and howling! I thought he was faking it. You should have heard him cuss! I just lay there laughing at him, which seemed to make him madder. After a moment he jumped up and came at me with his fists like he was going to hit me. Without thinking I punched him hard as could – right in his ballsack again. That stopped him! After rolling around again he slowly got up – I still thought he was acting, enjoying my attention. He came over to me, his face kind of red, and wagged his finger in my face. ‘Don’t ever do that again!’ he said. I laughed at him. ‘You mean this?’ I asked and I grabbed his ballsack, pulling his balls out in front of him where I could see them and keep them from getting way and pounded my fist into them. Like this!” She whacked her closed fist into her palm with an almighty whack!

Well I have to confess at this point that a) this girl was a natural ball buster but didn’t know it; b) that I was starting to like her now; and c) her graphic description of how she dealt with Terry was getting me all turned on!

“Hey that’s great!” I said. “That’s what I’m talking about!” I added, my nipples all hard and itchy in my blouse. “But you didn’t notice how it hurt him?”

“Guys are such kidders, you know? I thought he was faking it, trying to get sympathy. Come to think of it he was on the ground a long time. You mean I did that?”

“That’s exactly what I mean! But you’ll be even better off with a kick. Were you ever a cheerleader?” She nodded. “Remember those high kicks they had you do, how you really had to get some swing into your legs to get ‘em up high?” She nodded again. I moved in real close to her. The scent of her bath oils filled my nostrils as I whispered into her ear. “You do exactly the same kick except that you swing your leg up between a man’s legs. Catches his testicles nicely – you know how they dangle right between his legs?”

“Yes,” she replied. “But a cheerleader kick is aimed way above the head, not down low like a man’s balls hang. I mean…”

“That’s the whole idea,” I whispered. “You smash those little organs flat; lift his legs off the ground.”

“But that means…”

“Exactly. The weight of his body is added to the force of your kick. Believe me, a good kick like that will lay any man OUT! And if the kick is a little off, he’ll still be stunned. Don’t look at me like that! It’s true! There is nothing similar on the female body, so you’re lucky, but you have no idea of your power over a man until you’ve delivered a good solid kick on one.”

“I have GOT to try it!” she cried.

“You know, I think we have the perfect target for you! Let’s practice!”

When John returned he was greeted to quite a sight. Bimbo was throwing beautiful, straight, high kicks, swinging her shapely legs. She had finally taken off the heels and with the balance of bare foot on floor she was in top form. John watched her, getting a flash of golden pussy every time she kicked. Her huge breasts wobbled about in the towel. (I’m amazed she hadn’t lost that towel!) He clapped enthusiastically and the bulge in his pants was greater every second. Kick! Flash! Bounce! (She went.)

“Do you like my cheerleading?” she asked him, bouncing up and down on the spot, lifting her knees high on each bounce, flashing her snatch. I forgot to tell her about knees, but I judged these would have been perfect.

“Yeah, but what about the yelling?”

“I think that it’s you who should be yelling!” I chipped in. Bimbo and I laughed.

“Good idea!” she whispered. Then to John, “Want to see it close up?” she asked him, lifting her towel to flash him again. She turned to me and winked.

“Absolutely!” he cried. “Bring it on.” At that he stood his ground before her, hands on hips, legs slightly apart, erection trying to burst his pants.

“What a great shot,” I muttered to myself. “Don’t mess it up.”

Well, she wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the bone-crunching thump of pent-up feminine anger at this over powering male that I had expected. Meanwhile John stood there stunned at what his little bimbo could do, bent in the middle, eyes wide, breathing in little sighing gasps.

“Great!” I told her. “Try it again, but don’t forget that cheerleader swing!”

She stepped back and swung her leg up like a piston, hitting John square in his balls with a loud thump. John, who was still standing there stunned from the first blow, saw the leg coming but couldn’t possibly react in time.

For a fraction of a second we were treated to the look of horrified doom on John’s face as he realized how the bimbo had suckered him. Then her foot impacted its target, and John’s body leaped up. He instantly doubled over groaning and covering his balls.

Bimbo jumped up and down – which was quite a sight in her outfit – laughed and gave me the high five. “This is great!” she enthused, with all the vigor of a new female ball buster. “Look at him!”

We looked over at John, all hunched up, and had to laugh. It was so funny to see a big bad bouncer boy in that position! Bimbo was positively glowing she was so thrilled. She went over to him and tried to sooth him with sweet talk. When that didn’t work she started flashing him and using all kinds of sexual come-ons and compliments to his male ego. This seemed to work and he straightened up. She opened up the front of her towel and wiggled her curvaceous body at him. He clapped enthusiastically at the sight, which meant his balls were once more unprotected. (How do men manage with such vulnerable protrusions?) I hope he enjoyed the sight of her bouncing naked breasts because she kicked him again fair and square in his balls and, by the time he realized it, it was too late to protect them. This time he really yelled as her foot blasted into his doubly tenderized nuts. He crunched over and fell onto the floor, his legs no longer wanting to hold him up. Bimbo jumped up and down over his prostrate form laughing her head off.

“This is great!” she cried, rushing to the phone and making a call. “There’s this big jerk next door who I have just GOT to teach a lesson. Thanks to you!” she beamed. Before I could say anything she was purring into the phone. She smiled at me and went to kick John.

“Come on,” she said. “Go and hide. You hate this jerk too, so I’m about to get him for both of us!” Once John had been hurried out – somehow he didn’t have the will to object to anything at this point – she turned her attention to me. She unbuttoned my blouse to reveal my bra. Again I felt this strange sense of sexuality coming from this woman – unbuttoning my blouse indeed! Now she pulled my skirt up to reveal my long legs. I felt oddly warm from her touch. I had to admit there was an irrepressible sexuality to this woman that was strangely hard to resist.

Then the doorbell rang. She opened it to this – thing – that I must admit I took an instant dislike to. But bimbo was turning on her charm already and this cross between Frankenstein’s monster, a used car salesman and my youngest brother grinned appreciatively at her scantily clad form. She really wanted to taunt this one. She came right out and told him that she, a little ole woman, would wup him, beat him up, kick his ass. He was still smiling at her little joke, and to humor her he put up his fists and told her come on bitch!

Her next move was great, straight out of my book. She dropped her towel and stood naked before him. Well he was distracted all right – his eyes were practically bugging out of his face, which on him was definitely not a pretty sight. I guess she had planned to distract him and let fly with a front kick to his unsuspecting self. It was he who did the unexpected and jumped at her, holding her round her waist, eagerly devouring her pneumatic body!

Bimbo was unprepared for this turn of events and pleadingly looked at me for help. He was kissing and slobbering all over her breasts (he’ll be a long time I thought!). Then I said the one word – “knees” – and a light went on in her head. Her thigh thundered up and impacted his testicles, and she had him! He was stunned and could do nothing to stop the next thigh which repeated the marvelous performance of the first. He jerked; his head buried itself into her soft tits while she smiled her triumphant smile and went for number three.

“Hey!” she called out to me. “This (knee) is really very easy (knee) and he seems to be shocked by it (knee) so I can get him (knee) again and again! (KNEE!)”

“Uh, I think you’d better stop.” Neighbor was still on his feet, but his head was buried in bimbo’s chest and his arms hung limply by his side. “Damn, girl! I think you might be suffocating him!” She gave me a funny look and pushed his head off her breasts. He collapsed on the floor, groaned a bit and slowly, slowly curled up into a fetal position.

“Maybe it’s time you got dressed. Your body seems to be a lethal weapon!” She smiled at me so sweetly and ran off into the bedroom to dress.

John came back, looking much better and much happier. “I was pretty mad when you showed her that move, and but then I saw what she did to this jerk and I think I like it. I’ll tell you what, I’ll come back to the class, but I have to bring…” he jerked his eyes in the direction of the bedroom “…too. If she is going to learn defense then she had better learn it right.” Then he chuckled. “Do you think we can turn her loose on the guys like you did that first time? I wonder if she could handle that.”

He sidled up real close to me – so close I felt his breath on my breasts. “Mmm. I remember how you looked in that special room,” he leered.

“Do you also remember this?” I asked, jerking my knee into his golden targets.

“Ah… Uh… ooo.”

It was time to leave. “Bye!” I called into the bedroom. “See you in class.” I walked to the door, opened it and stood just outside. “Hey!” I cried back into the house. “I never got your name!”

“Oh it’s…” she called out from the bedroom just as John made it to the door in time to slam it shut. I shrugged. Heck, maybe I’d be mad too if I had balls and some woman had casually and calmly kneed me there. Whistling to myself I set off down the street. Maybe I’d meet a mugger? What a great day it was!

Chapter Six: A Dumb Dummy

I must admit, when the brochure said “Anatomical Practice Dummy”, I was thinking something else. Not that it was a bad dummy, it just wasn’t anatomically CORRECT, if you know what I mean. In fact, it had no legs at all, just a heavy spring-loaded base with a torso showing all the muscle groups nicely. Well I suppose it was fine for practicing punches and high kicks, but what about those all important low blows? We were not a boxing school, not an all-male ego-building clinic, we were a self-defense school and we needed a practice dummy with ALL targets intact, thank you very much! Given its limitations, it was a very nice dummy. It had a firm but flexible plastic skin and there were sensors placed all over to measure the force of hits. There was also a weighting system to be sure any sensitive or vulnerable areas of the body scored much higher in the scoring system.

We played halfheartedly for awhile then Stitch remarked, “I don’t see the point. If these guys want to sell me a practice dummy, then I need one that has the weakest parts of the body for me to target. And we all know were that would be on this handsome man!” (Giggles all round. Jaqi just talks about male genitals in a way that MAKES you want to go out and kick some, if you know what I mean ladies!) “That way,” she said, making a lazy swing of her leg towards the dummy, we could kick his balls in again and again!” At that we all had to laugh.

“You know, that’s not such bad idea,” said Tami. Okay, I’ll admit I glared at her. It’s hard to glare at Tami. She is such a beauty that even I feel attracted to her, and I love men way too much to want a woman in that way. But if I did, Tami’s the one I’d want! So, although I am committed to keeping the “Real” in Real World real (if you see what I mean), the idea of an uncomplaining, un-injurable man who could take attack after attack – and still tell you that he LIKES it, had a certain appeal to it.

As I have commented before, I would need a veritable army of men to parade before a class of females determined to practice groin strikes and be certain they are effective. Take a class of ten, each wanting twenty good kicks in one lesson. I would wager we would need 200 men right there. How many of that 200 would be likely to volunteer for a second time that night? Well, there would be some who would, I’ve discovered, but even the most enthusiastic still wouldn’t last that long. How many of you, having had one eager woman or girl give you a good kick to your testicles, would then volunteer again? Now there’s ten women, all warmed up and just dying to prove they can take you down with one shot.

Now Jaqi had to chime in with another of her “stories”, as I was starting to think of them in my mind. “Been there. Done that!” She stood her ground a moment while Tami and I glared at her. “When I was eight my friends and I…” (“How proper!” jibed Tami.) “…ahem! My friends and I made a man by stuffing old clothes with straw. Yes! A real straw man! Of course, curious as we were, and unable to find any sufficiently mature male to show us his stuff, we ended up creating our own. Well, we knew enough to know that we needed a dick and some balls, but were not sure about sizing and positioning!

Then one day I lucked out and came across Tom dozing next to a skinny-dipping hole. He was asleep and naked as the day he was born – more naked really with his nice heavy balls and nice big dick sticking up into the air! I was fascinated, but of course Jenny had to come running up making noise before I could get close enough to touch. Tom stirred and I took off! Tom jumped up and who was standing there but Jenny. Poor girl! I think she’s been embarrassed to this day! But we ended up with a great almost-anatomically correct straw man using ping-pong balls and a carrot which was the best we could lay our hands on. I think the carrot was too large and pointing the wrong way. Hey! I was eight. How was I to know Tom had dreamed up a boner in his sleep?

Anyway it ended up fixing itself by drying up and getting all floppy. You know how old carrots go? Okay. Boys were always a problem. So active, so aggressive. We used our straw man to take out our frustrations and act out what we would do if some man tried to grab us. With our little attachments positioned right in front of our little girl eyes it wasn’t long before we started taking shots at those inviting ping-pong balls. And right away, it was funny! Punch the balls. He-he! Kick the balls. Ha-ha! We had no idea what the effect on a real male would be, but just the fact that they had these little balls in their own little dangly sack hanging outside their bodies was just hilarious. Before long we were targeting the balls almost exclusively.

We also had a great time taunting our poor straw man. ‘I’m going to punch you in the tummy,’ I announced loudly and promptly punched him in the balls. ‘Oops! I missed,’ I would say and we would roll about in laughter. ‘I’m going to kick your leg. Oh dear! Too high!’ My favorite was, ‘I’m going to punch you on the nose,’ as I waved my left arm in the air. Meanwhile my right swung up into his balls. ‘Sorry, I lied!’ I would say and we cracked up.”

“Well we were so testicle-obsessed by this time that we started getting curious about the real thing. Then one day we lucked out with Tom again. He wasn’t going to let some nosey girls stop him from skinny-dipping. We would hide in the bushes and get a great view of Tom and his pals as they emerged wet, dripping and naked from the water. Sometimes they would flop down on the ground to lie in the sun and dry but we all agreed our favorite was when they would run around playing tag or something. My how we loved to see those dicks and balls bouncing around as they ran! Today Tom was sunbathing and dozing. Now was our chance!

We snuck up on him and gazed in awe at his strange equipment. Amongst ourselves we always said it looked so ugly, but we stared every chance we got! I just had to touch and gently cupped Tom’s testicles in my hands, bouncing them and feeling the weight. They were so weirdly slippery! I was so fascinated that at first I didn’t notice how his dick was getting bigger; I just went on handling his balls.

Uh-oh! Had I done something wrong? I grabbed his dick to try and make it go down but it just got bigger! Jenny suggested I push the other way, so here I am rubbing Tom’s dick and pulling on his balls to try and make him small and floppy again – and he opened his eyes! We froze. He jumped up.

‘Well, well,’ he said. ‘What’s it worth to you for me not to tell?’ Not a good thought but I was staring straight at his balls, rocking back and forth gently right in front off my eyes! I stood my ground.

‘If you tell I’ll… I’ll… punch you in the tummy!’ Tom thought this was funny, but the girls were watching me with great interest now. Tom stood before me with hands on his hips.

‘Okay,’ he says. ‘Take your best shot!’ So I drew my arm back and swung it forward with all my might right into his balls!

‘Oops! I missed!’ I cried out, marveling at how soft and easy to hit they were.

Tom was bent over and saying, ‘Oh shit!’ while we looked on in amazement. I guess he must have decided it really WAS an accident – surely eight-year-olds wouldn’t punch a big strong guy like Tom in the balls? Quickly he straightened up, but we had all seen his initial shocked reaction. I smiled at Jenny and Kate and noticed how their eyes were sparkling.

I looked Tom right in the eyes and said, ‘Let me do that again,’ in my best pleading tone.

Tom stood a little uncertainly before the three young girls. The big strong guy obviously could not back down. ‘Okay,’ he said, ‘but…’ I never gave him a chance to finish the sentence. I hauled off and rammed my fist into his balls as hard as I could!

His reaction to my fist was incredible! I looked at Jen and Kate and they were just standing there open-mouthed. Tom was groaning, hunched over and clutching his balls in his hands. His voice sounded a bit funny as he said, ‘You were supposed to hit my stomach!’

I said nothing. When I had said, ‘Let me do that again’ I fully meant, ‘Let me punch your balls again,’ not let me try for the stomach again! So I just smiled at him and reveled at my newfound power over the male. Tom let go of his balls, letting them swing freely between his legs. He stayed bent over and placed his hands on his knees. His legs were spread wide so his balls were not squashed or restricted in any way and he kept drawing air in through his teeth and making funny faces. He kept his eye on me. He should have watched the others.

Jenny and Kate, having seen Tom’s wonderful reaction to my hits wanted desperately to try it themselves! Kate went behind Tom and from the beautiful smile on her face she must have had an amazing view of his dangling balls! Not wanting to miss the opportunity of a lifetime, Kate decided to kick Tom’s balls in. She did. It was real easy! Her little foot smacked right into the bottom of Tom’s funny ball sack and pushed his balls up until she squashed them flat into his body.

Tom screamed and fell to the ground. Kate started laughing and we all joined in. Two little girls had just put this big man down on the ground. Man did we feel powerful! Men hate how easily a female can do that to them, and Tom was no exception. Trying to shrug it off he started to get up but he was slow.

He made it to his knees when Jenny, not wanting to be left out, saw her chance. She wanted to be sure HER hit was the best, and of course with Tom on his hands and knees his balls were lowered to Jenny’s height. She swung her heavy, hard-booted foot right into Tom’s balls, still foolishly exposed between his legs to Jenny behind him. Jenny was ecstatic, dancing around as Tom slumped to the ground in pain. We were all high on our newfound power over boys. Ah! How sweet life would now be!

Tom was NOT going to have a sweet time. Kate and I stood on either side of him. He was really taking his time getting up. I grabbed one arm and Kate took the other as we tried to help him up. I can’t speak for Kate but holding on to that naked, male, helpless flesh sent shivers down me! We tried to pull Tom up and it was working up until Jenny, not satisfied with her first shot, struck out with her foot.

Poor Tom! With me on one side and Kate on his other arm his hands were not able to protect his balls. He was on his knees, and so was unable to step out of the way. He watched in horror as Jenny shot her foot into his balls – BAM! BAM! BAM! Three times in quick succession.

‘Hey!’ Kate and I yelled even as we let go and Tom slumped to the ground again. We were mad because Jenny had gotten in four shots to Tom’s balls to my two and Kate’s one. ‘Not fair!’ we chanted in childish fashion as Tom groaned from the ground. At that moment Tom’s mates appeared, all of them just as naked and almost as well equipped! We gawked at this display of masculine finery bouncing away right in front of our eyes. They made no attempt to hide themselves. Whether this was exhibitionism on their part, or because we were much younger than them or because they were concerned to see Tom lying on the ground I didn’t know but I sure appreciated the way that they presented such lovely targets for us girls!

They crowded around Tom and one jumped up and stood right in front of me and demanded, ‘What the hell happened?’

So we showed them, right? We were no longer ballbusting virgins so there was no hesitation, no pulling of punches. I punched the boy in front of me with an audible smack right into lovely soft balls and he doubled over quite nicely. Jenny and Kate let fly with violent kicks to the totally unsuspecting balls of the other two boys. Since they were checking Tom out the girls got them from behind with no warning. You should have heard them yell! My man was looking at me real funny and sensibly held onto to his balls. His face was real close to mine and I had a sudden inspiration. I punched his nose. Instantly he jumped up holding his nose, his balls forgotten. I, however, had not forgotten, and punched out at his reddened balls even as they were moving toward me. Ooof! He came down again, his nose forgotten.

‘Shit! Shit!’ he kept saying as I smiled at him, naked and in pain before this little girl holding onto his throbbing balls. I will never forget that image as long as I live.”

“Damn!” said Tami. “You’re making me all hot talking about those naked guys. I love that image of those big, strong, naked men rolling about the ground holding their balls and you three little girls laughing and smiling and skipping away. I bet they just hated you after that!”

“You know, I think Tom was turned on by it all. He used to be down by that skinny-dipping hole all the time. He knew damn well I would be hiding in the bushes and always made sure he put on a good display. I especially liked it when he would come out of the water and walk over straight towards me. He would make a show of pretending to pick up twigs and rocks from where he was going to lie but he would always have his back towards me, spread his legs nice and wide and bend down time and time again picking at the ground. I got a great view of his hanging plums! The way they wobble from side to side still turns me on! When he finally lay down he would be sporting a great erection, getting himself turned on by offering me his testicles in a real vulnerable position. He would then lay down with his open legs in my direction. Many times he would be so turned on that he would jerk off and I would watch in utter fascination as he rubbed himself. Sometimes he would ball up his fist and punch himself in the balls! That always made my face feel hot and flushed and most times Tom would come on a wave of pain and pleasure and squirt all over. Then one time I convinced myself that he was asleep – or just got up the courage such that I didn’t care – and went over and touched his dick and balls. I had a much better idea having watched Tom at work and stroked him and rolled his balls in my hand…”

“OK. Enough already!” I interrupted.

“Hmm! Anyway, get them to make a dummy with balls! This guy needs some brains anyway!” said Jaqi jabbing at our plastic man.

The following week our plastic man sales rep was in to see us. I was trying to explain that we wanted a whole dummy and got all embarrassed and was unable to come right out and say it. We were stuck on legs when in walked Jaqi straight from a work out. She was flushed and her nipples were really obvious, straining to burst out through her sweat-soaked T. Our rep man must have been a nipple freak because he could not take his eyes off her chest.

“Ah Jaqi!” I said. “Could you do us a favor and demonstrate for our rep here just what we are looking for in the dummy?”

“Sure thing!” said Jaqi. She must have misunderstood me because instead of approaching the dummy she turned to the rep and said “We want our dummy to do this,” and front kicked him right in the testicles!

He yelped, coughed, spluttered. He went all wobbly-kneed. He groaned and rolled his eyes and made the most amazing faces. Jaqi smiled sweetly at our rep-in-pain and waited for him to calm down. Finally he was able to get this out, “You want a dummy that k-k-kicks?”

“No,” said Jaqi. “We want him to take them.” Our rep man was having trouble standing straight – and apparently thinking straight also.

“Oh,” he said.

“And we want him to react,” said Jaqi.

“Oh,” he said.

Jaqi was getting a little impatient. “You know what a reaction is, don’t you?” and she lifted her T-shirt to flash him.

“Ooooh!” he said, standing up much straighter in great interest. Jaqi kicked him in his balls.

“Oooooh! Aaaaah! Grnghnnnn,” he gargled as he doubled over in pain.

“There!” said Jaqi brightly. “You DO know what I’m talking about!”

I think he understood what we were talking about. He promised he would talk to the development team and be in contact soon and limped away.

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