Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Round 3 The rematch with Anna Part I

By tall_pete

Ok, taking longer than I thought. Here is Trish's part of the match against Anna. Anna's part coming up, and then Carmen. I should make them shorter, but I can't do a bout justice without getting wordy. As always, please let me know what you think.

Trish was excited. She had been yearning for the chance to trump that little tart since she had lost to Anna a year ago. She knew she had to bring her game to a higher level. Her last opponents just weren’t ball-busters – Anna was.

Trish walked confidently down the aisle to the ring. She went first this time, as the little Barbie wannabe was actually ranked higher than her. Trish waved and smiled to the crowd as she prepared to climb into the ring. Once inside, Trish wandered around the ring looking out at the crowd. She would find a cute guy, blow him a kiss, and then bring her knee up as if she were kneeing him in the nuts. She loved the responses she would get. Some didn’t know how to react, others cringed, and then those special few were clearly excited by the idea.

When her opponent began to climb into the ring, Trish stopped and watched with her hands on her hips, her right hip jutting out and her right knee bent. She knew the position enhanced her already generous curves. The guy was cute. He was tall, maybe 6’ 2”, dark short hair, square jaw and with a muscular body. He wore a loose fitting tank top and work-out shorts.

Trish gave the man a smile while slowly unwrapping her short robe. She began to walk slowly towards him, her hips swaying softly, her mouth partially open to reveal the soft wet interior of her full lips. He gave her a grin of appreciation, her eyes, not missing a thing, devouring her with his eyes.

When she got up to him, she reached down and began to pull up his t-shirt, slowly revealing his stomach and chest. The man smiled confidently, raising his arms so that she could pull it over his head as if this is exactly what he expected to happen. Once the shirt was off, Trish patted his cheek and smiled at him. She then leaned forward, pressing her body against his and began whispering in his ear. He leaned down to listen, a smile growing on his face. After maybe half a minute, Trish laughed and moved back. She reached down and grabbed the man’s now erect cock and began to pull him by it across the ring. She stopped when she got to the post in her corner and let go of the man’s cock.

Trish then turned to face the post and leaned over to grab the second rope on both sides of the post. Trish’s torso was now horizontal, with her beautiful rounded ass sticking out in the air. Trish waived it around to the cheers of the crowd. She then yelled over her shoulder, “Come on spank it big boy!”

The man hesitated as the crowed cheered. But Trish wanted no part in hesitation. She let go of the rope, and rose to face the man. Her right hand reached forward and grabbed him by the balls. Her knuckles began to turn white and then she began to twist. The man doubled over in pain and grabbed onto her shoulder for support. As he leaned down, Trish whispered into his ear. The man nodded. Trish twisted her grip more and the nodding became more emphatic. The man could be heard saying, “Yes I understand. Yes, I will do my best.”

Trish nodded with satisfaction and turned to climb on the ropes. Once she was stable, she addressed the crowd. “OK, here is the deal you sex-crazed nuts. Tall dark and wimpy here is going to spank my beautiful ass as hard as he can ten times. I want you to count for him. If you think he is giving me his best, scream your best. If you think he is holding back, boo this lily ass pansy out of the ring. Deal?

The crowd roared in approval and Trish resumed her position. The man shook his head in bewilderment but knew better than to hold back or hesitate. He pulled his right arm back and smacked her right cheek as hard as he could. The firm buttock shimmered with the impact. A number of fans called out “one” and a few catcalls egged him on to hit her harder. Trish’s head snapped back, but she only let out a laugh. The man seemed to relax a little as he wound up and smacked Trish’s left cheek this time as hard as he could. The crowd yelled out “two!” louder this time. Again Trish’s ass shimmered with the blow and it was clear he loved to watch the affect. Trish just egged him on, “Come on sissy boy.”

Smack! The crowd yells, “Three!” Smack! The crowd yells, “Four!” Smack! The crowd yells, “Five!” The man is getting into it. There are no more hesitations and he is beginning to smile as he winds up for the blows. Trish continues to egg him on, but she is beginning to grimace with the blows. Six, seven, eight. Each time the crowd yelled louder, and the man’s grin broadens. He is starting to breathe harder and Trish actually gasped in pain on eight before calling him a pussy again. “Nine!” the crowd roars and Trish grits her teeth. The man is in a rhythm, He is practically leering and his erection protrudes obviously from his shorts. Ten slams into her bright red ass, Trish smiles through her grimace of pain and the crowd roars “Ten!” Trish is standing up as the next one hits her, forcing her to reach out and grab the post to steady herself. The man was so caught up in the rhythm he forgot to stop. Some in the crowd yelled “Eleven!” others cheered him on while others could be heard laughing.

Trish was not amused. She swung around and shot her right and forward to grab his balls hard. The blow itself deflated the man. The squeezing and twisting that followed caused him to turn pale and double over. Trish was livid. She let go of his nuts and grabbed his hair to pull him by it towards the post. Trish simply snapped “hands” and pointed at the second rope where she had been holding on. The man obediently placed his hands where he was told. Trish then reached outside the ring and grabbed two hand cuffs that she had conveniently hung outside the post before the match. Before the man was aware of what was happening, he was bent at the waist, his torso parallel to the ground and handcuffed to the ropes.

Trish then walked behind the man and yanked down his shorts. His cock, still fully erect from spanking Trish’s perfect ass, smacked up against hi stomach as it came free. His balls, dangled between his thighs. Trish continued to yank his shorts down the ground. She then picked up both of his feet to leave him absolutely naked except for his shoes. Trish didn’t feel like spending time to worry about these.

Trish then climbed back up on the ropes so her feet were on the third ropes and if the man had been able to stand up his head would have been in her crotch. Trish waived the crowd to relative silence, “Ok, my turn. This time, I’m going to bash the guy’s nuts in ten times and I need you to count with me.” The crowd cheered as Trish waived them to be quiet again. “And, if this guy can stay standing… or even get to his feet after ten kicks from me, I’ll blow him right in front of all of you.” The crowd went nuts. Amid the whistles and screams Trish dismounted the ropes and meandered to the middle of the ring.

The man tried to look over his shoulders at Trish as she did a few practice kicks in the middle of the ring. She then stopped, maybe five feet behind the guy and calmed herself. She eyed her target and took one, two steps forward, gaining speed. Her body leaned forward as her right leg pulled back. Her right leg flew forward, bent at the knee as her torso pulled back to get all of her power behind the kick. As her knee began to accelerate forward, her leg began to straighten. Her foot was a blur when it pounded into the dangling testicles from behind. It was still accelerating as it smashed them into his pelvis and continued to drive. The smack of Trish’s foot into the man’s bare balls rang out before being overwhelmed by a roar of “One!” by the crowd.

The kick drove the man’s head into the post and he let out a bellow of pain. His knees buckled, he curled up with his knees pressed against his chest and his hands shackled above his head to the ropes.

Trish chuckled, and reached down to yank the man’s head up by his hair. “That was one you pussy, get up or I’ll pull you up by your balls.” The man groaned, but struggled to his feet.

Trish moved around until she was directly behind him. She grabbed him by both his hips and began to grind her pelvis against his ass as if she were fucking him in the ass. The crowd loved it. Trish grinned as she stopped. She took one step back still holding his hips. Before anybody knew what was happening, Trish whipped her right knee up and pounded his dangling balls into his pelvis again. The knee went down and back before accelerating up into his balls again and then one last time. It was too fast for most of the crowd; only a handful were able to count fast enough two, three, four. On four, the man’s knees buckled again and he fell to the floor.

Trish remained standing there behind him and threw up her hands, shook her head and shrugged, as if she were bemused about what could be wrong with the guy. “How many is that?” She yelled to the crowd. When they responded with a garbled ‘four’, she reached down and grabbed the man’s balls from between his legs and began to pull upward. “Come on girly man, only six more.” The man struggled to lift himself to prevent Trish from pulling his nuts free of his body.

Once he was back on his feet, Trish obligingly let go of his nuts. The man almost sagged to the floor in relief but realized that would just start the process over again. Sweat was dripping from the man’s face and he was breathing heavily. Trish fondled his nuts with her left hand. Then she would pull them up so they were stretched but not fully taught before dropping them to watch them bounce around in the sack. In his tender state, even this was painful to the man. But it still aroused him. His cock, which had deflated slightly with the first devastating kick, quickly returned to full mast.

Trish nodded approvingly. Her task done, she dropped the guy’s balls again, turned her body partially and began swinging her right arm in a large arch. It started out going up and over her shoulder then looped around as it accelerated in its circle. The ultimate location was clear to everybody except the man. His eyes were closed and he was hoping she was going to fondle his throbbing balls again. Trish’s fist struck dead-on at full velocity just as the crowd roared out, “Five!” The man let out a cry and his knees buckled. He managed to stop himself with his knees about nine inches off the floor. Trish shook her head again as she watched him struggle to straighten his legs.

Becoming impatient, Trish kicked his legs wider and started the cycle over. Swinging her arm in the wide arch until her fist drove up and into his battered balls. “Six!” the crowd roared. Again, his knees buckled and he struggled not to go to the ground. Trish, becoming more impatient, reached down and grabbed the guy’s balls in her left hand. She grabbed the skin of his scrotum and yanked so that his balls firmly squeezed into the palm of her hand. She loved doing this and loved it when a nice pair like these was bigger than her palm.

The man was struggling to rise to his feet again, not realizing that Trish had already started the arch of the punch again. Just as the man managed to straighten his legs, Trish’ right fist pounded into her left palm. If the blow hadn’t been cushioned by his balls it probably would have hurt her hands a good deal. The man collapsed like a sac of potatoes as the crowd roared out, “Seven!”

Trish smiled sweetly and shrugged to the crowd. Some of the guys laughed, many were cringing as they watched her victim moan in pain.

Trish kneeled down and grabbed the man’s right ankle. She pulled it to the side of the ring and quickly snapped it into a pair of handcuffs she had fastened to the bottom of the ring before the match. She then went and did the same to the left ankle. The man was no basically immobilized. His legs were forced apart, tied down and kept close to his body. He was forced to be on his knees, with his balls dangling completely exposed. His arms were still tied to the second rope so he couldn’t completely curl up even on his knees.

Trish stepped back and admired her handiwork. The man was struggling feebly in his bonds as Trish took one step forward and booted his battered balls with her right foot. The crowd screamed “Eight!” and the man sobbed and thrashed in his restraints. Trish stepped back, set herself and moved forward to deliver another thundering kick to the man’s balls. The crowd roared “Nine!” and the man was now sobbing and jerking around in his bonds. Trish still didn’t pause. She stepped back, set herself, focused on her target. As she stepped forward to swing her right foot with full force into the man’s tortured nuts, she had a look of absolute concentration on her face. As her foot connected, the crowed roared “Ten!” in unison. The man’s body jerked forward with the force. His body twitched and then heaved as the man emptied his stomach over the side of the ring. His body kept twitching and heaving as Trish raised her arms in triumph in the middle of the ring, a fierce look of determination on her face.

Trish didn’t pay attention to the paramedics rushing into the ring to try to help the twitching retching mass in the corner. “Let’s see that tennis tart beat this,” Trish thought as she climbed out of the ring.

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