Monday, November 5, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

By somberhaysoil

Warning: This story involves castration.

The air was humid that day, as Jared sat in class, overwhelmed with boredom. His young teacher Mrs. Calloway was teaching about fractions and Jared's mind was starting to wander. Mrs. Calloway dropped her chalk on the ground. She bent over to pick it up. Jared happened to be sitting in just the right place, and he was able to see straight down Mrs. Calloway's pastel striped blouse. Her breasts looked supple, and white. Jared was entranced with them. They jiggled slightly as she grabbed the pencil. She stood back up and noticed Jared staring, but pretended not to notice. Jared had a strange feeling in his pants. He reached in through his pocket and realized his penis was erect. This was his first experience with this, and it felt good. He felt twinges of sexual energy. It was his first erection, so it was a little bewildering, but he knew it felt good, and he knew he wanted to see Mrs. Calloway's boobs again.

Jared knew about sex, from school, but he had never had an erection before. He tried to rub his penis later that night, to make it hard again, but nothing happened. He went to sleep and dreamed about Mrs. Calloway. He had a crush on her, and he felt like he was in love.

The next day at school, Mrs. Calloway wore a cute orange skirt, with a white blouse. Jared spent the whole day examining her body through her clothes. He paid no attention in class. He got hard a few times throughout the day. Later that night, Jared went home and started touching himself again. He got hard fantasizing about Mrs. Calloway. He kept playing with himself for a few hours, and eventually he ejaculated. It was the most amazing sensation he had ever experienced. He was surprised by how great it was, and by the mess. He cleaned himself up and slept very soundly.

Over the next few weeks, Jared became more and more skilled at masturbation. He would fantasize about Mrs. Calloway, or girls that he saw in his sister's magazines. He was masturbating a few times a week, and growing very fond of it.

As they say of all good things in life, they must surely come to an end.

Jared's sister, April, was a cute fifteen year old girl. Three years older than Jared. She had blonde hair and a pretty face. She was a typical teenage girl. She loved teen magazines, and boys. She was into singing and music. April noticed one day that some of her "Seventeen" magazines were missing. She looked all throughout her room but couldn't find them. Jared was at a friend's house, so she decided to look in his room. She found the missing magazines in there. She was pretty sure that she knew why he took them, but she wanted to be sure. She left the magazines in his room.

April was pretty sure that Jared was using her magazines to jack off. She thought it was gross, but if he was doing it, she wanted to get him in trouble for it. She started spying on him, by listening through his door at night. After a few nights passed, she heard him ruffling through a magazine. She waited and listened. She heard the squishing sound of his hand jacking his cock. She barged into his room.

"Ewww! Pervert! You stole my magazines so you could jack off to them. Sick!" Jared scrambled to cover himself up. He was humiliated. He just hung his head down. "Just wait until mom hears about this, she's gonna be pissed.”

"No! Please don't tell mom!" Jared pleaded.

"Yes, I'm going to," April said.

"Please, April, I'll do anything, just please don't tell her. I don't want her to know."

"Well, you should of thought of that before you stole my magazines. Sicko."

"I'm sorry, I'll buy you more."

"Eww, I don't want them, you'll just steal them to jack off," April exclaimed as she left Jared alone and embarrassed.

Jared went to sleep, afraid of what his mom would do when she found out.

The next morning April told their mom everything. Their mother, Angela, was a little disturbed, and angry about the situation. She talked to Jared about it and grounded him for a month. She also made Jared do work to pay for new magazines for April.

One day Jared was busy mopping the bathroom floor. He didn't notice April watching him from behind. April wanted to kick him in the nuts for stealing her magazines. His legs were far enough apart that she knew she could get him. She eyed her targets, and moved forward. She swiftly drove her foot up between Jared's legs making full contact with his balls.

Jared moved away quickly after being kicked. "What the fuck?!?" He yelled. He didn't feel much pain at first. Then the pain came on very rapidly. He dropped to his knees.

April laughed. "That's for stealing my magazines, pervert." Jared lay down on the floor, because the pain was so great that he didn't have the energy to stay up on his knees. His face lay in the bleach water. The pain was still getting worse with every second that passed. After about thirty seconds, the pain reached its peak. He was rocking back and forth, gasping for breath. April was almost in tears from laughter. Jared was really worried that he might have permanent damage from this kick. He couldn't bear the pain. His eyes were watering, but he wasn't audibly crying. He felt like he was going to pass out or puke or something, but he didn't. April just kept laughing. April left him alone after about five minutes. Laughing as she walked away. Jared lay there for another five minutes or so, still in pain, and very angry at April.

Later that day, Jared approached their mother. "Hey, mom, April kicked me… you know… where it counts. It really hurt."

"Well, I'll have to talk to her about that. She was probably mad about you stealing her magazines. Just why did you do that, Jared?"

"Uhh, I don't know, I just think the girls are pretty."

"Well, April told me you were doing something disgusting while you were looking at them. I'll talk to her about kicking you, but honestly Jared, I can't really blame her. I don't want you touching yourself like that anymore. It's disgusting."

"Ok, sorry."

"I forgive you, son."

Jared walked away. He was ashamed and embarrassed to have his mom talk to him about jacking off. She didn't understand that he needed to do it. She made him feel guilty about it though.

Later that evening, Angela, their mother, went to talk to April about kicking Jared. She interrupted her while she was listening to music. "April, we need to talk."

"Mom, I'm busy,” April whined.

"This will only take a minute."


"Jared told me what you did to him earlier today."

"What do you mean?"

"You know, kicking him, in his privates."


"Well, I know you're angry at him for stealing your magazines, but you just can't do that April."

"Sorry, mom."

"I know it's funny, and it seems like a just punishment for what he did, but the thing I'm worried about is this. If you kick him too hard, he might not be able to have kids, and that is serious."


"Yes, really. So you have to promise me, you won't ever do that again, ok?"

"Ok, mom, I promise," April lied.

"Thanks, you're such a good girl April. And don't worry, I talked to Jared about what you caught him doing, and I don't think he'll steal your magazines anymore."

"Thanks mom."

April was pissed at Jared for telling on her, and she was planning on getting him back, but it was late, and she had to wait until their mom was gone.

The next day, Angela was working, and the kids were home alone. April was waiting for her opportunity. She heard Jared in the kitchen doing something. She went down there, and pretended to be getting a glass of water. Jared was making toast. They didn't say anything to each other, as they were both angry. Jared took his toast out of the toaster, and slathered some jelly on it. He started walking out of the kitchen

"Hey Jared, wait," April called. Jared turned around. April didn't hesitate. As he turned towards here, he leg snapped outwards, making perfect contact with Jared's family jewels. April played soccer all the time, so she could kick hard and accurately. Jared didn't see it coming. As her foot made contact with both of his testicles, the plate flew out of his hand, shattering on the floor behind April.

"You bitch," Jared muttered, as he felt the same pain starting again. Within a few seconds he was on the floor, gasping for breath. April didn't notice the last time, but this time she noticed that Jared made this funny sound after getting kicked. As he gasped in, he kept making this high pitched kind of sound.

"That's for telling on me. If you tattle on me again, I'll kick you so hard you'll wish you were a girl," April threatened. Jared kept gasping in for breath. His face was red. The pain was just as bad if not worse than last time. April started imitating the sound he was making. Jared was very angry, but moreover concerned about the status of his testicles.

"Remember what I said, loser," April said as she stepped over Jared, leaving him on the floor. After ten minutes or so, the pain was starting to abate. Jared got up and cleaned up the broken plate in anger. He was muttering to himself about how pissed he was. The sound of his sister's lame music blasting through the walls was making him even angrier.

Later that evening, Jared was jacking off in bed. When he came, he was disturbed to find that he could only ejaculate out of one testicle. His right testicle wouldn't ejaculate at all. He became very worried that it was destroyed, and that it would never work again. He was enraged with his sister. He knew he couldn't tell his mom, because she didn't want him jacking off. He had to do something to get revenge on April.

The next day, April was out shopping with some friends. April loved music, and had a CD collection on a rack. Jared went into her room when she was gone. He knocked over her CD rack. The cases and discs spilled everywhere. Some of the cases were cracked, and some of the discs were surely scratched. Jared laughed to himself. He felt good about it, and couldn't wait until she got home.

When April got home and saw her CDs spilled everywhere, she was enraged. "Mommm," she called. Jared couldn't believe it. He knew she was telling on him. Jared got in trouble for knocking over the CDs. His mom grounded him for a month, and he was forced to do all of the chores around the house during that time. Jared was very busy with school and doing all of the chores. He never had any free time during that month, and even if he did, he wasn't allowed to watch TV, nor do anything fun. He had to stay in his room unless he was doing chores, or at school.

April was satisfied with the punishment, but still angry that some of her CDs and CD cases were destroyed. She had to take her own revenge. April's class went on a field trip out to a park in town. A teacher pointed out some poison oak, and warned the students to stay away from it. This gave April an idea.

On the weekend, April went back to the park on her own. She wore rubber gloves, and brought some Ziploc bags and scissors. She remembered where the poison oak was, and went back there. She clipped several poison oak leaves, being very careful not to touch it to her skin. She carefully put them in the Ziploc bags. She double bagged them just to be safe. She smiled to herself at her own genius. She kept the bags hidden in her room until the next day.

On Sunday, April had her chance. Jared was out pruning the bushes in the yard. Angela was at the store. April snuck into Jared's room quietly. She was wearing rubber gloves, and had the poison oak leaves with her. She opened Jared's top dresser drawer. He kept all his briefs in this drawer. His briefs were not folded or neat, they were just thrown in there. April pulled all of them out and set them on top of the dresser. She took his briefs one at a time, and rubbed the crotch with poison oak. She spent several seconds on each pair of briefs. There was about twelve pair. She carefully took the leaves, placed them back in the bag, and closed his underwear drawer. She left the room the way it was, and the poison oak rubbings were undetectable.

The next day was Monday, and the kids had to go to school. Jared got up late and barely made it out the door. He didn't notice the poison oak in his briefs, there was no way he could have noticed. He didn't even have any symptoms until the next day. He began noticing that he was his genitals were starting to itch. Throughout the morning, the itching gradually became worse and worse. He left class to go to the bathroom. He went in a stall and pulled down his underwear. He was disturbed to see red bumps all over his genitals. He didn't know what the hell they were. He didn't know what to do. He pulled his underwear and pants back on and went back to class. He was worried, and the itching was growing ever more intense throughout the day. He tried to be discreet when he scratched at his crotch. He couldn't stop scratching it. He tried to do it through his pocket, or by rubbing things against it, like books or other things.

By the end of the day, the mild itchiness had turned into an intense burning itch that was actually painful. He went home and immediately took off his pants in the bathroom. The small bumps had become large blisters, and the skin was all a bright red. It all seemed a little swollen. He also noticed that there were some blisters and redness on his inner thighs around his underwear. He still didn't make the connection. He didn't think it could be caused by the underwear since it looked perfectly clean. He tried putting some calamine lotion on his genitals and the affected area. It did a little good, but not much. He kept wearing the same underwear. He wanted to see a doctor, but he was too embarrassed to tell anyone. He wasn't sure if it was caused by jacking off, so he definitely didn't want to tell his mom.

The underwear he was wearing that day was later washed, but he still had ten more pairs that were rubbed with poison oak. He was really worried about the severe rash on his genitals, but he didn't know what to do about it. April and Jared were in the living room at the same time, and April noticed him scratching at his crotch. She snickered, but Jared didn't connect the dots.

Over the next few days the rash kept getting worse. The blisters were now leaking pus, and the pain was becoming unbearable. He was considering going to the doctor by Friday.

That weekend April had a friend over. Her friend was a cute brunette. Her name was Brooke. Brooke brought a digital camcorder over so they could take movies.

"Hey, Brooke, I have a great idea of a video we can make," April stated.


"You can tape me kicking my brother in the nuts."

"Yeah, that would be sweet."

"Ok, this is how we can do it. I think my brother has a crush on you or at least he's attracted to you, so you have to go get him, and ask him to come into my room. Then when he comes in here, you tell him that you will kiss him, but he has to close his eyes. Then when he closes his eyes, you start taping, and I'll kick him in the nuts as hard as I can. Oh, and I'll wear my soccer cleats so it will really count."

Brooke was cracking up laughing. "This is gonna be great."

"Ok, go get him; I'll be ready in a second."


Brooke went over to Jared's room. She knocked on his door. Jared answered the door and was surprised to see Brooke. "Hey Jared, do you want to hang out for a little while?"

"Sure, ok," Jared nervously responded.

"Ok, come on."

Jared followed Brooke into his sister's room. Brooke sat down on the bed. April was already sitting at her desk looking at her computer. "Soo, Jared, have you ever kissed a girl?" Brooke asked.

Jared's face turned red. His heart started racing. "No, why?"

"I was just curious. Do you want to kiss a girl?"

"Yeah, I guess." Jared responded sheepishly, while staring at the ground.

"You guess?" Brooke laughed.

Jared laughed, embarrassed.

"Do you want to kiss me?" Brooke asked.

Jared was now insanely nervous, his heart was pounding in his head, and his palms were sweating. He didn't know how to respond. "Sure, ok."

"Ok, I'll kiss you, but you have to close your eyes, ok?"

"Ok, sure" David responded.

He closed his eyes and puckered up his lips. Brooke could hardly hold back her laughter as she silently pulled out the camcorder and started it. April walked up to her brother. Jared couldn't tell it was her walking, he assumed it was Brooke. April quickly sized up her target. She didn't hesitate because she did not want him to open his eyes. She shot her cleats directly into Jared's junk. She kicked as hard as she could, pretending she was kicking a soccer ball. Jared's eyes shot open, his breathed in sharply. He knew that this was the hardest she ever kicked him. He was frozen after the kick. April took the opportunity and swiftly kicked him a second time. At that point instincts took effect and he moved his hands in front of his crotch while dropping to his knees. Both girls were cracking up laughing. Jared was shocked and humiliated. The pain was overwhelming after only a few seconds. He felt like he might vomit. His testicles felt destroyed, and his flesh was already extremely irritated from the poison oak. He couldn't catch his breath. Brooke was catching every minute of his suffering.

"Shhh," April said to Brooke. "Listen." Jared was making this high-pitched sound each time he inhaled. The girls were quiet so they could catch the sound on tape. They could only hold back their laughter for so long though. Jared was barely conscious for the next fifteen minutes or so. The pain was overpowering his consciousness. After the initial shock passed, Jared realized he wanted to get out of that room. The girls laughed as they watched him crawl away.

"Aww, poor baby," Brooke laughed.

Jared crawled to his room, and into bed. The pain was still extreme. He tried to meditate, but he felt ill. The rest of Jared's evening was spent in bed, suffering.

After getting over the hilarity of the whole situation, Brooke and April hooked up the camera to April's computer. The transferred the video over to the computer in mpeg format. The cut the clip down, so it was less than 2 mb, and e-mailed it to some of their friends at school. The clip was cut down to the actual kick, and Jared's high pitched squeaks. Most of the girls who saw the clip thought it was hilarious. They forwarded it on to other friends, and those other friends forwarded it on to others. Eventually it was spread around town. Just about every girl in town, from six years old to 18 years old, had seen the clip.

A few days later at school, he noticed girls whispering and pointing him out to their friends, and then laughing. He didn't understand why, until one group of girls walked by him and one of the girls started imitating the high-pitched sound that he made when he got kicked. Jared couldn't believe his sister spread the clip around school. He was humiliated.

Jared finally decided to see a doctor about his genitals. The doctor recognized it as a rash, but was not absolutely sure what it was from. Jared's doctor advised him to wash all of his pants and especially his underwear in case there was some irritant on them.

Jared did as the doctor advised, and the next day the rash began feeling better. He suspected April of doing something to his underwear. He thought of killing her at that moment, but soon gave up on that notion.

April had a special dress for the prom. She loved it and was just waiting for the day when she would be able to wear it. Jared knew this was the only fair revenge he could take on her. April was out with some friends and Jared went into her room. He took the dress out of her closet and took a box cutter, and cut it straight down the middle. He cut it in various places so it would not be possible to repair. Jared was satisfied. He left her room.

April came home that evening. When she found the dress destroyed, she was shocked. She went into a rage, but did not alert their mother. April barged into Jared's room. She swiftly walked up to him and grabbed at his crotch. She caught both of his nuts in her fist and began squeezing hard.

"What the fuck did you do to my dress, you little brat?"

"Let go, let go." Jared squeaked.

April increased her pressure. "Why would you do something like that?" she demanded.

"I was mad because you took that video of me and spread it around school and I think you did something to my underwear."

"So what! Get over it, that was just a joke, this is serious. Do you know how much mom spent on that dress? She's gonna be pissed."

"I'm sorry, April please let go."

"No way, I've got you right where I want you."

"Please, April please."

"It's too bad you destroyed my dress, Jared. I bet you wish you could take it back now."

"Yes I do! Please, let go!"

"Nope, sorry. I'm gonna pop 'em like grapes."

"NO!!!! I won't be able to have kids. Please don't!"

"Sorry, too late now." April had his nuts firmly in grip. With her other hand she took her thumb and drove it down with all her strength into his left nut. It was very flexible and she was surprised with its strength. Jared was cringing and moaning and crying. After a lot of pressure April felt the nut give. It seemed to just lose its shape and solidarity. Jared turned his head and vomited.

"Did that hurt?" April laughed. She began digging into the other one.

"God, please fucking stop, you're going to kill me!" Jared screamed. After the same pressure and effort, April managed to destroy the other nut. She let go of Jared, who collapsed to the floor. Jared passed out. April kicked him in the nuts once for good measure.

"Serves you right, asshole," she said as she walked away.

To be continued......


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