Friday, September 14, 2007

Kickin' Chrissy II (a close call)

by FlyBoy

Chrissy helped me up and pushed me over towards the wall.

“Now you stand there, and don't you dare move. I've been wanting to do this for a while and you're not going to mess it up for me,” she said. So here I stood completely naked in front of my 15 year old cousin. I guess she had never seen a naked guy before because she was inspecting me pretty closely.

“I can't believe how soft they are!” she said, as she examined my tender balls. “I used to think that it might be cool to be a guy but I would hate to have these things dangling between my legs. They make you so weak,” she laughed.

“Hey, I'm not weak!” I protested.

“Well, you have to admit that I would not have won our little wrestling match had you not had these.” She now grabbed my balls and gave a little squeeze. I began to wince in pain. She was right; I saw her point. “It is funny that the one thing that makes guys so strong can also make them so weak,” she said with another squeeze.

“Please!!” I begged, “don't do this.” I was practically on my knees in front of her.

She looked at me right in the eyes and said, “Is it true that just a little flick will put a guy on

the floor?” With that she took her middle finger against her thumb and let it fly. I curled up and began to hold my balls. She grabbed my balls.

“Didn't I tell you not to move? If that hurt you so bad, I can only wonder what my front snap kick to your poor ballies is gonna feel like,” she giggled.

“Why do you want to do this to me?” I pleaded.

She made kind of a sad face and said, “Aww poor baby... It's nothin against you, it’s just fun that’s all. Watching a big strong guy like you curl up in pain cuz of little old me.” I suddenly realized that as long as she had a grip on my balls I was at her mercy. She had complete control.

The more I thought of this, the more turned on I began to get. Sure, she was only fifteen. But she was suddenly so powerful and sexy.

With her grip on my most fragile parts, she said, “What does it look like when it's hard? My

boyfriend got hard once when we kissed, I could see a bulge in his pants.” With her hand still gripping me, she said, “Make it hard; I want to see.” She began to stroke me, and I slowly sprung to action.

I think I might have moaned a bit, because she said, “Does that feel good? You gross pig.” At this time I was so hard from her touch, that I felt that I could burst at any moment. She tightened her grip on my balls, I thought that I would either pass out, or cum at any moment. She then grabbed me, tipped me back and threw me on the ground. While I was on the floor she stuck her bare foot right on top of my sore balls grinding them in to the floor. At the same time she was having fun kicking my hard springy dick, and giggling.

“Guys are really built so funny, I kinda feel sorry for you.” I don't know if it was the pain in my balls, or the feeling of her bare foot against my dick, maybe it was both, but I exploded all over her feet, the wall, and the floor. I was in complete ecstasy, I grabbed myself to finish it off, when I realized that I had made a big mistake!!! She looked down at me with a cruel stare and I saw that she was wiping of her face. I had mistakenly shot it in her face.

“You're fucking dead!!!” she said. “Your balls are mine!!! I hope you had fun, because you’re never going to do that again.”

Suddenly I heard the back door open and someone yelled, “We're home!!!” Oh shit!!! It was my mom. I naked, lying on the floor in my own cum. Meanwhile my cousin wiped my mistake off of her face! I could hear steps coming around the corner, I scrambled around to find my clothes. I

threw on my clothes just in time. Mom and Dad walked in the room.

“Did you two have fun?” Mom asked, smiling. I looked over at Chrissy.

“We sure did Aunt Marcia,” she replied. Whew!!! I was in the clear! I looked over at Chrissy and smiled shyly; she just kinda politely glared. Then my heart dropped as I noticed a little speck of white glistening by her cheek. It's a good thing my folks didn't notice.

“Well, Chrissy, your folks said that you could stay if you wanted,” mom said. Chrissy nodded and accepted the offer.

“Well good night you two!” smiled mom.

“Good night mom.” She left. Chrissy came over to me, grabbed my testicles through my pants and growled, “You just remember what I said, you will NEVER do that again.”


sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, hope you all enjoy!

Happy Father's Day Daddy - NOT!!!

by Femavenger

Father and Husband Punished by Daughters, Wife and Ex

Setting: Sunday, June 17, 8:00am in an upscale American suburb

Herb's heart raced in anticipation as he heard the footsteps of his step-daughter Lisa. She was awake! "This is going to be the best father's day ever!" he thought to himself. Herb had let Lisa know the night before what he expected of her today. He knew that she wouldn't like it, but that just made Herb enjoy the experience even more. Herb always got an added thrill when he imposed his will on others, whether it was his wife, his ex-wife and daughter, his employees, and of course, Lisa. That was just the kind of weasel Herb was, but he didn't care. The only way that he was ever able to succeed was by being a creep. That and inheriting his father's business, which gave him the money and power he needed. He had been able to get away with his behavior most of his life, and now he was going to have his way with his 14 year old step-daughter, giving himself a Father's Day treat.

Lisa had observed, with a combination of fear and disgust, her new step-father leering at her in the nearly two years since her mother Heather married Herb. Heather had been a secretary in Herb's office. For years, Herb had the reputation of hitting on the women in his office, and he often blackmailed or otherwise intimidated these women into having sex with this man that they considered repulsive. Heather, however, was the only one who held out for marriage. She had given birth to Lisa when she was 18. She had always used her wits, as well as her beauty, to survive as a single mom. Herb had vowed to never get married again, after getting out of his first marriage and cheating his wife out of her share of his estate. But he had been mesmerized by Heather's stunning, youthful beauty, and he capitulated when she continued to firmly insist that if he wanted to sleep with her, he would have to marry her. Heather was 30 years old, but looked at least five years younger, when she married Herb, who at 50 years of age was 20 years her senior. However, Heather was soon turned off by Herb's poor sexual performance, ugly, pudgy body and all-around boorish personality, and was barely able to go through the motions of sex with her husband. And now, Herb, creep that he was, had set up Lisa. He had caught her necking with her new boyfriend, one of her first, and threatened to tell her mother that he had caught her doing much more than she truly was doing - unless she consented to sleep with Herb! In addition, her allowance of fifty dollars a week would be cut off. When she complained that it wasn't right because they were related, he reminded her with a smirk that it as a step-father there wasn't a blood relation, so it wasn't incestuous.

Herb had told Lisa that Heather would never believe her denials over his claims, and even if she did, she wouldn't do anything for fear of his ending the marriage and throwing Heather and Lisa out of his large, comfortable home. They had been living in a small apartment before Heather had married him, he reminded Lisa, and if his step-daughter wouldn't submit sexually to him, they wouldn’t be able to afford anything else. Herb had gotten away with screwing his first wife and daughter out of their due and was proud of it. He thought he was very clever, and he didn't mind using his history to keep his new wife and step-daughter in line. He had no reason to believe that he wouldn't succeed; being a sleazebag had always served him well, and Herb didn't care what anyone thought of him, as long as he always got his way. Over the previous two years, Herb had watched his stepdaughter grow from a cute, pretty, perky kid into a very attractive young lady who, at 14, was turning heads of young men wherever they went. Finally the temptation had been too strong, and true to form, Herb used the coercion that had always worked for him to force Lisa into sex. He had been hoping for the opportunity, and thought that he had gotten a lucky break when Heather told him that she was going to visit her sister for the Father's Day weekend, but that Lisa would stay to celebrate Father's Day with him. Then, he had caught Lisa with her boyfriend, and now her step-father had the opportunity to put his devious plan into action.

Herb heard Lisa going to the bathroom and brushing her teeth before returning to her room. It didn't bother him that he was forcing Lisa to do this under duress. It would have been fine if she had been a willing participant, but he was just as happy this way. It gave him a thrill to impose his will on others, and his step-daughter was no different. And after all, he told himself with a chuckle, it was Father's Day!

Back in her room, Lisa heard her step-father taking a shower. She spat in disgust. All the soap in the world couldn't keep Herb from being the dirty scumbag that he was. But for the moment, she couldn't show her emotions. There would be plenty of time for that soon enough.

His anticipation building, Herb shaved, put on his bathrobe and, wearing nothing else, entered Lisa's bedroom, without bothering to knock, of course. He was surprised to find Lisa in bed, her blanket barely covering her breasts, and a smile on her face. It looked to Herb like a nervous, accommodating smile. He hadn't expected her to be so compliant, and he relaxed a little as he approached the bed.

Slowly, Lisa lowered the covers, exposing her breasts, some of her long blonde hair lapping over them. She hid her amusement as Herb gasped when he got his first look at the naked breasts that he had longed to see for so long. Herb's knees buckled slightly when she started licking her slightly smiling lips.

"Happy Father's Day, daddy!" Lisa cooed in a soft, sexy voice, then suddenly exclaimed, “NOTTTTT!" as her legs, until this point under the blanket, quickly uncoiled. The only article of clothing that she was wearing were her hard-rubber soled sandals, which slammed into Herb's balls as her legs reached full extension.

Herb was in such pain and shock at the sudden assault on his manhood that he froze for a couple of seconds, allowing to slam her feet into her step-father's groin once again before he let out a groan of agony as he crumpled to the floor.

Calmly, Lisa got out of her bed, brushing her long hair back with her hands so that it fell into place, well below her shoulders and down her back. She sauntered over to her step-father's writhing form. He tried to keep his legs together, but Lisa delivered a powerful kick between his thighs, causing them to part, the toe of her right sandal smashing into his now unprotected balls once more.

"Sorry to tell you this, daddy, but your Father's Day won't be as enjoyable as you expected. But it WILL be memorable, daddy, even more memorable than you thought it would be! This is the first day of your new life, daddy!" Herb had always insisted that Lisa call him "daddy", to bond the family, he claimed, but Lisa had always thought that it was kind of perverted. But now, when she called him "daddy", it was more of a sarcastic taunt.

Herb was recovering slightly, but still in agony as he saw his step-daughter coming at him again. In a panic he tried to get to his knees and crawl away from her. Lisa advanced towards him, swung her leg back and kicked hard between his legs, attempting to get at his balls from behind him.

Not only did Lisa's foot find its target - suddenly she felt a soft squishiness between her toes. Herb screamed again and when his body involuntarily jerked backwards, Lisa was momentarily taken by surprise when her leg was pulled in the same direction that Herb was moving. For a split second Lisa didn't realize what was happening. Then, she heard her step-father scream in a higher pitch than she thought possible.

Lisa steadied herself and looked down at what had happened. She hadn't planned it this way, but Herb's balls were wedged between her toes and the top of the sole of her open-toed sandals! He had tried to pull away, but Lisa's foot, much to her happy surprise, had imprisoned her step-father's balls!

Suddenly realizing the accidental but fortunate situation that Lisa had her step-father in, she wiggled her toes in an experiment. The experiment worked! With every wiggle of her toes, Herb experienced continued intense pain. She put pressure on her little toe and Herb's right testicle felt the agonizing pressure. She shifted weight to her big toe, nearly flattening Herb's left testicle! She playfully wiggled her toes, causing Herb to buck and jerk uncontrollably. Desperately, he put his hands around Lisa's ankle to try to pull her off, but with an impetuous, girlish stomp (she was 14, after all) she caused a pain the magnitude of which he had never felt before to pass like a jolt through his body.

Then, casually, as if she were strolling through the park, Lisa started walking from the bedroom into the living room. Since Herb's balls were still trapped between Lisa's right foot and sandal, he desperately tried to crawl along at Lisa's pace and direction. His manhood was pulled and stretched in all directions, and Lisa kept her grip secure.

Glowing with the new power that she found herself with, Lisa continued to walk into the kitchen, poured a glass of orange juice and toasted an English muffin for breakfast. All the while, Herb desperately tried to time his movements with the swing of Lisa's leg. Occasionally she would wiggle her toes, and was rewarded with more miserable groans as her step-father experienced new spasms of pain.

Lisa, almost as if she had forgotten that she had Herb's balls between her toes, took her breakfast into the living room and stretched out on her step-father's Lazy-Boy lounge chair, which was his favorite item in the house. The lazy jerk spent much of his time at home plopped in that chair, watching television. He doesn't know it yet, Lisa told herself, but the only way he would ever be allowed on the chair again would be in a position of servitude. Right now, as Lisa leaned back on the lounge chair and stretched her long legs, Herb was in agony, on his ass on the floor at the foot of the chair, his legs flailing in the air as he tried to position himself so their would be the least possible pull on his trapped balls.

Through his tearing eyes, Herb saw Lisa pick up the phone and dial. "Hey!" she chirped into the phone. "Piece of cake! Even easier than I thought it would be!" Herb, of course, could only hear one side of the conversation, and had no idea who Lisa was talking to. Lisa laughed. "Thanks, but that won't be necessary. I can handle him by myself, no sweat. You can have him all to yourself when you get here!" after a few seconds, Lisa laughed again. "Take your time. I'm in no hurry to stop! See you when you get here! Bye!" Lisa hung up the phone.

As she leisurely ate her breakfast, Lisa continued to torture her step-father's testicles. Then suddenly she pulled her leg back, releasing her grip on his balls, but immediately banging them with the toe of her sandal. Herb sprawled on the floor, rolling around in pain, clutching his injured manhood.

For the next two hours, Lisa relentlessly punished her step-father. She had an uncanny knack for finding his balls with her feet. Lisa was on her school's soccer team. She taunted him by pointing out that her long, athletic legs were "trained to kick balls!"

Herb repeatedly begged Lisa to stop, but she was having too much fun. He couldn't understand why, but she ordered him to rearrange the living room furniture so the couches and chairs surrounded the room and faced towards the center of it. Whenever he hesitated, Lisa used her athletic ability and her radar-precision long legs to bang his balls yet again and again. "I'M SORRY, LISA, PLEASE STOP, I'M SORRY I TRIED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU! Herb croaked. "PLEASE, I'LL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, BUT PLEASE, STOP HURTING MY BALLS!"

Lisa just smiled serenely down at Herb. "Sorry daddy, but you tried to blackmail me to fuck you, against my will, so now, YOU will see what's it's like to do things against YOUR will, because other people are making you do it! For example, daddy - Come on, daddy, get back on your feet - For example, you don't want to be back on the floor trying to rub the pain out of your balls, do you, daddy?"

Herb, standing on unsteady legs, looked at his smiling step-daughter. She was obviously expecting an answer. "No, Lisa dear, I don't want to be back on the floor!"

"Back on the floor TRYING TO RUB THE PAIN OUT OF YOUR BALLS! You forgot that part, right? You don't want that to happen, do you daddy?"

"W-Well, no, of course not..." responded a confused Herb.

"Well, I do, daddy - I want to see you back on the floor, trying to rub the pain out of your balls!" And in a flash, Lisa lashed out her left leg, once again her hard sandal crashing into Herb's balls.

Lisa's beautiful smile broadened. "That's what's called 'imposing your will', daddy!" gloated Lisa. Look at you! Back on the floor, trying to rub the pain out of your balls, simply because I wanted to see you in this condition, despite the fact that you are doing this against your own wishes! Kind of like the way you have treated everyone all of your life, isn't it, daddy?"

Herb didn't bother to answer Lisa's question because he knew what she was saying was the truth. Herb had been able to impose his will on others all of his life, and now he was finally getting a taste of what it felt like.

"I like imposing my will on you, daddy!" continued Lisa. ""It's really cool to be able to make people do what you want them to do, especially if they hate doing it! I can see why you enjoyed doing it all of these years. Well, now you will spend the rest of your life having your will imposed upon! Like, I'm sure you wouldn't want me to sit on your face and fart up your nose, would you, daddy?

Herb looked up from the floor in time to see Lisa jump up and land on his chest, knocking the wind out of him. "Please, Lisa" he gasped desperately, This isn't right! You're family!"

Lisa snorted in disgust. "It was perfectly all right when you wanted to fuck me, but now that I'm going to make you clean my asshole with your tongue, you complain? What a fucking crybaby you are, daddy! Besides, like you said, we're not blood related, so you have nothing to bitch about!"

In the past, Lisa would have never used such language in front of Herb, for fear of being punished and having her mouth washed out with soap. But now, the step-father, the supposed head of the household, didn't dare raise a word of objection. He had other things to worry about, namely Lisa's posterior as it descended on to his face.

After making sure that all other supplies of oxygen aside from her aperture was cut off, Lisa took a deep breath and let loose a long fart in Herb's nose and mouth. He bucked and heaved in surprise, humiliation and disgust, causing Lisa to squeal in delight with the unexpected stimulation. She felt a stirring in her loins and decided to go for it.

Before Herb knew what Lisa was doing, she quickly jumped up a few inches and re-positioned herself so that her pussy lips now covered his mouth. "Okay, you creep, you wanted to get in here, so here's your chance! But it's not the way you expected, is it?" Remember, there's no blood relation, just like you said, so eat me out until I explode!"

Herb hated all of what he was being made to do, but this was too much for him. It was bad enough having his plans to force Lisa to fuck him had gone awry, and it was an unthinkable indignity that his step-daughter had been able to impose her will on him in such a degrading manner. But now, by "eating" her out, as Lisa had put it, he not only would be reduced to sex slave status by this spunky, cocky teenaged girl, but he would be forced to provide her pleasure, a reward she was giving herself for punishing him. It was a lose-lose situation for Herb, and this is what caused his rebellion. With a sudden thrust, he tried to push off of the floor and roll out from under Lisa.

The rebellion was very short-lived. Lisa's youthful athletic instincts took over and she easily straightened up her back and re-balanced herself. Leaning back, she suddenly grabbed Herb's balls before positioning her pussy lips and clitoris back over his face.

Herb froze in fear as he felt Lisa's strong fingers wrap around his balls. He realized, all too late, what a terrible mistake he had just made, and he knew how Lisa was going to make him pay for it.

Lisa pulled, twisted, squeezed and squashed Herb's balls every which way she could. At first she did it simply to cause him pain, but once she realized that she could use this torture as sexual stimulation, she used it for that purpose. She squeezed and poked, easing up and then tightening again, feeling the climax build within her. The combination of friction from his bucking face was heightened by the vibrations of his agonized groans that went deep up her pussy led her to the juiciest, most jolting, satisfying orgasm of her life.

Lisa took a few minutes to recover and catch his breath. Herb remained below her, not even trying to move. His neck had been twisted from side to side by Lisa's bucking inner thighs, between which they were still nestled, and the hand that she kept wrapped around his balls was the final deterrent. He resigned himself to the fact that he had no choice to let his step-daughter abuse him in whatever way that she felt like, or she might squeeze his balls into an impotent jam. Because of this, he complied as Lisa rode his face to several more orgasms.

While she was relaxing after her fourth climax, the door bell rang. "Come in!" called out Lisa. "The door is open!"

It took a while for Herb to realize who the new visitor was. There was something about her that looked familiar. A tall, beautiful young brunette, she reminded Herb of his first wife. Then it all of a sudden dawned on him - it was Brooke, his daughter from his first marriage! He hadn't seen her since he left her and her mother shortly before he inherited his company from his father. She was 8 then but she was 18 now, an even more stunning looker than her mother, and that was saying something!

Brooke looked down at her father. Lisa got off of Herb and pulled him up to his feet. Brooke had grown to 5'11", even taller than her mother, and 3 inches taller than her father. She put her hands on his shoulders as they faced each other.

"Happy Birthday, daddy!" she chirped, then, as Lisa had done earlier, cried, "NOTTTT!" while suddenly pounding her knee into her father's manhood.

Brooke and Lisa squealed and laughed in delight as they hugged each other. Herb had no idea that his daughter and step-daughter knew each other. He never wanted them to meet, and he certainly never wanted his wife Heather and his ex-wife Adrienne, Brooke's mother, to ever meet. His head was spinning as he tried to comprehend the magnitude of the situation that he was in.

"I never thought that I would say this, Dad, but it's good to see you after all these years! Not that I ever wanted to see your ugly face again, but it doesn't look half bad when it's caked in pussy juice and crybaby tears!" Brooke pointed to a spot on his face. "What's that brown streak here? A shit smear?"

Lisa grinned with pride. "Probably some dried up fart juice! Daddy was eating my farts for a while before giving me head!"

Brooke smiled at the girl astride her father. "Good going, Lisa! I've got to hand it to you, you sure turned the tables on our dear daddy!" She then turned to Herb. "But, dad, unlike Lisa, I AM a blood relation, so you won't have to eat me out like you did her!”

Herb looked relieved for a few seconds until Brooke continued. "So, Dad, we'll have to come up with another way for me to punish you for the way you treated Mom and me long ago, and for being so cheap and unwilling to give mom her fair share and me the child support that you should have paid willingly. Any ideas on how I should punish you, dad?"

Herb looked helplessly back and forth between Brooke and Lisa, not knowing what to say. "Don't bother, dad. I have LOTS of ideas for punishing you, and eventually I'll try them all out. But let's concentrate on today. First, get some clothes on! I understand Lisa wanting to keep you naked the last couple of hours to add to your humiliation and to be able to get at your balls easily, but frankly, your little prick is too pathetic for me to want to look at. I can see why Mom had to have lovers with cocks three times as big as your tiny thing to be satisfied!"

Stunned by his daughter's words, Herb wordlessly went into his bedroom, followed by the girls, who watched him as he put on his clothes. "You know, Lisa, that's why he started beating Mom up. He was really nice to her when she was his secretary, just like your mom was a few years later! He knocked her up, and the bastard tried to talk her in to aborting me! Mom refused, and his parents forced him to marry her to avoid a scandal, and he did it because they threatened to cut him out of the will! But he was miserable to Mom and me from the beginning, even before he found out about Mom's affairs!"

Finally Herb was dressed, and the trio returned to the living room. Lisa curled up on the sofa to watch as Brooke led her father into the center of the room.

Brooke stepped up to face Herb directly. "Funny how things change, isn't it, dad?" asked Brooke rhetorically. "When I was little, before you left our house, I was so afraid of you! You seemed like a big, mean brute! But look at the two of us now, dad! I'M bigger than YOU now! I'm taller than you and I'm stronger than you! And I'm a better athlete than you! It's almost embarrassing to think that I once feared you!"

Shaking with fear, Herb backed up and put his hands in front of his fly to protect his crotch in case Brooke was going to assault him in the same manner that Lisa had. Brooke chuckled. "Don't worry, Dad, I'm not going to hurt your balls! That was Lisa's department, and Lisa is very good at it! But Lisa is only 14, and she's still smaller than you, although I give her less than two years before she's bigger than you too! No, I won't hurt your pathetic little balls, Dad. I may hurt the rest of your body, but not your balls!"

With a menacing grin, Brooke continued to advance on the retreating Herb until he banged into the wall. "Remember how you used to slap mom around, dad?" A loud SLAP resounded throughout the room as Brooke's open right palm splatted hard against Herb's. "Even when I pleaded for you to stop!" (SLAP) Even when mom started to cry!" (SLAP).

Using first her left and then her right hands, Brooke slapped her father's face from side to side. At this point Herb didn't even have the presence of mind to try to defend his face.

"And do you remember when I tried to stop you, dad? I tried to pull you away from Mom, so you grabbed my arm and swung me away – like this!" Taking Herb's arm, she spun him around and flung him into the wall. He started to slump down, but Brooke leaned over and pulled him back up.

"Now, dad," Brooke continued, I'm going to fulfill a ten year old dream. I'm going to beat the shit out of you, worse than you ever did Mom, because you deserve it! But I'm going to give you more of a sporting chance that you ever gave mom, dad!"

Lisa had made herself some hot chocolate and stretched out on her step-father's lounge chair, enjoying the scene in front of her. Brooke moved towards the center of the room and motioned with her arms for Herb to come towards her. Bouncing on the balls of her feet in anticipation, she put her fists up. "Okay, dad, you know what I want to do to you, so try to stop me! Try to do it to me first if you can! Put up your dukes and fight, dad!"

Herb looked bewildered. He was used to make other people do things that they didn't want. He usually got his way, and the fact that he wasn't confused him. But he was angry enough at his daughter's contemptuous words and she was doing to him that he charged at her, fists flying. Calmly, Brooke ducked under the unwieldy first punch and delivered a crunching left hook to his right jaw. Before he could fall, Brooke grabbed him under the armpits and stood him back up, releasing him when he was relatively steady on his feet.

"You thought that you were a real man by beating mom, Didn't you, dad?" taunted Brooke. "Well, now you have your little girl here paying you back, only now I'm not so little am I, dad! You're not such a tough guy now, are you, dad? Come and get me if you can, big bad dad!"

Herb cautiously advanced towards Brooke, but she started peppering him with punches before he had a chance to try anything, and the defense he put up was pathetic. "And then, when you learned that Grandpa had a terminal illness, you left Mom and me and tried to leave us with nothing, knowing that you would soon inherit the company and be a lot richer!” Punch after punch hit Herb's body as Brooke continued to remind her father of the past misdeeds that he was now going to pay for. "Mom had to sue to get the 10 percent that you finally agreed to in the settlement, but it should have been 50 percent and you know it!"

Herb finally fell to the floor and tried to protect himself in the fetal position, but Brooke had no sympathy and continued her assault, now kicking her father as he tried to roll away from her on the floor. "And you fought my child support all the way along! You're a real fucking creep, dad! You didn't even try to ever see me, although if you did, I would have told you to fuck off back then!"

Brooke continued her assault for a while, pulling him back up and banging him with fists, knees and elbows as she stood him up, holding him against the wall with a hand pushed against his throat as she finished him off. Finally the battered man slumped to the floor, whimpering, unable to even crawl like the snake he was away from his punishing daughter's feet.

Lisa jumped up and applauded, as if she had just been a one woman audience watching a performance that had been put on for her. She jumped up and hugged Brooke. Herb, looking at his daughter and step-daughter, felt even more despair. He had always seen to it that the two never met, but obviously they had, and had become friends. In fact, it had been six months since Lisa, doing some research on the computer, tracked down Herb's first family to compare notes. They found that they shared a hatred for Herb, and this was the start of their friendship. They then decided to tell their mothers, and then Adrienne and Heather met and became fast friends. Over the months since then, the four women hatched a plan, the first parts of which were currently unfolding. It was agreed that Father's Day would be the most perfect, appropriate and deliciously ironic day to put their plan into action.

Brooke put her foot on her father's chest and struck a high-fisted victory pose. "That's not fair!" Lisa exclaimed to Brooke with a smile. "I'm the step-daughter here! I should be stepping on him myself, don't you think, Brooke?" She looked down at Herb. "You're my step-father, daddy. As I see it that means that I should get to step all over you!”

While standing on her father's chest, Brooke held out her arms to steady Lisa's body as Herb's step-daughter stepped on his stomach. The two girls held on to each other as they bounced up and down, causing weak moans and gasps as the man underneath them continued to suffer.

Brooke and Lisa were still bouncing on Herb when the doorbell rang. "Come in mom!" called out Brooke.

Herb was a little confused. Was Brooke calling Heather "mom"? Did they know each other too, and is their relationship that close?"

But then the door opened, and Herb moaned with further despair. It wasn't his current wife Heather, but his ex-wife, Brooke's mother Adrienne!

Adrienne, at 38, was if anything even more beautiful and sexy than she was when she was in her twenties and married to Herb. She was tall with long brown hair, truly an older, but no less sexy a version of her daughter Brooke. He was bewildered that she was now in his new house. He had tried to make sure that Heather and Adrienne would never meet and to have her in this house was one of his worst fears. He didn't realize, of course, that his wife and ex wife had been comparing notes and had been conspiring with their daughters against him, and in any case he was in no position to object.

"Well, it looks like you're finally in your proper place, Herb darling!" Adrienne said with a laugh. "But girls, it's been a long time since I have seen my ex-husband, so could you please let him up so I can greet him properly?"

With giggles, Lisa and Brooke stepped off of Herb and pulled him to his feet. Adrienne, wearing a tight fitting blouse and a skirt, stepped up to Herb. Like her daughter, Adrienne stood taller than her ex. When she got close, she said "Happy Father's day, ex-hubbie- NOTTTT!" she called out, as Lisa and Brooke had, and as with them, he suddenly felt a flash of agonizing pain in his groin. The girls squealed with laughter as Herb was again rolling on the floor in excruciating pain.

Standing over him with a satisfied smile, Adrienne removed her skirt. Herb gasped. Adrienne was wearing a huge strap-on dildo! That was what his balls had just felt. The hard rubber dildo had whapped him in the groin! Before he could comprehend what was happening, Lisa and Brooke hauled Herb up and bent him over the arms of his beloved reclining chair.

Herb futilely struggled to get free, but Lisa and Brooke held him fast. Then, he felt a wet, smooth sensation in his ass - Adrienne was smearing some kind of lubricant there! Then, he felt the tip of the dildo probing between his ass cheeks!

"You tried to fuck me in the ass figuratively, Herbie honey, so now I'm going to fuck you in the ass literally!" chirped Adrienne. Desperately, Herb tried to free himself, but he couldn't move. He felt hands spreading his ass cheeks and realized that Brooke and Lisa were both using a hand to open his butt for Adrienne to slam the dildo into! He looked up desperately only to see the two girls smiling at him as they held him down while Adrienne sawed her dildo in an out of Herb's anal canal.

It couldn't have gotten any worse, Herb thought. He was being dildo-raped by his vengeful ex-wife, and his daughter and step-daughter were aiding in the rape by holding him down while he was being violated. The huge dildo felt to Herb like it was splitting him in two as Adrienne thrust her hips forward again and again. It was a double dildo, and the part inside Adrienne brought her to multiple climaxes as she took her time pumping in and out of her ex-husband.

Finally Adrienne was done. She pulled out of Herb and removed her dildo. "Make him eat you out, mom!" suggested Brooke. "He did a great job eating Lisa out before you got here. He probably refused to give you oral sex when you were married, right? Well, why don't you relax on the recliner and let your ex service you the way you deserve!"

Adrienne liked the idea and smiled at her daughter as she stretched out on the chair. The thought of giving a woman oral service was something that before today he would never have considered, but now he had no choice. Brooke and Lisa again hauled Herb back up, this time slamming his head into Adrienne's pussy. With a cruel grin, Brooke painfully gripped the back of her father's neck and painfully squeezed, causing him to squeal and buck his head in pain. And as big as Adrienne's orgasms were as she raped her ex, this was even more satisfying. Not only the stimulating breath and vibrations of his moans, not only the friction of his spasmodic head, but the satisfaction that her ex husband, the man who had abused her, who had cheated her out of half of his fortune, who had refused to visit her daughter (not that she wanted to see him) or give her child support without a court order, was now finally suffering for his misdeeds. She knew how humiliating all of this was for her ex, especially the oral service that he was giving her now, and she was so proud of her daughter for her idea, and for helping them get their revenge.

When she was done with him, Adrienne pushed Herb away and basked in the afterglow of her orgasms. Though humiliated, Herb was at least grateful for the rest, hoping that the women were done with them.

Herb hadn't been recovering for five minutes when he heard the door open again. It was his wife, Heather! She was supposedly at her sister's, not to return until the evening, but she was here now!

Heather laughed as she looked at Herb on the floor, Adrienne sprawled on the lounge chair and Lisa and Brooke giggling on the couch. She smiled broadly. "Well, hubby dear, it looks as everything is going as planned!” she looked out the door. "It's okay, honey, come on in!"

Despite what had happened to him already that day, Herb couldn't believe who he saw enter his house. It was Tony, the foreman of the loading dock at Herb's company. Herb hated Tony, but here he was in his own house!

Tony had first worked for the company when Herb's father was in charge. He always made insulting comments towards Herb, saying that he wouldn't be qualified to be even a trucker's helper if his father didn't own the company. Tony always made jokes about Herb and even if Herb didn't hear them, he certainly heard all of Tony's co-workers laughing at him.

When Herb became the boss, he framed Tony on a phony charge of stealing equipment from the loading dock. Tony was sent to prison for six months. Herb was very proud of himself and thought that he had gotten rid of Tony for good, but Tony got a good lawyer who started to investigate the frame-up. Fearing that the legal authorities might investigate, Herb entered into a settlement, giving Tony his job back. Tony became a hero to his co-workers and elected him to be the shop steward of their union. So now, not only did Herb have to employ Tony, he now had to negotiate a new contract with the man he hated most. And Tony relished the idea of getting as much money as he could from the man who had framed him and had gotten him unjustly thrown into jail.

A few months earlier, Heather was at Herb's office Christmas party. After a few drinks, Tony started making insulting jokes about Herb, and he noticed Heather slightly smiling at them. Furious at the situation, he grabbed his coat and insisted that he and Heather leave. Heather asked Herb questions about who Tony was, and inwardly laughed as Herb's face turned redder and redder. He vowed never to let Heather and Tony meet again.

But now it seemed that it was way too late for that, as Heather went over to Tony and caressed his massive biceps. "Come here, Tony, I want you to show my hubby something!"

Again, Brooke and Lisa stood Herb up on his feet as Heather led Tony to them. Heather kneeled down and unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and shorts, and out came a massive cock, a cock the same size as Adrienne's dildo!"

As Herb stood in shock, Heather looked up at him from her knees. "Oh, by the way, Happy Father's Day, hubby dear - NOTTTTT!" she called out as she slammed her elbow, hard, into her husband's manhood, sending him back to the floor.

Heather bent over and whispered in Herb's ear. "As you might have guessed, hubby dear, Tony and I are lovers. Big time lovers! Not just because of his equipment, either. It turned me on so much when he was insulting you at the Christmas party! I could see how much you hated him and what he was saying that I just HAD to thank him by offering him a fuck! And things went on from there. Let me tell you, hubby dear, my lover has equipment that doesn't quit! Look at his huge cock! Adrienne was so impressed with the cock that she had Tony make a mold of it. And she had it made into that dildo that she raped you with! But now, hubby, you're going to get raped by the real thing!"

Herb was trying to comprehend what Heather was saying as she continued. "It will technically be Tony's cock, but really, I am going to be the one raping you, and I'm just using Tony's cock as an extension of my own body! In fact, think of Tony's entire body as an extension of my own. I'm using Tony as a raping machine, but make no mistake about it, it's your darling wife that's proudly committing the rape!"

Heather started lapping Tony's huge penis with her tongue and as large as it was flaccid, it was even more massive now that it grew! "You'll be able to get that big thing all the way up my husband's ass, won't you, Tony?

"Well," Tony answered. "I'm not gay, so I usually wouldn't do this, but for you, Heather, I would do anything!"

"Oh thank you Tony, that's so sweet of you to say!" Heather cooed to the big brute. "But you had to make due when you were in jail, right, Tony? When you were in jail because my husband framed you?"

Tony chuckled. "Okay, Heather, you don't have to convince me! Yes, I had no choice in jail, but I was never the bitch, I had my own bitches! I didn't suck anyone, they sucked me! No one put their cocks up my ass, I put mine up theirs!"

Heather continued stimulating Tony's cock to full hardness. "I'm not asking you to do any more than that now, Tony!" she cooed back. "Except that now you have me to help you, and make it more pleasurable!"

Herb couldn't believe what he was hearing, but in an instant, his daughter and step-daughter once again had him bent over the arms of the chair, held tightly, but this time Adrienne did the honors of parting Herb's ass. She unbuckled the dildo and handed it to Heather. She unscrewed one end and put the large, massive rubber tool into her pussy and strapped it on. She then jumped up onto Tony's back, her arms snugly hugging his broad shoulders.

"Okay, Tony, let's go!" and suddenly, Herb felt Tony's cock entering his body. Instinctively he tried to struggle, but it was no use. His smiling daughters were holding down his arms and his ex-wife was now holding down his legs as Tony plowed in. "Yes, Yes, YESSSSSSS!" Heather squealed as the thrusts of Tony's cock inside Herb's ass were matched by the thrusts of the dildo, which was a perfect replica of Tony's cock, giving Heather as much pleasure as the real thing was giving Herb incredible agony. After Tony exploded inside Herb, Heather climbed off of Tony.

"Watch this, hubby dear!" she purred as she fondled Tony's now soft cock. It took just seconds before it was rock-hard again! "See, hubby dear?" purred Heather. Tony takes a licking and keeps on ticking!" The three other women laughed at Heather's joke. Heather then hopped back up on Tony's back and together, they raped her husband once again.

Heather dismounted as Tony slid out of Herb. She took off her dildo. As he lay draped over the chair, Herb saw Heather and Adrienne give each other a passionate kiss and embrace. He had always dreaded the prospect of his wife and his ex-wife meeting, but apparently they had not only met, but were close friends! He never knew either of them to have lesbian tendencies, but they were both sexy passionate women and he shouldn't have been surprised that in this type of situation, the excitement and emotions of the moment could lead to heightened sensuality. Of course, being a dolt, Herb didn't think in these terms.

"We will tell you the details later, Hubby, but there are going to be some changes with your business. For one thing, Adrienne and I are taking over the company!"

"W-What do you mean?" asked Herb in confusion. "It's MY company! You can't just take it over!"

"Wrong again, my darling ex!" murmured Adrienne. "I own 10 percent of the company. Heather owns half of what is left, which is 45 percent!" Brooke and Heather put their arms around each other. "I know you're not a math genius, but even you should know that 45 plus 10 equals 55, and our 55 percent will beat your 45 percent every time! And what we don't know about the company Tony does! In fact your loyal employee Tony is about to get a nice promotion. We're making him Vice President of Operations, with a hefty raise appropriate for his new job!"

"Look, Heather," exclaimed Adrienne, "Tony's cock is getting hard again, just watching us!" Tony joined the girls in laughter, and put his arms around each of them. "I've got a lot more, and we have all day, so why don't the three of us have some fun together!"

"Heather and Adrienne giggled like schoolgirls. "Okay, Tony!" answered Heather. Looking towards the girls, she said "The three of us are going to be busy for a while. Why don't you sweet girls take your father down to his new home?" The girls nodded and giggled with excitement.

Before Herb knew what they were doing, Lisa and Brooke suddenly slapped handcuffs on his wrists and ankles. "You are under arrest, Daddy!" chirped Lisa. "Your crime is being an asshole, and under the new laws of this house, being an asshole is an extremely serious offense! Now let's go down to the basement!"

Herb hesitated in bewilderment. "MOVE IT, DAD!" snapped Brooke as she gave her father a shove forward. Herb stumbled in his manacles, and hopped down the steps.

Herb never went down to the basement and was shocked at what he saw as he was a few steps from the bottom. Prison bars had been installed in a corner of the room, enclosing an 8'x8' area that contained the clothes washer, dryer, a mattress over the two appliances, a toilet, a sink and two bowls on the floor.

Herb froze in terror at what he saw, so Brooke gave him a hard shove, sending him down the steps, painfully crashing on to his knees. Since his arms were cuffed behind him, he couldn't protect his fall, Before he could recover, both Brooke and Lisa started kicking his ass, sending him squealing into the "cell". Once he was there he heard the bars slam behind him.

As he turned around and his eyes adjusted to the dim light, Herb saw Lisa and Brooke both clipping keys to a loop on their belt as Lisa spoke. "This is your new home, daddy. You will have to thank Tony. He built this, along with some of his construction and plumbing buddies! This is your cell, and Brooke and I are prison guards and wardens all rolled up into one! Our mothers don't want to be bothered with you, so they have given us total control over how we handle, use and abuse you!"

With a smile, Brooke approached the barred door. "That's right, dad" she chirped. "I just turned 18 and graduated from high school. And guess what - I'm going to college right here in town! And here's the best news, dad - I'm moving into this house, into one of the big guest rooms! And mom will be visiting us often, so we're going to be one big happy family! Although I guess it won't be too happy for you, dad!"

Lisa laughed. "That's right, daddy, and there are rules that you will have to obey! For starters, you will be allowed a daily ration of bread and water. You will not use your hands, you will simply lap up your food like a dog!"

Brooke pointed to the mattress. "You have a choice of where to sleep, dad. The mattress stays on top of the washer and dryer. If you want, you can sleep on it. Otherwise you can sleep on the bare floor. It might be more comfortable on the mattress, but then again it's a much smaller sleeping space than you're used to, so you might roll over and crash to the floor! Your choice, dad!"

"And there are going to be lots of other rules, daddy!" added Lisa. "We'll go through them as we go along! But the biggest change is going to be with the company that used to be under your control, but now is in OUR family!"

"That's right, dad!" said Brooke. And Lisa and I are going to be interning at the office this summer, learning the ropes, because we will be running the company some day! And once school starts in the autumn, I will work there part time, for a very nice salary, mom promises me!"

"But right now, daddy, we're going to leave you in your misery to contemplate these major changes that are happening in your life. We're going to have a lot of fun at the office helping you to acclimate yourself to your new role! You know that all your employees hate you because you were such an asshole as a boss, especially all the secretaries that you always hit on! They have had to keep quiet for fear of losing their jobs, so they will really enjoy it when we announce that your new position will be to serve their every little need! Imagine the possibilities, daddy! I'll bet that you will hate this week as much as we are going to enjoy it!"

Lisa and Brooke chuckled as they heard pleasured female moans emanating from Herb's former marital bedroom. "Poor, Poor daddy!" murmured Lisa. "Both your wife and your ex wife giving sexual pleasure to Tony, the man you hate more than any one else in the world! Well, it's poetic justice, after the way you framed him, and the way you treated Brooke's mom, not to mention mine!"

It's just one more thing for you to contemplate tonight, dad, as you prepare for your new life. You had it pretty good up until now, so the misery we will put you through from now until you die, or until we break you and leave you helpless on the street somewhere, will just even things out! You have had 50 good years, so the way I look at it, you deserve to suffer for the next 50 years! Maybe we'll ease up on you when you turn 100!"

Lisa and Brooke laughed in delight at their great success. Their plans couldn't have worked out better. But this was only the beginning. They wouldn't just be punishing Herb at home. They were looking forward to a summer, at least, of humiliating him in the office on a daily basis. The future looked as bright for the girls as it looked bleak for their father.

“Good night, daddy!" sang Lisa.

"And thanks for the best Father's Day- Ever!" added Brooke. Both girls laughed as they shut the light and slammed the door, leaving their father in his dark, imprisoned misery.

Freshly Squeezed Testicle Juice: A Man on a Mission

By farris

This is a true "story", and I hope that some of you might draw inspiration from it. Never give up on your dreams, even if it's simply to have a dream :)

Some background before I go on: in high school, long before I was actually aware there was such a thing as ballbusting, I overheard an older girl threaten a guy in jest. "I'll squeeze the juice out of your balls," she said menacingly...

Well, just the thought of that made my intestines bunch up and ache, if you know what I mean. My testicles were young and even a touch could be excruciating, and even though I knew I liked to be hit there, the thought of prolonged squeezing was frightening.

Naturally, squeezing became the Holy Grail. In fact, I decided that I had to have the cum squeezed out of my balls. Now I know that the cum doesn't actual reside in the balls, but I wanted to be squeezed until I came. To this day, I haven't been able to get any woman to squeeze me just right so she could squeeze me to orgasm. Now, since I am a purist, I insist that there be nothing more than incidental penile manipulation. You can't jack off to the point of cumming, and then squeeze the balls till you cum. And that's the difficulty with this particular fantasy.

I have on two occasions been able to squeeze my own balls till I came. Only one of those times truly satisfied me as having little enough penile manipulation that I could actually claim that I had squeezed the juice out of my balls. Here, I'll present a recollection of that episode.

It was a night in the winter of 1999. I was horny as usual, alone as usual and frustrated as usual. I wanted a ballbusting and was left to my own devices. I therefore did the usual things: punched my balls, got a wooden cooking utensil and gave my nuts some hard whacks. By this time, my cock was rock hard, and that somehow made me angry. I decided to go to town on my balls. Lifting one leg and putting it on a chair, I left my testicles open to assault. I tried several positions, sometimes binding my testicles with a rubber band to prevent escape. I am still amazed at how brave I was.

When I started squeezing my balls, I realized that this was a "now or never" moment, it would define what kind of a man I was, whether I would back down to pain, or if I would go where few men had taken themselves. I decided to go on, and barely touched my cock. This was a holy mission, and I marched on, pounding my balls with my fists, squeezing them, first in one hand, then the other, then both. I laid my scrotum on a table top, trapped the balls under my palm and leaned one the palm to squeeeeeze, more pressure, more pleasure, more pain. I gave my balls some hard hand slap, then some slaps with a wooden ruler. I took one nut in between the thumb and fingers of either hand, and vowed I would not back down. Clear precum rain like a bubbling stream down my erect cock. But by now, the pain was starting to get to me.

I grasped both balls in my right hand. This was the moment of truth and I knew it. I squeezed harder, hardly able to breathe. My eyes were closed, but I could picture myself there in the middle of the room, on my knees on the carpet, my right shoulder hunched down, a man locked in a noble struggle against unseen demons. I knew that it was useless, I was close but not close enough. My testicles needed a demonstration, tough love, to be shown that I would not be denied.

I gave my testicles three hard merciless punches, each harder than the one prior to it, and carefully gripped the testes again. I resumed squeezing, harder than before. I was giving it everything I had, and I was afraid I would black out. At this point, my well being had taken a backseat. Then, suddenly, it happened: an eruption of thick white cum, wildly sprayed over the carpet, my thighs, my chest. I kept squeezing for the next 15 seconds and then collapsed on the floor, holding my aching nuts, writhing in pain, my balls throbbing, and my cock still twitching. The smell of hot semen surrounded me. I had done it. Now, I can only hope that a woman will one day take matters into her own hands, and squeeze the juice out of my balls.

High School BB Experience

By ericblond

When I attended high school in the seventies there was a group of girls we called the 'Babes' because they always stuck together and were wearing sexy tight jeans. One of these girls named Jennifer told me the story that she and her friends were wondering if the moves they had learned in self-defense class would really work in a fight against a strong guy. They were joking about trying this out on some guy from high school. One girl named Caroline came up with the idea to pick 'that strong looking guy from 3rd grade' who happened to be me. I already had had an argument with her after I accidentally got tangled in her long blond hair while I passed her at the school yard. She thought I had done that deliberately and had called me a 'Dumbo' ever since.

The girls agreed on picking me and decided to wait for me one night at the exit of the swimming pool. When I came out, I saw some of the 'Babes' loitering. I also recognized Caroline although she was standing with her back towards me. This time she was wearing her long blond hair in a ponytail over a black short jacket. She was wearing skintight light blue jeans with red heeled shoes although I had always seen here wearing sporting shoes. Once the girls had spotted me I saw they gave a sign to Caroline after which she suddenly turned around. I saw she was wearing a tight red t-shirt under her open jacket through which I could slightly see her nipples.

She walked straight up against me and let herself fall.. She then yelled at me, “Heh you again, Dumbo! Didn't you learn to keep your hands to yourself ?” She then stuck her hands out to me and said. “Why don't you help me up ?” I heard the other girls giggling while I took her by her wrists to help her up.

Things then happened in seconds. She suddenly stood up, twisted her hands and grabbed my own wrists while she pulled me briskly towards her. I had to spread my legs so not to loose my equilibrium. She then kicked her foot up between by legs but stopped her foot just under my groin. All the other 'Babes' around her started laughing hysterically .

Meanwhile she had withdrawn her leg so I thought it was over. But she kept on pulling my wrists to let me 'dance' around. Apparently the other girls laughing had made her decide to go on with the show. So at the moment I looked at her to see when she would finally release me, she kicked me again but this time she didn't stop but slightly hit my groin with her instep.

At the moment I felt the pain coming, she suddenly released me and yelled, “Your balls, Dumbo !” The girls became hilarious when they saw me bending over in pain.

When they walked away in laughter I still heard Caroline saying to the other girls, “I barely hit him!”

Some time later I met Caroline waiting for class and she asked, “Heh … How are you ? … Did you learn your lesson the other day ?”

While she walked away she said, “If you mess again I will kick them right up here okay ?” She then pointed at her bellybutton !


By ‘Tex’ as told to Empress Tiptoe

One time as I was traveling through New Mexico, I visited an old cowboy who used to be a friend of my great-grandfather. He must have been almost a hundred years old, and he had a nurse looking after him. One day, when the nurse had gone out shopping and I was trying to make conversation, I asked him about the trophies and ribbons that covered one wall of the living room. He told me he was an old rodeo champion, and they were the prizes he had won in his younger days.

“I could sit a horse tighter than any man in the west,” he chuckled. “Nothin’ in the way, ya see...” I didn't think he could possibly mean what I was thinking, so I asked, and this is the story he told me.

“When I wuz young, about twenny, I wuz a good-fer-nuthin' drifter, not much use at anythin'. I'd raise hell in one town till it got too hot to hold me, then I'd jes move on. I traveled all over the country, jes doin' enough cow-punchin' to get me by.

One day my pockets were empty as a well in the Badlands, and I started in lookin' fer a way to make enough cash to get drunk on. Rip, one of my card-playin' buddies--one I hadn't cheated yet--tole me that ol' Jake Slade had broke his leg and had some new bull calves what he wanted to make steers of.”

“He's tight with a nickel,” Rip warned me. “You see you get paid up front, or you might not get paid at all.”

So I got up on my borrowed horse and took a trip out to Slade's ranch. I stopped out front of the house an' hollered till ol' Slade hobbled out on his busted pin.

“Hear tell ya got work needs doin' “ I said.

Slade shook his head. “Too late, I sent the kids out.” he told me.

I was surprised. “Din' know ya had boys,” I said.

“Daughter,” Slade told me. “Cousins. They've just left for the river gulch.”

I wuz feelin' a mite lonesome and decided I'd have a look at Slade's daughter. If her cousins weren't too tough-lookin'.....heck, even if they were, maybe I could get 'em to join’ me. Wimmin were scarce in town, an expensive too.

So I waited till ol' Slade went back into the house. I went down the river gulch trail, an' I rode hell fer leather to catch up. Fore long I could see the horses ahead of me and hallooed. They stopped and I trotted up to 'em. “Your ol' man sent me out to give a hand,” I lied. “This here's man's work!”

Sandy Lou Slade wuz a sight to behold. Sweet sixteen, slim as a whip with long wheat-colored hair and innocent, forget-me-not eyes. And knockers the size o' grapefruit under her tight cotton shirt. I swore I'd get inside her by nightfall. I wuz surprised to see that her cousins were girls too. Tough, no-nonsense rancher types. This would be easy.

I kicked my horse forward, and soon I wuz leadin’ them down the rough trail. I kept lookin' tell them the names of the wildflowers we were passin' or to point out a jackrabbit or eagle that they prob'ly saw already. Any excuse to look back at Sandy Lou. Her cantaloupes were jigglin' like sacks of jelly as her little quarter horse trotted along. I wuz so stiff it hurt, and I shore wished she was ridin' behind me, with her arms around me and her hands on my saddlehorn.

We came down to the river after a coupla hour’s easy riding. The bulls were in a corral, separate from the rest of the herd, who were wanderin' around. They were snortin' and stampin'. This dint look like an easy job.

“Thought these wuz calves what needed gelding,” I called out. “They look pretty big to me!” The two cousins jes laughed an' asked if the job wuz too much fer me, so I coiled my lariat and sent it out to rope one a them big suckers.

'Cept I missed. Spent too much time in the saloon lately, I guess. Before I could gather my lariat up again, one a them cousins had roped a calf and pulled it out through the gate. I was pretty burned that them little gals had shown me up. They were laughing and kidding me as they snubbed the calf's head to the cottonwood tree on the riverbank.

Angry, I picked up the geldin' knife and grabbed the calf's scrotum above his melon-sized nuts. Somethin' like a bolt of lightning went through me an' when I could make sense a the world agin, I noticed I was rollin' on the ground huggin' my own nuts for dear life, and they hurt like hellfire. That damn calf had kicked when I touched his valuables, and managed to hit the one spot my leather chaps dint cover. I could see the two cousins, leaning on the calf’s back, watchin' me with leerin' grins across their faces, like they had seen this before.

Sandy Lou, bless her heart, was kneelin' beside me, cryin'. “Are you alright?” she kept askin'. I tried to tell her, hell yes, this was nothin'--but my mouth jes flapped and made funny noises so I quit tryin’ to talk. My hands were clutchin' my achin' hushpuppies, and I felt her reach down and put her hand on mine. Somehow I got all worked up agin, even though I wuz hurtin’ too bad to think.

After a spell I wuz able to get up an' get back to work. Sandy Lou helped me to my feet. I felt her two pillowy boobs squish against me for a second, and pretended I wuz havin’ trouble standin, so she'd hold me longer. The two cousins made fun of the way I wuz walkin' an laughed fit to kill. It made me damn mad, I tell you. I walked over to the calf and got my revenge, kickin’ his oversized bag a few times with my riding boots while he bellowed and his legs shook. It made me feel better, but I noticed that the cousins had stopped laughing, and Sandy Lou was lookin’ at me with eyes colder than a witch's titty.

“How can you do that to that poor animal?!” she scolded me.

“What do you care, you're about to cut 'em off anyway,” I muttered. Women! Always so soft on dumb critters! One a the cousins wrapped a rope around each of the calf's legs. I held one rope, and she held the other. The second cousin’ got behind the calf an' pulled one a them doctor's needles. They jabbed it into the critter's scrotum and waited.

“Waste a time!” I scoffed. “I done this thousands of times an never used no sissy anesthetic!” I saw that Sandy Lou wuz lookin’ mean at me agin’ an I decided I should shut my face.

“What does gelding do to them?” Sandy Lou asked.

“Stops 'em from gettin' horny,” grinned the cousin, givin’ me a meanin’ sorta look. She took the knife an made a quick cut in the critter's bag. The calf never felt a thing, never even struggled when she shoved its balls out the hole. Like an ol' pro, she cut the cords, tied 'em off, and sewed a coupla stitches on the empty sack. Sandy Lou watched.

“See, it's easy,” her cousin’ told her. The cousin’ stood up. She took a hard kick at one of the calf's fallen testicles, and it sailed off into the brush.

“Hey! Don't do that!” I yelped.

“Whatsamatter, make ya nervous?” she grinned and swung her foot at my jeans. It barely touched me, but I couldn't help doublin' over jes to keep my hushpuppies safe. They hurt enough already.

Sandy Lou came to put her arms around me again’ an' offer sympathy. I faked more pain, and she hugged me tighter, scoldin’ her cousin. The way she looked at me when we went back ta work, I knew it wuz jes a matter of time before I would be bangin' her sweet young body. I got a bucket, and told the cousin’ to put 'em in there. The cousin’ did a coupla more calves, then handed the knife to Sandy Lou.

Sandy Lou held the calf's balls in her hand, weighin' and feelin' them. Her eyes kinda gleamed, and I hoped she wuz gittin’ as sparky as I was. Somehow it wuz even sexy when she started cuttin'.

I worked harder that mornin’ than I had in years. The difference wuz the prize I expected at the end of the day--Sandy Lou's cunt, not jes a pocketful of chump change.. Sandy Lou's hands got surer and steadier with practice, and the pile of bull's knackers in the pail kept growin'.

We quit fer lunch. One of the cousins started up a fire. I picked up the bucket of testicles. “Whatcha do, collect those? Hain't got none a yer own?” hooted one cousin.

How I hated them gals! For the sake of Sandy Lou, I jes smiled an' said, “What, ranch gals what never et prairie oysters? You get the fire goin’ an' I'll cook up a mess!”

“Eew, disgusting!” the three gals all griped.

But they looked fascinated. The two cousins started collectin’ firewood. Sandy Lou sat beside me and rubbed a big bruise on my arm which one of them calves had guv me. She kissed the bruise and rubbed it some more.

“Does that feel better?” she asked, lookin’ up at me with them sweet innocent eyes.

I wuz horny enough to burst on the spot, an' I thought of a way to get her innerested. “Sure does feel good, ma'am.” I tol' her sadly. “I got other bruises though. An 'these clumsy, rough hands a mine would only make matters worse. Not like your soft, gentle....” I tried not to show how thrilled I wuz when she took the hint an' unbuttoned my trousers.

“I know yer a ranch girl an ya seen plenty a horses an bulls...a man's not much different. No reason to be shy...” As I coaxed, she pulled my cock out, strokin’ it like it wuz a pet bird. She put her hand back in my fly and took hold of my rocks, real gentle-like. They were still sore, an it felt so good to have 'em sittin' in her hand. She felt up my balls, rubbin' em an rollin’ 'em in her palm.

“Just like a bulls,” she whispered thoughtfully. “Only smaller.” I decided to pay no attention to that last part. By now my manhood was standin' out at full glory. I started strokin' Sandy Lou's arms an shoulders an leaned forward to kiss 'er. Then we heard the cousins comin' back with the firewood. Sandy Lou jumped up and pretended she wuz sittin’ further away from me. I had to shove my tallywhacker down the leg of my pants an button up quick-like, cursin’ those damn cousins a hers.

I got the fire started and tossed the prairie oysters into the cast-iron pan. The gals stared as they sizzled over the fire. One a them cousins asked for the recipe, sorta jokey. There wuz somethin’ kinda disturbin’ about the way they watched. When the cooking was done, they dug in with gusto, sayin' that they had never tasted nothin' better. I watched them--even sweet Sandy Lou-sinkin’ their teeth into the hot beef testicles with the juices runnin' down their chins. I don't know fer sure what I was feelin' but my cock was stiff, my knees were shakin’ an I had cold sweat drippin’ down the back of my collar. I dint eat none. Sorta lost my appetite. Anyways, there wuz somethin' else I wuz hungry for, an I watched Sandy Lou through the corner of my eye through the whole meal.

It was almost a relief gettin’ back to work. Sandy Lou gelded bull after bull as I stood by helpin’ and sweet-talkin’ her. As the hours passed and one bull after another lost his bullhood under the hot sun, the cousins decided they wanted to take a break before suppertime an do some swimmin'. They tol' me to go over t'other side of the ridge, an I did. I sat there, pickin' my teeth with my bowie knife an thought of them three gals--especially Sandy Lou--bare naked in the river. I could hear them laughin’ and splashin.

My prick got achin’ hard in my tight jeans, so I unbuttoned my fly and took it out. I was just feelin’ the bruises on my nuts when Sandy Lou, stark-bare-nude-naked came from around behind a tree. Drops of clear river water sparkled all over her like diamonds, dripping from 'er pink nipples an from the hair on 'er pussy.

“I just came to see if you're okay,” she tol' me with that innocent smile, an I knew I couldn't wait a second longer. I moved toward her, and in sudden fear she stepped back. Rushin’ her, I grabbed her around the waist, an we fell down, me on top. My prick slid into her, her huge tits pressed against me like soft rubber balls. She struggled as I kept ramming my throbbing cock deeper and suddenly managed to twist out from under me, disappearing in a second toward the river. I swore and hit the ground with my fist. I had ruined the whole day's seduction, and hadn't even been in her long enough to get my rocks off.

Disgusted with myself, I buttoned up and headed to my horse, mountin’ up to leave. Then I said, the hell I will. What did I have to be afraid of, three little bitty gals? I went to the river.

Sandy Lou was gettin’ dressed on the bank with her cousins. “Time to get back to work,” she said.

They all headed back to the corral, like nothin’ had happened, an I figgered she dint say nothin’ to the cousins. We went on working, Sandy Lou geldin' steers with her knife flashin. She dint seem specially mad at me, so I figgered maybe she wuz just startled before an she still wanted me. I sweet-talked her all afternoon, and soon she was givin’ me nice looks again’ like everthing wuz okay. God thet woman was sexy seperatin’ them bullocks from their ballocks!

We were down to the last bull. One of the cousins went off to start the cookfire for supper, when Sandy Lou put her knife down. “You said you used to do this without anesthetic,” she reminded me. “I don't see how you could. The calf would kick.”

“Not if his legs were hobbled real good,” I told 'er. She asked me to show her, I wuz glad she'd got over bein’ sentimental about critters an stepped up to show 'er my style.

As usual, we tied the bull to the tree. A cousin’ held the rope attached to one back leg, Sandy Lou held the other. “Now hold 'im tight!” Instead of the needle, I grabbed the bull’s balls in my hand, the knife in the other. I landed five feet back, both hands between my chaps again. My mouth was full a dirt where my teeth had bit into the prairie soil when I landed.

I heard Sandy Lou saying over and over, “Oh, I'm sorry! The rope slipped! I'm so sorry!” Through my pain-blurred eyes, I could see the cousins grinning at my agony, and Sandy Lou staring in horror, her hands coverin’ her sweet mouth, her shoulders shakin’ with what I thought were sobs. Ida never thunk I could get hard agin, but my damned pecker dint know when to quit, and I rolled on the ground in pain’ with the tallest fencepost I had ever worn. Sandy Lou stooped down over me an put her hand on mine like before. I knew I wanted to feel thet cool soothin’ hand on my burnin’ nuts agin.

She seemed to know what I wanted, an pulled my hands away, undoin’ the buttons on my fly. My rod popped out an she reached under and took hold a my bruised chestnuts. Damn but her hand felt good! She stroked them with her thumb, rollin’ them in her palm once more. “Does that hurt?” she asked sweetly.

“No ma'am,” I lied. Every touch was agony, but I dint want her to let go.

“Well, how 'bout THAT?” she asked an her hand tightened till I screamed and grabbed at her wrist. It felt like coyotes was lunchin’ on my tender parts, an I couldn't believe what was happenin'. I stared at her an saw she had a smirk on that pretty mouth an the devil was looking outa them innocent baby blues a hers.

“You like that, cowboy?” she asked.

Barely able to speak, I gasped out, “I like everthin’ you do to me, ma'am!” Guess thet wuz the right answer, cuz she turned loose a me, an I curled up on the ground wishin’ I could die. I felt them gals yank off my boots and trousers, an I heard the splashes when they threw 'em in the river. They did thet last calf an turned him loose. I could still hear them gals laughin, and more splashes as they waded out into the water. I staggered up to try to leave soon as I could stand on my feet. I couldn't run fast in the pain’ I wuz feelin...truth to tell, the very thought of settin’ a horse agin’ made me hurt twice as bad. Din't make no difference nohow...I felt a somethin’ like a whip cut across my body, an a braided leather lariat snapped tight around my chest, pinnin’ my arms to my sides an yankin’ me flat on my back.

Them girls came runnin’ up. They'd bin’ swimmin’ agin, an they wuz all three buck naked, their bare tits floppin’ as they ran after me.

“Mister's gettin’ frisky agin,” said one a them cousins.

“Time to do somethin’ 'bout that!” Them gals dragged me by the lariat back to the river bank. They wrapped the rest of the lariat tight around me then, to keep my arms pinned. One a them cousins took a rope an wrapped it around my neck, an around the cottonwood tree, so I was snubbed tight like a bull calf, 'cept I was layin’ on my back, with them three naked gals jigglin’ their tits over me. They tied ropes to my ankles, Sandy Lou holdin’ one an one a them cousins on the other, an they pulled my legs apart as fur as they would go.

“Hold them ropes tight!” the other cousin’ called, imitatin’ my deep voice. She grabbed my stiff pecker in both hands and fer a second I thought I might be goin’ to enjoy what happened next. But then she kneeled down slow-like on my balls an stayed there, rubbing my pecker like fury to keep it hard. Lord I had never felt nothin’ like it! It wuz like I had Apache arrows stickin’ up my crotch into my gut. When she got up, the pressure comin' off was almost worse. My pecker finally got some sense into its fool head an went down quiet. She swapped places with the other cousin’ while I bawled like a calf an tried to pull my arms an legs free.

The second cousin’ put her toes on my nuts an started wigglin’ 'em. Maybe wouldn't have hurt much, if I wasn't so sore already. As it was, I started gaggin’ and heavin'. I'da puked my guts out if I'da eaten anythin’ earlier thet day. When she'd had her fun, she grabbed the rope around my ankle an Sandy Lou walked between my open legs.

Even in my agony, I could see that Sandy Lou was a goddess. She stood above me lookin’ down at me...not at my face but at my nuggets, open and ready fer whatsoever she wanted to do with 'em. She kneeled down an pulled out the castratin’ knife. I felt the point of the knife scratch across my balls. Then she took an ran the icy blade of the knife along my cock, to an fro. I stared at her, she bein’ totally absorbed by playin’ with her knife against my jewels, her big tits hangin’ over me, swingin’ slowly like pendulums. My stupid pecker decided to come up again’ and stand at attention, an I felt the point of Sandy Lou's castratin' knife makin’ little circles on the very tip of it. Then she stood over me, tall an proud. I waited to see what she would do next, an my heart sank into my innards when I saw her put on her ridin’ boots.

I dint come right when she kicked me. She jerked her leg back and swang, ketchin’ my balls and kickin’ them upward so that my hard cock slapped against my belly. When her leg reached as high as it could go, I could see right up into her darlin’ pussy, and my seed finally burst outa me. I was still sprayin’ when her heel came down. I musta passed out. I woke up an the stars were over me. I could hear a fire cracklin’ nearby, but when I tried to get up, fiery pain’ shot through my body from my crotch, an I screamed.

Them gals came a runnin, sayin, “He's up agin!” I wuz hurtin’ too bad to care anymore. I just lay groanin, not even tryin’ to cover my nuts.

Sandy Lou said, “Want me to make it better?” She pulled the anesthetic needle an jabbed it into my nuts. They were so bad already I hardly never felt the needle. It seemed like hours, but the fire in my crotch started coolin’ an soon my balls were hangin’ against me like dead weight, feelin’ nothin. It was a glorious relief.

Once more Sandy Lou Slade took my balls in her hand. This time I couldn't feel it, but jes watchin’ her feel me up was enough to make my six-shooter start to load up agin, an Sandy kissed the tip of my cock till it was hard as steel. My pecker was only half numb, an I could her warm lips an tongue playin’ on the head.

“Do your nuts hurt?” she asked me. I shook my head. She gave 'em a squeeze agin.

“Now?” I couldn't feel nothin’.

Sandy Lou stepped back. Her feet were bare now, an I watched as she curled her toes like a fist an smacked them into my bag o hickories. Somehow seein’ 'em crunched without feelin’ it was scarier than if it actually hurt.

The cousins joined in, and they danced in front of me, beautiful witches, their tits shakin’ with laughter, takin’ turns kickin’ at me. It was like a dance. Their feet kept thuddin’ into my numb jewels, each kick shakin’ an rattlin’ up my big ol' stiff pecker until I felt a pleasure shoot through my whole body like I never felt before nor since. I went light headed an dizzy, an every kick after that wuz like another orgasm, rackin’ my whole body with delight.

After a time they got tired of their game. They sat an watched me, waitin'. I wondered what they were waitin’ for when a sharp jab of pain’ ran through my nuts. Thet anesthetic wuz startin’ to wear off. After the first shot of pain, I rapidly began to feel more an more. My eyes bulged out, an sweat was runnin’ down my cheeks. I knew worse would be comin.

“Poor thing,” said Sandy Lou. “We can stop the pain, you know.” I looked at her, hopin’ for another jab with the needle. But it was the knife thet was in her hands.

“They won't hurt you if we take 'em off, cowboy,” she smiled seductively.

“Want me to cut you like a steer?” It took me a minute to realize what she wuz sayin, an in that time pain’ shot through me like bullets. I knew I wasn't man enough to handle what I'd feel when the rest of the anesthetic wore off.

Shuddering with a burst of pain’ and even a smidgen of excitement, I tol' thet fine sassy big-titted cowgirl, “Please, ma'am....make a steer outen me.”

“Only if that’s what ya really want,” Sandy Lou said sweetly.

My guts wuz a twistin’ an retching, as the pain’ burned up through me ta my brain! “Oha gawd ma’am please!”

“Please?” she asked.

“Please...make a steer outta ME!” I grunted through clenched teeth. Sandy Lou bent forward with the knife, an I closed my eyes. I dint need to see how she'd do me. I'd been watchin’ her do this job all day.

Almost all the pain’ went away direckly. I lay where I was, weak as a baby from my rough day, an them gals walked back to the fire. I heard them drop something into the frying pan, an a sizzlin' noise. Hardly able to believe what I wuz thinkin, I got to my wobbly feet and staggered to the fire, where I settled on the ground propped up by a log.

Them gals was lookin’ at somethin’ in the pan an proddin’ at it with the castratin’ knife. There wuz two little morsels in thet pan, an they speared one an cut it in three between them. They seemed sorta reluctant, but seein’ me watchin, they each popped a hunk of meat in their mouths, lookin’ at me with triumph in their eyes.

“They taste better after bein' tenderized,” a cousin’ joked. I done heard tell how a man who's lost his arm can still feel it sometimes. Be that as it may, I felt shocks of pain’ run up my gut as I watched Sandy Lou chompin’ and chawin'. I had got inside her at last.

Sweltering, Sandy Lou got to her feet, and stabbed the remaining morsel. Walkin’ around the fire to my side, she lay her hand on my empty sack an held the bite a meat, skewered my the castratin’ knife, in front of my face.

“Hungry, cowboy?” she asked, her eyes mockin’ me. I don't know why I did what I did. Maybe it wuz curiosity. Maybe it wuz jes that I hadn't eaten all day. Maybe I was somehow tryin’ to keep part of my manhood to myself. I opened my mouth, and savored the familiar flavor of prairie oysters on my tongue.

Tasted just like a bull's. Only smaller.