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The Shopping Deal part 1-2

By speedycj1

Hey everyone,

The following story is based on a combination of true events and some fantasy sprinkled in. Obviously some of the details have been fabricated to make a better story :). It's my first story in a few years, so hopefully I’ll be able to contribute more to the forum. Here it goes… enjoy!

Shoe boxes surrounded the floor as AnnMarie's eyes lit up with delight. “Ooh, all these new shoes for me! I'm soo excited!” said AnnMarie as she sat on the floor opening each boxes like it was her first Christmas present. “Oh, look at these,” she exclaimed in delight as she took out a pair of black boots with a pointed toe and thin 3” heel. “These will be great for pummeling!” said AnnMarie confidently as Chris sat there in a state of half excitement and half worry.

Chris had been having a miserable time at work recently and would tell his female friends that he'd do or buy them anything in exchange for them giving him a beatdown. Deep down inside he was doing it for the love of getting dominated by women, but he was looking for an alternate route besides having to go via the mistress route. Also he would half joke with his female friends about all the money and gifts he would adorn them with should they “knock him out of his misery.” He needed to be sly about the ordeal since he didn't want to make it seem like he was a psycho or something.

Chris would also spin the angle of this being a great stress reliever, that the girls were able to vent out any of their frustrations in a physical way. A few of his friends were definitely keen to the idea and even went as far to negotiate deals, but nothing had come about of it besides empty threats and flirting. AnnMarie was his best friend’s wife and was an awesome and very attractive girl. She was very friendly and sweet and Paul was happy that he was able to marry someone like her. Chris and AnnMarie were very close and AnnMarie was also close with Chris' girlfriend. AnnMarie however had a keen eye for expensive things, including furniture, cars and most of all clothing. She had a good job and good money and she would indulge herself time and again. Paul however was more stringent with his money. They had argued many times about their spending differences, with AnnMarie going as far as calling her husband a cheap bastard.

Chris had emailed AnnMarie one morning about his need to be pummeled from his workload and jokingly offered to take her to an expensive dinner and buy her a new fall wardrobe if she would put him out of his misery with a pummeling. AnnMarie bit on the idea instantly and in back and forth emails she had even picked out a bunch of new boots from Ninewest that Chris had offered to buy her to pummel him with. He had offered to buy her new outfits for each shoe he bought her so she would get use out of them besides pummeling him.

AnnMarie wasn't the kind of person who would be physical with people as she was only 5’4” and 120 pounds at most. She wasn't muscular or overly toned; she just was one of those always stay-skinny girls who never worked out. Chris wasn't sure what to expect out of her, as she probably had no idea how badly Chris needed to be dominated. So Chris needed to play his cards right without scaring her off. AnnMarie meanwhile was just going along with the fun through email, trying to escalate her payout, but doing it in good fun without a realization that Chris was being completely sincere in his statements.

AnnMarie continued to smile widely as she opened each box. The next pair was a pair of calf length brown boots with a more rounded toe, but a thick 2 ½” heel. Another pair of ankle length beige boots followed with a slightly pointed toe and thin 2 3/4” heels. AnnMarie was satisfied with the shoes Chris had picked out for her. She definitely needed new shoes and these were perfect for the fall and winter.

“So how should I go about pummeling you?” giggled AnnMarie as she slipped on the brown boots with the rounded toe and admired them. “Actually they don't match my outfit do they?” laughed AnnMarie. She was wearing sweatpants and a tee shirt. “I feel stupid in this, let me go change.” AnnMarie went up to her bedroom and filtered through her clothes.

Chris meanwhile stewed over how this was gonna play out. AnnMarie came back downstairs in a low cut white top and tan above the knee skirt. Her blond hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Chris stared at her with a smile as AnnMarie looked extremely sexy. That's better she laughed as Chris nodded his head.

AnnMarie was worried herself as she had no idea what to expect nor was she one who tended to use physical violence ever. She had talked a good game up to this point but now the moment had arrived and she was extremely nervous and unsure. If Chris hadn't gone through his end buying the shoes she probably would have backed out. But she figured Chris was offering so much and Paul would never buy nor allow her to buy the things Chris was offering to buy her. A girl had her needs to shop, and so that was a convincing factor. Plus it wasn't like she was working at a strip club with strangers... this was her husband's best friend so there was a reassurance that he wouldn't try to do anything immoral. Plus was he really looking to be pummeled that badly? How much of a beating was he actually willing to take?

AnnMarie said she needed a few drinks before doing this so they opened a bottle of wine. Chris used this time to discuss past experiences with AnnMarie being violent. She had slapped a guy or two before and grabbed a guy's crotch, but had never kicked a guy in the balls with force let alone with her heels. They drank quickly and did a few shots too to ease the nerves. Her biggest concern was hurting him. Chris assured her he wouldn't be hurt easily. In fact he had been kicked in the balls thousands of times in his life, between his youth and his experiences exploring his ballbusting fetish. But he couldn't divulge that obviously to her, so he told her he had been struck a bunch of times below the belt in fights with ex-girlfriends and that it didn't hurt too badly. After a few more shots AnnMarie was tipsy and had a little more confidence about the situation. Chris was feeling a bit buzzed too, which would help him with the pain.

They moved to the living room and AnnMarie stood before Chris. “So what would you like me to do to you? Kick you in the balls?” said AnnMarie chidingly as she ogled the shoe boxes on the floor to her delight. Chris couldn't believe it was actually going to happen. His mind raced with ideas but he needed to take it slow.

“Well how about this,” said Chris, “let's say that based on how badly I’m pummeled, we'll negotiate how much money and clothing and jewelry I’ll also have to buy you. We'll start with a $100 minimum and work our way up. You can do whatever you want, no matter how cruel or hurtful... and if I’m hurt from it, I’ll say a higher amount. We'll stop when either you get too tired or reach an amount you're happy with. Does that work for you?”

AnnMarie blushed slightly as she was battling in her conscious whether this was the right thing to do or not. Could she actually physically beat someone up? Especially a friend. ‘What if I don't hurt him enough?’ thought AnnMarie with wavering confidence. ‘How many kicks would hurt him? Don't guys go down at the slightest touch?’ All these thoughts raced through her mind.

She blurted out, “I... I don't know if I can pummel you like you want me to. I'm not strong at all.”

Chris sensed her uncertainty and reassured her. “Well look at the shoes you have at your disposal,” replied Chris confidently. “I think they could cause plenty of damage.”

AnnMarie laughed as she was more reassured. “Very true, especially the thin heeled ones.”

“There you go!” said Chris trying to inject her with confidence. Chris still sensed her indecision and said, “How ‘bout this, you can start off slow with some practice shots so you can see you won't hurt me. You can slap me a few times to shake of the nerves and we'll go from there. Just pretend I’m your worst ex-boyfriend or even Paul when he's being cheap!”

AnnMarie laughed, “Oh, I would throw you a huge beating then!”

“Well remember the worse I’m beat the more you'll earn. Think shopping, trips to the spa, and more shoes!” said Chris in hopefully his final pep talk to her.

“Ok, let's go,” said AnnMarie as she reared back her right hand and slapped him forcefully across the face. AnnMarie laughed as the blow was harder than she thought it would be. Chris was stunned, but excited about how hard she hit him.

“How did that feel?” asked Chris.

“Great!” said AnnMarie as she was starting to see how this could be an empowering experience for her.

She slapped him again and a third time as the slap echoed through the room. AnnMarie laughed but her laugh was turning more sinister rather than giggly. “How about a punch to the groin?” said AnnMarie with renewed confidence and determination.

“Go ahead,” said Chris delightfully as he spread his legs slightly for her. AnnMarie glazed intently on his crotch and reared back her right fist. She took a deep breath and looked at Chris. He caught her gaze and gave her a nodding approval as to say everything would be ok. She thrust her arm forward and punched him in the groin. Chris flinched slightly but the blow caused next to no damage. AnnMarie had a surprised and dejected look on her face.

“That didn't hurt you,” she said dejectedly.

“No, it was good... maybe because I’m wearing jeans it absorbed most of the blow.” Chris didn't know if that was a mistake or not, because if she was having issues hitting him in the first place how would she be ok with the idea of him being in his boxer-briefs or naked for that matter. He treaded lightly. “I mean it's up to you, if you want to cause me more damage I may need to take off my pants since they'll probably absorb a lot of the blow.” AnnMarie wasn't too sure if she was in agreement.

Chris didn't wait and said, “Wait, how ‘bout if I put on some mesh shorts? That would be less absorbent and easier for you to cause more damage.”

“Ok, that's better,” said AnnMarie, relieved as she wasn't sure she was gonna be comfortable with that boxer-briefs scenario. She went to the kitchen to do another shot and regroup as Chris changed.

She came back in the room and said, “Let’s try this again.”

Chris replied, “By the way you're up to $150.”

“Really?” said AnnMarie surprised.

Chris knew he needed to keep her confident and interested or else this would become a failed experiment. “Yep, those slaps were good!”

AnnMarie picked up confidence from his statement and without warning stepped forward and slapped his face hard again. AnnMarie laughed as she said, “Mama needs a new pair of shoes,” and slapped him hard a second and third time. Then she cocked her fist back and punched him in the balls. This hit caused more damage then her first one as the mesh shorts were less absorbing than the jeans. She punched him again in the nuts as Chris doubled over slightly. AnnMarie smiled happily and laughed more so at the fact that she was behaving so violently and in disbelief she was actually doing it.

“So how much now?” she said confidently as she was expecting a major increase.

Chris didn't want her to get too confident so he told her no change... still $150.

AnnMarie went from elated to mad. “What??? Are you kidding?” she said angrily.

“Nope,” replied Chris as he was achieving the reaction he wanted.

“Oh now you're gonna get it,” said AnnMarie as she stepped back and thought of her next move.

“Spread your legs and put your hands behind your back. And close your eyes,” she said sternly. Chris obliged. AnnMarie stood there confident but nervous as she had never kicked a guy in the balls before. She took a deep breath and tried to ready herself. AnnMarie stepped forward and kicked him in the balls with the top of her boot. The blow was medium strength and because Chris' eyes were closed he was a little startled by the blow, but it didn't hurt him too much. AnnMarie was a little concerned she had hurt him so she asked if that was too hard.

Chris laughed and said, “Nope, you can go harder.”

“But I don't want to hurt you,” said AnnMarie suddenly coming to grips with what she was doing.

“No worries, I can take it. Plus, you're back down to $100,” he said.

“Wait, you can't do that to me!” said AnnMarie incredulously.

Chris shrugged his shoulders in a too bad sort of way. He was trying to make her mad and it was working perfectly.

She grabbed him by his shirt and said, “You're so gonna get it now!” as she quickly brought her knee into his balls. The blow was strong but Chris only budged slightly as he was in shock she was so brazen suddenly. She kneed him a second and third time and then replaced her knee with a firm grab. Chris grunted as AnnMarie tightened her grip.

“So what's it now,” she said angrily as she looked into his eyes and squeezed tighter.

Chris was completely surprised by her actions. ”$200,” he mumbled as she turned her hand and increased her pressure. Chris' knees were starting to give way.

“$250,” he mumbled again as AnnMarie kept up her relentless attack. She used her other hand to pull his hair and pull his head down as his knees were weakening.

“More,” she said sternly as she twisted her hand causing Chris to moan loudly. “I'll crush them... I swear,” said AnnMarie with a half-laugh, half-serious tone.

“$300,” said Chris as he was starting to bend towards the ground with AnnMarie following him down.

AnnMarie finally released her grip as Chris clutched his aching balls and dropped to his knees. “Move your hands and put them behind your back.” Chris didn't listen so AnnMarie kicked his hand with her boot. “Now!” she demanded. He quickly obliged.

AnnMarie stepped back and stepped forward with a hard kick into his balls. Chris groaned loudly as the toe of her boot caught his right testicle. He doubled over in pain. “Don't be a pussy,” said AnnMarie, “take another one.” She was on a mission now as the alcohol and her anger was fueling his suddenly vicious behavior. Chris was seeing a side of her never before seen by anyone. Chris straightened and spread his knees.

AnnMarie caught him with her hardest kick yet, flush with the top of her boot and square in the balls. The thud echoed through the room. Before Chris could recover she pushed him onto his back and stood between his legs. She placed her shoe on his chest and smiled at him. “Remember you asked for this,” she said sternly as she slowed dragged her foot down his chest, stomach and over his groin. She placed her heel on his balls and measured him up.

“Before I do something that will really hurt, are you sure you don't want to revise your offer?” said AnnMarie as she pressed her heel into his balls more firmly. Chris grunted as he contemplated his scenario. He wasn't about to reconsider anything especially seeing how sexy she looked standing over him. This was exactly what he could have hoped for.

“Nope, still $300,” he said confidently.

AnnMarie looked at him in surprise thinking he wouldn't be crazy enough to let him do this. “Ok, well it's your balls not mine,” she laughed as she lifted her foot up and looked Chris in the eyes. “This is gonna hurt,” she said as she stomped her thick heel into his balls hard. She caught him cleanly in the balls. Chris yelled loud as AnnMarie grinded her heel into his balls with confidence and determination. She pushed her heel down firmly as Chris moaned loudly.

“Now?” she asked, “or do I have to put on the thin heels for even more pain?” She put more pressure on his balls causing Chris to yell out in pain.

“$500,” muffled Chris as he sat up in a feeble attempt to pry her boot off him. She was hurting definitely hurting him more than anticipated and now his natural instinct was to be concerned about damage rather than fantasy. AnnMarie laughed at him in his predicament.

After a few more seconds of pressure she removed her heel from his groin and Chris rolled over to protect himself. “We're getting there,” said AnnMarie confidently as she bent down towards Chris. “Just a few more thousand to go,” she laughed as she ran her fingers through his hair. “Unless you just want to quit while you’re ahead,” she asked him as she moved her heel right in front of his face and pressed it into his cheek. Chris said he was not a quitter.

“Ok... suit yourself,” said AnnMarie as she went over to the other shoeboxes. “Hmm... I think it's time for the pointy toe, thin heel boot, what do you think?” she laughed as she sat down on the couch and changed her boots.

Chris peeked up and saw her sitting their confidently, and although he was excited he was having some of his wildest fantasies come true, he also realized he may have unleashed an uncontrollable monster...

PART 2: The Shopping Trip

AnnMarie put on her black boots and took a few steps in them to break them in. She gazed down at her shoes and outfit as she was pleased with her look. Chris continued to stay on the ground trying to recuperate from her latest onslaught. AnnMarie walked to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine and took a large swig of it. She wanted to keep her buzz going as it seemed to fuel her violent behavior. She walked over to Chris and pulled him up by his hair. She brought him to his feet and stood close to him with her wine glass still in her hand. Suddenly she lifted her knee sharply into his groin completely catching him off guard. More important she didn’t spill a sip of wine. Chris dropped to the floor instantly as the blow caught him completely surprise. AnnMarie chuckled and finished off the rest of her wine with three big gulps.

She looked down at Chris who was in the fetal position on the floor at her feet. She pushed his head down to the floor with her boot as a sinister smile etched its way across her face. She suddenly realized how much power and control she had. Feelings she had never experienced before. She even thought about ways she can dominate her husband and how her life would change for her from this point on. She was in a completely trance as she unknowingly kept pushing Chris’ face harder into her carpeted living room floor. Chris managed to turn his head slightly so his cheek was being pressed against the floor instead of his forehead. AnnMarie suddenly snapped out of her trance and looked down. She realized she still had unfinished business at hand. She removed her foot from his face as his cheek and forehead were beat red from being forced into the carpet. She placed her empty glass of wine on the table and told Chris to stand up. She stood before him and reached down between his legs, grabbing hold of his balls tightly. She stared right into his eyes as she continued to squeeze until Chris’ knees grew weaker. Finally she released her grip and smacked him hard across his face.

She was completely in a dominant zone. Suddenly without warning she yanked Chris’ shorts down as well as his boxer-briefs. Chris was completely stunned by her actions and started to blush turning his face even redder. “I wanted to see how much damaged I’ve caused so far,” said AnnMarie as she bent lower to observe. She was definitely intoxicated because this was completely abnormal behavior for her. She inspected his balls and saw redness but nothing too major. She was also taken aback by how large his balls actually were. They had enlarged too during the beating as blood was flowing into the area.

“Wow,” said AnnMarie in amazement. “You have some huge balls. No wonder why I haven’t missed a kick yet,” she said laughingly. Chris stood there still frozen by the fact he was suddenly naked in front of his best friend’s wife. He was unsure as to what to expect next. AnnMarie grabbed his balls firmly as she continued to observe his crotch. Chris muttered groins of pain as AnnMarie twisted and tightened her grip all the while starting intently at his balls.

After a few seconds she released her grip and noticed my reddening and swelling occurring. She smiled and stood up and pressed her body against Chris. Her actions were completely bewildering him. She moved her knee slowly up his leg and between his crotch. She bit her bottom lip as she massaged her knee against his balls. Chris was still paralyzed in fear and uncertainty, completely helpless in the situation. AnnMarie was unsure of what her intentions were either but at this point she was being guided by her intoxication and curiosity. She ran her smooth bare knee back and forth against his balls as Chris started to get an erection. AnnMarie ran her fingers down his chest and slowly grabbed his shaft and pulled on it softly as to guide his erection along. Chris continued to grow in her hands as he tried to fight the urges, mainly out of fear of the uncertain. Suddenly she tightened her grip on his penis and released her knee.

“Sorry I don’t know what got into me,” laughed AnnMarie embarrassingly as her seductiveness turned back into determination.

“It’s ok,” stammered Chris as she continued to grab tightly on his now throbbing erection. She gave him a few more tugs and then thrust her free hand up into his unprotected balls. Chris’ body jolted from the blow as Ann Marie kept a grip on him. She brought her fist up again and again as she seemed to be enjoying torturing him. Tears started to well up in Chris’ eyes as her punches were solid and on target. That and he felt like he was gonna explode any second, something he definitely could not afford to do.

AnnMarie felt his throbbing and knew he was close to coming. “Wow, looks like someone likes it rough,” chuckled AnnMarie as she removed her hand. She stepped back and admired his erection and the marks her fingers left from gripping him so tightly. After a few seconds of staring at his manhood she snapped out of her trance.

“Well,” she said as she cleared her throat,” I guess we’ll need to find out how rough you like it!” Chris gulped as he was completely helpless standing there at full mast. She stepped back and kicked at his erection playfully as it bobbed up and down. AnnMarie laughed as she lightly tapped the toe of her boot against him, which only served to get him even more aroused.

“Too gentle I think,” she said as she kicked his erection harder and harder as Chris stepped backwards.

“Stand still,” she demanded as Chris tried to steady himself. She took a deep breath and unleashed a vicious kick right to the shaft of his penis sending it crashing upwards towards Chris’ body. The blow knocked him flat on his back as the shockwaves of pain traveled so fast he didn’t have time to scream in pain. AnnMarie laughed as she stepped forward between his legs. She put her foot on his erection and pushed it down towards the floor. Chris moaned in pain. She released her pressure and kneeled down to inspect her damage. She had given him a nice bruise on the bottom of his shaft from her pointed toe. His skin was broken slightly but no blood was flowing.

“Whew, didn’t want you to bleed on my carpet,” she laughed as she stood up straight. She spread his legs further with her foot and stood between his legs gazing down at him. She brought her heel into his balls and pushed down firmly. Her sharp heel was pinching his skin as Chris moaned in pain.

“Looks like this hurts pretty badly,” said AnnMarie as her heel dug into his ball sac. Chris’ grunts got louder. “So I’m thinking we made some progress here,” said AnnMarie matter-of-factly as she released her heel and found a new spot on his balls to put pressure on. The pain was nearly unbearable for Chris as he sat up clutching her leg. AnnMarie twisted her heel cruelly as Chris begged her to release her heel.

“Money talks,” said AnnMarie sternly as she released her heel and pushed his chest backwards until he lay back down. She raised her foot up high as Chris stared at her in fear.

“1000,” said Chris desperately as he attempted to spare himself a huge blow. AnnMarie looked at him disgustedly. Suddenly she slammed her heel right into his balls as Chris’ body convulsed in pain. He sat up as his balls were on fire from her sharp heel. AnnMarie was concerned, but at this point she had come too far in her determination to let herself feel compassion. Plus this is what he had asked for so it wasn’t her fault he was hurt. Chris clutched at his balls as he was definitely hurt more then he was ever hurt before. His exposed skin was no match for her new heel.

AnnMarie walked to the kitchen to get more wine while Chris recovered. Part of her felt terrible but she knew it would have to be over now. She took a big gulp and walked back to the living room. Chris lay there in pain as he tried to fight back tears. AnnMarie kneeled down next to him and asked if he was ok. Reassuring her Chris said he was fine and that was a great shot. Uncalled for, but it proved her point about how serious she was.

“Maybe I can make you feel better,” AnnMarie as she felt badly seeing Chris hurt as she debated what to do next.

“I’m okay,” said Chris but AnnMarie wasn’t buying it.

“Lay down,” said AnnMarie as she helped Chris lay flat on his back.

“Do you think I broke them?” laughed AnnMarie as she walked over between his legs and sat down. She inspected the damage and saw a huge red mark where her heel hit. His balls besides that were’ too swollen and his erection had subsided greatly. She slowly grabbed his penis and fondled his balls gently. She was sure to be gentle as she wanted to make sure he was still responsive. Sure enough after several seconds of fondling, Chris’ penis began to swell with pleasure.

“I guess you’re okay,” laughed AnnMarie. Chris laughed assuredly. Seeing this hot girl fondling him after busting him was a major turn-on. AnnMarie was relieved to see she hadn’t caused permanent damage as she continued to fondle him. After a few more moments she stood up between his legs.

“So do I have to do this again or are you gonna give me an amount I’m gonna like!?” asked AnnMarie.

“Umm…” said Chris as he was unsure if he should appease her or keep going.

“Well maybe I can make the thought process easier for you,” she said as she reared back and kicked him in the balls with medium strength. “Hmm?” she said as she waited for an answer. Chris kept his mouth closed and AnnMarie knew what she needed to do. She stepped back and took a deep breath. She stepped forward and nailed him with her boot in his right testicle. Chris’ body jolted in pain as he tried to close his legs. AnnMarie however was quicker then him and had grabbed his legs and spread them open again. She kneeled down on his crotch with her knee grinding it into his balls. Chris was in so much pain his grunts were barely audible. She moved her knee forward and trapped his erection against his stomach. She shifted her weight so everything was focused on crushing his penis against his body. Chris looked up at her and could see the determination in her eyes and couldn’t get over how incredibly gorgeous she looked while dominating him.

AnnMarie could sense that she was becoming more sensual so decided to go with it. She released her knee and stood back up between his legs. She put her boot back down on his penis and pushed it towards his body against his shirt. She pushed her foot back and forward keeping strong pressure on him as Chris’ moans went from pain to more of the more pleasurable variety.

“I see you’re enjoying your predicament,” said AnnMarie sarcastically as she gazed down at her with a seductive glare. This just made Chris even more aroused as a wry smile came over his face.

“Well I’ll make you a deal,” whispered AnnMarie. “I’ll take care of your little problem here,” she said as she pushed down on his erection for emphasis.” “If you’ll make the offer $10,000.” Chris gulped. $10,000 was a ton of money. Before he could answer AnnMarie added “You don’t need to pay me all at once, but remember I’ll WILL charge interest,” she said as she twisted her foot against his throbbing penis. “Maybe even some new shoes since these are already used,” said AnnMarie as Chris could barely pay attention to her words.

She picked up the pace of her foot as Chris’ body quivered in ecstasy. He was going to explode any second. Knowing this AnnMarie release her foot and stepped back. She kicked him in the balls quickly catching Chris off guard. She kicked him harder as his body jumped.

“Option 2 of course is me continuing to pummel you,” said AnnMarie as she kicked at his balls with the point of her boot. “And the payment is still $10,000,” she said as she kicked his erection suddenly for emphasis causing Chris to yell loudly.

AnnMarie laughed as she alternated between kicking his balls and his penis. After a few more shots she went back to putting her foot on his erection pushing it towards his body. She unknowingly was a master dominant. Chris couldn’t take anymore as his erection throbbed beneath her boot. AnnMarie knew he was coming and released her foot.

“So…what’s the answer Chris?” she said as she placed her foot right next to his penis, just out of reach. Chris was out of breath as AnnMarie slowly rubbed her foot against his shaft pushing down softly.

“Finish me off,” said Chris as the need to release was unbearable.

“$15,000,” said AnnMarie as she pushed her foot down slowly on him.

Chris wasn’t in a position to argue. “Fine $15,000,” he said desperately seeking release. She laughed and moved her foot back between his legs. She lifted her foot up and stomped on his balls with her heel grinding it in after her stomp. Chris seethed in pain as she twisted her heel into his balls again.

“I just wanted to see you squirm one last time,” said AnnMarie as she reared back and kicked him hard in the balls. His body jolted several times in pain but before he could cover himself up she was right back to pushing his erection down against him. She pushed faster and harder as Chris’ body buckled beneath her.

“$20,000,” she said feverishly as she too was turned on by the experience. Chris bit hi tongue as she was relentless with her boot.

“Yes, $20,000,” he said over and over as his erection throbbed and cum exploded out of his penis over his shirt, even hitting him in the face. AnnMarie kept pushing as she made sure every last drop of cum was out of him. She stood there and took a deep breath as her foot remained on his penis.

Chris lay motionless beneath her, drained of energy. She removed her foot and stood back. She looked over and saw some cum had gotten on the carpet. She looked down and kicked him hard in his balls, causing Chris’ body to jolt forward in completely surprise. He wailed in pain.

“Clean up your cum before I break your balls next time!” yelled AnnMarie.

Between the tears in his eyes, Chris was definitely hoping there would be a next time.

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