Thursday, November 8, 2007

Santa Gets His Due

By speedycj1

Antonia waited patiently as the line for Santa slowly snaked before her on a Friday evening. Antonia was clearly the only adult on the line waiting to see Santa without a child as little children anxious to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas surrounded her. Impatient mothers shuffled their feet and let out sighs as each child sat in what felt like an eternity on Santa's lap. Santa himself looked like he was growing weary as the line of children was never ending.

At 28 years old, Antonia certainly was a little old to be waiting to tell Santa what she wanted. However she had a lot on her list she wanted, and without a boyfriend to buy her gifts, she wanted to see if she could get some help from old Cringle himself.

Antonia tapped her boot patiently on the ground as the distance between her and the old man grew shorter. She flipped back her straight dark hair, opened a compact and touched up her makeup. She was a strikingly beautiful girl, with tanned skin thanks to her Mediterranean and Latino heritages. She had a great body which she hid under a black pea coat, but underneath, and visible to most, was a low cut and tight black shirt that showed off her ample cleavage. She wore a black skirt that fell just above the knees and sexy calf length 3" black boots with a thin heel. She had very strong and shapely legs, which were evident by the black stockings she wore. Most of the mothers on the line gave her a disconcerting look, while the fathers on the line were stealing glances at her out of the corner of their eyes.

It didn't take long for Santa to catch a glimpse of Antonia as she stood a few customers away. Santa did a double take as his eyes went up and down her body. Santa grew disinterested in the stories he was hearing from the children on his lap, only subconsciously nodded his head and letting out a hearty ho-ho-ho, as he anxiously awaited the gorgeous girl to tell Santa what SHE wanted. Santa had one more child left to dispatch off, as his eyes went from the little girl on his lap to Antonia. Antonia knew she had his attention so she slowly took off her pea coat unveiling her toned body. Santa felt a twinge down below as the little girl rattled off toy after toy. His already red cheeks were becoming even redder and he started to sweat under his suit. Antonia pulled her top down just a bit as jolly ole Saint Nick's little friend became more alive. The little girl slid down Santa's lap as he anxiously awaited the girl who stood in front of him.

Antonia strode confidently towards Santa and gently sat on his lap. Santa's leg was numb from all of the children who sat on his lap all day but he felt alive and refreshed with Antonia on his lap. With the eyes of parents watching leeringly, Santa, in his deepest voice, said, "What's your name pretty girl?" Antonia giggled and said her name.

"Well, Antonia, tell me my dear, what would you like for Christmas from good old Saint Nick?"

Antonia slid closer on Santa's lap, inching her thigh between his legs as her skirt hiked up a bit. "Well, for starters, I need new boots, mine are old and worn" said Antonia as she lifted her leg up slowly as Santa's eyes went wandering up and down her legs. "And I could use some new bras" laughed Antonia as Santa's eyes went quickly to her chest as his eyes widened with delight.

Santa shifted uncomfortably as his Yule log began to tingle with Christmas cheer. "And I could use a new car" said Antonia softly as Santa could barely hear any of her words as his eyes raced back and forth all over her body. Antonia rocked her legs back and forth which didn't help Saint Nick concentrate at all.

Santa was in trouble as his erection grew stronger and stronger. Finally he whispered, "How bout you meet me in an hour and you can continue to tell Santa what you want in private". Antonia was a bit taken back by his remark, but knew she had him right where she wanted.

"Sure, but beware I have a very long list" said Antonia seductively as she kissed him on the cheek and slid off his lap. Santa's eyes remained fixated on Antonia as she walked away.

However the next child's mother snapped Santa out of his spell quickly. "Stop eye-fucking her and pretend to listen to my child" whispered the angry mother as Santa embarrassingly let the little boy sit on his lap, trying hard to concentrate on his job again.

Antonia strolled around the shopping mall, stopping at the shoe store to pick up new shoes and clothing for herself. After chatting on the phone with friends and window shopping, she returned to Santa's house with bags in tow. The line had dwindled to a select few and Santa’s helpers had all gone home for the night. Santa saw Antonia in the corner of her and smiled. He rushed quickly to clear his remaining few children as Antonia again waited patiently for him.

After the last child had left, Santa stood up wearily but with a smile and motioned for Antonia to come into his house. Antonia obliged and entered the small hut, which was no bigger than an 8x10 space with a wooden bench and a folding chair. Santa sat on the bench and told Antonia to once again sit on his lap. Antonia put down her bags and obliged, this time sitting closer to his crotch. It didn't take long for Santa to feel a twinge in the South Pole as Antonia gazed at him seductively.

"So, Antonia, tell me what else you want Santa to give you" said Santa in a serious but half seductive tone.

"Hmm, well I really could use some cash" said Antonia.

"Cash?" replied Santa as Antonia ran her fingers down his cheeks and over his wool, padded Santa suit. Santa started to get sweaty sitting in a warm suit with a hot girl seducing him on his lap. "Well, Santa doesn't normally give away cash" said Santa sternly as Antonia's hand wandered slowly down his fat belly and over his legs. "But Santa always finds a way to reward good girls. Have you been good Antonia?" asked Santa as his breath was getting shorter.

Antonia giggled as she grabbed a firm hold of Santa's growing erection. "I wouldn't exactly say I've been GOOD," said Antonia as she glided her fingernails down his growing shaft. Santa shifted his legs as his erection was making him uncomfortable. Antonia slowly grabbed his balls firmly as Santa let out a deep breath.

"Am I hurting you?" asked Antonia as Santa's leg was getting number by the second.

"Um, well, you're the heaviest girl to sit on my lap all day," said Santa.

Instantly Santa realized what he said came out wrong. "Uh, you know, children are a lot lighter than adults" stammered Santa as Antonia grabbed his balls firmly in her hand.

"Did you just call me fat?" demanded Antonia as Santa cried out in anguish. Antonia twisted her hand causing another loud yelp from Saint Nick. "I can't believe Santa called me fat" said Antonia in disbelief as she got up from his lap and slapped him hard across the face. Santa was taken aback in embarrassment but was still trying to be apologetic when Antonia suddenly raised her leg and slammed her 3" heel square into Santa's crotch. Despite the padding of Santa's suit, her heel caught Santa right on his erection which caused him to yell out in pain and grab his crotch instantly. Antonia grabbed his hands away from his crotch and buried her heel firmly between his legs.

"Care to retract that statement, Santa?" said a pissed off Antonia as she pushed her heel down harder between his legs. Santa gasped in pain as her heel was digging into his skin. He tried to lift her leg off him but she pushed down harder, her strong legs no match for him in his weakened condition.

"I apologize, now just get off me before I get pissed off," said Santa with teeth clenched in pain.

"Pissed off?" said Antonia loudly. "I'll show you pissed off!" she said as she punched Santa in the face with her right fist. She had a sharp ring on her finger which caused an instant abrasion on Santa's cheek. As a defense reaction, Santa pushed her backwards as Antonia fell to the floor. He patted his cheek to check for blood as Antonia couldn't believe she got shoved on the ground by Santa.

She contemplated screaming for help, but decided to take matters into her own hands. She got up and before Santa could make his next move kicked him hard in the shin with her boot. Santa yelled in pain as she followed it up with another punch to his face. Santa was reeling backwards as Antonia stepped forward and unleashed a vicious kick to his balls, dropping Santa to his knees instantly as he keeled over on the ground.

Antonia walked around his body slowly and pushed Santa on his back with her foot. She put her heel right on his throat as Santa winced in pain. Antonia put her weight down as Santa struggled to catch his breath.

"Thank you Santa, you just made my Christmas dreams come true," said Antonia as she continued to choke Santa with her boot. Santa's whole face was redder than his suit as he tried to pry her off.

Antonia held her boot there for a few more seconds before releasing her choke on him. Santa grabbed his throat and rolled back over in pain. Antonia put her boot in front of his face and demanded Santa kiss her boot. Santa resisted at first, but a nudge with her heel into his cheek was all the convincing he needed to oblige her demand.

"Good Santa," laughed Antonia as she moved her foot away. Antonia kneeled down and grabbed Santa by his cheeks firmly. "I'm sorry Santa, but it looks like they'll be no spreading Christmas joy to Ms. Claus for a while," laughed Antonia as she squeezed his cheeks once more and stood up.

She looked down at him and shook her head in disgust. Santa was still helpless to get up from the kick to his balls as Antonia realized she had rendered him immobile for the time being. She looked around and spotted Santa's real clothes. She found his pants and removed his wallet. She counted the cash, which to her delight was $500.

"Ooh, thanks Santa!" said Antonia as she stuffed the cash down her shirt. "You always know how to make Christmas wishes come true" laughed Antonia as she picked up her bags blew him a kiss and walked away, leaving Cringle on the floor writhing in pain, without any money left to show for his hard day's work.

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