Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vegas Nightclub

By tall_pete

I recently realized I haven't written a story in a very long time. I sort of have a long one in the works, but it takes too long. I never have that much time to sit down and write. Mostly because it takes me so damn long… Anyway, here is another example of what should have happened in a situation if it were a perfect world. As always, feedback is welcomed.

First the real story.

I was in Vegas for a convention, Comdex. So the place was packed with computer geeks and marketing dweebs. A fellow dweeb knew Vegas pretty well so he suggested that we go to a certain club where he said there were always hot chicks. So he, a reasonably cute girl who worked with us and I went to the club around 11. Sure enough it was packed with dweebs and geeks. There were a few hot women there, but the ratio must have been four guys to every girl. I'm also not a big club guy. The night would have been a total waste if it weren't for these two girls. They were hot as hell and were putting on a show. They were dressed in their fuck-me out fits. Boots, mini skirts, tight tops with push up bras. It was beautiful. What truly made it special is that they were all over each other. They were grinding against each other, grabbing each other, kissing, going all out. They clearly loved the attention they got. Who knows if they were really together or just loved to put on a show. Then again, who cares? So, I grabbed a beer, got a first row spot and watched. I didn't try to pretend I wasn't staring. I didn't expect to get anywhere. It just seemed to be more fun than anything else going on. Nothing much happened. The girl with us gave me a hard time, my buddy thought it was pretty funny, and a guy with them would glare at me and flex his muscles.

But this is what should have happened. I'll start when I see the girls, mostly because I'm too lazy to write the background part again….

Pete was beginning to have second thoughts about coming to the club. There were way too many guys, and too many of them clearly were unused to being physically detached from a computer screen, let alone in a club. Kathy, his counterpart from Portland was pretty cute. She was about 5'4" oriental with a tight body, cute face and perky little breasts. She was even flirtatious but he didn't want to work that angle to hard.

That's when he saw the pair of vixens putting on their own private show. They were both dressed to kill and hot as hell. One had long silky black hair to her shoulders and must have been six foot with her heels. She was wearing calf high black boots, a slinky silver short skirt and a tight black body suit with sequence. The body suit hugged and perfectly outlined her firm breasts as they moved enticingly underneath the thin cloth. In case her body didn't fully communicate the message her face screamed sex. He lips were pouty and always seemed to be parted just enough to suggest more. Her expression captured he spoiled petulance that only young girls enthralled with their own power over men can possess. Pete immediately dubbed her the goddess. Her counterpart's similarity ended with the ability to stop men in their tracks. She was 5'2”, had short blond hair and breasts that seemed far too large for the tight halter top she was wearing. Pete was convinced or at least very hopeful that they would soon burst free. She had on an incredibly short skirt and long pointy black shoes. While goddess' face screamed unobtainable ecstasy, the blonde's emanated pure mischief.

Pete would have been happy to sit and watch these two debate ancient Greek nomenclature. But there was no debating going on. You would have to call it dancing, but it was so much more. Grinding, yes, but that doesn't do it justice. Pete had never seen a sex show to compare to the erotic choreography taking place in front of him. The movements did not portray passion for each other. Rather, they emphasized the eroticism of each. The blonde's caress of the goddess' breasts merely accentuated their perfections. When the goddess gracefully spun blond around and grabbed her breasts from behind it only made them seem that much more likely to burst from their bounds. When her hands then worked down her body to caress the inside of the blonde's thighs it made it clear exactly how close her hands were to the blonde's gyrating pelvic bone. Pete wanted to put his head on the floor to see if maybe that would give him the angle to see what color her panties were. That was before the goddess' hands did move up to caress the blonde's vagina, removing the necessity of guessing. In the light it was hard to determine the whether they were an electric light blue or silver. There was no doubt that the tall girls hand was pressing them up and in.

Pete lost track of each of the moves. He didn't try to pretend he wasn't staring. He just stood and stared in appreciation. Kathy elbowed him and made some comment about how they should sell tickets or something along that line. Pete didn't pay much attention. He figured they were intentionally putting on a show, why pretend not to watch. Well, evidently blatantly watching was not allowed. The blonde shot Pete a number of dirty looks, but that really just turned him on more. After a few minutes, she strutted towards him, shoved him in the chest and told him to get lost or he would get hurt.

Pete just grinned and said, "Aww come on, now you're just teasing me."

The blonde gave him a strange look, then a big mischievous grin before she turned to rejoin her partner. She added "Remember, you've been warned" over her shoulder.

At the end of that song, the six foot goddess took two steps toward Pete. She eyed him up and down, locking on his crotch momentarily before capturing his gaze with hers. She seemed to be amused. Pete wondered if she could tell that he was aroused. He didn't care; he just loved looking deep into her eyes as she sauntered towards him. That's probably why he didn't really see it coming. The goddess' right leg flew forward, accelerating rapidly. As her upper leg approached being parallel with the floor, the lower leg began it own amazing acceleration.

This was no uncoordinated kick. This was a well practiced fluid motion. The very front of her shoe slammed directly into his balls. Pete felt like the world exploded around him. A bolt of electricity shot through his body. He wasn't aware of pain at first. He body just doubled over and his knees began to buckle. Some part of his mind screamed "Don't go down." He felt the top of his head bump against something soft. He smelled something sweet, enticing and sensual. He also felt hands firmly grasp his shoulders. They weren't lifting him, just holding him there. Pete didn't have a spare brain cell to wonder why. The first waves of pain were beginning to wash over his body when his world exploded again. Somehow this time was even worse. Pete didn't know it, but the blonde had circled around him while the goddess held him. When in position, she slammed her pointy shoes directly into his balls from behind. Pete also didn't remember falling to the ground. He just found himself on his knees, his body curled into a tight ball and his head resting on the goddess' boots. He could hear laughter and cat calls above him, but it was like it was in a different world.

Pete struggled to handle the pain that seemed to be ricocheting through his body and get a better grasp of his surroundings. After a seeming eternity, although it was probably only a few moments, he felt his head was being pulled up by his hair. He neither resisted nor helped, but soon found himself on his knees, sitting on his feet, his knees parted for balance. He wasn't actually supporting any of his own weight. He felt like this goddess before him could easily throw him forward, back or to one side with a flick of her wrist as she continued to hold his head by his hair. He looked slowly up her body. Up past her long, toned legs, beyond the silver skirt hat hugged the curves of her hips, over her perfectly flat stomach, between her rounded breasts on her heaving chest, pausing briefly on the pouty, smiling laugh, before looking deep into her eyes. Some part of Pete knew she was going to kick him again. Perhaps it was the same part that wanted nothing more in the world at that moment than for her to do so. A much larger part of him desperately just wanted her to let him go and to end the torture, but the minority seemed to somehow communicate itself in his eyes. She gave an odd, sweet smile, before she delivered the last devastating kick. His balls were trapped between the stretched cloth of his pants and his pelvic bone. In retrospect, it was probably the weakest of the three kicks by far. The girl did have pity after all. But at the moment it did not matter. His body was already drained and the balls could not escape the blow. Pete's body convulsed and he curled up on the floor in a fetal position.

He was dimly aware of the two shapes gyrating above him and the legs stepping over and around him as they continued their dance. An especially horny part of his brain pointed out that it didn't think the goddess was wearing panties and all he had to do was look up to find out. Pete didn't move. He had never been in so much pain in his life. He realized that he was probably an even bigger attraction than the two nymphs above him, but he didn't care. It was oddly peaceful.

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