Thursday, November 1, 2007

What Happened in that House

by sag

In a big house out of town a beautiful 35-year-old woman named Linda was sitting and watching TV. She wasn’t feeling good that night. She felt cold. She went upstairs and grabbed a skintight and pantyhose. Then she sat down to watch a film, an action film. She saw how the actress in the film defended herself by kicking and punching her opponent balls. She suddenly felt she liked the idea of hitting a man in the balls.

Suddenly she heard a break in. That was the window of the back door. She ran upstairs to hide in her room and called the cops. But it was too late; a young man about 19 years old with a muscular body grabbed her from behind. He held her mouth so she couldn’t scream. Then he dragged her in her room, put her on the bed and tried to reach her tights, but she grabbed his hands and delivered a high knee into his balls. It sounded bad. He screamed in pain. He never expected that to happen. Soon the pain was all over his body, especially his balls that he was holding in his hands.

Linda, who now was up, hurried to the phone, found out it wasn’t working, tried to reach outside. After ten minutes the ball busted young man whose balls were still sore went to find her. He was feeling too angry that a woman bitted him up by hitting his manhood and hurting him by his sex.

Finally Linda was out of the house but it was a long way to the town and it was cold out there. She decided to get back in the house and fight back. The intruder was searching the house not for the money but to get revenge by raping her. His cock was aroused badly. Finally he reached the basement; he took a good look around and looked into a mirror. He saw her behind of him, but it was too late.

She kicked him hard in the balls from behind; her foot with her pantyhose hit his aroused cock and balls. He jumped in the air in pain and clutched his aching balls with his hands; his knees were shaking and were getting close to each other. She then forced his hands to release holding his balls and then she kneed him hard in the balls again and again. His was screaming loudly. She stopped and hit under his balls with an open palm. He held his breath in pain and then he shouted again loudly because she was squeezing his balls hard. She kept squeezing for 12 minutes. Then she released him to fall to the ground. She held his legs up and open and then she stomped hard on his balls with her sexy foot in pantyhose.

After three hard ones she sensed his dick is getting bigger, she got so angry she said, “You bastard - having an erection! I will show you who will have erection after this.” Then she kept his legs in the same position and landed on his cock and balls with her knee with all her weight. He held his breath again but he blacked out for a moment.

She grabbed his cock and twisted he came back because of pain and started to beg her. “Please lady stop! You win! I will surrender!” he said, his eyes full of tears.

She looked at his face; he was just a boy crying in pain. “Do you accept that women are superior to men and men are just pigs who don’t know their limits?” she said while twisting his erected dick.

“Yes, yes… lady, please don’t call the cops,” he said in a crying voice.

She said, “Of course not, you will stay with me here for a couple of days we will see how your behavior going to change.”

“Please don’t destroy my balls I will do anything.”

Suddenly she felt she like helping him “Don’t worry. But I need to do one more thing.”

“No, no not the balls, I beg you, it hurts terribly.”

She raised her hand and punched softly in the balls again. He jumped and blacked out.

After five minutes he found himself on her bed with his pants down. In front of him she sat, putting ice on his balls. “I want complete recovery of your balls before I kick them again.”

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