Monday, November 5, 2007

Sorority Stories (part 3)

By Speedy

(sequel to

This is the third chapter in my installment of sorority ballbusting girls. Let me know what you think!

It is had been three days since Kim and Kelly last busted a guy’s balls and they had been spending their time picking out a new victim. Both girls loved their new passion and were possessed by the sudden power they had.

It was now Friday night and the girls decided that it was time to strike.

Kelly and Kim, both college sophomores decided it was time to pay a visit to their old freshman room (which was now inhabited by freshman boys). So Kelly and Kim both decided that they should probably dress up for the occasion, no doubt to show off their beautiful bodies.

Kelly chose a short black skirt with a white short sleeve low cut top, black tights, and three

inch thick heels. Kim chose to wear a red top and skirt set, with black stockings and killer five-inch stiletto heels. Her powerful legs looked even more menacing.

The girls found their way back to the dorm where they found their old room with the door slightly ajar. The girls half-entered and knocked. A boy was sitting on his bed, playing

SEGA. The girls asked what his name was, and he replied Kevin. The girls introduced themselves to Kevin and mentioned that this was their old room. Kevin looked half-interested as he turned his attention back to his Sega.

“So where's your roomy?” asked Kelly.

“Oh he went out,” replied Kevin.

“Oh I see,” said Kelly. Meanwhile Kim had gone to close and lock the door as Kelly stood between Kevin and the TV. Kevin was wearing mesh shorts and a t-shirt. Kelly wiggled her body a little and asked Kevin if they would like to play a game with them. Kevin, who started to get aroused, complied.

“Good,” said Kelly. “First you stand up.” Kevin stood up. He was about 5' 10”, two inches taller than Kelly. However Kelly's heels made them about even. Kim then grabbed Kevin's arms and pulled them behind his back.

“Hey, what the fuck?” replied Kevin.

“This is what,” replied Kelly as she punched Kevin square in the balls. Kevin bent over slightly but Kim held him up. Kelly then raised her right knee into Kevin's nuts, getting an ‘Oomph’ from Kevin. Kevin doubled over again. This time Kelly's knee found his face, knocking him face-first on the floor.

Kim turned Kevin over only to find blood gushing from his nose and tears starting to develop in eyes. Since these girls had no compassion, Kim quickly sat on his chest, immobilizing Kevin. Kim was facing Kevin's balls. Kelly had sat between Kevin's legs and was holding them apart. Kim picked up her right foot and raised her heel over his nuts. Then she pounded her heel down on his balls, causing Kevin to jump slightly. However Kim's weight was holding him in place. Kelly then stretched her legs out and placed then in front of his nuts. She then sat up a little to get more leverage and began kicking her heel into his nuts. First right heel then left then right then left. After ten heel thrusts, Kevin's body began to shake. He was muttering some unrecognizable noises. Kelly then took off Kevin's shorts. His balls were beginning to swell and his penis had some cuts on it from the edges of the girls’ heels.

Kelly stood up while Kim held his flaccid penis against his chest. Kelly took one step back and unleashed the toe of her shoe right into his left nut. Kevin's body shook violently. Kelly then unleashed two more vicious kicks to his nuts causing Kevin to pass out. The girls knew that this was their chance. Kim took off her left shoe but still maintained a grip on his penis. She took a shoe in hand and like a hammer began to nail his nuts with her sharp stiletto heel. She looked

possessed as each swing was hard and violent. After about ten swings, Kelly stepped back and unleashed two more kicks on his nuts. She then turned around and began to stomp down on his unprotected balls with her heel. After five vicious stomps, Kelly checked to see if they was any damage yet. His balls were black and blue, but not broken.

The girls switched positions as Kelly sat on Kevin's stomach while Kim stood between his legs. Kelly took off her shoe and proceeded to hammer his balls with her heavy heels. The smack of his balls against her heel was so loud they probably heard it next door. Kim then put her shoe back on and began stomping away on his ballsack. After five stomps, Kelly said, “Let's break em!”

Kelly stood up and placed her heel on his left nut and began to stomp away on his nut. She then lifted her foot up high, slammed it down on his nut and grinded the heel of her shoe into his ball until it finally gave way. Kelly screamed, “That's one!”

Kim stood over Kevin with her back to his body. She raised her sharp dagger-like heel over

his remaining nut. She then slammed it down on his ball. She then raised her left foot and did the same. She alternated between right and left heel almost marching in place. She turned around and cocked her right foot back. She then unleashed her most powerful kick yet with her powerful legs, smashing his remaining nut upon impact. Just for good measure she kicked it one more time.

Kevin's body jolted in pain and his body went into a slight seizure. Blood was flowing out of his ruptured balls and face. Kelly walked over to his face and unleashed a vicious stomp to the side of his head that knocked him out again. Kim then added a quick kick to his ribs, before both girls walked out the door.

“That was fun,” replied Kim.

“Let's go to the bar and meet some more victims… I mean guys,” replied Kelly as the two walked off triumphantly from their latest attacking.


Anonymous said...

This story was so hot...poor boy minding his own business playing sum games and he gets his ass and balls handed to him! It's too bad he passed out and missed all the fun!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

This story is definately a triumph for the two girls. The guy missed an excellent chance for making this really great for him too. He could have reacted with a smile when she first punched him and welcomed her knee by opening his legs for her.
If I were he, I would have suggested the girls take him to the sorority and do him there to show the rest of the girls how powerfully they affected even strangers.