Tuesday, November 20, 2007


by Tumor

About a year ago Vicky, who had been our housekeeper for four years, quit. I think this story holds the reason why.

Vicky is now 30 years old and I heard she recently got married and pregnant. I saw her at the mall last week and she hasn't changed since the time she worked for us: quite short, firm in the right places, tanned. She's terribly saucy, but however always wearing tons of make-up, very short skirts and sexy shoes. Hot like the sun, but not as bright.

As I was having breakfast one day - alone, my wife has picked up the habit of skipping this meal and staying in bed a while longer on Sundays - I devised a little experiment.

Having knocked over a small vase of flowers which stood in the centre of the cloth, I punched the CALL button on the intercom and slipped under the table. Two minutes later Vicky entered and, seeing the room empty, imagined that I had withdrawn to the study or was outside. As I had expected, she approached and leaned over the table to replace the cloth and refill the vase.

I immediately started growing hard at the great view of her pretty petite bare feet, in marine blue plastic thongs and with baby blue painted toes. I grabbed the lump in my pants and started kneading it.

Vicky walked away to refill the vase and when she got back, protruding my head, I kissed her right foot.

"Sir?" she said, backing up a step. I grabbed her right leg and started rubbing her foot against my erection, getting off on her leg - like I saw a dog do to some kid once - kind of raping her foot...

The experiment was successful beyond belief. For some moments she stood paralyzed, staring down at my head, watching me thrust against her foot. Then, with a shriek, she tore herself free, made a fist with her toes and kicked me in the groin. She rushed from the room, leaving her right thong in my hands. I got up, drunk, and pursued her with some thoughts of an explanation, but she flew down the drive, and some seconds later she was out of sight.

She had kicked me, hard - I believe she has a brown belt in karate and owns a Stairmaster - but a little too high. Somewhat disappointed she didn't get me in the balls, I went back inside. I took out my hard penis and penetrated the thong where her big toe was just minutes ago. I shoved it through that hole a couple of times and then got it out. Placing my fingers it the spaces her toes use, wearing the thong on my hand, I made a fist and hit myself in the balls with it, pretending Vicky was kicking me. My knees grew weak a moment and I went down.

It didn't take much after that: once, twice more through the thong and strings of pearls started shooting out and falling on the kitchen-floor and spoiling the front of my pants. Climaxing, I crushed my spasming penis with her thong and pretended Vicky was in it. I still have that shoe, but bought a new pair about a month after the experiment. I hadn't been kicked in the groin since I was about 12 years old, but this thing with Vicky made I now go to this "massage service" once a month where I have one of the girls wearing the new pair of thongs and alternately giving me a footjob and kicking me in the balls.

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