Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Summer Intern

By speedycj1

Dan was your typical college senior, a bit cocky, athletic and ready to take on the world. Dan was a communications major at school specializing in journalism and was looking to become an intern at a newspaper or magazine for the summer. With rugged good looks and his buffed 6’2” frame he knew that he looked the part, now he was hoping his brains would help him land a good internship at a magazine he’d enjoy, like Sports Illustrated, rather than a “girly” magazine like Cosmopolitan.

His college administrator knew Dan was a bit cocky, but was a good representative of the school to place in an internship. She sent his resume out to several magazines and newspapers to get a feeler, and finally one magazine group responded that they wanted him to come in for an interview.

Dan wasn’t paying too much attention to the administrator when she called him with the news, he just wrote down the address, the person he was meeting with and blew her off before she could tell him the particulars. Dan lived on Long Island so the next day he just hopped on the railroad and with suit on and briefcase in tow headed towards the address for the interview.

The name of the company was Gretchen publishing, which had a stable of magazines under its corporate umbrella. Unfortunately for Dan he failed to listen to his administrator when she was explaining that the bulk of the magazines had a feminist twist to them, catered towards teenagers, young professionals and working mothers.

Dan confidently rode the elevator up to the 20th floor where he was greeted by a young temptress of a secretary named Diane. Diane wore a blue suit jacket which barely covered her white blouse that had the top two buttons undone. Dan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the C cup breasts struggling to be contained by her low cut bra under her blouse. Diane flipped back her brunette hair and flirting with Dan a bit leaned forward and smiled

“Can I help you sir?” as she lifted her designer glasses slightly off her head.

Dan cleared his throat. “Um, yes, I have an interview here today. With a Ms. Larson,” said Dan confidently as he struggled to keep his eyes locked into hers.

“Ah, yes Ms. Larson, please have a seat,” said Diane as she pointed to the leather couches that adorned the reception area. Dan sat down and saw a host of magazines on the table, including some popular ones like People, Time and In Style. He also saw some fashion and parenting magazines but his eyes found a Sports Illustrated so he grabbed that excitedly and started reading.

Diane dialed Ms. Larson’s extension and whispered into the phone carefully. “Your 10 o’clock is here… he’s a live one,” whispered Diane into the phone with a glimmer in her eye.

“Ms. Larson will be right with you,” said Diane to Dan who barely glanced up from the magazine to acknowledge her with a head nod. Diane noticed his abruptness.

“May I get you something to drink? Some water perhaps?” said Diane softly as she rose from her chair. Dan looked up at her and said water would be great. Diane removed her blazer and strolled across the room. Dan peaked up and saw her gorgeous figure. Around 5’ 4” and as curvy on her bottom as she was her top, Diane was an eyeful. Not helping matters was the short, ass-hugging beige and blue plaid skirt she was wearing, with white stockings and 4” high wooden wedge heels. Dan felt a twinge in his pants as he looked her up and down. Dan’s eyes then raced towards a group of female executives walking in the background, all thin and attractive and wearing skin hugging clothing with high heels. His eyes dashed from one lady to the next and he nodded confidently with a smirk on his face.

“Jackpot,” he said to himself, knowing that if he could land this internship he’d be among a bevy of beauties!

“Here’s your water,” said Diane softly as she handed him a glass. Dan was daydreaming and barely noticed her presence until Diane placed the water on the coffee table and walked away. Dan realized he was in another world and apologized to Diane.

“It’s ok,” said Diane calmly. “I know there’s a lot of eye-candy in here, plenty to be distracted about” she laughed as she settled behind her reception desk. Dan blushed slightly at her remark and buried his head into the Sports Illustrated trying to ignore the growing erection in his pants.

Another group of females walked into the reception area. “Can I help you ladies?” asked Diane.

“Yes, we’re here for the internship meeting with Ms. Larson,” said one of the girls.

“Oh, great, I’ll tell her you’re here. Please have a seat,” said Diane as she phoned Ms. Larson.

Dan glanced at the group of three college-aged girls and each one was stunning. There was the tall and slender blonde, the skinny and curvy Asian girl and the somewhat chunky but definitely attractive dark haired Latina. Each girl came dressed fashionably. The blonde wore a loose sun dress over a pair of black stretch leggings and 3” black peep toed heels. The Asian girl wore a knee length black skirt with a red blazer and low cut white baby doll top. She had on a pair of 4” red platform heels with a peep toe showing off her manicured red polished toenails. She appeared to have perfect feet, around a size 7, which were even sexier in her platform heels. The Latina girl wore a tight fitting black top and black and white skirt over a pair of fishnet stockings and below the knee black boots with a pointy toe and 3” stiletto heels. Each girl sat down on couches opposite Dan and crossed their legs. He looked up and the girls made quick eye contact with him, flipped their hair a few times and started chatting among themselves.

Dan tried to concentrate on the magazine but his eyes kept lifting from the pages over to the girls. He couldn’t decide which one was hotter, as they each were very unique in their own ways. Staring at the girls didn’t help his erection either, which seemed to grow every second he glanced up and saw one girl playing with her hair or crossing her legs or flexing her shoes. Also not helping matters at all were the girls talking to each other about their outfits and how good each other looked.

Thankfully, Diane stood up and told the group to follow her to the conference room. Dan let the girls go first and followed them, trying to take deep breaths to have his erection subside a bit. Of course watching all of the pretty girls in front of him didn’t help; neither did glancing into all of the offices they passed and seeing attractive ladies left and right. Dan saw the occasional male employee, but for the most part they were unattractive or at least not as handsome and athletic as he was.

They entered a conference room with a long thin table and leather chairs on either side. Everyone found a seat and Diane mentioned that Ms. Larson would be arriving soon. After a few moments of chatter among the girls, in strode Ms. Larson. Tall and slender, Ms. Larson was a young female executive in her mid 30s. She had medium length blond hair which was back in a pony tail. She was dressed in a black business suit, with a slightly below the knee skirt and 3” closed toe black pumps. At first glance she looked very similarly to Jenna Elfman with her blond hair, bright smile and slender figure.

“Thank you all for coming,” said Ms. Larson as she studied the young faces in her room. “As you know you’ll be competing for two lone internship spots we have this fall,” she continued as she walked around the table. “The four of you came highly recommended to our company, but if I feel that you’re not up to par with the excellence we command, I have no problem giving the job to none of you, understood?” said Ms. Larson as politely and firmly as she could. The group nodded her head, while Dan didn’t realize how competitive this decision really would be.

“Each of you will be meeting individually with a member of our staff so they can ask you a few questions about your abilities. Then we’ll regroup as a group to undergo some role playing to see how well you work together,” explained Ms. Larson.

Just then some of the executives walked into the room. Dan glanced over and saw how hot they were and decided not to look for fear his erection would grow again.

“Dan, I presume?” said Ms. Larson.

“Yes ma’am,” said Dan with his voice cracking a bit.

“You’ll be meeting with Diane, who you’ve met already.” Diane stood in the doorway waiving her hand. Dan felt some comfort knowing that Diane was just a receptionist, so she wouldn’t be as tough as some of the other executives.

Dan followed Diane into a small meeting room with the shades drawn and just a small hole in the door to look in. There were no tables, just a few chairs in the room in a circle. Dan sat across from Diane, who, sat just a few feet away from him, crossing her legs allowing her skirt to inch up her thigh slowly despite her best efforts to pull it down.

“So, Dan,” said Diane as she took out a notepad and pen, “what skills can you bring to Gertrude Publishing?” Dan stared at her for a second, caught off-guard by her formal tone.

“Um, I’m a hard worker who is um… eager to learn about the publishing industry,” stated Dan in a low hushed tone trying to sound authoritative as he cleared his throat.

Diane took notes and shook her head as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. She glanced up from her note pad and caught Dan sneaking a peak at her legs.

“What would you say your biggest weaknesses are Dan?” said Diane as she looked him square in the eyes while she shook her foot back and forth seeing if she could grab his attention to her legs again.

Dan had never had formal interviewing questions before as his last jobs were more landscaping and athletic oriented. His eyes darted across the room in a panicked state.

“Umm… I would say I have no weaknesses?” stuttered Dan uncomfortably not sure how to answer the question never hearing something like that before.

Diane pouted her lips and nodded. She rattled off her next question. “Would you be distracted working in an office full of gorgeous female executives?” asked Diane very bluntly. She lowered her head and stared at him over her glasses waiting for the answer.

“Um…” Dan stuttered as he was caught off guard by the question completely. He started turning red as he fumbled with his pen and dropped it. As he bent down to pick up his pen, Diane uncrossed and slowly re-crossed her legs near Dan’s head. Dan tried not to look up but he couldn’t help it. He hoped that Diane hadn’t seen him. Diane took notes and waited for Dan to answer as she played with her blouse button.

Dan’s eyes raced everywhere looking for an answer. After a few nervous seconds Diane interjected. “Stand up Dan.”

“Excuse me?” said Dan confused and honestly not hearing what she had said as his mind was elsewhere.

“’Stand up’ I said,” stated Diane in an aggravated tone. Dan stood up before her as Diane placed her notepad aside. Diane looked up at Diane, who at 6’2” was just about crotch level with Diane’s head while she was sitting. Diane noticed the bulge in his crotch as she uncrossed her legs and leaned forward. She tapped her pen into his crotch and looked up at him.

“Controlling this is what I’m talking about Dan,” said Diane as she slowly tapped her pen on his erection, fueling it even more. Dan looked down at her and could see her cleavage busting out of her top. He tried not to look but the image of her was etched in her brain and his penis responded accordingly.

“Look at me Dan,” said Diane softly as she continued to slowly trace her pen over his pants. Dan begrudgingly looked down at Diane. Diane looked up and smiled at him as she slowly removed her pen and grabbed his pants, undoing the button and dropping the zipper slowly. Dan couldn’t believe what was happening. He looked at the door desperately as his mind raced with confused thoughts.

Was she seducing him? Was she testing him? He had no idea as Diane skillfully freed his erection from his pants. Diane licked her lips as she traced his bulging erection with her fingertips. Dan took a deep breath not knowing what to say or do.

Diane removed his balls gently from his black boxer briefs so they were exposed. She traced them gently with her fingers as she looked up at Dan and smiled. Suddenly without warning Diane thrust her right fist into Dan’s balls as hard as she could, dropping Dan instantly to the floor.

Diane giggled to herself as she flipped back her hair as Dan struggled to catch his breath from the unexpected blow. Dan clutched his crotch as he looked up at her. Just then Diane kicked him in the head with her wedge shoe, knocking him on his back. Diane stood up and placed her foot on his chest.

“Oh Dan,” said Diane softly as she stomped on his muscle-laden chest with her wedge shoe causing Dan to grunt in pain. “Part of this job involves catering to women on hand and foot all day and all night,” said Diane as she slowly traced her shoe down his chest and over his stomach. “Somehow I think we’ll need to break you in a bit, should we decide to even offer you the job,” said Diane as her wedge brushed by his still exposed penis and balls and over his thighs.

“If you can make it past today you’ll be met with many rewards,” explained Diane as her foot came to rest on his penis, pushing it towards his stomach ever so slightly. “My money’s on you Dan, so don’t disappoint me,” said Diane as she teased his groin with her wedge shoe causing Dan’s penis to tingle again with pleasure despite the pain from the punch in the nuts and kick in the head Diane gave him.

Dan lay still on the ground afraid that she may cause any more damage. He had never been hit in the balls before, let alone hit by a girl, so the embarrassment factor was running pretty high for him. Plus he had a pounding throb in the side of the head where she kicked him. Plus he was still in shock by what had transpired. Just then the door opened. Ms. Larson entered the room and upon seeing the scene had a sly smile on her face.

“Dan, I see that you’ve met Diane,” Ms. Larson laughed as she strode over to him.

At over 6’ in her heels, Dan had to look up a long way towards her. “Part of your challenge today Dan will be trying to survive. This internship is both mentally and physically challenging Dan. We want warriors, not pussies,” said Ms. Larson as she paced the floor while Dan lay still beneath Diane’s heel on his crotch. “I have high hopes for you Dan,” said Ms. Larson as she motioned for Diane to move her foot from his crotch. Ms. Larson moved her foot over to his crotch as Dan took a deep breathe. She tapped his penis with her shoe softly. “Many rewards await a warrior Dan,” said Ms. Larson as she slowly stoked his erection with her shoe. Dan was paralyzed in feat by her authoritative personality.

Ms. Larson removed her foot. “The girls are coming in now Diane, stay and take notes. I want to see which one of them is a go-getter,” instructed Ms. Larson as she left the room.

“Good luck Dan,” said Ms. Larson as he looked over to see her leave the room. Diane meanwhile moved some of the chairs around Dan while he lay still on the floor paralyzed in fear and confusion.

Suddenly the three girls entered the room, shocked to see Dan on the floor with his penis out of his pants.

“Ladies, welcome,” said Diane gleefully. “Were you prepared on your assignments this morning?” asked Diane. Each girl nodded an enthusiastic yes and took their seats as they giggled and pointed at Dan’s erection.

Diane moved her chair closer to Dan’s body and sat down. She placed both of her wedge heels on his cock, pushing it firmly down to his chest. Dan winced in discomfort as he glanced over to see all three girls staring at him with a smirk on their faces.

“Candice?” asked Diane as the perky blonde raised her hand. “What did you learn today from Ms. Hancock?” asked Diane as Candice sat up in her chair.

“Um, I learned that Gretchen has a policy of abusing their male employees and making them their slaves” giggled Candice as the other two girls snickered in laughter.

“Ladies,” asserted Diane “let’s show some professionalism here please.”

“Sorry,” said the girls as they slumped back in her chair and crossed their legs.

“I know this is unusual as far as interviewing is concerning,” said Diane, “but your performance in this room will determine if you’re truly Gretchen material” explained Diane. “You’ll be judged on your character, your cruelness, your charm and your ability to cause the male vast amounts of pain,” explained Diane. “Is that understood?” All three girls nodded their heads while Dan squirmed beneath Diane’s feet. Sensing Dan was getting antsy she skillfully stroked her wedges against his cock, keeping it fully aroused.

“Now before our subject decides to run away on us, Candice would you like to go first?” asked Diane. Candice angrily stood up and positioned herself between Dan’s legs. Diane removed her wedge heels from Dan’s cock and sat back a few feet. Candice kicked Dan’s legs apart and stood inches from his balls. She smiled at him sweetly as she put her 3” heel on his erection, pushing it towards his chest like Diane had. Dan grimaced in pain as Candice pushed down his penis firmly. The other girls watched intently as did Diane. Candice then removed her foot allowing his erection to spring up. She took a step back and without hesitation blasted the toe of her shoe into his penis causing Dan to emit a bloodcurdling scream. The girls laughed as Candice was taken aback by the pain she caused him, putting her hands over her mouth in shock.

“Very good Candice,” said Diane assuringly as she jotted down some notes. Dan curled up into a ball as tears welled in his eyes. “You may have a seat,” said Diane as Candice sat down while the other girls giggled softly with her.

“Emily?” asked Diane. Emily, the Asian girl, rose to her feet. “Killer heels,” remarked Diane as Emily smiled and lifted up her shoe showing off her heel. “Go to it girl!” said Diane cheeringly as Emily glanced down at Dan crumpled beneath her feet. Emily bent down and whispered into Dan’s ear. “I can make you feel much better. Just lie still and I’ll suck your cock for you,” said Emily seductively into Dan’s ear. Dan resisted at first, but slowly rolled on his back while Emily played with his hair.

“Good boy,” said Emily as she nibbled on his ear and kissed his neck. Diane looked on intently as she monitored Emily’s control over Dan. Dan’s erection had subsided a bit but was starting to respond to Emily’s soft kisses. Emily ran her hands down his chest as she climbed aboard his chest, facing his crotch. Emily ran her ass backwards so Dan’s face would get a good look as she stretched her hands forward caressing his penis. Within seconds Dan was fully erect again as Emily’s skillful fingers stroked his erection. She slid forward and slowly engulfed his penis with her mouth as promised. Dan took a deep breath as Emily’s soft lips pulsated up and down on his erection.

Emily looked up at Diane and smiled. Diane returned the smile as Emily removed her lips from his penis and sat upright on him. She swung her legs forward so that they were around his erection and she slid her ass backwards towards his face. The other girls moved forward in their chairs awaiting her next move as Emily slowly coaxed his erection playfully with her shoes.

“Do you like that Dan?” asked Emily as she slid her 4” red heels slowly up and down his shaft. Dan murmured a barely audible grunt as Emily stroked his penis faster with her heels causing Dan to groan a little louder. “Good, Dan,” said Emily as she kept up her pace. Dan’s legs trembled in pleasure as Emily expertly jerked his cock with her heels. Sensing he was about to cum Emily stopped her jerking and let Dan catch his breath. His erection pulsed but she stopped just in time to avoid having him cum. Diane nodded in approval and jotted more notes. Emily slowly lifted herself off his body and stood between his legs with her hands on her hips. Dan’s eyes were closed as he was trying to grasp have been denied releasing. Suddenly Emily kicked him hard in the balls with the toe of her shoe. Her blow slightly missed his balls kicking his thigh instead causing a loud slap throughout the room. Before Dan could cover up, Emily followed up with another two quick kicks, both on target, causing Dan to scream in pain.

“That’s better,” said Emily as she watched Dan squirm in pain at her feet curled up in a ball.

“Good work Emily,” said Diane as Emily found her seat. The other girls gave her high-fives as Diane finished taking notes.

“Lisa, you’re next,” said Diane as the curvy Latina stood up.

“That’s gonna be hard to top, but I’ll do my best,” said Lisa as she stood over Dan. “Dan, listen to me,” said Lisa in her slight Spanish accent. “Open your legs before I give you something to cry about,” said Lisa as she bent down and pushed him on his back. Dan did as he was told despite really wanting to cover himself up to avoid further damage. Lisa stood up and placed her boot on his chest, digging in the heel slightly as Dan winced in pain. Lisa then stepped up on his chest, digging both heels into his shirt. Dan screamed in pain as Lisa was definitely not the lightest girl to have standing on your chest in stiletto heels. After a few seconds Lisa stepped off as Dan let out a scream in pain. Lisa placed her boot on his face, pressing his cheek into the floor.

“You gonna cry like a baby?” asked Lisa sarcastically as she pressed her heel into his cheek. Dan couldn’t answer as her heel was buried into his cheek. Finally Lisa let go as Dan grabbed his face feeling for holes in his skin.

Diane took down notes as Lisa kicked Dan in the ribs causing Dan to howl in pain. The girls admired Lisa’s ruthlessness but were shocked by how hard she was kicking him. Dan tried to roll onto his side but Lisa sat quickly on his stomach, keeping him on his back.

Lisa leaned forward and slapped Dan across the face hard. Dan went to cover his face allowing Lisa to lean backwards and punch him square in the balls. Dan couldn’t sit up since Lisa was sitting on his stomach so Lisa got in a few more punches and open handed slaps to Dan’s nuts while Dan furiously tried to kick her off of him.

Lisa, sensing she might get thrown off Dan, grabbed his penis in her hands and dug her fingernails in tightly. Dan’s legs froze as Lisa instructed him to lay still. Lisa smiled as she dug her nail in deeper causing Dan to wince loudly in pain. Diane was sick of hearing Dan scream so she went over to Dan and pushed his face to the ground with her wedge heel and told him to be quiet. Lisa meanwhile dug her nails in deeper, drawing traces of blood from Dan’s penis. Dan struggled to free himself but Diane’s heel on his face and Lisa’s grip with her nails on his penis was making every move he made hurt even more.

“Lisa you can release your grip now,” said Diane laughing as tears started trickling down Dan’s face.

Lisa released her fingers and saw the trickles of blood on his battered erection and laughed. “Ooh… I should really cut these nails huh?” laughed Lisa as she examined her fingernails causing the other girls to laugh. Lisa stood up and found her seat as Diane gave the girls a round of applause.

“Well done ladies,” said Diane as Dan just lay there in a crumpled mess, blood trickling from his penis and face red from Diane’s wedge heels. Diane removed her wedge from his face but just as quickly jumped up onto his chest, balancing herself.

“All three of you did a great job today…” started Diane as she steadied herself on Dan.

Suddenly Candice raised her hand. “Yes Candice?”

“I feel like I had a disadvantage going first,” moped the perky blonde. “The other girls were more vicious than me but I didn’t know what was expected. Can I go ahead and get another chance?” asked Candice with a sullen face.

“Well… Candice,” explained Diane “luckily there is a part two to this interview, in which you’ll be judged on individual skills. So you’ll be able to make up for it then,” continued Diane with a wink.

Candice nodded in approval as Diane walked over Dan’s chest and between his legs, pushing his erection down towards the ground causing Dan to squirm in pain. After a few seconds Diane stepped off of him. Before Dan could close his legs in defense, Diane slammed her wedge heel into his balls hard, causing Dan to emit a barely audible scream as he once again curled up into a ball clutching his battered groin.

“Now that Dan isn’t going anywhere for a while, let’s take a water break shall we,” said Diane as she rounded the girls up and walked out of the room.

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