Sunday, August 12, 2007


By Wytogo74

She looked across the ring at the boy standing facing her. He had the most amazing muscular body she had ever seen. The wrestling tights he wore molded to his chiseled athletic body. He wasn't built like a body builder but more like a quarterback. He had a thick muscular neck, a brawny muscular chest and muscular thighs. But what she couldn't stop looking at was the full round bulge in his crotch. The tight Lycra fabric molded to his genitals as they were framed invitingly between his thickly muscled thighs.

She was almost shaking with a sexual energy as she contemplated what was about to happen. She had been waiting with anticipation the opportunity to wrestle against the boy stud standing before her. He was without doubt the cutest, best built boy she had ever seen. He had a handsome face with deep blue eyes. The only problem was he was an arrogant jerk. He had been giving her a hard time ever since she joined the boys wrestling team. He acted like he was so tough and that it was a joke that any girl could think she could compete against a boy, never mind beat him. She was really going to enjoy this match. What he didn't know was she was a very good wrestler having grown up with two older brothers who were also wrestlers. They had frequently picked on her and at first they could always beat her. She enjoyed the wrestling and she even wrestled against a few of her brother’s friends, but she didn't like to lose though. The guys were always such arrogant jerks. But, eventually she became quite good and with the secret knowledge she accidentally gained one day while wrestling against one of her brother's friends, she was almost always the winner. It wasn't long before the boys wouldn't wrestle against her.

Today was her chance to wrestle against a boy for the first time in quite a while. She looked across the mat again focusing on the boys' prominent bulge and a slight uncontrollable shutter went through her body. She could feel a sexual energy start to build inside her as she remembered the few times she had had the opportunity to use her secret technique against other boys. Ever since that day wrestling against her brothers friend she knew how much it turned her on to exploit a boys' natural vulnerability. She could still remember how it felt and she could still see the shocked pained reaction on the face of that boy. He had been acting so tough as he manhandled her. He was confident that he could easily beat her and she was getting madder by the minute as she seemed unable to pin the kid. He was being quite rough as they grappled on the mat. He was grabbing her rather roughly and her anger was building. He suddenly got her into a hold where she was looking directly at his crotch. She got see the clearly defined outline of his balls in the tight Lycra fabric. She had never thought about it before but she suddenly remembered something she learned in gym class. A boys balls are very sensitive she had learned and were an excellent target in self-defense.

That day while she struggled to break the hold her brothers friend had on her a thought came to her. She suddenly made a move disguised as a wrestling move. She reached her hand back abruptly into his crotch, a common wrestling move, but this time she made a small fist. As she reached back she made sure that initially she smashed her hand into the tight bulge in his groin. She felt the back of her hand connect with the soft yielding flesh between his legs. She could feel her hard hand smash his balls against his crotch. As her hand connected with his bulging nuts, he let out a loud gasp. He immediately released his hold on her. She continued her move and quickly turned him on his back and pinned him. She could see the pained looked in the boy’s eyes and she pinned him to the mat. To this day she can still recall that feeling.

She had the sexiest feminine body he had ever seen. Her long sleek legs had a hint of muscle and were nicely tanned. Her legs seemed to extend almost to her armpits with high full hips and a narrow waist. Her firm flat stomach accented her shapely body and her large full tits stood firm and prominent on her chest. The fabric of her tiny top was stretched tightly over her large round tits and the nipples were poking out firm and erect. He could see she was excited in a sexual way and he assumed it was because she was turned on by his body. Little did he know that he was right about her being turned on by his body but for a different reason. She was looking directly at his crotch and the thoughts that evoked were why her nipples were so hard. Her deep tan accented her sensual muscularity. In all she looked awesome and a bit dangerous in her tight skimpy outfit. The tiny bottoms she wore appeared to be a bit small hugging her high hips and stretched tightly in her crotch. The strip of fabric barely covered her slightly protruding pussy lips. And the back had a strip that just fit in the crack of her full shapely ass. He could feel his dick start to harden as he studied her body. He couldn't wait to start the match. He knew he could easily beat her but he was going to enjoy the close physical contact that the grappling would involve. He was going to take his time and enjoy feeling her tight female body against his.

She could see him eyeing every part of her body. From the increasing size of the bulge in his wrestling tights she knew he was preoccupied with her sexiness. She found him very appealing sexually if it were not for his condescending attitude toward girls in sports. His muscular arms and powerful chest were well accented with by his deep tan. He had a thick powerful neck and the corded muscles extended down to his rippling powerful chest. His whole body appeared to be chiseled from a dark stone. He looked awfully intimidating standing there. She was slightly apprehensive about wrestling against him. While they were in the same weight class, he was far more muscular. His brawny muscularity made him appear almost indestructible. But she knew differently. That prominent bulge between his thickly muscled thighs more than offset the muscular advantage he had over her. She was well aware what a blow to a boy's balls had on him. She had found that out by accident once and she learned then how much she enjoyed it. She got turned on every time she thought about nailing some guy in the nuts. It was all the more exciting when the boy was a muscular stud like this kid.

As they grappled, she could feel his powerful grip on her and knew immediately that she didn't have a chance against this kid in a fair fight. He threw her to the mat. She landed hard on her stomach and chest. She felt a pain shoot through her tits as they smashed against the hard mat. She laid there winded when she felt he fall on top of her. He grabbed her roughly and as he tried to maneuver her, she could feel his crotch pressed tightly against her protruding ass. He was obviously turned on because she could feel his now rock hard cock pressed into the crack of her butt. He was enjoying himself as he rocked his hips grinding his cock against her body. His hand was under her left arm and wrapped around her chest; his hand cupping her right tit. She could feel his hot breath in her ear as he tried to wrestle her onto her back. His grip tightened on her tit and it started to hurt. He was laughing in an arrogant sort of way. It was really starting to piss her off. She just wanted to nail this kid as hard as she could right square in the nuts. He wouldn't be laughing then.

What she didn't know was while she was lying winded on the mat he had stripped off his wrestling tights. So it was his naked cock that was pressed against her body. He continued to try and roll her over into a position to pin her. Even though he was hurting her as he wrestled her more roughly than necessary, she was becoming more turned on as she contemplated what she intended to do to this arrogant stud. As they continued to struggle, she thought she could feel something slap against her thighs. If she didn't know better, she would have thought it was his balls slapping against her as he fought to turn her over. She wanted to reach back and grasp his nuts at that moment but her arms were pinned. However, just the thought sent a shock through her as her body shivered with sexual energy. He felt he was getting the best of her but she was better than he expected. She made a surprise move that broke his hold and she escaped. Suddenly, they were standing facing each other. He was now naked, his bulging hard cock standing fully erect from her crotch. His heavy balls hanging loosely below. His body was more awesome naked than it had been in his wrestling tights. She couldn't help but be turned on by the sight of this naked stud standing in front of her in a fight. He came at her hard and grabbed her roughly and again threw her hard to the mat. She landed this time hard on her butt. He was obviously enjoying roughing her up, having his way with her. She was looking up at him and could see his arrogant smile as he looked down at her exposed crotch between her widely parted legs. From his position her cunt was fully exposed because the tight fabric of her bottoms had pulled together cutting into to her slit exposing the lips of her pussy. From the mat she was looking straight up between his muscular legs right into his exposed crotch. His cock was hard as a rock standing fully erect. His balls were hanging loosely and exposed below his penis. She found the sight of his rather large balls bulging in his nut sac stimulating. As she stared right at his exposed vulnerable testicles, she gave him a big smile. He must have mistaken her meaning as he got a big leering smile on his face as he looked straight at her exposed pussy. The look on his face suggested he had ideas that she was not ready for. She wasn't going to let this go too far. As he bent over to grab her, she suddenly balled her fist and took deadly aim. She was looking right at his scrotum as her fist slammed into his dangling balls. The effect on was devastating to the boy as her fist smashed his naked dangling nuts against his bony crotch. It was as if in slow motion as she watched her fist connect with his exposed nuts. She felt her fist make solid contact and she could she her fist ram his balls all the way up against his body.

She watched as the leering arrogant smile on his face turned into a surprised, shocked pained expression. He had a disbelieving look as his hands shot to his groin clutching at is now painful scrotum. He doubled over trying to block the shooting pain in his crotch as he struggled to stay on his feet. His mouth was open in a silent scream as he clutched his balls. His knees began to buckle. Slowly he sank to his knees and then fell hard onto his side, curled up with his hands pressed tightly to his nuts. She got up and stood over the boy. She looked down at his naked body as he lay rocking back and forth clutching at his groin in a vain attempt to fight the pain. She almost had an orgasm looking at this now helpless stud lying at her feet with his balls busted by a girl.

Workout Bust

By unknown

The other day I was working out with a medicine ball for my abs. My sister Nicole came home and saw me and wasn't sure what I was doing so I explained. My sister is about 5'6, 115 pounds and in very good shape. Her friend Amber was a little taller but was like a toothpick, about 105, and her other friend, Sarah was about the same size as my sister. I have had fantasies about them trampling me and kicking and stomping on my balls for a long time but never got the nerve to ask them to. I was trying to explain what the medicine ball did and she asked if they could help. I saw an opportunity.

I told her she could jump on my stomach while I was doing sit-ups and it would do the same thing, even better seeing as if she was heavier than the medicine ball. She seemed a little reluctant because she would hurt me and I assured her she wouldn't. She had on platform sneakers at the time and she climbed on my stomach and lightly jumped up and down.

After a few minutes I asked if Sarah could try because she had on high heel boots and said maybe it would work better. She agreed and started jumping on my stomach. Then she slipped on one jump and slammed on of her boots right into my balls. She apologized, but then realized I had a huge bulge in my pants. My sister noticed as well and asked if I was enjoying them stepping all over me and stood with both feet right on my balls and had a huge smile. I told her I had fantasized about this for a while but never let her know about it. She them stomped me in the balls and told me to come upstairs to her room with her. My fantasy was about to come true.

I followed her and her friends up to her room and she told me to get on the floor. She went to the closet to get a pair of platform ankle boots with 6" spiked heels and a pointed toe and pulled out another pair of platform pumps and gave them to Amber since she was wearing sneakers as well. She then took out two ropes and tied my legs spread-eagle to her bed post and looked sadistically at me and said, “You sure you want us to torture you? I said yes.

She pulled my shirt off and pulled my pants down to my ankles. They then talked among themselves and came back over. She asked me that they could step on me anywhere and I said yes. Nicole walked up between my legs, Amber stepped my face and Sarah climbed up on my chest. I could feel Amber's heels digging into my forehead and it made me very excited. Nicole then took my underwear off, exposing me, and started kicking me in the balls, first lightly, but then starting to get harder when she saw I could take it. Even though it was very painful I would not say anything. I couldn’t say much anyway because Amber was standing on my face. Sarah was stomping all over my body, trying to dig her heels in as much as possible; she loved the marks her heels were making. Nicole continued to kick me, now full force, and they hurt because I couldn't see them coming. She them pinned my dick down with the heels of her boots and stomped on my balls with her other heel. Amber and Sarah were just standing on me and laughing. Amber stepped off my face and told me to lick the sole of her shoe and Sarah got off my body and wanted to help Nicole on my balls. Nicole then stood with both feet right in my dick and Sarah marched on my balls with both feet, slamming them hard into the floor. Then they rolled me over so my balls would be lying in the floor. Nicole decided to let Amber to have some fun, so Nicole stomped all over my back and Amber and Sarah worked on my balls. They put a small pillow under my balls so they could really stomp them and they had somewhere to go beside the hard floor. Amber then put her right foot on one ball and her right foot on my other balls and stood on them, bouncing on them. Sarah was stomping my dick, trying to put as many heel marks as she could. She even jumped off the bed right in my dick. I was in agony but didn't want it to stop.

Sarah stepped off my balls and commented how swollen they were and then began viciously stomping them with the high platform of her boot. The girls were having a much better time than I expected. Then Nicole untied me and stood me up. She tied my legs back up to the bed spread eagle and found two shoelaces and tied my hands above my hands. Nicole said they needed to practice their ball kicking in case they were attacked.

I stood there completely vulnerable and all three standing in front of me laughing. Then they all took turns kicking me viciously on the balls and even kicking me in the chest and face a few times. They got creative with their kicking, giving me back kicks, driving the heels right into my balls. Nicole even took some more shoes out of her closet and smacked me with them in her hand, right in the balls and face. Amber said she couldn't believe they didn't break from all this punishment; they had been going for over two hours. That seemed to excite my sister.

She untied me to get back on my stomach, this time with no pillow under my balls. She tied my legs up again, and without my knowledge told her friend that they could try and break one of my balls. I was nervous now and didn't know what exactly they were going to do, but there was nothing I could do about it. Sarah wanted to borrow a pair of my sister's shoes and she pulled out her most wicked pair. They were platform knee-high boots with at least a 7" heel. My sister was upset that she didn't use them but hers were wicked as well. They marked the ball they were going to crush with a marker and put my other ball under me so they wouldn't crush it by accident.

Nicole said the first one to crush it could have me as their slave for the weekend to do what they liked. They took turns first just kicking me in the ball as hard as they could. My ball had to be the size of an apple by now. Then they stomped on it and still it hadn't busted, but some blood was visible. Then they jumped off the bed, but the first two didn't make direct contact but then Amber jumped off and landed right on it and stood on it. It was almost gone. Nicole then stomped on it again and then Sarah jumped from the floor right on it and grinded on it for a few seconds until finally it gave way.

I let out a huge scream and then started to get dizzy. They all three continued stomping to make sure it was completely crushed. They stood on each other’s feet so they were all standing on the remains of my balls with Sarah on my sack grinding still with the others standing on her boot. Then Sarah cheered that she won, but all of then seemed very excited.

They untied me and asked how I was; I don't think they really cared. I couldn't believe they took one of my balls, not to mention the rest of my body and face had heel marks and bruises all over it. Then Sarah to me to heal up quick because she was going to torture me all weekend and she might bring some friends over to help. This weekend should be interesting


by unknown

Having the shit kicked you of you by sexy girls!

I had no idea what I was really letting myself in for when I applied to be an actor for a local company which specialized in female domination videos. I had seen some of their videos and was surprised at how realistic they were. The style of the videos was right across the board from facesitting and trampling to ball-busting and corporal punishment. The girls that appeared in them were many and varied but always sexy and attractive and I was jealous of the actors involved that they could be so close to these girls and at the same time be punished by them. It was a great situation to be in. To be paid to be beaten by sexy girls was an amazing concept.

One day I was watching one of the videos, a really realistic and violent corporal punishment video where the guy's arse was literally bleeding after an hour of beatings at the hands of 3 girls when, at the end, one of the girls asked if there were any viewers capable of withstanding this sort of treatment, and if they could and they wanted to appear in one or more of the videos, then the company was taking applications now. I thought about it carefully as there were many things to consider. Would my friends see me? Would I be able to take the punishment? Did I have the guts to apply? Did I really want the whole world to see me naked not to mention beaten up by girls? It was all very exciting to think about.

After considering the possible outcome of various situations I decided that there was no real long-term harm to be had by doing it so I applied. After about a week I received a letter inviting me along to the studio for an interview. This is where the story begins.

I arrived on time for the interview at the offices of PCS videos. It was a large old warehouse type building with several offices attached to one side. I had to speak through a microphone to a female employee to allow me entry to the ground floor. I went up the staircase to the first floor where the offices were situated. The walls of the staircase and landing were adorned with pictures of sexy girls and the men they were punishing. It was an incredible collection of pictures. I wanted to stop and look at them but I didn't really have the time.

When I reached the top of the stairs I entered the posh open plan office area and approached the reception desk. Behind it was a gorgeous young blonde with a cleavage to die for. She smiled at me sweetly.

"I'm here for an interview with Lisa." I said.

"Is it about the acting job?" the girl asked.

"Yes." I replied a little apprehensively. I wondered if I'd ever seen this girl in one of the videos. She pressed a button on an intercom and informed Lisa that I was here.

Moments later Lisa appeared and beckoned me to her office. As I followed her I stared at her lovely arse as it wiggled in front of me. She had long dark hair which reached her lower back and she was wearing a white blouse open daringly low revealing a black bra beneath, a short black skirt, black stockings and spiky heeled patent leather shoes. She was about 25 years old and very, very attractive. I entered her office just behind her. It was a large room with a large wooden desk in front of the window. I was a little taken aback to see that there were two other girls in the room, one was sat on the desk the other stood by the window facing me. They were both stunning blondes. The one sat on the desk was about 22 years old and wore a white crop top which showed her lovely big tits, white leggings and white knee-high leather boots with chunky heels. The other girl was about the same age and wore what was basically a bikini with high-heeled ankle boots. I realized immediately that I had seen these girls in at least two of the videos.

"Have a seat John," said Lisa as she seated herself behind the desk. As she bent forward to pull her chair up I got a great view of her tits as they tried to burstt from her bra. The other two girls noted my ogling immediately and looked at each other as if to say "another pervert." Lisa would be informed later.

"So you want to appear in one of our videos John. Why?" said Lisa. "Oh by the way this is Natalie and this is Jenny, they're two of the girls who appear in our videos. Jenny is part way through filming at the moment, hence her bikini, but they've taken a short break. She wanted to meet any prospective new actors as does Nat here."

"I've seen them in some of the videos." I said.

"Oh good." said Lisa "So you'll know what they're capable of."

"Er... Yes" I replied.

"Right so why the application?" said Lisa.

"Well I er... I have been into female domination stuff for as long as I remember and I noticed that you were looking for actors so I thought I might as well apply."

"Acting skills are not really that important John as you might understand. The girls will make sure that your reactions are exactly what is required. If you've ever been kicked in the balls John I'm sure your reaction was the same as any good actor's would be!" said Lisa smiling. The two girls giggled.

"There's not a lot to it really, we hurt you and you cry out, that's about it," added Lisa.

"Unless you're gagged!" said Natalie helpfully. There was more laughing amongst the women. I smiled nervously.

"So you need to understand John that you will, during the course of the filming, be expected to take the punishment that is meted out to you. We don't mess about here. We haven't got time to pussyfoot around with namby-pamby boys who can't take a beating. Do you understand?" explained Lisa. "Of course there is the professional side to it. You will occasionally have lines to say and things to do which we expect you to do professionally. Mostly it is under the instructions of the girls in the video and they'll tell you what to do at the time. When they do, you do it. That's it. You don't ask questions or change the plot. You do as you are told and you take what is given to you. Do I make myself clear?" said Lisa sternly.

"Yes" I replied nervously. It was all starting to sound quite terrifying. I consoled myself with the fact that any pain would be short term and I would be able to look back at these videos and watch myself being beaten by these gorgeous girls. It would be worth it.

"I won't let you down." I said more confidently.

"OK. John, I want to see you naked,” said Lisa. I hesitated for a second.

"John I said I want you naked. Now strip." said Lisa impatiently. I stood up and gradually started to remove my clothes. I wasn't embarrassed about my body as I was pretty athletically built, but it was still difficult to strip naked in front of three sexy girls who I'd never met before.

I tried to blank things out of my mind and just "act". When I was naked I stood in front of the desk while Lisa and the girls stared at my body. My cock was limp but still pretty sizeable. At least I knew I measured up to the blokes I'd seen in the videos.

"OK John, sit down again," said Lisa dismissively. I went to pick up my clothes.

"Leave them there." I was instructed cursorily. I sat back down in the chair naked. Natalie and Jenny were staring at my cock and balls. It was a test of my nerve I was sure of it.

"How do I know that you'll take the punishment that we will inflict on you John?" asked Lisa. I hesitated again as I wasn't sure about this myself. I couldn't say that though. I had to keep telling myself that I really wanted to go through with this and therefore I had to give them what they wanted.

"I fantasize about being beaten by girls. I'd take whatever you want to give me to make that happen." I realized that I was being a bit cocky here but I had to be confident about it.

"That's good to know John but I'm not so confident as you are," said Lisa. "Have you ever been whipped until you've bled? Have you ever been kicked in the balls so hard that you've not been able to stand up for an hour?" asked Lisa.

"No" I replied.

"Then how come you're so sure that you'll be capable of lasting through a session with us?"

"I'll just grit my teeth and bear it!" I replied confidently. Lisa looked skeptical. She opened a drawer in her desk and took out a black leather riding crop. She placed it on the desk in front of her and looked up into my eyes.

"Would you like to demonstrate your pain threshold now John?" she asked. I hadn't expected this.

"You want to whip me now?" I asked nervously.

"John, you can leave now if you like, but I need to be sure that you're honest in what you're saying. If it turns out on the day that you start blubbering as soon as you feel the first ounce of pain, then I'll personally break your balls. Do you understand?" I was feeling a mixture of fear and immense arousal. But I was showing neither.

"OK." I said. Lisa looked me in the eye again.

"Right I want you to stand in the middle of the room. Put your hands on your head and spread your legs. I want you to take 12 strokes of the crop across your arse followed by 2 kicks in the balls. If you take that without losing your position, I'll take that as sufficient for you to get a role. Nat you give him the first 6 and Jenny the second 6. Then give him a kick each. Hard." said Lisa. I got up and moved to the middle of the room.

"Face me." said Lisa. Lisa got up and sat on the front of the desk. Her skirt rode up as she crossed her legs revealing her socking tops and suspenders. Natalie got up off the desk and picked up the crop. She flexed it in front of her chest and swished it through the air a couple of times. Then she strode purposefully over to where I had taken up the required position. At this point I was scared out of my wits. I had never been whipped before and I had certainly never been kicked hard in the balls. Twice!

Natalie had obviously whipped loads of arses before. I'd seen her in action and I knew that she'd give it to me hard. I convinced myself that I was going to get through this and that was that. I would not give in. The first stroke was incredibly painful and I wanted to just pack up and go. I had never felt pain like it and I was absolutely shocked by it. I stepped forward but moved back quickly.

Lisa and Jenny could clearly see the fear in my eyes. The next stroke was equally hard and I had to grit my teeth. It was after the third stroke that I knew that I could do it. It was a vicious stroke but I knew I could go the distance. I tried to blank the pain out and it was working to a certain extent. The following three strokes passed with my mind in a daze. I was blanking out some of the pain but my head was starting to spin. I saw Natalie's tight arse wiggle over to where Jenny was stood and her pass the crop to her busty young colleague. Jenny flexed the crop and swished it as Natalie had. This was going to be very hard to take and I still had the ball kicking to endure. Jenny hit as hard as Natalie. There was no mercy applied at all.

I started to cry out at this stage but I didn't lose position. I knew that within a minute I would be being kicked in the balls by Natalie. She was staring at my groin. I looked down at her chunky knee boots and wondered what on earth I was doing. I was reminded by the next stroke from Jenny. My arse was now on fire and I realized that there were tears in my eyes. Lisa and Natalie stared at me without emotion. It must be commonplace for them to watch a naked man being beaten. Again the crop slashed across my buttocks. Jenny was letting out little high-pitched grunts as she swung the crop with all her might. She was a slender young girl but she put everything into her strokes that they hurt like hell. Finally the 12 strokes were over and I was nearly there. Unfortunately I had to take two kicks in the balls. Hard ones as well.

Natalie stepped up in front of me. Lisa adjusted her position on the desk so that she could see the kicks better. Jenny I knew was poised behind me ready to follow up with her kick. Natalie stood hands on hips. She stared for a moment at my balls before stepping forward and booting my naked balls really hard. I screamed in pain and almost fell. I bent forwards gasping for air. Suddenly Jenny's boot flew up between my legs from behind, crashing into my agonized testicles mercilessly. I cried out again, but it was now all over. Why on earth I was letting myself get battered like this I don't know but it was something for the memory.

This is what I fantasized about but at this moment in time I couldn't think of anything except the pain in my nuts and the need to stay in position. I was groaning and gasping as I stood there. The pain immediately seemed to be dissipating. Partly due to time but mostly because I knew that I'd passed the test and the pain would stop coming.

"Turn around. Let me see your buttocks." said Lisa. I obeyed immediately. I suddenly felt the pain in my balls again. They would ache for hours I knew it.

"Very nice. It's good to see a freshly striped arse," said Lisa "OK John I'm pleased to say that you've passed the interview. I'd like you to have a look at these scenarios we have for our upcoming videos. We'd like you to appear in one or more of them but I'll let you have a look and see which of them you'd be most interested in. You can get dressed now. I'd like you to ring me before the weekend to let me know of your decision. We want to start filming on Monday." I got dressed as quickly as I could considering the pain I was in. Picking up the 4 scenarios I shook hands with the three women, two of whom had just inflicted more pain on me that I'd ever experienced in my life. I left the offices and walked slowly out and back home.

When I got home I studied my thrashed arse in the mirror and soothed my balls as best I could. The pain was going now and I began to get immensely aroused by what had happened to me. I pictured the stunning girls whipping me. The glint in Lisa's eye as she announced that I was to be kicked in the balls. Hard! The fact that I had stripped naked on the orders of a gorgeous girl and then submitted to a very painful punishment. It was a fantastic day and I knew that there would be plenty more to come.

I sat on my sore arse uncomfortably to read the scenarios. I had a feeling that it would be like reading femdom stories only I could be actually taking a real life part in it. I quickly flicked through them. The first one featured 6 girls. Shit. It was called "Torture the Teacher." The next featured 4 girls and was called "Break Him Girls." The next featured 2 girls and was called "Make Him Talk" and the last featured 10 girls. Fucking hell 10 girls. It was called "Caged Rapist". This was heaven. I was in heaven.

The scenarios were all laid out the same way. On the front of each was a photograph of the girls who would be in the video, already dressed in the clothing that they would be wearing in the film. This was described also on the first page. The girls were listed by name which was good as I would be able to figure out who was who and see if they were featured in any of the videos that I'd already got.

None of the videos I'd got had any more than three girls in though. 10 girls in a video would be incredible. There then followed a synopsis of the plot describing, why the male was being punished and roughly what happens to him, broken down into time slots for greater accuracy while filming. The main scripting listed the words spoken (roughly) and the actions carried out and by whom.

I started with the first to hand "Torture the Teacher". On the cover were 6 gorgeous girls dressed in "school uniforms" which were white blouses and ties, short black pleated skirts, black stockings and suspenders and high-heeled black shoes. It was based on the "St. Trinian's" schoolgirls outfits. Each of the girls wielded a school cane with a crooked handle. On the first page the girls were listed by name. Alex, Jenny, Natalie, Cathy, Teresa and Mia. I was unbelievably turned on by the picture of the girls. I wanted them to hurt me so much.

I read the synopsis which went like this: When the teacher orders the 6 girls back to his study for a caning and detention, they decide that they are not having it. The lecherous teacher, who regularly makes girls take their knickers down and take their shirts off for a caning, has now pushed it too far. When he orders the first girl (Teresa) to remove her shirt, she removes her bra as well. He is astounded and is not ready for the kick in the balls that she gives him. Immediately the other girls pounce giving him a kicking as he rolls on the floor. He is pinned down by the girls and his clothes are removed. Teresa ties his wrists behind his back with her tie; Alex uses hers to tie around his balls. Cathy ties hers around his mouth, tying it tightly to gag him. Alex yanks his balls towards her and knees him as he staggers forward. They let him fall to his knees. Jenny and Natalie hold him up by the hair while Cathy face slaps him and kicks him in the stomach. Her last kick is deliberately low and hits his balls hard. He is pushed forward onto his stomach and receives several strokes of the cane across his buttocks from Mia as the other girls pin him. They tie his ankles together and kick him over onto his back to give him a 6-girl dose of heel gouging. Natalie facesits him while Cathy yanks his balls repeatedly. They drag him over the desk then for a severe caning. Teresa sits on his back as he is bent over the desk while the other girls give him 4 strokes each. Mia grabs the tie around his balls and yanks them hard a few times. He is pushed away from the desk and falls over. He is facesat again by Cathy while the other girls trample him hard. Then it's back over the desk again this time tied legs apart with wrists tied to the back of the desk. Teresa and Alex cane him 12 times each. After each 6 strokes one of the other girls kicks him in the balls.

They release him then leaving him naked and clutching his battered balls. Ominously he is told that he must report to the gym the following evening for some extra punishment.

I was astounded by the punishment meted out to the teacher but I was aroused nevertheless. Perhaps the other scenarios weren't quite so violent.

"Break Him Girls" was a four-girl story which featured Teresa and Mia again as well as Alex and Lindsey. The girls are dressed in a variety of different boots and shoes and wear skimpy crop tops and hot pants. The scenario is set in the future in a world of female power and is of four spoilt young bitches who club together to buy a slave from the auction with the sole desire of torturing him for fun and finally breaking him. It begins with the girls dragging the naked and chained slave into the punishment room. They are really giggly spoilt brats who have not a care in the world how much they hurt the man. The girls decide that it would be fun for the slave to beg for his own punishments.

Teresa started with "Would you like to be tied to the whipping post and flogged."

And the slave must reply "Please mistress, tie me to the whipping post and flog me."

They'll ask him what with and how many and by who. The girls lead the way and the slave has to beg for it.

Then Lindsey asks him "I bet you'd like us to hurt your balls wouldn't you slave?"

The slave replies, "Please hurt my balls mistresses."

"How would you like us to hurt them?" asks Lindsey.

"Please squeeze them Mistresses."

"Oh we can squeeze them but I don't think that will hurt them enough. Can't you think of a better way for us to hurt them?" asks Lindsey.

"Please punch them Mistresses,” says the slave

"Punch them. Yes punching you in the balls would be very painful but I can't help thinking that there's a really painful thing we can do to your balls slave. Look at my boots aren't they big and chunky?" said Lindsey. She lifts her leg up and shows the slave her chunky knee boots with thick 4" heels.

"I think you'd really like us to kick you in the balls wouldn't you slave?"

"Please kick me in the balls Mistresses." The girls then make him beg to be spread-eagled between two uprights and kicked twice by each girl. Then he begs to be cropped across the buttocks 12 times by Mia and Alex alternately, shouting "Harder, harder" between each stroke. They attach nipple clamps and weights to him and knee him in the balls once each. Each time the slave has to thank them and ask for further punishment. If his requests are too pleasant his balls are squeezed until he ups the ante. He is then tied spread-eagled face down on the floor and given 6 lashes with a bullwhip across his back by Alex. They turn him over still spread-eagled, facesit him trample him hard and then finish him off by kicking his balls. The scenario finishes with the slave tied to the whipping post with heavy weights hanging from his balls.

Ouch. I thought.

Maybe "Make him talk" is more pleasant. This scenario features Alison and Eve.

Dressed smart office gear they apprehend one of the staff concerning theft from the business. They know it is him and they need a confession. Initially he is ordered to the office for questioning. The girls are wearing blouses revealing their cleavage, mini-skirts, black stockings and suspenders and high-heeled leather ankle boots.

Starting off with routine questioning it moves on to hair pulling and face-slapping. The man gets uppity and is put down with a punch in the face from Alison and a kick in the balls from Eve. He falls to his knees and clutches his balls. Alison kicks him in the head and he passes out. He comes to, naked and bound. His wrists are tied above his head and his legs are separated by a spreader bar. Alison stands in front of him hands on hips. Her shirt has now been removed and her gorgeous tits are held loosely in a black bra. Alison resumes the questioning as Eve thrashes his arse with a crop. The girls swap and Eve continues the questioning while Alison continues to redden his buttocks. He doesn't admit anything so the girls start on his genitals. Eve grabs his cock and rakes her nails along it repeatedly. Alison squeezes his balls from behind. After several minutes of this treatment they knee him in the balls several times from front and back. Then they go back to the nail raking of the penis and ball squeezing. Remarkably the man still will not admit to the theft. Eve goes wild at this point and assaults him viciously for several minutes. She takes off her shirt and bra and gives him a harsh tit-swinging face-slapping, followed by hard punches to the stomach and balls then a kneeing and finally a few hard kicks between his legs. When Alison reaches between his legs again to squeeze his balls he finally admits the crime. Eve and Alison discuss his punishment for the crime. The scenario ends with the girls removing their skirts, Alison removes her bra and the two topless beauties carry out the punishment. They'd sentenced him to 50 strokes of the crop and 10 kicks in the balls.

The last scenario is not going to be any nicer I thought. 10 girls. "Caged Rapist" had all the hallmarks of a severe punishment. If I'm to be treated like a rapist then it's bound to be bad. Mia, Teresa, Brandy, Alex, Lindsey, Jenny, Natalie, Alison, Eve, and Cathy were the girls. The scenario was a courtroom and sentencing followed by prison where the rapist is sent. The girls are all dressed in black leather, Gestapo style uniforms, with leather bras and hot pants and calf length high-heeled boots.

The story begins with the arrival of the rapist at the maximum-security jail. He is naked and chained and is led immediately from processing into a large room with a high ceiling which looks like a large cell. The girls are waiting for him. We are going to make this one up as we go along. It will be feature-length.

There was no way that I was going for that one. So after telephoning Lisa I informed her of my choice to do the "Torture the Teacher" video. She was happy about that and arranged for me to arrive on Monday morning, at 10:00 sharp.

I spent the next few days thinking about the caning I was going to receive, as well as the several kicks in the balls. This was going to be very painful but very, very memorable.

I arrived at the studio on time and was told to go down to the filming area. The girl who was on reception the day I came for my interview met me and escorted me through to a changing room.

"Make your lines up as you go along," she said. A bit unprofessional I thought.

"Take your clothes off please, I'll bring your outfit in." said the blonde. I removed my clothes down to my boxer shorts, but the blonde told me that I had to wear some special underpants for the video. I removed them as she waited, I would have preferred to have been allowed to change in private, but what the hell. I suppose several schoolgirls are about to strip me anyway. The blonde left the room with my clothes and I waited. I could hear footsteps outside the door. High heels clacking on the stone floor of the studio. I imagined that we'd be filming in the offices, as they were most like a schoolroom. There were the sounds of chains clinking outside, and several female voices laughing and chatting. Suddenly the opposite door to the one I came in from opened and several girls came in dressed as Gestapo officers.

The lead girl, Lindsey raised something in front of me and then suddenly I felt a shock and collapsed. She had used a stun gun on me. Within seconds I came around, my senses returned, but by then it was too late. I was being chained and gagged by the girls. My wrists were handcuffed behinnd my back and my ankles were shackled. A ball gag was strapped around my head and I realized my cries were muffled. I was struck hard across the buttocks with a crop by Brandy and kneed in the back by Eve.

"Welcome to hell" said Lindsey. I realized that I was being filmed as the rapist in "Caged

Rapist." As I was pushed out into the large room, which was the warehouse area of the building I realized to my horror that I was to be forced to be the rapist in the video. I couldn't cry out and my resisting would be natural if I was a good actor. My acting would look impeccable in the circumstances. I saw Lisa staring at me as the girls pushed me forwards into the room. Lisa was the judge and jury in my trial. The cameras were already rolling.

"Fucking rapist, now we've got you," said Jenny.

"You're going to wish you'd never been born." said Natalie. Once I was in the corner of the room which was serving as the dock, I was told to get on my knees.

"Look at his fucking stupid cock" said Alison.

"And those fucking little balls" said Eve. Insults came in from all directions. Lisa sat at her desk in this kangaroo court. I was surrounded by guards. Swiftly Lisa went through my charges. The multiple rapes and tortures of young girls for which she had no option but to find me guilty.

She stated that in the circumstances the minimum she could sentence me to was for life as a "category A" prisoner. This, she explained, meant that there were no punishments deemed too harsh for me, save death. I would be punished mercilessly for life. She insisted on an immediate 25-stroke bull-whipping to be carried out in the courtroom.

I was dragged to the center of the "courtroom by 4 guards. A chain was lowered from the ceiling and attached to my wrists. It was raised slightly so that my arms were dragged up painfully behind my back. Lindsey and Natalie then fitted a spreader bar between my ankles separating my legs.

A bullwhip was brought out and it was brandished by Alex. She uncoiled it and the sound of the leather hitting the concrete floor was frightening. It was a heavy whip and it was going to be agony. The girls had formed a circle around me and were cheering Alex on.

"Take his balls off Alex," said Eve

"Commence the whipping,” said Lisa. Alex flicked the whip backwards then quickly brought her arm forwards unleashing the whip on my naked flesh. It was unbearable. The gag muffled my cries. The girls cheered. My body would not be able to stand the pain of this whipping unless I could convince myself that this, for me, was a fantasy fulfilled. I couldn't, it was just too painful. The whip fell again across my buttocks. Incomprehensible pain. My mind was swimming. The next stroke was across my back, tearing at my flesh. It left a vicious welt there. The girls cheered again.

"Whip the shit out of him,” screamed Eve. I was flogged senseless by the stunning brunette. I remember a few more strokes after that but I was in a daze. I had passed out only to be revived, whipped some more, passed out, revived, and whipped again. At the end of the whipping I was taken down. My back and buttocks were bloody and I remember the girl with the camera pointing it in my face as the girls laughed at the punishment I'd received. My wrists were chained behind my back and my legs were still separated by the spreader bar when in a semiconscious state I remember being held upright and booted hard in the balls by Teresa.

The next period escaped me but I awoke with my wrists chained above my head, with the spreader bar still between my ankles. I was still ball-gagged. I remember hearing the word "action” and seeing through bleary eyes, two girls approach me with crops in hand. I cried out through the gag. My body was racked with pain and I could see blood on the floor from my whipped back and buttocks.

The girls were Mia and Lindsey. Lindsey kicked me in the balls and I heard cheers from the other girls. Lindsey stepped to one side allowing Mia room to step up to me and knee me. There were cheers again. Suddenly I was kicked again in the balls, this time from behind by an unknown girl. I was close to passing out again, but to a point the pain was bringing me round. My balls were then grabbed from behind and squeezed hard for several seconds by the unknown girl. I was then lowered and my wrists were chained behind my back again. The spreader bar was left where it was and I was told to crawl. It was very difficult in the bondage that I was in so I was encouraged by Lindsey's crop. I didn't know where I was crawling to but I continued anyway. I was then confronted with two pairs of boots.

"Stand up." was the order. It was Cathy and Jenny who stood before me. It took me several seconds to stand. Lindsey struck my bloody buttocks again and I cried out. Jenny put clamps on my nipples and tightened them 'til I cried. Lindsey and Mia held my arms to support me as Jenny put the pressure on still further. When I couldn't take any more she slapped me across the face hard, twice and then Cathy kneed me in the balls. Lindsey then grabbed my aching nuts and squeezed them for several seconds.

"Back on your knees" I was told. I fell to my knees in agony.

"Crawl." said Cathy. This time I reached Natalie and Eve.

"Get up." I was ordered by Eve. I was slow getting up again. This time I was kicked between the legs by Jenny. I collapsed in a ball then. I'd taken too much I couldn't take any more. The girls stepped up a gear then. Several of them grabbed me and hoisted me up. I was dragged to the whipping post and secured with my hands above my head.

"If you don't obey orders you get punished." I was told by Eve. They turned me to face them and tied my ankles behind the post so that my groin was thrust forwards. The girls gathered around to witness another punishment. Eve kicked me in the groin. Then she grabbed the head of my penis with her sharp nails and dug them in. She pulled hard on my dick, stretching it and digging her nails in harder. The she raised her knee and pressed my balls against the post. She jerked forwards several times each time squashing my balls into the post. She released me finally as I howled through the gag.

Mia raised her foot and pressed the head of my cock against the post. The heel was right on the head. Suddenly Cathy and Alex stepped forward and started to whip me across the stomach and chest with riding crops. Mia lowered her foot before kicking up hard into my balls. Suddenly leather boots started flying in from all directions straight at my balls. I took about 6 more direct hits before I passed out.

When I watched the video when it was released. I saw that while I was unconscious, the girls went topless, strung me up by my wrists, hung weights from my balls and took it in turns to bullwhip my naked limp body.

The production company moved out and I have given up trying to find Lisa and her "actresses." I don't think I'd like them to find me.

Tim's Mom and Sis

by unknown

Tim was 14. He lived in New York with his mother and sister, Cindy. Tim's dad had died when he was 10, leaving him under the care of his mother. However, Tim’s mother was a femi-nazi lesbian. She hated males and was thus determined to make all males she knew suffer. She even made up her mind to bring up Cindy in an "upright" way so that she could pass down the skill to her future generations of females.

Ever since he was 11, his mother made him do all household chores. To train her daughter, she made Cindy the mistress of Tim. He had to obey his sister in whatever she told him to do. Every morning, Cindy would make Tim prepare breakfast, sweep the floor, wash the clothes. When Tim reached 14, Cindy was a stunning beauty at 16. Having reached puberty, mother decided to each daughter more about boys and how to exploit them more easily.

"Boys have something that females do not have. Do you know that, Cindy?" asked mother.

"They have birds while we have bees?" replied Cindy.

"Smart girl. They have penises and balls."


"Yeah. And if you or any girl were to hit a boy in his balls... ahaha---"

"I know! They will scream in a darn high-pitched voice and clutch their balls! Right mummy? Just like when cousin Janice hit daddy with a golf stick in his balls when I was 8, remember?"

"Oh yes, how could I ever forget. Your poor old father. He was in such pain. Heehee.

Anyway, being a girl, you have to learn more about boy's birds. Now that you are reaching womanhood, I guess it's time you learn how wimpy and weak boys are. Lets go to Tim now."

Mother summoned Tim and ordered him to get undressed right away. Tim looked about awkwardly and shyly as his sister was present as well but the look at his mother’s face told him to obey. So Tim stripped and was blushing shyly in front of two women.

"Here’s the cock and there's the balls." Mother grabbed hold of Tim's organs and explained. "Alright Cindy. Come hold it, feel it and play with it."

Cindy just grabbed hold of it. It was her first time seeing and touching a cock so she felt equally awkward.

"No, squeeze them."

Cindy did just as she was told and he squirmed uncomfortably. Being a sadist, Cindy really enjoyed seeing her brother so uncomfortable. However, her tender and soft hands grabbing his balls and her eyes staring at his cock made it suddenly spring to 5 1/2 inches long. "Wow!"

Mother started to explain, "That's the male’s specialty. Whenever they see a pretty girl or are excited, their cocks elongate. Tim is probably sexually aroused by your presence, Cindy. Am I right, Tim?" Tim was so ashamed and humiliated. He had to admit.

"Shall we punish him?" asked mother.

"Sure!" an excited Cindy replied.

"Shall I kick him in the balls just like cousin Janice did to dad? Can I mother? Please?

"Wow you sure are a fast learner. Since you sound so certain, from today onwards, you are in full control over Tim. He now needs your permission to pee or to do anything. I do not care about Tim. Cindy, you are a girl. You should know how to bully boys by now."

"Thanks mum. But I have a question mother. The other day, while Tim was washing our clothes, I saw him sniff my pink panties and rub his cock. What was he doing?" Tim was horrified. He had been caught. Oh how humiliated he felt.

"Oh, so that’s what our Tim has been up to. Come here Tim! Cindy, he was actually masturbating and using your panties as he finds you really sexy. He needs you to find sexual release. That’s another problem with boys. They need to play with their pricks; otherwise they will 'die'. And to do that, Tim actually needs your panties, which shows how much your panties and cunt means to him. He sniffs them, which shows that he actually worships your cunt and panties like he does to a goddess."

"Wow! Is that true, Tim?" an excited and bewildered Cindy asked. Tim could only nod his head ashamedly.

"Leave us alone you pervert," mother told Tim, who rushed away.

"Cindy, from now on, you are in control. You can do whatever you want to him. Do you know what to do, Cindy?"

"Sure. I could kick his balls, squeeze them whenever I like."

"Is that all you can think of?"


"Omigosh. You have a lot to learn, dear. I will teach you, don't worry. You are 16 this year Cindy. Like boys, we women need sexual releases as well."

"We do? How? We do not have cocks."

"Come, lemme teach you. I am sure you are going to enjoy this. Strip, dear." Meanwhile, Tim had recovered and was peeping. Cindy unbuckled her blouse, revealing a white lacy bra. Her skirt was off next, followed by her panties. Mother said, "Watch and learn." She put her tongue in Cindy's cunt and began to lick it. Cindy suddenly groaned and felt like she was in heaven. Never had she felt so good in her life. Tim was also in heaven. Never had he seen his sister's cunt. He was jerking off. All of a sudden, Cindy screamed. She had reached her first climax.

"Wow mum, that was good," Cindy said.

"Of course, when your dad was courting me, I always made him kiss and lick my feet and also lick my cunt. That’s why I say, Cindy, you are gonna have lots of fun from now on." Just then, Tim suddenly groaned as he shot his cum onto the floor from upstairs. His cum landed exactly on Cindy's white canvas shoes, one floor down.

"TIM!!! Come down now!" An angry mother shrieked. "What were you doing upstairs?”

“Cindy, I am handling him to you from now on."

"Hey you fucking pervert. You were peeping at me and mum, weren't you?" Cindy yelled at her terrified brother. He nodded. "Now get down on your knees." Tim obeyed. Cindy then sat on his back and made Tim crawl over to her shoes.

"You messed up my shoe. I want you to clean them with your mouth!" Cindy shouted. The timid Tim then humilatedly licked up every drop of his cum on his sister’s shoes. As he did so, Cindy noticed that his dick was erect again. She sat herself comfortably on a chair and told Tim to kneel before her. Tim ashamedly looked down at her sister’s feet, avoiding her gaze. Cindy used her barefoot and felt his dick. It felt rock-hard. The 16-year-old sadist suddenly stabbed her barefoot into his balls and suddenly he shrieked and grabbed his balls, grimacing in pain. Mother looked from upstairs and felt happy that Cindy was learning fast. That was the one and only way men should be treated.

"I am gonna punish you for always sniffing my panties without my permission." Unknown to them, Mother had been secretly filming everything on the video cam. Cindy made Tim lie on the floor. She lifted up her skirt and suddenly sat on his face, with her pantied crotch covering his nose and mouth, while her free hands were squeezing his balls

Tim really was out of breath. His sister's cute ass and crotch really was too much for him. He passed out. Cindy went to her wardrobe and picked out four of her favorite panties and tied Tim spread-eagled to the legs of the tables. Mother came down and told Cindy about the tape and Cindy became very excited.

“Let's duplicate it and send to all of Tim’s friends. When will he wake up?"

"Trust me! Just urinate on him and he will recover in no time," mother said. Cindy removed her panties and just peed on Tim. Sure enough, he did recover, only to be met by Cindy's black high heels on his balls. He groaned in agony but could do nothing.

"I got it. Mum. Let’s play a game. You get all your panties downstairs and I’ll get mine. We blindfold him and place a panty over his nose each time. If he sniffs wrongly, we stomp his balls hard!"

"That sounds like fun!" mother said. Tim was blindfolded with mother’s black nyloned stockings and the game started. Cindy put her panty over Tim's nose and removed it in four seconds.

"So whose panty is it?"

"... erm..."

"Wrong! It’s mine. Heehee." Cindy put on her high heels and gave Tim’s balls a hard stomp. Tim's face changed in expression as both women witnessed his look. They sure enjoyed it.

They played on for over two hours but even when Tim guessed it right, which he did almost all of the time, both sadists would lie and say he was wrong. At the end of the game Tim’s' balls had swelled considerably and he looked worn out.

"Let call it a day. Tim! Take me to my room now!" Cindy ordered. The meek Tim carried Cindy up to her room and laid her down. She made him open his mouth as she peed into his mouth before making him lick her cunt dry. Cindy whacked him in the balls using her magazine, removed her panties and placed it over Tim's face. Sleep with the panty over you, wimp! And if you dare cum, I am gonna break your balls."

The next morning Tim woke up early to prepare breakfast. Cindy and mother woke up and Tim greeted them.

"Fuck You! Where are your manners? Don't you know how to treat women? On your knees and kowtow!” mother said as she whammed her heels into his swelling balls. Cindy did likewise.

As the trio got ready to have breakfast Cindy grabbed Tim's balls and said, "You wanna eat? Eat me out first!" Cindy lifted her nightgown and signaled for Tim. He hesitated but was reminded almost immediately with mother’s rolling pin against his balls. He licked her cunt while Cindy ate breakfast. Cindy winked to her mother as her mum toed his dick to orgasm.

"Fuck You! How dare you cum on my feet!!" Cindy yelled angrily. Cindy and mother then lifted Tim and carried him to the staircase railing.

"N-No, pleaseee! No!" Tim pleaded but Cindy released him and down he slid down the railings and right into the pillar.

"AAWWWWW! That’s gotta hurt man!" Cindy said.

Cindy made Tim wear a black bra over his white school shirt before they left for school. "From now on, that's what you will wear to school everyday!! And whenever I stand up from my chair, you are to kiss the seat. You got me, wimp?" Cindy asked as she squeezed Tim's balls, showing him that he meant business. Tim couldn’t wait to get home that day because of the numerous stares he got from girls

He got home and immediately stripped naked and kneeled on the floor in front of the door. Cindy entered and greeted him with a straight kick to his balls. Tim doubled up but quickly recovered to lick Cindy’s' shoes and feet clean.

"I've got a real treat for you today," Cindy said as she and mother bound Tim up with bras. Cindy removed her panty and blood soaked tampon and ordered Tim to suck it clean. Tears flowed down his eyes as he did so whilst mother chatted with Cindy in private.

"Cindy, you know nothing gives a woman greater pleasure than popping a guy’s balls?"

"Popping?" Cindy asked.

"Yeah. You know the balls are like eggs. They will break if you apply enough force on them. Since he has two balls, lets break one each alright?"

"Deal! Sounds like fun." Cindy and mother chatted till morning.

The next morning Cindy dressed up in a real tight miniskirt and very tight-fitting blouse, putting on her favorite pair of stilettos, while mother dressed in a leather outfit with heels of at least seven inches. As they walked down Tim’s eyes stared at their bodies and feet. Cindy tied his hands to the tables with her stockings and placed her pad into his mouth to gag him.

"Party time!" Music suddenly blasted as mother and Cindy danced to the music on Tim, trampling him badly and occasionally stomping on his balls. Then came the Macarena and Cindy started to really stamp her feet on Tim's balls as his face showed sever discomfort. Nevertheless, his dick still sprang to life to the music and in royal acknowledgement of the women's superiority. He really was excited by Cindy's legs.

Suddenly, Cindy just placed her full body weight on Tim's left ball and stayed there till the trio heard an audible sound. Tim wanted to yell but the sanitary pad in his mouth only served to humiliate him further. Cindy was also in a frenzy now. She groaned and the juices flowed. Mother got real excited and decided she wanted her share in it too. Being much heavier, and the constant abusing of Tim’s balls, mother needed only a fraction of a second to pop Tim's ball, though her orgasm came later.

Tim was really red-faced and in agony now. He could not have any kids in the future. Cindy took out her lipstick and wrote on Tim's body, "GAL POWER!!" She blindfolded him with her bra and tied him up with her panties before dumping him at the busy town square.

Epilogue: Later, Tim was sent to the asylum. Cindy became a professional dominatrix while mother became a university lecturer in woman studies.


by unknown

These girls REALLY enjoy power over men! (torture, death, nullification)

The girls had thought out their revenge well. Now it was time to put things into motion. Rebecca was 23, Emily, 21, and Tammy was 18. All three were part time models that supported their modeling careers by also working as exotic dancers. In addition to their shared occupations, they were lesbians who held a serious dislike for men. Many a night was spent sitting around the apartment, drinking and getting high, and concocting methods to torture men. Now, their fantasies were to be realized.

The two men in question were repeat child molesters, and after a well publicized trial where the men faced charges of raping and torturing three small girls, they were subsequently acquitted on grounds of improper arrest and detainment. The public was outraged, and although there were public cries for retrial, the story soon became forgotten in the face of new stories. The women though had not forgotten and now saw their opportunity.

The men were known to hang out at an arcade frequented by young girls. Emily and Tammy arrived, dressed in cut off denim shorts and t-shirts. They found the men and began flirting with them. The invitation for sex was made by Tammy, and the four went out to their van and left.

A short time later, they arrived at an abandoned factory and went inside. Once inside, Rebecca appeared, wearing the same as her sisters, and brandishing a revolver. "So. These are the boys who like sticking their dicks into little girls eh!" Rebecca said, shaking her head.

One of the men shouted. "What the hell is going on? Who are you bitches?" Tammy moved in front of the man and although she was a petite woman, she kicked him in the groin hard enough to knock him to his knees. She pulled his hands away from his crotch and kicked him again.

She said. "You don't speak unless told to do so. And if you ever use that word bitch again, I'll kick you over and over until your nuts are mush!" After a minute, the man got to his feet. Rebecca aimed the gun towards them and said. "Alright boys. Get your clothes off. We want to see your dicks." The men hesitated and Rebecca said as she lowered the gun to one of the men's groins. "Get your clothes off now! Do it, or I’ll blow your nuts off!" The men proceeded to remove their clothes until they stood naked in front of the girls. They giggled and pointed at the men.

"God! Those are the most pathetic dicks I have ever seen!" said Rebecca.

"I think referring to these guys as boys is pretty accurate judging by those puny dicks!" laughed Emily. "I don't think the word dick applies at all. They're more like . . .dinks!" The girls all laughed at this diminutive term.

Tammy then added. "Now. Let's see you boys get those little dinks hard. Let's see you jerk off!" They watched as the men reluctantly began to masturbate, but before they could ejaculate, they were ordered to stop. Elastics were wound tightly around their genitals, and they were then led into an adjoining room. Each man was tied on his back, spread eagle to an old door lying on the floor. Emily set up three video cameras around the room, and then all three girls began removing their clothes. When naked, they began kissing and caressing one another with great excitement. They went and stood over one of the men.

Tammy knelt over the man's head and lowered her vagina onto his mouth. "Now you be a good boy and make me come. If I don't come at least 3 times, I'm gonna cut your little dink off! So get licking!" The man began performing oral sex on the small blond woman and she soon began moaning with pleasure.

Rebecca and Emily knelt on either side of the man. Emily slapped and squeezed his testicles while Rebecca pinched and twisted his erect penis. Rebecca pulled a cigarette from her purse and lit it. Tammy moved forward slightly, and knowing what was coming next, she smiled. She said to the man. "Good boy. Now. Clean my ass with your tongue." When the man did not do as instructed, Tammy winked at Rebecca. Rebecca pushed the glowing tip of the cigarette against the underside of the man's penis causing him to scream and squirm. The man began licking Tammy's anus. "Okay. You've got 2 minutes to make me come. If you don't, Rebecca's gonna burn your dink again. So get to it." The man did as told, but when two minutes passed, he was not yet successful. The girls giggled as Rebecca held the burning ember against the head of his penis and he screamed again. Tammy then continued.

"Now you have one minute to make me come, or else." Again the man failed and again Rebecca burned his penis with the cigarette. This game was repeated with demands by Tammy for the man to make her come at 10-second intervals. Each time, he failed, and each time his penis was burned. When Rebecca was finished with the cigarette, she extinguished it on the tip of his penis. Emily and Tammy glanced at each other and smiled. Emily reached between the man's legs and squeezed his testicles hard enough to make the man scream. When he did, Tammy began to urinate onto the man's face, much of it ending up in his open mouth. She then got off the man and each of them took a turn kicking him in the crotch. They went to the other man and tortured him in much the same way. Emily sat on the man's face while Rebecca applied ball torture with her fingernails and a book of matches.

Tammy was busying herself inflicting pain upon the man's erect penis with her teeth. The man yelped at every little nip she gave him. "You better get used to the feeling of teeth on your dink boy. We've got something very special in mind for you." All three girls laughed. They went back to the first man and untied him. They led him to a worktable and tied his hands behind his back. Emily licked his penis until erect and reaching into a box on the table, withdrew a condom covered in a thick brown liquid and put it on the man's penis. She then wrapped a soaking ribbon of toilet paper around it. They led him over to vice and placed his penis in its jaws and closed the vice until he could not withdraw his penis. Tammy stepped up holding a large vibrator, and without warning, shoved it into the man's anus. The man screamed and the girls laughed.

"Now you know how it feels to have something forced into your body that doesn't belong there." As Tammy continued assaulting the man, Emily climbed up onto the table and sat with her legs spread in front of the man. She masturbated as she spoke to the man.

"Do you know what we're going to do to you boy? Well, you've got a condom covered in motor oil on your dink, and then it's wrapped with toilet paper soaked in paint thinner." Emily paused as she produced a book of matches. Rebecca moved a video camera closer and set up beside Emily.

"We're gonna have ourselves a wiener roast! And we're gonna use your wiener!" Tammy left the vibrator in the man's anus and joined the others by the table. Emily struck a match and lit the toilet paper and they all cheered as a large blue flame covered the man's penis. The man shrieked with pain and the girls began masturbating furiously. The heat from the burning oil began to melt the condom practically cooking the penis inside of it. After perhaps 20 minutes, the fire burned out, and the man's penis was nothing more than a charred mass. Rebecca grabbed the handle and began closing the vice, slowly crushing the penis. The man renewed his screaming as he watched his beloved manhood being squashed in the vice. The girls giggled when the vice jaws came together, mashing the penis completely. Rebecca then opened the vice allowing the man to fall to the floor. Tammy knelt down with a knife and sliced off the penis. She then pushed it towards his mouth.

"Open up boy. Your wiener is done." She shoved his severed penis into his mouth then taped it shut. They handcuffed the man to the table leg, and left him to suffer. Returning to the first man, they untied him and dragged him over to a large beam in the center of the room. They sat him against it, and tied his hands to the beam above his head. They then spread his legs and tied his feet to bolts set into the floor. Tammy knelt between his legs and began fondling his penis until it was erect. She then began slapping it back and forth and giggling as she did so. She produced a mascara brush and pushed it into the hole at the end of his penis. She began sliding it in and out, causing the man to wince and cry. With one hand she twisted the brush inside his penis while forcibly squeezing his testicles with the other. She then withdrew the brush, and seeing it now tinged with red, she smiled. Rebecca stood between the man's legs and bent over. She pushed her buttocks into his face.

"Now you be a good, little boy and stick your tongue in my ass! Make me come or I’ll bite off that sad, little dink of yours!" The man obediently began licking the girl's anus. She reached down between his legs and grabbing his penis, began to scratch and twist it. Emily lay between his legs, jabbing and punching his balls. Tammy had left the room to retrieve something from the van. Rebecca soon reached orgasm.

"You’re a good boy!" As she went to leave, she stomped her foot down into his crotch, squashing his balls against the floor. After a few minutes, the man had recovered enough for the girls to get him hard once more.

Tammy knelt between his legs and said to the man. "Did you see what we did to your friend? We set his dink on fire! We let it burn until it was cooked. We cut if off and shoved it in his mouth. And, with a little luck, he'll get hungry and start eating it. How would you like to eat your own dink?" The man shook his head and the girls giggled. "Well, don't worry. We're not going to make you eat your dink." She took a jar of cheese spread and using a knife, began to spread it over the man's penis until it was covered from tip to base. Rebecca pushed a large blanket covered box between the man's feet while Tammy continued.

"Remember I said that you wouldn't have to eat your dink? Well, I wasn't lying. You're not going to eat it. These are!" She pulled the blanket off the box. It was in fact a cage containing 3 very large rats. The man began to cry and the girls laughed hysterically. Tammy rubbed the man's still erect penis. "We haven't fed them in a couple of days, so they're really hungry! I'm sure they won't have any objections to eating your dick!" The man, upon full realization of what was going to happen, began wailing and begging. Rebecca walked over and sternly grabbed his balls.

"Shut up you male piece of shit! Your fucking lucky we don't kill you for what you've done! I think a male who rapes little girls at least deserves to have his dink eaten by a couple of rats! You've hurt a lot of girls. So now, we're going to hurt you! But best of all, we're going to humiliate you!" The man had a puzzled look on his face. Rebecca smiled. "I think you're going to find it pretty humiliating to be sitting there, legs spread, watching as the rats eat off your wiener! You'll be humiliated to know that those responsible are girls, and that those girls are getting off by watching you suffer!" She released her grip on his balls and sat back by his feet. Her and Emily spread their legs and began to masturbate. Tammy pushed the cage between the man's legs and opened the door. She then joined the other girls in masturbating. She yelled out as the rats left the cage.

"There you go girls!" The rats scurried to the screaming man's crotch and immediately began biting and chewing at the end of his erect penis. The women cheered as the man screamed and squirmed, but was held tight by his restraints. All of the women had already come, but they continued masturbating feverishly. They also shouted ridicules at the man.

"Eat it! Eat it! Eat his tiny, fucking dink off!" "How's that boy? How's it feel to get your wiener chewed on?"

"A guy getting his wiener gnawed off by rats! This is the best sex with a man I've ever had!" In about 15 minutes, the man's penis was completely eaten off. Rebecca applied cheese sauce to his balls, and the three watched as the rats made a meal of his nuts as well.

They untied the other man, and using a brick, Emily castrated him. They cut off his testicles and shoved them into his mouth along with his penis. The men were bleeding profusely as they were dragged to the center of the room. The girls then began kissing, fondling and licking each other’s bodies while the men slowly bled to death. They then gathered the video equipment and left. All of them hoped that there would be another opportunity for such a great day as this.