Friday, November 2, 2007

Sophia’s Ball Boy

By Sam P

My ex girlfriend, Sophia was really into feet. I went to see her one night after work. She asked me if I wanted a drink.

I said, “Sure, juice would be fine.”

What I did not know is she added some date rape drug to my juice. When I awoke I was naked, tied and bound. She was standing over me in a victory stance, one foot on my throat.

She laughed at me and said, “Hey Sam, let’s try some pain with your pleasure,” and she walked around to my legs, raised her foot and stepped hard and forcefully on my balls.

I felt a blinding burning pain and I was nauseous. Sophia just laughed and said, “It gets worse before it gets better.” She took an insole from out of her cross trainer and made me deep throat it and asked if it tasted good. Then she walked back to my legs and stomped me as hard as she could.

I blacked out. From the video tape she shot she stomped four more times, ground her heel and stopped when she finally got bored with my helplessness. Sophia ended her victorious session with me by stomping my groin again and jumping on my face. I can honestly say after she was done that I should have never spurned her and that Candies-type heels, and Doc Martins, when used can inflict a lot of damage.

I was in my house in bed for a week from her onslaught.

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