Friday, August 10, 2007

Teaching the Teacher (part 1)

By rocketeer

It was Joe's first job. He was 24, fresh out of college and new to the teaching field. He had short hair, wore contacts and was now the new History teacher for 11th and 12th graders in the high school. What Joe lacked in experience, he compensated for with ambition. It was late in August, a week before Labor Day and classes had just begun. Being the first week of school, Joe was a little nervous. Just five years earlier he had been a high school student. Back then he was athletic, lettering in field and football. He was also academically inclined but didn't get involved with many girls. Throughout college, his athletic physique disappeared, replaced by more average features.

Joe had every intention of being the best possible teacher. On the first day, he encouraged students to have open lines of communication and he divulged his e-mail address as well as his home phone number to the students, so they could contact him whenever they had a question or needed help. Joe lived in a nice suburb. He rented a house and didn't have to share with any other renters. The neighborhood was quiet. There were a few students of his that lived in the neighborhood, but he rarely saw them out of the classroom as he often stayed late at school and kept to himself at home. Most students liked him as a teacher. He was fair and at the very least tried to keep interest. While Joe was teaching, his mind would often drift as he looked at his students. In his mind, Joe was evaluating the female students, noticing how often they wore short skirts, tight shirts and blouses, etc. This was not a conscious thing but Joe had no girlfriend, although he did occasionally date.

One day after school had let out, one of his students came seeking some help. She was Teya, an athletic looking student. She was one of those students who, although wasn't in any sports, looked as if she spent some time in the gym. She wore a black skirt separated from platform sandals by two smooth, long legs. Up top she covered her moderate cleavage with a bra under a petite top. She expressed concern to Joe about her first test grade, which was less than favorable. She asked if he would be available to help her study. He suggested she talk to the tutor but she dismissed the idea because she wasn't available during the tutor's hours. Knowing that she lived just a short distance from the teacher, Teya asked if she could come to his house later that night. Although Joe felt a slight sinking feeling about the situation he was always open and thought it would be ok. He agreed. The night that she requested was a Friday.

Joe had gathered some material to go over and was expecting her when the doorbell rang around 6:30. Teya was wearing the same outfit as earlier and Joe had lost his shirt in favor of a favorite tee, but was still adorning the khakis he had worn to class. Joe asked Teya in and offered her a seat. Joe's living room was far from luxurious but it did have the comforts of a couch and a few old chairs. Joe sat on a chair and Teya chose the couch. Joe noticed how Teya's golden hair was no longer up as it had been earlier, but was let loose. Joe asked Teya what she thought she needed the most help in. Teya gave a long account of how difficult she thought the material was throughout the class.

While she was talking, Joe noticed how Teya had crossed her legs and one foot kept rotating in little circles. Teya had nice feet. Joe noticed how smooth and flawless they were. The nails were painted red and looked like they had been meticulously maintained. He then moved his eyes upward and followed her shapely legs as they disappeared under the short material that made up her skirt. Teya's swinging foot gently grazed Joe’s leg, which was closest to her. This awoke him from his fixation, but already Joe felt a little movement between his spread legs.

Teya continued talking, but then upon noticing a bulge in Joe's pants expressed disgust saying, "Eww, what the hell is that? I'm trying to get help and you’re thinking about sex!" She jumped up. "What is the principal gonna think about that?" Joe gulped. A student, at his house on a Friday night, reporting him, a new teacher, having problems controlling himself. That wouldn't be good.

"I'm sorry," Joe stammered, as he jumped up as well. "I couldn't help it! Please, don't tell!"

Teya thought for a minute, then calmed a bit. "Why not?” she said.

"Please, I'm new and on probation. I'll...I'll..."Joe tried to propose.

"I'll tell you what," Teya said, realizing the power of her position. "I'll forget the event… but as punishment for... that (she pointed to his crotch) you'll have to do what I say." Joe assumed her to be reasonable and didn't give any thought to his ‘yes’ reply. Then Teya ordered him to remove his pants. This sent up a red flag in Joe’s mind.

"What? Remove my pants?"

Teya replied, "Yes. I want to see exactly what you couldn't help." Joe reluctantly undid his belt and then let his slacks drop to the floor. Then he looked down. The penis that had originally been at full mast was now limp behind its white cover. "Drop them!" barked Teya. Joe took his briefs and pulled them down, exposing his hanging genitals. He felt really naked and wondered why he didn't protest. Why had he succumbed to this 11th grade girl?

"Spread your legs," she told him. He complied and moved his legs to just over shoulder length apart. "Put your hands on your waist," she ordered. He did. She reached her hand out and he felt the touch of her hand on his penis, gently stroking it. The once limp member was now receiving increased blood flow and was steadily growing. When it was sticking straight out, she stepped back then, in a quick instant, brought her white sandal up to his balls, crushing them between her foot and his pelvic bone. Joe felt a sharp pain cut throughout him and reside in his stomach and groin. He fell to the floor.

Teya then used Joe's belt to secure his hands behind him so he was no longer able to clench his throbbing balls.

"What's a matter teacher? Do you have a little pain in the ballsie-wallsies?" Teya asked. Then, to Joe's surprise, she slid off her panties and shoved them in his mouth, which was open in disbelief and pain. Then she took her foot and ground it into his swelling nuts, twisting as she applied force. Joe couldn't believe that feet that beautiful could hurt so much.

Teya then backed off, went to Joe's refrigerator and brought back a beer, which she promptly opened and began consuming. By this time Joe had calmed down, although his groin was still throbbing. Teya told him to get up and helped by grabbing one of his bound arms and pulling him up. She then set down her beer and grabbed a hold of his balls, which made him cringe. They were already noticeably swelled from the trauma they had received. She took a ball in each hand, squeezing and rolling them. They both were still intact, which meant she could have much more fun. Maybe she could have fun with history yet...

Losing a Bet (Part 1)

By rocketeer

It was a lovely spring day in April, and Joe was at work. Joe was 18, average build with short hair. He was working with a group of younger people, 2 15-year-old boys and a 14-year-old girl. The boys were named Nate and Jerry, and the 14-year-old girl was named Erin. Erin had an athletic build, not the most attractive by any standards, but no dog. Joe, being a few years older, was more or less in charge. He got along with everyone, yet he had no girlfriend. No particular reason, but none to speak of. The other 2 boys were in 10th grade and had girlfriends but they just screwed around. Erin had a boyfriend off and on as well.

On this day at work, the 2 younger boys were bragging about how much smarter and stronger boys are than girls. Erin argued the point with them, but to no avail. Joe listened in the background, just thinking about his secret desire to be dominated by girls. The argument was concluded by Erin threatening to kick Nate and Jerry in the balls. Joe just smiled.

Later when he was alone with Erin, Joe asked if Erin really thought that she could take on a male. She asked him what he meant by that. Joe kind of blushed, as he asked if she wanted to make a wager regarding her kicking someone in the nuts. She confidently said she could take anyone out by kicking them in the balls.

Joe said, "I'll bet you that you can't take me to the floor with one kick." She said she would bet. Later they talked, and made arrangements to meet at Erin's house. Joe agreed to let Erin bring her friend Sarah to watch.

When Joe got to Erin's house, he was wearing boxers under a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Erin let him in and they started to make rules while Sarah was on her way. Joe asked what Erin wanted to wager.

She was unsure, so he said, "If you kick me and I hit ground or go to knees, I'll be your slave for two hours but if I can take your kick, you owe me $20.” Erin agreed then Joe said, "And of course you’re kicking barefoot."

Erin said, "No! I'll need shoes."

Joe said, "If you put on a short skirt and nude colored pantyhose, I'll let you use platform sandals."

"Okay," Erin replied. When Sarah arrived a short time later, Erin was changed and Joe was nervously awaiting his punishment. Sarah helped Erin move the coffee table where the kick would take place. Then they were ready. Sarah told Joe to remove his sweats for the kick. Joe nervously agreed and slid them off to reveal his boxers, allowing his sack to hang loosely inside. Then Sarah told Joe from the couch to help Erin find his nuts. Erin and Sarah laughed as Joe took Erin's hand and held it tight against his the outside of his boxers outlining the shape and location of his sack. Then he spread his legs, and put his hands behind his back.

Erin took a step back and then let her foot fly. Her white platform sandal (5-inch heel) hit Joe square in the nuts and a second later he was on the ground, sucking air and clutching his now swelling testes. Joe rolled over unto his stomach and Erin came from behind kicking her left foot up between his legs and into his cupped hands, saying "Now that you’re our slave for two hours, you better get used to aching balls."

Joe groaned. The feeling of a fourteen-year-old girl catching him directly in the balls wasn't quite what he was expecting. All he could do was roll on the ground and moan. Sarah, who was now sprawled out on the couch thought it was hilarious as she let out a roar of laughter.

"Hmmm, what should we have our slave do now?" Erin asked. "First I think we should see what kind of damage you’ve done up close! The girls waited a minute while Joe recovered a bit. Erin ordered him to stand up. Reluctantly he did get to his feet.

"You did agree to be our slave for a full two hours didn't you?" Erin asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Joe replied.

"And you're gonna follow through, right?"

"Fine," Joe replied.

Erin walked up to Sarah and, covering her mouth so Joe couldn't hear or make out what she was saying, whispered something to Sarah. Sarah smiled and ran off, only to return a minute later with something behind her back, something that Joe couldn't see. Erin then turned her attention to the bulge that she noticed in front of Joe's boxers.

"A little excited aren't you?" Erin asked. Joe just covered it with his hand and blushed.

"Since you are our slave, we want you to do something," Erin started. "See, neither Sarah or I have seen a naked man, well besides a young kid. We used to make Sarah's brother strip for us. Now that we have you, we want to see what you have."

Joe turned a new shade of red as he stammered, "But, but, I..."

"Must and Will!" Erin demanded. Joe gave up. How bad could it be? He did kind of fantasize about being under the influence of females anyway.

Erin walked up to him and placed her hands in the waistband of Joe's boxers. Joe kind of shivered, as he was not used to a girl's touch. Joe's erection grew even more and Sarah again let out a chuckle. Erin lowered the boxers real slow, letting her hand caress the side of Joe's penis as the cotton material pressed against the springy member Joe was displaying. As the waistband cleared the head of the dick, it sprang back at attention. Then Erin dropped the boxers and let them slide down to Joe's ankles.

Joe swallowed hard as he realized he was completely naked in front of two 14-year-old females, yet he had a raging erection. Erin then reached out and grabbed Joe's left testicle, rolling it in her hand. It was slightly swollen from her kick, but not terribly discolored. Sarah walked up, and, with one hand still behind her back, started playing with Joe's right testicle. Erin then told Joe to close his eyes. Without asking why, he did so. At this point, Sarah let go of his ball and backed away. Joe heard a click, and opened his eyes to see Sarah turning away to run with a camera in her hand.

"No!" Joe shouted as he stepped forward to run. Joe in the "excitement" of the moment forgot to step out of his boxers though, and came tumbling down. Erin took this opportunity to again step between Joe’s legs and started putting pressure on his balls.

"Oww-stop-get-off!" Joe squealed.

"Take it easy, before I ruin your little ballsies. Sarah and I just want insurance that you will comply. That's a digital camera and Sarah is downloading the pics that she will send to her e-mail and mine. No one else’s as long as you do what we tell you."

Joe just rested his head on the floor. He knew he had been scammed by two 14-year-old girls. His fantasy didn't involve blackmail or what was about to cum.

Sarah came back a few minutes later with a look of satisfaction on her face. Erin lifted her foot up releasing the pressure on Joe's nuts so he could get up. Joe knew there was no way out now.

"Alright," Erin said. "Follow me." Erin led Joe into a bathroom with Sarah following up the rear. Erin turned on the bathtub water, and then reached into a drawer under the sink and removed a women's razor and some shaving gel, probably belonging to her father.

"We want you smooth as a baby so we can play with you easier," she said. Joe looked down at his now limp member and stepped into the tub. He took the razor and lathered the gel. While both girls looked on, Joe carefully shaved his pubic area so that both his balls were smooth and visible. After rinsing in the hot water that was accumulating in the tub, he stepped out. Then the girls led him out into the living room and admired his work.

"Now we want you to do jumping jacks, until we tell you to stop!" Sarah ordered. Joe started to comply, his balls flopping painfully around and his dick bouncing up and down. Both girls laughed.

Then Sarah said, "Erin, since you already had a chance to rack him in the nuts, isn't it my turn?" Erin agreed, and Joe was told to stop and spread his legs. Sarah, who was the same age as Erin, was much more attractive. For being so young, she had a well-developed chest and more shapely legs than others her age. Her hair was brown and she was wearing a baby tee and a pair of short Umbro soccer shorts. From the looks of it, Joe thought she must have been tanning a lot, as her complexion was dark for the spring season. Sarah first fumbled with Joe’s balls to awaken his now swelling cock. Under any other circumstance, Joe would have loved to feel a girl's delicate touch on his favorite parts, but he knew the pleasure would be short lived.

Sarah took one step back and lifted her foot up, teasing Joe’s balls with her red painted toes. A little trickle was making its way down from Joe's urethra, and Sarah used her big toe to wipe it. Then she stepped back again and this time kicked up her foot catching Joe’s left nut against his crotch. She could feel the target as it pushed between her toes. She could feel herself getting wet in her cotton panties.

Joe dropped like a rock, wailing as he rolled around. At this point, Erin had an idea. She took off her pantyhose from under her skirt and used them to restrain Joe’s hands behind his back so he would stop covering his nuts. Although he didn't cooperate, he wasn't up to the task of putting up a fight.

"Wow! That felt great!" Sarah said. "If I would have known that kicking balls was sooo fun my brother wouldn't have any right now!"

"Remember what we used to do with spoons?" Erin inquired.

"Yeah, let’s try that for old time's sake" Sarah replied. Erin ran into the kitchen and grabbed two spoons, handing one to Sarah on the way back. Both girls grabbed an arm and together yanked Joe back to his feet. While Sarah held him steady, Erin walked in front of him and kicked his legs out to spread them wider. Then she squatted down in front of him and since she had removed her pantyhose to bind Joe's arms and she hadn't been wearing panties, Joe could see her bush as her short skirt hiked up. This caused his cock to rise that much more. Erin rubbed the spoon across it and then focused her attention on his balls. Using the back end of the spoon, Erin flicked her wrist and the spoon, causing it to strike the right testicle and causing Joe to jerk. She did this a few times, each time a little more aggressive then the last and each time causing Joe to jerk. Then she traded places with Sarah.

After Sarah had had her fill, Sarah asked Erin is she wanted to grab a bite to eat, as she was a little hungry and wanted to "cool down". Erin agreed and asked what they should do with Joe while they stepped out. Sarah told Erin to get a nylon cord. Erin walked out to the garage and then came back with about 25 feet of nylon cord. Sarah led Joe into the basement where one end of the cord Sarah used to tightly wrap his sack up and using the other end secured him to a beam so that any movement would mean a severe pull on his balls. With his hands still secured with (wet) pantyhose, the two vixens left, one still wearing no panties and a miniskirt.

My Friend’s Mom

By RNGR546

I have a bunch of stories. Almost all of them were this year. Most of them over the summer. I'm not sure if it's me, the girls and women I know like hitting me in the nuts, or I'm just in the wrong place at the wrong time always. Some of them I definitely deserved. I don't want to send you all of them now so I just picked one of them at random, email me back and I'll send you the rest. This one happened over this summer.

I was friends with this kid for years since we were very little. He is German and his and his mom moved here after his dad died. His mom was very secure with her looks as she definitely should be. I'm surprised my friend never got paranoid about his mom being too hot. She had brownish-red hair that was short and she kind of curled it up at the back and above the ears. She had brilliant blue eyes, great chest and stomach. She worked out at gyms so her figure was incredible. She never had a problem wearing skimpy two-piece swimsuits around the house and in the backyard. She had the greatest legs I've ever seen - long, and thin. She had muscular thighs and calves. Not too muscular like that wrestler Chyna, but perfect. She always had a perfect tan too. She would lay on a lounge chair in the yard reading or listening to the radio.

As we got older, my "best friend" and I developed differences. He was never reasonable and one day he wanted to play, listen to this, one-on-one tackle football on his front yard. Right away I said no. He started pushing me on each shoulder. I ended up throwing three punches and landing them perfectly on his cheek, eye and mouth. I ran home and we didn't talk since.

Then one day I was walking to a high school where I was supposed to meet some skateboarding friends. His house was right on the way since it was a couple blocks from mine. I saw his mom look through a missing post in an old dirty fence. She put her book down and opened up the fence. She was wearing a shiny gold two-piece bikini. I instantly got a boner and adjusted my pants and pulled down my shirt. I looked away from her, trying to pretend I didn't see her because she knew what happened that day.

She yelled a quick "hey" when she was a few feet away from me and I looked to her at my right. She reached out and grabbed my right hand with her left. I made a fist with it; exactly what she wanted me to do. She squeezed my hand and pain ran threw all my knuckles. As she looked at my hand she saw my huge boner. She used this to her advantage. She used her free right hand to smack me in the nuts. I let out a short "ahh". Before I could block her, she came up with her hand; not using her backhand anymore, smacked me again and quickly wrapped her hand around my right testicle. She adjusted her grip and got the other and squeezed hard. I never imagined a woman with her looks could inflict so much pain.

I grabbed her wrist and she squeezed harder so I quickly let go. She held this position for a few seconds then let go and grabbed my other hand. She started talking but my nuts and stomach hurt so much I couldn’t get everything she said. All I heard was, "I know it was you. He told me."

I knew what this was about already, but this proved it. She had perfect aim at my balls due to my boner and with incredible power she drove her knee straight into my balls. I fell straight over backwards and, since she was still grasping my fists, she came down with me.

She pushed my wrists to the ground and put her knee on my groin. She was pushing one of my nuts to the ground with most of her weight. She stayed there for a little while. All the time I was hoping for a neighbor or a car to show up.

Then she said, "Now do what I say and you can have your nuts back. Don’t try telling anyone about this or I will have you arrested for sexual harassment.”

I said, "What?"

She leaned forward, putting more weight on my testicle and looked me right in the face and said, "Who are they gonna believe me... or you?" She was right; I was only thirteen. Then she added, "Who's the one with the boner and cum stain on his pants?" I looked down and she was exactly right. Then she said with a smile, "Okay." She gave my testicle one last push then got up.

As she started to walk away I rolled into a ball holding my nuts and my stomach and exhaled out a "fuck you." She wasn't supposed to hear this and she turned around and took a step towards me. I was completely intimidated by her now and quickly blurted out the first thing that came to mind - "Thank you".

She smiled and said, "You’re welcome."

I laid there for probably twenty minutes thinking, "Man I could have at least grabbed her breast or got something. That was my only chance," and about saying thanks. As I lay there in the worst pain in my life I finally got up and managed to run home to my empty house.

The first time...

by raymond75

Although many guys enjoy the fantasy of getting their nutsack worked over, few ever get to live it out with a woman that understands and is careful enough to act out the game safely. I am fortunate that I have been in that position several times in the past and it is always a thrill.

I had been dating Karen for several months when we finally made the relationship into one that included serious fucking! After the first heady weeks, we relaxed enough to begin to discuss some of our favorite turn-ons.

Any fellow that is into ball busting knows how incredibly difficult it is to talk about our curious fetish. But, if you are like me, eventually the urge becomes so overpowering that the subject must be discussed.

My girlfriend and I began a fuck session one evening and we were really going at the foreplay full steam. Plenty of cock sucking, pussy licking, rolling around, and laughing. Karen finally got to the point where she crawled between my spread legs and feverishly began to suck my throbbing dick. Karen was a great cocksucker and fully capable of deep-throating my 7 1/2 inch rod.

She began to lick my balls and took them into her mouth, gently. I don't know if my ball fetish stems from the fact that I have HUGE balls... easily each the size of a medium egg, but I've always enjoyed having them worked over... as Karen munched my nutsack I fantasized every imaginable torture being applied to my jewels! I was quiet out of my mind and moaning when Karen mistook my groan as a sign that she hurt my balls by sucking too hard (HA!) and she slightly pulled away and said, "I'm SO sorry!!! Did I hurt you?"

I IMMEDIATELY pushed her head back down to my testes and said, "OH NO!!!! That felt so good!" I was beside myself as to what to do or say next when she said, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

I knew I had to act fast if I was ever going to get a nut pounding from her so I said, "Oh you can't hurt me, I have really tough balls." Karen kind of laughed as she softly licked my plums. "Oh yeah?" she asked, giggling... at that point I *knew* her interest was peaked and she sucked a ball into her mouth none-too-carefully. I felt it and it tingled quite a bit but I HAD to get more from her while the iron (and my COCK!) was hot.

"Hmmmmmm!" I moaned a little louder, "that's nice!"

"I could bite them,” she teased.

"That would be fine!" I breathlessly whispered.

She took my left ball between her teeth and shook her head a little bit. She was really steaming as she came up to start kissing me hard on the mouth. Karen reached down and grabbed my balls with her right hand squeezing them. Her whole body convulsed as if she were crushing my nuts, but she only was gently cupping them.

As she did this, she said, "Ohhhh... I could just pop them!"

I finally had enough teasing and jumped off the bed pulling my naked girlfriend up along with me. We stood facing each other and I hugged her tightly as we kept passionately kissing. My cock was sticking straight out, think and purple, like some obscene sausage, my big nutsack dangled freely beneath.

"Karen," I began, "this is so difficult for me to say, I'm very excited, but embarrassed too."

She looked at me with her deep brown eyes and cocked her head a little with a shy smile. "I'll do anything for you sweetheart!"

"Well, this is a little weird..."

Karen laughed a little and said, "Ohh???" She kept smiling with I found very encouraging.

I took a deep breath and said it out loud. "I want you to kick me in the balls."

I can almost remember the look on her face. She was astonished, but really turned on. She reached down and grabbed my balls carefully and said, "but that would HURT you, wouldn't it?"

"Not if you are a little cautious, I can take it really! Just knee me and see how it feels."

Karen took a tentative step back and, still holding me by the balls, sized up the task. She removed her hand and gently brought her knee up to just under my sack, giving them a gentle tap. She hugged me again tightly, and then withdrew, holding me by the shoulders for balance. She again brought her knee up and gave me a firm thump to the bottom of my balls.

To my own surprise, I let out a grunt! Karen quickly hugged me again and squealed, "OH I HURT YOU I'm SORRY!!!"

"No no no!" I pleaded, "That didn't hurt at all! It was GREAT! Please do it again."

Karen stepped back again and delivered three knees to my balls. Two with her right knee and then one with the left. As she kneed my testicles, I enjoyed the bounce to her firm 20-year-old tits as the impact made them jiggle.

To my stupification, Karen said, "I like the way your balls bounce!" She then stepped back once more and really nailed me with a good knee shot. That one did hurt and I grabbed her and we both fell to the bed.

I threw her to her back and climbed between her legs, with ball pain urging me on, I slurped away at her cunt until she exploded in an orgasm.

We then lay together on the bed and eventually fell asleep, exhausted. I didn't get to cum until the next morning, and that story will wait until another time.


I hope this TRUE story encourages you to write about your ball busting experiences. Like you, I'm interested in other guys and gals (although too few of them exist!) who enjoy ball busting. Write your stories here, and I always look forward to email from BB fans.



by quester1

The lighted restaurant was empty except for Ellen, a strikingly beautiful woman with raven black hair, a trim hard body, and long, long, wonderfully gorgeous legs. Wearing a short black dress with black high-heeled shoes, she sat on a chair with her sexy legs crossed. Ellen was waiting for Phil, the restaurant's owner, to arrive. Phil had called Ellen, who worked as a food critic for a local paper, to his restaurant so they could discuss her negative review of his place.

Walking into the room, Phil walked swiftly toward Ellen. "Bitch!" he said with an angry look on his face, "I didn't call you here to talk about your lousy review. I called you here to batter your pretty face to a fucking pulp!" Moving in on her, he grabbed her hair with his left as he cocked back his right fist to punch her in the face.

Still sitting with her legs crossed, Ellen quickly aimed a powerful kick between Phil's legs with her top leg. Her hard instep connected solidly with his balls before he could throw his punch. Moaning loudly in agony, Phil released Ellen's hair and doubled over. With pain shooting through his body from his groin, Phil was not sure he understood what had just happened.

Without moving from her chair or changing her position, a calm Ellen reached out with both hands and grabbed the doubled-over and moaning Phil by the hair. She pulled his head toward her and positioned his face directly above her lovely knee. Still holding him by the hair with both hands, Ellen lifted the head up as high as she could and brought it down hard against her knee. The power of the blow broke Phil's nose. Stunned and bloodied, Phil fell backward to the floor. As he struggled to stand up, Phil looked at Ellen, who was still calmly sitting in her chair. She seemed amused with the trouble Phil was having regaining his footing. He couldn't believe that she was beating him in a fight without even standing up!

Pushing her beautiful hair back with one hand, Ellen rubbed her knee with the other. "We'll see what gets battered to a ‘fucking pulp' when this is over, wimp." she said. With that, she finally stood up. Hands on hips, she walked slowly toward Phil. The slowness allowed him time to stand up, though he remained unsteady on his feet. Desperate, Phil took two or three wild swings at Ellen. She dodged or blocked his awkward attempts to strike her. Before he could swing at her again, Ellen gave Phil a hard, backhand slap across his face that sent him reeling backwards against a wall.

The stinging blow put an abrupt end to his pitiful attempts to fight back. Walking up to Phil, Ellen placed her hands on his shoulders and pinned them to the wall. "Now you'll see what the ‘weaker sex' can do!” she chided with a sly grin. She then began delivering a series of hard blows to his nuts with her knee. Each time her knee struck his midsection, Ellen counted out the strike, "One ... two ... three...” Each count was followed by a grunt of exertion by Ellen and a shrill cry of pain by Phil.

When she got to six, Ellen took her hands off Phil's shoulders and let him crumple to the floor in an agonizing heap. As a floored Phil rolled back and forth on his back, wailing loudly in pain, Ellen stood over him and savored his suffering. "Ooohh! Did I hurt you?" she said in a teasing voice. She then reached down, grabbed his legs and held them up and apart like a wishbone.

", please!” Phil begged. Ignoring his cries, Ellen started to raise her foot to stomp on his balls a few times and finish him off. Before she could stomp on Phil's nuts, however, someone grabbed her from behind. Two of Phil's male employees had being working late in the kitchen. Hearing the noise of the fight, they walked into the restaurant. Seeing their boss in trouble, they decided to help out. One of the guys, Ed, held Ellen while the other, Tom, helped Phil to a chair.

Ellen was at first startled, but soon started to assess the new situation. "Let's see what we've got here,” she thought to herself. She didn't have to wait long.

"You're a scrappy little honey." Tom said, "You're gorgeous, too. Are we ever going to have fun with you!” Ed twisted Ellen's arm behind her back while Tom moved in front of her. "You sure did a number on the boss, Tough-girl. It's your turn to get battered now!" he said as he held his fists up to her face. He cupped his left hand under her chin to steady her head. "It's going to be a shame to mess up that pretty face," he said in mock concern.

Tom spread his legs apart and reared back his right fist to punch Ellen. Before he could hit her, however, Ellen unleashed a powerful kick to his groin. Her savage kick smashed his testicles so badly that Tom fell to his knees and pitched forward toward Ellen, dazed and delirious with pain. As he fell toward her, Ellen caught him in the face with her knee, smashing his cheekbone. Tom curled up on the floor with his hands grasping his nuts. He was definitely done for now.

Shocked by the ease with which Ellen dispatched Tom while being held, Ed loosened his grip on her arm. Sensing this, Ellen pulled her arm free. She then threw a wicked elbow to Ed's stomach, knocking the air out of him. Without turning around or losing momentum, she followed up with a jarring fist-strike to his jaw that stunned Ed and made his knees buckle. Finally, she brought her hand down between his legs, smacking his balls hard and grasping them tightly. "You've grabbed a tiger by the tail, dudes!” she said to a pounded Tom and a choking Ed. "Now I've got you by the balls. When I get through with you, you're going to wish you'd been born without them!" Still holding Ed by the jewels, she started dragging him toward the wall.

"I wasn't going to hurt you! Honest!” a repentant Ed protested as Ellen mercilessly pulled him forward.

Arriving at the wall, Ellen shoved Ed up against it and proceeded to knee his groin several times. After her fifth knee-strike she pulled Ed away from the wall by his hair and got ready to punish him some more. However, Ellen noticed that Tom had begun to recover. She grabbed Ed by his now swollen testicles and ball-marched him over to where Tom was trying to get up. "You boys don't give up, do you?" she said. "If you knew what's good for you, you'd stay down."

While still holding a moaning and pleading Ed by the balls, Ellen landed a solid kick to Tom's face that not only kept him from getting up, but busted his jaw and laid him out. As Tom laid on the floor spread eagle, Ellen gave him a finishing stomp between the legs. His body convulsed for a few seconds and then went limp. "One down, two to go." she said.

She then turned her attention to Ed, who was now crying quietly and not resisting her grasp on his balls. She released the balls, turned to face him and landed a powerful kick to his groin. Ed let out a loud grunt as his eyes rolled back in his eyelids. The force of the kick lifted him off the floor and doubled him over. Ellen then grabbed him by the hair and brought her knee up to meet his face with a sickening thud. For good measure, she straighten Ed up by his hair, gave him a goodnight wink, cocked back her right fist and unleashed a vicious sock to his jaw. She grinned with satisfaction as she saw his eyes glass over and watched him stagger around a few seconds before sinking to the floor for the long count. "Two down, one to go." she declared.

Ellen stood still momentarily to admire her handiwork. Her two vanquished opponent's faces sported cuts and bruised. The swollen bulges between their legs indicated that their balls had fared far worse than their faces. Not resisting the temptation, Ellen pulled down their pants. After gazing in satisfaction at the two bruised, bloodied, unconscious males lying before her, with their severely swollen and crunched testicles, her attention turned back to Phil.

Where was that coward? Looking around the room, she saw that he had partially recovered and was cowering in a corner. Hands on hips, she sauntered toward him. She stopped in the center of the room and beckoned to him with her finger. "Come to mama, little man. I have something for you," she teased. He didn't move. "Don't make me have to come over there to get you!” she threatened.

A scared and softly sobbing Phil moved toward Ellen. Unable to walk upright because of the swelling between his legs, he had to practically crawl to her on all fours. Finally arriving at Ellen's sexy yet deadly legs, he began to pleadd for mercy. "You win, Ellen, please!" he begged, "You've beat us! Please don't hurt me any more! You're too much for us! Please!" He threw his arms around her shapely legs and began kissing her feet.

"Why Phil," she said sweetly, "you don't expect me to not finish a job, do you?” Then her voice turned cold and foreboding, "I want to make sure that you and your boys never raise your hand to a woman again. If you do and I find out about it, I will find you and destroy whatever is left of your manhood after tonight." Ellen kicked Phil in the face, knocking him away.

"I'll never touch a woman again! I promise! Please! No more fighting! No more!" Phil cried. Ignoring his promises and pleas for mercy, Ellen grabbed Phil's legs and spread them apart. She violently stomped his balls two or three times. Phil's pleas and screaming grew louder.

Ellen released Phil's legs. He continued screaming and rolling back and forth on his back on the floor, trying to grasp his swollen crotch. Before he could, Ellen delivered a final ferocious kick to his balls, causing him to momentarily sit upright. Walking up to him, Ellen grabbed his hair with one hand to steady him and leave him in the sitting position. She then hit Phil's face with a brutal right cross. The sudden silence following the sound of her punch indicated to Ellen that Phil had finally gone to oblivion. "Three down, none to go", a satisfied Ellen said.

Ellen now pulled Phil's pants down and checked on his swollen scrotum. She had outdone herself with Phil. Placing her high-heeled foot on his vanquished crotch, Ellen held her fists in the air in victory. She dusted her hands in ceremonious triumph as she surveyed the limp, ball-busted male bodies around her. Ellen then executed a slow, sexy strut back to her table to retrieve her purse. She looked at her watch. There was still time to meet her boyfriend at his place. A peek in her compact mirror showed that she had barely ruffled her hair, though she had worked up a bit of a sweat that caused her make-up to run some. Her fists, knees and feet ached a little from distributing so much punishment.

No matter. There would be no going out tonight. The evening's activities had made her hot and Ellen and her boyfriend would be staying in. Her boyfriend will agree with that, if he knows what's good for him. Tonight Ellen was not going to take shit from any man! With one last look around to make sure that no one was in need of further services, she turned to the door and was gone.

A Tribute to Viagra

By pur-angst

This is my first attempt at a story. Let me know what you guys think. It came about one night while online and a girlfriend of mine asked me to tell her a story.

Once upon a time, there was a young man, about twenty or so, suffering the indignities of college. Now I know what you are thinking, "that's every twenty year old guy I know, who is in college." Yeah well, this boy wasn't right in the head. He liked different things. Forbidden things. Like all young men, he was raised on the violent life media portrays. But the classic male dominance quality is one he never accepted. Perhaps this is because he was raised by him mom, mostly, or his dad was a poor role model, either way, we'll leave that to Freud. This young man watched all the movies, and saw how women were objectified and used, and he didn't like it very much. He knew women were something much more than objects and should be worshipped, not used. Alas, women were raised watching the same films and TV shows, and were thrust into submissive roles. The young man in question was determined to make these women feel in control and free.

One of the ways that this young man showed the women that they were better than men was showing them how to hurt men. In fact, this guy liked being hurt by women. Not just a slap to the face or a punch in the gut. He liked to be kicked in the balls. He felt that allowing women to attack this most vulnerable part of his body allowed them to feel control. For the most part, it worked; however, many women would not hurt this nice young man. They had been taught by their dominated mothers and fathers that it was a bad thing to do. They were taught that it was only okay to put a man "in his place" if he were abusing or raping her. This young man's goal was to show them that violence doesn't always beget violence. Sometimes men need to be "put in their place" for simple things. Men, as a whole, this man decided, were poorly trained and thought they were God's gift to women. Women needed to be told and shown that men were not God's gift to them. Women are indeed god's gift to men. Even in the young man's formative years, the good old high school days, he had these ideas of female domination in his mind. At first he wasn't sure about these feelings. Of course they didn't seem normal, so he was quiet about them. The first few girlfriends he had were okay with his ideas of female dominance, but he never told them about how he liked to be hurt. He didn't think it was acceptable. But later on, he became more open about it, discussing it with his friends, and even some strangers.

Many of the girls he told about his ideas or asked to kick him in the groin were squeamish about it; they had all been told that it was wrong. Besides, he was a very sweet boy and they didn’t want to “hurt” him. Few women agreed to hurt him, even though they were nervous about causing serious damage. The young man was amazed by their reactions. When the girls realized that a solid kick to the balls or a strong grab and twist of the nuts didn't cause him to fall to his knees and puke like in the movies, they became fascinated by it. Some refused to do it in excess, as he had told them he "enjoyed it" to get them to do it and they didn't want to give him that sort of pleasure, a step in the right direction. The women were denying him pleasure, but it wasn’t exactly what the young man had hoped for. Others were okay with it; they liked being able to take their aggression out on a male target, without having to feel guilty about it. These women fueled the young man's fire and he was determined to find more women "practice" self-defense of sorts on him.

The young man actually did enjoy the act of being hurt, but it wasn't an immediate sexual enjoyment; it was a feeling of being controlled by women, being put in his place. The young man felt he owed the women of society the opportunity to inflict pain and control him as they had been mistreated, controlled, and dominated in the past by men. However, it got to the point where the young man could not enjoy himself with a woman unless she was dominating him. His favorite fantasy had become something that would make most men cry for their moms. He wanted to find someone to torture him, use him and ultimately… castrate him. Knowing the last part was a bit extreme; he would have to let that go. He didn’t necessarily want to; a man is more capable to serve women without his pesky balls and the ever-annoying sex-drive that comes with them.

The scene is as follows: he is tied spread eagle to a four-poster bed, naked. A woman wearing a robe and nothing else circles him and teases him for hours to the point of climax, never allowing him to orgasm. When she tires of this, she straddles him, squeezes his balls into her vagina, one by one, and places an elastic band around the base of his scrotum to prevent them from slipping out. The woman then, for a lack of a better word, fucks his balls, squeezing them with her pelvic muscles, ultimately hurting him with her pussy, her womanhood. After giving herself several orgasms with his nuts, she sits up on her knees and slowly lifts herself up, taking his balls with her. Slowly they begin to slide out, hurting the whole time, coming out with a wet *pop* sound. Then, the woman turns around in a sort of sixty-nine position, and smothers the man with her soaking pussy, ordering him to lick like he's never licked before. As an incentive, she grabs the young man by the balls and squeezes them when he's not doing his job. Finally, when she's done with him, she smacks his balls soundly and repeatedly, finally rewarding him with an amazing blowjob, snowballing him when she's done. Granted, the whole scene is a bit extravagant, but he was bound and determined to make it happen.

While in college, the young man went to various parties, looking for women who needed to be freed and allowed to control someone for the night. His one-night-stands were something different altogether and he always came prepared with his handcuffs. He preferred girls who were sober, but the intoxicated women were easier to talk to and convinced with ease. The young man and woman would find some place that was more or less private, and he would guide her, showing her how to knee a man and how to grab someone’s balls through the pants. The handcuffs were for the women to use on him, if they didn’t trust him. Quite frequently, the night ended with the two falling asleep together, the young man handcuffed and the woman holding his balls after she had forced him pleasure her for hours.

After a long while of party hopping, he met an amazing girl. She was nearly perfect, and she felt very similarly as he did. The night had been getting late, and he was just about to write this party off when he playfully smacked the ass of one of the women. The woman pulled him close and whispered, “you’d better watch yourself,” into his ear. He played innocent and asked her why, and she led him into a vacant room, and told him her story.

She had kicked men in the balls before, in high school, when they would tease her, and she didn’t feel bad about it at all. Once, in high school, when a boy grabbed her ass, she turned around, grabbed him by the balls and dragged him into the women's restroom. She pinned him up against the wall, cupped her hand over his mouth (not that he could say too much...) and whispered into his ear, "if you say anything about this, I will press sexual harassment charges, you got me?" He nodded that he understood. Then, to thoroughly teach him his lesson, she kneed him three times in the balls. Later, she told the young man, she found out she had ruptured his left testicle, which had to be removed. The young man couldn't believe his luck; he had struck gold. This woman was perfect for him. After hearing all this, he came clean with her and told her about everything.

She was very receptive, and incredibly willing. It took very little effort to get her to kick him, although she didn’t mind hurting men, she liked this young man and she was nervous after half-castrating the one boy. Still, the young man kept his fantasy to himself, the relationship was young yet; he didn't want to scare her off. Over the period of the relationship, the two bought toys off the internet, ball stretchers, chastity devices, gates of hell, etc. He was very impressed; he had bought toys before, but all the previous girlfriends freaked out when he asked them to use them. The only thing that was "universally" accepted, were his Smith and Wesson handcuffs, which are pretty standard and mild as far as kink is concerned. This girl was actually willing to shop and buy things for him. Her thoughts were that if she bought the toys then she had the right to use them, even if he did not want her to. Her favorite toy was the locking ball stretcher. Not too much of a stretcher, just a one inch band, small enough to be worn comfortably for days and kept his balls in a nice tight package, so she could hurt him with the slightest touch, which she did quite often, embarrassing the young man in public, quite frequently. And the device locked, so he was completely in her control, and constantly reminded who was superior.

As a man who worshipped women, he loved to please them. In fact he *loved* to go down on women, he even preferred eating women to getting head. His girlfriend (they were officially together now) *loved* to be eaten as well, and she loved forcing men to eat her. One day, when she was sitting on his face, he guided her hands down to his groin, hoping to live out some of his fantasy. She began stroking his cock, which was not exactly what he intended, but he wasn't about to argue. Then, out of nowhere, she slapped his locked up balls with an open hand. The young man attempted to curl up into a ball (there are just some instincts/reactions you can't get rid of...) but she was sitting on his face, so it was a failed attempt. He sort of asked her what that was about, speaking as clearly as he could with his face buried in her pussy. She replied, telling him that she was not about to please him, this was *her* time. She slapped him again, for reacting to the blow, and cuffed his hands to the corners of the bed, to prevent it from happening again. The young man was in heaven; it seemed as though his fantasy was partly coming true.

He had stopped licking on account of being so stunned and blissful and he realized she was squeezing his balls very roughly. Immediately, he began licking as best he could, while occasionally receiving a strong squeeze from the woman. Finally satisfied, she gave his balls one last slap and un-cuffed him and laid down next to him. The man was at a loss for words, he just held her close, and whispered his fantasy in her ear.

She just smiled and said, "I knew you'd like it." The young man was definitely in heaven. He got up straddled her and kissed her all over. He rubbed his cock on her thigh and belly; he was so incredibly aroused and couldn’t really control himself. Eventually, his dick found its destination and he put it inside her, hoping to get himself off. The woman reacted quickly and violently, rolling him over onto his back, removing his dick from inside her, and kneed him rather hard in his constrained balls. She told him that if he ever thought about doing that again, she would cut his balls off and fry them. She would be the only one in the relationship to initiate sex. The young man nodded meekly and she slapped his balls hard, once again mounting his face, ordering him to please her. To be fair, she finally gave him a blowjob, relieving his sexual tension. Then she kissed him and pushed his cum into his own mouth, causing him to gag. "Thank you," he said quietly.

Life went on normally for a month or so after this incident, having fucking around as usual, but nothing as amazing as what happened that night. The young man came back to his room one night after his class, and found his girlfriend sitting, waiting for him in a black and white checkered robe.

"Strip," she said, and he obeyed. He walked over to her, completely naked and she reached up and pulled him down to his knees with his balls. She spread her legs and moved his face into her lap; the young man licked happily, loving the taste of his girlfriend’s vagina. She grabbed his constrained balls and got out of her chair, pulled him to his feet and led him to the bed. Then she pushed him down onto the bed, violently slapped his balls, handcuffed him to the headboard and shackled his legs to the end of the bed. "Time to live out your fantasy, babe," she whispered in his ear.

She sat next to him on the bed and kissed him, forcing a pill of Viagra into his mouth. After watching him swallow it, she straddled him and began fucking him, slowing down when the young man's breath got shallow, a telltale sign he was about to orgasm. She kept this up for a solid half-hour, waiting for the Viagra to work its magic and, of course, not allowing him to orgasm until she had had at least three herself. Finally, she let the young man climax. She pulled herself off his cock and mounted his face, ordering him to lick up and suck out every last drop of his come. She grabbed his balls, gave them a rough twist and squeeze and said "all of it," squeezing harder for added emphasis.

She pleased him for hours, and hurt him as well… thank god for Viagra. When she was through teasing him and he had a record case of blue balls, it was her turn to be pleased. She unlocked her ball stretcher and let his balls free for a just a little bit. She applied a healthy amount of KY to his balls and slid them into her warm pussy, one at a time, as it was not large enough for both of them. When they were secure, she locked the ball stretcher in place and began fucking the hell out of his balls, bouncing up and down and contracting her vaginal muscles, squeezing the life out her captured jewels. She had given herself another two orgasms by the time she decided to stop and slowly pop the balls out of her pussy. The young man writhed in pain; the pain was incredible, and all being inflicted by her womanhood. The woman pulled her jewel case off the nightstand and placed a healthy amount of Ben-Gay in it before locking the young man's cock and balls in it. She then kissed the tip of the jewel case and the young man's forehead before turning around and pushing her pussy into his face. The young man had never seen her so wet before, it was incredible; he licked her with an amazing fervor, as if someone were holding a match under his groin, oh wait, that's just the Ben-Gay. After having three more orgasms, the woman got up and removed the jewel case. She stroked his rock-hard cock (Viagra or testosterone, you decide...) making the Ben-Gay burn even more and once again stopping when at the approach of climax. The young man usually didn't mind blue balls, but they were really starting to hurt now. Slowly the woman cleaned off his penis and "washed" it with a Handi-Wipe, careful not to let the man come.

When she was satisfied, she resumed her position on his face and squeezed the life out of his balls, encouraging him to do his job. Again, she was still amazingly wet, and she tasted incredible, he couldn't recall her ever tasting *this* good before, she was turned on like he had never seen her before. An hour later, the woman allowed him to stop; he was exhausted, and his balls hurt like hell, not being able to keep up with her needs for the last forty minutes or so. And he was still hard, god-bless Viagra. Then, she dropped the bomb.

"I am going to go down on you for twenty minutes, or until you come, whichever happens first. If you come, I *will* castrate you." the young man froze like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming car. The slightest touch could make him shoot his load; there was no way he would last twenty minutes.

He looked pleadingly into her eyes, and said, "No, please, I can't do it."

She grabbed his balls and squeezed, "I know. That’s the point." The young man was helpless. He begged, but she just said no, besides, he'd be able to devote his full attention to her needs now, she said.

"Quickly or slowly?" she asked.

"Quickly, please."

"Slowly it is," she said, with a wicked glint in her eye. The woman set the timer for twenty minutes and got down to business. Five minutes into it, the young man was gasping like a fish on land, struggling to hold it at bay. The woman slowed down, realizing she had a good ten minutes left to torment him, letting him think he might win this battle. The timer got down to four minutes, twenty seconds and the man was sighing with relief, thinking he could make it. The woman stopped and looked at him, sneering evilly. She stopped for a full minute, and then went down again. She grabbed his balls in her hands and rolled them around slowly, then squeezed them really hard. She finished him off with about twenty seconds to spare. She looked up at him, smiled evilly and kissed him, forcing him to swallow his own semen. Realizing what was going to happen, he begged her to let him keep his balls. She shut him up by straddling his face.

"I’ll let you keep one, for another time, if you can make me come in five minutes." Again, she set the timer and enjoyed the feeling of the young man's tongue on her clit. The young man was eating her out as if his life depended on it and perhaps it did. Sucking her clit, licking her lips, and sucking on them, pushing his hard tongue inside of her. The timer went off, and the young man's morals collapsed in defeat. The woman wrapped her hand around the base of his balls and punched them as hard as she could.

"Did I tell you to stop?” The young man jumped and began licking with renewed energy, thinking that it was perhaps an S&M game. The woman bent down and took the man's balls into her mouth. She sucked them and rolled them around in her mouth, softly biting them. She took his left nut between her molars and slowly increased the pressure until it was about to burst, releasing her death-grip at the last second, moving on to his right nut.

She did this for about five minutes, causing the young man to freeze every time she got close to finishing the job. She manipulated both his balls between her teeth and slowly began squeezing them, doing the same thing to both balls. It was empowering, hearing the young man sigh with relief, each time she let up on the pressure. She began closing her jaw again and stopped half way, letting up on the pressure slightly. She waited to hear him sigh in relief, and then violently bit down, popping both of the young man's testicles. The woman cried out and had an amazing orgasm, flooding the young man’s face with her vaginal fluids. The young man passed out after “drinking” her juices when the pain hit him with its full force.

The young man woke up to see her smiling, inches in front of his face. He mumbled something and she affirmed his fears by leading his uncuffed right hand down to his groin, where his balls no longer had a clear and distinct spherical shape.

"Was it good for you?" the young man smiled weakly. The woman reached behind her, grabbed his destroyed, yet still sensitive balls and squeezed his sac, twisting it slowly in her strong hands, until he passed out again. His penis, amazingly, was still hard. When he woke up, she lowered herself onto his dick. He was amazed that he could still feel the pleasure. The woman was shocked when she realized he was about to come, even without his functional testicles. She got off him, and finished him off, in her mouth. She snowballed him for the last time.

A Vacation I Will Never Forget

By princesscrush

I have been dying to tell the FULL story of my vacation in New York but such stories should be kept quiet. This all happened just a month ago with very little embellishment. This is also my first story I have ever written so please be kind in the reviews but also truthful.



5:30pm Friday

Sitting on my bed, I analyze what I should pack for my stay in New York. I realize that I am traveling more then 2,000 miles to meet a stranger and doubt begins to swell in the pit of my stomach. The phone rings. It's him, Andrew.

"Are you excited about the trip?” I can hear the excitement in his voice.

"Of course, but I am getting extremely nervous."

I can't hide the shake in mine." Don't be nervous. There is nothing to be nervous about. We will just take things as they come and if things turn sour you know you can just kick me in the balls.” (He never skirts the issues.)

I had met him more then a year ago in a chat room and it has been nothing less then an enlightening experience. One night, not long after we had met, we began discussing sexuality and slowly drifted towards fetishes. He asked the strangest question in the middle of everything, "Have you ever kicked a man in the balls?”

I answered 'yes' but was still perplexed as to why he would ask such a thing in the middle of sex talk. I just had to find out where this was coming from. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I find pleasure in having my balls kicked.” I didn't know what to say. I was debating on whether or not I should get rid of this weirdo but I couldn't, curiosity got the best of me. A few months past and he taught me all I needed to know about this so-called 'ball busting.’ The more I learned about it the more I wanted to try it out. As the months went by, I found myself being turned on whenever I would see a bust on TV and reading 'ball busting' stories became a regular thing. I told Andrew I now found BB to be erotic and he couldn't have been happier. More time past and I couldn't wait any longer; I just had to have a pair of testicles trapped between my knee and a man's body. I booked a flight to New York.

"You are right. I will just take my anxiety out on you the first minute we have alone.” I say this as my doubt and nervousness turn into excitement.

"We will work something out.” Silence… "Do you really want to kick my balls?”

I lovingly inform him, "OOOoooo, you know I get turned on just thinking about it, but I better finish packing so I can beat the traffic."

"What are your plans?"

"I am going to spend the night in a hotel near the airport and fly out early tomorrow morning but I am going to get in late so I will see you on Sunday. OK?"

"Sounds great!"

I finally make up my mind on what to pack and throw several sexy outfits into a suitcase and head for the hotel.

11:00pm Friday

I know I should rest before such a long trip but I keep remembering all the erotic conversations I had with Andrew. I begin to fantasize about the week to come and slowly fall asleep.

4:00pm Saturday

It's the second plane I have been on today. I am tired, frazzled, and in a bad mood and if I had a man to kick he would have to say goodbye to his balls. But, despite my misery, I know it’s all going to be worth it. The fantasies that have evolved over the past year are now going to come to life.

8:00am Sunday

"I'm here! I'm really here!!! Just 15 blocks south of you!” The excitement in my voice is unbelievable.

"Are you ready to experience New York?"

"I am ready for the experience of a life time!"

"I'll come pick you up in an hour."

I hang up the phone, throw myself on the bed and start talking to myself. "I can't believe I am really here.” Grabbing the remote to the stereo, I look for some good music to entertain me for an hour.

9:35am Sunday

"He's late... No, he bailed on me. I knew this was too good to be true."

"I can't believe I just traveled across the country for nothing.” I verbally badger myself as I pace from the bedroom to the front door. The phone rings and I give it a dirty look, almost wanting to kick the thing out the window.


"Hello, this is the doorman; you have a gentleman coming up to your room."

"Oh, thank you so much." I run to the mirror, check my make-up, check my clothes, and check my hair…

Then I hear THE knock. My knees almost buckle but I make it to the door and fumble to unlock it.

I open the door... He's standing there, tall and powerful... The first thought in my mind is, I am going to have THIS man down on his knees begging for my mercy. The misery of the flight was surely worth this.

"Hi!!!” I am smiling ear to ear as we near each other. He has to bend down to embrace my 5'5" stature with his 6' body. Nothing about the situation intimidates me because I know that with one light kick at his jewels I can have control over this man. He looks and smiles at me "Should we be on our way?"

"Sure, let’s go have breakfast and check out the Metropolitan museum and see what happens after that."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

The day was filled with come-ons and friendly petting as we began to adjust to being physically close to each other. It was fairly uneventful but we did manage to sneak in some private comments about hard cocks and bruised balls before the day was over.

11:00pm Sunday

I walk through my front door unaccompanied, only stopping to lock the door. My mind is wandering as I slowly rid myself of these confining clothes. On the taxi ride to my place, he promised me some private time tomorrow for us to ‘get closer.’ I didn't even comment, I just slid my hand down his thigh, lingering there… lightly petting… then moving my hand I grabbed his balls through his jeans and lightly squeezed. I can still feel them in my hand as I fix the blankets on my bed. Lying down, I grab the remote and turn off the music that had entertained me earlier. I have the greatest temptation to call Andrew but then I realize I need to rest before tomorrow. I sleep while my fantasies invade my dreams.

9:00am Monday

"Good morning sleepy head, are you ready for another day?” My voice is still a little gruff with sleep but I want to get this day started early.

"A day with you, baby, of course."

"Good, and are we going to have some private time today?"

He whispers into the phone, "Tomorrow is better."

"OK? But why?"

"My roommate will be gone tomorrow evening and we can have my place to ourselves" I can barely hear him as he explains this to me.

"Oooooo, that sounds perfect since we can't come back to my place with my cousin watching who comes in and out of this apartment.” I never thought that we would have a chance to have a private place throughout this trip but now everything is perfect. "Then let’s head to the German museum and maybe stop by that huge bookstore before we go see a movie?"

"Perfect, and tomorrow will be our day."

I hang up the phone and head to the bathroom to take a shower.


2:00pm Monday

The day just hasn't been going well. I have been feeling light headed ever since I got out of the shower and the German museum was dark and depressing and I was almost ready to call it a day but Andrew just wouldn't allow it. He told me that we could relax and sit down at the bookstore so we headed for the subway.

2:15pm Monday

"There's barely anyone here.” We are both shocked at how quiet it is in the bookstore.

"Well, it will give us a chance to have a nice talk."

As we are looking around Andrew beds over and whispers in my ear, "Are you feeling better?” I gesture that I am so-so. He continues to whisper in my ear. "I think I know what will make you feel real good.... How about tomorrow I strip down nude for you, have you tie me up, and let you do anything you want with me?"

“Oh my, Oh my, Oh my, you would not believe how much I would love that.” With one sentence, this man has me turned on. "How about we go sit down and talk about this?"

I don't think I ever told him how nervous I was. We sit down across from each other in a quiet corner. Scooting closer, he grabs my feet and slowly removes my shoes, placing my feet in his lap and covering them with his coat. Looking around, there was no one in sight and I just smile at Andrew. I have never done anything like this before and he knows it. As he begins to give me a light foot massage, I try to prepare myself for what I am about to do. I don't know if my nervousness is apparent but I realize that this is all for fun and pleasure so I just need to relax. I pull my feet away from his hands and lightly stroke his thigh moving my way up to his cock. Through his jeans, I get a feel of his hard penis with my right foot and massage it with the sole of my foot. I am trying to get a feel for his body as I lower my toes to his balls… feeling their placement and enjoying the buoyancy beneath my foot. I continue playing with them lightly trying to get the feel of what it’s like to have a pair of balls under my foot. I then remember what this is all about… the reasons why I am so fascinated with this part of the male anatomy… so I press down, applying pressure to both his balls. I look up at him only to see him wince in pain as one of them escapes from under my foot. Not knowing if this is such a good idea I go back to lightly playing with his balls. Rolling them under the sole of my foot and wiggling my toes as I apply extremely light pressure.

He looks at me and says one word. "Pressure."

I want to make sure. "Can you handle a lot?” He nods his head yes. I try it again, this time trapping them beneath my heel. Pressing down I watch the expressions on his face change and wince as both balls slip from underneath my heel. I again trap them under my toes, pressing harder this time but he can't handle it and tries to pull my foot away. Removing my foot from his balls, he asks me to wait. Reaching under the coat, I hear him unzip his pants and I reached my foot over to feel what he is doing. To my surprise and utter enjoyment, he has taken his cock out of his pants and is lightly stroking it. I replace my right foot with his hand and bring my left foot to his balls. Applying a steady pressure to his balls, I stroke his cock with my other foot and just watch his face show the mixture of pleasure and pain he is experiencing. I can't believe how wonderful it feels to have balls under one foot and a cock under the other, the exoticness of the situation is unbelievable. I am so turned on my panties are soaking wet. Andrew begins to stroke himself as I lightly torture his balls. I want to see him stroking… I want to see his balls and I really want to cause more pain. I press down harder on his balls then let up… then harder… then let up… then harder… then let up… then harder and I feel them contract as he cums.

I slip my shoes back on and we stand up to leave.

I look up at him, "I can't wait until tomorrow night."


11:30pm Monday

Lying under the sheet of my bed, I reflect on everything that has happened so far. My hands slowly begin to caress my nude body as the erotic happenings of this trip invade my senses. Rubbing my feet together, a ghost sensation of Andrew’s cock between them intensifies the wetness that has begun between my legs. I can almost feel his buoyant balls being rolled around beneath the sole of my foot as my hand makes it way to caress the smooth shaved wetness that is begging for attention. Having a man's balls at the mercy of my feet is more erotic then I had ever dreamt. I find my feet digging themselves in the mattress wanting two testicles trapped between my toes and the bed. I wiggle my toes on the imaginary balls and begin to roll them against the mattress with my heels. The fantasy is too much and an orgasm floods my being. Wave after wave of pleasure brought on by the grandness of torturing a man's balls. Sleeps begins to send these fantasies into the dream life.

5:00pm Tuesday

I wait as the phone rings on the other line. "Hello, Andrew speaking."

"Hi Honey, I have missed your company today. How is work going?

"Just fine, I should be getting out of here in an hour."

"Are our plans still on for tonight?"

"Yes," I can hear him cover the phone as he whispers, "Please wear pantyhose.” Then he speaks up, "I will pick you up as soon as I get off work."

All I can do is give a light moan and say, "I can't wait"

Hanging up the phone, I begin to strip down and head to the bath. Taking a quick shower, I tie a sarong around my neck, slip into a pair of pantyhose and pull on a pair of slacks. I look in the mirror and am very happy with what I see, very sexy and very easy to kick in.

7:00pm Tuesday

The elevator is making its way to the fourth floor and I watch Andrew watching me. As we enter the apartment he disappears down the hall, "I will be right back."

He returns wearing a pair of silky red boxers and nothing else. Grabbing me by the waist, he holds me tight against himself and I can feel his hard cock against my thigh and can't hold back a moan. For some reason I have to make sure that he is happy with me, if I was what he had expected.

"Are you happy? Happy with me? With the situation?” He looks me straight in the eyes, doesn't say a word and rubs his throbbing cock tighter against my body. I take that as a yes and timidly say, "I might be a bit shy about busting you to start out with but just let me get used to it.”

"Then let’s try a knee if you are ready.” Even before he finishes the sentence, my knee quickly rises to hit his balls against his body but our stance is off and I lightly tapped them instead. My shyness dissolves and is replaced with a slight embarrassment as I think to myself, I know I can do MUCH better. I push him up against the wall, kick open his legs and lightly slam my knee into him, trapping his testicles tightly against his body and compressed against my knee. I can feel the softness of them against me and lower my knee as he begins to double over in pain. Grabbing his shoulders, I push him back up against the wall and wait a few seconds for him to recoup.

"More?” He nods yes. I slam my knee into his groin and leave it there this time as he slowly slides down the wall. I push his shoulders up as his balls flatten against my knee from the weight of his own body. He is too weak to stand and more pain racks his body as his knees buckle and all his weight is being balanced on my knee with his balls trapped between. He somehow is able to stand after 20 or so seconds and I support him against the wall as he tries to ready himself for more.

I am starting to enjoy this and the pain visible in his face is more erotic than I would have ever thought. The sensation of having his balls compressed against me can be compared to having two plums confined in a sack, soft but sturdy, shifting within the sack, attempting to escape the agonizing pain. I look into his eye, give him a light kiss on the lips and ask, "Can you handle more? Do you want to try a kick?"

In a light whisper he replies, "I think so.” Grabbing him by the wrists, I kick open his legs again then step back. Kicking off my shoes, I swing a practice kick without touching him. He winces in fear and I laugh at him and at the idea of how much power I have in this situation. I swing again and this time the instep of my foot makes contact with both his balls. I can feel them smack against my foot then collide with his body captured with the stinging pain of my kick. I lower my foot and watch as he bends over in pain and raises his head in a silent cry of agony. Pushing his shoulder back up against the wall I grab his wrists again and fake another kick just for my enjoyment. I step back a bit further this time and pummel the instep of my foot into his balls, loving the way it feels having these buoyant orbs bounce against my foot. As he doubles over in pain, again I allow him to support himself against me. As he rests lightly with his head on my shoulder I tenderly kiss his neck and shoulder. I am enjoying every moment of this.

After a couple minutes of tenderness, I feel that he can handle more. Pushing him off me and against the wall again, I firmly grab his wrist this time, stepping back and steadying myself for some major damage. I bring my foot up to his balls fairly hard, compressing them against his body, lower it several inches and kick again... and again... and again... and again... each kick getting successively harder… One after the other with only enough time in between for me to move my foot out of the way. After about ten kicks, he can no longer stand and I allow his limp body to fall to the floor. As he lies on the floor, his hard cock catches my eye. With all the attention being given to his balls I have almost forgotten about how much he wants my hosed feet to make him cum. As he is curled in the fetal position, I begin to rub my foot along his inner thigh, making little circles with my toes as he begins to forget about the pain that is burning in his balls and stomach. I lightly place the sole of my foot upon the shaft of his cock and slowly stoke it as I stand over this weak man.

As he begins to regain some strength, he turns onto his back and begins to enjoy the light footjob that I am giving him with my hosed feet. He looks up into my eyes, "Are you comfortable?"

I smile back at him. “How about we move this to the couch.” I sit down as he positions himself at my feet on the floor. I return my attention to his cock and push it against his stomach as I place my feet parallel to it, gliding them along his length. I do not want to neglect his balls throughout this so I place my heels upon them and begin to roll them against his body as I continue massaging his cock with my feet. Ready to cum, he takes his cock in his own hands and begins to stroke as I apply pressure to his balls with the sole of my right foot.

As he cums, I feel his balls contract beneath my foot before he pulls them away. We both lay exhausted; he on the floor, I on the couch but I know it’s late and my playtime went into overtime. I look down on Andrew and focus on his swollen balls, look up into his eyes and give him an evil grin.

“I should get back to my place before my cousins starts to wonder where I am and word gets back to my parents that I was out this late.” He looks up at me with a silly grin on his face,

"You hurt me tonight. I can't wait to see you tomorrow."

(One more part remaining… I will try my hardest to not make you wait as long for it)

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