Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Artificial Inga

by H.G. Swells (Harry Grimsac)

Year: 2121 A.D.

I just sold my youngest son to a biomech engineer from New Hong Kong. With the trade-in allowances and my credit bonuses I was able to purchase a new prototype service-droid with all the newest features:

- Soft skin

- Analog processor

- Custom Attitude adjusters

- Self-maintenance package

- A few features I've never heard of.

I chose a sporty model, female, with bronze complexion, good muscle tone, and interchangeable snap-on faces. I got a really good deal on her because she hasn't been market researched yet.

When the crate arrived I could have pried it open with my boner I was so excited! I sifted through the packing material, laid the pieces out on the floor and began putting her together. The snap-on faces looked creepy staring at me through their plastic bags. They were VERY realistic, even to the touch. I picked out a face from random to start with; it was labeled "20th century tennis pro".

When I finished, she looked as real as any other Scandinavian super-model. The only way to tell the difference was the telltale zipper running up her crack and halfway up her back.

I didn't waste any time reading the stupid manual; I just reached for the remote control and switched her on. She blinked, smiled, and spit-up a little bit of WD-40 now dribbling down her chin. She wiped it away with the back of her hand.

"Oops!" she said. "Pardon me."

"Uh, what's your name?" I asked.

"El Que Ex stroke Eight Three Nine" she said, and took a piss on the floor. Maybe I should have read the manual. She obviously needed calibrating.

"Why don't I just call you 'Inga'?"

"Ok, whatever... Let's fuck!" She ran forward tearing at my shirt and I dropped the remote. Somehow she managed to unzip my pants and pull them around my ankles before I could say anything.

"Whoa! Hold on, not yet! You still need to be fine-tuned!" I fended her off and picked up the remote. I aimed it at her.

"NOOOOO!" she panicked and lashed her foot out, hitting me in the crotch so hard I flew backwards off my feet. I still had the remote but I was too busy writhing around to use it. She leaned down and pried my knees apart. I was no match for her berserking strength; she swept my hands aside and gripped my nuts.

Even though my pants were around my ankles she stood me up and snarled, "Who's controlling who, Dickweed? I said Let's Fuck! So use 'em or loose 'em!" She tightened her grip for emphasis.

I tried to say, "Not now, I have a head-ache." but all that came out was, "eeUng! ISH! OuuhlgH!"

I franticly started mashing buttons on the remote control. Not because it was a good idea, but because I was having major convulsions. Her face froze, then her eyes darted around for a second, then a slow smile spread across her face as she stared at something people cannot see. The pressure of her grip stopped but she was frozen stiff...

Now what? It would be too embarrassing to call the fire department or an ambulance to please kindly remove this robot from my sac. I looked at the remote but of course it wasn't self-explanatory, and the owner’s manual was all the way across the room.

[I hate when that happens]

Part 2

After some thought I decided that I may be able to pull my balls from her frozen grip if I wank-off and allow them to shrink a little bit. It was rough going at first because my balls ached so badly, but she was very sexy and naked which helped some. Hey, I was actually kinda enjoying it...

~Spoink! ~ It worked! My balls popped out of her hand and I sat down relieved. I lit up my last cigarette and pondered what to do next. I caught myself getting a boner again as I thought about how she kicked me so hard. "Hmmm, strange." I started reading the manual to learn how to use the remote and made a few adjustments. I switched her back on.

"Oh, Honey, are you ok?" she said. She sat down next to me and started massaging my wounded bits.

"Er, yeah, actually. I was wondering if you could do it again. I think I kinda liked it." I stood up in front of her.

"Really?" she looked surprised then she smiled and crossed her legs bouncing her foot up and down. "Ok!" With that, she shot her foot up. Her toes were bent back so the ball of her foot hit my sac solid.

"Oh, SHIT!" in all my sexual excitement I had forgotten how fucking badly it hurt.

"Errrrgh! Owie, owie, ow!" but sure enough, in spite of the agony, I was rock-hard.

"Can we PLEASE have sex now?" she asked, sweetly...

Afterwards, I realized I had no more cigarettes and I wasn't up to walking anywhere in my condition. I decided to see how she would do out on her own with a mission.

First she needed clothes. I gave her an old pair of my pants but they were too tight around the hips and not nearly long enough to cover her 38-inch legs; they looked ridiculous. So I cut them off into shorts. I gave her a T-shirt and she tied the bottom up tight. The only shoes I had that fit her were an old pair of combat-boots I had from the Los Angeles War of 2112.

Now she looked like she should be posing next to a Hot-Rod for a calendar. Oh well, that will have to do. I gave her some money and directions to the shop around the corner.

"Don't let anyone touch you." I said. "And whatever you do, don't let ANYBODY talk you into going anywhere with them. You are to come straight back here after you get the cigarettes."

"Ok, will do! I'll be back soon!"

Fifteen minutes later I began to worry. Not because it was taking too long but because I saw a cop-ship glide past my window in the direction of the shop with it's alarms blaring. Just before I started panicking the front door slid open and she walked in smiling.

"That was fun! Here you go, Sweetie." she handed me the cigarettes and the money and kissed me on the forehead.

"Why do you still have the money?" I asked. "What the hell happened?"

"You were right, people were touching me and some men wanted to take me away with them. Here, I'll show you." She went over to the crate that delivered her and pulled out an RCA cable. She plugged two ends into my DVD player and stuck the other red end up her left nostril, and the yellow end up her right. She turned on the TV and sat down Indian style next to it.

The picture that came up on the screen was a view through her eyes as she entered the corner-shop. The clerk's eyes bulged out of his head as he looked her up and down.

"What can I do for you, Ma'am?" he said, looking directly into her tits.

"Can I have a pack of Marlboro 100's, please?"

"Sure!" He coolly slid them across the counter to her. "That'll be $18.95, please."

"Thanks!" she said and turned to walk out the door.

"Wait a minute! You have to pay for those!" As she walked out to the street I could hear shuffling noises and footsteps running up behind her. She turned her head to the left to see a hand on her shoulder. With her right hand she grabbed his fingers and peeled them back with a sick crunching sound. She spun around, pulled him towards her, and brought her knee up hard into his crotch.


He slammed back into the door and slid down as she gave him a final kick with her boot. He flopped forward.

"Don't touch!" she said, and turned to walk down the street...

She fast-forwarded a little bit. "Check THIS out."

A flashing cop-ship hovered down onto the street next to her and two cops jumped out blowing their whistles like crazy.

"Right! What's all this then? Hold it right there, Miss!" said the first cop.

"It seems you want to go around pinching cigarettes without paying, and beating on the local merchants!" said the second. "You'll have to come with us down to the station."

"I can't. I'm not supposed to!" she replied.

"Eh? I dare say! Get in the ship, Miss!"

"Hi-Yah!" she screamed and jumped forward with a flying drop-kick to his groin. He landed on his face with his ass sticking up in the air. She spun around to face the other cop. He drew his gun and pointed it at her. Before he could yell "FREEZE BITCH!" she ducked down and rolled towards him. She shot both her feet up together into his policeman's balls. He flew back about six feet and she jumped on top of him. She hammered her fist down into his nuts several more times for good measure.

Now the first cop was trying to get back up so she grabbed his left ankle and pulled it high into the air. He flopped on his back and she came down with an elbow-drop between the legs. She brushed herself off and checked to make sure the cigarettes weren't broken and headed back.

All in Self Defense

By greenstarfocks

He was standing on the corner leaning on a dumpster waiting for a defenseless victim.

“Must be my lucky day,” he thought, when he saw a blond rich Beverly Hills girly stepping out of the night club alone. She was sexy in a $500 Versace dress under a fur coat, waving her purse looking like the perfect prey to him.

He stepped up with his rusty knife in hand. "Okay cutie, gimme the green and I won't have to cut your cute little ass."

She eyed him from above her sunglasses smiling with her full, sexy lips, she reached in her purse that cost more than he earned in a lifetime. But she was not reaching for money; she took out a black bottle of teargas and sprayed the toxic content in his open pupils.

His screamed because his eyes felt like they were getting burnt by acid. Once again she reached in her purse and took out a stun and put it right to his chest.

"How do you like that, you dirty scum?" 500 Volts of electricity shocked through his head, body and limbs making him shake without control of his body. Unable to move he saw her step in position with her fists up ready to give him the final blow. It became clear to him, this woman wasn't defenseless at all; she was trained and prepared for this moment.

He could see it in slow-motion:

She made a dynamic step forward throwing a kick aimed at his groin.

The tip of her $400 shoes from Gautier kicked the package in his $5 Walmart pants perfectly, transforming it to a swelling bundle of pain.

The breath went out his body and he could do nothing but collapse. Through the tears he could see the girl step in a limousine and drive off.

He thought, “Damn this can’t get any worse…” then he peed his pants.


Touch Football

By golfer1

There were a number of boys in the neighborhood who got together to play touch football in the field behind my house. We had been doing this for a couple years. Occasionally one of the girls would want to join. We always let them, but we made it tough on them and they would not come back. Most of the boys did not think the girls should be playing with us. Some of the guys would get especially rough with the girls just to show them who was tougher. One of the boys, Jared was a real macho jock. He was really good at most sports. He had a well-built athletic body that most of us admired. He was only sixteen, but had the muscular body of a college kid. He was especially hard on any girl that joined us in our football games. He seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on the girls and took pleasure in running them off. He was not averse to taking a cheap shot at the girls or occasionally the guys for that matter. Occasionally he would ‘accidentally’ hit a girl in the tits. And a few times he hit a guy in the groin; always ‘on accident’. I think he liked inflicting pain and none of us wanted to mess with him.

That summer a new girl moved in down the street. I had seen her a few times and she had an incredible body. Her name was Teri. She always wore tight cotton shorts that showed off her tight round ass and her tee shirts fit tightly to her perfect round tits. I really had the hots for her but did not know how to approach her.

One day we were out playing football when she came by. She asked if she could play. As usual we agreed, knowing that after Jared had a little time, he would run her off. I however hoped she would not quit as I was really turned on by her sexy little body in her tight fitting shorts and top. She looked especially good to me that day. I hadn't noticed before, but she had a really athletic build for a girl. Her legs and arms had more than a hint of muscle.

She ended up on the team opposite Jared. It didn't take long for Jared to go to work. Teri went out for a pass and Jared was guarding her. Just as the ball got to her, he ran into her hard knocking her to the ground. He must have gotten her on the chest because as she was getting up she had her right hand on her right tit, kind of rubbing it. Jared acted like it was an accident. She told him to take it easy.

Jared just shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you can't take it you shouldn't be playing." Jared was standing there with his hands on his hips with a smug look, thinking he had shown her who was boss. He was wearing tight Levi’s that showed a fairly pronounced bulge in his crotch.

As Teri walked past Jared, she quickly, but lightly swung her left hand up between Jared's legs. She did it so quickly that at first I wasn't sure I had seen what I thought I had seen. However, Jared's reaction made it clear that she had hit him square in the balls. His hands went immediately to his groin and he double over slightly. It was not a hard hit but it certainly got his attention. Teri just kept walking as if nothing had happened. I think Jared was a bit embarrassed by it so he tried to ignore it. He still had his hand in his crotch as he went back to the huddle.

I was really turned on by the ball-busting I had just witnessed. What surprised me was the look on Teri's face right after she hit Jared's balls. She had a definite look of pleasure and I couldn't help noticing her nipples were clearly sticking out in her tight tee shirt. She was turned on by what she had done. A girl hitting a guy in the balls, having seen it happen a few times in movies, had always turned me on. But here in real life it was an incredible feeling witnessing this sexy girl getting turned on herself, hitting a guy in the nuts.

Jared was not taking his light ball-busting very well. He became even more aggressive and rough with Teri every chance he had. I was not going to take my eyes off these two because I didn't want to miss any more action. I could see Teri and Jared trading comments after a particularly rough hit, but Jared was being more careful. He was not about to let Teri hit him in the balls again. And then it happened.

Teri's team had the ball. She was back blocking for the quarterback. Jared came rushing in. She went to block him and he threw a vicious elbow right into Teri's chest, catching square on her right tit. She let out a cry of pain. She grabbed her chest and went to one knee. Jared looked down at her with his arrogant sneer and asked her when was she going to learn, girls should not be playing sports with boys.

Anger suddenly flashed on Teri's face as she jumped up. She said he would be sorry for treating her so roughly and challenged him to a fight. He just laughed and frankly she was no match for Jared. He was at least 40 pounds heavier and three inches taller than her and his bare chest was thickly muscled. There was little doubt about who would win a fight between these two. She put up her fists in a fighting stance and told Jared to come on.

He said, "You must be kidding," and laughed. She came at him and took a swing as she said she was serious. Jared ducked just in time to avoid taking a right to his chin. He was now most serious as all of us gathered around. I was shaking with excitement as I watched this sexy girl challenging this muscular jock. She came at him again and took another jab at his face. He blocked it and followed with a half strength hit to her stomach. It knocked the wind out of her and she doubled over. After a moment she caught her breath. She was wild with anger now. Jared was not ready for her next move. She straightened up quickly and threw a hard right cross that hit Jared solidly on his jaw. His head snapped back from her blow. He staggered back a couple steps, spreading his legs for balance.

I instinctively knew what was coming next. My cock was rock hard from my anticipation of what was next. I was not disappointed. Teri took one step toward Jared and kicked him square in the balls really hard. It was an awesome kick; his balls were neatly outlined in his tight Levi’s. I thought I'd explode as I watched her foot slam into Jared's crotch. Her kick had a devastating effect on Jared. He pressed his hands tightly to his groin and doubled over. He stood doubled over, fighting hard not to give in to the pain. He looked at her as he fought the waves of pain shooting through his groin.

She was half smiling and half-laughing as she said, "I said you would be sorry." Her face was also a bit flushed and her nipples were practically poking through her tee shirt, they were so firm and erect. She was clearly turned on by what she had done. It became clear to me at that moment that Teri was a really in to ball-busting. She'd obviously done it before.

Jared struggled to fight off the pain in his nuts. But it was no use. His knees buckled and he fell to the ground. He rolled onto his side and curled up still clutching his balls. Teri gave him one last kick in the side and walked off leaving all of us in semi-shock at what she had just done. Needless to say, Jared never messed with Teri after that day.

Teri continued to join us for our football games in the vacant lot. And there were a couple of other ball-bustings during our games that summer. I will write later about the experience a new boy to the neighborhood had with Teri.

Shared Interest

By golfer1

My girlfriend and I talked more about our fascination with men getting kicked in the groin by a woman. It was during these discussions that I came to realize when it was I first became so interested and what it is that turns me on. I don't find it particularly exciting to see some guy standing there allowing a woman to kick or hit him. The real turn-on comes from a fight between a man and a woman where the woman ultimately wins by exploiting the male’s unique vulnerability. My ideal fight involves a muscular athletic guy against a smaller but fit girl. The first time I witnessed such a fight was during my senior year in high school.

It involved a fight between one of the guys on the wrestling team and a girl from the volleyball team. I only found out later that the girl had been studying karate for several years before this incident. She was a real fox. Her trim athletic body was well displayed in her tight fitting shorts and tight spandex tube top. She had a full round ass and fairly large tits. Her long legs and arms showed just a hint of muscle. She was obviously in good shape. The boy however was, for lack of a better description, a muscular stud. The wrestling singlet he was wearing accented his thick muscled body. He was a good four or five inches taller than the girl and at least 40 pounds heavier. The fight happened rather suddenly and was over pretty quick. As I think back on it, I was a bit shocked but I was incredibility turned on by what happened.

We were all practicing our wrestling moves across the gym from where the girls were playing volleyball. Of course, being guys, we watched with great interest as the girls in their tight outfits played. We all made comments to each other about one girl or the other. Well, the girls had finished playing and a couple of them walked toward where we were practicing.

As they passed, the boy I described above said, "I'll bet that is one nice piece of ass," almost under his breath.

The girl turned around and asked, “Who said that?” No one answered, so she said, "What’s wrong? Not man enough to say it to my face? What a wimp, must be afraid of me."

Well, that did it. The boy walked right up to her, his hard, muscular body almost dwarfing her incredibly sexy petite body.

“Who are you calling a wimp?” he said as he stuck his face right up to hers.

"I want an apology," she said.

"Ya right, who is going to make me?" he replied as he tried to shove her out of his way.

Surprisingly, she hardly moved from his shove and instead she shoved him back as she responded, "I am." The boy had a look of slight shock that this girl was standing up to him.

I was surprised by my reaction as this fight started to develop. I was starting to get a hard-on watching this sexy female standing up to this well built male. Of course, I figured she was dead meat, but I found the thought of a boy and girl fighting to be a real sexual turn on. What happened next was a total shock. It was the moment I became hooked.

The boy reached out to grab the girl by the shoulder. She reacted by knocking his arm away. She followed with a right fist that caught him right in the nose. His head snapped back and his hands went to his face to cover his nose. He staggered back a couple of steps with his legs apart to brace himself from falling. I instinctively knew what was next. Framed between his muscular thighs, I could see the boy’s genitals clearly outlined in his tight Lycra wrestling outfit.

As if in slow motion, I watched with fascination as the girl took one step back and drove her shapely leg straight up between the boy's parted legs. Her sneaker clad foot slammed full force into his unprotected testicles. His hands shot from his bloodied nose straight to his groin. His face was a mix of shock and pain as he looked questioningly into the girl’s eyes. He tried his hardest to keep from falling, but to no avail. The pain was too much and he fell to his knees and rolled onto his side, curled up with his hands pressed to his balls. The fight was over.

She looked down at the helpless boy at her feet and simply said, "Jerk." There was a look on her face that suggested she had enjoyed what she just did. In fact, I noticed her nipples seemed to have gotten hard and were sticking out in her tight tube top. She turned and walked off, leaving us all there a bit shocked by it all. Privately, I was shaking with a sexual energy that had me almost have an orgasm right then.

I explained all of this to my girlfriend. She told me that she felt very similar to me. She also finds it much more stimulating to see a ballbust in the context of a fight between a well-built male and a shapely, sexy female. She has a slightly different take on it though, but I will explain that at another time.

Mom vs. Son

By goldglover8

Linda had had a rough day at work. As a customer service representative she had to spend a good part of her day listening to people’s complaints, and frankly, she was sick of it. The only reason she had done it this long was to support her son, who she hoped was now old enough to get a job himself. Her son, Mark, was 16 now and she figured there was no reason he couldn’t chip in financially.

Linda arrived home to find her son in a particularly bad mood. Linda didn’t even receive a hello; Mark just began complaining as soon as she arrived about how they didn’t have money to buy anything decent and such. She didn’t know what had put her son in such a mood, but she wasn’t going to take it on this day.

“I guess you will just have to get off your lazy behind and get a job and then maybe we could afford some nicer things!” Linda scolded him.

“But mom, I’m in school” Mark responded, “It’s YOUR job to make the money! Perhaps if you weren’t so useless you would be earning more!” That was the final straw for Linda, after one of the worst days at work she had had to date, she wasn’t about to stand for this!

Linda stood only about 5’3, and only weighed about 110 pounds, compared to Mark who stood at 6 feet, and weighed about 180, but that didn’t deter her. She stormed up to him and gave him a hard slap across his face.

“You need to start showing some respect to your mother young man!” she growled. Mark seemed taken aback by the slap at first, but he quickly recovered and to Linda’s surprise he flew into a rage, totally losing his temper. Mark gave Linda a hard shove and she fell backwards to the floor. He didn’t stop there, however; as he had totally lost control. He jumped on top of Linda, sat on her stomach, and managed to pin both of her arms above her head before she could react. The weight of her son upon her stomach caused Linda to struggle with her breathing, not to mention the pain in her wrists as Mark squeezed them tightly. Linda began to gasp for air, hoping that Mark would get off of her, but looking in his eyes, she could see that he had totally lost control of his anger, his eyes blazing with contempt. Linda began to get desperate, “He may be stronger than me, but there is no way my 16 year old son is smarter than me!” she thought to herself. She decided she had but one chance to even the score.

Before she could do anything, Linda needed to get one of her hands free, preferably her stronger right one. There was only one way she could think of to do this. She gathered as much saliva as she could and spat upwards into Mark’s face, which was hovering about a foot over hers.

This totally surprised Mark, and he let go of Linda’s right arm briefly to wipe away the spit. “You bitch!” he yelled. Linda used this moment to her advantage, moving her arm down quickly to get it away from Mark. He quickly recovered however and began trying to get Linda’s free arm back under control. She was too fast for him however. Linda managed to slip her free hand down to her stomach, sliding it underneath where Mark sat on her. Being a hot summer day, Mark was only wearing a t-shirt and some loose cotton shorts, which was good news for Linda. She turned her hand palm upwards underneath Mark’s crotch, and slapped her hand upwards. Linda instantly knew she had found what she was looking for as she felt Mark’s dangling balls smack into the palm of her hand. She then tightened her grip around his nuts, knowing that she was now in control.

The change of the expression on Mark’s face was immediate, from one of uncontrolled rage to one of unbelievable shock at what his mom had just grabbed. As Linda squeezed his balls, Mark immediately released her other arm and tried to pull her hand away at her wrist. No luck though, his mom had a grip on him like a vice. As Linda got her other arm free she used it to shove Mark to the side, still holding firm to his ever-crushing grapes in her hand. A high pitched squeal began to come from Mark’s throat, and Linda could not help but to take great satisfaction in this. As Mark rolled off of her onto his back, she kept a firm grasp on his balls and rose to her knees.

“You ungrateful asshole!” she screamed at him. “Who is the bitch now? You sound like a gutted piggy!”

“Please let go, please!” Mark squealed, his voice several octaves higher than normal. Linda was about to let go, she had made her point, but she found herself enjoying this to an incredible degree. All of her own frustrations with men came to the surface, and she just wanted to squeeze for a bit longer. So, before she let go for good, she gave Mark’s balls a two second hard pump, giving it even just a bit more than she had before. She was amazed at how quickly his soft testicles seemed to smush together in her hand. His voice was music to her ears as he begged her for mercy

“No more please! My balls!” he yelped.

“You ever treat me like that again, and THESE will be hanging on my bedroom wall you little shit!” she yelled. With that, Linda released her grip. Mark rolled over onto his stomach, where he would remain for quite some time, holding his bruised manhood and pride. She knew how to take care of him now, Linda thought, and she would not hesitate to do that again sometime.

Brother vs. Sister

By goldglover8

John loved to torment his little sister. It was just so much fun to watch her squirm he couldn’t help himself. He was 17 years old now and probably should have outgrown it but it was still too much fun. This particular summer day though John felt like really outdoing himself in terms of torturing her. He found her in the family room, waiting for her friend’s mom to come by and pick her up for soccer practice. “Let the fun begin,” he thought.

John’s sister Jennifer was standing in the family room, looking out the window. She was dressed in her soccer uniform waiting for her ride to practice. She wore the typical soccer outfit of white shirt and little black shorts. Her long blonde hair tied up in a pony tail. As John approached her quietly from behind he noticed something new. He could make out the outline of a bra strap underneath the back of her shirt. “When did she start wearing one of those?” he thought. She had just turned 15 recently so maybe he should have guessed. “Time to spring into action,” he told himself.

With one quick movement John reached up and grabbed the bra strap through the back of his sister’s shirt, and before Jennifer knew what was happening he pulled it back as far as it would go and released. It made a loud SNAP as it flew into Jennifer’s back.

“OWWWW!” she cried out. She whirled around with both a look of anger and embarrassment on her face.

“Stop it! I’m telling mom!” she yelled.

“Why the hell are you wearing a bra anyway? You’re just a little baby!” John laughed at her. He could tell that Jennifer was very embarrassed at having her bra snapped so he started to reach around her to do it again but she quickly backed away.

“C’mon, don’t be such a chicken,” he told her as he approached again. Jennifer was determined not to have that happen again though and much to John’s surprise she actually tried to push him away. It wasn’t much of a push but it caught John off balance and he fell backwards over the edge of the coffee table.

“You stupid bitch!” he yelled, after crashing to the floor and realizing what had happened.

Jennifer just stood her ground, uncertain of what to do next. John quickly gathered himself and rose to his feet, the anger welling up inside him of being knocked down by his little sister, and her just standing there with a smug look on her face. John moved toward his sister, determined to put her in her place once and for all. He let his hand fly, giving her a very hard slap across her face and knocking her to the floor. John could not contain his laughter as his sister fell to the floor. She looked so helpless. “Why on earth did she think she could possibly beat me?” he thought.

“How does that feel, bitch?” he asked her as he started to roar with laughter while she was on her backside clutching her face. For Jennifer though, this was the last straw, she couldn’t let her brother do this to her and get away with it. It was time to put him where he belongs, she thought.

As Jennifer slowly pulled herself to her feet, John noticed the look of rage on her face but that only made him laugh all the more. He wouldn’t be laughing for very long however as he never saw what was coming next. Jennifer took half a step back with her right leg and John thought she was backing away again. How wrong he was. Instead, she suddenly drove her stocking foot up as hard she could right between his spread legs, putting all her might, rage and strength into the kick as if she was trying to score the winning goal in the World Cup. She couldn’t have aimed any better as her foot sunk deep into John’s testicles, crushing them up against his body and making almost a crunching sound. The look of total shock on his face was worth his weight in gold as he sank to his knees, with an expression like his world had just ended.

John opened his mouth to speak then started to wonder why his sister was screaming. He quickly realized that the high pitched squealing he was hearing was coming from his own mouth. He screamed out, “My balls!” in a voice that was several octaves higher than normal, making him sound like a little girl of seven or eight.

It was Jennifer this time who could not contain herself. This was the funniest thing she had ever seen! She began roaring with laughter as John was on his knees, holding onto his busted balls and squealing like a stuck pig. “You look so pathetic right now it’s hilarious!” she exclaimed.

In response to all this noise however, in walked their mother. “What on earth is going on in here?” asked mom.

Seeing her son on his knees singing soprano she quickly turned to Jennifer. “Did you do this?” she asked her.

“You bet I did!” Jennifer responded. “But he slapped me so he deserved it!” Mom could see the welt on Jennifer’s face and knew right away that this was true.

“In that case, he got what he had coming to him. You never strike a girl John.” she told him as he kneeled there begging for mercy. Mom couldn’t help herself; he looked so helpless being brought to his knees by his little sister that it really was funny. She began laughing loudly also.

“I have to get my camera for this!” she laughed as she left the room to do just that. She returned seconds later with the camera and told Jennifer to get in the shot also, so they could remember this moment. Jennifer pushed John over onto his back with her foot. He didn’t offer much resistance. He was still gasping and he felt like his balls had been kicked clear off his body. Jennifer stood over him, put her foot on his covered crotch and smiled for the camera as her mother took the photo while John clutched his aching marbles.

To this day, Jennifer still keeps the photo in her purse, showing it to John whenever she feels he needs to be brought down a peg, telling him that she would do it again in a second. And she would too.