Thursday, November 8, 2007

True Story from a session

By speedycj1

Hey Everyone,

I haven't posted a story here in years (probably a good five or more) so I thought I would pass along a true story I had gone through a few months ago and make some more contributions to this board!

For those who need a visual to help make the story more vivid a picture of the mistress I had the session with is at

For time purposes I won't list every detail of the session...just enough to give a synopsis.

I had never had my own session before...I have gotten busted numerous times by some of the best mistresses in the industry over the past seven years working in videos for But I never knew what a session was like behind close doors without the cameras running. I decided to give it a whirl.

I found Mistress Monika on and emailed her about a session. She's an independent mistress here in NYC. She is definitely extremely attractive (see the attached) and even more so in person.

She was wearing a black corset top with a short black skirt, black stockings and tall knee high stiletto boots about three inch heels.

We started with no warm-up. She told me to strip down naked. She also asked me if I ever been restrained before (which I had not). I knew I was in trouble right there. She bound me hands in the hanging restraint and told me to spread my legs. She started by seducing me with her legs and stockings which gave me an instant erection. She then kicked me lightly in the balls a few times. Not knowing how much I can take and trying to feel me out, she increased her kicks harder each time until I gave a loud grunt.

Satisfied with my reaction she asked me if I could take 50 straight punches to the balls. I had taken some punches to my nude balls before and once got hit with a device that had a hollow blue ball on the end and made me feel like my nuts were gonna explode. So I agreed saying I hope so. She started with some light punches to my nuts, switching between left and right. After ten punches she made me count. She would alternate between left and right, hard and medium. I was struggling to stand up straight as her onslaught was furious. She concentrated right on my balls, with no concern about anything else. Her 48th, 49th and 50th punches were full force and I saw some sweat breaking out on her brow. Obviously enjoying herself, she kept punching and telling me to keep up the count. Thankfully she stopped at 75.

She left the room to take a cigarette break and let me cool down. When she came back she undid my restraints and had me lay on the floor. She did some trampling on my body and groin. Then she stepped back and started kicking my balls with her boots. She took one shoe off to alternate between stocking foot and boot. She was alternating between hard and soft. Unfortunately her soft kicks were fueling an incredible erection. She mixed in some trampling and more kicking while I struggled not to explode. Only fifteen minutes or so had passed in my hour session and I didn't want to have it end early. She stepped down on my erection and pushed it to the floor, which started my convulsions. Then she reared back and kicked me with her stocking feet and the inevitable happened as kept kicking me: I came all over the floor. And myself. She was startled and I was real embarrassed about it. Not that I didn't think she knew what she was doing, but I would assumed she would have liked to build up to that moment more.

After allowing me to clean up the floor and myself, she asked if I wanted to continue. With thirty minutes still to go I didn't want to seem like a failure so I agreed to continue. She reharnessed me and proceeded to pummel my balls with her fists. This time she had me count to 100. I struggled to count out loud as she was punching a lot harder than before. After my 100, plus one extra hard 101st she went to put on red stiletto heels. She had me sit before her where she was seated and worship her feet and legs for a while. She kicked me a few times with the sole of her shoe which hurt like hell considering my balls were on fire from her punches. Before I knew it my time was up, in which she made me promise I’d come back to see her again.

I have a few stories I wrote up (non true) that hopefully I’ll be able to share soon. Hope you enjoyed,


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