Thursday, November 29, 2007


By Wizard

Chapter Seven: The Inventors

Our sales rep did not show his face again. In his place three men showed up. I have no idea what he told them but they all seemed very keen to find out how to improve the target dummy.

First in line was Dr. Riseley. He could have been a professor in his nondescript pants, scuffed shoes, tweed sports coat and hastily knotted tie clashing in color with the rumpled shirt. The roundness of his head was emphasized by the fact that he had very little hair left; though what he had was suitably disarrayed. Actually, I decided his usual and natural attire was most probably a lab coat. The sports jacket and tie was probably a concession to visiting an actual customer.

Second in line was a younger and smarter (appearance-wise) man who almost had the looks and charisma of a movie star, handsome and bearded. Bringing up the rear was a very young man obviously just out of or maybe still in college. He was wearing a lab coat, and had glasses and pens in a pocket protector. This guy obviously thought “nerd” was “in”.

Dr. Riseley was apparently the senior designer and introduced his technical right hand man, the handsome Mr. Barque. (Slight emphasis on the “Mr.”) “Oh and this is our intern, Jack. You don’t know Jack, do you?” the Dr. got out before chuckling at his own “joke”.

I won’t bore you with his whole speech, but Dr. Riseley and Mr. Barque were apparently very proud of their invention. It was the best and most capable dummy, they claimed, and its electronics were second to none – sensitive and rugged. Coupled with their exclusive feedback and analysis software you had everything you needed to train a fighter to deliver consistent, accurate and hard hits to any desired target. It was a good sales pitch! However, I could not let him talk all day. We were after some additional targets, after all. Now, how to bring that up?

“Balls!” said Jaqi. The doctor misunderstood.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “You perhaps don’t like my little sales pitch?”

“No, that’s fine. It’s just that we want balls. You know, testicles,” chirped Jaqi brightly.

Riseley must have taken that literally, because he started to look Jaqi up and down in a strange manner. “You are not happy being female? There are many women who would kill to have your slim body!” I suppose he meant that as a compliment, but he seemed to be leering.

Jaqi paused. “Oh! Not me! We want balls on the dummy. Like these.” She grabbed at Dr. Riseley’s crotch and he gasped and stared at Jaqi unbelievingly. She looked a little disappointed and groped around some more to the amazement and pain of the doctor. Suddenly she let him go and he doubled over involuntarily. Then she suddenly thrust her hand out and grabbed Jack’s goodies, catching the boy by surprise and causing him to yelp in a lovely way. Jaqi gave him a big grin.

“No, let’s make those balls like THESE!” She looked him in the eye. “My you have a nice juicy pair of testicles!” she purred as his face reddened several shades in embarrassment.

Riseley grabbed at a notebook to cover his own embarrassment and scribbled away. “Give… nice big testicles … use Jack as model,” he muttered to himself as he scribbled. He became all business.

“So,” he said, “we want testicles on this dummy. Fairly big ones I take it. Agreed?”

We looked at each other and nodded and smiled. “I didn’t feel them,” I stated. “Are you sure they are OK?”

Dr. Riseley looked relieved that I didn’t want to grab him. He encouraged his apprentice while the implacable Barque looked on in bemusement. “It’s for the sake of science!” he whispered as Jack stepped reluctantly forward.

I couldn’t help myself – I licked my lips. Jack noticed my barely concealed glee as I gently wrapped my hand around his testicles. I could only just cup them, but Jack’s scrotum was tightening up, and his dick – oh sorry, this is supposed to be scientific, yes? – his PENIS started swelling.

“What do you think Tami?” I asked innocently as Jack shifted uncomfortably. She came over and lovingly cupped his fat testicles, bouncing them up and down as she leaned forward giving Jack a clear view down her exposed cleavage. His penis was standing rigidly to attention – heck it was almost ready for a 21-gun salute!

“Subject responding to stimulation,” noted Dr. Riseley dryly. Barque looked on placidly as Tami winked at me and ground poor Jack’s testicles to hamburger in her fist. She positively beamed at me as she let Jack’s jewels go and he slumped earthwards on his knees. The other men in the room watched Jack in stunned silence, wincing as they looked at Tami, subtlely turning their own testicles to one side out of the direct line of fire of Tami’s limbs. She smiled radiantly as they looked all ashy-pale and subdued. By that one move she established dominance in the dynamics of the room. It inspired me!

I wanted to get close to Barque anyway, and all he had done so far is stand on the sidelines. “Let me show you something!” I trilled. Barque looked at me with interest as I approached him. His look changed as I rammed my thigh/knee into his testicles.

“Jesus Christ!” he yelled out when he finally recovered the ability to speak. “What the HELL did you do that for?” This was delivered from a funny crouching position that made me laugh. Barque was annoyed. “That was unfair!” he complained, as I continued my smile. “You can’t defend yourself against an attacker who isn’t attacking! By definition!”

“So, attack me!” I challenged.

Barque wasn’t so sure of himself now. “Well…” he wavered.

I stuck out my chin in my best John Wayne fashion. “Punch me right here!” I offered. Barque looked to the doctor for guidance. He shrugged. Barque suddenly swung a right hook straight at me but I was ready. I ducked under his flailing arm, aimed a punch at the center of his chest, going for the solar plexus to distract him, slipped behind him, spun on my left foot and thrust my right up between his legs from behind, connecting with his testicles with a satisfying “thud”! Shit! I felt kinda light-headed. I think I came at that point…

Oh sorry! What was I saying?

Tami approached Dr. Riseley, taking charge after my temporary disability. “You see what we mean?” she asked.

“Frankly, no,” responded Riseley. Tami moved up close and his eyes could not help but be captivated by her voluptuous breasts.

“Are you sure?” she asked hesitantly, wanting to, yet not at the same time. The doctor licked his lips. Obviously this was a far more intriguing view than his investigations usually provided.

“Aaahh,” he sighed. “I would like to feel those for myself.” He stared at Tami’s gently undulating mammaries as she drew her breath in… and out… and in…

“Okay,” said Tami brightly. “Feel these!” You know what she did, right? Yup! She kicked the shit out of poor Dr. Riseley’s testicles, dropping him in agony to the floor where he spluttered and moaned whilst keeping his hands firmly clasped in a protective shield around his throbbing scrotum.

We had to give the men time to recover.

When we resumed, Dr, Riseley was all business. He gave us some more bullshit – sorry, but he did waffle on. We reiterated our belief that the dummy must be as correctly built as was possible. The faces were rather red as I described my ideal set of testicles loosely hanging in the scrotum. Dr. Riseley took notes. We talked about scoring – the ability of the dummy to register the power of hits. Then the objections started.

“It doesn’t really hurt that much!” I asked for a volunteer. Riseley thrust a reluctant Jack forward. He was about to object more strongly when my hand encircled his scrotum through his loose pants. I clenched my fist and his body froze. I twisted my wrist and he gasped. I jerked downwards and he groaned as he followed my hand down. Then I clamped down, squeezing one testicle out of one side of my fist and the other out of the other side. I kept squeezing and pulling and he yelled and slumped to the floor, desperately clawing at my hand. Finally I let go as he was offering no more resistance. Jaqi had produced a stopwatch and we stood around watching Jack on the floor.

And watched.

And watched.

The men were clearly nervous at this demonstration of their weakness in front of three strong females. “You couldn’t do that,” said Barque, “if I knew you were attacking. I’d defend myself.”

“You’re on!” said Tami brightly. Barque slowly took off his jacket and his tie and rolled up his sleeves. Not to be outdone, Tami took off her T-shirt to show off her sports-bra that supported nicely but did almost nothing to conceal. “Are you ready?” she taunted. He nodded. She thrust suddenly towards him aiming simultaneously at his eyes, his throat and his testicles. Confused, he ended up defending himself from what he was sure was to be fingers thrust blindingly deep into his eyeballs. Meanwhile, Tami’s shin connected full-force with his testicles. Jaqi started a second stopwatch.

Dr. Riseley came out with “Women should obey men, not fight them!” I leapt at him.

Hah! The old, fumbling Dr. Riseley wasn’t such a pushover after all! Obviously martial arts trained, and well! He thrust at me again and again rapidly so it was all I could do to defend myself. His fist came straight for me and I deflected. His foot came flying and I thrust back just in time. He came at me and I tried to distract him with a flurry of blows to his head and upper body. He was having none of it, skipping back out of reach of my blows. I had to concentrate fully. He was gleeful now, skipping around me as I tried to penetrate his defenses. I feigned some weariness and flubbed some moves so that his confidence grew. He approached closer, but he kept up a very good guard. I pretended to kick him, leaving myself open and he took it, sweeping my legs out from under me. I fell to the ground, keeping my arms over my face protectively. He closed for the “kill” and I had him right where I wanted him. I kicked my leg up, impacting his testicles as hard as I could from my position. I followed this rapidly with the other leg and kept alternating legs as the shocked Riseley failed utterly to resist my blows. I finally stopped as he went fetal and Jaqi went looking for a third stopwatch.

Following our coffee break, we went back to see how our three inventors were fairing. Tami was feeling mischievous, and had removed her bra and changed into a thin blouse. The inventors had apparently recovered and were discussing some technical aspect of the dummy. Jack and Mr. Barque seemed a bit miffed, but the doc was beaming. He called Tami forward, and whispered something in her ear.

Jaqi and I watched in amusement as Tami approached young Jack and moved in close, tugging at the front of her blouse as she did so and talking some nonsense. Jack was not about to notice. His eyes were glued to the sight of Tami’s chest and his pants now seemed much too small to contain his rigid pole. Her right leg went back for maximum velocity and her thigh shot between his legs. I winced as his feet left the ground, and he bent double at the vicious ball-strike.

Barque was scribbling notes furiously and Jaqi obligingly started a stopwatch. Tami now approached Barque and feigned interest in his note taking. Tami’s blouse now seemed several sizes too small. Her breasts seemed to be oozing out of the front of her blouse and the hardness of her nipples threatened to burst through the thin material. Barque’s droning voice faded away as Tami honored him with ear-to-ear teeth. With his male brain thus distracted his testicles were treated to a thundering knee smash and he yelped in utter surprise. We all smiled. Tami was good! Barque had just witnessed Jack being brought down by this deadly female and yet he had left himself wide open when presented with some tit!

Strangely, even Dr. Riseley was smiling – and I noticed his pants were imitating a circus tent in volume. Aha! Another male lover of a testicle thrashing. I was getting good at reading the signs! Tami now faced the doc. He was saying something about scoring the dummy, how to rate a groin strike, something like that when Tami grabbed the front of her blouse wide open! Doc’s eyes were saucer-wide and the smile on his face was amazing, when all of a sudden I kicked him from behind. Hard! He almost collapsed right there, but recovered enough to see Tami’s concerned look as she went up to him and gently moved his arms away from his crotch as if to inspect the damage. Hah! She had promised him a full-force kick (as she told us later) and was about to deliver. He must have known, but allowed her to pull his arms away – and she kicked hard right into his already painful testicles. As he doubled over in pain he was still smiling…

We were getting tired of waiting, but had to give these men time to recover. Finally the results were in, according to doc. Ability of females to target the testicles – High. Effectiveness of a testicle strike – High. Amount of pain caused by a forceful testicle blow – High. Score to be attached to a good hard dummy-testicle strike – High. Score attached to a light dummy-testicle blow – Negative. (I liked that one.)

The doc then said he had an unanswered question. Resistance to repeat blows. The doc must have been one persuasive fellow; or else these three inventors were totally dedicated to science. They stood in a row, and asked to be kicked in the balls. What a strange day. We girls had started by showing these males what to expect. But we never expected them to be so eager for data. We looked at each other and shrugged. Then we kicked. Then they collapsed.

“Low!” screeched doc in a very high-pitched voice as he rolled the floor in agony. Once again we were glad to be female as, research over, the inventors walked slowly out bow-legged like three cowboys after a hard days ride. Men, I thought. After a good ball-thrashing they walk slowly with legs wide leaving themselves vulnerable for more of the same! We would have to wait for the new, improved dummy, but my, wasn’t research just a gas?

Chapter Eight: Naked girls! Yeah!

Wow! This had to be heaven! The girl in front of me looked great. She was dressed in her school uniform. My school didn’t have a uniform as such. Didn’t matter; she looked much better. All we had to do was fake-spar for a demonstration of martial arts I guess. Shit, easy stuff, way easier than some of the stuff that went on around our school. Fighting was, of course, against the rules, but boys will be boys, and we had our own rules. No broken bones or boys in hospital, no weapons, of course, but no fights? Of course there were. We would just never admit it. We had our own code of honor, and that even included protecting the dumb fucks who couldn’t or wouldn’t fight - we didn’t tolerate out and out bully-ism, I mean, it just isn’t fair and it sure isn’t any fun! Within these restrictions, though, there was a fuck of a lot of fighting going on.

Now, there was one rule that caused more and more debate. Was it OK to fight a girl? The old-fashioned ones wanted to keep that as an absolute “no” – until one of them got beat up by a couple of girls! He didn’t really want to talk about it, but since this was essential input to the debate we finally forced him to spill, and out came the whole sordid story. I can’t repeat it all, but he told how when he wouldn’t fight, the girls got real pissed and said it didn’t matter, that they could beat him cold anyway. I’ll always remember the look on his face when he told how this girl, this little puny pint-sized runt kicked him right in his balls and dropped him to the ground instantly!

“Jeez,” he would say, “I never knew I could feel so much pain. And the bitch just laughed and laughed. (I noticed it was “bitch” now, not “girl”.) I wanted to kill them both, but I just couldn’t get to my feet,” he whined.

There was some nervous laughter from the rest of us and I got kinda hot in the face thinking that a feeble girl might could just kick me in my balls and drop me to the ground? Nah, it wasn’t possible, was it? I certainly didn’t like to think it was, or else girls had a real unfair advantage on us guys – it wasn’t like they had anything like balls that we could kick, and if they did I just bet it would be a real no-no target what with it being a girl and all. We got scared and decided it was okay to fight a girl if they started it. The guy who got the ball kick wasn’t real impressed. He asked us if we had been listening. She did start it; she kicked my balls in didn’t she? I couldn’t fuckin’ fight her after that, I was on the fuckin’ ground, man, it fuckin’ HURT! Things got real quiet right about then.

Why am I remembering this stuff now? Oh wait! Let me explain the “heaven” part first. Quit rushing me! Let me expand upon my original description. The little girl who was before me was more like a grown woman. She had curves and bumps in all the right places. Dammit, she looked like an island girl out of my dreams (you know the kind!). Her skin was golden, her hair dark and long and loose, her eyes dark and full of fire, her lips full and moist and tempting. Best of all was that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see her ripe, juicy breasts, full without being excessive, and her dark nipples stood out clearly through the thin fabric of her white blouse. I couldn’t take my eyes off them! Young, beautiful breasts, jiggling and bouncing just inches from my eyes!

It gets even better, dude! Since we were play-sparring we got real close and grappled. I was able to quite “accidentally” brush up against her wonderful breasts – oh I love how they feel so soft and warm! – and even feel up her rock hard nipples (Oooohh Yessss!) and when she suddenly pulled me in I even got an island-girl tit up against each cheek – I’m in heaven! Of course, it wasn’t quite a free ride. The deal was that if she wore nothing under then neither could I and so all I was wearing was a thin pair of shorts.

I was so fascinated by her breasts that of course my prick was trying to raise itself up. That’s when I realized that just as I was a guy getting hot and horny over her fabulous body she was a hot and horny young female fascinated by MY young male body. Especially the parts that were swinging in my shorts just as her breasts were swinging in her blouse. As I became aware of how her eyes were glued to my shorts I suddenly got all embarrassed at showing so much to her and damn if my prick didn’t just leap to full attention, sticking up through the fabric of my shorts.

I had to continue as if nothing had happened, but my erotic fighter saw everything. We grappled again and this time instead of a breast grab she grabbed hold of my erection. Not brush, nothing accidental, she went straight for it and started to massage it. Oh my God! I was helpless in her hands, or so I thought, but now my innocent, virginal island girl showed me how little I knew about being helpless in her hands. Still rubbing me up and down with her other hand she grabbed my balls – circled my scrotum completely. (Oh! I was going to come! I just couldn’t believe how turned on I was with my balls cradled helplessly in her hot hand!) Then in one swift motion she twisted, pulled sharply downwards and clamped her hand hard, squeezing the very life out of my unsuspecting testicles! I gasped, but in pain not orgasm, and nearly blacked out completely. In any case I sunk to the floor and saw her looking down on me with a big smile on her face. Normally that smile would have melted me but I saw in her eyes how she had really enjoyed putting a male down on the floor with a testicle technique.

She bent real close to me and whispered in my ear. “Sorry, I was too rough. I’ll make it up for you latter…” she purred, and stood up. I gasped! I actually gasped out loud. She was not wearing panties under that skirt! I stared in admiration and disbelief and moaned and gasped some more and held my balls in my hand to try and cover up. She knew, of course, that I was just stalling for time, getting a good look at her. But she smiled anyway, and really seemed to enjoy it when I groaned and held my throbbing balls cupped in my hand. She stood there and smiled at me, just loving the attention she was getting even as I loved the view.

I groaned a bit more and added an, “Ohh my balls,” whilst looking her dead in the eye for good measure. She smiled at me and stared once more at my prick and balls and my woody just started to come right back. She squatted down beside me. I think she said something but I didn’t hear a thing. I had a view straight up her pussy! My God I wanted to fuck her right now – she had to be doing it on purpose!

Suddenly… she punched me in the balls! “Hey, listen,” she said as real pain returned and my eyes saw red, “I didn’t smash your precious little plums too bad; let’s finish this thing.” Now I was angry at having her hit me dead in my already sore, squeezed balls. She looked at my face and told me to stop lying there being a tempting target. I didn’t care I was ogling this little angel still until she raised her clenched fist high in the air and I realized how vulnerable I was lying on the floor. I started to get up but wasn’t quick enough and she RAMMED her fist into my balls! This time she did not hold anything back. My balls were on fire as she towered over me in triumph. I had no idea a girl could cause me such pain!

Damn! I was curled up on the floor now trying to protect my testicles and only vaguely aware of her laughter. She was in hysterics! Then she was kneeling beside me and between giggles she stroked my hair and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry big-boy, I won’t kick your balls in front of the whole school!”

When I got to the bathroom I had to jerk off – I mean REALLY had to! I could not get the images of her body out of my mind. I didn’t even mind the fact that my balls still hurt like hell. (Don’t you just hate that?) In fact when I imagined her in front of me, showing me everything, I also imagined her foot flying up in slow motion to catch right in the middle of my testicles and KEEP GOING, smashing them flat! Urghjhhrth! I came! Good one too.

“You alright in there, Jerr?” a voice asked. I grunted a reply, not trusting my voice at that moment. Ever since the affair with the girls in the shower, we were somewhat at their mercy, and they had insisted that we come along to prepare for a self-defense demo to be performed in front of the whole girls’ school! Now that we’d all three been treated to a wonderful T&A show, I didn’t think that we would have any trouble getting more volunteers. Here’s the question: Ask our friends assuming they would get a T&A show too, or ask our enemies assuming they would get their balls kicked in! And as soon as I thought that I started to get hard again! Well, we went with friends. Enemies would never trust us!

There were six of us and did we have fun! Although we were fighting I have never seen six boys so happy or so horny. Our dicks must have been going up and down all night, and wet spots were visible on the thin shorts. I was a little wary of the girls. The boys had more than enough opportunity to grapple all sorts of interesting female parts, and I was sure the girls would retaliate sooner or later. I don’t know if we remembered all the routines but perhaps the girls liked it that way to keep us off guard.

When the girls went off to the locker room I thought it was all over, and my friends came over to tell me how brilliant it all was and how sexy it was to play fight a girl dressed only in thin shorts and halters. Our euphoria was short-lived as the girls returned wearing short kimonos or karate ghis and with bare feet. They were also smiling. Okay, so we had a finale.

The girls then showed us how to stand in a line facing them with feet apart touching the next boy’s and hands held, like a paper-chain of boys. I was starting to really get worried now, but bit my lip. I did not want to deny my friends an ounce of the experience. The girls told us to stand real still, and for each boy to watch his girl. They needn’t have worried. I and I suppose all the other boys stood transfixed as the girls slowly, slowly undid their belts, and parted their robes. Under the robes they were naked – totally naked! No bra! No panties! We saw tits! Nipples! Pussies! Everything! If we hadn’t been turned into slack-jawed statues we would have cheered! I should have realized, but I was as shocked as the next boy, so when the girls suddenly kicked out with their bare legs up between the legs of us boys and right into our nuts - ^Q()Q#Q@##^%_)+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joey hit the floor first, followed closely by me, Kalin and Nathan. Airon slowly sank down too leaving only Christopher standing – well, crunched over but on his feet! After the wonderful time we had had feeling up the girls’ asses and tits and then the nude show, I really didn’t mind too much about being kicked in the balls. I figure everything has its price, right? The other boys didn’t look too happy, though. But when the girls started HOWLING with laughter I got really red-faced with embarrassment. I think that hurt more than my poor testicles did! It just didn’t seem fair!

By the time we were all on our feet again the girls were just giggling but again it really hurt to see how happy they were compared with the boys. I figured we were done for sure now but the girls started to tease, flashing a little bit and asking if we were man enough for more. Call me dumb, but I said sure you can do that to me again – if you drop that robe completely! Oh sure she said, but it has to be all of you. To cut a long story short we all agreed to it – I mean, sexy naked girls for free! I could feel my dick swelling again despite the lingering throb in my balls. Some of the boys weren’t so keen to feel those kicks again!

We stood in a line, hands and feet touching and feeling very vulnerable but also very excited. The girls were good on their word; though I was half afraid they would just kick us in the balls again once we were lined up. Slinkily, slowly, silkily, smoothly and sexily the girls removed their robes, dropped them to the floor and kicked them back and away. It was great! They did a pose thing and a dance thing and I was so hard I wanted to fuck Juli so bad I could barely resist reaching out and grabbing her when she came close. She looked me straight in the eye, then looked down and squeezed her breasts together. God I almost came at the sight! Just when I was lost in her female nakedness and beauty, she surprised me by ramming her knee up into me.

Urgh! I jerked forward, bumping her forehead, pissing her off and causing her to step back and give me an almighty kick right into my balls. A perfect shot! My legs just collapsed and hunched up in the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. I tried to hold my balls but that just caused another wave of pain and nausea to flood over me. I think I passed out. I know I was lying on the ground in fetal position forever. I vaguely remember the girls laughing and dancing around naked – they were so happy they had forgotten to put their robes back on. I just knew the guys were watching me too and tried to get up. I couldn’t!

The pain shot through me feeling for all the world like a red-hot poker had skewered me from anus to cranium. I felt like I was going to die! And all the while the laughter floated in the air. Eventually the pain concentrated in my stomach and I managed to sit up, still thinking I must be the laughing stock of the guys too. Well I was wrong. The girl’s amusement was due to five boys sprawled unconscious or incapacitated on the floor. Juli saw I was sitting up and came over to me.

“Want some more,” she purred, her sweet young breasts swinging in my face. She laughed at the look of shock and horror on my face. I could not BELIEVE a girl could do what she had just done to me. She leaned real close and told me, “Don’t worry, I promise I will not kick your balls (smile) in front of the whole school!” I was relieved! In fact every girl told their boy the same thing, “I won’t embarrass you, I won’t kick you, I won’t attack your balls, no I promise, not front of the whole school!”

That’s right. We were practicing for a demo to be given in front of the whole school. I had to be thousands of girls! Everyone else wanted to pull out, but the next day, when balls no longer throbbed I was able to convince them it was all cool. Besides, the girls were trustworthy, and had danced naked for us, and hadn’t each girl promised that they would not kick us in the balls in front of the whole school??

It was weird at first, standing on that stage, row after row after row of eager, smiling young schoolgirls learning to kick the shit out of any boy that deserved it. I almost felt like a traitor, betraying my fellow males in front of these females! Just to make the experience even worse, there were teachers and even some parents in the audience. To cap it off, a video crew went into action.

We boys looked at each other, crossed our fingers and hoped to God that the girls would honor their promise! Would we be the ones to reveal to these girls how easy a target male testicles made? Under the direction of the Real World School instructors we started the demo. Nervousness faded away as we went into our routine, and I started to enjoy being close to Juli in her thin outfit.

Everything was going fine until the announcement came that we would now demonstrate some very powerful and effective moves. I was still smiling until I was called out in front of the others and suddenly I found myself facing not my partner Juli, but LaTanya!

Chapter Nine: The Umpire Strikes Back

A hush came over the hall as this tall, strong black girl towered over me. I stood dumbly there before her as the video crew focused in on just her and me. She circled around me, smiling all the while.

Juli’s voice floated through my head. “Don’t worry big-boy; I won’t kick your balls in front of the whole school!” We’d been had! Only Juli had made that promise to me! LaTanya advanced on me and we locked arms as if we were wrestling or something.

I tried to play it off with her, but she shot back with, “Ever see Sable in action?” as she swung her leg back. Oh, I knew what was coming but I was a trapped beast. Sweat started to bead my brow but she was playing with me and the expected kick never came. Cat and mouse, with me as the mouse. This wasn’t right!

Now she taunted, “One kick, two kick, three kick, four…. five kick, six kick, hit the floor!” Round and round we danced, arms locked. “One kick, two kick, three kick, four. Are you ready Jerry?”

“Juli promised…” I started to say in desperation.

LaTanya’s smile got bigger. “I’m not Juli!” she said, “and I will definitely kick your balls in front of the whole school you pathetic little rat!” LaTanya swung me around so my back was to the crowd. I was acutely aware of how vulnerable my testicles were as my legs spread wider to keep my balance and then she took a step back forcing me to lean forward. I had but the briefest moment to appreciate how expertly she had maneuvered my balls into a position of maximum exposure and vulnerability before she expertly slammed her strong leg into those same balls, lifting my feet clear off the ground and sending a fireball of shock coursing through my body.

“One kick!” she yelled as my feet returned to the stage. This was NOT supposed to be in the program! I wasn’t wearing any protection! I stood there frozen in shock as a great round of laughter arose from the thousands of watching girls! My God! My balls were on fire and all these girls were just laughing at me! LaTanya waited only long enough for dramatic effect and followed the first kick with a second. I was in shock and my arms were securely held. I could do nothing to stop her as her shin rammed my pre-tenderized testicles.

“Two kick!” she cried as I struggled to focus my eyes and stay on my feet. The watching girls were now cheering as they saw LaTanya sock it to a boy in the most painful way possible. Then she rapidly shot out with her instep – “Three kick!” and yet again. “Four!” Dimly a part of my brain sensed that these last two kicks were much lighter than the first two but I am here to tell you that a tender set of balls such as I now possessed reacted the same! The cheer from the audience was deafening as the girls took special note of how to hurt a boy! The video crew hovered nearby, capturing every detail of my agony and humiliation.

“Five kick!” yelled LaTanya as she lifted my legs off the ground again and my balls exploded with pain. Quickly, since my legs were like jelly at this point, she swept her leg back for her killer “Six kick”. I had no resistance. I could hardly breathe! She was now beyond beating me and just wanted to hurt and humiliate me. I didn’t think I’d feel it at all but the pain that swept over me was agonizing. “Hit the floor!” I vaguely heard her cry as the crowd roared their approval and I collapsed and passed out.

They left me right where I was on the stage floor. I came to in time to see Juli - cheating bitch Juli, tricking me into testicular agony by a cruel trick - square off against Nathan. He looked miserable! I watched from the floor as the voice-over set them up. All the girls in the audience were giggling like mad as Nathan stood before them, hands protecting balls, face turning ever redder. He was frozen to the spot and refusing to attack Juli. Big, bad Nathan, not afraid of anything, could not bring himself to attack this petite girl!

Jaqi went out there and ad-libbed. In oh-so-slow motion she demonstrated how to free up his vital target area – by attacking another! Her fingers advanced straight towards his eyes and his hands naturally came up to protect them. Keeping her fingers right in front of his eyes she slowly brought up her knee and rested the contents of his scrotum gently upon it. Then she whispered in his ear and withdrew, his bulging eyes following her every step of the way!

Oh my! It wasn’t only his eyes that were bulging. Jaqi’s gently teasing knee bouncing his balls had caused a big bulge in Nathan’s shorts! Thus did Juli have unobstructed access to Nathan’s testicles, grabbing them firmly in her hand, squeezing mercilessly as Nathan doubled over and the girls in the crowd laughed and laughed. Not even the most hilarious stand-up comedian could have gotten this reaction!

Juli loved the audience response and with a huge smile on her face started to drag Nathan’s testicles around the stage. Naturally Nathan followed her like a loyal little puppy dog. If he offered any resistance then Juli would clamp down hard and get an instant reaction – and another huge laugh from the watching girls! Eventually she tired of this and with one last vicious squeeze she left him hunched over in agony and took a bow to the crowd.

God was this embarrassing! All those girls’ eyes watching as we boys were defeated by our most private parts! Juli now approached Nathan from the rear and making sure the audience and video crew captured every detail she carefully reached between his legs. As her hand found its tender targets and clamped them in a vice grip, Nathan’s head shot up in shock. Not for long! Juli jerked her arm backwards pulling Nathan clear off his feet and onto the floor where he grabbed his genitals and rolled about groaning. There was no sympathy in this hall! Juli took another bow as the applause erupted.

Joey was mad! He was so humiliated by the demonstration of how weak he was and how easily any one off these wretched GIRLS could beat him up that he stormed out to attack Juli! She spotted him at the last minute as he took a swing at her and barely dodged his fist. That clumsy swing had him off balance and Juli stepped to him and shot her knee up into his balls like a piston ramming home! She held him and quick as a flash followed that first knee with a second! Third! Forth! Fifth! Just like that. Bam-bam-bam-bam-BAM! Joey went down and was actually jerking around in pain, his face frozen in shock as his body twitched uncontrollably! Juli stepped forward and spreading her arms gave an expansive bow. The girls in the crowd were now screaming in excitement, and more than a few were fainting themselves – in uncontrollable orgasms!!

Christopher came running out and bent over Joey in concern. It was scary seeing him twitch about on the floor clutching his crushed nuts in his hands. I felt the hot flush of embarrassment at seeing Joey taken down by petite Juli, totally humiliating him as the whole school looked on and laughed. Juli didn’t care. She was still mad as hell at Joey trying to attack her and spoiling her carefully planned demo. She came at Christopher from behind, kicking up between his legs and smashing his poor little balls in! Oh my did he let out a yell! I winced at this brutal attack. He had no defense at all! I could tell by Christopher’s response that she had really connected good and he was in agony, wave after wave of pain caused by Juli’s well aimed kick.

With four boys on the floor and all the girls still standing, and the boys unprotected testicles apparently the preferred target of the day, the best thing Kalin and Airon could have done would have been to run for the door! Kalin still had some fight in him and he came running out onto stage where Juli still stood. His hips were twisted around to keep his vulnerable balls away from Juli, and his hands were raised ready to attack or defend. He was determined to hurt Juli and came out kicking and punching, forcing Juli back. Then Juli rushed in and grabbed both Kalin’s arms, then fell backwards taking him with him. He wasn’t expecting a pull!

As they fell to the floor, Juli kept up the surprise by kicking her foot into Kalin’s crotch, nicely catching his balls and flipping him over her head! She smiled as she felt his soft little testicles smashed into her foot! She jumped up and turned to face Kalin, who because of her unexpected moves and attacks to his vital targets was still on the ground. He had flipped over to face her. She did not hesitate but kicked him right in his balls a second time as he lay on the floor! You could see how his body convulsed and by the look on his face that she had really connected! Lying on the floor he could not escape her fast kick, and now his testicles throbbed with agonizing pain! But Juli was too close, too slow and too confident, and despite his pain from her well executed ball-attacks he grabbed her foot and flipped her onto the floor with a load thud.

Juli must have been dazed, for though Kalin got to his feet rather slowly and in obvious pain, she was still lying on her back. Kalin seized his chance and quickly straddled her chest, pinning her arms with his hands and knees. This kept Juli on the floor very effectively, but earned him a booing from the watching female audience! Juli glared at him, but now that the pain from his balls was receding Kalin was enjoying having a live young woman trapped between his legs! Her breasts moved in a very distracting way as she struggled to free herself. Kalin smiled as it seemed that Juli was trapped by his weight. His victory and her helplessness were very stimulating to him, and the front of his shorts started to bulge out!

Juli played it cool. “Unbutton me,” she purred. Kalin grinned like an idiot as he popped the first of her blouse buttons. The audience hated him but he was happy as a clam as the second button popped and Juli wriggled between his legs and his shorts threatened to burst! The third button popped and Kalin slipped his hands under Juli’s blouse, waves of pleasure passing over him as he felt the warm skin of her soft breasts and felt the firmness of her nipples!

“Enjoying that?” thought Juli. Suddenly she swung her legs up as high as she could, hooking them around his shoulders and using the leverage to ram his body back into the floor. As soon as that was done she rammed her elbow into his most vulnerable target, two testicles, still aching from her attacks, wobbling unprotected just inches from her face!

The crowd instantly changed from booing to cheering as Kalin instantly changed from ecstasy to agony! His almost-ready-to-explode dick left his balls doubly exposed, and his excitement had tightened up his scrotum so his balls could not just slip away as Juli rammed her elbow into them, fully intent on doing maximum harm to his testicles! Kalin let out a scream and his body jerked up, but Juli forced him down again and attacked his balls with full female fury! He was trapped, completely at the mercy of Juli’s temper as she smashed his balls again and again. The cheering was deafening!

He didn’t get away, she let him go, a huddled up ball of defeated agony groaning on the stage floor as Juli laughed and smiled and took her bows and pointed to his curled up form and laughed again! Was there no way at all that one of us boys could get these girls? I thought males were the strong fighters! By using our confidence against us and by exploiting our built in weaknesses to the max these girls were trashing us! I was mad too, that they had tricked us by promising not to hit us in our balls during the demo. We were idiots not to have worn protective cups! We should have realized that the girls, having no targets that were quite as vulnerable as our balls would not be able to resist them! I recalled how they would smile and giggle during our practice sessions whenever they “accidentally” nailed one of us poor suckers right in the nuts. They had just been playing with us. Trying out some moves to see what effect a female fist, or knee or foot could have on a boy’s testicles. Using their sexy young bodies and the boys raging hormones to distract and confuse.

Airon made his bid for freedom and bolted off the stage. Not getting very far he ran straight into Li, who promptly grabbed him and rammed her knee into his balls. Airon let out a great “Oof!” as the tiny bone of Li’s knee neatly divided then conquered the contents of his scrotum. He staggered back as if he had been hit by a freight train right into the waiting arms of Anne and Nicole who immediately grabbed his arms allowing Li to run up and kick poor Airon’s balls as if they were a football she was place kicking! I winced once more as his face turned red and his eyes bulged in their sockets!

The video crew had moved back to capture this new action and record the destruction of Airon! And all the girls were laughing their heads off, totally oblivious to the agony they were causing, or worse, because of it! In desperation, since his arms were held tight, Airon tried to grab Li with his legs as she taunted him, trying to prevent another kick or knee. He got his legs around her but I could see him wince as her body slammed into his very sore balls. I mean, his testicles were right in front of her face, and his legs were spread – what was he thinking? She punched his balls. Whammo! As she pounded his helpless nuts the girls were laughing so hard they dropped him on the floor. Oh poor Airon! Now Li raised her leg for everyone to see and stomped down hard on his groin, crushing his testicles into the hard floor. Airon screamed and passed out, and all the girls could do was high-five each other for a job well done. I felt sorry for him, but my balls were still throbbing like hell too!

I hate to admit it but the boys were pretty well beat, brought down by the organs that made them male. Those !@#$*&?~#! girls had gone straight for our weakest spot and shown the whole school full of girls how to do it too. This was no Hollywood movie cheap shot for a little girlish giggle at the boys’ weakness. No this was a brutal how-to that meant no boy in our town was safe! Shit, even I was believing in Girl Power! No “weaker-sex” stuff for this crowd. Tough time to be a guy!

To try and salvage a tiny bit of self-respect I staggered to my feet and made an appeal to the umpire. We didn’t really have an umpire but we did have Jaqi there and as an adult she should be enforcing fair play. As I stood there appealing to her the other boys slowly rose and joined me in my quest. The victorious girls ignored us and basked in the cheers from the crowd. Oh boy did I make a mistake! I had totally underestimated Jaqi’s determination to educate the young females in the finer points of male ball-control.

Instead of taking our side she told us how disappointed she was in the display she had just seen. Like a fool I had to ask how on earth the girls could have done any better. The last thing I remember is the smile on Jaqi’s face and a blur as her foot smashed into my balls sending waves of pain and nausea through me like a shock wave. The agony was indescribable. My balls were already sore and her kick was the hardest I had ever felt. The bile rose in my throat and I wanted to puke. The other boys were shocked, but Jaqi was not selfish. She wanted to give the same treat to all the boys, as if we weren’t already beaten by the girls’ brutal ball attacks!

“Grab ‘em!” she yelled, and proceeded to deliver a thunder kick to the bruised balls of every boy. The girls laughed as they held each boy in place and then let them slump to the floor in a daze.

“I hate complainers!” laughed Jaqi. “So now you boys realize how bad it could have been! The girls were gentle with you! Now they know better, so you’d better not get any ideas about revenge.” I couldn’t hold it any longer and threw up.

The boys in town now hate us. The girls just love us and always smile and wave. This makes me feel good until a girl grabs her crotch and bends over groaning, at which all the girls laugh their heads off. It is really embarrassing when that happens, but at night when I think about it I get a great boner.

In my dreams I am walking round town naked with a huge erection, and the girls are all looking at it and laughing but I don’t care ‘cos they all look so ready to fuck and their tits all hang out and their skirts are so short I can see everything. I’m so horny I try to get close to the girls but they run and suddenly I’ve got one of cutest ones trapped in an alley and her clothes are off and she’s naked and I’m ready to give it to her but she smiles at me and kicks me dead in my dangling balls and I hurt so bad I can’t do anything and the alley is gone and girls are all around me pointing and laughing and I realize I’m naked and I wake up all wet.

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