Friday, November 9, 2007

Very silly story I wrote a LONG time ago

By Stu Schwartz

Here's an embarrassingly bad story I wrote as a frustrated college freshman. It's silly, but I thought it was fun when I found it so I figured I should share it. Yes, it's dumb...

“Fuck,” she said. “These boots are killing me.” They'd been walking for at least an hour from the Halloween party. Cindy knew she shouldn't have borrowed her roommate's boots. The shitties were going to be way too tight, and there was no way Cindy would be able to walk in them comfortably. The hot October night and worn stockings didn't help matters, either. It was worth it, though. Cindy looked sexy as hell and knew Tom was getting excited. She could see the little bulge in his pants as he walked beside her. ‘Hee, hee,’ she thought. ‘I'm going to tease the shit out of the bastard.’

After what must've been at least a two-hour walk, Cindy and Tom finally made it back to her dorm. She ran up the stairs ahead of Tom and by the time Tom made it to the third floor, she was already opening her door. They walked through Kate's room and into Cindy's. The first thing Cindy did was plop onto her bed. Tom took the floor, resting his head on one of the many pillows Cindy had in her ridiculously comfortable display.

“Finally, I get to take these fuckers off,” Cindy said as she unlaced her right boot. She threw the boot off and it landed erect next to Tom. She got the other one off quickly as well and let out a sigh of relief. “Ahhh… relief.”

“Shit, Cindy. That stinks!”

Cindy let out a wild cackle and dangled her feet off of the bed and onto Tom's nose. “Trick or treat, Tom! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!” Her wet, stocking-clad foot pressed firmly onto Tom's defenseless nose.

“Come on, Tom! Be a good sport. Hahaha! Trick or treat smell my feet! Sniff, sniff, Tom! Come on! Take a big whiff!”

Tom obliged. He sniffed as hard as he could, overwhelmed by Cindy's powerful odor. He started sniffing repeatedly, when Cindy pulled away.

“Okay, Tom, that's enough. Now be a pal and give me a good rub.”

He got onto the bed and faced Cindy. She threw her feet between his legs, purposely landing them on his groin gently enough not to cause pain, but firmly enough to warrant a joke at Tom's expense.

“Careful,” Tom said. “Don't want to hurt the merchandise!”

Cindy laughed. She'd seen Tom get kicked in the balls fiercely by her roommate the previous week in a cruel game of Twister. “Yeah, I bet you're still recovering from Kate! That was the best! You crumbled from that little blow!”

“Yeah, yeah, Cindy. Very funny. No damage done, though. I can take a joke. A little kick in the balls keeps a man sane sometimes.” He began rubbing her feet, waiting for her to start to get into it. As soon as Cindy started to feel pleasure, he held onto her left foot tightly by the ankle and started tickling fiercely!

Cindy, of course, laughed and kicked at Tom's stomach with her right foot. “If you do that again, Tom, I'm going to kick you in the nads so hard you won't know what hit you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Tom said. “We'll see about that.” Tom grabbed her left foot again, and tickled her extremely.

“Tom--- I mean it! Stop or I'll kick you in the nuts!”

“Sure,” he said. “Go ahead,” and he spread his legs wide to make the point.

“Are you crazy Tom? I'm gonna hurt, you this time. I really am.” And with that she rested her right foot onto his crotch for emphasis. “See--- I'm poised. Stop right now or I start kicking!”

Tom feigned fright and stopped. Then he started right up again.

“Okay, Tom. You asked for it.”

BAM, Kate shoved the sole of her foot into Tom's crotch. He did not stop, though. ‘Must've missed,’ she thought. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Kate started kicking away at his nuts.

Tom doubled over in pain. Laughing, Kate pinned him down and stood above him. “Sniff, sniff, Tom! How do your little balls feel, Tom? Sore? Hahaha! I can't wait to tell Kate about this. Smell my feet, geek! Smell 'em smell 'em smell 'em!!! Hahaha!” She then pinned his arms down and cocked her leg back, her knee pointing right at Tom's vulnerable balls. “Want more, Tom? Want more?”

Tom said, “I give, I give. Sorry. Jesus--- I didn't realize you were so crazy.”

Cindy calmed down. Although she still had Tom pinned, she started to regain normal breath and started to make sure he was okay. “Hahaha. I'm sorry. I know it's not funny. I haven't kicked a boy in the balls in years. I know it's not a mature thing to do. Shit. I apologize. I'll never do that to you again. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I'll make it. You didn't get me that hard. In fact, I'm already starting to feel almost 100%.”

“Good,” Cindy giggled.

Tom had to giggle too. She had him pinned. Now is when she'd make her move. They'd kiss, they'd play, they'd fuck. It was clear. She had a twinkle in her eye indistinguishable from the last five pre-lay twinkles he'd seen.

“Ready, Tom?” Cindy asked

“Sure am,” Tom replied. “I can't wait.”

She cocked her leg back. “Are you sure? I know you've been wanting this for a long time.”

He readied himself for her kiss.

She stretched her leg back further.

SLAM--- right into Tom's nuts. She got off the bed, and grabbed her friend's boot. “Smell me, Tom. Smell me! Hahaha!”

Again, she looked sympathetic. She stepped back onto the bed. “I'll help you up, Tom. You're okay, right?”

“Yes, but geeeeeez!”

“Give me your hands, Tom!”

Tom removed his hands from his nuts and gave them to his cruel pal. She took them gently, and stroked his thumb. Suddenly, she pressed her right foot down onto his crotch. She didn't drive it in hard, but she held it there with enough pressure to threaten Tom greatly.

“Don't,” Tom pleaded. “This is serious. You could really hurt me that way. Be nice.”

Cindy just laughed. Gently she made a crushing motion with her foot. To and fro, to and fro. She lifted her foot so it was a few feet above his fragile groin. “Three, two, one, hyyyyyyyaaaaaaa!” She stopped just short of crushing him. Then she started teasingly giving him slight jolts. Tap, tap, went her foot on his nuts. Tap, tap. Then a little harder. Suddenly, she gave him a full-fledged stomp. She ran out of the room laughing, leaving Tom to deal with his balls.

About a minute after Cindy left, Tom heard the sound of laughter in the hallway. Shit. Cindy was telling people about this. Fuck. It's gonna be just like when I got kicked in the 7th grade. I'll be the laughing stock, and someone might even try to replay it on me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

The door opened. It was Cindy, Kate and Amanda standing on either side of her. “Heard you had a little bit of trouble, Tom,” Kate said mockingly.

“Uh, yeah. I guess you could say that. I'm alright now, though.”

“How are your balls, Tom? Are they alright?”

All three girls laughed. Kate and Cindy were one thing, but Amanda was quite another. She was cruel as hell, and a self-defense teacher known for groin-intensive sessions. “I kicked Clance in the nuts 84 times this afternoon! Despite the padding, he looked like he was going to cry anyway. What a fag! So Tom, Kate and Cindy asked me to show 'em a few moves. Since you're already a bit raw, I thought you'd be the perfect target. How 'bout it?”

Tom got up and ran for the door, but the three cornered him. “We could torture the hell out of you right now and you know it, assface. Just spread your legs and let me at 'em a few times. It'll be easier on you that way.”

Tom thought hard. He wasn't about to spread his legs for this crazed bitch. He made a run for it. Kate grabbed him by his boxers from behind and pulled upwards. As he went for his hands to free the wedgie, Amanda kneed him as hard as she could. He fell onto the floor, right outside Kate's closet.

They picked him up and took turns giving him wedgies and kicking and kneeing his balls. They weren't even hitting him that hard at this point. Just hard enough to cause pain. After a few dozen blows they left him alone. He sank onto his back, clutching his burning crotch. It felt as though both testicles were swelling and bumping into each other.

Cindy stood over Tom. “Watch this, girls,” she said, and placed her sweaty sole onto Tom's nose. “Trick or treat, fag! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat.” He sniffed in as hard as he could, humiliated but not about to let himself get his nads bashed further.

“Awesome!” said Amanda, as she took off her Tretorns. “Smell 'em and weep, pussy.” Amanda's feet smelled absolutely fierce and she knew it. She laughed hysterically as he cringed and sniffed.

“Give me a turn,” said Kate. Kate, already in stocking clad feet, pressed her blue and white striped sole onto Tom's face. Her feet smelled the worst of all. She loved his reaction of terror. He pulled away. She rested her foot on his balls.

“You know, Tom. I used to kick the boys in the balls all the time as a kid. But you're the only guy I've kicked since I've been 16 or so.” She gently wedged her heel onto his nutsack and slowly turned it side to side, not applying any real pressure. He was scared. Suddenly she dug it in, giving him eight quick twists or so before letting up. She then got up and slammed her heel into his nuts full force.

The three again left him alone in the room, laughing at his misery. He knew what he had to do. He paused for about five minutes. Actually, he did not do this voluntarily. He could not move. It was amazing, but he thought he'd be okay. He got up eventually and ran out of Cindy and Kate's room. He rushed down the stairs and into the main lounge.

Suddenly he saw a harrowing sight.

About 250 women were sitting on the floor, with Amanda standing in front of them explaining some self-defense moves. Everyone was laughing and having a grand old time.

“He's here,” she said. “Stand in front here, Tom.” He tried to run but she kicked him in the nuts before he could get very far. The audience laughed. “Now I want you stand in front here and spread your legs. We've got a lot of kneeing to do.” The class lined up and took turns kneeing Tom in the nuts. Each person seemed to feel the need to say something cruel to him as they took their shot. Tom was horrified to see so many familiar faces enjoying his pain. His ex-girlfriend Nicole got to her turn and just sort of paused in front of him.

“Tom, you don't really think I'd knee you in the nuts, do you?” she said sweetly.

“Please don't, Nicole. I really don't deserve this.”

“I know, dearie. I know. It is kinda funny, though, watching you get kneed in the balls repeatedly. I'm over you now, but when we first broke up, I would have loved to knee you in your precious sack. Come on, Tom. Spread 'em wide for me. You owe me at least this. I promise I won't knee you too hard.”

“You're crazy Nicole. Absolutely crazy. Please have some mercy on me. I never meant to hurt you.”

Nicole started to chuckle. She drew her leg back and swung her knee into Tom's right leg. “Haha! You didn't really think I'd knee you, did you? Tom--- I'm more mature than that.” With that Nicole started to walk away. The next girl got in line and kneed Tom squarely in the nads. He was almost relieved that it wasn't Nicole. Suddenly, he felt a huge blow to his nads from behind. He looked down, and Nicole's shoe was firmly planted into his nuts.

“You bitch! You fucking cunt!” he screamed.

Five more girls kneed him in quick succession. He fell to the ground.

Nicole stood over him laughing. “You sonofabitch!” she said. She placed her foot down onto his crotch. She applied a little pressure. Then a little more. She was laughing madly now. She released her foot and walked away.

“Loser,” was all she could muster as a bye-bye.

As the girls exited they made tons of jokes at Tom's expense. Some even took cheap shots at his crumpled body. After everyone left and Amanda kicked Tom a dozen or so more times (the bitch could not resist), Tom was left alone in the room with Cindy.

“Cindy?” Tom said meekly. “Can I spend the night?”

“Sure,” Cindy said, without the slightest bit of mockery. She helped Tom up and walked him to her room. Kate chuckled at the sight of him, and ran to give him some more punishment. But Cindy shooed her away. They closed Cindy's door, and Tom took off his clothes. Cindy took hers off as well, and they crawled into her bed.

“Are you okay, Tom?” she asked. “I know I got a little carried away, but I just can't help it. I love kicking guys in the crotch. I hope we can still be friends.”

“Cindy---,” Tom said. “I really, really like you. Will you knee me in the nuts if I try to kiss you?” he asked.

“Only if you want me to,” she perceptively replied. “Only if you want me to.”

“Not tonight,” he said. “We'll talk in the morning.” Tom kissed Cindy like a schoolboy. The two embraced. They looked into each other's eyes and began laughing.

“You rock, Cindy,” Tom said.

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