Monday, November 5, 2007

Tip Your Delivery Man

By sippy

Hey all, this is my first completed story. I'd love feedback, especially if there are any women who read it. Also, as a note, the story contains drug usage and sex. None of the characters are underage and the work is completely fiction. It's kinda long winded and the busting doesn't happen until the end, if that's all that you're looking to read. I hope you like it.

Delivering pizzas sucks. The shit I go through is hardly worth the 11 cents that I get as a tip from some of you bastards. However, sometimes you just get lucky and have a great night. Last night I made 17 dollars an hour, including tips. Sweet. Tonight was a little different. I was sure I was gonna get laid tonight…

The night had been kinda slow and it was approaching 1 a.m., closing time. I’d made a decent amount of bank, but not much more than average. My last delivery was at 1138 Knox Street. We drivers (as we’re called) liked to refer to that street as Fort Knox because all the houses on it are mansions, yet nobody ever tipped more than three dollars - even on big orders. That money was wrapped up tight.

I pulled my mid-80s T-bird into the long, winding driveway. It was uphill and through a wooded area. After about 1/10th of a mile, the house came into view. The lights were all on, the blinds were closed, and hip-hop music pounded out into the night. I parked my car, grabbed my bag, and headed for the door. I rang the doorbell and waited. (Dammit, answer the door even if you don’t have the money on you. I’d rather you let me know you were looking for the cash rather than leave me standing in the cold wondering if your shitty doorbell works.) The tag on the pizza box said “Ashley - $16.05.” (I’ve always liked that name, Ashley - kind of bitchy, snooty, yet really sexy. I hate guys named it; they ruin the name for me.) I remember thinking that Ashley better answer her door soon; it’s damn cold out and all I wanted to do was to deliver this pizza and go home.

The door finally opened. There stood my perfect woman. She isn’t everyone’s perfect girl, mind you, but she was mine: about 5’3”, light brown hair with blonde highlights done in duel French braids down to about her shoulders, a toned, athletic body, brown almond shaped eyes, a sexy neck, and the world’s cutest nose. She kind of looked like “Sweet Kandie”, this online model I like. Her body wasn’t super-model thin; rather it was more like that of a soccer player. She was toned and curvy with a slight hint of chub, but definitely no cellulite. Her breasts weren’t huge, probably a large B or small C cup, but they were damn perky. I could see her cleavage as she was wearing a tight pink cotton tank top. Nice. Her tits were great, but her best feature was definitely her ass. There was a hallway mirror behind her that reflected it nicely. She was wearing Mudd jeans. Shit, those are hot. They made her ass look like it was resting on a shelf or something…but it wasn’t! It was just hovering there, in the air, for me to stare at. She looked to be about 20, though she was holding a beer. I snapped back to reality and quickly tried my “get-a-big-tip” line which basically consisted of kissing the customer’s ass and hoping that the person matches the name on the box.

“A… (her eyes flickered and I knew it was a match)…shley. Here are your pizzas. It’ll be $16.05,” I charmed out as best I could. My mind was racing to find something to say that wouldn’t make me sound creepy. “Oh, is this ‘Jedi Mind Trick’? It’s a sick beat,” I said, referring to the music. (Yeah, that’ll work. Chicks love it when guys know about indie music.)

“I love it. Great to dance to.” She flashed a smile and began digging through her purse. My eyes wandered over her body and I noticed her shoes. She had incredibly small, cute feet. Tennis shoes. I love em.

“Oh, no!” she exclaimed. “Danielle, Julia, do you guys have five dollars?” she called out and a melodious “no” quickly chimed back. She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes. Fuck it, it was closing time anyway and I just wanted to go to sleep. She’d never want a pizza guy anyway.

“Well, you seem like a nice girl, and I’d hate for your party to end badly because of me. I’ll just tell my boss I was late getting here and I had to give you a discount to make up for it.”

“Awww, you’d do that for me?” she asked.

I replied, “Sure, no problem. This is my last delivery of the night anyway.”

“Really? So you’re done now?”

“Not quite. I’ve got to go back and cash out. I’ll be done in half an hour.”

“You should come back over and hang out with us. The three of us are kinda bored.”

“I’ll definitely come back. Well, as long as your friends are cool with it.” (I didn’t want to seem too eager. Plus, I was being a nice guy and giving her that “out “should she suddenly have changed her mind.)

“Danielle and Julia? They’re a smash, they’ll love you...” She looked down and finished her sentence. “…you’re such a cutie.” I totally blushed but hoped she didn’t notice. I am kinda cute, but that’s about it. I’m rather short, only 5’8” and I’d describe my build as solid. I’ve got broad shoulders and great upper body strength. I played soccer for most of my life, but had to stop when I hurt myself in college. I’m 22 now and I try to keep in shape, but it’s a lot harder when you aren’t in organized sports. I get a lot of my tension out by kiteboarding (Google it) nowadays, but I’m still not that good. It’s an incredible rush (kiteboarding, that is - almost unmatched ;-). I totally digress; anyway, I’m about 175-180 lbs. Like I said, solid. I’ve got a bit of a beer belly, making my waist a 34. I’ve got good abs underneath, but it’s hard to keep the fat off when you work at a pizza place. I’ve had hot girlfriends, but I’ve also done my share of the not-so-goods. Cum what may, I guess. Also, not that you really care, but I’m a very smart individual. I just graduated from a small New England college and I’m ready to get a real job. Feel free to offer me one.)

“I couldn’t say no to you even if I wanted to.” As I finished my cornball line, I caught the distinct odor of pot in the air. Yay! She’s hot, and she’s experimental. She smelled it too and tried to hide her embarrassment. As smooth as possible I indirectly addressed the issue, “Hey, want me to bring anything over to kick off the party later?”

Her face lit up. “We’re all set here, thanks. It might be snowing when you get back, though.” Snow is slang for coke in this city. Damn, this could be a fun night.

“I’ll be back in a bit,” I managed. I was already imagining how great this night was going to be. (I was right, kinda).

“Oh, don’t take off your uniform, by the way,” she giggled at me. “It’s sexy.” Khaki cargo pants and a blue polo sexy? Girls are crazy. I said goodbye and raced to my car, excited about coming back…

I race through my checkout and head out of the store. I hate pizza places. I quickly check my reflection in the glass door. Damn, my hat is still on. Phew, the hat hair looks stylish, not geeky. I’m not a super sexy person, nor even an ultra confident person for that matter. I’m pretty much an above average guy with some good luck and a great touch. My hair is really fine and I don’t use much gel, if any. Girls love to run their fingers through it. I’ve got a tattoo on my back. Very original and very sexy, if I do say so myself. I’ve got good skin and soft hands (hey, I went to college- no rough hands for me) that I know how to use. I “accidentally” read Cosmo and listened to late-night sex radio when I was in middle school and must have picked up a few things. I can tell right away whether a girl favors her clit or her g-spot and I’ve gotten more than one girl off by spending 90% of my attention on areas other than her pussy. I spent some time in my childhood learning some tongue tricks, not knowing how valuable they’d end up being. Like many people, I can touch my tongue to my nose. But, I’ve also found that I can stick my tongue out and rotate it 360 degrees in either direction. The secret is to flip it over in one direction (180 degrees) to start out, pause, flip it back to normal, and then flip it the other way the last 180 degrees. The effect is a smooth 360 degree spin that will make almost any girl lose it. I love going down on girls, they get off hardcore. Shit, I’ve been thinking about me for a long time now without paying attention- I just pulled up her driveway. I get out of the car and go to the door. Knock, or just go right in? I knock; don’t want to walk in on her grandmother just home from the hospital or something.

Ashley answers the door, her two friends standing behind her. “Hey, baby. Bring us any pizza?” they chuckle.

“Yeah, I got a large sausage right here.” (Too much? They laugh. It’s all good.)

“Come on in” says Ashley. “This is Danielle and this is Julia.”

Danielle and Julia are exact matches for Karen and Amy (if you found Kandie, you should be able to find those two), though I can’t tell which one is which. I don’t bother asking. Oh fuck! All three are wearing navy blue cotton boy shorts. Think Hooters, but not orange. Each girl is wearing a different colored, tight fitting t-shirt that appears to be see-through. All of the girls’ midriffs are showing. Flat and sexy with some good curves. They all have their belly buttons pierced. Ashley’s is barbell is pink, as is her top. Danielle’s color is light blue, and Julia’s is white. I hope I can remember that. My ogling is interrupted.

“Hey, you never told us your name, deliver guy,” complains Danielle. “You gotta tell us your full name. In case we need to call the cops, ya know.” She winks.

“Tobin Michael Williams,” I answer. Crap, I totally should have made something up.

“Tobin (Toe-bin)?” they giggle. “Aww, TOBY!! Like a wittle puppy dog. Are you gonna be our little puppy-wuppy tonight?” teases Ash. Yeah, I called her Ash. You shut up and like it.

I’m probably just perverted, but there’s something sexy about baby talk. I started to (started to?!?!) get turned on. “Maybe...”

“HEY! Let’s do some B.R.s and get hiiiiiigh!” Julia suddenly squeaks. That was the first thing she’d said all night. I love this girl.

We make our way into the other room. The music is still playing, much louder than I had first thought. The sound is muffled well in this house. Julia pulls out a decently sized glass pipe. It’s very colorful, but it has a very phallic shape. The bowl for the burning pot attaches to a six inch glass tube that ends in a widened, rounded tip. Man, I don’t really want to smoke out of a cock, I think to myself.

“Does that thing come with batteries?” I joke.

“Don’t need ‘em,” replies Julia with a smile and a nod. We pass the pipe, taking hits. If you’re anti-pot, you’ve been brainwashed by the government. It’s not that bad. Well, it’s bad, but only about as bad as alcohol or caffeine. You just get relaxed, happy, dumb, hungry, and horny. Not in that order. Like all drugs (including alcohol) though, it could fuck up your life, so don’t use it if you aren’t responsible. Especially don’t use it if you’re under 18 or pregnant. Seriously. Hehehehehe. Anyway, we’re all getting high and having a good time, talking about where we’re all from and what we like to do. Not that interesting of a chat, really. Ashley smiles to herself.

“What?” I ask.

“I was just wondering how you liked smoking the dick?” she taunts.

“Well, you can smoke mine and we can compare experiences,” I dare. The girls shoot each other glances and look to be actually considering the idea. Heaven!

“Mmm, maybe,” thinks Ashley out loud. “But you know what would be really fun? Some yipper!!!”

Seatbacks and tray tables in there full and upright position. Wooooo. A small baggie seems to materialize out of nowhere and within moments were all rushing on Bolivian marching powder. Its good stuff, my face is numb. Ashley leans over to me and kisses me suddenly and forcefully. I can feel her pierced tongue in my mouth.

“We want to see your cock,” she whispers. I’m too in the zone to refuse and before I realize it, my pants are off and I’m sitting on the couch in my boxers. The coke has killed any erection I might have had for the moment and I begin to worry they might not understand.

“I love how a guy’s dick shrinks when he does this stuff,” comments Danielle.

Ashley and Julia nod in agreement. “It isn’t scary looking at all then.” I’m a little bothered that they think manhood is scary looking. But whatever, there’s no time to protest as my boxers are ripped off. They were right, I have shrunk a little. Hey, some guys are showers and some guys are growers.

“Ooo, look!” squeals Ashley. “He isn’t cut! It looks better the other way, but this way is so much more fun!!” Three separate hands strike out and grab my cock, playing with me.

My foreskin is pulled back and Julie puts some of the white powder on it. “You’ll love this,” she smirks.

I start to get wood, though it tingles a little. I check out Ashley’s crotch. I can tell she’s getting turned on too. I bet they all are. I reach for Danielle’s thigh and gently caress it.

“What would you do to have sex with all three of us right now, Toby?” Danielle suddenly asks.

“Anything you want,” I answer, knowing that my skills are well practiced.

“Even let us kick you in your balls?”

“What! Why would you want to do that? Let’s just keep doing this instead.” I think back to getting hit in the nuts with a soccer ball. It didn’t hurt a whole lot, but it certainly wasn’t a fun experience.

“C’mon, baby.” They each lift up their shirts, exposing their perky breasts and stiff nipples. How can I say no to that? I hesitate, I’d rather just get a blowjob, ya know? Ashley sees me not buying it and pounces. Her little hand wraps around my sac and I feel a sharp pain. I try to pry her loose, but her crushing grip is too tight. I quickly submit.

“We share with you and this is how you fucking repay us? We only wanted a little kick, but now you’re really gonna get it. You didn’t seriously think we invited you over just to hang out? Fucking idiot pizza guy.” Ashley smashes her fist into my balls and I jump and let out a small grunt. It wasn’t a perfect hit, but I can feel the pain building. Shit, what did I get into?

Danielle and Julia each grab an ankle and I’m quickly lying on my back on the floor, with my legs spread in the air. Ashley stands at my crotch, her foot hovering above it, still wearing the tennis shoes.

“Beg me not to stomp on your balls,” she commands. Again, I hesitate. Dumb me; she wouldn’t really do that to me, right? Wrong. Her foot stomps down, battering my balls into my pelvis. She raises it again and stomps on my still stiff dick, trapping it against my body. It hurts badly and I yelp in pain.

“Please, stop,” I beg.

“Ask me ‘please don’t hurt my weak little balls again’,” she orders. This time I don’t hesitate. It sounds pathetic, but I don’t care as long as she stops.

“Ok, I’ll stop,” she says. She moves and grabs my ankle away from Danielle.

Danielle moves towards my head and whispers to me. I can barely hear what she’s saying, as my balls are in great pain. “I want you to scream,” she whispers. With that she spins, facing my groin, and squats over my face. I can feel the wetness of her cunt through her shorts. She adjusts herself, putting pressure on my face. I can feel her soaked lips on mine. She grabs my dick head and pulls, stretching it towards her as far as she can. I can’t see what’s happening, I can only feel. Suddenly, she balls her fist and slams it down into my unprotected sack. I scream, but her vagina on my face absorbs everything. She shudders in ecstasy as I convulse in pain. She pounds my nuts again and I feel panic as I can’t get a breath. The more I struggle, the harder she squeezes my dick. She punches again. Danielle is erupting in orgasm and my face is soon soaked by her pussy juice. She finishes coming and rises off me.

Julia reaches down and gently grabs my balls. “I’m gonna hurt you so bad. Stupid boy and your stupid balls. Look at how weak they’ve made you.” Julia puts her other hand down her pants as she rolls my balls around. She grins. “Poor widdle ballsies. Poor widdle puppy doggie. Should pwetty Julie make them feel bedder?” With that, she squeezes my left nut between her thumb and finger. It hurts so much that I worry about her popping it. I’m sobbing and begging her to stop. She only teases me further, flicking my nuts with her fingers. She suddenly lets go and stands up near my still fully exposed crotch.

“Punch yourself!” she barks. I fail to react and she kicks my dick, sending it bouncing wildly. “Punch yourself or I’m gonna circumcise you with my teeth.” Full of fear, I ball up my fist and swing blindly at my balls. I can feel exactly where they are, they still really fucking hurt. My fist connects and I grunt in pain.

“Again!” she yells. I connect again, unsure whether I’m more hurt or embarrassed. All of the girls let go and I’m free to roll around on the ground, clutching myself. They laugh wildly, mocking me and grabbing their own groins, pretending to have balls. I sob quietly into the carpet.

“I love hitting your balls… but I think I want to start fresh. You’re gonna luck out, at least for a little while,” coos Ashley. She moves down and roughly grabs my balls. I close my eyes, expecting the worse. Surprisingly, she doesn’t squeeze me or kick me. Instead, I feel her warm mouth encircle my dick. She deftly works me towards climax. As I begin to cum, she pulls away from my dick and punches viciously at my balls. I orgasm wildly, spraying cum everywhere. I finish my pleasure/pain squirming and look up at her.

“You’re gonna pay for making that mess…”