Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Should Have Happened in High School (Part 1-4)

By tall_pete

When I entered adolescence I spent much of my time focused on two fantasies, one pretty mainstream and the other, well, not. The first was to have a hot girl live next door to me. The second, to have a girl bust my balls. To my complete shock I achieved the first in my freshman year of high school and below is how I wished that had transitioned to my second fantasy. For those of you who are curious, the first part of the story is true. The fantasy starts at the words “Why not” And yes, everything interesting happens after “why not,” Ah well…

The summer before my freshman year, my parents got divorced, my older sister went off to college, and my Mom and I moved to a small house in a neighborhood close to school. Two days after we moved in, the neighbors across the street came over to welcome us to the neighborhood. They were a family of four, the mom, one boy three years younger than me and a girl four years younger than me, and Alicia; a cute girl I recognized from the grade below me. I remembered her from the late bus that took kids home after team practice. At the age of 14 Alicia was already filling out to be a beautiful, well built woman, and the smile she gave me, made me squirm uncomfortably trying to hide my rising erection.

Alicia and I hit it off great. We were both athletic and hung out with the popular crowd, but neither of us were the leaders of the crowd. When Alicia entered high school the next year we went into school together in the morning and sometimes came back together after practice for whatever team we where on that season. Alicia played a sport every season, lacrosse, field hockey and volleyball. I played baseball and basketball. In the fall when she had practice and I didn’t, I would make sure that I would be outside playing basketball when she got home at least once per week.

I was pathetic. We flirted all the time, but I didn’t have the nerve to do anything about it. I was friends with lots of girls, and hooked up with a few on rare occasions. But I was generally shy and submissive with girls and could never bring myself to broach the subject with Alicia. She went out with the captain of the baseball team the year ahead of me, and the eventual prom king (and a good friend of mine) in my own year. All the same, the way we were together frequently and how we flirted together, it was a common rumor that we fooled around.

It wasn’t until senior year that I was able to take the relationship to a new level, and what a different level it was. There was a trend that swept through the juniors when I was a senior, where the girls would pluck guys in the balls with their fingers and guys would pluck girls in their tits. I guess it was a way for girls to innocently play around, and even teenage boys without ball-busting fantasies yearn for any attention to their genitals they can get. I, of course, encouraged it whenever I could and Alicia seemed to be a big fan of the game. We had two classes a week together that year, called community TV, where students would make mock TV and radio commercials, news reports, etc. Discipline was minimal as there were lots of little rooms and areas, and only one, or sometimes two adults to supervise.

I was always trying to arrange it so that Alicia and I were alone and that Alicia had easy access to attack my balls. I would make halfhearted attempts to pluck her beautiful breasts just to cause retaliation. The only problem was that I was 18, so a stiff wind could make me hard and Alicia plucking my balls, or even the thought of Alicia plucking my balls, was far more stimulating than a stiff wind. I think Alicia noticed the raising of the flag a few times and gave me amused, curious looks. At one point I had stolen one of her shoes and placed it up on a shelf that she couldn’t reach. She threatened to kick my ass if I didn’t get it. When I made it clear that the idea sounded like fun to me, she gave me a very inquisitive look. Unfortunately the teacher walked in on us before it could be taken any further.

The game came to a climax at one class when Alicia and I were alone in one of the smaller rooms together. I was standing up, putting some equipment up on a shelf, and Alicia was sitting in a chair next to me. As I reached up to put the equipment on the shelf, Alicia said “Don’t move, I’ve got you right where I want you,” I looked down to see Alicia’s finger’s poised to pluck my crotch. She was looking up at me with an amused look on her face.

“You better not do that,” I bluffed as I froze in position.

“Why not?”

“Because, I will get you for it. When you are home alone, I will ambush you and make you scream for mercy.”

Alicia got three hard shots in before I was able to react. I know it sounds silly, but three hard plucks in a row to your balls make them ache. I hammed it up, pretending they made me double up too much to be able to put the equipment I was carrying up on the shelf. This left me unable to defend myself as I held onto it with both hands. She delivered a few more shots and I pretended to be in too much pain to think to do anything with the equipment, leaving me helpless. Don’t get me wrong, my balls were really starting to ache, but I had masturbated to the idea of this very girl beating my balls too many times to end this prematurely. Only when I realized that my quickly rising hard-on must have become pretty obvious, did I ‘think’ to put down the equipment and protect myself.

Alicia grinned at me with devilish delight. She had the strangest look on her face, like she had just confirmed something that she found very amusing. I grabbed myself and vowed revenge “I’m going to make you beg girl.” I limped out of the room, but I couldn’t entirely keep the smile from my face and I knew I must have turned bright red by now. Alicia watched me with a smile, and a look that haunted me for days.

That weekend I was mowing my lawn with my shirt off. I always tried to do this when Alicia was around, since I was pretty proud of my body. After I was done, I went inside, toweled myself off a little and got a big glass of lemonade. As I was finishing the lemonade, I heard my front door open and close. This was strange, because I knew my mom was gone all day. I stepped out of the kitchen to see who it was and saw Alicia standing there in a short pleated skirt and a body suit. She looked great as always.

I gave her an unceremonious ‘Hey’ as I watched her walk towards me, as I held the lemonade carton in one hand and the glass in the other.

“I’ve been waiting for my ambush,” she said as she got close.

I blushed, hated myself for doing it and replied, “when you least suspect it…”

“You take too long” she said with a smile as she reached down and plucked my free-hanging balls through the thin material of my shorts. “Maybe you will be the one begging for mercy.”

“I um, ahh,” I replied intelligently as I backed against the wall looking around to find somewhere to put down the glass and carton. She plucked me again and I could feel my cock rising to attention.

“Where’s your mom?” she asked as she plucked me again.

“She went to see my aunt. (grunt as a finger finds its target.) She won’t be back ‘till tonight (another grunt as she actually smacks me this time with her open hand, making my balls jump.) There is no way she could help but notice my now raging hard-on as her palm hits it. I double-up slightly, but still hold the glass and lemonade. “You’re really asking for it,” I half gasped.

“Yes, I am,” she replies and this time grabs my balls and squeezes.

“Mmmmph,” I gurgle as I double up for real this time. I drop the lemonade and reach for her hand with one hand as I reached down to put the glass down with the other.

Taking advantage of the position, Alicia let go of my balls, grabbed me by the hair and pulled me forward, tripping me with her right foot. I went sprawling on the kitchen floor and felt Alicia jump on top of me. I rolled over and soon found my head scissored between her strong thighs, her tight ass inches from my face. This left her hands free and her head about level with my balls. I was in heaven and decided it was time to up the ante.

I reached up with both hands and lifted her skirt, revealing her firm ass framed in a thong bodysuit and began spanking it. I heard a gasp and felt a punch to my balls. I doubled up and squeezed her ass as hard as I could.

“You’re going to be sorry you did that,” Alicia snapped as I felt her pull the string on my shorts to untie them. I almost came in my pants and raised my hips as she yanked my shorts and boxers over my knees, leaving my raging hard-on to slap against my stomach as it escaped the elastic of the shorts.

Alicia laughed as she saw how turned on I was. “You like this, you kinky little bastard. Don’t you?”

“God yes,” I replied.

“Well you better do exactly as I say or I’m out of here you little pervert,” she said with giggle.

“Your wish is my command,” I leered as I tried to get my face closer to her beautiful ass, only inches away.

Alicia looked back with an evil grin before delivering a vicious over hand smack to the base of my cock and my balls. I tried to double up, instinctively pulling my knees up to my body.

“That isn’t going to work,” Alicia snapped. “I want to smack your balls without your damn knees getting in the way,” Alicia looked over her shoulder at me. “You’ve got a solution, or do I have to leave?” She almost kept up the tough girl act, but couldn’t help giggling and blushing slightly before looking away quickly.

My mind raced. I sure as hell didn’t want her to leave. I didn’t have a bed frame, but I figured it out. “You can tie my legs to the legs of my bed,” I blurted. I immediately turned bright red, embarrassed at my obvious excitement.

She grinned impishly and blushed a deeper color herself before regaining some composure and saying with only a small crack in her voice, “Tie your legs with what my perverted neighbor?”

“I have ties,” I blurted and then laughed at myself.

“Come on.” She smiled as she got up off of me and reached her hand down to pull me up. God she was beautiful.

I followed her into my bedroom, almost falling on my face after I got up with my shorts around my ankles. My ankles were quickly and securely tied to the legs of my bed with me on my back, stark naked on the floor. Alicia stood over me, one foot on each side of my head, and declared, “Now I’m going to have some fun.” She sat down on my chest, with her ass practically brushing against my chin, her legs pinning my arms to the ground. She reached down and squeezed my scrotum with both hands, exploring with her fingers. She grabbed my balls, squeezing them and grinding the together as I groaned in pain. She then leaned forward lifting her ass slightly and moving back so that I could bury my face into the musky crotch of her body suit. I moaned with desire and quickly managed to pull apart the snaps holding the body suit together in the crotch with my teeth. My self-satisfaction of accomplishing this task was soon interrupted with a hard smack to my balls.

My scream was muffled in her moist crotch as she pressed back into me. I kissed, I licked - I was in heaven. Then another blow was delivered to my balls as I moaned in agony. Kiss, lick, moan, lick, scream, lick, kiss, nibble, and then an extended scream from a series of fast blows to my balls. As I tried to induce moans or gasps of pleasure with my tongue and lips, Alicia battered my balls – delivering full force overhead slaps and then series of rapid-fire slaps that made me writhe and scream. I think I spent most of my time screaming or moaning in agony, but the resulting vibrations seemed to have similar effects to the licks, caresses and nibbles.

Long after I thought I couldn’t take anymore there was a long pause. Then I felt Alicia’s tongue work its way down my rock-hard cock to my balls and then back again. My moan switched to pleasure as I increased the rhythm of my own oral worshipping. I felt her tongue spin around the head of my cock then her soft mouth engulf me, then depart, a pause, then a series of hard smacks to my balls had me sobbing again. This pattern repeated. Alicia’s soft mouth had me on the verge of explosion then her vicious smacks had me in agony. In the meantime I licked, kissed, nibbled, caressed and worshipped.

After I a few of these pain/pleasure cycles, I felt like I was going to explode in her mouth when she pulled away and started smacking my balls again. And explode I did. With the first hard smack to my balls I let out a scream of ecstasy and agony and had the most explosive orgasm of my life. I heard Alicia scream out, “Yes!” as she began to grind harder against my face and continued to beat my balls. I tried to participate, but ended up doing little more than sobbing into her now soaked vagina as she ground into my face. She soon climaxed and collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily.

After a few minutes, she slowly pushed herself up and untied my legs before looking down at me with an exhausted smile, and said, “You made a mess.” I saw that I had cum all over her chest and part of her body suit. “I’ll make you pay some other time,” she said with a smile and tapped my balls with her hand. Even though it was a light tap, I groaned and curled up into a fetal position. Alicia laughed and got up to go to the bathroom and clean up. I stayed curled up on the floor, my entire body wracked with pain and exhausted by the experience.

Alicia reappeared and crouched down next to my head, asking me if I was okay. I reached up, kissed her foot and nodded. “Yeah, I will be.”

“Good, because that was fun. I want to play with your balls again. I’m going home to change now my little perv.”

Alicia walked out of the room and out of the house. I stayed on the floor long after the pain had receded to an ache, enjoying the moment.


I couldn’t wait to see Alicia again. It had taken me some time to recover from our first adventure. I had stayed on the floor after she left, my balls aching from the barrage of blows they absorbed and I could still smell Alicia on my lips and face. If I moved, it would really be over and I sure as hell didn’t want that. All the same, I eventually dragged myself from the floor, cleaned myself up and began strategizing about how I could make it all happen again.

The next day, Sunday, I had my opportunity when I saw Alicia walk around to the back of her house. I ran to the door, paused for a deep breath and strolled across the street and around the house to her back yard. Alicia was on her knees getting ready to weed her mom’s garden

“Hey”, I said with a shy smile as I approached.

Alicia looked up and grinned evilly. “Come for another beating, my little perv?” I think I loved her even more for the look of uncertainty and nervousness that she tried to hide from her expression as she spoke.

“Damn straight.” I leered, before ruining my own attempt at toughness with a nervous laugh.

“Are you sore?” she asked, breaking the role.

“No, I thought I would be,” I replied earnestly. “It is amazing how quickly and completely such intense pain can recede. Within a half hour it had receded to a dull ache, and by the time I woke up this morning I didn’t feel a thing.” Alicia looked intrigued and disappointed at this news.

Perhaps it was because Alicia was still on her knees in front of me, possibly it was the clear outline of her beautiful breasts that I could see through the sports top she was wearing, or it could have been just because I was a horny bastard, but I was quickly becoming erect. With Alicia at eye level with my crotch and me in loose athletic shorts, this didn’t stay a secret for long. Alicia smirked up at me, as her confidence in her complete domination of me grew.

“Tell you what, perv,” she purred. “Let’s play a game. If I can punch you in the balls five times and you can stay standing, I’ll suck that hard cock of yours. If you fall, you have to weed the garden for me.”

“You got a deal,” I blurted, without a moment’s hesitation. At this point, I had to adjust myself or my cock would have been fully horizontal. Hell, I might have weeded her garden in return for a few shots at my balls.

I think Alicia noticed my eagerness. “And,” she said loudly before pausing and lowering her voice, “if I am at any time unsatisfied with the job you are doing, I will kick you in the balls. In fact, (she added with a smile) you have to keep your legs apart at all times so that my little footsie has access when I want it.”

I hesitated, and then added, “If I lose…” just to make it sound like I was negotiating.

“Cool,” Alicia chirped, clearly excited.

Without warning, Alicia slid her left hand up the leg of my shorts and boxers and grabbed my balls with her left hand. In moments, she was gripping my sac so that my balls were pressed hard against the skin. There they couldn’t escape her punches. At first I was excited as my princess reached into my shorts, then I was scared, but before I could protest I was in pain. The first punch caught me off guard and made me double over. Alicia was still on her knees, or one knee rather - her left foot planted firmly on the ground between my legs to provide better leverage.

The first blow made me grab onto her shoulders for support as I doubled over. The second shot made me see stars, but I was somehow able to maintain my position. The third made my knees buckle. By the fourth, my hands had slipped from her shoulders and she was supporting most of my weight with her back and shoulders. I guess she could have just let me fall right there and then and won the bet, but what would have been the fun in that. There was a long pause before the fifth punch. I think she was just trying to get the most leverage with me draped over her shoulder. The short respite did little for me. Unfortunately with nut shots, the highest level of pain is actually a few seconds after the blow and I was still building to the crescendo when the fifth blow arrived.

I don’t know if I fell off her shoulder or she dropped me, but I was face down on the ground, cupping my balls with my hands and groaning in pain. Alicia bent down, momentarily concerned even with the big grin on her face. “Are you okay?” she whispered.

I nodded, rubbing my face against the grass, and mumbled, “Yeah, give me a sec.”

“Only a second slave boy, you’ve got a lot of weeding to do, and I want it perfect.” Alicia got up and walked away.

After a few minutes the throbbing pain had receded to a dull ache, and I got up on my hands and knees and crawled to the garden. I hate to garden. It seemed like I was sweating, dirty and itching from touching the plants within moments. I was working pretty hard, trying to get it done as quickly as possible. I had gotten around about two thirds of the garden and was on my hands and knees, leaning over a log that was placed decoratively next to the garden when I heard a noise behind me. I never got a chance to look around before I felt an explosion as foot connected with my dangling balls.

I fell forward, with my face pressing into the dirt and my stomach on the log. I wasn’t able to look up, let alone protect myself before the next kick connected, and then the next and the next and the next. I was convulsing in the dirt and begging, “Please. No. No.”

The only saving grace was that the rapid kicks were not well-aimed or full-force. The first one connected dead-on and was unlike anything I had experienced. My balls were already a little tender from the punches earlier and I immediately dry heaved, as my body writhed in the dirt. With waves of pain still building to unbearable levels the following-ups were too much for me to take, even though the rapid follow-ups were full power and they didn’t connect as squarely as the first. Each raised the shots of pain through my body to new, unbearable thresholds.

I heard an angry yell that sounded like Alicia and an answer from a younger girl’s voice. Before my brain could even begin to process the information, a last, perfectly aimed kick was delivered. I dry heaved again in the dirt and let out a cry, pleading in pure gibberish. Through the haze, I heard the sound of a hard slap behind me, and the cry of a young girl. Then Alicia was kneeling next to me clearly, angry and concerned.

I later found out that Alicia’s younger, 15-year-old sister, Sue had watched the punching episode from the house. When Alicia had gone inside the house that she thought had been empty, Sue immediately had about two dozen questions for her. They had finally decided that they would sneak out and that Sue would be allowed to kick me from behind. Alicia said that she made Sue promise not to kick me that hard, and it was only supposed to be one kick. Apparently she got excited.

Alicia was pretty concerned as she knelt next to me. After a few minutes, I told her that I thought I would be okay with some time to recover. She eventually helped me up and to a patio-recliner where she washed the dirt off me with a wet towel. As the pain and nausea receded to a dull roar, I began to well, respond to her attention. Especially, when she had pulled my shorts down to inspect my balls. They were still tender to touch, but seemed to be intact. When Alicia began to suck me off they quickly rose to the challenge as I exploded in her mouth in no time.

Alicia looked up at me with a smile and said, “I think you’ll be fine.” She then drove her right fist into my bruised balls without a change in the smile or a bat of her eye. I think she was quickly getting used to this.

I promptly curled up into the fetal position with squeak as she got up and walked away. I think a flick to my balls with her finger would have caused waves of pain in the shape I was in, let alone a punch.

I felt the beginning of an ominous precedence as I lay in the aftermath of an explosive orgasm and waves of pain emanating from my beaten balls. I was clearly in love.


I didn’t get to continue my adventures with Alicia until the following Saturday. When I limped back home on Sunday I thought it would take this long to recover. I keep underestimating my balls ability to recover. Monday, I was sore. I had to concentrate not to walk funny and I did wince a few times when my jeans pressed against my still tender balls. By Tuesday, walking normal was no longer a challenge, but I still felt a little tender when I tested them, which I did constantly.

I, of course, still saw Alicia every day when I drove her to school, and often in school. To make matters worse, I also drove Sue to school. Every time Alicia saw me, she gave me the most wicked of grins and Sue would stare at me in the most unnerving way. Every morning when Alicia got into the car she would reach over and give my balls a squeeze. On Monday I tensed and grimaced to both of their delight. It was embarrassing as hell and I loved every second of it.

On the drive to school on Friday, I casually let it drop that I would have the house all to my self during the day both Saturday and Sunday. Alicia didn’t seem to hear me; she was checking her make-up in the mirror. Who needs a mirror, I could have told her she was stunning. I was completely disappointed by her lack of response by the time we got to school. When we pulled into a parking space, Alicia leaned over and nonchalantly said, “Then I’ll have to stop by so we can continue our game,” as I if had just made my comment seconds before. As I looked up at her in relief, she pounded her right fist into my balls. I let out a confused oomph, as I heard a giggle behind me and both girls opened the doors to get out.

“You never know when or where my little perv,” Alicia said over her shoulder with a grin, before turning to snap at Sue “And don’t giggle; this didn’t happen and is none of your damn business.” Sue shrugged and walked away.

In the meantime, I had to get out of the car and walk across the parking lot without acting like my balls were aching while hiding my erection. Life as a teenage sure can be tough.

The next morning, I woke up with a start, eager to get the day going. I resisted the temptation to jerk off and took a cold shower. I was sitting on my couch in my shorts and a t-shirt watching basketball on TV when I heard the front door open. My heart stopped and then restarted in double time, my temptress had arrived.

I heard her walk through the living room, then through the kitchen and then came down into the family room. She looked great, but a little formal. She was wearing a pleated black & red plaid pleated skirt and a button down white shirt, with boots and stockings.

“Hello gorgeous,” I said.

“Hi slave boy,” Alicia responded. “Are your sure you are up to another game?” she added with a smirk.

“God yes,” was my only reply

“Good,” Alicia replied as she sat forward and started speaking quickly. “Here is what I was thinking. A game of strip poker, but no cards.” She paused to grin. “Instead, I undo one button for every punch, two for every knee, and three for every kick. You can stop it at any time, by begging for mercy or if you are unable to get up. If you give in, or well, can’t get up, then you are my slave for the afternoon for anything I want. But, I can’t put on any more clothes than the amount you got me to strip to.” Her eyes flickered across my face as she spoke and her cheeks only turned the lightest shades of red when she mentioned not being able to get up. She had clearly thought it through.

I sat forward, very business like, but with a big grin on my face. I paused as I thought about it before replying. “OK, but you need to give me a chance to recover after each kick, knee or punch.” I was trying to count the buttons as I negotiated.

It seems that Alicia had already thought about this as she immediately responded, “How about a ten count?”

“How fast?”

“Ten Mississippi.”

I shook my head in amazement. She had it all figured out. In the meantime I had determined there were six buttons on the shirt, and only one on the skirt. Then a thought occurred to me, “When all the buttons are undone, the piece of clothing comes off, right?”

“Nope,” she purred, clearly enjoying this. “The very last button and then the shirt.”

She knew she had me, but I was still going to try to get the best terms I could. “Okay, I choose the kicks, knees or punches.”

Alicia paused; I guess she hadn’t thought of this. “We alternate, you choose then I choose.”

“How about positions? Can you make me bend over…” I blushed and added, “or whatever?”

“You do whatever I say slave boy, but I guess you can choose the positions within reason on your turns.”

“’k,” I agreed.

“Great!” Alicia actually clapped her hands. “Get naked.”

“What? Wait a minute. I didn’t…” I stammered.

“Oh shut up perv, otherwise no deal. And you know you want to.”

I sighed and began to pull my shirt over my head and continued to strip until I was standing there naked in front of my queen, my erection waving in front of me.

“My choice first,” she declared, “and I’m going to start this off right, a kick to the balls. Spread your legs and put your hands behind your back.”

I looked at her for a moment, and took a deep breath before complying. There I was, standing with my legs spread, my arms behind my back with my naked erection wobbling and this beautiful teenage girl taking practice swings with her leg in front of me.

Alicia took her time. She took a slow step forward and slowly raised her right leg so that the square toe of her boot nudged my dangling balls. She paused for a quick comment. “You like my selection of footwear?” All I could do was nod nervously as I watched her. She did this twice more, before taking a deep breath and step forward with a look of concentration on her face.

Bam! and I was doubled over. But it wasn’t as bad as I expected. In her excitement Alicia over shot her target a touch, so that the toe of her boot slipped by my balls and slammed into my lower ass. The top of her foot still mashed my testes up against my body, but the strength of the impact was much less than if it would have been the toe. I took in a deep ragged breath and let out a small groan, but I didn’t fall. I rested my hands on my knees as the waves of pain that began to almost feel familiar washed over me.

As the pain subsided, I gingerly raised myself to my full height again. Alicia looked both disappointed and a little mad at herself. “OK, that’s three buttons and then my turn to choose.”

Alicia immediately cheered up and began unbuttoning her blouse. With three buttons down, I could easily see the top of her breasts above her lacy black bras. “So what’s it going to be slave boy?” she drawled.

I had thought about it. It seemed with kicking in this position was actually kind of difficult to deliver a well-aimed blow. “Another kick,” I said with a nervous grin.

Alicia seemed to like my choice. I guess she figured she could adjust from her first attempt. I assumed the position and Alicia made her practice swings with her leg. I was watching the muscles in her legs flex and flow with the motion and my erection, which had deflated only a touch after the first kick, quickly rose back up to about 45 degrees. I looked up at Alicia’s face and she smirked at me and her whole body seemed to jerk back as she delivered the next kick.

It was much better aimed. I let out a yell of pain and seemed to slowly crumble to the floor. I was soon on my knees, doubled over and moaning. As my brain regained the sense of my surroundings I heard Alicia say three Mississippi. What happened to one and two? I thought desperately to myself. I took the full ten count and stood up gingerly. “Three more,” I said looking pointedly at Alicia’s shirt.

Alicia did a little dance as she undid the rest of the buttons of her shirt. It fell open, revealing her flat tummy and those luscious breasts neatly hugged by the lacy black bras. “Okay, another kick,” Alicia said with a twinkle.

I groaned. I didn’t mean to but if her aim was like last time, this was really going to hurt. “And this time I want your back and butt to the wall, so you can’t move,” Alicia added.

I grudgingly obliged. I was stalling for time, hoping the ache would fade before the next blow arrived. I didn’t even watch this time. I found that if I did, I flinched every time her leg swung forward with a practice swing. I was looking at the ceiling when it felt like my body was lifted by the square toe of her boot. There was nothing slow about my crumble this time and I didn’t mange much more than a squeak. He boot had connected dead-on. I had never felt anything like this in my life.

I sort of felt Alicia leaning over me, asking if I was okay. I think I shrugged. I’m not sure. Alicia started counting slowly, one Mississippi, two Mississippi, etc. Even with the delay of starting the count and the slow count, it took everything I had to get to my feet again at the ten count. Even so, I was leaning on my knees and breathing unevenly.

“Three more” I gasped. That should be the skirt I thought. Maybe there is a zipper, which would only be one more. I actually groaned when I saw Alicia unbutton the button on each sleeve before taking off her shirt. I would never make it.

Still she looked great in the bras and short skirt and boots. She was clearly enjoying herself as she beamed at me, proudly pushing her chest out. “Well slave boy, you had enough?”

“Never,” I groaned.

This was clearly the response she wanted. “Good, so what’s it going to be, another kick?”

“God no,” I said with a grimace. “A punch, but you can’t hold my balls in your other hand.”

“Okay,” Alicia shrugged, clearly not enthused by the choice. She promptly got down on one knee in front of me, grabbed my cock with her left hand and quickly drove her right hand into my balls.

With my balls hanging low, and the almost lackadaisical method of attack, it was only a passing blow. Although the fist hit both my balls, nether one was caught between my body and her fist. I still sagged to my knees and took the full ten count before slowly standing up again.

When I rose, Alicia unsnapped the button on her skirt in what I would call a condescending manner. As if to say, one button, who cares.

“Ok, this time a knee,” she said as if business as usual. She grabbed my shoulders and had me spread my legs. She bent her head to watch as she swung a few practice swings. I could smell her hair and looked down on the tops of her breasts. My cock, which had deflated significantly with the devastating kick, began to rise slowly. Alicia made a frustrated snort and said, “Get that thing out of my way,” She reached down and jerked on it, rather hard, I thought, a couple of times so that it rose to the point where it was no longer in her way.

“So sorry ma’am,” I drawled.

Alicia looked up at me and smiled as she drove her knee into my groin. But she had miscalculated again. When she actually went to knee me she moved forward so that she was too close to my body. She ended up connecting with the upper part of her thigh, and little in front of my balls. As a result her leg on pressed against my balls for a moment and nowhere near full strength. If they weren’t already exceptionally sore, it would have hurt at all. Even with the case I only double-up part way and mostly out of instinct. I ended up holding on to Alicia’s shoulders.

Alicia shoved me back against the wall in anger, knowing this blow accomplished little. She pulled down the zipper on her skirt and let it fall down her legs and then stepped out of it. She was wearing all black now, black bras, panties, garters and boots. At first I just stared and leered until I started counting buttons, zippers, and article, two for each boot and zipper (4), one for each of the four straps holding up the garters (8), one for each leg (10), one for the thing around her waist that holds up the garters (11) and one for the bras (12) and one for the underwear (13). I let out a groan, which returned a smile to Alicia’s face.

“You don’t like…” she play-pouted, knowing what I was thinking.

“Oh god, do I like,” I said with a boyish smile. “I just lost hope of getting you naked.”

“Poor little slave boy,” Alicia cooed. “You didn’t think I would set this up so you could win did you? Now what is it going to be?”

“Another knee,” I said, having decided it immediately after the first. What I didn’t think of was that Alicia still had her mistake fresh in her mind and could easily compensate.

Alicia grinned, grabbed my shoulders and with one motion stepped forward and drove her knee up into my balls.

I let out a gasp and fell forward into Alicia, grasping her shoulders. She actually wrapped her arms around me to help support me. But has the pain continued to build, I slowly sank to my knees at her feet, my arms around her and my head against her stomach. Now I realize that means my head must have pressed against those breasts I had been drooling over, but I had my mind on other things.

“Oooh, we have to do that again,” I heard Alicia murmur above me before she started counting.

I painfully raised myself to my feet at the count of ten to watch Alicia take off her right boot and grin wickedly at me. “I don’t think I need these any more” she said with an evil grin. I watched her as I stood there, holding my beaten balls with my hands. Watching the girl of my dreams contort her perfect body to take off the boot, and wearing that sexy outfit, was a dream come true. The pain made it a little difficult to properly appreciate it.

Alicia soon had the boot off and was up for more. I tried to implore with my eyes for mercy, but it had little affect. Alicia grabbed my shoulders, took a practice swing then launched her body behind the flying arch of her knee into my balls.

I think I half gurgled half screamed this time as I fell forward and slid down

Alicia’s body. I think she tried to hold me, but I was soon on the floor, between her legs, holding myself and moaning.

Alicia bent down again and caressed my head with her fingers “You ready to give up?” she asked.

“No,” I groaned. “I’m going to get you naked.” Alicia just laughed and started counting while she took off her other boot. I thought it unfair that she was doing this while she counted instead of after, but it wasn’t in the rules. She gave me an evil grin as I gave her an accusing glare. By the time she got to ten (she did count slowly, bless her heart) she was on her feet and ready.

It took me far more effort. I stayed on the floor till seven and then began to slowly get up. I almost didn’t make it. I seemed unable to move quickly. As soon as I was on my feet, Alicia asked, “What now slave boy?”

“Punch,” was all I said.

“Okay, but lean against the back of the chair and spread your legs.” I obliged being grateful for the support. As soon as my legs were spread, Alicia delivered a powerful punch from behind, pinning my left nut between her fist and my body. She let out a yell with the punch. I collapsed to the floor again. I was on my knees, hanging onto the back of the chair with my hands. I heard the sound of a snap behind me, and Alicia began counting to ten Mississippi again – faster this time.

I stayed on my knees until seven again and then pulled myself up with the chair.

“Okay,” Alicia said. “Now a knee, same position.”

I was a little out of it. My mind was completely focused on getting up, not what was going to happen once I got there. Fortunately, or probably more unfortunately, the same position meant I didn’t have to move from where I had dragged myself to. I was leaning against the chair, my legs slightly apart. Alicia kicked my left leg little wider, pulled my hips back and drove her knee into my balls from behind. Alicia continued to drive her knee after impact, crushing my balls against my body with the hub of her knee.

I heard two more snaps and Alicia’s voice above me saying, “Come on, two more kicks and I’m naked.” She then started to count. All I said was, “Naked,” and I immediately started trying to get up.

My mind was now in a haze. The pain that washed over my body and reverberated around my insides was numbing. I must have moved like a zombie. I heard ten Mississippi while I was still leaning against the chair.

“You up?” Alicia asked.

I nodded dumbly.

“Another punch?”

I nodded dumbly again then crumbled to the ground as the promised punch was delivered was delivered.

“You can stay down this time,” I heard Alicia’s voice say in my ear and felt her hair against my face. “Just get on your knees, legs spread. I’ll assume you could get up if you say you are okay after ten. Only one more kick after the one I’m about to give you and I’m naked.”

I nodded again and said, “Naked”, the extent of my speech. I was only partially conscious of the sound of counting above me as I rose to my hands and knees, Alicia behind me. I struggled blindly to rise. When I heard ten Mississippi, I was still trying to pull myself up completely from my knees by the back of the chair.

“Are you up?” Alicia asked.

I nodded, still struggling.

Alicia unleashed a devastating kick from behind me and I fell like a stone, gurgled and started sobbing on the floor in the fetal position.

“No more. No more. No more…” I probably moaned twenty times.

I felt Alicia gently lift my head and put it in her lap. “Ok sweetie,” she purred. “No more. You were the one that kept chanting naked. You only have two items left,” she teased. “You better be up for serving me today,” she continued.

I mumbled that I would, just give me a little while.


I think I stayed on the floor for a good half an hour after the last kick. I heard giggling in the kitchen. I think Alicia was on the phone. I was feeling much better, although still incredibly tender when I jumped up in alarm at the sound of my front door opening. Thoughts raced through my head faster then I could process them about who it could be and what I would say. I started to run/limp towards the door before stopping to decide if maybe I should be running/limping in the other direction. That is when I heard Alicia’s voice and another girl’s voice in the living room. I froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

I was standing there, naked, my legs askew and probably with a very bewildered look on my face when Alicia and her friend Donna walked into the kitchen. Donna started laughing.

Alicia beamed. “Slave boy, you are recovered. Great, then you are ready to serve Donna and me.”

“But I, wait a minute, you never said,” I replied intelligently.

Alicia marched towards me, smiled and said, “I said whatever I wanted. There are NO limitations to that.” She reached down and gave my tender gonads a light squeeze causing me to yelp in pain before she continued. “If I want to tie you up and have my friends and I kick you in your nuts all afternoon, that is what I’ll do.”

Alicia broke out laughing at the look of horror and fear on my face. “Don’t worry slave boy,” she laughed. “It is only one friend, and I only said if we want to, not that we would.”

“Yeah, at least not all afternoon,” Donna snickered as she walked up and also squeezed my poor battered testes. I let out a groan of pain, doubled up slightly and turned bright red. It was easily the most humiliating day of my life. I couldn’t believe Alicia brought Donna, and glared at her accordingly.

She actually looked guilty until she saw my erection returning. “Ohhh, don’t glare perv, you knooww you love it.”

I turned from bright red to scarlet, a feat that only someone of my fair complexion can pull off.

“I can’t believe he is that tender,” Donna commented as she gave me another squeeze and I had to grab onto the cabinet to stay mostly upright. I couldn’t believe it either. My balls hurt like hell.

“I told you what I did,” Alicia said with a giggled.

The afternoon started out slow. Donna and Alicia set up in the den and watched some Meg Ryan movie. I served them drinks, just soda, and provided foot rubs during the movie. Alicia would give me smiles that made me melt and Donna would give me the oddest inquisitive looks. The good news was that my balls were recovering. They we still far more tender than normal, but much better than an hour before.

Unfortunately, Donna soon discovered this too. Towards the end of the movie, Donna demanded a new glass of soda. I obligingly got it for her, although I was getting bored with the servant bit. The embarrassment had worn off. When I handed Donna her drink, she bumped my hand (I would swear on purpose) so that I spilled some. She then angrily grabbed my balls and squeezed.

I groaned and reached for the couch for support. It hurt, a lot. But my balls had recovered some; the pain was not as great as from the more gentle squeezes an hour before.

“I think he is recovering!” Donna exclaimed. “Can I kick him?” Her eagerness was unnerving.

Alicia looked at me uncertainly. I think she was reconsidering the wisdom of including Donna in this whole thing at all. She smiled and looked a tad guilty as she said, “No, I think he has enough kicks for one day.”

“Oh come on,” Donna complained. “I want to know what it feels like to crush his balls.”

“I think I created a monster,” Alicia said with a nervous laugh.

The ringing of the phone interrupted us. I let the machine get it as I really wasn’t in the mood for any idle conversations. After the beep, we heard Alicia’s mom’s voice saying, “Alicia, I know you’re there, pick up. Don’t make me go over…”

“Hey mom,” Alicia said into the phone as she quickly picked it up. What? (pause) Now? Can’t you do it? (pause) Fine I’ll be right over.” She hung up with a frown. “I have to drive Sue to softball. My mom can’t because she is going shopping with a friend. I’ll be right back.” She stopped and looked at Donna uncertainly. “Why don’t you…”

“I’ll stay,” Donna interjected. At the deepening look of uncertainty on Alicia’s face, Donna added “Don’t worry; I’ll take good care of your new toy.”

I didn’t know what to think. I looked at Alicia questioningly and she shrugged. I thought her look was a little apologetic and my anxiety grew.

“Okay,” Alicia said grudgingly. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” She gave my shoulder a squeeze as she walked by.

I looked at Donna uncertainly as I heard the door close. She gave me a disarming smile that helped my level of anxiety a touch. She clapped her hands and exclaimed, “Okay!” To start, let’s bind your hands behind you.” She pulled out the four ties that I owned from the cushions of the couch where she must have stashed them before.

“Wait…” I began to protest, but I didn’t get much of a chance. I was on my knees clutching my balls before second word left my mouth. Donna had already stood up and just continued the motion to deliver a knee to my balls. I felt her grab my hands and pull them behind my back and tie them together. I didn’t protest. I didn’t have the strength or state of mind to do so. In no time, I had my arms bound tightly behind my back; my bare ass was in the air with my face to the ground. The next thing I knew, Donna had kicked my legs further apart before stepping back and delivering another devastating kick to my beaten balls.

I think I squealed. I’m pretty sure I sobbed a couple of times. I know I rolled over on my side and curled up into the fetal position. The pain was intense. My gut felt like it was being twisted by a vice. I could hear Donna yelling above me and felt her kick my back and then my head and then my chest as she walked around me. This all seemed like it was in a distant haze.

Eventually some words started to seep through. “Damn it, get up. If you don’t cooperate it will be much worse for you. Maybe I’ll break the damn things forever.”

“Please,” I begged her as I still lay in the fetal position, looking up at her imploringly.

“Please,” Donna repeated mockingly. “Please what? Kick you again? Sure, actually, no. Beg me to,” Donna took a few steps back and stuck her right foot slightly forward. “Come over here and kiss the foot that just kicked you and beg me to kick you again.”

I looked up at her imploringly.

“Now!” Donna snapped.

I began to rise slowly to my knees – not an easy process when you have your arms tied tightly behind your back and you are in intense pain.

“No, crawl over here on your stomach like the snake you are.”

I looked up at her for a moment from my knees and started to say, “Come on, Donna.”

“No,” Donna snapped. “Crawl. You have never even noticed I existed, always crooning over Alicia. Now, I’m going to make sure you have nightmares about me.”

I hesitated for a moment longer and Donna started to take a step towards me. I quickly doubled over to protect myself and then began crawling on my stomach.

“That’s better,” Donna snapped. When I had managed to squirm to her feet and reached forward to kiss her bare foot, she took two more steps back. “Come on,” she drawled. This was repeated two more times until she had no more space. When I finally reached her foot I kissed it cautiously.

“Come on slave boy,” Donna drawled. “Not like you are kissing your aunt’s cheek. Grovel. Beg for this foot to kick your balls again. Beg me to do whatever the fuck I want with you, you arrogant shit.”

I wanted to protest, but I thought better of it and as is now painfully obvious to anyone reading this, I was strangely aroused by all of this. At the time it still was all a little shocking to me. I had also never noticed what nice legs Donna had.

I groveled for all I was worth. I’m not sure exactly what I said, but I didn’t hold back. I know “Beat me, use me, make me your toy,” or things along those lines were part of it. Sometimes I have a big mouth.

“Oh, I’ll use you, slut,” Donna said with a laugh. “But first let’s dress you up some.” Donna pulled up her short skit and began to pull down her panties. I have to admit I stared and began to become physically aroused as I watched. “Oh you like the idea of wearing panties?” Donna said mockingly.

I know Donna didn’t believe my protestations. Hell I probably wouldn’t either, but in actuality, wearing women’s underwear or ‘feminization’ is not one of my deep dark fetishes. I am not judging, as some of my own are far more bizarre even in my own mind. What turned me on was watching this attractive girl, standing over me, completely dominating me, removing her panties; watching them slide down her smooth legs, trying to look up into the darkness of her thighs under the skirt. I never saw a thing, as hard as I tried, but the idea made my limp cock begin to rise.

Despite my protests, Donna ordered me to put my legs together as she began running her panties up my legs and then raise my ass in the air. I remember it wasn’t an easy process. They were too small and having my hands tied behind my back didn’t help. Eventually they were as on as they could get. Donna laughed and gave my balls a playful, but painful squeeze through the panties. She then shoved my own boxers in my mouth and made me lean over the edge of the couch with my face in the cushion and my ass in the air and finally gave my ass a playful swat before walking into the kitchen. My protestation of “mmrmph” didn’t seem to have much of an affect.

I was concerned to say the least. Donna has her own agenda. Although Alicia was clearly in charge in our games, we seemed to be simpatico on the general theme, level and progression. I was now in over my head.

The sound of the refrigerator door opening and closing brought my attention back to the present. I then heard the sink running for little while and then Donna walking into the room. I squirmed to try to get more comfortable.

Donna walked up to me and slapped my ass again with a chuckle. “Oh we are going to have fun slave boy,” she stated as I felt what I discover to be her finger with hand lotion on it penetrate my ass. I clenched up for moment before Donna roughly squeezed my balls with her other hand and grunted, “Oh stop that.”

I felt the finger remove and then something cold was stuck in my ass. “Mmrph,” I protested again. This time, I thought it might have had an affect because Donna stepped away from me.

“Oh aren’t you cute. Look up at me slave boy,” I did only to see her to start taking pictures. I struggled, but what could I do. She quickly had a number of pictures of me with panties on, my arms tied behind my back, my boxers in my mouth and a carrot sticking out of my ass.

After a few photos and before I was able to extricate myself from the position, Donna stepped forward and drove her knee full force into my balls from behind. I squealed and fell off the couch onto the floor where I resumed the fetal position.

I heard Donna walk out of the room and return after a while. I was still on the floor, but I looked up at her and yelled, “Rmmmph!” at her angrily.

Donna leaned down and pulled the carrot out of my ass, the boxers out of my mouth and began untying my arms. “Now slave boy, you aren’t going to say anything to Alicia or anybody else, and those yummy pictures will remain our secret. She emphasized it with a squeeze of my balls, which she had taken in her hand.

“Yes ma’am,” I said sheepishly as she began to play with my cock with her hand.

“You are mine now. I call, you come. Got it?”

“Yes Ma’am” I repeated. I couldn’t believe it, but my cock began to grow under her touch. I was soon completely aroused and building towards release. I was in heaven when Donna pulled up her shirt exposing her right breast and pulled my face forward. I began kissing, licking and sucking on her hard nipple.

“Don’t you dare cum without my permission,” I heard her murmur.

I knew better to disobey and I was slowly building to the point where it would become an issue. Admittedly, I was 18, and this hot girl jerking me off and letting me to worship her nipple with my mouth would have gotten me off in about a minute in other circumstance, but I was still shocked I was responding so quickly.

I was soon begging, “Please let me cum.”

Donna smiled, but pulled her beautiful young breast away and stopped jerking me off and said one word, “Wait.”

She moved down my body so that she was on her hands and knees on the floor between my legs. Her hair was falling down and tickling my cock and balls. She reached down and licked the length of my cock before looking up and smiling at me. I shuttered with desire. She then did it again and allowed her tongue to continue up my stomach and chest with her hair trailing across my body. Donna worked her way up my entire, goose bump covered body before kissing me deeply and forcefully. She pulled away and retreated back down my body before asking, “So you want to cum uh?”

“God yes,” I moaned in desire.

Her answer was two demolishing knees to my balls followed by a sneering, “Well, tough shit slave boy. You have to work a hell of a lot harder before you get to cum. Maybe someday.”

She got up and I returned to the now familiar fetal position. Donna leaned down and patted my hip, saying “Oh we’ll have fun slave boy. Just remembered you are mine, when I want you how I want you. Tell Alicia I had to go.”

With that Donna walked out of the room and out of the house, leaving me on the floor moaning in pain.


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IS there a part 5?

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God yes. I LOVE this story!