Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pussy Envy (parts 1-15)

By gene88

Part 1

I live in Russia, where we have a nice tradition to go to the public baths once a week, no matter whether you have a bath at home or not. At childhood my mom always took me and my younger sister to the women baths. there I first saw a pussy and loved it. I knew I had something different between legs and didn't like it. Sometimes dad took me to the men’s baths and there I didn't like at all the sight of men genitals, specially their dangling balls. I always asked Mom to take me with her, I felt like I was a girl.

But once I realized that I was a male. Playing with my sister in the baths she accidentally happened to slap my nude balls with her hand. The pain was so sharp I grabbed my balls and fell on the wet floor. All the little girls in the bath gathered around me and started giggling. Most of them didn't understand what had happened, they never seen ballbusted boy before. Their moms told them about men’s balls and how sensitive they were. The girls giggled even more. Clutching my aching balls I was looking at the nude women and girls and envied them not having those balls between their legs, I envied them their pussies and wanted to be a girl. Since then I started terribly envying girls their body.

Soon mom said that my weenie and balls are growing bigger and I must stop going to the women’s baths. She said I could scare little girls with my privates. It was terrible. My genitals were not only vulnerable and helpless; they looked awful and could scare a girl. I couldn't imagine a girl's pussy was able to scare anyone. One more point for envy. And I would never see so many nude women any more and I was just doomed to see those funny low-hanging scrotums in the men’s baths. I remembered the feeling that was within me when nude women laughed at me clutching my aching balls. I wanted to feel it again; I wanted my balls busted and girls laughing at my pain. And I persuaded mom to take me to the women’s baths for the last time....

Part 2

Once I was playing with my younger sister and her two girlfriends in the garden. One of my sister’s friends was of her own age and the other was as old as I. My sister said she would show us some acrobatic trick. I was standing just behind her when she suddenly bent over and swung her heel just square back into my groin. I don't know even now whether she did it on purpose to show her girlfriends my weakest point or it was done accidentally. Though I asked her many times after that day, she never told me and smiled cunningly.

But at that moment it didn't mater at all. Definitely or accidentally my balls were smashed and the pain was so burning that I fell on the ground, holding my throbbing, little testicles with both my hands. The girls at once surrounded me and started laughing heartily. As you know, by that moment I had really envied girls their not having balls and this new pain, this great suffering and the girl's laughing was just multiplying my pussy envy.

"Oh, what happened?" the sister's younger friend, Toma, asked.

"I just kicked his balls."

"Balls?" Toma was surprised.

"Yeah, I already hit them once in the bathhouse. He was naked and the same was lying on the floor holding his poor, poor ballsies. It was so funny; Mom says all boys are weak in their balls."

"That's true," the elder girl, Lene, said. "No boy can withstand a hit to the balls, no matter how strong he is."

"Oh, that's great," exclaimed Toma. "So we can beat up any boy. Have you kicked some guy in the balls, Lene?"

"Yeah, I did it a couple of times. It was such a fun. But boys are always trying to protect their precious balls, so we have to train a bit to be ready always hit them down there. We can do some training right now!"

"Great!" My sister exclaimed, "let's do it now."

While I was still lying on the ground in agony and pain, Lene managed to fetch somewhere two tennis balls. She put them in a sock and tucked it behind her belt (she was in a pair of jeans) so that the faked testicles were hanging loose behind her legs.

"Now you should try and hit me in the ‘balls’, Lene told to her girlfriends and a playful fight started. For a while Lene managed to avoid her groin from the girls' feet, knees and hands, though the tennis balls were dangling between her legs in a funny way. But it didn't take my sister long to drive her small fist right into the ‘sock scrotum’. Lene clutched her ‘nuts’ and screamed at the top of her voice, "Oh my balls, my balls!" and fell down next to me. Pretending to be in a great pain she cried, "Oh my balls, my poor balls, they hurt that awful! Girls, you can't imagine how great the pain is. You'll never know what it feels to have the balls hit."

But it were my testicles that were in real pain and Lene's pretending just made me more jealous of her not having balls.

"Girls, oh girls," she went preaching, her hands between her legs, "please help me girls! You're so lucky not to have balls. Tell me what should I do?"

“Just tear them off, yeah, tear your balls off," both the girls cried.

"You're right - I'll tear them off," she pulled the sock with the balls away from her groin and threw it aside.

"Wow, I fell no more pain!" She jumped up to her feet. "Away with the balls!"

"Gene, maybe you'd better also tear off your balls?" my sister asked me, giggling.

"He'll die without his balls," it was the voice of my friend Mike who happened to appear in the garden at that moment. He was Toma's elder brother.

"But he seems like dying from the pain in his balls," Lene pointed at me.

"No one can live without balls," declared Mike.

"But we all live without balls," my sister said.

"You're silly girls without balls," Mike grinned. "My dad says that it's balls that give us men all strength and power, and all women are just silly pussies and you always envy us guys our balls. I'm proud of my balls."

"I think your friend envy us girls at the moment." Lene waved her hand at me, who was still on the ground, holding my aching genitals.

"Do you, Gene?" Mike came closer to me. "Aren't you proud of your balls?"

"How I could be proud of them now," I moaned, "if it's because of them I can't get up."

"So you wanna tell you really envy those stupid pussies?" Mike looked at me scornfully. "Do you envy them?"

"Yes, I do," I pressed this confession out of me.

"If so, you're an idiot. Mike turned to the girls. "Now I'll show them what it means to have balls," and he edged on the girls. Mike was always a bully boy, I didn't know for certain what he was going to do to the girls but obviously it was not an intent to chat friendly. But Lene, who had just a few minutes ago learnt the girls to be quick to get to the boy's vital point, didn't give Mike any chance to escape her grip on his balls.

She squeezed his nuts hard and he screamed in a high-pitched tone, "Balls, my balls! Please let them go!"

"Where's your strength and power, Mike?" Lene laughed and gave his balls a harder squeeze.

"Oh nooo!" he screeched and knelt down. "It hurts, please let me go!"

"Okay," she unclenched her hand, but the very next moment her feet flew right into Mike's crotch. He grabbed his groin with both his hands and collapsed on the ground. This time there was no screaming, it was obvious that Mike couldn't breathe.

"Girls, let's get his pants off!" Lene commanded. Mike had no strength at all to resist to the joyful trio and in the blink of an eye his pants were down on his knees and his balls again within Lene's grasp.

Mike seemed to regain his breath and pleaded again. "Just leave my balls please!"

"So you're proud of these two things between your legs, ain't you? Now we'll see how bad it to be a girl without balls," and she squeezed his testicles with all her might.

"Ooooooh!" Mike uttered a shrill sound.

"Do you love your balls?" Lene inquired.

"Yeah, I love them!" Mike was helplessly trying to get rid of the girl's grasp on his aching balls. "Just leave me alone!"

"I will leave your balls only if you say that you hated them," Lene smirked.

"No, no I can't say..."

Lene gave even harder squeeze to his scrotum. "Say it!"

"Well, well - I hate my balls, please let me go."

"If you hate them, no use pampering them," she released her hold and loudly slapped his balls with her palm. Mike cupped his balls and turned over, his face down, to protect his groin from any further torture. There were heard his sobs muffled with the grass.

Lene got up and all the girls started laughing. At that moment I felt some strange feeling within me. I loved seeing a boys balls being hurt and humiliated by girls. Even my own balls were not much aching as before. I never thought that looking at a male suffering from testicle pain, the sight of a girls laughing at him could give me such pleasure. I had shared my pussy envy feelings with other boys, I even told about it to may father, but they all always laughed at me, making a fool of me. Sometimes I felt that all the men and boys on the earth are proud of their balls except me. I was the only one with pussy envy within me. And now I was delighted to see a boy who was so proud of his balls helplessly holding them and feeling an excruciating pain in them. And the girls were laughing at him.

That night in the dream I saw myself lying again on the wet floor in the bathhouse, holding clutching my aching testicles and being surrounded by a crowd of naked women and girls, laughing at me. Somehow I liked that feeling. Somehow I wanted to be there again, to see a row of nude pussies and hold my balls, the only balls in the house, the balls that made me so helpless in the eyes of those nude females. Then I dreamed there appeared naked Mike, some girl kicked his balls and he was down on the floor and I could laugh at him with all the women, feeling like them about the testicle's weakness. I laughed at him and no girl paid attention to the fact that I had balls like Mike. That night my pussy envy got somewhat a different attitude and I think it was my first sexual fantasies.

But before that night I happened to witness one more pair of balls kicked. It was hilarious.

Soon in the garden there walked in Mike and Toma's father, he saw his son prostrated on the ground and asked us all what happened to him.

"Nothing," Toma said and ran up to her dad. "Lene just taught us some interesting thing."

"What thing?" He squatted down before Toma trying to hug her.

"About balls, how they weak are…" and all of a sudden she kicked her dad between legs. It was so funny to see - a little girl just made a big man screech, tumble down on the ground. So they lay close to each other - son and dad, holding their precious balls, seeing the laughing girls standing over them.

Part 3

I had a female cousin - Katie. She was of my age and lived not far from ours. That day she came to us to play with me in our garden. There were only two of us - my parents and sister were out in town.

After about an hour of merry romping about Katie said, "Just wait a bit, Gene, I have to go and take a pee." And she went off to the bushes. After she disappeared behind the leafy stems, I discreetly snuck up to the bushes and started peeping her peeing.

Suddenly she noticed me and exclaimed, "Gene!" She got abruptly up to her feet, pulling her panties up and adjusting the skirt.

"Shame on you," she said coming out of the bushes, it's not good peeping such things. You, boys, are lucky - you can go behind any tree and pee there standing straight.”

"You envy boys?” I asked.

"Yeah, you, guys, have wieners."

"But do you know that all boys, and me too, are very weak down there.


"Haven’t you ever kicked a boy between his legs?"

"No." That was true, Katie being rather a shy girl, never had abused any boy's testicles. I suddenly felt a great wish to show her how male genitals are weak, show her how I envy her pussy and for this purpose she had to kick someone's balls immediately and the only pair around were my own nuts. But my pussy envy encouraged me to be ready to bear any excruciating pain in the organs that Mother Nature had made a certain mistake to award me.

"Then, Katie, you must kick somebody in the balls to see how you are lucky not to have them?"

"Well.., but whose?"

"I guess you should kick mine for there no other boy over here."

"Is that going to be painful for you?"

"Extremely painful, nothing can be more hurting than one's balls kicked."

"But why then..."

"Just because I envy you."


"Yeah, I envy you your pussy and don't care much about my balls. You may hurt them. Okay, let's go inside the house not to let anybody see us." Soon we were in my room. I stood opposite Katie my legs wide apart.

"Come on," I urged her, "give me a good kick!"

"No, no, I can't," the girl hesitated.

"Why, it's so easy. Just kick me and you'll never envy me any more.

"No, Gene, I… I…"

"Well, do it half your strength then, you'll see balls are so easy to hurt.

"Gene, Maybe next time..."

"Alright, let me show you how I'm weak there - just give me a flick in the balls." I yanked down my pants down. "Now look at my balls and just flick them."

Katie wavered for a while, stepped up to me, raised her hand just close to my balls and gave a sharp flick to my left ball. The pain suddenly exploded scrotum, I clutched my sac and bent over.

"Ooooh," I groaned.

Katie gave a light giggle, "You're pretending, Gene, it can't be hurting you." The pain indeed didn't last long. Very soon I was straight again, feeling just slight aching in my testicle.

"No, I'm not pretending at all. The pain was awful. But it was only a flick. To make me suffer a lot. You need kick me now."

"Gene, I've no wish to make you suffer. Well. I believe now that boys’ balls are very weak. Please put your pants back on."

"But you haven't seen anything. Alright I'll hurt my balls myself now to make you see how I envy you." I looked about the room, saw a plastic ruler on the table and reached my hand to grasp it.

"Just look here," I exclaimed, placing the ruler next to my groin. Then I pulled down the end that was just beneath my testicles, making a sort of bow of the ruler, and suddenly released that end, letting it flew back right up into my hanging balls. This time the pain was a score times greater. My legs at once softened and I collapsed onto the floor. For a few second I couldn't even breathe then I emitted a moan. My balls in my both hands, I wanted to tell the cousin how they were terribly aching and how I wished they were replaced somehow by a pussy, the same pussy that was behind her legs and that couldn't be so easily abused just with a ruler flick. But I couldn't say anything but groans.

And Katie just cried out, "Idiot!" and ran outside.

I hadn't seen her for about two weeks when she suddenly appeared in our garden with her girlfriend Ira. They both came up to me and Katie said they wanted to talk to me.

"Well, Gene," she started, "do you remember you asked me to kick you in the balls?"

"Sure, I do."

"And I came here to say I want to kick you now, of course if you still wish."

"I'm not sure - you’re not alone now."

"You said you envied girls, do you still do?"

"Yeah, I do."

Katie smiled. "My friend Ira says she envies boys the way they can pee. I guess she envies them badly, so you can help her. I want you to stand before us and pee and that's when I kick you right in the balls."

The idea to have my balls abused by two girls suddenly gave me some excitement. The idea to go through enormous pussy envy feelings was unrejectable. But I needed the sort of feeling I had had in the bathhouse, so I said, "I agree, but I'd like to ask you to do something too."

"What?" inquired Katie.

"I'll be peeing before you, so you'll easily see what I have between my legs. But when I fall on the ground I want you both to squat and pee before my eyes."

"Why that, Gene?" the cousin was surprised.

"Just to envy you your pussies."

"Well we agree." Katie turned to her friend, "I think we'd better do all this in those bushes. Gene already was trying once to peep me peeing there." So we entered the bushes, found among them a clear patch spacey enough for our deed. I stood in front of the girls and pulled my pants down.

"Pee," commanded Katie.

I let a squirt of urine out of my penis.

"Take your hand off your wiener," Katie ordered again. I obeyed her.

"Now Ira look at his wiener," Katie addressed her friend, "how it convenient to have it, how it nice to be able to pee standing up right. But look what he has below - two little round things - balls. All wieners go with balls. You and I have no wieners, no balls. We have nothing between the legs. And who is better, who is lucky. Who should envy? Now we'll see. Just look!"

I was still urinating before the girls when all of a sudden Katie's foot flew into my balls, making my penis bounce up and splashing urine on my shirt. I screamed, grasped the scrotum and tumbled over. "Balls, balls,” I was trying to say something else but the pain in testicles didn't allow me to utter any other words. There was one more word but it was stuck in my mind, and the word was PUSSY. And beside the excruciating pain there was one more sharp feeling - ENVY.

"Let’s show him now!" Katie cried out. She quickly raised her skirt, pulled down her panties, squatted down and started urinating just in a meter from me. Ira followed her. When before my eyes there were two urinating pussies, I squeezed my injured balls as hard as I could with jealousy. It added more pain to my male organs but I wanted to squeeze them out, to get rid of them. I was looking at the splits between the girls legs and envied. Just splits and nothing to clutch in painful agony, nothing to wish to squeeze out. Nothing dangling loose. I squeezed my damned balls one more time and gave out a loud roar. The girls stopped peeing, stood up and pulled their panties up.

"So Ira, you see how it nice to have those balls. I guess he'll be lying here for long. Just no power to get up. One kick and no power at all. No doubt he envies you Ira now. He thinks you are lucky not to have those balls. And you are really lucky, and I'm too lucky. Gene, do you envy us?"

I just nodded my head and gave my balls one more squeeze. I looked at the girls' shapely legs, at their skirts that covered their groins, the groins I envied so badly, and then looked at my balls. The girls noticed my eyes' movement, the jealous expression in them and gave out a louder laugh.

Part 4

From my very childhood I've always had the need to express my feelings and thoughts in writing. So very soon I started creating a tale of a boy who had pussy envy. I wrote about his adventures, his getting ballbusted by girls in an old note-book. It was my first writing experience and rather clumsy it was.

Anyway, the notebook was soon discovered by my parents. They read it and decided that I had some mental problem. First they wanted to go to some doctor to examine me but I asked them not to do that for I felt myself absolutely normal and mentally healthy. Next door there lived a girl about twenty-two years old. Her name was Natasha. She was a student studying psychology and my parents decided to tell her about me in hope she would give them some advice. First she took my tale to read and visited us again on the next day. She asked my parents to leave us alone in my room to have a private talk. She was very beautiful and I liked her very much.

"So," she started, "after reading your story I can see you have some kind of pudendum envy; that is you envy women their genitalia or, to be simple, you've got pussy envy. I can understand such a thing. But what surprises me is that you like your testicles being hurt by girls. But as I know it's extremely painful. I always wonder that many men like their genitals being abused by women. I'm very interested in the fact."

"Do you think that I'm not normal?" I asked. "My parents think so."

"Yeah, they asked me to help you cure from this. But I don't think you are abnormal, I'm just going to find more about you and talk this question over with you just to make you feel at ease with this subject. So, please, do tell me about all the cases you've been hurt down their by girls and what you felt."

So I told her all from the very first time my balls had been hurt by my sister in the bathhouse and up to my experience with Katie and Ira.

"Well," she said after I finished, "that's very interesting. That only proves one more time the fact that vulva envy is not so rare thing as some men suppose. Freud wrote lots about penis envy, but being a male, he was simply silent on this subject - I mean men envying female genitalia?"

"Who's Freud?" I asked, feeling her talk was too clever for me.

"At this very moment it doesn't matter, but what I'd like to ask you again - why do you like the pain within your scrotum?"

"No, I don't like it - I hate it; it's terrible. But I like girls watching me in pain."

"But why?"

"You know I'm a boy and I don't have a pussy like girls. But I think it's great to see a boy with hurt balls when you don't have them between the legs. Girls must feel great at that moment. I wish I could feel the same. When girls laugh at me I just imagine I see myself, holding my aching balls, through their eyes and feel like I'm a girl too and it's me who’s laughing at those weak balls."

"Oh, that's very interesting. It sounds like some sort of transconciousness."


"It's like your mind getting in the female body while your male one is in great pain. Now I'd like to ask you a very private question, but I want it to be only between us and not to be known by your parents. May I ask you such a question?"


"Do you want to experience one more time something like you had with Katie and Ira. I'm very interested on this subject and want take part in something like that. So, do you wish such a thing happened to you again? Just think about it."

"I didn't think for long. "Yeah, I'd like to feel it again."

"Then let's do it this way. Some day when your parents and sister aren't at home you'll invite me and those girls - Katie and Ira, and we’ll have some experiment. Is it okay?"

And so in a week or so I was in my room again in company with Natasha, Katie and Ira.

Natasha started addressing the younger girls. "So girls, has Gene explained you why he needed you here."

"Not yet," replied Ira.

"Then I'll tell you," Natasha went on. "Gene told me how he helped you Ira to cure your penis envy. He told me how he let you abuse his genitals, his male genitals that many men are so proud to possess. And now I want to talk more of male genitals. Gene, I think if you invited us you won't be very shy and you'll get your clothes off. Be so kind as to get naked completely." I obeyed and in no time stood stark naked before the three girls. Natasha walked over to me and took hold of my scrotum.

"See girls, I'm holding him by his testicles, balls we usually call them. Now I'll begin to fondle them gently," and she started doing so. "The male scrotum is filled with an enormous number of nerves and now Gene must feel the most pleasing thing boys can ever feel. Now he's the happiest human on this earth. The balls can give guys the greatest pleasure. We girls have a clitoris inside our pussies for pleasure but the clitoris is not as big as the balls. So it much easier to give pleasure to the balls that hangs between guys’ legs. Does it mean we have to envy men? See his face, how he likes my fondling his little testis…” She really was giving me a very pleasant sensation in my balls. "Look how happy he is. At this moment he hardly envies any of us, we who don't have balls. But let us see something. Ira, just stand close to his side to face me like him." Ira took a position before Natasha just close to me.

"Look!" Natasha released my scrotum and suddenly her hands slapped sharply my and Ira's groins. I doubled over in pain, while Ira remained standing up straight. In a second all the girls burst in laughter, watching me holding my balls and moaning with pain.

"See the difference, girls!" Natasha exclaimed. "All the men call the testicles precious. But they do so not because those dangling organs give them lots of pleasure but because they are so easily get hurt. Gene got his balls hurt for the first time in the bathhouse where he was surrounded by nude women and girls. That helped him at once compare his body disadvantage with the female body and perceive the advantage Nature had endowed women with - girls have no vulnerable balls. That made him envy us. I guess Gene isn't the only guy who possesses so called ‘pussy envy’ but they usually stay very reserved on this topic. They will never talk about it, especially with girls. What I like about Gene is that he doesn't keep his envy in secret. I think the thing that happened to him in the bathhouse helped him a lot to develop his feelings. It was his testicle pain and his sense of sight that enabled him to see nude women that started his pussy envy. Now we'll give one more chance to go deeper in his envy."

She looked at me, "How do you feel, boy, now?" Her slap being not very powerful, the pain had almost died away and I was again standing straight, just holding the balls in my hand.

"I feel better," I said.

"All right then," Natasha smiled. "This time we will use the pain added together with your tactile sensation."

"What's that?" inquired Katie.

"That's his sense of touch," explained Natasha. "In the bathhouse his envy was visible, but this time we are not going get undressed. We'll make his envy palpable. Give me your hand, boy," and she took my right hand.

"Now he’ll feel how it's nice without balls," and she pressed my hand onto her groin. "Don't be shy,” and she gave a laugh. She was in thin, tight cotton pants and I at once felt her warm body.

"Do you feel my groin well?" Natasha asked. I nodded positive. "Then listen, boy. You can imagine it's your groin. The groin you so envy." She pressed my hand harder. "Now there are no balls between your legs and whatever you're going to feel in your balls just don't touch them, they aren't yours, imagine they are of some other boy and let's laugh all together at their weakness. And not to allow you to touch them let me take your other hand," and she grasped me by my left wrist.

"Now Ira, give a light slap to his balls," Natasha commanded, “just like I gave it to your groin. Ira slapped my balls.” The pain made me instinctively to move my both hand towards the balls but Natasha was much stronger than me and my right hand remained on her groin while my left one was trying to get free from her grasp.

"Give him one more slap," Natasha shouted. The second slap was twice as painful. I again tried to grab my balls but all in vain.

"Don't touch them," Natasha was very angry. "Just feel my ball-less groin. Feel it. Try to feel like me. I see those balls. I see how they weak are. I know there is lots of pain inside them; terrible, unbearable pain, and I feel great I've no balls. Ira punch his balls!" The hard punch gave me such a pain that my legs softened and I started kneeling down. Not to let me collapse Natasha knelt down with me.

"Do you feel I've no balls between the legs? Do you feel it?" She was looking straight into my eyes, which were full of tears. I still badly wanted to clutch my searing balls. And still my left hand was wriggling vainly trying to get free and the right one was pressed tight to Natasha groin. But soon I felt I didn't want my hand go off her body. Though the pain in my balls was excruciating, I wanted my hand to stay where it was. I tried to imagine it was my own groin, and that the aching balls between my legs weren't my at all. But the pain was enormous and unbearable. All the girls were laughing loudly watching my suffering face and my helplessly hanging balls.

"Gene, do you feel how it nice to have pussy?" Natasha was going on with her humiliating questions. "Do you feel the fun of watching a boy's weakness? Do you understand how girls can feel great just because we don't have those silly balls? By the way, are they hurting, your balls?"

"Yeah," I gave a painful groan.

"But they aren't your balls," she grinned. "Don't you feel with your hand a ball-less groin? There are no balls between the legs. From where the hell do you feel the pain? Let yourself laugh with us. Ira, just give one more punch to those balls to have us more fun."

That punch made me roar, "Balls, my balls!"

Natasha smirked, her hands tight on mine. "So you love those balls better than my groin. Do you feel it, or your balls made you forget everything." My hand clung tight to her groin and felt such envy as never before.

Through tears and pain I stammered, "I love your groin, I wish I wish I had such. But I have balls, they are aching that much. Girls I really envy you, please do something to my balls. Squeeze them, squeeze them out, let my crotch be as smooth as yours."

"Do as he asks, "Natasha said to Ira. The younger girl at once grasped my balls and gave a terrible squeeze. Natasha tightened her press on my right hand.

"Just feel there, nothing to squeeze between my legs, unlike yours!" But I only screamed with the pain while Ira was keeping on squeezing my nuts. The sensation that went to my brain through my right hand made me more and more mad. I badly wanted to have such a groin. And suddenly I had an erection, the first erection in my life. My small penis cocked out just over Ira's squeezing hand.

"Look girls," Natasha exclaimed. "He’s got an erection… or so called boner! I guess the first one in his life. Let's set him free and just see if his instincts made him masturbate, or we may say wank, or jerk off.”

Ira released my balls and Natasha let my hands be free. I and Natasha were still down on the knees facing each other. My hand immediately clutched my balls and the other my hard penis. The great tension in my erected organ made my hand at once moving to and fro along my wiener but the great envy I felt at that moment made the other hand forget about my hurt balls and I again pressed it against Natasha's groin. Madly jerking off with the left hand, I harder and harder clung my hand to her groin. I'd never masturbated before, but I felt that there must be some culmination (I didn't know at the moment the word orgasm); the culmination that was going to gave me some relief. I just hoped that at the moment of this relief, this salvation my penis and testicles just fell off my body and I'll get the same groin as my right hand was greedily stuck to.

The blessing climax reached (I didn't had sperm yet), my penis softened and went downwards but it never fell off onto the floor and my balls were still hanging where they possessed. The pain in them, after the masturbating sensation was gone, again prevailed. I grabbed my nuts with both my hand and at last collapsed onto the floor.

Natasha got up to her feet and said to the giggling younger girls, "Now let me explain the things you witnessed and tell me about my erection theory. I'm very grateful to Gene for this experiment. I've always supposed that most men have subconscious pussy envy, though they are not always aware of it. You saw Gene got a boner after his balls were abused in the sight of us, I mean females. Men get erections mostly when they see a nude woman. Why so? They just see her groin and mentally (consciously or subliminally) compare it with their own. And this comparison makes men envy women and the envy makes their attention be fixed on their own genitals and it makes the blood rush to their groin area, which makes their penis larger and erected. Many men get the best erection when they are kicked in the testicles by girls. Why? Because at the moment the comparison between their and the girls groin is always invidious, that is they perceive the girls superiority. And at this moment of greatest envy they got the hardest and toughest boners."

While Natasha was talking all those clever things I lay on the floor my both hands between my legs. The pain seemed never going to go away from my balls. I hardly understood everything Natasha was saying but one thing she undoubtedly was right - that was my envy. I so envied all those three at that moment. And I badly wanted them to tease me more about my having balls. And Natasha seemed to have read my thoughts.

"I guess the guy needs some cheering, some teasing," she said. "Katie, you've been out of work today. Just add some more envy to him."

"Well," Katie knelt before me and started teasing me. "Oh, Gene, you've hurt your precious, little balls. So you see it's better with no balls, like me," and she slapped her own groin clad in tight jeans. "Do you wanna feel it like you did Natasha's?"

I nodded.

"But then let me hold your little balls."

I obediently took my hands off my balls. Her hand gently enclosed around my nuts. I at once placed my hand on her groin.

Katie gave a very slight squeeze to my balls. "Are they still hurting?” she asked me.

"Sure," I moaned. Nevertheless I liked the feeling of having my aching balls within her hand. My hand touching her groin again was sending envious impulses to my brain and I wanted her to do something terrible to my balls. I wanted that the girl felt real great about having her groin that I so envied, envied from the very first time my balls were hurt by my nude sister.

"So, which do you like better," Katie asked. "Your precious balls or my pussy?”

"You know I like your pussy. I wish I had it too."

"But if you wish to have it like me, then why bear those silly things between your legs?" All of a sudden she squeezed my balls hard and pulled them with all her might towards my knees. The pain was so killing and shocking, while somewhere above me that I felt I was passing out, while somewhere above me the three voices were ringing with laughter.

Part 5

In a few days Natasha invited me to her home. When I came there was a young man with her.

"Hi, Gene," she welcomed me. "This is my friend, Denis. He's a seaman and look at he’s brought over here from overseas." She picked up a video tape from the table. "You have to see it. It's from America. They call it ballbusting."

"What's that?"

"You'll see now." She inserted the tape into the video player. In the days of my childhood my country was ruled by the Communists and most of the people were separated from the rest of the world by the Iron Curtain. There was no internet, no satellite TV, not many people had video players (so Natasha was a lucky one). We really lived in some kind of info vacuum. The sailors were the people who had some access to the outside world and they often brought from abroad movies and magazines that one wasn't able to get within the country. So I anticipated seeing something interesting.

Natasha pushed the play button and said, "You'd better take a seat." The tape started playing and soon on the screen there appeared a man and two girls. One swift kick of one of the girls and a man was lying on the floor, holding his groin and with an awful grimace on his face. The girls laughed loud.

Wow! It was great! It was so exciting to see another man's testicles abused by girls. My penis at once got erect.

Natasha looked at my groin and smiled. "I see you like it. Let’s watch further."

There continued more girls and men, all men had their testicles abused and hurt by girls and it was real ballbusting. The tape played for forty minutes and when it stopped Natasha looked at me. "Well, what do you say?"

I was breathing heavily. "It's great, it's great! But one thing I don't like about it - some of the men were naked but the girls never. The girls are dressed. If they would have been nude, the guys would envy them so bad. I know it for sure."

"Well," Denis entered the conversation. "I've seen lots of such tapes. The girls are always dressed. I guess the guys like it more. I sometimes let my balls be kicked by Natasha and I like her being dressed at such moments."

"You see, Gene," Natasha said, "all men have their own reason for liking ballbusting. And those reasons differ much. You, for example, envy girls and therefore like them abusing your male organs that you think Nature has given you by some mistake. It makes your feeling of pussy envy more deep and sharp. But many other men possess another psychological motivation for ballbusting. And Denis has his own, too."

I turned to Denis. "But when your balls hurt and Natasha laughs at you, don't you envy her?"

"Well, maybe just a little bit and not too long. Not like you."

"I guess if you'd had your balls hit in the women bathhouse, like I had, and many nude women were laughing at you, no doubt you'd envy them. Sometimes I wish I could get there again and let them hurt me down there again. But they wouldn't let me in any more. I'm too big now.

"But you can use your imagination," Natasha said.

"How's that?" I asked.

"Now look at this," she took a color magazine from the shelf. "Denis has brought it too from abroad. But this is from Japan." And she handed the magazine over to me. On the cover there was a nude oriental girl and above her signs and letters I couldn't understand. I opened it. Inside there were pics of nude Japanese models. They all were extremely beautiful.

"Do you wanna them kick you in the balls?" Natasha asked.

"Yes, but they are far away and I'll never meet them."

"But you can imagine it; remember you told me about your experience with a plastic ruler. Just choose the girl you like best, take your pants off and give a good flick to your balls, fancying it's the girl who kicked you."

"But can I do it right now?"

"Sure, I'll be pleased to see it."

So I chose the most beautiful girl, put the magazine on the table up against the wall and, facing the picture, yanked my pants down. Natasha handed me the ruler she had found for me. I stood there in the middle of the room, staring at the nude, beautiful Japanese girl. I gazed at her pussy then shifted my eyes to my balls. How I wished there was a pussy instead. I looked again at the girl.

"Why do you hesitate?" exclaimed Natasha. "Let that girl kick you in your hanging things. Let her hurt those two things you are so ashamed to have. Let her!"

I curved the ruler making it ready to flick my balls. My eyes were fixed on her pussy. I so envied her.

“Come on, boy!” Natasha urged me.

I let the ruler sharply flick my balls. "Oooooooh!" I screamed with pain and fell on the floor. "Ooooh, my balls, my damn balls, so hurt!" I was lying on the floor, both my hands between my legs.

Natasha picked up the magazine and put the picture just before my eyes and shouted straight into my ear, "You see this girl, you see her. She's got no balls and you have. And they are aching bad. But the girl doesn’t have any and she' superior. Do you envy her?"

I nodded in pain.

"Remember I told you - don't touch your balls whenever they are aching. Never touch them no matter how the big the pain is. They are not yours; Nature's put them between your legs by mistake."

"I can’t," I moaned, "the pain...”

"If you get your hands off those hangers of yours I'll give a pile of such magazines. Those beautiful girls from Japan will be able to kick you in the balls whenever you want. Just do it - hands off the balls! Leave them alone in the pain."

Though the pain was extreme, I knew it was my way I'd chosen - to have pussy envy and those who had pussies abuse my male organs. And Natasha was one with a pussy and I obeyed. I unclenched my hands and at once snatched the magazine from her hand. I looked at the girl on the picture. She was beautiful and she was smiling at me, at me who was in such a pain because of my balls. From that day on I was in real love with Japanese beauties, I'm so fond of them."

Natasha's hand was free from the magazine; she grabbed my balls and looked straight at my face. "Good boy, I know the pain is big but you will never fail to let a girl know how lucky she is without those things." She squeezed my nuts and I gave out a shriek. She picked the magazine that fell from my hands and again put it before my eyes.

"Just look at that girl; she heard you screaming and she laughs at you. She feels so great she doesn't have balls." And my balls received one more hard squeeze while my eyes were stuck to that girl's nude body. One more squeeze and my balls were in such a pain that I tore that page off the magazine and squeezed that picture in my hand, while tears were running down my cheeks.

Part 6

In a couple of days Natasha again invited me to hers. Denis was again with her.

"We have a present for you", she said and showed me another video tape.

"More ballbusting?" I asked cheerfully.

"Somewhat of that kind," she smiled mysteriously, "I'd say some ‘pussy envy’. Take a seat.”

I seated myself before the screen and waited for Natasha to insert the tape and push the PLAY. My surprise had no limit when I saw myself on the screen. I stood my side to the viewers, my pants pulled down and a ruler in my hands. I was staring greedily at the magazine with nude pictures before me. Then I gave a horrible click to my balls with the ruler and fell down. I was screaming and holding my balls. The vision zoomed on my groin, my hands clutching my aching balls, my little penis trembling over.

Natasha made the picture still and looked at me, “Do you remember the pain?"

"Yeah," I nodded my head, "but how?"

She smiled and said, “Show him, Denis"

Denis took something from the shelf and displayed me a thing I'd never seen before - a video camera.

"A photo camera?" I asked.

"Not photo - video camera. It's a Sony from Japan. You can shoot movies with such a thing."

"You were so preoccupied with your pussy envy feelings that you didn't notice Denis was recording all you did. I guess it's very exciting for you to see yourself from side, to see your own balls hurt, to see the expression on your face, to see your little balls in pain and me laughing at you."

"Yeah, it's really exciting,” I said.

"But you can have more fun with it," Natasha went on. "You said you were dreaming to get to the women’s bathhouse and let nude girls abuse your balls. No doubt you can't get in the women’s bathhouse but there is a place at the lake when a company of girls are bathing nude. The spot is hidden in the thick bushes. I sometimes bathe there myself, so I can tell you where the spot is. Next Sunday you can go there with Denis. He'll take a position in hiding with the camera and you'll hide in another place. Then you'll do some noise. The girls, and I'll be among them, will understand that someone is peeping. They'll catch you and to give you a good lesson. We’ll have some fun with your balls. And all this will be recorded on the video tape by Denis from his hiding place. And after that you'll be able to see your balls abused by naked girls on the screen. You'll be able watch it over and over. Do you like the idea?"

"Why, I like it!" I exclaimed. "It's my biggest dream."

"But you know you'll have to undertake lots of pain, terrible pain. The girls will sure be willing to have real fun with your weakness."

"Natasha, you know I wish I had a pussy and I let my balls be tortured by girls many times."

"I know it, Gene. And for this I want to grant you with something, something that gives pleasure. I guess you like not only having your balls hurt by watch another guy's testicles in pain. Do you, Gene?"

"Yes, I like it."

"And have you ever abused a guy's balls yourself? Did you ever make him envy girls like you do?"

"Not actually."

Natasha shook her head disapprovingly. "And that's you, who took such a lot of pain in your balls. I'm certain you have the right to feel the pleasure of giving another guy's balls pain, lots of pain. So today I've decided to grant you such a pleasure. I did my best to talk Denis into doing this. At first he was very reluctant to help you but I managed to persuade him. Denis sometimes likes me to abuse his balls but now it's your turn to give him some pain. Do you want it, Gene?"

I looked at Denis. Natasha took me by my hand. “Gene, it's not Denis who I ask but you. If you say no he'll be glad but he promised me to let you have that pleasure. So it's up to you to decide."

I hesitated for a minute and then murmured, “Well, I..."

Natasha looked straight in my eyes. “I see you've made your mind up, Gene. So we'll do it. And now I want you both to get naked." Soon we both took all our clothes off. Denis' balls were hanging low and looked very funny.

"Now we need to have him tied and on the bed," Natasha commanded. Denis obeyed and lied on the bed. Natasha got some rope and we tied his hands on his back and his legs tight together. Then she made me stand just at Denis’ groin.

"Look at his balls, "she said. "Look, they are bigger than yours. When you'll be grown-up your balls will be as big too. But I know that you'd prefer that your groin was like mine. You know that I can have lot of fun with a guy's testicles and that's because I don't have any of them myself. I wish to let you have somewhat alike feeling today. Imagine yourself a girl." She slipped her hand between my legs from behind. She took my balls and pulled them back to make them disappear behind my thighs then with the other hand made my penis follow the testicles.

"Just press you thighs tight," she commanded, "and stay like this. Let neither your wiener nor balls get back. Look at your groin. In a way it looks like a girl's."

I looked down at my groin. Now that my genitals were hidden between my tight pressed legs it was absolutely smooth and resembled a girl's.

Natasha smiled. "So you see your balls disappeared for a while and your groin is like mine at the moment. But there remained one pair of balls in this room and now we both have fun with it. Take Denis' balls in your hand."

I obeyed and put my hand around the guy’s balls.

"Do you feel them well?" she asked.

I nodded. I felt them very well in my little hand. And I knew how much pain was hidden inside them.

"And now look at your groin, Gene," Natasha said. "See, Denis has balls and you don't. Now try to feel the same as we girls feel when we have guys by their balls, by those hanging things that we don't have between our legs and feel the power a girl has when a pair of testicles in her hand. Look at your groin now and see the advantage you’ve got. And make him feel the advantage you have. Just squeeze his balls."

I gave a light squeeze to the guy’s balls. Denis let out a slight moan.

"Harder!" Natasha cried out. "Harder!" I squeezed the scrotum in my hand harder. Denis emitted a louder groan.

"Don't have mercy for him!" Natasha shouted. "Look at your groin! See how lucky you are.

I looked again at my ‘smooth’ groin and then at the balls in my hand. I really felt some kind of superiority and got obsessed with the wish to make the guy envy any girl's groin. I squeezed Denis' balls as hard as I could. The guy screamed at the top of his voice, his body wriggling madly. Had Natasha not held his tied legs, he would have fallen from the bed. I kept squeezing his balls in my hand, while looking at my own "testicle-less" groin. So great was the feeling within me!

"Balls, my balls!" Denis kept on crying. "Leave them, Gene, leave them. Ooooh! You too have balls, Gene, you know how it hurts!"

Natasha giggled, “Don't you see, Denis, he's got no balls like me." And she slapped her own groin with her hand. "Am I right, Gene?"

I pressed my thighs against each other harder. Natasha slapped my groin, too and chortled, “It's you, Denis, who only have a pair of balls in your room and we don't know what pain you have in them now. We only can see it on your face. Gene, just make his pain more obvious to us."

I let his balls go from my hand, Denis seemed a bit content, but his relief was not long for in a second I drove my fist right in his scrotum. The room thundered with his roar.

"Great!" Natasha gave a loud laugh. "But let him pamper his poor things a little bit. Let him fondle those tender balls." She started undoing the guy’s hands.

Denis’ hands freed, he immediately grasped his scrotum, groaning and moaning, “Oooh, balls, my balls.”

It was so funny and I started laughing heartily. And soon my balls and penis just jumped outside from their imprisonment. Natasha at once grasped them in her hand.

"Oh, Gene, your groin is not like mine any longer. So you, like Denis, have balls. Should I hurt them as you did to him?" Natasha looked in my eyes. And I realized that my balls were still in their proper place and I had the same weakness as Denis. And Natasha was sure to give me the same pain as Denis had while writhing on the bed, his hands between his legs.

But Natasha only smiled. "Not now. Today I promised to give you the pleasure and make you feel the girl power. You did your best and enjoyed yourself. You imagined yourself a girl but you’ve got the adventure at the nude beach ahead so don't forget you have those things between your legs." And she just tweaked playfully my balls and then gave them a slight slap.

Part 7

There came Sunday. As it was appointed we met with Denis in the morning; he had his video camera. We mounted our bicycles and in half an hour we reached our destination. It was a lake deep in the woods. Natasha had described us the best way to get to the nude beach unnoticed. When the beach was a hundred meters ahead we left our bikes and scrambled through the thick bushes over to the spot. Soon we heard the sound of water splashing and merry girls’ voices. We got down and crept just up to the edge of the bushes. I peered through the leaves and literally opened my mouth with pleasure. On the clearing at the lake there were about twenty women of different ages, all were nude, completely nude. I got so excited. I again felt myself in the women’s bathhouse.

"Okay," whispered Denis, "you stay here and I'll creep over to that side of the beach. Then you can make some noise to let the girls see and catch you. And I’ll make a movie from where I hide." Denis crept away. I again started staring at the girls. Natasha was among them. Her body was so beautiful. Most of the girls had attractive bodies, but no doubt Natasha got the best of them. I got impatient. And, of course, I remembered why I was there. I touched my scrotum and felt my balls with my fingers. Looking at the nude women, I so wanted my testicles to be abused. I got impatient. I was not sure if Denis reached his place, I just could not linger anymore. I got up, saw a twig lying at my feet and stepped on it causing a loud creak.

Some of the girls screamed, “Hey, there's somebody peeping over there in the bushes!"

Natasha looked in my direction and shouted, “We gotta catch him!" and she motioned another girl to run with her to the bushes. I even didn't pretend trying running away. I just stood there, on the same place I'd been laying several moments ago, when Natasha and the second girl got me by my arms and pulled me over to the center of the clearing. I noticed that more girls were coming out of the water.

Some of the girls started getting themselves dressed but Natasha cried out, "Girls, no need to be ashamed of this brat!" She freed my arms and now I was standing upright surrounded by naked girls. "We shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies, girls. It's him who must feel shame and we must teach him a good lesson to respect the female body. Let's get him naked." In a few seconds a couple of girls tore my clothes off me, leaving me stark naked. Most of the girls came closer to me.

"Well," said Natasha, who undoubtedly was the leader of the group. "This boy came here to peep at our bodies, so we'll let him have a good look at them. He's interested in the female body. Okay we'll show him now how our bodies differ from his, the male one. We'll show him how we are more perfect in our bodies and let him envy us badly. So no shame girls, any one who got dressed can get naked again. So let's have fun."

She came closer to me, smiling, and took my balls in her hand. "Girls, see these two little things between his hands? Obviously we don't possess such treasures. Or maybe there's someone with such possessions around here?" She looked around and all the girls giggled. I looked at her pussy and felt so ashamed of my balls. I wanted her to squeeze them so bad, but instead she unclenched her hand and stepped aside.

"I need a girl of his height," Natasha said and looked again around. "Oh, Lina, come over here. You are as high as this brat. Don't be afraid." Lina, a girl of about my age, walked up to Natasha.

"Now please stand just opposite him," and Natasha encouraged the girl with a smile to stand before me."

"Now you, Lina, and you boy, just spread your legs wide apart." We both obeyed. Natasha stood behind the girl, facing me.

"And now you both," Natasha went on, "you'd better keep looking at each others' groin. Just see the difference and now you'll feel the advantages and disadvantages." Natasha mysteriously smiled and suddenly I saw a long stick in her hand. I had hardly time to realize what was going on when the stick between mine and Lina's spread legs and parallel with the ground. Another second and the stick flew up to our groins. And one of us screamed and fell onto the ground and one stayed standing upright. I guess the reader knows exactly who was down and who remained on their feet.

The one on the ground had a pair of balls, and those balls were in excruciating pain and he was helplessly clutching them and crying, "Balls, my balls!"

And the one standing upright had a pussy and was looking at him and feeling proud to be a girl. And all the girls around burst with loud laughter.

"Balls, balls," I kept on moaning while staring at Lina's pussy. The pain was unbearable and Lina was standing proudly upright and laughing at me. She was looking at my hands that were holding my balls, those balls she didn't have and couldn't feel the pain that was inside them. How I wished I could be able to change our bodies with her, just for a while. Just to see that stick flying in my and in the guy’s groins. And to stay standing, while watching the guy writhing in pain on the ground, holding his balls and looking at my pussy and envying me my body. But it was me whom the stick had made lying on the ground and it was I who saw a group of nude girls standing over me, laughing at me and it was me who envied, envied all them.

Natasha stepped over to me and said, “You see girls how perfect our bodies are. Look at Lina and look at him. Girls, we always must remember that we are superior and know how we can a man feel miserable. Just one hit in their balls is enough to make them think of nothing but the pain in those organs. But I think I know of what else this boy can think at the moment. He envies you, Lina, he envies all us. I see it in his eyes. And I think we have to go on with our lesson and make him more envious."

I was looking from the ground at Natasha's body and the only my wish , as my eyes stayed fixed on her pussy, was to let her kick me right in the balls, to let her drive my balls deep into my body and make my groin as smooth as hers.

Part 8

So I lay there on the beach, holding my aching balls, surrounded by the laughing and giggling nude girls. But one of the girls seemed to have sympathy for me.

She knelt down before me and looking at my hands clutching my nuts asked me, "Do they hurt?"

I just gave a groan in reply.

"Oh, poor boy," she sighed, "once I accidentally hit my brother's balls. He too seemed to be a in a lot of pain. He couldn't breathe, and later he told me he was about to puke. It's strange; boys have balls between their legs and breathing and puking - they all have something with the throat. It's much higher in the body. Are they really so weak, those balls?" She made a gesture toward my groin.

What a silly question I thought. Her sympathy made me more miserable than all the laughing of the rest of the girls.

"It must be a terrible pain," she said again. "And once I saw a dog jump with its nose just right into a boy's crotch. The boy was on the ground very long. He held his balls, cried and couldn't get up. I just couldn't believe he was in such pain."

I looked at the split between her legs. Along with the desire to have a pussy at that moment I felt a great wish that that the girl could have a pair of balls instead of her pussy and I could give them a good kick to let her know all about the pain I felt, all about the pain her brother had and that poor guy with a ballbusting dog.

And she went me torturing with her silly questions - "I was told that even a flick gives a boy's balls pain? Is that true? If so we girls must be so lucky without those weak things."

I looked between her legs again and thought - "real lucky", gave one more groan and turned my head aside. Just then I heard some women shouting something loud at the edge of the beach. I looked at that direction and at once realized what was going on.

"Hey, there's one more peeper! One more guy! We caught him. Got him! This time it's a bigger one." And I saw three women were dragging along Denis. One of them was holding him tight by his crotch and the other two drew him by his arms. Denis was limping.

As I was told later, when he was discovered he'd tried to run away but stumbled over and dislocated his ankle. So unlucky he was and got right in the hands of naked girls.

One more girl appeared from the bushes, carrying Denis' video camera. "Look what he's got!"

"Oh, that's a video camera!" cried out one of the girls standing by me. "That pervert was making a film."

"Smash that camera!" shouted more girls. "Smash it."

"First bring that guy over here," said Natasha, "and as for the camera, no need to break it at all - we'll just get the tape out and destroy it."

Soon Denis was in the center of the beach, close to me. "Bring him down on his knees," Natasha commanded. The girl holding Denis by his balls pulled his groin and he immediately obeyed and fell don onto his knees.

"We can't hold him by his balls all the time," said Natasha, "just get some string, some belt around his neck so that we can control him by tightening the string if he tries to run away." One of the girls fetched a piece of string and got it round Denis neck. After that the girl holding him by his crotch set his genitals free.

"And now girls, we'll have fun with this guy's balls as well," Natasha smiled. At this words Denis covered his groin with his hands.

"Hands off the balls!" Natasha exclaimed and the girl behind him tightened the string enough to make Denis hands flew up to his neck trying to get the string looser.

"Well, well," he said hoarsely, "I'll obey you."

"We have to get him naked," said one of the girls.

"Oh, no need indeed," Natasha smirked and bent over him. She unzipped his fly and by quick movement extracted his testicles and penis from his pants. All the girls burst with laughter as they saw his low-hanging balls dangling outside his pants.

"Give them a kick, kick them!" they shouted.

"No hurry, girls!" Natasha pacified them.

"Let's have a kind of show first. You know what peeping nude women is called? It's called voyeurism. It's from the French "to look". Men like looking at nude women. Voyeurism is the thing that goes with all men, but girls seldom peep at naked men. Why? That’s because men like to see our bodies, which are more perfect than theirs, they watch us and envy us. You maybe know that many men like imagining themselves in a female body.

“Look at this boy," she pointed at me, still lying on the ground. "We really made him feel miserable with having a male body. I'm pretty certain that he's envying all us at the moment. We gave him a pain we just can't imagine what it feels – just because we don't have balls. But let's give him some compensation for his suffering. I guess his mental suffering is greater than that of his body. His mental pain at the idea of his not ability to feel the girl power in his body as we do. But we can give him a little chance of touching that powerful feeling. Girls, let him imagine he's a girl too. Just put someone's dress on him and let him feel a bit like a girl. And see if he'll wish to kick this guy in the balls."

"That's wonderful! Let's have a show!" All the girls liked the idea and before long I was on my feet again. The pain in my balls receded just a bit to let me be able to stand upright. Soon a dress that fit my height was found and the girls pulled it over me.

"Oh a pretty nice girl! Not bad!"" All the girls around me shouted laughing. Natasha walked up to me and then made me step over opposite Denis, though walking was not easy task for me because of the aching balls. I groaned and grasped my balls through the silk of the dress.

"Stop doing that!" Natasha smirked. "Feel yourself a girl. There no balls under this dress." All the girls giggled. I tore my hands off the groin.

"That's better," Natasha slapped me on the shoulder. "So, do you wanna kick this guy in the balls and feel the girl power. I nodded my head, which at once made Denis to cover his groin again with his hands.

"That won't do," Natasha reproachfully shook her head and the girl with the string at once made Denis display his balls again.

"Girls," Natasha said loudly, "especially young little girls. Look at this guy and boy. When you are grown-up you'll all possess rounded, pleasant-looking boobs like me and other women here. But this young boy when older will have such a funny, low-hanging sack between his hands, the sack containing two extremely vulnerable balls within, the balls that all women ad girl can have a lot of fun with and feel proud not to have such things dangling between our legs. So this boy had a great reason to envy us. But today we let him to feel the girl power himself. Let him imagine he's a girl. So, girl," she chuckled and patted me on my head. ""It's up to you; if you say you won't kick him in the balls we won't hurt him and set him free. But if you really think that girls have superior bodies and you envy us, then just show that guy the girl power."

I looked at Denis. The expression on his face was pathetic. With his eyes he was asking me to set him free.

I was really angry with him. He let himself be caught. He didn't record my being abused by nude women. I so dreamed to have such a video. I looked at his balls. Natasha was right - in the course of time my balls will be the same low-hanging, the same funny looking, the same as my dad and many other men had between their legs. And I looked at the girls around, at their pussies. Oh, my balls ached more. My envy just added pain to those balls. Though in a girl's dress I still had balls and not a pussy like all those girls. The balls that gave me so pain at the moment, the pain enough to make my walking the real hell. I had the balls like that guy standing on his knees before me, those balls hanging out of his pants. And all the naked girls were romping happily about without balls between legs. Oh, my envy was so sharp like the pain in my balls.

The girls around were cheering me, “Kick him, kick him. Smash his balls". I hated the very word - "balls", actually "eggs", we call testicles eggs in Russia. I looked again at Denis’ scrotum. The girls' voices sounded in my head - "eggs, eggs, eggs". But I was in a dress and nobody could see my eggs. It was Denis’ balls that I had to abuse and let myself for a couple of seconds feel as though there was a pussy beneath this dress. All of a sudden I smartly kicked Denis in his low-hangers. The guy gave out an appalling cry, grasped his balls and the girl behind dropped the string letting him collapse facedown.

On the ground Denis shrieked in agonizing tones, “Baaaaaaaaaaaalls, my baaaaaaaalls."

There was a real explosion of laughter around. Denis was writhing on the ground at my feet when Natasha patted me, “You've done it!"

I started laughing too. But one of the girls opposite me started shouting, "He's a fake girl, he's a fake girl! He's got balls too!" She seized some rubber ball off the ground, some sort of baseball and hurtled it straight at my groin. The pain in my balls at once got multiplied and I fell down beside Denis.

And there I lied, writhing in agony like him, he holding his bare balls and I with my hands under the girl dress, clutching the same aching organs. The organs that made us so different from all the girls above and making us feel so miserable. The only my wish was that my balls could disappear somehow, taking all the pain along with them and I could rise and laugh at Denis and his having those low-hanging balls between his legs, those balls he was so helplessly clutching in his hand. But I was doing the same thing with my balls beneath the dress and the girls were laughing at me too.

Part 9

In a few days, strolling about the neighborhood, I met Lina; the very girl Natasha had swung the stick between our legs.

"Hi," she smiled cunningly, "How are you?"

"Fine, and you?"

"Me too, I know your name's Lina and mine is Gene."

The girl was very pretty and cute and I at once felt a great liking for her. To be true I had felt that feeling first there on the beach, when she stood proudly over me, looking at me clutching my balls and envying her body without those vulnerable organs. And now meeting her was a pleasing surprise.

Before long we started walking together along the street, talking of different things. And then she asked, "It was such fun when you kicked that man's balls. You like kicking guys in the balls?"

"Not too much. I'm a guy myself. I think it's more fun and joy for girl who have no balls. If I were a girl I would certainly like doing so. But sometimes I imagine I'm a girl and then I feel like kicking guys in the balls. There on the beach I was in a girl's dress and it was easy for me to imagine this. Sometimes I hide my balls between my thighs..."

"How's that?"

"Oh, I can show you some time.., and you, do you like kicking boys in the crotch?"

"Actually I hadn't too much chance to do so. I remember when I was younger, I saw two boys fighting and they agreed not to kick each other in the balls. I wondered why. And in a few days I slapped my cousin's groin to see what would happen. And I was surprised! I hadn't known that boys are so weak down there. Just a light slap and my cousin became such a wimp. Then I witnessed several boys hit down there. All the time they were so helpless, holding their balls and crying. I just can't imagine what it feels to be kicked in the balls. And then there on the beach, when the stick flew up between our legs and I saw you down on the ground, I was so happy I hadn't balls. I just can't imagine what it feels to be hit in the balls. Sometimes I wish I could become a boy for a couple of minutes, get the balls hit to know the kind of pain you guys feel and then become a girl again."

"Well," I said, "you can use your imagination, like I do, and imagine yourself a boy with balls and I'll imagine myself a girl and be hurting your balls and laughing at you and you'll imagine yourself in a great pain and envying me my pussy. I always envy girls their pussy. That's gonna be great."

"But how can we do it?"

"Oh, no problem, there's nobody at my home at the moment. Let's go over there and I'll show you something."

In a while we were in my room. I found two tennis balls and put it in a sock.

"Take it," I handed the sock to Lina. "It's gonna be your scrotum with the testicles inside. Just put it beneath your pants."

Lina was in tight pants that showed off her flat groin, the thing that attracted my eye all the way since I'd met her in the street. She inserted the sock with the balls under the crotch of her pants", looked down at her "newly made package", cupped the "testicles" with her hand and giggled:

"Oh, these are my precious balls, please don't kick them." She looked so funny with those tennis balls tightly pressed to her flat groin with her pants. Then there came my turn to make some pretending.

"Okay," I said, "you've already seen me naked, so there's no shame for me." In a few seconds I stood completely nude before Lina.

"Look," I said as I took my balls and penis in my hand, "now they will disappear." And I hid my genitals behind my thighs, as Natasha had taught me, and pressed my legs tight.

"You see, I've no balls now, my groin is so smooth," I rubbed my pubic bone, "and you've got balls in your pants. Now I'll make you envy me." I grasped a ruler from the table beside me and gave a sudden and sharp slap to the tennis balls in her pants. Lina just chuckled. I hit her "balls" with the ruler one more time and she started laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" I inquired. "Do you know what pain such hits with a ruler gives to the balls?"

"No, I don't," she smiled. "How can I know if I've no balls?"

"You do have balls," I pointed at her groin.

"But they are not real," she protested, "and I can't feel anything when you hit them."

"Don't you forget that we use our imagination now. I have a pussy now and you do balls. And the balls are so easily hurt that you must envy me my smooth groin."

"Do you think it that easy to believe I have live balls and not those tennis balls? I just don't know how I should react to those hits of yours."

"Alright, I'll display it to you; just take those balls out of your pants."

When the sock with the balls fell onto the floor I untaught my legs, letting my balls take their usual position.

"Just feel the force," I said and very lightly slapped her flat groin with the ruler, "Is there any pain?"

"Not a bit," she shook her head.

"And know just give the same slap to my balls, I mean as hard as I did to your pussy," and I handed the ruler over to her. Though her slap was as light as mine, it gave me quite a pain that I felt not only in my unprotected balls but high in my stomach.

"Ouch," I exclaimed and grasped my nuts, "a good one." But the hit being very light, the pain died out pretty soon. "Now give me the ruler back," I demanded and then slapped her groin a bit harder.

"What do you feel?" I asked.

"Just a light slap," Lina replied.

"Just hit my balls with the same force," and I returned the ruler to her. Her next slap, exactly the same force, made me double up, clutching my testicles and giving out a long groan, “Oooooooh!" My reaction made Lina laugh heartily:

"Just a light slap and you look so funny."

"Not funny for me," I muttered, still doubled over, "it really hurts"

"Then let me hit those balls harder!"

"No, oh, no," I straighten up, protecting my balls with my both hands,

"If you use a bit more force I won't be able imagine I'm a girl with a pussy. I'll just be a helpless boy with terribly aching balls. But now I want you to be a boy with balls envying me my pussy. So get those balls back in your pants," I pointed at the "sock-scrotum" lying by her feet.

When the tennis balls were again beneath Lina's pants and my balls hidden between my legs, I took the ruler from her hand. "See now," I gave a series of rapid, sharp slaps to my "testicle-less" flat groin. "No pain at all," I grinned, "and now we'll see your reaction," and I suddenly hit the tennis balls in her pants with the ruler.

"Oooooh," Lina gave out a loud cry and grasped the fake testicles, "my balls, my balls, they hurt like hell!" No sooner had she taken her hands off her groin as I gave one more slap.

"Oooooh," she again seized the "balls", oh please don't do that again, my balls so hurt. You are so lucky, Gene, you don't have balls and you don't know what the pain I feel now." She doubled herself up.

"Those damn balls," she went on clutching her "package". Why do I have them? How I wish I had a pussy like you, Gene." She straighten herself up again and holding the "damn testicles" with one hand she touched my flat groin with the other.

"Oh, it so nice not to have balls," she looked straight at my eyes, "there's nothing to squeeze at your groin."

"And I can squeeze your balls," I said and soon the tennis balls were in my hand.

"Gene, please don't squeeze them, I'll die from the pain,"

And I greedily started squeezing the tennis balls", shouting, “Do you envy me? Do you envy me?"

"Gene, do stop, do stop," she was imitating a great pain, "I do, I do envy you! It's so nice to have a pussy and balls suck, they suck! Just let me go, oh so much pain in my balls! Just let them alone!"

I unclenched my hand to see her kneeing down, holding her crotch with both her hands. "Oh my poor balls, my poor balls, why don't I have a pussy?" And all of a sudden she burst with laughter.

"Why do you laugh?" I stared at her astounded.

"Oh, dear Gene, I just can't be pretending too long. I just can't be envying you your pussy for it's me who have one. And it's you who have balls."

"But it's a game."

"And I can't imagine the pain, just can't," and she extracted the sock with the tennis balls from her pants.

"Well," I said, my balls still hidden from her eye, "try to remember the worst pain you ever had in your life."

She meditated for a while and then said, "Once a goose pecked me at my shin, the pain was so bad that I thought I would die. Has a goose ever pecked you?"

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Is the pain the same, I mean, when your balls are hit?"

"Of course not, nothing can be compared with the pain in the balls, no goose pecks. But if a goose pecked my balls, I would surely die from the pain."

"Really?" she made such a funny grimace that made me give a laugh and my balls jumped out from their hide. Another second and my testicles got in Lina's hand.

"You say you'll die from a peck at your balls and what about a pinch," and all of a sudden she pinched my right testicle. I think that a pinch to the testicles possesses the highest pain coefficient. A light slap to the balls gives rather a light aching, a hard kick gives a hard pain, and the lightest pinch to a man's balls gives him such a suffering... And so I was lying there on the floor, my right testicle on fire and Lina was standing over me and convulsing from the intrepid laughter.

She picked up the ruler and started slapping her groin with it, "Look, Gene, I have a pussy and you have those weak balls," she laughed and gave one more series of slaps to her pussy, then took the sock with the tennis balls from the floor and started slapping the imaginary scrotum with the ruler before my eyes.

"Weak balls, poor weak balls in a sack between your legs." She gave one more powerful hit to the sock and tossed it away. "And I have a pussy you so envy me," and she again slapped her flat crotch with the ruler.

I felt so miserable, clutching my searing sack. I remembered the beach, that stick that Natasha swung up between our legs, Lina's and mine. That stick that showed how different we were our bodies - Lina's and mine. And my mad envy, my mad envy when I was on the ground, greedily staring at her spread wide legs and the cute slit between them. My agonizing envy as I was clutching those things between my legs, the same things Lina that was laughing at now. The same things in my hands, the same pain, the same envy.

But now there was one thing that really consoled me. I saw that Lina felt great, great because she had a pussy. And I wanted her to feel great. Very great. Extremely great. For I liked her, really liked. I was falling in love with her. My first love in my life. The first real love. For when you love someone for real you wish them to be happy, to feel great, even if it costs you suffering. And all my pain was making that girl feel great, and I wanted her to feel even greater, I wanted that stick again fly up between our legs, smashing my balls and filling her with the feeling of proud of not having balls, proud of her smooth groin, proud of being a girl.

I wished Natasha was beside us with a stick in her hand. And I was falling in love more and more as I was looking at Lina, who kept on laughing at me, at me whom a light pinch made so helpless. And I was happy, happy to make her so great, great without balls. It was real LOVE and real PUSSY ENVY.

Part 10

The next day I had a keen wish to tell Natasha about my ballbusting games with Lina, tell her everything about my feelings, about that stick she had swung between our legs and made me so envious of Lina's body, making me falling in love. I wanted to share my new feelings with Natasha. So I phoned her and told I needed to see her. She said I could come over to her right now.

The doorbell answered Denis. Standing at the doorway, he motioned me inside. "Natasha is waiting for you, Gene. Just come in"

When in her bedroom, Denis said, "She'll be here in a couple of minutes. She also invited one of her girlfriends. She said they are going to entertain us a bit. You know, Gene, after what happened on the beach I've got a new kind of feeling about ballbusting. Remember you told about the bathhouse, when lots of nude girls were laughing at your aching testicles. The time when you began to feel Pussy Envy. I think the same thing happened to me. After that incident at the beach, when my balls were abuse before a crowd of naked females, I started feeling that kind of thing within me, the thing you feel - I just envy women, envy them their pussies. I just long to have my balls abused and hurt by nude girls. I wanna see them laughing at me while I'm in an agonizing male pain. I wanna see them naked and envy them. In short now I understand you. I told all this to Natasha and she said she decided to make a little Pussy Envy performance for me and you. It's gonna start in a minute. She asked us that we'd both get completely naked. So, just get everything off you."

I got real excited. A Pussy Envy performance! What that could mean? In a winkle of an eye I was completely undressed, as well as Denis. So we stood there, totally nude before the door, when suddenly it swung open.

"Hi guys," Natasha smiled and stepped over the threshold. She was followed by another girl of her age. Both the girls had only transparent night-dresses on, beneath which we could see their perfect bodies. My eyes at once were attracted with the beautifully rounded boobs and then shifted down to see black triangles of hair at the girls' groin. Blood at once flushed to my own groin area, and my little, childish penis made a few, shy movements upwards, unlike Denis whose dick at once got real mature hard on.

"Oh, guys, I see you like the way we look." Natasha giggled. "Let me introduce my friend - Olga. She'll help me to perform a little show today, Pussy Envy show. Denis told me about his new feelings and I think we'll help him develop his new attitude to the female body and his own testicles. That is just to increase his Pussy Envy."

Natasha stepped closer to Denis. All of a sudden she sent her feet with all her might up into his unprotected groin. A loud cry of painful agony followed and as soon as Natasha's feet had landed back Denis collapsed on the floor, both his hands between his legs.

The girls laughed out loudly. Natasha bent over Denis and said in a teasing voice, “Oh, poor guy seems to be a bit hurting."

But Denis was not "a bit" hurting. The pain he was in was enormous. Seeing him writhing on the floor and unable to breath, gave my own balls some uncomfortable sensation. But the girls weren't able to understand the excruciating pain Denis was in, they just couldn't know it and would never be able to. And the reason I could see through the transparent fabric of their night-dresses - there simply were no dangling organs beneath it, between their shapely legs, the organs that Denis was so helplessly clutching in his hands.

Denis got his first breath in and started moaning. Natasha went on teasing him, "Denis, why don't you stand up and have fun along with us?"

"Baaaaalls," heavily emitted Denis.

"Balls?" Natasha asked playfully, "You mean those funny orbs you are holding in your arms between your legs? Is it because of them you couldn't get up? I always wonder why Nature has put those weak things between guys' legs. But look at me and Olga, look at our groins. There's nothing hanging from them. We love our groins and now we show you how we can get pleasure of them."

The girls turned to face each other and started caressing each other's pussy through the thin, transparent fabric. It was an exciting view. Delicate female hands petting female smooth groins while below there was laying a male, clutching in his big hands the aching sack hanging from his groin. The girls were giving out sighs of content and pleasure while the guy emitted groans and moans of extreme suffering. The guy's eyes were looking up along the shapely legs between which there was hanging no "funny, weak orbs".

"Let me show him something more," said Olga and stepped aside. In a second she slipped her night-dress off herself, revealing her body before the lying on the floor Denis. His dick at once got erected again, sticking out above his hands that kept on cupping his scrotum. The girls gave out one more loud laugh.

"Look here," Olga pointed with her finger at her pussy and started caressing it gently with her hand. "Look here, poor guy, look at my pussy and then think of your sack hanging between your legs. What do you like more?"

Denis just gave out a deep groan, grasped his penis with one hand, while holding his balls with the other, and started madly jerking off, greedily gazing at the girls pussy being stroked with her hand. My eyes also were stuck to Olga's groin. But looking at her pussy I just felt my own balls being attached to my body. Oh how I wished they were replaced by a pussy and it were me, not Olga, teasing Denis with my smooth groin, making him envy me madly, making him masturbating wildly, while looking at my naked body.

Natasha cast a canny look at me. My eyes betrayed me. She at once realized what I was thinking. She knew and understood all my feelings. Suddenly her hand grasped my little balls and she drew me nearer to her and Olga.

"But look at this boy," Natasha made the other girl turn my way. Look at his little sack and little worm that tries to get a hard on. See how he looks at your pussy. I bet he wishes he had the same thing between his legs and not this weak sack. Am I right, boy," she looked straight into my eyes and squeezed my balls with her hand. The sharp pain made me shriek, trying to escape her grip.

"No, I won't let you go," and she gave another squeeze to my sack.

"Natasha, it hurts," I started crying, "please..."

"But look here," Natasha placed her other hand on Olga's pussy and started caressing her. "See what Olga have here, between her legs and feel what you have between yours." One more squeeze made me give out a mad cry. My eyes at once got filled with tears and through them I kept on staring at Natasha's hand moving up and down along Olga's groin. Under that hand was the thing I so terribly pined for, so longed for. A pussy. And her other hand was holding me by the things that were attached to that same place where Natasha and Olga had that very thing - a pussy. My envy at that moment had no limit.

"And you, guy," Natasha addressed Denis, "look at this poor boy, whose balls I hold and look at the smooth groin I caress. Who do you envy now?" And she one more time squeezed my balls.

At the very painful shout of mine, Denis’ masturbation had reached his climax and a fountain of sperm just splashed on his hand. He emitted a long groan and then murmured, “Pussy, oh I so envy you girls."

My balls still in Natasha's hand, I wanted to shout loud about my own Pussy Envy, I wanted the girls laugh at me, I wanted them to know how badly I envied them. They had pussies and I had not. Instead I had those balls and those balls were the thing I wanted them to laugh at, to abuse, to make me miserable having them, making me desperately looking at their pussies and envy them, envy them, envy them...

"Natasha, kick my balls, kick my balls!" shouted at the top of my voice. "Kick them; I wanna have a pussy like you, not them. Just kick them!"

Natasha released my scrotum and the next second her fist flew into my balls. The punch was so powerful and shocking that I at once fell down beside Denis, holding my firing testicles, gasping desperately for air. And there we both lay in painful agony, holding our poor balls and the two girls, one totally nude and one in a transparent night-dress, standing over us and laughing at our weakness and our Pussy Envy. And before I passed out, my eye just caught one more time the sight of Olga's groin, the groin that I so envied and will ever be envying.

Part 11

It was a rainy day and, being alone home, I lay asleep in my room. I've been slumbering for about an hour when through the sound of the rain tapping on the window pane I heard some voices in the next room. Soon I clearly heard two girls' merry giggles. One of the girl’s voices belonged to my sister. In a few seconds I recognized her girlfriend Nora. But it was not their voices that made me completely awake. It was their words that caused me to jump from the bed and walk up to the door. The words, “BALLS". No doubt they were talking something about boys' balls. I clung to my ear to the keyhole and started eavesdropping.

Nora had been telling my sister how she'd witnessed some boy being hit in the balls. The girls obviously didn't know I was at home. "The boy was crying so loud," Nora was going on with her story, "it was so funny to see him on the ground, holding his balls."

"The boys always cry when they are hit in the balls," said my sister. "I hit my brother twice in the balls and each time he was crying - "oh my balls, or my balls." It hurt him so that he couldn't get up. The first time I just brushed my hand against his balls in the bathhouse. All the women and girls laughed at him then. He was so helpless. Mom then explained me that all boys' balls are very weak and I should be very careful with my brother's. And then I kicked him in the garden. And again he was crying."

"I wish I had a brother, like you," said Nora, "to hit him in the balls from time to time. I think it's a great fun"! Maybe we'll try someday to hit your brother in the balls again. We'll just pretend it was done by accident not on purpose. What do you think?"

"You know, Nora, it seems that my brother likes having his balls hit?"

"How's that?" Nora sounded surprised. "If it's so painful..."

"This is what baffles me..." my sister replied. "I'll tell you something very secret; just don't tell it to anybody... Once I managed to peep at my brother in his room through the keyhole. He was naked and had a ruler in his hand. I saw a colored magazine on the table before him. Later I found that magazine - there were naked girls inside. So he stood there, looking at that magazine and then he suddenly flicked his balls with the ruler. He screamed and fell down. I couldn’t see him on the floor, I just heard him crying - "balls, my balls."

"So he was in pain?" asked Nora.

"In a great pain!"

"Yeah, it's really strange - why did he hurt his balls if it hurt him so."

"I'm puzzled, Nora."

"I think we really must hit him in the balls. Maybe we'll know the reason."

I felt so embarrassed. My sister saw me busting my own balls. She witnessed my staring at those nude girls in the magazine, envying them their pussies and imagining it were those girls who hurt my testicles when I gave a ruler flick to the sack hanging between my legs. I felt so ashamed to know my sister had seen all that. To hear her letting it to be known to another girl. But one thing made my embarrassment not so bad. I was glad to know that my sister wanted to hit me in the balls. So many girls had hurt my testicles but it was my sister who did it first, showing me how weak my balls were, making all the women and girls in the bathhouse laugh at me. It was her who started my pussy envy. I always remembered it. And now I really felt the keen desire to be hit in the balls by my sister again.

I went on eavesdropping. And soon I heard that the girls decided to go to the bathroom and take a shower together. I got at once excited - it was my chance. Now or Never! I just darted out of my room through the other door and dashed along the corridor to the bathroom. Our bathtub was an old-fashioned one, standing on pretty high legs. I at once dived under it, throwing myself between the floor and the bottom of the tub.

In a couple of minutes the girls entered the bathroom, switched on the light, undressed, got into the tub and drew the plastic curtain across. After I heard the shower turned on, I got under from the bathtub. The girls didn't see me because of the waterproof curtain. I got undressed, unlatched the door, drew the curtain inside and got into the bathtub. The girls screamed and stepped as far as possible from me, their groins covered with their hands. I turned the water off and said:

"Sorry, I thought there was nobody in the bathroom. Just wanted to take a shower."

"How did you get in here?" my sister shouted angrily.

"The door wasn't locked," I pointed at the latch.

"I remember I latched the door," said Nora.

"No, it wasn't latched at all, otherwise how could I enter."

"Anyway, just get out of here. Don't you see we're showering." my sister commanded.

"Why should I get out? I was going to take a shower and I'll do it. And you can go out if you want to."

"No, it's you who must leave here at once," my sister insisted.

"I'm not gonna go, I'll stay and take a shower," I said in a stubborn tone.

"If you won't get out, we'll kick you in the balls," my sister declared.

It was the very thing I wanted. I pretended a scornful look, while watching them cover shamefully their pussies with their little hands. "I'm not afraid a bit. You can kick my balls as many times as you wish. It's nothing to me, "and I ostentatiously put my hands on my thighs, leaving my testicles absolutely unprotected.

"It will hurt you, Gene," my sister said. "All the boys' balls are weak."

But the girls seemed to be hesitating about kicking me. Only a few minutes ago they'd longed to hit me in the balls and now they were so surprised to see me in the bathroom and their confusion just made them so hesitant.

"You're wrong, boys' balls ain't weak," I started playfully provoking the girls. I'm so proud to have balls. Look at me - I'm not shamed to have the balls, I'm not covering them with my hands. And you feel so ashamed about your silly pussies; see how you're hiding them from me."

"Gene, your balls are silly and weak," snapped Nora.

"Girls, you do envy me my balls," I chuckled, "all girls envy boys our balls. The balls make us, boys, stronger and cleverer. Don't you wanna have a wiener and a pair of nice balls between your legs instead of your silly peehole? You are so ashamed of your peeholes that you can't tear your hands off them."

"No, we are not ashamed, we just want you to leave us alone," my sister looked at me angrily, bus still I couldn't see the intent to bust my balls in her eyes. So I went on teasing them.

"Yes, you are shamed and you do wish you had balls between your legs. Look how my beautiful are my balls," I pressed my penis between my fingers and lifted it disposing my scrotum to the girls. "Look at them, look at my balls; you're so unlucky, so unfortunate without them between your legs. Girls look so funny with nothing between their legs," and I faked a giggle, trying to make them real angry with me.

"Gene, it's you who look funny with those worm and ballsack between your legs. And all the girls know how weak the balls are. Gene, don't you remember I hit you in the balls? How crying you were?"

"I was pretending just to make you not so envious about my balls. My balls ain't weak."

"Gene, I saw you flicking your silly balls with a ruler. You were alone so there was no need to pretend and you did cry so loud. Your balls were aching from just a ruler flick."

"I knew you were peeping. I fell and cried on purpose. I just wanted you to believe my balls are weak but they are not!"

All that was getting too long. I just pined for having my balls kicked by one of the girls. I couldn’t tear my eyes off their hands covering their pussies. Why didn't they kick my balls, knee them, punch them, squeeze, hurt them in any way? Why don't they show me their real advantage, the advantage I was so envying? My balls were hanging before them and just a light hit was enough to make them proud of being girls, of having those "silly peeholes", those "peeholes" they were covering with their hands, those "silly peeholes" I was so envying them while flaunting before them my "I'm-so-proud-of-balls". So more teasing was needed to make them hit me between my legs.

"And you, girls," I smirked, "just can't pee standing upright with those peeholes of yours. And I can, look." and with my hands pressed proudly against my thighs I started peeing, directing the urine squirt down at the girls' feet. "See, just see what I can," I said, still peeing and waving my thighs. "No girl can do this, for they have nothing between the legs but their silly holes. And boys are superior because we have balls and a wiener."

"That's enough!" my sister cried out and hardly had the last drop of my urine fallen on the bottom of the bathtub as her little fist fiercely flew into my unprotected balls. And those organs I was so "boasting" to have just a few moments ago made me at once the most miserable creature in the world. A burst, an explosion, shocking fire all that was immediately within my scrotum and then up my stomach. The fire of pain that made me emit the loudest scream and desperately clutch the epicenter of excruciating aching that was hanging outside my body. I heavily slumped down on the bottom of the tub, my hands between my legs.

"Baaaaalls! Baaaaaalls!" I wailed in painful agony.

The girls burst with laughter. They were not covering their pussies now but joyfully waving their hands in the air.

"Your balls, do they hurt?" my sister asked me mockingly. "They shouldn’t hurt for they ain't weak at all. Don't you say that, Gene?"

"Hurt, oh hurt," I was moaning.

"Are you still proud to have those funny things you're holding in your hands now?" Nora asked scornfully.

I just let out one more groan in reply.

"It seems he can't talk because of his poor, silly balls?" my sister giggled. "So are you really proud of them?"

I shook my head in pain.

"And what did you say about our peeholes?" my sister went on teasing me. "And what do you say now?"

What could I say? I was staring at her pussy, while clutching in my hands my throbbing sack. How could she know my pain with that "peehole", that "peehole" with nothing hanging from it, how could she feel the excruciating agony in my body caused by the impact of her little fist, the agony that only could be born within those additions to the male body hanging between their limbs. I was looking at her groin and thought - how could she ever know it? All she could is laugh at me; laugh at my holding my testicles, looking jealously at her "peehole". Oh, how I envied her for I could never feel the proud she had now within her body, the body with a "peehole" between her legs. How I wished I could feel this proud, the proud of a human being with a "peehole" looking at the helplessness of the other make of human body, the make with hanging, extremely sensitive apparatus instead of the "peehole".

"So what did you say about our peeholes?" this time it was Nora's taunting voice. "Are your balls superior?"

"No, no," I managed to talk through the pain. "Girls you are really lucky. Lucky to have your peeholes."

"So they aren't silly?" asked my sister. "And what about your balls? Aren't they awfully weak and puny?"

"Girls," I sighed, "I do say I envy you."

"Then why all that bragging about your balls?" my sister inquired of me.

"Because I wanted you to hit me in the balls."

"But why?!" the girls asked simultaneously.

"Because I envy you, I envy you your not having these "silly" balls." I shifted my look down at my hands holding testicles. "I really think you are fortunate without these things, I always wanted to have a pussy, since the very moment when you hit my balls in the bathhouse," I again looked at the sister's pussy. "From that very moment when I was lying on the floor with my balls in pain and looking at your peehole, and at all other girls and women round me."

"Wow!" my sister exclaimed gleefully. "So you punish your balls because you don't like them?"

I just nodded in reply.

"Then let me kick you in the balls," Nora cried out, "just let me do it, let me kick your silly balls. Please, take your hands off them. I wanna feel proud I'm a girl."

My sister stepped aside, letting her girlfriend get closer to me. I looked at Nora, at her pussy. I also felt the wish to help her, to help her feel proud of being a girl. I slowly spread my legs wider and took my hands off my testicles.

"Please wait a bit," I said, "I just think it's a great pleasure for a girl to watch a boy when his balls in pain. I just wondered..."

"Yes, it's great pleasure and we'll now see it," Nora interrupted me and sent her little feet into my groin.

Yes, I always wondered what a girl feels when she hear a boy scream in agony, when she see his hands flew to his groin, see his face warped in the pain, see his body writhing at her feet. I always wanted to know that kind of feeling, that sensation within a body that has no testicles between the legs while watching someone in agony the only reason of which is the dangling organs.

Again and again in my sexual dreams and fantasies I tried to imagine that feeling. That very feeling that filled Nora when she watched me writhing on the bottom of the bathtub, watching me holding my vulnerable organs in my hands, the feeling of a creature that was lucky not to have those organs. What did she feel? What did she feel at the moment when her feet for the first time flew into a boy's groin? What did she feel after looking from above at my agony, knowing that I envy her, envy her that "peehole" that only a few minutes ago I had called "silly"? I think I can't describe it in a proper way.

Both the girls were laughing heartily, watching me in the fetal position on the bottom of the tub. My sister moved Nora aside to get nearer to me.

"Gene," she said joyfully, "you were boasting of the way you can pee. See now what I can." She spread her legs and a stream of urine squirted out of her pussy right at my groin. "Look, you silly boy, how I can pee with my peehole, without your silly wiener."

While holding my throbbing testicles, I was gazing at the urine squirt running right out of my sister's body, without assistance of any little "hose" protruding from her groin and any sacklet with two little orbs within. The urine was falling on my hands and then through my fingers it came on my aching scrotum. Something in this sight was making my pussy envy even worse. I was not sure what it was exactly. Something about the way my sister peed standing upright, something about the peeing pussy, something about the urine flowing under my fingers round my poor balls. I just couldn't avert my look from my sister's peeing pussy. Pain, envy and fascination got mingled within me.

When my sister finished peeing, the girls gave out louder laughs. "So you see, poor boy," my sister beamed gleefully, "no need to have a wiener and those silly balls to pee standing. A nice, beautiful peehole is enough. And nothing between the legs to protect from little girls." My sister slapped her groin triumphantly.

"From little, curious girls without silly-silly, poor-poor balls," added Nora and also slapped her groin in a show-off manner.

Just then the door opened and in came Mom.

"Oh, kids what are you doing here and all naked?" Mom was surprised to see us all in the bathtub.

"Mom," my sister started explaining, "I was going to have a shower with Nora but Gene somehow got inside and didn't wanna go out. So we had to show him a trick."

"What trick?" Mom asked.

"Just showed him how boys are weak not to let him next time disobey."

Mom looked at me lying o the tub bottom with my hands between my legs to know at once the kind of trick the girls played on me. She could hardly suppress a giggle.

"Okay, everybody," she said" just leave the bathroom now. I've not too much time. I just dropped for a couple of minutes. I want to take a shower and then must go. Girls, you'll go on with showering after me."

The girls obeyed Mom, rubbed themselves with towels and ran out of the bathroom. Mom looked at me again.

"And you, boy, why are you still lying there. Get up and go to your room."

I tried to get to my feet but again collapsed. The pain in balls was so unbearable that made my legs disabled.

"Mom, I just can't get up," I complained.

"Be a man; just try to overcome the pain."

"Mom, you should say - "be a girl and never feel such a pain". I guess no man can overcome this kind of pain. You girls will never know it."

Mom gave out a giggle. "Oh, Gene, you've got a good sense of humor. But I do need the bath, so don't be such a sissy and get out of here."

"I'm not a sissy at all, Mom," I moaned, "I just have balls and like all the other boys after my balls were hit I couldn't do anything but lie down and hold them. My legs disobey me because I have a pair of balls between them. I do hate such kind of situation that Nature played on us, I mean guys, but I can't do anything about it. I have balls and because I have them I can't get out of here. The girls really showed me they have some advantage over me."

"Gene, you're getting a little bit annoying," Mom sounded angry. "Okay, boy, if you are so helplessly weak, I'll have to take a shower with you on the bottom of tub. I'd be very grateful if you close your eyes."

After I shut my eyes tight, I heard Mom getting undressed, then stepping in the bathtub and turning on the shower. Of course I couldn't keep my eyes shut too long while knowing that my Mom was standing over me, absolutely naked. I slowly opened my eyes. Mom's head was in rich soap foam, so she didn't see I was watching her. Mom was beautiful, her body was so attractive. I was enchanted with her nude form. Only a couple of minutes ago I was talking with her about the advantage women had over guys and now that advantage was so obviously seen.

Still holding my aching balls, the balls that made my leg muscles unable to obey the brain commands, the balls that made me so miserably lying on the bottom of the bathtub, I was staring at Mom's pussy. The pussy that was attractively covered with dark hair, beautifully framed with the feminine curves of the body, the pussy that my sister would possess in the future. I looked at the perfectly rounded breast of my Mom. Why were female breasts designed so beautifully by Nature, while the male scrotum looks so funny? I wanted Mom to kick me in the balls but I knew she wouldn't do it. Because I was her son and she loved me. She wouldn't ever hurt me, though I wanted it badly. I wanted her to grasp my nuts and squeeze them as hard as she could, making me cry madly and wishing I had a pussy like hers between my legs, between legs as attractively shaped as hers. Oh, how I wished she squeezed my testicles in her soft, beautiful hand. I would cry, “My balls, my damn balls!" while looking at her pussy and envying her badly. But she would keep on squeezing my balls. And when the pain became unbearable I would bury my face between her breast, trying to hide from the pain in her female body and would press my hand against her pussy and keep on envying, envying, envying...

But all those were only fantasies. Mom kept showering, standing over me. Soon she would open her eyes and see me watching her. And I so needed to abuse my balls while looking at her pussy. On the shelf above me I noticed a big bar of soap. I reached my right hand up and managed to get it. With my left hand I took my penis aside leaving my balls totally uncovered. I kept my eyes greedily fixed on Mom's pussy. And again I thought - what do women feel watching a guy's balls hurt. Do they have some pleasing sensation somewhere in their pussies, in their "ball-less" groins, while seeing a guy desperately clutching his set on fire scrotum, the scrotum with those funny organs so overfilled with nerves that a slightest tap on them could rise such a pain within them, making the guy envy the woman that stands before him, her hands on her thighs, with nothing hanging from her groin and laughing at him. Envy her not having that overfilled with nerves sack between her legs. Do women feel something great in their pussies? Do they? Are they overfilled with the proud at that moment as the guy's balls with the pain? The pride of possessing a pussy. The pride of possessing a female body. Has mom seen a lot of men hit in the balls? And did she feel that kind proud within her mind, within her body, somewhere in her pussy? The pride of being the object of someone's envy, my envy, the envy that was rending me apart as I kept on gazing at Mom's body.

I raised my right hand above my groin, mentally said to myself - "sure she felt that kind of pride" - and while keeping my eyes on her pussy I flung the piece of soap at my aching balls as hard as I could...

Part 12

I and my friend Tom were riding bicycles around the park, I trying to catch up with him, when all of a sudden his bike bumped over some rock lying on the path and Tom soared up in the air and then abruptly flopped with his groin right down on the metal bar of his bike. There was the loudest scream of pain and a great collapse down on the ground.

I at once got off my bike and ran up to Tom. He wasn't able to talk but moan something about his poor balls. And indeed his balls were poor. The impact on the bar had been so hard it set his poor organs and the rest of his body on hellish fire. The fire that all the males instinctively try to quench by clutching their gonads in their hands but as it always goes all in vain. Hold your balls or not, when they've been hit, the agonizing fire inside will not get under your control. Nevertheless, every time we, males, get hit down there we at once grasp our testicles and keep them in our hands as long as they keep burning. Our vulnerable testicles, our precious balls, our so pathetically helpless organs. From the very first time they were hit down there our hands are always ready to fend off every sort of attack on those two round objects between our legs, not always successfully, and fondle them after their weakness was proved for one more time.

For about ten minutes Tom was writhing on the floor, absolutely overpowered by the agony, and all that time I was standing over him and heartily laughing. When the pain had soothed enough to let him speak, his first words were those:

"Oh, damn, it's good there's no girl around here."

"But why?" I asked.

"They'd laughed their asses off while watching me."

"But I've already laughed my own one off watching you.

"Oh," Tom gave out a heavy sigh, "you are a different story, Gene. You're a boy, you've got balls yourself and you know the pain. But for girls it's just mere fun to see somebody get his balls hit."

"And I think it's a pity there's no girl around here," I said.

"Why?" Tom sounded in surprise as well as in pain.

"It'd be great. I love it when girls see how we, boys, are weak down there and laugh at our weakness. And it's twice as great if it's a girl who hits the guys' balls. It's such fun."

"What the hell fun?" Tom said rubbing his balls. "It gives lots of pain. Have you ever been kicked in the balls by a girl?"

"Lotsa times."

"Don't tell me," Tom sat up against a tree, his hands still between his legs, "that every time you felt no pain and laughed from fun."

"Every time it was the same terrible pain as all boys feel. My balls are as weak as anybody else's. And it was girls who laughed not me, anyway I liked it, I just like to show that any girl can overcome a man by hitting his balls, all our muscles are useless since our balls got hit."

"Yea, girls only can fight dirty..."

"Why dirty? Why do you call it dirty? Our balls are part of our body like our shoulder or feet. And it's our problem, I mean the boys', not the girls', that they are so sensitive. So we should protect them better and that's it. And there's nothing dirty for girls in using their advantage against our natural weakness. I do love helping girls enjoy that advantage."

"You talk like an idiot," said Tom as he was trying to get up, his right hand pressed against the tree and the left holding his nuts...

In a week or so I and Tom went to the bathhouse, where we met a company of our friends. In the shower room we started a playful fight. We were all naked and it was a real fun, especially to keep balance on the slippery floor. It was a friendly scuffle but all of a sudden one of the boys kicked another right in the balls. The poor guy at once fell down, crying, “Balls, my balls".

All the boys surrounded him and started laughing. I looked around the crowd fixing my eye on the twitching from laugh scrotums and penises of the boys. I wondered what every boy had in mind. Did any one of them think about girls and the advantage they had because of the more perfectly designed body. The body without those protruding, vulnerable organs that were now trembling between their legs. Did any one of them mentally compare his own body with the female one at the moment? Did any one welcome the vision of a girl's pussy to his mind, while before his eyes there was a row of male genitals? Did any one felt some kind of pussy envy, while watching that guy on the wet floor rolling from side to side, crying about how his little balls hurt, the balls he was terribly clutching in his little hands. Did the boy himself remember at that painful moment how smooth was his sister's groin and did he wish he had the same cute slit between his legs instead of that sack filled with searing pain and a wiener helplessly wobbling over his hands. Did he dream through the pain of some kind of magic that could replace the thing he had between the legs by a pussy and give the pain away to let him get up proudly before the laughing boys and kick one of them right in their puny, hanging balls and then laugh scornfully at him while watching him desperately rolling on the floor, crying, “My balls, my balls," and desperately clutching those poor balls in front of the one who stood over him with only a cute slit between the legs and nothing hanging from the groin. I wanted to talk about it with the boys but I was sure they'd never peak. Men are never bound to talk about such things. I could easily confess my pussy envy to any girl but it was so hard to talk it over with guys. So I looked at the boy on the floor and the other guys and realized that to make the fun complete the scene needed one more person there, a person without balls, a one with a pussy. I wished there was a girl and she watched the scene.

I came closer to Tom and said, “It's a pity there's no girls to see that poor boy and all those naked guys."

Tom cast a glance of reproach at me. "Again talking that crap of yours?"

I didn't answer and stepped aside...

On our way back from the bathhouse Tom asked me, "Gene, are you serious with all that stupid talk of yours?"

"What talk?"

"That crap about loving to be kicked in the balls."

"It ain't crap, I say what I think and feel."

Tom halted and looked straight into my eyes. "I won't believe you," he shook his head. One can't like being kicked in the balls, specially being kicked by a girl."

"What makes you think so?"

"First - it hurts like hell, it hurts like nothing else in the world, you can do nothing about that damn pain."

"And what is second?" I inquired.

"Second, it's just as I told about girl; a boy can't love being kicked in the balls by girls."

"But why?"

"Because.., just remember me in the park, remember that guy in the bathhouse. I and he were absolutely helpless. We couldn't get up. If a girl sees a boy in such state, she will think that boys are weaker... I think no boy wants to look weaker."

"Tom, I don't think that boys are weaker than girls but we have balls which if not protected could turn us in helpless creatures. It's fact and girls know it."

"I wish girls never knew it. It was my sister who taught me how my balls are weak. You know she's two years older than me. I was very small then and romping about the house, making lotta noise and disturbing my sister. She asked me to get quiet and I wouldn't listen to her. So she said that if I didn't obey she was going to make so that I wouldn’t be able to romp about for the rest of the day. I said I wasn't afraid of her a bit and she wasn't able to stop me in any way. So she kicked me in the balls and there I was, down on the floor and all in pain. I'd never known that balls could cause such suffering. After I gained my breath I moaned that after I recovered from the pain I would get up and kick her in the balls too. She laughed like crazy and do you know what she did? She said that girls don't have balls unlike weak boys and yank her pants down just to show me that it was truth. Then she got her pants back on and with the loudest laugh ran outside. And I stayed lying on the floor for about an hour. I felt awful; I discovered that sister could so easily make me helpless and destroy all the day. I hate being hit in the balls by girls, just hate. So I don't believe you like such things."

"Then tell me, Tom, have you ever envied girls?" I asked

"What do you mean - "envied"?"

"Did you ever wish to have a pussy?"

"Never!" Tom snapped. "I hate girls, how could I wish such a thing! I hate them, I hate their silly brains, their dirty fighting and along with everything I hate their pussies. We are "haves" and they are mere-sheer "have-nots". Just don't tell me, Gene, you ever wanted to have that hole between your legs. And won't ever believe that a guy can enjoy letting those silly "have-nothing-in-the-pants" abuse his precious balls. Such things just make them, girls, believe that they are something superior to us, boys, with just that hole between their legs. But it's me who is superior, me who has balls, who has a wiener. So guys shouldn't let girl kick their precious possessions. I don't think that you wanna see a girl standing over your and cracking her silly jokes about your balls just because she doesn't have them in her pants. That girl who herself wants to have something between her legs but she knows she'll never have anything down there and it makes her pretend that by making your balls hurt she proves that it's better to be a "has-not". Do you really envy them, Gene."

"Okay, Tom, you are talking too much. To be short I say - I do envy girl and like my balls being kicked by girls. If you don't believe me then let's make a bet. I will let a girl kick my balls in your presence and laugh at me, cracking her "silly jokes" about my balls."

"I agree - and in case you get scared and don't let her hurt your balls, you will give me over your bike."

"Agreed and in case she kicks my balls, you'll be the next one to let her kick you in the balls. It's my condition."

"Okay, and to multiply your fear let there be more that one girl, just to get more laughter."

"And to make our bet more complicated I say - she will kick me in the naked balls and so should you get your pants off if it comes to kicking you."

Tom hesitated for a while and then said, “Okay, let it be. I suggest we do it the day after tomorrow for tomorrow I'm going fishing with my dad."

"So the day after tomorrow. See ya."

And we parted.

That night I had a dream. The Greece goddess came to my home. I mean the goddess whose sculpture stood in the park. A century ago the park belonged to some Russian duke. He'd erected there several marble statues of ancient Greece and Rome gods and some of them still stood among the trees. The one I just mentioned (I didn’t know her name, the inscription on the tomb was completely washed away) was completely nude. Not far from her stood a naked Apollo. I often cast glances at their groins and imagined how it'd great if the stone girl could kick that ancient hero in his marble balls. I visualized him writhing at her feet, holding his sack and looking at her smooth groin in terrible envy. I was myself enchanted with that groin of hers, every time comparing it with Apollo's package. Oh, how I wanted her to kick him down there, just in the sight of all passersby.

And so this goddess visited me in my dream. She was as always absolutely nude.

"Gene," she said in a gentle voice that resembled Natasha's, "I heard you needed some kind of magic."

"Yes." I replied, "I ought to teach some boy a lesson. I wanna kick him in the balls."

"Then do it, don't hesitate."

"I said I wanted to teach him a lesson. So you know the difference when a boy gets kicked by another boy and when a girl kicks him."

"And what the difference, Gene?"

"You know that if all the humans were males they would never talk of "dirty fighting". They'd just kick each other in the balls and that's all. But as half the mankind has no balls men invented that stupid "no-under-belt-hits" rule. It's because men are greatly humiliated being kicked in their extremely vulnerable balls by a girl. Women don't have those weak balls and that makes men embarrassed when they are hit down their. I think it's great to set a guy in unbearable pain just with one kick. Don't you know it?"

The goddess smiled, “Sure I know. Sometimes I enjoy myself by kicking Apollo's poor nuts."

I giggled, “So I knew. Well can you award me with such some kind of spell that I could turn my balls and wiener into a pussy maybe just for a short time, just to let me kick him between his legs with a pussy between mine."

"Okay," the goddess said, "I'll give you some kind of spell to get a pussy for a few minutes."

And the next vision brings me in the bathhouse. I see Tom and me showering, both totally naked. Soon I have a row with him and he fiercely kicks me in the balls. The pain brings me down on the floor, my balls in my hand. I feel that pain, it gets more and more severe, I can't bear it any more. My balls are burning. I squeeze them harder and say some magical words. And the pain at once dies out. I don't feel it any longer. And I don't feel the balls in my hand. I grope for my wiener and I don't find it. And I don't find my balls. My "precious" balls are gone. But there's no regret at all, I understand that beneath my hand there's the thing I've been so longing. Tom stands over me, still laughing at my weakness. I've not yet taken my hand off my groin and he still thinks I'm clutching my poor balls. Alas, Tom. I'm raising my arm up and to his full bewilderment he sees what was hidden under my hand. A "silly hole", but those were his silly words. The thing I have between my legs now makes me feel now a real "have", for I have it, I do possess it and he doesn't have it, he, a poor creature, is a mere "has-not' for he has no power I know possess, the power I feel looking at his things that hang between his legs. I jump to my feet to be right opposite him. He stands, totally confused and enchanted. He looks at the place on my body from where only a few seconds ago hanged a couple of vulnerable balls that made me so helpless, lying at his feet. His subconsciousness sends him a signal telling that his own balls are in danger. I gave one more look at my groin, I myself enchanted with it, I feel happy, then I shift my look my gaze to his balls, I see his hand start moving toward those weak things to protect them but my foot is already on its way up into his groin. And then a sharp impact on his soft orbs. And I do know what happens in them at the very moment my foot touched that tender flesh. I don't feel it but I know what it is. And a pleasing, tingling sensation runs from my foot along my leg up to the very place where the same vulnerable organs dwelt just a few seconds ago. And all my body gets that tingling sensation, while Tom's one set on fire, his balls are burning, his abdomen searing. He flops down at my feet. And all I hear is his long scream, “Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls!"

I kneel down and grasp him by those "baaaaaaaaalls" of his. He gives out a louder wail of pain. "My balls, leave them!"

I have no mercy. I don't let his poor balls out of my grasp. I make him absolutely helpless with just one hand. And all that through those organs of his proud. I pull his scrotum up to make him sit up and face my own groin. I don't care now if he envies me or not. That's his problem. And those are his balls in my hand, and I don't care if likes them or not. I like my own groin and don't care much about that piece of weak flesh in my hand. I squeeze it as hard as I can to see him faint from the pain. I stand up and go over to the shower. And now I notice that there are other men in the bathhouse. They all hold their own balls, their jealous eyes fixed on my......

My pussy? I send my hand under the blanket down to my groin... My pussy? My hand is just holding a pair of balls, a wiener protruding from between the thumb and index finger. There's no pussy down there, as usual. All that was dream but that was o good dream.

I at once remembered my bet with Tom. It was the summer holiday, the classes were far away ahead and I had a lot of free time. I jumped from the bed and dashed to the telephone to dial Natasha's number. I was eager to tell her all about my bet and the dream.

After a brief breakfast, I was hurrying toward Natasha's house...

Part 13

When at Natasha's, I at once told her about my bet with Tom and my dream. But there was one more thing that fretted me badly, the thing that I wanted to talk over with her. The matter was that I'd never been ashamed of my pussy envy but whenever I started to talk about it with other boys as they at once stated I was sort of freak. Not only Tom but all the boys. They all thought it something abnormal to envy girls their pussy. Even if someone envied he never confessed it. Sometimes I felt that I was the only boy on the planet who envied girls. I told Natasha about my thoughts and we started discussing this topic.

"Natasha, am I abnormal?"

"I don't thinks so," the girl smiled.

"Nor do I think so, I'm just... I told you how I was hit in the balls for the first time. I was surrounded by nude girls and women. I just couldn't help starting envying them. They saw how helpless I was. I couldn't get up from the floor just because my sister swished her hand right into my balls. My balls were in such pain and nobody around had balls, nobody. It was fun for all them to see a boy so miserable because of those things between his legs. That was the way I learned how my balls are weak. And there were many little girls who first saw a boy hit in his things. They asked their moms why I was lying on the floor and crying. Their mothers explained them how boys were weak between the legs. I remember one girl asked her mother if she was also so weak between her legs.

"Sure not," replied her mother, "it's balls that make balls weak and you've none of them and she playfully slapped her daughter's groin. And I was holding my poor little balls in my hands trying to soothe the pain. And I envied all the girls. You know boys often talk rubbish about that girls are "don't haves" but I say girls are "haves" - they have pussies. Lying there I was surrounded with a row of pussies, I stared at them and I wished I possessed one two and not those balls. The girls were "haves"; they had the thing I so envied at that moment and the things I had made me so helpless before all those laughing and giggling girls.

You know, the boy in the bathhouse yesterday was the same helpless with his aching balls. But there weren't any girls to make him feel some sort of envy. So I think I'm not abnormal at all. It's natural for me to envy girls. Do you think so, Natasha?"

"Well, Gene, I think on the whole it's envy that makes evolution advance. People always envy someone or something and that makes progress move ahead. There are different kinds of envy and your pussy envy is not abnormal at all. I think it's making you more creative for I know you are trying to put your feelings on paper. But all that theory and I've got some practical thing on my mind to make your pussy envy sharper. You've decided to meet with Tom tomorrow and today we can have some fun."

I got excited, “What's that? What are you talking about?"

"I say go home and get your bike - we'll ride to the lake now."


"Yeah, and remember you told me about that girl - Lina. I guess we'd better take her along with us."

In a quarter of an hour I, Natasha and Lina were riding our bikes along the narrow forest path. In about forty minutes we reached the far side of the lake. We stopped and got off the bikes near a crag that was hidden among the tall trees.

"Okay, guys, "Natasha commanded, "now let's leave our bikes over that oak and climb up the crag from this side, it's not so steep here."

Soon we were on the top of the crag. I looked down the cliff side that vertically went down into the lake. The water was about three meters behind.

"Yeah, Gene," Natasha stepped up to me and put her hand on my shoulder, "we're going to jump down now."

"Jump?!" I looked at her.

"Are you scared?" she asked cunningly.

"No, not at all, bout how is..."

"The lake is very deep here, so it's absolutely safe to jump from this cliff. But first we should get undressed, I mean totally undressed, that is get naked."

"Naked?" exclaimed Lina.

"Oh, we've seen each other naked already," Natasha smiled, "no shame now."

In a minute all of us stood absolutely naked on the brink of the crag. I with admiration stared at Natasha's body.

"Well no good wasting time," Natasha said, "let's take each other's hand and make a circle. We did so.

"We are going to jump in a circle and not in a line," Natasha explained just to see each other very well. Now I want you, Gene, to look at my and Lina's groins." There was no need to say it for I'd already was staring at the girls’ pussies.

"And now jump!" Natasha who stood with her back to the water tore off the ground and pulled us abruptly from the crag just over the water. In a fraction of a second we were falling along the stone wall down into the water. In a couple of seconds our feet touched the surface of the water and our bodies started submerging into the lake. My eyes were fixed on Natasha's groin. In the blink of an eye her pelvic area smoothly entered the water and at that very there was a burst of great pain in my own groin. Just before the excruciating pain flew into the rest of my body my bran realized the reason of that pain explosion. My balls had flopped down onto the water surface and those sensitive organs at once sent my body into unbearable agony. When all my body went into the water my brains switched off. I just passed out.

I came to consciousness on the grassy bank. Before me I saw Natasha's smiling face.

"Why, it didn't take us long to bring him around," she said to Lina.

My brain functioning, I at once got aware of my other organs, the organs that immediately got cupped in my hand.

Lina gave out a laugh, “Oh he remembered his balls; he feels them."

I felt them and felt all the pain in them and in the stomach. I couldn't talk and just emitted a heavy moan. While I was writhing on the ground the girls put on their bikinis and walked back to me.

"How are you?" Natasha said.

"What happened?" I muttered through the groans.

Natasha gave out a genial smile, “Your little, precious testicles just bounced on the lake surface while our pussies smoothly went into the water. So your little danglers just made you pass out but as I'm very god at swimming in a couple of seconds you were on the shore without a drop of water in your throat.”

"How are your balls?" asked Lina.

My balls - my balls were terrible. I closed my eyes and remembered Natasha's pussy coming into the water. I squeezed my balls with anger adding more pain to their sensitive inside. Only today I was recollecting my first getting balls hurt in the bathhouse. All those feeling when your balls are on fire and you see all those naked women who just can't imagine what it feels to have the balls hurt, no way they can imagine how easily those hanging organs can catch pain. And there is no need for them to know this pain for they just don't have such pain-catchers between their legs. And for them it will always be fun to see how a male can easily be disabled through those organs. And now again my searing balls sent to my brain waves of envy, waves that thundered into my head with one word - Pussy. My balls were emitting waves of pain and envy, the waves that were crying, “Why?" Why there was no pussy that had smoothly flown into the water but those damn, bouncy balls.

The girls stood over me, their smooth groins clad in their bikinis. With a heavy breathing I tried to start talking, "Natasha… I say… did your boobs... I mean breasts... did they…?"

Natasha chuckled, “I see what you wanna ask. Yes, they bounced," she gently stroked both her breasts, "but there wasn't pain unlike your poor balls. Your testicles are far more sensitive."

I gave out a groan. Why, why the testicles are so sensitive, why are they situated in such a place...?

"So how's your pussy envy now?” Natasha asked me. "Do you think it's an abnormal thing to envy girls our pussies?"

My pussy envy, it was such a normal thing to me now. It was so normal to wish to have a pussy instead of those vulnerable, bouncy things. And how miserable I felt now holding those things in my hands, looking at Lina romping around me.

She was giggling merrily, "Never knew those balls were so weak. A mere jump into the water and you look so pathetic, Gene. Do they still hurt? Oh, I see they hurt so bad. No wonder you wish you had a pussy. It's really nice to be girl and see how guys can be helpless because of their balls. Okay let me tease you a bit. See."

Before long Lina climbed up the crag. Up there she got off her bikini and cried out, “Just watch me, you the one with the balls."

And her back to the lake she jumped from the cliff. I saw her slender body entering the water. I saw her pussy disappear under the surface of the lake. No way I could do the same thing naked. I just clutched my balls harder and pulled them abruptly aside causing an intense pain through all my body. The body that so pined for a pussy, a pussy like that I saw between Lina's legs as she gracefully came out of the water onto the bank. A pussy like that that was hidden under Natasha's bikini, as she stood over me. But to my body were attached two throbbing orbs that I was now clutching in my trembling hands, trembling as all my body did - trembled with pussy envy, trembled as I watched Lina performing a nude, playful dance on the bank of the lake, the dance that made me squeeze my testicles harder and harder, until I, gone crazy with the pain and envy, close my eyes and cried out in a mad voice, “Wanna have a pussy!", my balls almost squeezed out in my madly-envious grasp. "Pussy!"

Part 14

There came the day of my bet agreement. The day when I had to get Tom convinced of my liking to have my balls abused by girls. Being told of my bet, Natasha had been very interested in it and suggested her assistance. She said she would be somewhere near the place of our bet fulfilling and appear on the spot as soon as it was necessary. I agreed.

I'd decided that Lina and her girlfriend Svetlana would be the best ones for the mission. Natasha had a chat with the girls, some kind of instruction, (I wasn't allowed to hear it) and then I was told to inform Tom of the place and time. Svetlana's parents were going to be out that evening and so I was supposed to come with Tom to her garden about eight o'clock.

At the appointed time I and Tom entered the garden to see Lina and Svetlana sitting on the bench. I looked around. Natasha was not seen anywhere. Nevertheless I was sure that she was not far up to something. Something exciting.

The girls got up and walked over to us. I'd told Tom that the girls were informed of our bet and knew what I wanted of them. So it didn't take me long to pull my pants down while standing before Lina my legs wide apart. The girls both chuckled.

"Gene," she said, "are you sure you want me to kick you down there?"

"Not just "down there" but exactly in the balls," I pronounced assuredly.

"But it will hurt you. You, boys, are so weak down there."

"Lina, I said it, it's not "down there" - it's my balls that are weak. Weak like all the others boys' nuts. Like Tom's, like your dad's, like Svetlana's cousin, like any other man's. And most men hate having their balls hit, especially by girls. You, girls, always laugh when you see a boy hit in the balls. And boys hate it. And Tom does hate too. And he thinks that I must hate it to. But he's wrong. So please show him."

And she showed. She really didn't want to hurt me too much and her kick was not of the hardest ones. But the male testicles are constructed in such a welcome-to-kicks way that the most sensitive part of them is their bottom. The testicles being the most vulnerable human part of human body, their bottom twice as sensitive as all the rest of these dangling organs.

So what Lina thought to be some kind of mercy to me was a horrible disaster to my balls. Her foot at once switched on all the pain receptors of the nerves my lower scrotum was swarmed with. The nerves that Nature on some vogue purpose connected directly to the breath center. Like no girl will ever know what it feels to have the balls hurt, so no one of them ever will be able to know how the testicle bottom differs in sensitiveness from the rest of the organs. And never will she understand how a comparably light impact on the soft orbs hanging between the legs can send a human being into a breathless agony.

And being a male, I knew all that. And not only knew, but it was me who lay on the ground, unable to breath, unable to control my legs, unable to quench the pain in my body, the pain that had shot up from the lower scrotum high up to my stomach. The throbbing source of my helplessness was clutched in my hands, the helpless hands that could not to put out the burning fire my lower scrotum was on. I looked up along Lina's shapely legs. She wore a short skirt, the skirt that started up not far from her groin. The groin that would never know what a burning lower scrotum is. Neither would it know of any other burning part of scrotum. Nor of any kind of fire inside the testicles. In her body there would never be a hand-clutching-the-poor-things-between-the-legs reflex. There was simply no poor thing between her legs.

I managed to take a first breath to name the poor thing in a pathetic groan, "Oh, baaalls."

Both the girls couldn't help laughing.

I often asked myself - what did I love about having my balls hurt? Did I love the pain? No. From the very first time my balls were hit I hate this kind of pain which is really excruciating, unbearable. Neither had I loved the helplessness of the situation. While having a terrible toothache you still can easily move around, but having the balls in pain means being unable to control your legs. It really humiliates. The thing I really loved about all that was those laughs, giggles of the girls that happened to witness your weakness.

My first hurting balls were witnessed by lots of girls and they all laughed at me. Girls always laugh when they see a boy gets his balls hit. And it's the thing I love. They laugh not because of being rude and violent, they just laugh because they've no balls between their legs, those weak balls. And it's the thing I love. The thing Tom hated - having his balls abused by girls - I loved.

Loved it because I envied them. It was already a reflex in my body and mind, an envious reflex. The moment my hand grabbed my hurt balls in my mind there was a picture of a cute slit between a girl's legs. The harder I clutched my poor balls the more vivid was the picture. I would cry in pain "My balls!" and mentally I was exclaiming "Pussy, how I envy pussy!" And the girl's laughs and giggles around just confirmed my envy. The girls laughed because they were happy not to have balls like me and my envy made sense. No laughing at my weakness girl could wish to possess balls like me, no giggling girl envied me.

Let Tom and all the rest of the boys say they never envy girls but my envy did make sense. It did because the girls laughed. They laughed because they had pussies not balls. I hated the pain, I hated the helplessness but I did love the laughs. Tom hated the laughs. He did from the very first time his elder sister hit him in the balls. From the very first time girls laughed at my sister's hurting my balls I love those laughs. I wish I could laugh like them at some poor guy whose balls were hurting like hell and be happy having somewhat different body structure.

Without balls, those balls that I was holding in my hand as I was staring from the ground up at Lina and her girlfriend. I was eager to underline the reason of their happy merriness. One more time I groaned out, “Baaaaalls." Sure it did give them one more mental impulse of being proud of not having those thins I was so painfully naming.

"Do they hurt so bad?" asked Svetlana.

I nodded with a wry expression across my face.

Tom stepped closer to me. "Then why did you, idiot," he addressed me, "let her kick you? You said you liked it. I don't see any pleasure in your eyes, stupid dude. Why did you let her?"

Lina turned to Tom. "He just wanna have pussy, like all the girls."

"How do you know?" Tom exclaimed.

"He told me himself."

"But why do let the balls be hurt? I don't understand."

"Because," replied Lina," girls don't have balls and he doesn't feel too much having them. So why not to abuse them if wanna have a pussy and not them."

Tom scornfully snorted. He bent over me and looking straight in my painful eyes asked, “Do you really wanna have a pussy?"

"Yeah," I moaned heavily.

"You are a damn moron." he grinned.

"Well," Svetlana cut in, "Tom, he may be a moron, but we know about your bet. Now it's your turn to get kicked in the balls."

"Never," Tom snarled, "never would I let a girl kick my balls. Never a creature with nothing but a stupid hole between her legs will kick me down there. Unlike this fool I never dream of having a hole instead of the things I have. I'm proud of what I have and you'll ever be envying me my things no matter how happy you may feel with your holes after you kicked such a sissy as Gene. You'd better give him one more kick and not me. Maybe whatever he has between his legs will turn into a silly pussy after a good kick. He doesn't deserve to have what other men are so proud of."

Tom turned over and headed for the gates. Just then out of the bushes there appeared Natasha and in a few seconds she was dragging Tom back to us holding him his crotch.

"There, there, little brat," Natasha merrily said, "so you are proud of those things in your pants."

"Let me off, let me off!" Tom was shouting nervously.

"First let us see what you are so proud of," Natasha pulled Tom up to me.

"Leave my balls alone!"

"Oh, boy, I wouldn't have grasped you if you'd kept your promise and let the girls kick you like they did Gene. Wasn't that agreed between you and Gene?"

"I'm just not a fool like Gene."

"And you are so proud of your balls," Natasha smiled slyly. "It's anyone's right to be proud of any part of their body. As well as the right to envy any other part you don't possess. As well as not envy anyone. But you offended the girl and you offended me. I never knew that what I had on the place where you have your dangling orbs is just a silly hole. You see I'm proud of what I have as well as you and can't stand any offence. I don't wanna envy me but I want you to respect my body. The body without those things you're so afraid to be kicked in by a girl. So will you let the girls to kick you?"

"No!" Tom wailed.

"Okay, girls, let's take his pants off," and Natasha set his crotch free just to get the boys both arms behind his back and in her firm grasp. Holding Tom by his hands from behind, Natasha made getting the pants off him an easy task for the girls. Before long the boy's lower part was stark naked.

"And now girls do what I told you." Natasha commanded.

In a short while Svetlana fetched a long water hose, then attached it to the water outlet that was in the garden and holding the hose by the end walked up to Tom and Natasha.

"I'm ready," she reported to the elder girl.

"Then let Lina turn on the water." Natasha gave out another command.

And then I realized what was going on. The water squirm rushing out of the hose end, Svetlana started aiming it right into the boy's groin. Tom was kicking both his hands, trying to dodge the powerful squirt. For a while he had success and Svetlana was kept on trying to hit his balls with the narrow water stream. Wow! Water! I at once remembered how water could be hurting to the balls. I remembered my naked jumping into the lake. The way my balls and the girls pussies entered the water. The sudden killing pain in my testicles and the smooth, painless female bodies entering the water, the water that added more pussy envy to me. And now it was a powerful squirt of water that was about to strike Tom's balls. I already imagined the pain he was going to be in. Not so much for imagination, yet. My own balls were still terribly aching.

At last the water squirt flew right into Tom's scrotum. A high-pitched cry of pain and agony followed. Natasha at once let him free and his body collapsed on the ground face down, his hands holding his balls. His legs were throbbing in convulsive movements, his hands twitching madly beneath his body at the groin area. Soon he turned over onto his back, his poor, water-abused, girl-humiliated balls still in his helpless hands.

One burst of female laughter followed another.

"Girls," Natasha said through the mad laughter, "it's time to show him how nice it feels to have a pussy. Let's show him."

And all the girls started taking off their dresses. Soon all the three were in their bikinis.

"Show him, Svetlana," Natasha exclaimed and the girl snatched the water hose again and aimed the squirt right to Natasha's groin. The water stream breaking up at her groin area, Natasha stood upright, he legs wide apart.

"See, boy, it's only pleasure I feel with the water squirt," Natasha teased Tom (as well as me), "and you didn't stand even for a second with the water stream on your "prideful" balls. Svetlana give me the hose."

And soon the water squirt was flowing into Svetlana's groin, then in Lina's. The girls started romping about trying to get the more water on their groins, pushing each other aside.

"See Tom how happy they are. Happy with their "silly" pussies and without your "clever" balls," Natasha went on rubbing it in Tom and me, we both holding our aching balls and watching the girl's having fun of their natural advantage and our inborn weakness. And in spite of all the pain, in spite of my tantalizing envy, the envy that was about to explode my damn balls, in spite of all the humiliation I loved the girl's merriness.

And I felt great watching Tom's suffering, watching him staring at the girls' groins that welcomed the water on them, the water that in a fraction of a second send him in such a pain, made him so helpless. Just a quick contact of the water with the nerve endings that were tightly packed in his sack made him so humiliated in the eyes of the girls, the girls that would never know what it feels to have the balls be whipped with a water squirm. Nor they ever feel their balls impacting the water surface while jumping naked from a cliff. Because there are no "their" balls. There are only "our" balls. Mine, Tom's, that poor boy's in the bathhouse, all the other men - all those are "our" balls. It's "ours" because we shared the same kind of the pain with Tom. It's "ours" because when I see baseball hits the catcher's groin I know what he feels, I mentally hold my own balls in my hands along with him.

And all the women around don't have the slightest idea of that kind of pain. Because there are no such a thing as "their" balls, no girls balls. However I love watching men in testicle pain. I love watching women laughing at them. From the early childhood I envied girls and never made a secret of it.

Other boys whether never envied or made a secret of it. I had no idea if Tom at that moment envied the girls. To hell with his envy or not envy. I just liked seeing him in that miserable condition. Sure he realized that all that was because of his balls. He might be proud of them, he might be envying worse than me - it was his own problem. Natasha was right - everyone have the right to be proud and the right to envy. As for me was envying as always. Watching the girls letting the water squirm landing on the groins - it looked splendid, splendid when the things attached to your own groin were squeezed in your hands and you knew no way to drive the pain out of them. And the girls were having fun.

"Tom, hey, Tom," Natasha kept on teasing. "Why don't you get up and join us? Or there's something that hampers you? Oh, I see, that's your wonderful balls. I guess it's a great way to tease us, girls, lying over their, showing us how you're proud of your balls and making us envying you so bad. Oh how I wish I had balls to be so happy as Tom and feel no need to play with the girls. Just relaxing on the ground. Ain't that grand, I mean to have balls."

Suddenly Lina started shouting loud, “Oh I do so wanna have balls and I can get them"

Soon somehow in her hands appeared two tennis balls. Oh, that was that trick I taught her. I mean not the way she fetched the balls but the thing she was going to do. Yeah, in a moment the two balls were under her bikini, just in the place where a male human is supposed to have his gonads.

"Look girls, I've got balls," she declared proudly. "Not "silly" pee-holes like you but real wonderful balls. Let me make you envy me."

At those words Natasha grasped Lina's arms and pulled them behind her back to take hold of her the way it was done with Tom. Svetlana at once picked up the water hose and aimed the squirt onto Lina's fake testicles.

Lina started screaming, the water splashing on the orbs under her bikini, “My balls, my balls, they hurt so, or my balls let me go."

Natasha freed Lina's arms and the girls dropped down beside Tom, holding her imaginary testicles in her hands. She was preaching, "Oh, woe is me, it hurts like hell, like hell. Girls, do stop giggling, it's such a pain, oh how could you know it - you've no balls." She imitated some agony writhing and went on moan-talking, “I thought it was so great to have balls. I was so proud of them. I wanted all the girls envy me but they so hurt now. Oooooooh, now I envy all the girls, oooooh, my balls, I don't wanna have them any more. I do wanna play with you girls but because of the balls I... ooooooh, like Gene I wanna have a pussy but those balls.”

I looked at Tom. No doubt he felt greatly humiliated. All that "fake-balls-teasing" had an enormous effect on him. Okay, let the boy experience some pussy envy. Guess his sister had hit his balls a wrong way not to have given him any pussy envy. Mine was far more successful. A right deed in a right place and in a right time and I was bestowed with pussy envy for the rest of my life. A good slap into my uncovered balls when before your eyes there are a good score of uncovered pussies, a sharp pain you've never known before, sudden weakness in the legs, a fall onto the floor and the laughing and giggling of the same good score, the score with pussies and no balls at all. The pussies you see right before you, the balls you clutch right in your hands and my very sister standing beside me, with the neat slit between her legs, the thing I haven't paid much attention before, standing over me and looking at the things she hasn't paid enough attention before either, my balls, standing totally befuddled with what has happened and getting some explanation from Mommy, mommy with beautiful hair triangle between her legs that I haven't paid much attention before, so getting some explanation from mommy of the fact that her brother like all the other boys has balls and those balls are very weak. Oh, how painful it was to hear all that and all that laughter. My sister was a real whiz-kid with her proper ballbusting action. And sure Tom's sister was a kind of loser. I've never regretted my younger sister so all of a sudden gave me pussy envy.

And now watching Tom and Lina lying beside each other, the former in real pain and maybe some kind of pussy envy and the latter faking the pain and having no sort of envy, I did not regretted my pussy envy.

Lina performed some more agonizing jerks and said, “Oh, my poor little balls, I know what to do with them. I know Tom loves to have balls but unfortunately he has only two. So I'll give him my two to let him have four."

She passed her hand under her bikini and extracted one of the tennis balls. "Why," she exclaimed, "twice as less the pain." And she took out the other ball. "Wow! No more pain. Oh let me present these painful balls to Tom." And she put the tennis balls on the ground right close to the bois loin.

Lina jumped up, crying, “Girls, I have a pussy like you, let's play again." Then she stepped over to me and looked at my hands holding my balls. "Oh, poor Gene, you still wanna have a pussy but you have those balls like I had. My advice gave those balls over to Tom to let him have six ones and three times as much the pain."

"Guess I can't do that," I replied sulkily.

"Then let me try," she smiled and put her hand on my thigh to make me withdraw my hands from my balls.

"Now will see if you really wanna give your balls to Tom." and at once she grasped my scrotum, squeezed my painful balls and pulled them sharply aside.

"My balls!" I gave out a raving scream, "My balls!"

The pronoun "my" was the point word. Unlike plastic balls Lina extracted from her bikini my orbs belonged to my body, they were of the same chemical structure, the same DNA formulas as the rest of my body, the body that so badly longed to have the other groin design, the sort from which my eyes had received light signals and sent them right into my brain where they were formed into a mental picture of a neat slit between the legs and simultaneously to my brain were delivered the forceful pain signals from the same area in my own body where the neat slit was supposed to be on the other human bodies according to the update brain data and there came the signals of tactile sensations from my fingers, the signals that said that on the place of the neat slit there was some kind of two little orbs in a sort of sack, and those external organs were the reason of that awful pain and there was no neat slit at all. And all those signals got mixed with the audio ones that convey to the brain the idea of laughter that came from those ones with neat slits on the place where I had a different thing, a very different thing, from which the pain signals came and came and came. And the mixture of the signals and mental pictures suddenly exploded just in the center of my brain and the explosion waves that run through my body and mind were - ENVY, ENVY, ENVY, ENVY...

And from that time on I didn't like to say aloud "my balls" I just said "balls" or "the balls" but not "my". My body had balls but they were "the balls" not "my balls". But when those are being squeezed and pulled aside with a dreadful force you just cry out "My balls" for they are really yours like it or not. They are connected with you brain with thousands of nerves and those nerves keep on sending up o the brain signals that just make your envy worse. And my eyes keep on sending video signals of the humans watering playfully their groins with a powerful squirt and my ears receive the sound waves of a happy laughter.

And all that make your envy worse and worse. Yes, I have balls like that guy lying on the grass not far from me. And like him because of my balls I wasn't able to join the girls in their fun, the fun of having no balls. But unlike Tom I was truly glad to hear the girls’ merry voices. To realize that they felt happy because they had what I'd been craving for. No doubt his sister had failed her mission. There were no proper signals mixed up in his brain.

The pain was killing, killing me but not my envy. How didn’t I envy those merry girls. Why wasn't it me a few years ago, me standing before my lying on the wet floor brother, standing there with a split between my legs? My brother holding his hands between his legs, moaning something painful and staring at me, at my... oh why does he stare at me so? I ask mom what happened.

"Why, dear, you hit your brother's balls."

"Balls? You mean those little sacks he has down there," and I touch my groin where there are not any balls at all.

"That's right."

"But why is he on the floor. I hit him only light."

"Dear, all the boys and men have balls and those balls are very weak. If you hit a boy in the balls it will hurt him bad. You see your brother. He can't get up. So you must kick boy in the balls only when they are really threatening you and not for fun."

And I stand over my elder brother who lay down there and in his eyes there's clearly seen one thing - envy. But what does he envy. And it's really strange how weak are those little balls of his. Not only of his. Mom said all the boys have weak balls. How interesting. I wonder why they are so weak, those balls. Some day I'll try to hit him again in the balls to see if they are really so weak. Or maybe hit another boy. We'll see. And what is he staring at? Oh, he's staring not only at me but at all the girls and he looking at one place - yeah between our.., or really he must think how it good to be without balls. Hee, hee, sure it's not bad to be a girl. he still can't get up. How funny, how interested.

And if we are able to tune our mind to hear the thoughts of the others in the house we hear something like that:

The youngest, “How funny! How interesting! How weak he is!

The teens, “Oh he looks like my brother when I last kicked him down there."

"Yeah, like Peter when I kneed him." "Oh again fun with the balls. It's always hilarious. That little girl showed his brother her real power."

The mature women, “Oh, a good opportunity to teach my younger daughter to defend herself against the boys." Yeah, I have to tell my daughter about male weakness."

"Well, it's rather funny."

And only one of the voices sounds miserable - my brother's mental preaching, "Why, why balls, why not a thing like my sister have, why not, why not a pussy, why that pain, why those balls. Why me? Why not my sister? Why doesn’t she have balls? I'd slapped her back. Not back, I'd have no balls and hit her first. In her weak balls and show her my cute slit to envy me, envy, envy. Why wasn't that me standing with a slit between my legs and my miserable brother at my feet?

And now it was me whom lay at the feet of the girls who kept on the water fun. And it was me who whose sister a few years ago had stood over me planting the envy-seed deep into my mind. And the balls I was holding in my hands were my balls. And unlike the girls I had no pussy at all. Anyway I felt there was something that I liked most in having balls. Because of the balls there was some thing in my life, some great thing. Freud was right that we all depend on our childhood. I still think that the greatest thing that made the most revolutionary changes in my mind was that accident with my sister.

Being hit in the balls for the first time in the presence of nude women of different ages that was the greatest thing in my life. If I'd first happened to injure my balls by some accident, falling from bicycle for example - I'm not sure if I ever had pussy envy the way I do. I still think that most exciting thing for me is being hit in the balls by a naked woman. That's my only pleasure of having balls. Yeah, I do love having my balls when they are abused by a woman. It's the most precious part of my body if it's mocked by a woman. The part of body that women don't have. So maybe women must be miserable without them and not knowing the pleasure of being kicked in the balls by a nude girl. It's really a splendid sensation they aren't able to experience. So maybe they must envy me? Don't know but if you ask me the millionth time whom I do prefer to be back in the bathhouse - the sister with a neat slit between her legs or the brother with all that great mind-envy explosion in his mind, the greatest sensation in his life, the sensation his sister would never be able to feel, all that sensation that makes me a creative person, putting down in words all my feeling and thoughts, all those sensation compared to the simple thoughts the sister had in her head like, “How funny, how interesting."

So who do I prefer to be back in time? I guess the reader knows the answer for sure. I'd put all my all, all my life on...... of course, a neat slit. And I'd preferred being the sister with simple thoughts in her mind and looking at his brother whom she just by accident granted with the most important event in his life, and whose brain was set on so complicated thoughts, the thoughts that would never leave him. I’d put everything on a pussy. For that mind explosion was an envy explosion and when my balls hurt it just reminds me of that envy. And I wish I were someone's sister with a slit behind my legs and who could give his brother some great feeling about his balls and maybe let him some day become a good author, and me just having simple thoughts about how it's funny to kick boys in the balls. And with a pussy between my legs. Because I have pussy envy. It means I wish I had a pussy, not balls. I do want to have a pussy. I love having balls and time from time letting them be abused by humans who do have a pussy. But I wanna have a pussy. That's what envy means.

And lying there, in Svetlana's garden, and feeling some pleasure from the fact that I witnessed Tom's testicles abused; I do madly, badly envy the girls their pussies. The happiness of having my balls abused and twice as big the misery of not having the thing I was so eager to have. And all that was PUSSY ENVY.

Part 15

One day I told my friend Nick about the secret female nude beach hidden deep in the woods. He at once got interested in it and suggested we go and peep the naked girl over there. I liked the idea and soon we were working our way through the thick woods in the direction of the nude beach. I was showing the way but as soon as we heard in the distance first merry female voices, Nick rushed forward, leaving me behind. I ran after him, trying to catch up. We ran through the thick shrubs and as I got just after his back, the stingy, slim bush branches started to lash me while returning to their proper position after Nick's hurrying body had pushed them hard forward. And suddenly one of those biting branched forcefully whipped my groin. All the pain that those lashing branches were giving to my body and face now was multiplied by thousands times and concentrated in things so inconveniently attached to my body just between my legs. The things looking incongruent in their place. And incongruently sensitive, for the pain in those little things at once turned the rest of my body into a helpless jelly. I flopped down with a mad scream. Nick turned around to see me writhing in agony on the ground; my hands that hold my burning organs at once indicated the reason of my sufferings.

"The balls? A branch?" he asked. I positively moaned. Having himself a pair of those vulnerable organs, Nick correctly estimated the situation.

"That's gonna take a lotta time to recover," he said, "I think you better stay here and I go and see the girls. When feel Okay, just join me." And he disappeared behind the shrub leaves. Damn! Join him! Not with these damn things between my legs. Just some hundred meters ahead of me there was a lot of happy creatures that never had such stupid things between their legs. I could hear their rejoicing cries coming from the lake shore. Those happy creatures were frolicking naked not far from me, romping about with nothing dangling between their legs. Creatures whose body would never receive that excruciating pain from the pendulant orbs between their legs. And never know the killing pain in those orbs. For there were no such orbs at all on their bodies.

And they would always laugh at those who in their presence got those things hurt. For those things get hurt unbelievably easy. Unbelievably for them, not for those who have such thing - the balls. I'd come over here to watch their bodies and envy them their not having testicles and now because of those damn organs I couldn't near the place where they were. Because my balls were killing me with an agonizing pain. How I wished the girls could see me, see my suffering, see me helplessly clutching my injured balls, laugh at me and feel proud of not having those danglers. I do so love such moments. When my balls are on fire I so need someone with a pussy beside me, some pair of female eyes set on my hands clutching my poor balls, some girlish laughter in my ears while my own eyes I set on her groin and then all my suffer and pain are not a waste.

Girls must know how weak testicles are, awfully weak. They can't feel the pain but they can see the helpless reaction. And that should make them feel happy without balls, happy having a pussy - the thing I so longed for. And I wanted to feel them lucky with that thing between their legs, the thing I craved for, the thing I'd never have. Lucky and laughing at the thing I had between my legs.

And I was so helpless and unable to display my weakness to the girls that were not far from me. Nick was watching them. Seeing their nude bodies and thinking of me lying not far with my balls in my hands, maybe he also envied those girls, their pussies he saw from his hide in the bushes, maybe not, I don't know. But I did envy and this time my envy was a real waste. Not a single girl in the world saw my envy, my pain, my suffering. Oh, what a torturing pleasure is to lie at the girls legs, holding the filled with pain scrotum in your hands, crying desperately "Balls, balls!" and staring at her groin in mad envy. And without a girl beside it was just a tantalizing torment.

And with a score of naked girls in a hundred meters away and not knowing of your weakness it was a double killing torture. All of a sudden heavy rack covered the blue sky, a loud thunder clashed overhead and it started raining cats and dogs. Before long Nick was back.

"Still lying, can get up?"

"Think so," I replied trying to get up from the ground that already had turned into slimy mud. "Where are the girls?"

"They are getting dressed and leaving the place. Gotta do the same."

"Not that fast," I heaved a sigh, already on feet, on my hand pressed against the trunk of a birch tree and the other holding my still aching balls.

"Damn, not seen the girls, not a pussy, not a pair of breasts, but these damn balls in my pants. Thanks a lot for whipping them, but it'd have been far better if you'd done the same on the beach full of naked girls. Thanks," I hissed and spit into the heavy rain...

Late in the evening I stood naked in my room looking at the high mirror on the wall, my wet clothes lying on the floor. I touched my balls. The ache hadn't left them yet. I took the handoff to see better my genitals in the mirror. I stared at my penis and scrotum. I wondered how many nerves were in those small skin sacks - scores, hundreds, thousands, millions or billions. And how many of them had been hit by those whipping branch. What did nature mean when she did this sack so vulnerable? What did she... or that the answer - SHE, she was she, that is a woman, Nature couldn't have balls because Nature is she, she's got a pussy. So she did it just for kicks, I mean giving the males hanging outside balls.

I tried to hide my balls and penis between my legs but pressed my legs a bit harder than my injured testicles could endure. I gave out a painful scream, grasped my balls in the right hand while trying to catch the balance with the left arm. Not to let myself fall I pressed the spare hand against the mirror. I released my balls to watch again their reflection. How I wished I could see there a neat slit between my legs. Alas, no way. The same penis and balls. My weak balls I had gotten hurt today. And not a girl had witnessed it. What a waste, all the pain in vain. I remembered as many a long time ago, when mom had taken me with her to the bathhouse for the last time. I remembered how while in the steam room I asked my sister to whip my balls with a bunch of twigs. The same source of pain as I got today - whipping. It was the first time I on purpose wanted my balls abused in the presence of girls. Though I was much younger then, I already felt the need of having my balls hurt and abused by girls. It was something within me, this special, strange kind of need. Or within my balls? My balls? I guess my balls hated me. How snug most men keep their precious balls in their pants, how comfy those balls feel while dangling between their legs. But not mine. No doubt they hate me. Do I hate them? No, I don't hate them; I'd just as soon had a pussy instead of them and as they were put not in proper place by

Nature their life won't be that comfortable, specially when beside there is someone who possesses a pussy. My balls just must respect a pussy, the thing that should have been on their place. I remembered again that feeling when my sister had driven all those twigs in my balls and the one I felt today having the similar physical pain but being not surrounded by naked girls. What an enormous difference. I badly wanted my balls whipped again, but this time before some girls and I had an idea...

The next day I, Nick, Lina and her girlfriend Cathy were met on a playground. I suggested that we play tag. All agreed.

The playground was surrounded with bushes. So when I was it I chased the girl to make her escape from me in the bushes and then I just kept on running after her, being aware of the perfidious nature of shrub branches and in the hope that my balls got whipped by them. But every time I followed a girl in the bushes, their branches lashed my thighs, tummy, chest, face but every time missed my groin. The branches were really perfidious. Every time I came out of the bushes I got crazier and crazier. I so wanted my balls get whipped to let the girls witness my weakness but every my attempt had failed. In a while I halted to take some repose, when my eye caught the sight of the beam standing in the center of the playground. Lina happened to stand upon it. It was my chance now. If not whipping, then something more hurting. I ran up to the top of the beam, Lina jumped down to escape my touch and there was nothing left to do for me but fake a slip of my feet and let my body, the legs astride, fell onto the beam. To be correct I landed on my poor testicles. They at once got pressed between the weight of my body and the wood of the beam. Another second and I was beneath the beam, rolling in agony on the ground.

I was told several times that I must be lying when I say that when my balls hurt awfully I think of a pussy and envy girls. They say that when the balls are on fire a guy can't think of anything else but the pain. No envy, no thoughts of the opposite sex genitalia advantages. But I do really think of a pussy and envy girls when my testicles hurt like hell. I do it almost always, but not that time, beneath the beam. The pain was really killing me. It pierced my body from the groin to the head. The only thing I wanted was to die. I didn't hear the girls laugh, though no doubt they were laughing. One can blame them of extreme cruelty for laughing at the moment when I wanted to die. But it was not their fault at all. Nature meant it. She meant it when she bestowed the males with vulnerable testicles. She meant it that when a guy would be writhing in testicular agony there would be females seeing their advantage of not having those balls and having fun with Nature's decision. A funny decision. Nature meant it. As well as I meant it when I let my groin land on the beam. I meant that there would be two girls madly laughing at my pain and sufferings. Nature does everything on purpose. She meant it when she gave the elephant a trunk to help it in reaching the food. She meant it when she gave the monkey a tail to help in climbing the trees. And she meant it giving the males vulnerable balls.

She meant fun and advantage for the females. Why? Because Nature is she, if she is she, that is female, she must have a pussy not a pair of balls. And she meant it that there always would be some guy discontented with what she'd given him and always be letting girls to have fun with his balls.

I don't know how long it took me to hear the first sound around and of course those sounds were the girls' laughter. As soon (and it was not soon actually) as I heard the first words, I realized the girls were discussing the vulnerability of the guy's testicles.

"It hurts them so bad," was Cathy's voice,” they can't control their body, like Gene now. Even a light hit makes their balls hurt a lot."

"Sure, I know it." replied Lina's voice. "It's good we don't have balls."

"Yeah, no doubt. Because of their balls boy don't do the leg split."

"It's a lie," exclaimed Nick's voice, "I do the leg split perfectly."

"Then show us," Lina dared the boy.

And Tom started performing a leg split not far from me. When his crotch was about half a foot above the ground, he stopped. It seemed that his limbs were not enough supple to complete the performance.

"Let's help him!" Lina exclaimed. The girls jumped up to Nick and forcefully pushed his both shoulders down. His groin slammed the ground just before my eyes.

"Oooooh, balls, balls, balls!" Nick wailed in some mad mixture of cry and moan, while repeating the word corresponding to the organs he was clutching in his hands.

"You said you did it perfectly," Cathy teased the boy.

"You, bitches, I could do it myself," he replied painfully, oh, it hurts so..."

"Sure it hurts," replied Cathy, "it hurts because you are a boy and have balls between your legs. Now see!"

And Cathy (who wore tight pants) did a hard leg split just in front of Nick's face.

"See how I do it without balls between my legs.” The girl said triumphantly. At those words Lina started pressing hard Cathy's shoulders down.

"Wow, see, Nick," Cathy was giggling, "there's no pain at all, why are you such a cry baby? That's because you have balls and I don't."

Cathy got up, turned around to face me and did another leg split just before my face. "Look, it's good when you are a girl, ain't it, Gene?" she beamed at me gleefully.

That was really killing me. Her cheerful voice, her leg split, my eyes glued to her groin. What a torture! It was the thing I so missed yesterday in the woods - some girl making me envy so bad. Oh, girl, please keep on making insane with my envy. And as if hearing my mental pleas, Cathy raised her body high above the ground and abruptly hit the ground again with her testicle-less groin. Then did it again and once again. Oh. she made me hate my testicles, the testicles that already hated me. Oh, the envy fully engulfed my body; it was more killing me than the pain in my miserable balls. Oh, let those balls burst of pain before my body burst of strangling envy. The body that didn't had a pussy, however badly it wanted it. Instead there were those things between the legs, the things that the girl before me was so proud not to have. And she was laughing at me, at my pain, at my envy.

Cathy got up and her tights pants got stuck in her groin slit. Oh, I just clearly saw the line of her genitalia slit. How I wished my genitalia, my groin looked the same, like that slit that I could see on her groin. Oh, Mother Nature, why all this torture, why. I kept on staring at Cathy's groin. Please, don't adjust those pants, please don't. Just let me envy that split between her legs more and more. I wanna have the same thing, the same split. If I had it I could get up perform the same leg split before the lying Nick. To make him desperately envy me, like I now envied Cathy. She adjusted the groin part of her pants. Oh, Cathy, please do something more to make my envy most explodable, make me hate my balls, balls, balls, oh damn those balls. Why did Nature give them to me? I wanted to stand by Lina and Cathy and have fun with Nick's having balls. Nick's, not mine. Cathy, do show me how I'm miserable is.

And she suddenly slapped hardly her groin, "See, Gene, no balls at all in my pants," she gave out a mocking laugh. "Think it's an advantage over you guys." and she playfully slapped Lina's groin.

Damn, Lina didn't even possessed the instinct, the reaction all we guys have when we see some object moving towards our groin, no, no the groin is not correct words, moving towards our hanging balls, Girls have smooth groins and we have hanging balls. Lina just never would feel what it feels to be afraid of objects moving to the balls. What the hell balls. She doesn't have balls. Those damn instincts and reactions are mine and Nick's. To hell with Nick, it’s his balls. But my own balls were the problem. That damn reaction. But I wanna have a pussy, not those balls, reactions, instincts. No doubt I was going crazy, crazy of my envy, crazy of those girls slapping their groins, making leg splits, jumping naked in lakes, watering their groins with water squirts, all those girls putting tennis balls in their pants for fun, all those girls kicking, kneeing, slapping, punching, whipping, squeezing, flicking my poor balls and then laughing at my weakness. The girls having a pussy. The girls knowing I wanna have a pussy like them. I envied them all. And the envy was driving me insane for I saw no way to become a girl. No way, as I was holding a pair of balls in my hands, the double organs that were sending to my crazy mind signals of constant, unbearable pain. And my jealous eye again caught the maddening sight of Cathy's pants stuck in her slit. Her slit, not mine. Damn...