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Mom's Soccer Match

Mom's Soccer Match

by Caligula & number2

Maria was a 40-year-old mother of a 20-year-old son. She looked fantastic for her age. She loved to wear high heels and miniskirts to accentuate her fine and shapely legs. She was also considered something of a bitch...a mean bitch. Maria had to admit that she had a very sadistic streak in her and a temper that often got the better of her. The only thing Maria really loved above all other things in life was soccer. She was a HUGE soccer fan! She was all pumped up to watch the World Cup on television and sat in her favorite chair, resting her sexy bare feet on the footstool in front of her. The game had just started when Maria's son Jeff came home. He was wearing baggy shorts and a T-shirt. He walked into the living room to say hello to his mother and made the mistake of getting between her and the television.

"Hi Mom!"

Maria scowled at her son. "If you don't get out of my way I'll kick you so hard you'll be wearing your balls for earrings!!!" she spat.

Jeff swallowed hard and grew red with embarrassment. His mother lifted her foot menacingly and raised her eyebrow as if to say 'you know I'll do it'. And Jeff DID know his mother meant it. He tried to step out of the way and ended up tripping over the power cord connecting the TV set to the wall. Their lovely television set...their ONLY television set fell to the floor with a crash...broken. Jeff looked up nervously at his mother's face. What he saw made him grow pale.

Maria's beautiful features were transformed into a look from hell itself. The veins in her neck were standing out...her eyes bulged...her lips trembled...and her face was beet red with anger.

"I...I...I'm sorry Mom, it was an accid..." Maria decked her son, knocking him cold.

"You WILL be sorry!"

Jeff awoke with cobwebs in his head. His eyes slowly adjusted to the light and he looked up to see his mother standing over him...a sadistic smile on her face. He shivered and felt a breeze and realized that he had been stripped naked. When he tried to move he noticed that his arms were tied securely behind his back, and that his ankles were also tied together. Maria helped her son to her feet, and none too gently either. He now saw that although his ankles were tied, that he could still walk albeit with much smaller steps. He looked down in shame towards his large privates and made one more horrifying discovery. His penis was taped securely to his abdomen, which left his balls dangling vulnerably beneath him. Not only that, but his scrotum, which was filled to bursting with his lemon-sized balls, was painted to look like a soccer ball. Due to the abnormally enormous size of his testicles, the skin of his ballbag was stretched taut, and so his package really did resemble a soccer ball. He gulped when he thought of the possibilities that his situation presented to his enraged and irrational mother. His eyes were drawn to his mother's bare foot tapping impatiently on the ground. He looked up pleadingly into her eyes. He saw no pity there.

"I hope you're happy, you stupid little shit! You almost ruined my soccer game!"

"Almost?" squeaked Jeff.

Now his mother smiled. "Maybe I can't WATCH soccer, but I'm going to PLAY soccer!"

Jeff knew his fate was sealed.

His mother continued. "It's sure to be an interesting match. Mom versus son for the World Cup-Less! You will of course have possession of the ball...balls?" She smiled and lightly patted hers son's shaved and painted nutsack. Jeff shivered. "First to get the ball in the opposite team's goal wins."


"Yep. My goal is my pussy. If you can manage to get the ball in my pussy you win. Very unlikely. Your goal is...well when you were born, your testicles descended from your body through two VERY tiny holes. Either of these holes is your goal. I'll have to KICK the ball into your goal!" Maria started to slip on her highest and pointiest hot pink high heels. "These are my regulation soccer shoes. I kick best with these! Okay the middle of the room. We start at the same time!"

Jeff and his mother met in the center of the living room. "GO!" yelled his mother. Jeff turned as fast as his tied legs would allow him but Maria quickly ran around him and kneed him in the balls. Jeff fell to the ground howling in agony. Maria saw her first opportunity and leveled a kick at his sack. Through his tears Jeff saw the kick coming and twisted his body. Maria’s kick went wide but the heel of her pump gouged a deep red hole in Jeff’s leg.

Jeff cried out but Maria laughed. “Good move son, I didn’t think you had it in you.” She pulled Jeff up and examined the wound. “You’ll live,” she sneered. “Now back to the game.”

Maria toyed with her son, walking circles around him and faking kicks to get him to try to respond quickly. Every once in a while she would kick at his shins. Soon there were many red welts on both of his legs. When she tired of this she found an opening and stomped her foot down onto his. There was an audible “CRACK” as her stiletto heel snapped a bone in his second toe.

As she ground down cruelly with her shoe, she glowered at Jeff. “That was for breaking the TV, you worthless piece of crap!” She released the pressure off his foot finally and walked away. She turned and saw Jeff delicately balancing on his one good foot, tears streaming down his face, pleading in his eyes. She took one step forward then leveled a kick upward to his completely unprotected groin. The pointy tip of her shoe hit its mark, connecting cleanly with Jeff’s left oversized ball.

Jeff shrieked a high-pitched wail, bent over and staggered forwards. Maria was caught completely off-guard reveling in her son’s agony and was knocked over by his sudden lurch. Through the agony Jeff saw his mother fall. She lay on the ground not moving. Her black leather skirt had ridden up exposing her neatly trimmed yet glistening wet bush. He knew this would be his only chance. He dove down to his mother’s prone body, trying to get his balls into her marvelous cunt

Suddenly Maria’s leg shot up. She had been playing possum to lure her son in. The heel of her stiletto caught Jeff’s ball forcing it back up into his body. The pain from the sudden and unexpected impact put Jeff immediately into shock. He crumpled to the ground unconscious next to his mother.

Maria reached over and felt her son’s nutsack. His oversized and swollen ball was half in and half out of his body cavity. Maria laughed cruelly, “Guess I’ll take my penalty kick.” She positioned Jeff in a seated position against the wall (for leverage). His head slumped down on his chest, still blacked out.

Maria stood between his open legs and posed herself for victory. “This is for making me miss the game!” she screamed as the pointed tip of her shoe blasted into his stuck nut. “And this is for the TV!” Another clean shot but still the ball stayed put. Maria gathered up all her anger. “And this is for getting blood on my favorite shoes!” Her most powerful shot connected. Jeff’s testicle exploded into goo and his pelvic bone cracked.

“GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!” Maria shrieked with glee as she danced around the room. Bursting with excitement she hiked up her skirt and furiously masturbated above her lifeless son bringing herself to a mind-shattering orgasm.

About fifteen minutes later, Jeff groggily came to. His privates were screaming with pain, but he was still barely conscious. His eyes began to focus and the first thing he saw was his mother seated on the couch in front of him. Her long legs were crossed and kicking at the air and she was smoking a cigarette slowly, enjoying her triumph.

“W-what happened?” Jeff managed to stutter out. Maria uncrossed her legs and deliberately walked over to her boy. She eyed his nude and tortured body then bent down to face him.

Blowing a huge puff of smoke in his face she replied cruelly, “We played soccer. You lost.” Before Jeff could register it Maria reached down to his stomach where his penis was taped and abruptly ripped off the strip along with several layers of skin. Jeff howled and passed out again.

Maria beamed with joy and looked down at the tape. “And this is my first-place ribbon.” She giggled evilly and walked out to go buy a new television.

Jim’s Ball-Busting Twin Sisters part 2: Mom Comes Home

Jim’s Ball-Busting Twin Sisters part 2:

Mom Comes Home

by number2

Anne Marie returned home from work to find her son Jim curled up in the fetal position quietly crying and holding his groin. She asked what was wrong and Jim refused to tell her. Anne Marie was confused but let it go for the time being and unzipped his pants to check the damage. What she found was Jim’s balls, swollen and red. She was aghast; she told Jim to tell her what had happened right now. He finally gave in and told her of the abuse he had received from his sisters, hold long it had been going on and what they had done to him today. He felt relief that it was finally out in the open and his mommy was going to take care of it.

Anne Marie marched to the twins’ room with anger in her eyes. She heard laughter coming from behind the locked door and ordered the girls out. She seized each of them by the hand and pulled them out to the living room where Jim was still on the floor.

“Did you do this to your brother?” Anne Marie asked angrily.

The girls shot daggers from their eyes at Jim, looked at each other then said in unison, “Yes.”

Anne Marie grabbed them both and pulled them toward her, hugging them tightly. “My girls! I’m so proud!” she exclaimed.

The twins were shocked (as was Jim); they didn’t know what to say.

“I’ve been ball-busting for years! I can’t believe you two do it as well! It must run in the family!” she continued. “You have to tell me all about it!”

Eva and Ava regaled their mother of the story of how they started ball-busting and of the tortures they had put Jim through throughout the years. Jim laid on the ground in disbelief. Here he thought his mom was going to help him and now she was thrilled with what his sisters had done to him. He started to get up to leave and his mother planted her foot on his chest. At almost six feet tall in her heels she towered over her son.

“You’re not going anywhere little man,” she said cruelly. “You’re not through yet.” Jim tried to get up but Anne Marie had leverage and skill on her side; he was stuck. The twins giggled at his predicament. Now there were three ball-busting women in the house and the twins wouldn’t have to hide it anymore.

“Now that you two have started little Jimmy’s training, mommy will show you how it’s really done. Hold your brother for me girls.” Eva and Ava each grabbed an arm, making sure Jim couldn’t go anywhere. Anne Marie took her foot off his chest and stepped down lightly on Jim’s lap. Her feet were bigger than her young daughters’ were and her brown pump nearly covered his whole groin.

As she pressed down she looked into Jim’s eyes. Sternly she asked, “You realize what mommy’s foot can do to you, don’t you?” Jim gulped and nodded yes. Anne Marie applied more pressure. “Good. Then you will do whatever mommy says, correct?” Again a slow nod.

She lifted her foot up and kicked off her shoes giving Jim a good whiff of her salty foot odor. It was stronger than the shoe he had been forced to lick and he felt himself getting aroused.

“Mommy’s had a hard day at work and her feet need a bath. A tongue bath. Now open wide.” Jim reluctantly opened his mouth and Anne Marie shoved her foot in. Her nylons had captured a day’s worth of foot sweat and Jim nearly gagged at the taste of it. Anne Marie wriggled her long slender toes inside his warm mouth. Meanwhile the twins held him tightly, their eyes wide with excitement

“Mmmm, that feels good. Suck it Jimmy! Suck it unless you want mommy to smash your pitiful nuts! Suck it!” Jimmy slurped up every ounce of sweat, running his tongue along the underside of his mother’s toes until she pulled her foot out. He left his mouth open, waiting for the other foot, wanting it badly. Anne Marie smiled knowing this would happen. She ran her foot slowly up his chest making him ache for a taste. She held her foot just out of his mouth’s reach and he responded by flicking his tongue out to taste her toes. Satisfied with his yearning she jammed her foot into his gaping maw. He accepted it greedily, sucking it severely, blissfulness in his eyes.

After a few moments she removed her foot. “Pick him up,” she said to the girls. They brought him to his feet and he stood eye to eye with his mother. She brushed her long brunette hair from her eyes and said to him sweetly, “You did good, honey... but there’s one problem. That was for MY enjoyment, not YOURS!” Suddenly her knee shot up into his groin. The twins continued to hold him up as Anne Marie shot three more knees upwards. The air rushed from his body and the twins dropped him face first at their mother’s feet.

Anne Marie walked around him and put her pumps back on. “I might need these later,” she said, winking to the girls. “Now Jimmy did a good job with my feet, let’s see if he can clean your marvelous heels.” Dutifully the twins walked to Jim’s face and placed their feet in front of him. “Clean them Jimmy,” continued his mother walking behind him. “But don’t you dare touch their beautiful feet with your disgusting tongue.”

Jim went about his job, licking the shiny black shoes, alternating from Eva to Ava and back. Their toe cleavage inside the tight shoes was nearly irresistible but Jim held back not wanting any more punishment. The twins sensed this and smiled knowingly to each other. While Jim was licking the top of her shoe, Eva suddenly kicked her foot forward. Jim’s tongue ran along the top of it and he knew he was in trouble.

“Ewww, mom he licked my foot!” exclaimed Eva. Immediately the point of Anne Marie’s shoe made contact with Jim’s balls from behind. Jim grimaced in pain.

“What did I tell you son? Now get back to work!” Jim resumed his cleaning until Ava moved her foot. This time Jim was quick enough to draw his tongue back into his mouth in time. Ava was disappointed but soon regained her composure.

“Mom, Jimmy stopped cleaning!” she laughed. WHAM! Jim recoiled from the pain in his scrotum while his sisters and mother snickered.

“Flip him over girls,” Anne Marie commanded. The twins complied by walking to Jim’s side and (in unison) brutally kicking him in the ribs. Jim grunted in pain and rolled onto his back. Anne Marie walked onto his chest and crouched down. Her heels dug into his skin and he felt like his chest was going to cave in. She bounced on his torso while staring down in disgust at her son.

“Tsk, tsk. What are we going to do with you? You seem to like sucking but you have troubles with licking. What have I got for you to suck?” She slowly raised her tweed skirt. Her pantyhose crotch was stained with her wetness. Jim’s eyes grew wide and Anne Marie fell forward. She wriggled her ass till her crotch was positioned on Jim’s mouth.

“Suck it, you worm! Suck mommy’s panties! Make mommy cum! Or pay for my disappointment!” In reality Anne Marie had cum each time she kicked her son’s balls and once when he was sucking her toes. That cum was what Jim was sucking out of her stained panties. Anne Marie’s legs locked tightly around Jim’s head and she pulled her skirt down over his face. All he could smell, taste and see was his mother’s moist undergarment as he slurped her juices.

Anne Marie came several more times but kept her body planted on her son’s face, tightening her legs with each orgasm. She motioned for her daughters to pull down Jim’s pants. They did and his erection sprang out.

“Gross!” shouted Ava. She slapped his dick roughly but it bounced off his stomach and stood up again. Eva joined in and slapped it as well. Again it bounced back up. The girls took turns hitting his rod while their mother watched and laughed.

“Go for it girls!” Anne Marie cried out. “Smack that nasty cock!” Jim yelled in agony and the vibration caused another orgasm in Anne Marie, the most intense yet. Her legs compressed further and Jim blacked out, losing his erection in the process.

Anne Marie realized what happened and released her vice-grip on her son allowing him to breathe. She walked over to her daughters and hugged them gleefully. She whispered something to them and they laughed heartily. They assisted their mother in propping Jim up into a seated position with his legs open. Anne Marie sat next to him, cradling her son in her arms. When he was in position, Anne Marie slapped him back into consciousness.

“Wake up sleepyhead. You did mommy very good and now you get what’s coming to you.” Her hands trailed down his body to his withered dick and began stroking it. It responded slightly and Anne Marie gave a signal to her daughters.

The twins began to slowly strip off their cheerleader outfits. First came the sweaters. Underneath each was wearing a white lace bra. They shimmied out of their pleated white skirt revealing matching white panties. They began to rub up and down each other’s bodies. Jim’s erection was getting larger as he was living out his biggest fantasy. Anne Marie continued to stroke him, faster and faster, her grip becoming stronger as his dick grew.

Next the twins peeled off their bras. Their taut athletic bodies supported two pairs of spectacular breasts. They smoothed the sweat into each other’s bodies and Jim’s cock responded. Faster and faster Anne Marie pulled his pud. In a frenzy now the twins pulled down their panties. Their identical pussies were dripping wet and they fingered themselves in front of their ecstatic brother. Anne Marie continued to yank Jim’s dick. His eyes rolled back in his head and his balls clenched ready to blow.

“NOW!” screamed Anne Marie. Immediately the twins stopped their masturbating and each leveled a kick to Jim’s swollen balls. Both made direct contact, the pointy tips of their shoes driving his balls up into his body. Cum shot out of his dick as Anne Marie kept on stroking. Jim was barely cognizant as his sisters kicked him one more time. He blacked out again, his body wracked with pain. Anne Marie continued juicing her now-comatose son, squeezing every bit of semen out of him.

When she was through she reached down and squeezed his balls. Miraculously they were still intact. “Hmmm, tough little guy,” she said to the girls.

She stood up and kissed each of her daughters on the cheek. “We’re going to have such a good time trying to break his balls. Let me tell you about what I did to your father...”

Paying My Sister

Paying My Sister

By Caligula & number2

Jeff was 18 and a rather good-looking guy. He had always been a hard worker and saved every penny he earned thus accumulating quite a nice, if small, nestegg. But he was about to start spending loads of cash and might even have to get a second job. Jeff seemed normal except for one thing, his secret desire to be kicked in the balls...and by one person in particular...his twin sister Melissa. Where Jeff was attractive, Melissa was a knockout. She was the same height as Jeff, with lovely long legs. The difference between the twins was where Jeff was hardworking and spent his money wisely, Melissa was lazy, spoiled and was always short on cash. She always wanted to buy the most expensive clothes, the most expensive shoes and generally throw cash around like it was water. Yet Melissa didn't have a job, didn't WANT a job, and therefore had to fight with her parents for every penny she got. This was the crux of Jeff's plan. He was counting on his sister's greed to sway her to fulfill his dark fantasies.

Jeff looked across the kitchen table to where his sister leaned back in her chair and rested her bare feet, legs crossed at the ankles, atop the table. He had a painful erection watching her soft feet; the feet he soon hoped would crush his manhood. Melissa's toes were just oh so perfectly round, with the rest of her soles being incredibly soft looking and wrinkling with each and every twitch of her peds. Their father was away for the summer on business, and so the teenagers were left with their mother. Mom looked a lot like her children and appeared to be an older version of Melissa. Jeff wondered how long it would be before his fantasy took a deeper turn and he began longing for his mother's feet and kicks. As their mother was about to leave for work, Melissa took the opportunity to beg for more money.

"Come on Mom...Mommy. Just $'s for this pair of shoes that I just HAVE to have." Melissa pouted her lips hoping to receive some sympathy from mom. Jeff was more interested in observing his sister's soles, as she seemed to be able to make them pout along with her lips. Damn her feet must be talented, he thought.

"No and that is final! Why can't you be more like Jeff and get a job and save your money! GET A JOB!!!" Jeff watched in fascination as his mother slammed her feet into her high-heeled shoes. Their mother ended her conversation by storming out of the house on her way to work and slamming the door behind her. Both teenagers listened to her heels recede into the distance as she got into her car and drove off.

"Bitch!" shouted Melissa, and gave Jeff a dirty look over her madly wiggling toes as if daring him to say anything. But wait, maybe her kiss-ass brother, with the big stash hidden in his room, would be willing to give her the cash if she were nice enough.

"Hey little brother (Melissa had been born a few minutes before Jeff), how about giving me that $100? I'll ah...clean your room." She figured cleaning his room would be easy since he was so neat and tidy. Jeff wouldn't take the bait though.

"Nope...I don't think so." Jeff was extremely nervous, as he was about to make his counteroffer. After all, this could go real bad for him. His sister was definitely going to think him a pervert, and might very easily refuse his offer, but might also tell their mom and embarrass him.

"But...I will give you the $100 if you do something else for me." Melissa could see Jeff blushing furiously and wondered what he could be wanting. Probably a blowjob from his hot sister, she thought. Well, for those new shoes...I'll GIVE the kiss-ass a blowjob if that's what he wants. Jeff looked at his sister's face. She was grinning at him as if she knew what he would ask for. But how could she? goes nothing.

"I'll give you the $100 if you kick me in the balls." He waited breathlessly for his sister's response. The blood was pounding in his ears so loudly that he didn't even hear what Melissa had to say and had to ask her to repeat herself.

"You want me to kick you in the balls?!!? Damn but you're a sick fuck!" Melissa laughed. Jeff just blushed a deeper shade of red.

"Forget I mentioned it," he mumbled.

"Okay I'll do it! But why me? I mean your own sister. Why would you want your sister, of all people, to be the one to kick you in the balls? Don't get me wrong...kicking guys in the nuts is fun, and I wanted to kick you gonads up into your throat just a few minutes ago when mom compared me to you."

"Well...I don't know why I want to be kicked in the balls, let alone why I want YOU to kick them. I think you're really hot though, and I'm in love with your feet. So maybe that's got something to do with it. Also, you're kind of bitchy and seem like you'd really be into it and it turns me on to think of you humiliating me and laughing at me once you've just kicked me. I imagine you standing there as I'm on the ground holding my privates. While I'm crying and making funny noises, you're standing over me with your hands on your hips laughing about the fact that you might have just made it impossible for me to have kids." Jeff was almost in a trance as he said aloud and shared his most intimate secret with the one person who could make it a reality.

"Wow," laughed Melissa, "You are seriously fucked up!" Melissa was enjoying embarrassing her brother, and knew he was enjoying it as well.

"Well I'll kick you for the $100, but I'll have to think up some sort of payment plan for future kicks. Should I charge you by the kick? $100 a kick? How about a weekly rate? $1,000 a week? Hmm....." She wiggled her feet, much to Jeff's delight.

"And since you LOVE my feet, I'll expect daily pedicures and footrubs as an extra."

"Okay!" squealed Jeff in delight.

"Hmmm....maybe a FOOTJOB for say $500?" Melissa smiled and wrinkled her soles for her perverted brother. He was leaning forward in his chair, and it looked to Melissa as if he was rubbing himself through his sweatpants.

"Can we do it right now? Will you give me the footjob and then rack my balls?"

"First, get me my money...

Jeff got up in front of his sister to go to his room. Melissa noticed the bulge straining at the front of his sweats before he turned and dashed to his room for the cash. She could hear him hurriedly going through his stash and amused herself by stretching out her long legs and imagining what her new shoes would look like on her beautiful feet.

Moments later Jeff reappeared in the kitchen, a wad of bills in his hand and his erection still stretching his pants. He quickly counted out the money and threw it on the table in front of Melissa. She grabbed it up greedily and counted it slowly while Jeff stood watching her impatiently. She smiled at his discomfort and kicked one foot up to gently bump against his member. Jeff almost exploded in his pants right then and there. It took every ounce of self-control he had to keep his excitement from getting the better of him. Finally Melissa was through. She tucked the money into her denim shorts and looked up at Jeff.

“Okay, sicko, it’s all there. How do you want to do this?”

“Whatever. However you want. You’re the boss.” His voice quivered with anticipation.

Melissa thought, “Well I’ve already got the money. I might as well make this fun for me as well.

“On your knees, pervert!” she commanded him. Jeff obeyed instantly and awaited his next instruction. Melissa swung her legs down off the table and straddled Jeff in her chair. Her tight shorts rode up exposing almost all of her tanned legs but Jeff’s eyes were transfixed on her feet.

“Tell me how you feel about my feet,” she asked.

“They’re exquisite. I’ve loved them for years...” Melissa slapped him hard across the face.

“Call me Mistress... no, wait, call me Goddess”

“I’m sorry, Goddess. They are perfect, as only a Goddess’ feet could be.”

“And what makes them so perfect? Describe them for me.” Jeff focused his attention on them as he never had before.

“Each toe is flawless, Goddess. Rounded and beautiful. Your arches are high; your skin is soft and tanned; your heel an immaculate curve. Truly there has never been a work of art as beautiful as your foot, Goddess.” Melissa beamed at his reverence.

“Do they turn you on sexually? Do you masturbate and fantasize about them?”

“Yes, Goddess”

“Tell me about the first time you masturbated thinking about my feet.”

“We were 14, Goddess and we were play-fighting in the pool.” Jeff couldn’t believe he was telling his sister this, but there was no turning back now. “I was tickling you and you pushed me away. So I couldn’t get near you again, you put your feet up into my face. Somehow your foot slipped into my mouth and I began to gag on it. Also I got a tremendous erection. I had to excuse myself so you wouldn’t notice.”

“My God, I remember that day. I thought you looked so funny on the end of my leg gasping for breath. You ran away yelling that you were going to wash your mouth out and you didn’t come back until at least a half an hour had gone by. Tell me what happened to you.”

“I ran into bathroom, you know, the one next to the pool. I didn’t know why I had the erection. I just knew I didn’t want you to see it.” As Jeff related the story, Melissa’s foot rose up to the top of Jeff’s sweats. She pulled them down slowly until his massive erection sprang out.

“I watched you through the bathroom window, waiting for you to leave the pool but you didn’t. You got out but decided to get some sun, lying down on that big air mattress we had. I couldn’t take my eyes off your feet. I can still picture them now. The skin was a little puckered from the water and you weren’t very tan yet but I could still recognize the beauty.” Melissa’s feet clamped softly around Jeff’s stiff rod. He flinched slightly but continued with his tale. Slowly Melissa’s soft peds began to rub up and down Jeff’s shaft.

“I didn’t know what I was doing. Before I knew it, I was out of my swim trunks and stroking my cock. I knew it was wrong. It was my sister, and my sister’s feet at that, but I didn’t care. Finally I saw you stretch out, pointing your toes as you did. I erupted all over the bathroom.” Faster and faster now, Melissa rubbed her brother’s member. His story had turned her on as well and she was nearing her own orgasm. Her heels squeezed against the head of Jeff’s cock while her toes kneaded the shaft and bumped against his balls. Jeff’s eyes rolled back in his head and he shot his load all over the bottoms of Melissa’s feet. The warm goo on her skin excited her even more and she knew what she needed to achieve her own orgasm.

She stuffed her wet, sticky foot into Jeff’s mouth as far as it would go, recreating the pool scene from years ago. She looked down at her brother sucking his own juices off her toes and exploded into her own orgasm. She pulled her foot out of Jeff’s mouth and sat staring at him for a few moments. He was drenched in sweat; his cock had withered; yet he still couldn’t take his eyes off his sister’s feet.

“Wow,” she said as she stood up, “you really are a little pervert. I never knew. I mean I always suspected you had some sort of feelings for me sexually, but not for my feet.” Jeff nodded sadly, his head bowed. “Are you still sure you want me to kick you in the balls? After all that?” Jeff looked up at her and silently nodded ‘yes’. Melissa was surprised to see Jeff’s spent cock start to rise in anticipation.

“Okay, freak,” she said with exasperation, “get your ass up. I don’t have all fucking day.” Jeff got up from his knees and stood in front of his sister with his legs spread slightly. To him she had never looked more beautiful than at this moment. She took a step backwards and measured the distance with her eyes, while licking her lips mischievously. She smiled, then shot a kick towards Jeff.

Inadvertently he flinched and her foot struck him between his balls and the base of his shaft. Her heel, though, connected with enough force to take all the breath out of his body and he fell back down to his knees wheezing. Melissa laughed cruelly but was disappointed.

“Get up you little pansy! I barely hit you! I want to do it again, no charge. I don’t want you to feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth.” Jeff struggled back to his feet, still breathing hard. Before he was fully upright Melissa let loose with another kick. This one scored a direct hit. Her perfect toes went deep into her brother’s scrotum sending his balls into his body. Jeff stumbled and fell backwards hitting his head on the refrigerator. He had never felt as much pain before in his life... and it was worth every cent.

Melissa stared down at her brother’s writhing form laughing at his convulsions. “Well, time to go shopping!” she exclaimed gleefully. “I’ll just take your car if you don’t mind,” she said as she grabbed his keys off the table. “You can take the bus to work. But hurry home. I’m going to need a footrub after walking the mall all day spending your money.” Jeff watched through half-closed eyes as she skipped out of the kitchen and moments later heard his car speed off.

When he had recovered enough he inspected the damage his sister had inflicted upon him. Nothing permanent (as far as he could tell) but his balls had swelled inside their sack and were very tender to the touch. He looked at the clock and realized he had to get ready for work. He was probably going to be late, especially since he had to take the bus, and he knew he couldn’t lose his job now. He’d need every penny he could lay his hands on.

He left work a little early eager to do his sister’s bidding. When he arrived home though his mother told him that Melissa had gone over to her best friend Kim’s house, probably to spend the night. Jim was, to say the least, disappointed but he hid it well from his mother. He said that he was tired from work and excused himself to his room to go to bed early.

Sleep didn’t come easily. He kept thinking about his sister’s gorgeous feet and the pain and pleasure associated with them. Finally around 1:00am he managed to drift away, dreaming about Melissa.

He was awakened sometime later with a searing pain in his groin. He turned on his light and focused his eyes to see Melissa standing over him, grinding her stiletto heel into his package. She was dressed in a green silk dress that he had never seen her in before and figured she must have bought it that afternoon.

“Wake up little brother!” she yelled. “Time for your new duties.” She pulled her foot away from him and looked down at him pitifully.

“W-what’s going on? What time is it?” he stuttered out.

“It’s only four o’clock you little weasel. You don’t have to get up for work for another three hours. Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to pay me for that little heel grind. Since you weren’t here when I got home I took a fifty out of your stash. Now we’re even. And as for what’s going on... I believe you owe me a footrub.”

She kicked off her brand new black heels, one of them almost hitting Jeff in the head, and lay down in the bed next to him, her feet up at his face. Jeff could smell the pungent odor of her foot sweat trapped in her nylons and was intoxicated by it. He sat up in bed and began slowly rubbing her tired feet.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” Melissa murmured. “I bet you’ve been dreaming about doing this for years.” Jeff smiled sheepishly. “Well they’re all yours now... as long as your money holds out. Oh, and there will be a few new rules around here, that is, if you ever want anything to do with these.” She wrinkled her toes in his hands, knowing she could ask for just about anything at this point and get it.

“First of all, anything you own, I own. I can use your car, your computer, anything in your room, anytime I want to.” Jeff started to protest but Melissa raised a foot to his lips to quiet him. He kissed her delicate arches forgetting what he was about to say.

“Second, you will be my willing slave. I want you to do all my chores, without question. Clean my room, wash the dishes, take out the garbage, whatever. If mom asks why you’re doing it instead of me, tell her you lost a bet or something.” Jeff nodded his assent while licking her heel.

“Next, and this is the most important thing, my fee. You will pay me $500 in advance every week. This entitles you to at least five kicks from me. The kicks will come at the time and place of my choosing. Footjobs will be extra and will come at my discretion only. Every once in a while I might throw in a kick or two for free.” She wriggled her toes around in Jeff’s mouth but still made out his acceptance.

“And finally, one last little thing. You are no longer allowed to masturbate unless given permission by me. I own those two little balls and I want them filled with juice when I kick them. Don’t worry; I’ll probably give you a release at least once a week. Probably. Do we have an agreement?” Jeff thought it over for just a moment, knowing the last condition would be the hardest to follow. Melissa stretched out on the bed and covered Jeff’s face with her feet. Underneath them she heard Jeff’s muffled voice murmur, “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Good,” she said with a self-satisfied smile on her face. “You may continue with my footrub.” Jeff went back to kneading her tender soles. Melissa made herself comfortable while Jeff did his work. After no time at all she fell asleep. Jeff decided he’d better take her to her own room. He didn’t want his mother thinking something weird was going on. He scooped her up in his arms making sure not to wake her, or brush up against his enormous erection straining inside his pajamas. He carried her to her bedroom and laid her down on her own bed. For a brief moment her considered removing her new dress but he knew he’d have to ‘relieve’ himself if he saw her naked and that was against his new rules. He went back to his room and retrieved her shoes, pausing to get another whiff of her foot odor, then placing them reverently at the edge of her bed.

It was nearly five o’clock now and he knew there was no use going to sleep now. Tomorrow couldn’t come too soon for him. He lay in bed thinking about Melissa’s feet until his alarm went off and he got up for work.

Around 11:30 Jeff’s phone rang at the office. It was Melissa. She sounded groggy and tired.

“Bring the car home at lunch. And bring me my money.” She hung up the phone. At noon Jeff raced to the ATM machine then drove home as quickly as possible. He found her in the kitchen waiting impatiently.

“Took you long enough, pencil dick. You have my money?” Jeff handed her five crisp hundred-dollar bills. Melissa shoved them in her pocket. “Keys?” she commanded. Jeff dangled them in front of her and she snatched them away angrily.

“I’ll be home late. Clean my room.” She stormed out of the house and Jeff heard his car peel out of the driveway. He walked out to the bus stop feeling frustrated. His day plodded along at work and the bus ride home gave him more time to think about his situation. No one was home when he got there so he set himself to the task of cleaning Melissa’s room. Her general laziness spilled over when it came to cleaning as well. Her room was a mess. Jeff grunted and got to work. After a couple of hours he had it nearly spotless. Just in time, he heard a car pull up to the house. He rushed downstairs and was disappointed yet again; it was only his mother.

“Sorry I’m late, honey. Have you eaten yet?” she asked as she walked in the door.

“No, but I’m not really hungry,” replied Jeff.

“We’ll have none of that,” she responded. “I’ll make you some dinner. Come in the kitchen and keep me company.” Jeff followed her and they chatted about their days. Jeff was barely paying attention, his mind only on his sister. After about fifteen minutes of idle chatter, he was bored to tears but instantly perked up when he heard another car pull into the garage.

Melissa skipped into the kitchen looking positively radiant. She smiled and winked at her brother then sat down at the table across from him.

“What’s for dinner mom? I’m starving!” she exclaimed.

“Where have you been, young lady?” was her mother’s only response.

“Kim and I went for a ‘day of beauty’ at the health spa. I had my hair and nails done, a makeover and a massage. I feel great!” Melissa beamed when she spoke.

“And where did you get the money for all this?” her mother asked suspiciously.

“Uh, Kim paid for it,” she said, thinking on her feet. “I even got a pedicure. Don’t my feet look great in these new shoes, little brother?” she asked playfully. She swung her feet onto the kitchen table so Jeff could get a good look. Her new shoes were strappy white sandals with three-inch heels. The straps were so thin almost her entire foot was exposed. And her feet looked magnificent, the nails were cut perfectly and coat of clear polish accentuated every move she made. Jeff couldn’t take his eyes off them and replied to his sister’s question with only a low grunt.

“Melissa, get your feet off the table,” ordered her mother. “It’s time for dinner.” Melissa flexed her toes one more time for her gawking brother then slid her legs slowly off the table. Jeff hid his disappointment only slightly. Their mother brought three plates to the table and they all began to eat, mostly in silence. After a few quiet moments Melissa cleared her throat to get Jeff’s attention.

Take down your pants,” she mouthed, blocking her lips from her mother’s view. Jeff was shocked. He couldn’t do that, not with his mother right next to him. He shook his head ‘no’. Melissa glared at him and mouthed. “Now!” Jeff looked at her with wide-eyed innocence cocking his head towards his mother. Melissa shot daggers from her eyes. Now!” she mouthed once again, looking angrier. Jeff gulped and adjusted himself in his chair, pulling his pants down as he did so, hoping his mother wouldn’t notice.

“So how was your day, little brother,” Melissa asked, breaking the silence. Jeff didn’t know how to respond, what was going on.

“Uh, okay I guess, nothing special.” He felt Melissa’s shoe start to run up the inside of his now-bare leg. Instantly his cock started to rise.

“Nothing special, hunh? No big plans at work? Any opportunity for a raise?” Her shoe reached his inner thigh and continued up to his groin where she grazed light against his engorged member.

Jeff swallowed hard and stuttered back, “N-no, nothing like that...”

“Hmmm, well that’s too bad,” replied Melissa as she pulled her foot away from his crotch. Disappointment registered on Jeff’s face almost immediately. “How about you mom?”

Before his mother could respond, Jeff felt Melissa’s spiked heel thrust into his left nut. He coughed out the food that he was chewing as his sister ground her heel in deeper and deeper.

“Are you okay, honey?” his mother asked, concerned.

Jeff could barely get out the words, “Yes, I’m fine.” Melissa kept up the pressure on his nut. Jeff gritted his teeth and tried not to show the pain he was in. His sister calmly continued eating as if nothing was going on while crushing Jeff’s ball against his body. Finally, after what seemed an eternity to Jeff, she relented, pulling her foot back. Jeff braced himself for another shot, but it didn’t come. He reached down to pull up his pants but Melissa caught his eye. She was shaking her head ‘no’. He didn’t dare displease her so he left his pants off and tried to finish his dinner.

“That was great, mom,” Melissa said gleefully. “What’s for dessert?” She made sure she was staring directly at Jeff when she uttered that last word. Jeff could feel beads of sweat start to form as he prepared himself for another bout of excruciating pain.

“All I’ve got is some fruit salad, dear,” her mother replied, oblivious.

“Mmmm, melon balls,” said Melissa, her mouth forming an evil smile. “Sounds delicious. Bring it on.”

“Would you like some too, Jeff?” asked his mother.

“N-no thanks,” he murmured. “I’m, uh, still eating.” Food was the last thing on his mind, but he knew he couldn’t leave the table. His pants were around his ankles and, despite the pain, he still had an almost full erection. He would have to stay there until his sadistic sister allowed him to leave. He picked at the remaining food on his plate so it would look like there was a reason he was still there.

Suddenly he felt something brush up against the inside of his leg. At first he flinched, but then realized it was the soft skin of Melissa’s beautiful bare foot. She had kicked off her new shoe underneath the table and was returning to the place she had done her damage. In no time at all she was back at his nutsack. She probed his throbbing nut with her big toe causing Jeff to wince. His pain just spurred her on. She latched on to his injured ball with her toes and squeezed. She stopped only when she saw a tear stream down Jeff’s face.

Running her foot upward she was surprised to feel Jeff’s cock still fairly rigid. She spread her toes apart and gripped his shaft between her big and second toes just as her mother returned with the fruit salad. As she moved her foot up and down his member, feeling it getting fuller with each stroke, she pulled a melon ball out of her dessert. Making sure Jeff was looking at her, she put it to her lips and gently kissed it. Jeff’s tongue nearly fell out of his head. Melissa continued stroking, faster now, and sucked the melon ball into her mouth. She rolled it around her tongue sucking out all of its juice. She knew Jeff was close to cumming now; she could feel his balls start to tense up under her soft heel. She pulled the ball out of her mouth and bit down hard, making Jeff gasp. Then, without warning, she yanked her foot away, leaving him moments away from fulfillment.

“I’m going to finish this in my room,” she said to her mother. “Wish we had some whipped cream though.” She winked at her frustrated brother, replaced her shoe and scurried off to her room leaving Jeff with his balls ready to explode. He could hear her laughter all the way to her room. Jeff sat at the table breathing deeply, his member still rock hard; his balls swelled with cum and still feeling the painful effects of his sister’s stiletto. He was relieved that his mother didn’t seem to notice that anything was ‘up’ and even more relieved when she finally left the kitchen. He gingerly pulled up his pants, cleared the table and went up to his room. Before he reached it, his sister stopped him in the hallway.

“No charge for the footjob, freak. I never finished. Wouldn’t want you to be... unsatisfied.” She grabbed his balls and gave them a quick squeeze, released them, then walked off laughing. Jeff stared at her legs and feet until she was out of sight then went to his room for the evening thinking about what he had gotten himself into.

The next day and evening went by uneventfully. Melissa all but ignored Jeff but he gawked at her every chance he could. One good thing about getting his fetish out in the open, he thought, was now he wouldn’t have to hide his love for his sister’s feet, at least not from her. He loved to watch her do anything with her feet, walking, crossing her legs, putting on or taking off shoes, even just stretching out on the living room couch. He used to sneak peeks at her whenever he could, trying his best to not be seen, but now that she knew, he felt it all right to ogle her perfect peds at any and all times.

Melissa, for her part, did nothing to discourage this. In fact quite the opposite. What would seem to the casual observer that she was ignoring Jeff, was in actuality a way for her to tease her perverted brother. She had always known he had some sort of sexual feelings for her. How could he not? She had caught him stealing glances at her before, but she figured he was looking at her pert breasts or round ass, like most of the guys at school. Now that she knew his sick little fantasies, she could tailor her teasing towards them (and get a nice paycheck for it too). She decided to make extra sure to be around Jeff more than normal, pretending to do chores or read or whatever, knowing he’d be watching her. Whenever possible she would be barefoot or in heels so he could fantasize to his heart’s desire. She figured the longer she could keep him excited the longer he’d keep the money flowing.

Thursday morning came and still Melissa had not kicked Jeff’s balls. He was beginning to wonder if she had forgotten about their agreement. He resolved to ask her about it when he got home from work that night. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom for a shower. The hot water felt soothing against his balls, which were now feeling much better than a few days ago. He got out of the shower and began toweling off. While drying off his hair he thought he heard the bathroom door open. Before he could get the towel off his face he felt Melissa’s knee come up hard into his unprotected groin. He immediately fell to the ground in intense pain. When he opened his eyes he saw Melissa’s ten little tootsies wriggling in front of his face. He stared at them as long as he could, recovering from his pain. Soon though, Melissa began tapping her foot impatiently and Jeff knew he’d better get up off the floor.

His eyes trailed slowly up his sister’s body as he raised himself up. She was wearing her almost sheer, powder blue nightie that seemed a couple of sizes too small for her. She had owned it since she was sixteen and it always excited Jeff when she wore it. The tightness of the garment accentuated her marvelously curvaceous body and it was cut so that it exposed nearly all of her long legs. Melissa knew it would drive him crazy and smiled appreciatively when she saw Jeff’s large member rise to greet her.

She grabbed onto the shaft and gripped it tightly. “That’s your second for the week. Do you want number three now or later?” she asked, an evil smile on her beautiful face.

“Uh, err, um... later would be fine...” replied Jeff. He was still reeling from the effects of her first blow and feared what another so soon would do to him.

“tough,” whispered Melissa. She jerked his dick up and out of the way then planted her knee into Jeff’s dangling sack. He lurched forward but was unable to fall to the ground while his sister kept an iron grip on his rod. She yanked him out into the hallway and let go of her hold. Jeff crumpled onto the soft carpeting into a fetal position and looked up at his sister. She towered over him with her hands on her hips, looking disgusted. She threw a small sip of paper down to him.

“I got you a little present. It’s a bus pass. I’ll be using your car from now on and I don’t want to have to wait for you to bring it home. Now you’d better hurry up and get ready for work. We wouldn’t want you to lose that job of yours.” Jeff just lay on the floor, clutching his injured testicles. “Oh, and tomorrow, a little surprise for you...” Jeff perked up slightly hearing this thinking he’d get another footjob or at least he would finally get to masturbate. (Melissa’s kicks weren’t the only thing swelling his balls.) Melissa turned on her heel, walked back into the bathroom and slammed the door in Jeff’s face. Hearing the shower starting, he crawled back to his room and managed, painfully, to get dressed and left for the bus stop.

He could barely keep his mind on his work the next day. His balls were throbbing with pain yet he felt a sense of relief at finally (possibly) being able to blow his load. He got out of work as soon as possible and rushed home (well, as fast as he could in the bus). He ran all the way home from the bus stop and burst in the door. Melissa was on the living room couch with her friend Kim, talking and laughing. A feeling of disappointment washed over Jeff; he wouldn’t be able to jerk off with Melissa’s friend there. When was she leaving?

Kim was Melissa’s best friend since junior high school. She was a petite blond, about 5’ 4” and maybe 100 pounds. She had always had a small crush on Jeff and Melissa knew it. Jeff, on the other hand, had pretty much ignored Kim, thinking of her only as her sister’s annoying friend. He had noticed in recent years how cute she had gotten but still wasn’t very interested in her.

“Jeff, come here!” his sister ordered him, angrily. Jeff walked over to the two giggling girls. They were both dressed in matching denim shorts and white T-shirts and were barefoot. Naturally Jeff’s eyes trailed down to his sister’s lovely toes. While looking, he noticed Kim’s small feet were as cute as the rest of her.

“See I told you!” Melissa shouted to Kim. “Less than a minute and he’s staring at our feet. You owe me five bucks.” Jeff was aghast. What else had his sister told Kim? He started to walk away, flushed with embarrassment, when Melissa grabbed his shirt.

“Where do you think you’re going? I didn’t give you permission to leave. You have work to do.” Jeff looked down at Melissa with puzzlement in his eyes. “I was talking with Kim and she thinks you’ve treated her badly throughout the years. I told her that was going to change today. Now apologize to her.”

“I-I’m sorry, I guess,” muttered Jeff almost imperceptibly.

“Oh, that wasn’t good enough and you know it,” said Melissa. “First of all, get on your knees when you’re begging forgiveness.” Jeff looked into his sister’s angry eyes then dutifully did what he was told.

“I’m sorry,” he stated, louder this time.

“That’s much better,” his sister continued. Now kiss her feet to show her you mean it. Jeff knew there was no use resisting and supplicated himself before Kim. He kissed each toe gently then attempted to sit up. Melissa’s foot pushed down on the back of his head, forcing him down again.

“I didn’t tell you to stop!” she said roughly. He began kissing again, a little harder now, and heard Kim’s high-pitched giggle. She wriggled her toes around as he continued to lavish kisses upon them.

“Oh my God!” Kim squealed. “I can’t believe he’s really doing it! You weren’t making it up! And he really let’s you kick him in the balls?”

“And pays me for it. He’d probably let you do it too. Want to?”

“I don’t know if I could; I’d feel so naughty. Besides I think he’s having enough fun down on the floor.” Melissa had lifted her foot off her brother’s head but he continued to kiss Kim’s delicate feet, licking in-between her toes. “He’s really quite good at this.” She wiggled her toes around with delight. “It must be nice having your own slave.”

“Oh, it is... but let me get in on some of that fun. Jeff, sit up!” Jeff did as he was told, kneeling before the two girls. “Massage my poor, tired feet!” He grasped her foot in his hands and began kneading it between his fingers.

“Hey I was just getting into it!” pouted Kim. “I don’t want him to stop now!” She leaned back on the couch and stretched out her leg. Rubbing the sole of her foot on his face, Jeff stuck out his tongue to lick it. Kim instantly shoved her foot into Jeff’s mouth as far as it would go. He sucked on it with wild abandon while still stroking Melissa’s fine foot.

Both girls moaned with pleasure and independently moved their free foot to Jeff’s crotch. As they expected, his member was fully engorged. They rubbed up and down in unison, bringing Jeff close to the brink while he slurped on Kim’s foot and gently squeezed Melissa’s.

Suddenly both girls kicked him onto his back on the floor. He looked up to see them both with their hands in their shorts, masturbating and groaning.

Kim screamed, “I want to see his cock!”

Melissa replied, “You heard her! Strip!” Jeff got out of his clothes as fast as he could, then laid on the floor, his cock standing straight up. Kim got up off the couch and shimmied out of her shorts. She walked over to Jeff and stood over his head, one foot on either side, facing his cock. She fingered herself over him then slowly bent down. Jeff stuck his tongue out as she did, aching for a taste of her. His tongue entered her moist pussy as her sweet ass covered his nose. She rode his face as his tongue flickered in and out of his mouth. He could barely hear her screams of ecstasy, his ears mostly covered by her writhing legs.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Yes! YES! YES! NOW! DO IT NOW!” she squealed. He tasted the flood of juices from her and knew she had cum. At the same moment he felt Melissa’s foot smash into his unprotected nutsack. Kim moved her groin all about Jeff’s face while Melissa kept her foot planted in his balls, pressing them against his body and the floor. Jeff’s cries of pain only served to stimulate Kim to another climax. Melissa pressed down one final time then let Jeff’s balls free. Kim sat for a moment, regaining her composure, then slowly slid off Jeff’s face. He immediately went to the fetal position, feeling his injured balls for damage.

“Oh my God, that was intense,” Kim said, still breathing deeply. She sat back down on the couch putting her shorts back on. “When I saw your foot go into his balls I got hotter than when he was eating me out. I felt his scream of pain when you did it. I’ve never had a better orgasm. He doesn’t look so good right now, but who cares? Shouldn’t we do something about him before your mother comes home?”

“I didn’t tell you?” asked Melissa. Kim looked back puzzled. “Mom went to visit dad on his business trip. She’ll be gone until late Sunday night. I’ve got the house all to myself. Well, me and numbnuts here, but he really doesn’t count, does he?” Both girls giggled at the possibilities; Jeff continued to groan in agony.

“You mean we have a slave all weekend?” Kim asked. “We can have him chauffeur us around, cook for us, clean up after us, take care of us? And all he requires is a kick in the balls? Count me in!”

“And don’t forget, he’s paying for it all too!” laughed Melissa boisterously. “Come on, let’s get changed so he can take us out to dinner. You’d better get dressed too, freak. We’re going to some place nice.” The girls stepped over Jeff’s prone form and skipped to Melissa’s room, snickering as they did.

Jeff lay on the floor until the sounds of their laughter died away then struggled to his feet. He walked slowly to his room, feeling every painful footstep. He got dressed in his best suit then went back out to the living room to wait for his sister and her friend. After over an hour of waiting, he drifted off to sleep.

He didn’t know how long he had been asleep when he was awakened by his sister’s loud “HEY!” He wearily opened his eyes and was greeted with a beautiful vision. The two girls, no, women, had changed for dinner and looked stunning. Kim was dressed in a low-cut, white evening gown that was slit on the side almost all the way up. She wore 3-inch high ivory pumps that matched her dress. Melissa was the perfect contrast, dressed in a black, knee-length cocktail dress held up by spaghetti straps. On her feet were 4-inch black patent leather stiletto heels that she ground impatiently into the thick carpeting.

“What the hell are you doing sleeping? We’re hungry! Let’s go!” she cried harshly, pulling him up out of his seat. They went out to Jeff’s car and got in, Jeff in the front, Melissa and Kim in the back. He truly was going to be their chauffeur tonight.

“Where are we going?” Jeff asked as nicely as he could.

“Just drive,” replied Melissa. “I’ll tell you how to get there.” He followed her directions and soon they found themselves at ‘La Belle Pied’, the most expensive French restaurant in town. Jeff got out of the car, then opened the door for the ladies, watching their legs as they exited.

Tonight is going to cost a bundle,” he thought. But I’ll be the envy of every man in there with these two on my arm. True to his thoughts, many heads turned when they walked in. Jeff was all smiles when the hostess asked, “Three for dinner?”

“No, just two,” responded Melissa before Jeff had time to say anything. “Our driver will wait in the car for us.” She turned to Jeff.

“We’ll come get you when we need you,” she said.

“Yeah... to pay the bill,” added Kim, chuckling. The girls followed the hostess to their table and Jeff went back out to the car. He sat alone in the car, his stomach growling, thinking about his situation, Melissa and Kim’s feet and hunger. Finally, over two hours later, he saw Kim emerge from the restaurant and walk over to the car.

“Your sister felt bad that you didn’t get anything to eat so she wanted me to ask you if you’d like to join us for dessert.” Jeff nearly vaulted out of the car. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast that morning and was starving. He followed Kim back into the restaurant and to their table. He was pulling a chair from an empty table and Melissa stopped him.

“Oh no, you won’t be sitting at the table with us,” she said with an evil glint in her eye. “Your dessert is down here.” She lifted up the edge of the tablecloth and Jeff saw a piece of chocolate cake on a plate on the floor below the table. He looked around the room nervously, hoping no one was watching him, then crawled underneath the table. There were no utensils so Jeff had to eat with his hands. He started to pick up the cake and Melissa kicked him in the ribcage.

“Not yet,” she whispered to him. “It’s not ready yet.” Jeff didn’t know what she was talking about; it looked fine to him. He got his answer soon enough. Melissa kicked off her pumps and stepped down hard on the cake. She squished it in-between her toes and all over her feet. When she had utterly destroyed the cake she presented her feet to Jeff. He needed no instructions; he began to lick the chocolate off his sister’s feet.

“And you’d better clean them good,” she hissed as she spread her toes for Jeff. He eagerly ate all the cake and frosting while Melissa casually crossed and uncrossed her legs and kept up a conversation with Kim. In no time at all her feet were as clean as a whistle. Jeff didn’t want to let this opportunity go, though. He continued to clean her supple feet with his tongue, taking care to suck each toe individually. Melissa knew what he was doing, of course, but decided to let her brother get his perverted thrills. Besides, it felt great.

Finally Melissa had had enough. She slipped her foot out of Jeff’s open mouth and back into her heels. She heard a sigh of disappointment from under the table and ordered Jeff to get up. There was chocolate all over his face and Melissa threw a napkin at him, disgusted. While he wiped himself clean Kim began rubbing his crotch with her hand. She traced the outline of his cock in his pants then grabbed his balls and squeezed them gently.

“Mmmm,” she cooed. “I want what you’ve got in your pants.” Jeff gulped. “Are you ready to give it to me?” Kim asked innocently. Jeff gulped again. She wanted it here? Now? In the middle of the restaurant? His balls were ready to burst and he figured he didn’t have anything to lose now.

“S-sure,” he stuttered out. Kim stood up and faced him. In her heels she seemed almost as tall as he was. She continued her rubbing.

“Oh yeah baby, give me what I need,” she whispered to him. Her hand slipped over to the side and into his pocket. She pulled out his wallet and, before he knew what was going on, took out his credit card. She sat back down at the table and both girls laughed at him. He just stood by the table, red-faced and flustered with a raging hard-on still swelling his pants. The waiter came by, took the card and pretended not to notice Jeff.

The threesome soon left the restaurant and Jeff was instructed to drive to a dance club. Although not much of a dancer himself, Jeff enjoyed watching Melissa and Kim dance the night away, their heels stomping on the hardwood floor. He mainly sat by himself at a table, staring at the two girls. After a good portion of the evening had passed Kim crooked a finger at Jeff, beckoning him to the dance floor. He sauntered out to her and began dancing with her.

She pulled him close to her and said, “I’ve been talking with Melissa and she thinks I could get on your payroll. And since you were so nice to me today at your house I decided to be nice to you tonight.” She grabbed him by the head and pulled him in for a kiss. He responded in kind, wrapping his tongue around hers. Suddenly, without warning, she pushed him away roughly. SMACK went her small hand against his cheek. The other dancers around them paused to watch the drama unfolding. Jeff looked at her dumbfounded, not knowing what he had done wrong. He raised his hand to feel his stinging cheek and never saw Kim’s kick coming. Her leg fully extended and the point of her white pump connected directly on his right nut. The onlooking crowd groaned and Jeff fell to his knees in front of Kim. He didn’t even have time to cover up before Kim leveled another shot at his groin, this time scoring on his shaft. Again the crowd groaned and winced.

Kim bent down and shouted into his ear, “Pervert! Don’t you ever do that again!” Then she whispered so that only he could hear, “Those were for free. Hope I passed the audition.” Moments later two large bouncers scooped Jeff off the floor and threw him out the front door. Jim crawled to the car and curled up in the back seat.

It was nearly morning when the girls finally exited the club. Jeff was asleep in a ball in the back of the car. Melissa reached in and squeezed Jeff’s injured balls until he woke with a start. She pulled at them until he squirmed out of the car.

“Time to drive us home, little boy,” she giggled, tipsy and tired. The two girls jumped into the back and Jeff went groggily to the driver’s seat. During the drive home the girls talked about the fun they had dancing and how tired their feet were. Melissa propped hers up on the back of Jeff’s seat and kicked off her pumps. One fell right into his lap causing him to flinch in pain. She laughed at that and shoved her foot in front of Jeff’s face. He could smell the sweat from her hours of dancing as she wiggled her toes in front of him.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she asked angrily. “Suck it! And do a good job!” Jeff accepted Melissa’s toes into his mouth. He winced at first at the salty taste of her sweaty feet but soon found himself enjoying the flavor. He sucked all of her toes into his mouth and ran his tongue in-between them.

“Mmmm, good boy,” she purred, petting the back of his head with her other foot. She began moving her foot in and out of his mouth, slowly at first but then more and more rapidly. He could hear her squeaks of delight from the back as she fucked his mouth with her foot and fingered herself in the backseat but he had to keep his eyes focused on the road. Finally she screamed, achieving an enormous orgasm. Jeff almost drove the car off the road yet somehow managed to keep control. Melissa cuddled with Kim in the back for the ride home.

When they got to the house Jeff was informed that Kim would be sleeping in his room and he was to use the couch in the living room. He gave Kim a footrub until she fell asleep (which didn’t take very long) then did the same for Melissa. He went to the living room and stripped down to his boxers. His balls ached from the evening’s events and he wondered if he had gotten in over his head. His sister was much more cruel and sadistic than he had thought and he never bargained on her bringing along her friend. On the other hand, he had never been more sexually excited in his life. He was able to openly adore Melissa’s feet and she was phenomenal at racking his balls. He fell asleep thinking he’d go on with it as long as could, physically and financially.

The next morning Jeff was forced to make breakfast for the two girls. He made bacon and eggs and was allowed to eat what little they left over off their feet under the table. He could still taste the sweat on them from the dancing the night before but ate every morsel he could find on their peds. Other than that the girls basically ignored him as they got ready to go out. They showered and dressed casually in shorts, T-shirts and tennis shoes. They laughed at Jeff’s disappointment went he saw their feet covered.

“Oh, don’t worry, you little freak,” said Melissa. “You’ll get to see a lot of these terrific tootsies today. Now hurry up and get ready. We’re going shopping.” Jeff hurriedly got dressed and drove them all to the mall. The first stop they made at the mall was the shoe store. The girls took turns trying on new shoes and teasing Jeff about what they would do to him.

“Ooh, these look brutal,” squealed Kim as she took a pair of red, 4 ½ inch spike heels off the rack. “I bet I could take you out of commission for a week with just one good shot to your balls. Help me get these on.” Jeff knelt before her and unlaced her sneakers. Kim jammed her feet into the pumps. It was a tight fit but she managed to get them on. She kicked her right foot into the air and rested it on Jeff’s shoulder.

“I like them. What do you think?” she asked Jeff. His eyes trailed up her leg and to the heel beside his head. He started to answer her but before he could she gave a quick little kick to his balls. Normally it wouldn’t have felt too bad but after the previous night any contact was painful. He coughed and Kim laughed.

“Yeah I thought you’d like ‘em too. I’ll take them. Give me some money.” He pulled out some cash and gave to her. She snatched it up quickly and skipped over to the cash register. Meanwhile Melissa had put on a pair of black platforms and was walking around testing the feel of them. She saw Jeff on his knees, still short of breath and gave him a kick in the back. He fell face forward onto the ground and she walked around his prone body. Jeff looked up to see his sister’s toes wiggling in the shoes above him.

“I think I’ll take these. Look at these chunky soles. I’ll bet I could just smash the hell out of your little eggs with these. How would you like that? How about I stomp your balls into a puddle of goo? No babies for the little eunuch boy.” Jeff was riveted, both at the viciousness of his sister’s threat and at the beauty of her feet. His erection strained uncomfortably inside his pants.

“Get up!” Melissa ordered. “You have to pay for these.” Jeff got off of the floor and reached into his pocket for more cash. Melissa, seeing his erection, cupped the front of his pants. “Oh, you like that idea, do you? The thought of me destroying your manhood gets you excited. Well maybe sometime in the future; you’re worth too much to me in one piece... for now.” She released him and went to the counter to make her purchase, leaving Jeff in a daze.

The girls shopped for a few more hours, spending more of Jeff’s money on make-up, perfume, lingerie and even lunch (of course, Jeff was not allowed to eat anything). Finally they started to get bored and sat down on a bench, making Jeff stand. They went through their bags checking out all the stuff they had gotten and an idea popped into Melissa’s head.

“You know what would feel great right now?” she said to Kim. “A foot massage.”

“Yeah,” Kim replied. “If only we had our own slave to do that for us.” They both smiled and stared at Jeff.

“No way,” he refused. “Not here. Not in public. I can’t.” The girls increased their glares and kicked off their new shoes. Jeff began to protest again but knew it would be meaningless. He looked down at their beautiful squirming feet and knew resistance was futile. He dropped to his knees, looked around hoping no one was looking, and began to rub their feet. As usual, the two girls enjoyed his attentions immensely and soon he forgot about the mall surrounding him, intent on his chore. His solitude was soon broken by a screech from behind him.

“Melissa! Kim!” came in stereo from a few feet away. “Is that you? We haven’t seen you since graduation.” Jeff looked up and saw Eva and Ava, Melissa’s twin cheerleading friends from high school and turned red from embarrassment. “Isn’t that Jeff?” one of them said to the other. “What is he doing?”

“Oh, Jeff gives the best footrubs. We just said we were tired and he volunteered. Would you like to try him?” offered Melissa.

“Umm, I don’t know. Isn’t that kinda weird? Getting a footrub from your brother? In public?” asked Eva.

“No way,” replied Kim. “It’s great. He’ll even suck on your toes if you want. Won’t you Jeff?” She put her foot up to his mouth and he reluctantly opened it. She stuck it in gently and he began to slurp on her tootsies.

“Ewww, that’s gross,” said Ava (although she was getting turned on by it). “How does he do that without gagging?”

“I don’t know, but I want to try it,” said Eva. She slid onto the bench by Kim and kicked off her heels. Jeff grasped her foot gingerly and began kneading it. He was amazed that it seemed all of Melissa’s friends had feet almost as perfect as hers.

“Oh my God!” Eva moaned. “You were right. He is good. Ava you have to try this.” Eva sat down next to her twin sister and soon was getting the same treatment. Without even thinking about what they were doing, the sisters presented their feet to Jeff at the same time. He opened his mouth wide to accommodate both of them and shortly his tongue was slithering around ten small toes in his mouth. Melissa and Kim looked on with big grins on their faces. Finally the twins had had enough. They replaced their shoes and thanked Melissa and Kim (pretty much ignoring Jeff).

Jeff stayed on the ground, not believing his luck. First his beautiful sister and now three of her gorgeous friends and he had been able to fondle and taste all of their feet. He wondered what it would take to get busted by Eva and Ava at the same time. Melissa grabbed Jeff by the hair and pulled him to his feet signaling that she was ready to leave.

They went outside to the parking garage and when they reached the car Jeff was stopped by Melissa.

“You did real good in there with Eva and Ava’s feet. I didn’t think you had it in you. So we decided to give you a little treat.” Before Jeff had any time to think what it could be he felt the point of Kim’s red spike make contact with his ballsack from behind him. The sharp tip felt like a red-hot poker in his groin and he fell to the ground in front of Melissa. She responded by putting her pump on Jeff’s chest and pushing him onto his back. Then, before he could cover himself, she savagely stomped the thick black heel down on his balls. Jeff howled in agony as she cruelly twisted her foot.

“You had a little too good of a time with the twins’ feet back there, didn’t you?” she demanded angrily. “Maybe you like their feet better than mine. Maybe I should pop your little nut right here to teach you who’s superior.” Even Kim was taken aback by Melissa’s violence but couldn’t help being turned on by the power she had over Jeff.

“n-no, please...” Jeff stuttered out, his eyes tearing up. Melissa ignored his plea and stamped down one more time. Jeff thought for sure she had splattered one of his balls; he was in such pain. Yet somehow it had not been squashed. Melissa finally relented and stepped off him. She walked over to his head and bent down. Jeff had never seen so much fury in her eyes before.

“Tell me who has the most spectacular feet in the world,” she demanded.

“y-you do,” Jeff choked through his tears.

Melissa stomped the ground near his face. “I didn’t hear you!” she shouted. “Whose feet are you in love with?”

“Yours! Yours, Goddess Melissa!” he managed to belt out.

“Good,” she said, her voice down to a normal tone. “You can think about that on your walk home.” She reached into his pockets and took his car keys and wallet. She walked away from her wounded brother and to the car. Kim decided to give a little pain before leaving as well. She walked onto Jeff’s torso, taking a few slow steps and making sure to grind her stiletto heels in a little. She followed with a quick step on his groin and then skipped over to the car. The last thing Jeff saw before blacking out from the pain was his car screeching out of the garage.

He was awakened sometime later by a security guard. When he was asked what had happened he managed to give a vague story that he had been mugged. He told the guard he never saw the mugger so he had no description or a reason for a police report. Although he was nervous and fidgety during the questioning eventually the guard allowed him to leave.

Every step on the 4-mile trek back to his house was torture. He tried to walk with a wide stance so his balls wouldn’t bump against his legs but it didn’t help much. It took him almost two hours to hobble home and when he arrived there was no sign of Melissa and Kim. He went to the kitchen to get an ice pack for his injuries. When he opened up the freezer he found a note from Melissa. It read, “I knew this would be the first place you’d come to. Guess I went a little far this afternoon. I’m not sorry but I do have a little gift for you. It’s on the kitchen table.”

Jeff turned around and saw a gift-wrapped package he had not noticed before. He opened it up and inside was a drinking glass. He was puzzled but upon further examination into the box he found another note. This one said, “I know your balls must be bursting since you haven’t cum all week (at least you’d better not have!) So your task for tonight is to fill this glass with your semen. Jack your little cock as much as you have to but I want it filled before morning. As an added bonus I left a videotape for you in the VCR. Have fun and don’t disappoint me. Love, Goddess Melissa.”

Jeff didn’t know how he would accomplish this demand. His balls were on fire and the last thing he wanted to do was beat off. He walked slowly to the living room and turned on the TV. He lay down on the couch and started up the VCR. It was Melissa. The camera panned down her body, past her legs and down to her bare feet. She wiggled her toes and Jeff felt his withered dick start to rise. The camera followed her as she moved about the house doing various things, walking, skipping, jumping and more. She would sit and cross and uncross her long legs. There were tight zoom-ins on her high arches and rounded heels. She would flex and point her feet and Jeff found himself pulling his pud despite the pain. She had made him the perfect tape showcasing her best feature.

Soon Jeff felt his injured balls start to clench and he was just about to shoot his load. He reached over to the end table, picked up the glass and came into it. It was pain and pleasure mixed as he released his pent-up spunk. He managed to fill the glass halfway but knew that wouldn’t be enough to please Melissa. He watched the tape over and over for the next few hours, each time squirting out less and less semen. Finally the glass was full. He left it on the kitchen table as a tribute and went to bed, exhausted.

He woke up the next morning to the sounds of Melissa’s boisterous laughter. She was seated on the foot of his bed watching his television. His eyes focused and he saw himself of the screen, jerking off. She had hidden a video camera the previous night to capture his tribute. Jeff was embarrassed at the humor she found in his humiliation and tried to cover his head with the sheets. The movement made Melissa aware Jeff was awake and she shut off the VCR.

“Guess your little stones didn’t get too badly bruised by us, did they, little brother? I knew you had it in you. You did good. Now time to get out of bed. I even got you breakfast.” Jeff’s head peaked out from beneath the covers. Melissa pounced on him, pinning his arms to the bed, her butt landing smack-dab on his rib cage. She reached over to his nightstand and picked up a glass. To his horror Jeff could see it was his semen-filled glass from the night before.

“Now open wide,” demanded Melissa. “You’re gonna need all the protein you can get today.” Jeff shook his head back-and-forth violently while his sister held the glass over his head. Melissa anticipated this and grabbed and held Jeff’s nose with her free hand. Soon Jeff was forced to open his mouth to breathe and she poured the goo in when he did.

“That a boy! Drink up, you’ll need all your strength for today,” she laughed cruelly. Jeff sputtered and gagged on the warm spooge but ended up swallowing a good portion of it. As he coughed and spat Melissa got up off his body.

“Okay here’s the deal,” she said as if nothing had just happened. “Mom called last night and said she’d be home at 5:00 tonight. It’s noon now; you slept through the morning. You will be my willing slave till 4:00 tonight and the last hour is all yours. Anything you want, footjob, kicks, sucking toes, your call. Agreed?” Jeff nodded his head. Whatever she put him through would be worth it for the one hour he’d be in charge and besides he’d done everything she asked all week anyway.

“Great. First of all get yourself cleaned up. I don’t want a filthy slave.” Jeff got out of bed and went to the bathroom for a shower. He began to soap himself up and was daydreaming about what he might have his sister do when the hot water suddenly turned cold. He turned and saw Melissa, her hand turning off the hot water.

“I did not give you permission to use my hot water! Slaves will clean themselves with cold water only. Now hurry up. You have many tasks to perform today and not much time to do them.” She stood in the bathroom watching Jeff finish his shower, making sure he didn’t try to turn the hot water on again. She paid particular close attention to watching Jeff’s balls, which condensed themselves into a tiny package due to the icy water. She thought that that must really hurt and she stifled a giggle.

Jeff hurried and finished, to please her and to get out of the cold. When he was done Melissa tossed him a small towel to dry off with. “Don’t waste your time getting dressed,” she said snidely. “I’ve decided you will be naked for the day. Your first task is to run me a nice, hot bath. Snap to it!”

He dried himself to the best of his ability and ran her bath. The steam from the water helped warm him a bit but not as much as the sight of his sister, nude in front of him. Her taut and tan body glistened from the moisture in the air and Jeff felt his chilled privates start to stir. Melissa sauntered over to him slowly then grasped his shrunken package.

“Don’t you even think about getting an erection unless I tell you to!” she glared at him. She released him and stepped gingerly into the tub. “Mmmm, this is nice,” she sighed as she lay down in the warm water. Jeff tried to avert his eyes, knowing the sight of his sister’s perfect body, legs and feet was sure to give him an erection. Melissa laughed at his attempt to avoid her.

“Get down on your knees, slave, and wash your mistress,” she ordered. Jeff obeyed diligently and soaped up a washcloth. He ran it gently across Melissa’s torso, trying not to think about her pert breasts and tight stomach. Down her body he went, lightly grazing her privates (which elicited a moan from her) and rubbing her strong thighs. Past her knees and down her calves he was able to keep himself from staring. But when he reached her feet, he knew he had to peek. Melissa was wiggling her toes out of the water and they glimmered in the bathroom light. The effect of the cold shower wore off immediately as blood rushed to his groin. Melissa smiled, watching Jeff’s shriveled cock rise, then feigned anger.

“Are you getting an erection? Sit up and let me see!” Jeff sat up on his knees and his dick sprang up over the edge of the tub. Surprisingly Melissa began to stroke it lightly, dripping warm water on it. Suddenly her soft hand turned into a fist and she slammed it down, squishing Jeff’s member onto the porcelain edge. Jeff howled and Melissa struck down one more time. “I guess you weren’t paying attention to what I said! Now stay there while I get out of this tub.” She stood up and Jeff barely noticed her body, glistening and wet, so intense was his pain. She lifted her right foot to step out of the water but instead of stepping onto the bathmat she planted her heel on Jeff’s shaft. She ground it into the porcelain then stepped out completely. For a moment her entire body weight was focused on flattening Jeff’s manhood. When she finally lifted her foot up, Jeff gasped a sigh of relief and collapsed into a ball on the floor. Melissa dried herself off deliberately, barely noticing the writhing form at her feet, then walked out to her room.

Jeff had just barely gotten to his feet when Melissa reappeared. She was dressed in a two-piece bathing suit similar to the one she had worn years ago. Jeff had never seen her in this one before and figured she must have purchased it the previous day.

“Oh good, you’re up,” she said as if nothing was wrong with him. “Time for breakfast. You already had yours, so it’s time for mine.” Jeff followed her to the kitchen and began to make her request of scrambled eggs and bacon. Several times the hissing fat splattered onto his unprotected groin causing him to flinch in pain. Of course Melissa watched him gleefully, snickering every time he winced. Jeff brought her food to the table. After eating for a few minutes Melissa spat out a mouthful angrily. She looked down at her plate then up at Jeff.

“What is this?” she asked incensed. Jeff peered down but could see nothing wrong. He shrugged his shoulders. “There are pieces of shell in my eggs!” Jeff bent over and looked but still could find nothing. “You know what your problem is, little brother? You don’t know how to crack eggs!” She grabbed one of his hanging testicles and squeezed it. Jeff gasped as she pulled him closer to the table, keeping a firm grip. She slammed his nut down on the tabletop then let go. He fell to the ground clutching at his package and moaning. She dumped the rest of the plate on top of him and stood up.

“Once you’ve finished cleaning up this mess, meet me at the pool. And don’t take all day!” Jeff, his eyes only half open, watched her walk out of the kitchen. When his breath finally came back to him he cleaned up the floor as best he could and went out to the patio. Melissa was stretched out on a lounge chair, sunning herself.

“It’s about time!” she pouted. “Now get over here and put some lotion on me.” Jeff trudged over and took the bottle from her outstretched hand. She flipped over and he began to apply the lotion to her back. Unintentionally he felt his battered cock begin to rise. Melissa knew what effect she would have on him and told him, “I give you permission to get an erection, little slave. But... you are not permitted to touch it.” Jeff was relieved he’d be spared another beating and continued spreading on the lotion. Her body, already fairly tan, shone in the afternoon sun. He eyed her up and down. She continually flexed her toes, knowing he was staring at them.

“That’s fine slave,” she said nonchalantly. “You will stand now, making sure not to block my sun, until I am done.” Jeff got off his knees and moved around his sister. The sunlight hit him directly in the face but he made sure there were no shadows on Melissa’s body.

Nearly an hour passed. Melissa felt content lying in the sun, turning her body now and then and teasing Jeff with her stretches and flexes. He maintained an erection for most of the time. Every time Melissa saw him start to falter she would make sure to do something to make him rise again. Yawning, rubbing her body, pointing her toes, all of it made Jeff’s cock go up and down like a slow moving yo-yo.

When she got bored she got up and told Jeff to wait there. She was going to take a quick shower and set something up then she’d be right back for him. Her ‘quick’ shower lasted another half an hour before she came outside again.

“Come on, don’t keep your mistress waiting!” He went back inside with her. “Wait a second,” she stopped suddenly. “I want to try something.” She slapped Jeff across the chest. It wasn’t a hard slap but Jeff felt the sting that could only mean one thing, a sunburn. The pain was strong but it wouldn’t be as bad as... SLAP! Too late he realized Melissa’s plan. She whacked his ruby red shaft and he was in agony. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Melissa laughed as she tortured him. “I bet you never thought you’d get a sunburn there!” she taunted. Involuntary tears welled up in his eyes from the pain and Melissa finally relented.

“Just had to check that,” she stated matter-of-factly, before continuing on to her room. When they reached it she ordered Jeff to lie down on the bed. He did as he was told, though every move he made caused him distress. When she told him to stretch out his arms and legs he did so without even thinking. In a flash Melissa was on top of him. She smothered his face with her ass and grabbed one of his arms then, a moment later, the other. When she got up his hands were handcuffed to the bedposts. While he struggled with those cuffs, Melissa quickly cuffed his ankles to the other bedposts.

“This is for your own good. We wouldn’t want you to move around a lot. You might get injured.” Jeff was getting frightened now. What could be next? Melissa ran out of the room but soon returned with something in her hands. Jeff tried to see what it was but couldn’t from his limited vantage point. She plopped down on the bed facing away from him. Gingerly she grasped his crimson cock and placed it on his stomach. Still Jeff had no idea what was going on. She slid one of her feet over to his face.

“Here. You can suck on this awhile. But if I feel you bite me, I swear to God I’ll kick your fucking teeth down your throat!” Jeff accepted the foot into his mouth and sucked on it lightly. It still had a lingering taste of cocoa butter from the suntan lotion. Soon Jeff heard an odd (yet familiar) sound and felt something cool and soothing on his scrotum. He couldn’t see what Melissa was doing until she raised the razor into the air.

“I want my slave clean so I’m going to take all those nasty little hairs away.” Jeff began to panic. He started sweating but could do nothing; his sister had a blade in her hands, her foot wedged in his mouth and he was chained to the bed. Melissa commenced the shaving. With every stroke Jeff’s body tensed up. She worked very intricately, making sure that Jeff’s balls would be as bald as the day he was born. A few minutes later she was done. Not one nick or scratch. Jeff breathed a sigh of relief. Melissa reached under the bed and pulled out a bottle of clear liquid. She unscrewed the lid then poured it onto Jeff’s shorn sac. The vodka seared his already burnt flesh and he screamed. That is he tried to. Opening his mouth wider was just an invitation to Melissa to shove her foot in farther. She took a drink of the vodka while feeling her brother’s shrieks reverberate around her wiggling toes. She took another swig then spit it out onto his balls. Again he screamed. This time Melissa pulled her foot out to hear his wailing.

When Jeff finally quieted Melissa stood up on the bed over him. He was shaking in pain and fearful anticipation of his sister’s next assault. She effortlessly kicked his shaft onto his stomach and stepped down on it. She applied most of her body weight onto it causing Jeff to grimace. Then she let up a bit and commenced moving her foot up and down his rosy rod. Soon all the thoughts of pain were gone from Jeff’s mind (almost) as he reveled in the enjoyment Melissa’s talented foot was giving him. Her toes slipped around effortlessly on his slippery, alcohol-soaked member. He was able to crane his neck and watch her as she expertly manipulated the engorged purple head of his cock with her supple toes. Even though he could still feel the pain from the sunburn and abuse the pleasure she provided overwhelmed him. He shot his load all over his stomach and chest and Melissa smiled and took away her sticky foot.

Jeff lay on the bed breathing hard. He looked over at the clock. It was 3:30, almost time for him to be the one giving the orders. Melissa stepped off the bed and walked over to her closet. She had noticed the clock as well. Out of the sight of Jeff she stripped off her bikini and started to change her clothes.

“Almost time, hunh, little brother?” she stated while putting on a white sleeveless dress. “I bet you’re thinking about all sorts of things for me to do.” She slipped her feet into a pair of matching white pumps. “Well I’ve got one more surprise for you before the magic hour of 4:00.” She stepped out from behind her closet door and strolled back to the edge of the bed. She bent down and kissed Jeff’s balls lightly then walked onto the foot of the bed between his legs.

“You see, I played a little trick on you. When 4:00 comes I’m not going to be here.” She danced around a bit on the bed and continued. “We’ve had a great week together, profitable and fun for me, excruciatingly painful for you. But now the week is over, my obligations were fulfilled and I have no more need for you. And just for fun, I’m going to leave you here when I go out. You’ll have two choices. Either you lie here and wait for me to return or you can yell for your mommy when she gets here.” She tossed the handcuff keys on the nightstand next to the bed. “Of course you’ll have to explain to her why you’re in your beautiful sister’s bed, manacled and covered in vodka and cum. As an added bonus I’ll leave my foot video running to keep you company.”

“Oh and by the way, I’ll be expecting next week’s five hundred bucks as soon as you get home from work. That is unless you can stand living without this.” She bent her knee and went for a shot to Jeff’s balls. Jeff gritted his teeth but she stopped short, laughing. “Sorry baby, your meter’s expired. No more freebies.” She turned to leave the bed then said, “Ah, what the hell!” Quickly turning back, she leveled a fierce kick to his nads. The point of her pump connected squarely, slamming his nuts hard against his body. While Jeff wailed, she skipped off the bed. She placed the tape in the VCR, turned it on and then headed for the door. She blew Jeff a kiss and walked out, slamming the door behind her.

Jeff lay in bed, short breaths coming from his chest, his entire groin in tremendous anguish. He knew he couldn’t yell for his mother. There was no way he could explain this. He would just have to lay there and hope Melissa came home before their mother decided to come looking for her in her room. He shifted his head to view Melissa’s foot video and felt his cock starting to stiffen despite the battering it had taken. Soon he drifted into slumber dreaming of Melissa’s feet and the greatest week of his life.