Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Deal

By KneeMyNuts

**This story is a work of fiction…unfortunately…**

It was just like any other Monday morning. I got up, showered and got dressed, had my breakfast, and drove to work. I sat at my desk and contemplated jumping out the window to break my neck in lieu of working, just like I did everyday, but something happened that would change the course of my work life: a new woman was starting in the department. Her name was Cindy and she was hot! She was about 5’2”, had long blonde hair, brown eyes, a very cute innocent smile, and a BANGIN’ body (not huge boobs but very nice cleavage, sexy toned legs, and the nicest ass I’ve ever seen on a woman not in porn)! She accentuated her body by wearing tight pants and a low cut top that showed off her cleavage. And to make things worse (or much better), she walked around in high heels and I have a very big high heels fetish.

After a couple of days of simple conversation with her, Cindy asked me to do a favor for her. She asked, “Can you help me with this box of files? It’s a little too heavy for me.” Then she smile sweetly at me, and I could imagine nothing other than bending her over her desk and…well, nevermind.

Anyway, I go over to where she’s standing with the box at her feet. I bend over to pick up the box – I steal a quick peek at her sexy navy blue pumps – and grab the edges, hoping it isn’t too heavy for me to lift (it would be really embarrassing if I couldn’t even move it right?). I start to lift…and I almost ended up throwing it across the room; it couldn’t have been even half full.

I looked at her a little confused, and she just smiled and said, “I’ll show you where to put it.” I was following her, watching her sexy ass in her tight black pants, as she led me into an empty room in the back of the office. She gestured to the far corner and said, “Right back there,” and she looked me up and down, biting her lip. I moved past her to put the box down, and I heard the door slam shut. I was startled, but I didn’t want her to know I was; she’s hot after all! I heard her heels on the floor, getting louder as she approached, so put the box down easily and turned toward her. She got really close, our bodies touching, and her scent was intoxicating.

She looked right into my eyes and said, “I know I’m new here, but I also know you want me.” I tried to look innocent but she backed me against the wall and whispered in my ear, “I’ll make a deal with you. Meet me at this address after work and I’ll give you all the details.” I felt her hand slip into one of my pants pockets and I was praying she wouldn’t feel my raging boner. She took her hand out of my pocket and started to walk away, calling over her shoulder, “Hope you come.” When she was out of the room, I reached into the pocket she had her hand in and pulled out a little piece of paper with an address written on it.

It took forever for the last hours to pass. Every now and then, she’d flash a devious grin at me, or wink at me. I didn’t know what to think; was this somehow a trap to get me fired? Did she want to have sex with me after only knowing me for a few days? I thought to myself, “There’s only one way to find out: go to that address after work!”

So the time came, and I practically sprinted to my car and looked at the address again. Luckily for me, I have a pretty good sense of direction (plus, I Googled directions before I left LOL), so getting to the address was relatively easy. It was an apartment building, and after I got there and sat in my car for a little while, I eventually got the courage to go to the door.

When I knocked, Cindy answered and smiled, beckoning me inside. She said, “I’m really glad you came! I believe I owe you some details.” I looked her up and down; her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders; the navy blue button-down blouse she wore to work had the top half of the buttons undone, revealing her ample chest barely being held by a black lace bra; her black pants very tight, accentuating her very sexy curves; and her navy blue pumps with 4” heels and closed rounded toe.

“Okay, here’s the deal, if you can withstand me giving you some hits to your groin…” she broke off, started to walk towards me with her heels clacking on the hardwood floor and when she got close enough so our bodies touched again, she continued, “I let you have me the rest of the night.” She looked down towards my groin and bit her lip, and then she looked into my eyes and raised one of she eyebrows. She asked, “Think you can handle that?”

I couldn’t believe my luck!! I’d never been kicked in the balls before, but how rough could it be? And for the chance to have sex with her?!

I blurted out, also too eagerly, “Yes! It’s a deal!!”

She giggled and exclaimed, “Good! It’s ten kicks then! You have to take your pants off!!”

I thought to myself, “Oh shit, what did I just do? Ten kicks? It can’t be that bad, but ten?? And she wants me to be without any pants???...... Oh well!”

I started to take my shoes and pants off when she said, “Underwear too.” I slowly took off my underwear too. So there I was, standing there naked from the waist down while she was fully clothed…but for some reason, I found it really sexy, and it didn’t take long before I got hard.

She giggled and asked, “Are you ready?” I nodded yes and she answered, “Here we go.” She took a slight step forward and sent her foot forward towards my balls, and although she didn’t make solid contact, a graze was enough to hurt like hell. I’ve never felt anything like this before, and I bent over in hopes of alleviating some of the pain. I looked up at her, and she had a slight frown on her face.

“That sucked,” she said.

“Really?” I answered in a slightly strained voice.

“Yeah, but I’ll still count that as one. Now straighten back up…unless you wanna quit now.” She leaned forward slightly, showing off her breasts. If by doing that she wanted me to continue, it worked. I slowly straighten back up and answered, “Bring it on.” I spread my legs a bit and folded my arms across my chest, exuding a confidence a didn’t feel.

She took a step back and eyed my crotch then she took a slight step forward and drilled me in the balls with the toe of her shoe. I groaned loudly, but before I could collapse to the floor, she kicked me again, seemingly harder. I immediately fell the floor, feeling the most intense pain I’d ever felt in my life. I didn’t know if I could breathe, never mind gain the ability to stand again to take another one. Cindy looked down at me and giggled.

“Ooh, that had to hurt. I give you a couple minutes to recover.” I couldn’t even thank her; I’d lost the air in my lungs and I was unable to answer. All I could do was roll around on the floor, which I did for what seemed like a decade.

She kneeled by my side and said, “How about if I blindfold you? I know those last two had to be rough, and I don’t want you flinching.” She took my hands in hers and gently guided me to my feet, then turned away from me, saying over her shoulder, “I’ll be right back, I’m gonna get something to cover your eyes.” With that, she walked into another room, moving her sexy hips and ass from side to side.

When she came back, she held a blindfold and she tied it around my eyes. She finished tying it and I felt her hand close around my cock and start stroking up and down, causing an instant boner. She whispered in my ear, “Here’s number four,” and what felt like an open hand smacked me in the balls, and I bent slightly. She was still rubbing my cock and she brought her leg under my balls, letting them sit on her leg for a second or two. Then suddenly, her leg disappeared then crashed violently into my balls, then again much harder. As I fell to the floor, the weight of my body ripped my now-flaccid cock out of her hand and got scratched by her nails. I went into fetal position on the floor, cradling my throbbing balls in my hands and I started to feel sick. I was beginning to think this was a really bad idea.

I heard her heels clacking on the floor away from the mess I must have looked like, and she called over to me from across the room, “Had enough? Or do you think you can take a few more? You’re more than halfway there.” I took a few seconds to get the air to answer, “Continue.” I heard her giggle at my strained voice, and say, “Great! Only four more!”

After a few minutes I got to my feet once more, and I heard the heels on the floor, causing me to hard again. She didn’t even say anything this time; I just felt two hands grip my shoulders tightly and her knee slam between my legs once… twice… three times… four times… five times… and finally a sixth time, each one harder than the one before it. I fell to the floor like a ton of bricks and ended in a heap. After a minute or two when some of the pain subsided, I realized that was a couple more than ten! That had to count for something, right?

I heard her giggle again, and she said, “Okay, four more!” I was about to protest since I held up my end of the deal… and the fact that I probably couldn’t take much more. I ripped off my blindfold as quickly as I could (which wasn’t that fast because I was in so much pain)… and I saw Cindy and another woman!! I eyed her up pretty quickly while I tried to figure out what was going on: she had short dark hair, she was a little more voluptuous than Cindy, but not fat (she had bigger breasts, curvy hips, and very sexy long legs…at least they seemed long from the floor). The other woman wore a button-down blouse like Cindy but hers was white and the buttons where all undone, a white lacy bra under, black thigh high stockings and shiny black pumps with a 5” heel. She wore no skirt or pants, so when I looked up I could see how, “excited” she was from how wet she was.

Cindy walked over to where this mysterious woman was standing and I was in fetal position. She said, “Yeah, she did that. Our agreement was ten from me!” Both women laughed then Cindy added, “You ready for the last four?” I wanted to have sex with Cindy so bad, but I couldn’t even move, let alone get up and take more punishment.

Although I really didn’t want to admit defeat, I heard my mouth say, “I… can’t… go on… anymore…”

I glanced up and saw her playfully pouting. She asked, “Awww, are you sure? Only four more…” I shook my head and repeated, “I can’t…”

“Aww! Well, I guess we’ll have to try again some other time.” After she acknowledged my surrender, she started to walk away, as did the other woman. But Cindy stopped and started to come back, and she said, “I think I’ll make the effort worth it for you, don’t ya think?” She nudged me gently with the toe of her shoe, gesturing for me to lay flat on my back, so I complied slowly. When I got to my back, I watched her put her foot onto my cock and rub gently, her navy blue pump going back and forth. Within seconds I was hard, and I looked up at her to see her smiling. My eyes drifted back to her foot inside her shoe, working on my cock, and I let my hands run up her foot to her ankle. I rested my hands there, and I looked up at her again to see if she approved; she did, smiling slightly and biting her lip. Within a few minutes, I couldn’t hold back and I shot a huge warm load onto my stomach and chest.

She heaved a satisfied sigh, and stepped off my drained cock. She said, “Okay, you can head out when you’re ready. I hope you can take a little more next time,” she took the mysterious woman’s hand and continued, “because maybe there will be a surprise.”

She turned to the other woman and said, “Come on, Nicole.” And with that, both women walked away into a bed room and closed the door, leaving me a defeated mess on the cold hardwood floor.

The End.

Punishment from an Angry Girlfriend

By KneeMyNuts

The story you are about to read is a work of fiction—although I wish it wasn’t. As said on the TV show Crank Yankers, “the names have not been changed…screw the innocent.” Of course, if my girlfriend gets mad, maybe she’ll kick me in the nuts.

I was at my old college (I graduated last year), visiting my girlfriend. We were sitting in her apartment’s living room area, watching a game. It is NHL season, and we were watching my hockey favorite team, the NY Rangers, play. They really suck, so they were getting their asses kicked as usual. Needless to say, this game was not putting me in a good mood.

Seeing that I was not happy with my team, she decided to show me some bridesmaid’s dresses she was looking at, since she was going to be in a wedding soon. I was just watching sports and I’m not happy, so I definitely didn’t want to look at this stuff now.

“Uh…Honey, Sweetie, Baby…I think you should put this away,” I said, as calmly as I could. She just looked at me, the look on her face telling me that she was horribly insulted. She answered, “Why? Don’t you wanna help me pick a dress?”

I did my best to contain many possible sarcastic answers, but what came out was worse. I said, “Hell no, I don’t wanna look at this shit. I’m watchin’ the game.”

“Why are you acting like an asshole?” she asked.

I was not in the mood to argue but I was pissed off, so I was saying whatever I wanted, regardless of her feelings. “I didn’t come here to look at those stupid fuckin dresses. Leave me alone with that shit!” There! I said what I wanted to say. However, she was less than pleased, and she got up off the couch, tears in her eyes.

Her voice dropped to a whisper and she said, “Fuck you.” Then she quietly walked into her bedroom and closed the door. I think I heard her lock it, too.

My mind began to race, and I thought many thoughts at once, “Good. I won. I was sick of arguing anyway. I’ll just sit here and watch the game without her. I didn’t come all this way to fight with her, I came to…” My thoughts were interrupted by something… I felt really, really bad for traveling almost three hours to watch hockey and yell at her.

I got up off the couch and attempted to open the door. It was locked, so I knocked on the door, saying, “Baby, I’m sorry. Open the door, please.”

She didn’t open it and instead replied, “Go sit your ass on the couch.” I didn’t say anything, because I knew I didn’t deserve to talk to her for a little while. So, I sat on the couch and waiting a while. Out of the blue, I heard the door unlock.

I heard from the other side of the door, “Come in and talk to me.” Good! I’d get to talk to her and tell her I didn’t mean what I said, and most importantly that I was sorry. I got up off the couch and went to her door, but when I opened it, I didn’t find her sitting down, feeling sorry for herself. She was standing by her bed, seemingly staring a hole through me as I entered her room. And she had apparently changed her clothes, too. She went from sweat pants and a big baggy t-shirt to a very short black miniskirt, a low-cut, long sleeved black top with criss-crosses across her cleavage, black thigh high stockings, and shiny black platform pumps. She was about eight or nine inches shorter than me, but with those shoes, she could almost look me in the eye.

“What the fuck is going on,” I thought to myself. Although I was confused, I couldn’t keep looking at her and remain unaffected. I looked into her apparently angry eyes, and then my eyes started to make their way down her body. I looked at the side of her breasts through the criss-crosses of her shirt, made my way down her sexy body to her waist where the skirt started, gazed at her upper thighs where her skirt ended and stockings began, down her powerful but sexy legs to the bottom, where her high heels were. She looked so arousing, and it didn’t take long before my dick was as hard as a rock. As turned on as I was, I still didn’t know what was going on. Why is she rewarding me for being such a dickhead?

The confusion must have been all over my face, because she made her way slowly to me, sauntering confidently. She took my hand and gently pulled me into her room, closing the door behind me. My girlfriend led me farther inside and pushed my back up against a wall. She locked her eyes onto mine, her expression still one of fiery wrath. She said in a quiet voice, “You’ve been a complete asshole today. You need to be punished and trained how to treat me.” She knows I’m into ballbusting (she busted me many, MANY times in the year and four months we’ve been together), so maybe she was going to tease me, thinking I was going to receive a beating and withhold it. She wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and pulled me forward…into a hug. She held me tight, telling me she loved me and didn’t want to fight with me. What the fuck is going on??

My girlfriend backed from her hug with her hands still on my neck, and suddenly drove her knee roughly between my legs, lifting me off the floor slightly with the impact. I let out the most cowardly groan in my life’s history and fell to the floor like a rock. I landed on my knees, my hands clutching my aching balls and I was hunched over with my head touching the floor in front of me. I felt her foot underneath my shoulder, and she tapped me gently to get me to straighten up a little so she could kick me again. Since it is rare that I get to see my girlfriend and even rarer than she wears sexy clothes and busts me, I figured I’d do as commanded and take at least one more shot. She bent down in front of me, pulling hands off my crotch and held them over my head so I couldn’t protect myself. She must have been still harboring some of anger towards me, because she pulled her right foot back, and let it fly forward at an incredible speed, unleashing the most vicious kick to my groin that she ever had. Another high-pitched squeal escaped my mouth and I went back to fetal position.

While I was down, I felt something rise inside me. It wasn’t anger. It wasn’t sorrow for my apparent weakness. It was…the feeling that I was about to be sick. I was fighting so hard not to throw up that I didn’t realize she still had my hands. She pulled me up straight, and by the time I realized what was happening, her foot wasn’t even a blur between my legs anymore. It was her foot, inside her shoe, making my pants crinkle up and smashing my balls. I thought for sure I was going to throw up, and she must have seen so green in my face, because she let me go. My hands immediately darted to cradle my throbbing nuts, and I felt the vomit push its way to the back of my throat. “I can’t throw up; if I do, she wins,” I thought silently to myself. I pushed it back down my throat, using all the concentration I could. I reached out and grabbed her skirt, attempting to pull myself up so I could stand.

She watched my pathetic effort to stand and said, “You’re either too brave or too stupid for your own good. You should have stayed down, Darrin.” Wait…she never said my name when she busted me. She had to have still been mad…it had to be. However, I kept using her body and clothing to help me to my feet, but when my face got to her breasts; I noticed something I’d never seen before. Her nipples were hard. What the fuck?! It wasn’t cold in here, but she never got turned on just from kicking and kneeing me in the balls.

Whatever the reason, I guess I was taking too long to get all the way up because she moved her hands under my arms and pulled me the rest of the way up. My girlfriend took my hands and moved them to her waist.

“Your hands are not to move,” she said as an order, not a suggestion. I left my hands there as I was told and her hands moved to undo my belt and let my pants fall down to my ankles. While she was working my belt, despite the pain I was in, I got so hard looking at her, thinking about what she had just done, and what she was about to do. I felt like I would cum in my underwear if she even grazed my dick. She quickly fixed the problem by pulling my boxers down, revealing how hard my dick was.

“Who said you could be horny?” she asked, and she rested her hands on my shoulders. I was still wearing my shirt and she grabbed a hold of it at my shoulders, and then slammed her knee into my groin again, not as hard as before, but with aching balls, it doesn’t have to be hard. I went down again, still hard, but desperately hoping she wouldn’t permanently injure me. But to both of our surprise, I got back to my feet almost instantly.

She looked at me, her shock evident, and said coolly, “I guess you need some more.” She wrapped her hands around the back of my neck again and pulled forward, kneeing me gently (compared to earlier). She let her knee fall a few inches then kneed me again, a little harder this time. My girlfriend kneed me in the balls in rapid succession, giving no rest between strikes. After about nine or ten, the pain was too immense and down I went again, silently praying that she would stop.

Stopping, clearly, was not on her agenda. She took a slight step back and said, “You’ll be done after I step on you.” If I’d had ability to speak, I would have given her a smart answer like, “Step on what?” However, she had driven the air—and the fight, for that matter—out of me. I simply sat on my naked ass, my legs spread so she could crush my hard-on with her foot. Usually, the way she does it, she gently eases my dick down to the floor and increases the pressure little by little. Not today. She pushed it roughly to the floor and had all of her weight on it from the beginning. I yelped in pain, and she took that as a cue to start grinding my dick into the floor like she was putting out a cigarette. She released some of the pressure and actually started to let my cock come up…only to be stomped back down to the floor. She stomped down on it about that four or five times then went back to grinding it cruelly. It hurt like hell, and if I was able to speak, I’d have begged her to stop. I couldn’t talk so she kept going.

The way she moved my dick on the floor, the, “special” spot on my dick (that’s usually the target of sexual pleasure when not under her) was rubbing against her carpeting. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold it, and I began spurting cum all over her floor and a little on her shoes.

Directly after cumming, she showed she wasn’t angry with me at all. In fact, she looked more than a little disappointed. She looked down at me and said “Baby, you weren’t supposed to cum yet.” However, as suddenly as she broke character, she was back in it. She said in a seductive voice, “You better recoup soon, I wasn’t done.”

I saw her smile and she said, “Onto your stomach and make sure I have access to your dick. Hurry up!” I did as I was told, and she took the opportunity to step gently onto my dick, and she rubbed her shoe on that same spot, hoping to arouse me. Her hopes became reality after a short time, and I got hard under her platform pump. As soon as I was hard she ordered me to stand up, go to her bed and lay down. I did gingerly, lying on my back with my hard cock on my stomach.

She said simply, “Shirt off,” and I took it off slowly. I watched her as she took her thong off from under her skirt. With all her clothes on—except her underwear—she straddled my body with her pussy where my cock was. She smiled with a satisfied look on her face and said, “I think you’ve learned your lesson. Now for your reward…”

The End.

In the Club (part 1-2)

by KneeMyNuts

Since, “D,” as his friends called him, recently broke up with his possessive girlfriend; he had been in no hurry at all finding someone new. He spent all his time at work, at the gym working out, or home watching sports on TV with his friends. It wasn’t that he had no life; he just didn’t want another crazy woman in his life.

At 6’1”, 185 pounds of muscle with very dark skin and a handsome face, he had no problem attracting ladies’ attention, his friends told him. But this 23-year-old wouldn’t hear it.

One Saturday night, D invited some friends over to watch a baseball game at his apartment. To his surprise, they weren’t dressed in their normal jerseys, sweatpants, and what-not. They all looked like they were going to a party or something.

“What? Everyone’s jerseys and shit clothes are in the wash?” D asked his friends.

After everyone chuckled and exchanged glances, Mike, one of his friends spoke. He said, “We’re getting ready to go to a club and you’re coming too!”

D scoffed and answered, “Right, guys.”

Another of D’s friends, Craig said with a huge grin on his face, “Get dressed man! Hurry your ass up!” His friend Tyrell laughed and motioned for him to go to his room.

Very reluctantly, D got up and went t his bedroom and went to change. After a couple minutes, he came out wearing khakis and a navy blue collared short sleeve shirt. Although it didn’t hide his muscular physique, he wanted to wear something very plain so he wouldn’t attract much attention.

They left his apartment and decided to walk to the club. It was within a few blocks, it was such a nice night, and everyone except D planned on getting very, very drunk. After about ten minutes of walking they reached the parking lot of the club, where they all saw a small group of attractive females about to go inside. All of them were attractive, but one of them really stood out.

She was the most attractive woman D had ever seen up close and in person. She was about 5’8”, slim body, dark hair, light brown skin (D figured she was of mixed parents), and about a C cup, D guessed. Her best assets were her toned long legs and shapely ass and the tight, short, low cut black dress and strappy black 4” heels she wore had D captivated.

If he’d stared a little longer he would have had an enormous boner, however, his friend Craig broke his stare. “Ya see that chick in the black dress? I dare you to go over to her and say ‘I’m D. Remember my name because you’ll be screaming it later!’ Do it wuss,” said Craig, playfully shoving D in the girls’ direction. But since they were no where near the females, D didn’t try to stop him.

He just laughed with his friends and said, “You’re such a fuckin moron, Craig.” He continued to laugh, but kept that girl in his mind.

They got inside and the placed was much less crowded than they thought it would be, to D’s relief. That’s not to say it was empty; it just wasn’t loaded with all the people they thought would be there. They looked around and found the bar had just enough seats for all of them, so they went that way. As they made their way to the bar, D noticed that group of girls that he’d seen in the parking lot. He quickly found the girl in the black dress again as she was dancing to the loud music. The way she moved her sexy body had D’s full attention again, and he would have gotten hard if he hadn’t been distracted.

Tyrell leaned in close to D and said, “Holy shit, she can dance!” Apparently, he saw her too.

D answered, “Well, there go my chances with her. I can’t fuckin’ dance.”

“None of us can,” answered Mike with a smile, “but that’s never stopped us before! Let’s go out there and dance with them!”

D replied, “Fuck that!” But his friends would not take, “no” for an answer. They grabbed D’s arms and started to drag him out to where the females were, but D quickly said, “Ok! Ok, I go but I wanna get a beer first.”

“You better get out here soon, or we’ll come get ya,” was Craig’s answer as D’s friends moved to the dance area. D sat down on a bar stool and got his beer, having no intention of going out there. He wasn’t about to embarrass himself. However, he wanted to see his friends try to dance; at least he’d get a laugh. He turned around and saw Tyrell and Craig talking to the girl in the black dress. After a few seconds, to D’s horror, Tyrell, Craig, and the girl all looked at D while talking to each other. , “What are they saying?” he asked himself. Then, D almost started hyperventilating when the girl in the black dress walked in his direction. He looked past her and all his friends had shit-eating-grins on their faces.

The girl stopped right in front of D and asked, “What’s a cute guy like you doing sitting all by himself?”

He looked up into her enchanting green eyes and the only answer he could manage was “Thanks.”

She chuckled and asked, “Do you want some company?”

D nodded his head and said, “Sure, I’d love company.” He pulled the stool next to him out a little so she could sit.

She pulled it a little closer to D and sat in it. “I’m Stephanie,” she said with a big smile that would have made D weak in the knees if he weren’t sitting. She held out her hand for him to shake, which he did.

He took her hand gently and said, “All my friends call me D.”

“D, huh? That sounds easy enough to remember.” They both laughed lightly.

D asked her, “Do you want a drink?” as he finished the last of his beer was about to get another.

She answered, “Absolutely! I’ll have what you’re having.” They drank beer after beer while having conversation like long-lost friends, talking about their backgrounds, college, anything.

Stephanie, getting a little tipsy, asked out of the blue, “Are you a virgin, D?” D almost spit out the mouthful of beer he had just taken. He was a virgin…at 23.

He almost panicked, but he just took a deep breath, looked down, and said quietly, “Yes.”

Stephanie, looking very surprised, said, “Really? I woulda figured you’d be in the double digits by now!” They both laughed loudly.

D didn’t even think to ask her; she had to have, she was so hot. He instead replied, “Well, no one wants to have sex with guys as weird as me.” Stephanie looked a little confused, and raised an eyebrow at D, which got a chuckle from him. He was too drunk to stop himself from asking the next question, “Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls before?”

Stephanie looked like she was about to spit out her beer, then she blushed a little. , “Uh…yeah, a few times…why?”

D, realizing what he just asked, got nervous, but smiled and said, “Eh, no big deal. I’m so drunk I don’t know what I’m saying!”

Stephanie replied, “Well, since you’re a little drunk, you won’t mind dancing with me.”

D got up, forgetting that he couldn’t dance, and said, “Hell no, I don’t mind!”

They went to the dance area, where D’s friends saw them both. Mike winked at his friend, and D winked back. Stephanie moved her body the way she had before, and D tried to stay with her, and was succeeding. In fact, D was a much better dancer than he gave himself credit for. Stephanie would get really close to him then back away, teasing him badly, and with no one to distract him this time, D was hard as a rock.

When she got close to him again, she felt it against her body. She said jokingly, “You’re lucky you can dance or that dick of yours would have earned you a knee in the balls!” D’s mind started racing thinking about this sexy woman dominating him.

She then leaned in close and said, “I need some air. It’s so fuckin hot in here!” She then grabbed D’s hand and led him toward the exit. D mouthed to his watching friends that he’d be right back, and then followed her outside. As soon as they were outside, she pushed him against a nearby wall and started kissing him, jamming her tongue into his mouth. Her hands were on his shoulders and his were around her waist, and starting to move to her ass. She pulled away suddenly, fixing D with a stare that scared him a little.

“Tell me why you asked if I’d ever kicked a guy,” she demanded. D panicked as he looked for something to say, but nothing came to mind. Stephanie took a slight step back with her right leg, and said, “You’d better answer before I knee you in the balls!” D’s only response was a lot of stuttering and stammering, so she made good on her threat. D watched as her leg rushed up towards his nuts in a blur, powerless to stop it. Her knee crashed into his left nut, smashing it into his pelvis. The pain hit him immediately, and he started the fall toward the ground, but she held him up and slammed his back against a wall.

“I’ll do it again if you don’t answer,” Stephanie promised, looking right into D’s eyes. D couldn’t think of a lie in time, and she kneed him again, harder this time. But she kept him from falling, and pinned him against the wall. She said, “Come on, D. Answer because I can do this all night.” When she said that, D’s cock was springing to life.

With his dick about to answer for him, he said, “I’m sorry Stephanie, but it really turns me on getting kicked in the balls.” He looked down, very ashamed. He felt a soft hand under his chin pull it up so his eyes met hers.

She smiled really sweetly, her mood of domination melting away. She said, “See? Was that so hard?” She looked around to make sure no one saw her abuse him, and when she saw nobody in sight, she grabbed D’s hands, took a few steps back, then took one forward with her left leg and sent her right high-heeled foot slamming into his balls, letting him fall to the ground.

She walked really close to him and knelt down at his head. She whispered in his ear, “Let’s get out of here.”

D struggled to talk but said quietly, “I gotta tell my friends I’m going.” He looked up to see her smile really big.

She answered, “They know you’re leaving. We talked about it earlier tonight, right before I sat do with you.” She helped him to his feet and gave him a long passionate kiss, then hailed a cab and got in. D knew he was in for a wild night.

Part 2 – Stephanie’s Apartment

Stephanie led D into her apartment, turning the light on as she entered. She closed the door behind D, who was walking a little gingerly after having his balls bashed a little, and she started taking off her strappy black heels. She looked a D with a little grin and said, “I’m not really a big fan of those heels, but my roommate says I look sexy in them.” D nodded his head in agreement, and he tried to keep the disappointment off his face. He had a huge heels fetish and wanted her to bust him in her heels. Oh well, at least he was here and beginning to sober up.

While D was lost in thought, Stephanie, now barefoot, kicked him gently in the balls to get his attention. D bent slightly, but smiled as she had his full attention. Stephanie got close to him, grabbed his collar, and pulled him down a little as she stood on her tip-toes. She kissed him gently, and then said, “My roommate isn’t here, so I can do to you whatever I want.” She paused and tried to probe his package with her knee but he was much taller than she was now that she took her heels off. Instead she stepped back slightly and kicked D hard in the balls, but to her surprise, he didn’t go down. , “Pretty tough, but you’re goin’ down!” She kicked him even harder with her barefoot, and before he could go down like she said, she got in close and had to jump up a little to knee him. Then she let him slide to the floor. , “Told ya! You stay down there for a few minutes while I go change. You’re gonna be a lot of fun!” Stephanie picked up her heels and sauntered into her bedroom, and closed the door.

D, still on the floor, was in tremendous pain, but very turned on. He had never been dominated like this, and if he had, he couldn’t even imagine the girl doing it could be so attractive. He pulled his large cock out of his khakis right there, and started jerking off. He couldn’t wait for her, he was so horny. As he started to get into it, he heard someone moving in the apartment, but not from Stephanie’s bedroom.

“Oh shit,” D whispered to himself, and jammed his cock back into his pants. He dove behind her couch and listened carefully. Suddenly he heard a voice…but it wasn’t Stephanie’s. It was a female voice and this new girl said, “Stephanie? Are you here?” Then it dawned on D: Stephanie’s roommate was still here! D thought about how he’d get out, but with her roommate so close, he had to be careful. He stayed perfectly still, and didn’t hear anything from this girl either.

Suddenly he heard a feminine grunt behind him and simultaneously felt something hit him between his legs. D groaned loudly, fell to his side, refusing to cover his balls so he wouldn’t let her know how bad she hurt him. He turned around and got up slowly, and saw another very attractive woman. She was a little taller than Stephanie, and not dressed to kill like she was, but his cock was getting hard looking at her. She was slim also, but had a little more muscle (as far as he felt from his aching balls), red hair, pale skin and freckles, and a small B chest. She stood in front of D, trying to look angry, but she was impressed with his physique and his face. As mentioned before she wasn’t exactly dressed to kill, wearing a pink bathrobe tied around her waist and was wearing ankle socks.

As they were sizing each other up, D heard Stephanie at her bedroom door exclaim, “Holy shit, Julie, you’re home?!” They both looked at her, and D was awed by what he saw. She was wearing her dark hair in a ponytail, a black lace bra that somehow made her breasts look even bigger, a black garter belt with black stockings, and (D’s favorite part) shiny black high heeled pumps. When he saw her, his mouth hung open and his dick hardened again. Stephanie, on the other hand, looked mortified. She just stood there, looking down at her shoes.

After a few seconds of silence that seemed like hours, Julie finally spoke up. “Well, looks like you know who this asshole is.”

D looked at her, and making no effort to help the situation, said, “Whatever, bitch.” D would never say that to a female he didn’t know, and he started to realize that he was still drunk.

Julie looked at D, then back to Stephanie and said, “Since you two have ‘plans,’ I’m gonna go to bed.”

With that, she turned and headed to her bedroom, but was intercepted by Stephanie. She said, “Maybe you should stay awake for a little while longer,” as she winked at D. He stood by as he watched Stephanie and Julie whisper to each other as he caught little tidbits of their conversation.

“…..stay a little bit…” , “…..kinda cute…” , “…..it’ll be…..fun…” , “Can I borrow……”

After their brief conversation ended, Julie disappeared into Stephanie’s room for a few seconds, and then came out holding something behind her back, and then she scurried into her own room and shut the door.

When the door shut, Stephanie sauntered up to D, placed her hands on his shoulders, and lifted her knee very slowly between his legs, reaching his balls much easier, and she left her knee there for a second or two. She smiled sweetly at D, and said, “Much better!” She put her foot back down on the floor, and stepped back a little then continued, “Are you sure this turns you on?” D was about to answer, but her knee was already on its way to his groin. Her knee slammed in to his balls and he bent over, starting to fall to the floor. He slid down her body, and ended up on his knees in front of her. Before he knew what was happening, she pulled her foot back really far, and sent it forward with incredible speed. Her kick connected with both of his balls with the top of her foot and lifted him off the floor a little. He quickly covered his balls and curled himself into a ball at Stephanie’s high heels. His stomach felt really queasy, and he was about to throw up. He dry-heaved at her feet, threatening to spill the contents of his stomach on her floor.

Just as it appeared that he was about to puke everywhere, the door to Julie’s bedroom opened, and out came Stephanie’s sexy roommate. She made herself look as hot as Stephanie, wearing her red hair in a ponytail like her roommate, a red low-cut blouse that didn’t exactly do a good job of hiding her hard nipples, a very short black leather miniskirt that had a long slit in the side, showing off another pair of amazing legs, and at the bottom were red high heeled pumps with stiletto heels. She walked just like Stephanie, hips moving from side to side, and when she got right in front of D, she took his hands and gently pulled him to his feet.

Julie wasted no time with what she wanted to do, as she reached for his belt, and undid it, letting his pants fall to the floor with D making no effort to stop it. She then grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off him, revealing to both women the muscular body under his shirt. Both girls looked very impressed, and didn’t try to hide it. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him in close. Julie looked him right in the eye, and without warning, she drove her knee up into his balls viciously, his balls only protected by the boxer-briefs he wore. Before he could react, she kneed him in the balls twice more while Stephanie stood by. Julie stepped back slightly and kneed D as hard as she could and then let him fall to the floor at her feet.

D looked up from the floor and watched Stephanie walk towards him. She held back Julie from doing anymore damage to D’s groin and said, “Hey now, he’s my date! I brought him here!”

She gently grabbed his hands and helped him slowly to his feet. She looked him in the eyes, with a fearful expression on her face. Stephanie asked, “Are you ok, D?” When he answered with a nod, a smile spread across her face, and she said, “Good!” With that, she pushed him backwards until D’s back was against a wall, slowly because his pants were still around his ankles. She took a step back, looked him in the eye and smiled sweetly. Suddenly, he smile disappeared and held his hands tightly, took a half step forward with her left leg, pulled back her right and kicked D in the balls as hard as she could. He groaned loudly and was struggling to remain conscious. He could barely stand, but was standing because Stephanie was holding him up. When Stephanie saw he was fading out, both girls helped D to their couch and sat him down to give his aching, swelling nuts a little rest. Unfortunately, the pain was still too much and he passed out anyway.

After some time went by (D had no idea how long), both girls came over to him without saying a word and pulled him to his feet. Julie looked at D and asked, “Think you can take some more?”

D was about to answer but Stephanie answered for him, saying, “Look at his body! He can take a few more from two girls who are like half his size!” Somehow he managed a smile, and again, his cock sprang to life. To D’s horror, it was extremely visible because he was completely naked now!

When his dick reached its full size, both girls looked on and Stephanie mouthed to Julie, “Holy shit!” Stephanie turned to him and said, “Just a little more, then we’ll give that dick of yours a little release!” Right after the words left her mouth, both of them forced this strong man back against a wall again. They pinned him there, both in front of him, each with a hand on his shoulder, holding him there. Without any sort of warning, Julie slammed her knee between D’s legs cruelly and right after her knee went down to gain power to get him again, Stephanie’s knee thumped his nuts. They alternated, delivering knee after knee to his badly bruised nads.

After many strikes by Stephanie and Julie, they let him slide down the wall with his legs spread. Amazingly, D’s cock was still standing at attention. Julie nodded to her roommate then backed up a few steps while Stephanie stood in between D’s legs. She put her black high heeled pump on his hard-on, and pushed it gently to her floor. She added more weight onto it, little by little. When she had most of her weight on his cock, she moved her foot back and forth on his dick. After a few short minutes, D had the wildest orgasm of his life, shooting load after load of cum onto her floor and back high heel.

He was completely spent, but Stephanie said, “Wow that was a lot you just blew! But you’re not done. We’re gonna give you a few minutes then join us in my bedroom because we’re gonna take something from you…that pesky virginity of yours!” Both women walked, hips moving back and forth, to Stephanie’s bedroom and waiting for the sexy, strong man they just beat the shit (and cum) out of.

The End…maybe.

Erica’s Study Session

By KneeMyNuts

Erica was almost the perfect girl to her male high school classmates. She was an extremely attractive Hispanic girl, about 5’5”, very curvaceous body, long brown hair with blond highlights, perky but large breasts for her age, toned but sexy legs, and a cute face and smile that implied total innocence. She wasn’t just a pretty face though, as she was an exemplary student, earning straight A’s. As smart and pretty that Erica was, she wasn’t just a pretty nerd, she was also an athlete, playing soccer (football to the rest of the world, which makes more sense) on the school team. Although she was close to perfection and innocence, she had a huge mean streak. She got a real thrill from kicking guys in the groin, and being a soccer player, she had a lot of power to put behind her cruel kicks.

As smart she was, Erica was having a little trouble with her calculus class, and was in danger of getting her first B on a test (which was the kiss of death for her), the first of life although she was a senior in high school. However, she wouldn’t have much time to study because it was a Friday, and she had an away game to play in. She didn’t know when she’d be home to study and her test was on Monday; she wouldn’t have the luxury of having as many days as she would like. So, since Erica was wearing a miniskirt, a nice white blouse, flesh-colored stockings, and black high heeled platform sandals (whenever a school sports team had an away game, it was the school’s policy that they had to dress professionally, then change into their uniforms at the opposing school), she would go to her math teacher at the end of class and try to “convince” him to change the test date, make the test easier, or just give her the answers. She definitely had her ways of getting men to do what she wanted.

She sat in class until the bell rang to end class, and then she got up and sauntered up to her teacher’s desk. She stood in front of his desk and leaned over, resting her hands on it, and smiled sweetly and harmlessly. She knew the way she bent over, if her teacher looked up, he would be able to see right down her blouse and get a good look at her beautiful cleavage. She said, still smiling, “Mr. O’Neal, I think I’m having some trouble with the stuff that’s gonna be on the test. Could you…um…help me?” As she said the last words, she pushed her chest forward to accent her sexy body.

Mr. O’Neal looked up from his desk and saw Erica standing there, looking very sexy the way she was standing. He felt his cock twitch in his pants, but remain very professional. He raised an eyebrow at her and said, “Erica, what are you doing?”

She answered, “Maybe you could…I dunno, change when you give the test, or give a different test, one that’s a little easier. Mr. O’Neal, I just don’t wanna get my first B ever. You understand, right?” Again, she smiled innocently at him, and despite his best efforts, Mr. O’Neal was starting to get hard looking at this 17-year-old Latina. As distracted and turned on as he was getting, he somehow remained focused.

He took a deep breath and said, “Erica, you’re one of the best students in the class. You’re a really bright girl, and I’ll stay here as long as you want if you need some help studying. But I can’t give you an unfair advantage over the rest of the students. And looking at the way you’re dressed would imply that you have a game today. The only thing I can tell you is that you need to study over the weekend and that you will do fine.”

Erica did a good job not showing her disappointment, then she smiled again, not innocently but devilishly, and she said, “Well, can you come to my desk and look at my homework to tell me what I’m doing wrong?” He nodded yes, stood up from his chair, and began to follow her to her desk and books.

She stopped suddenly and turned to face Mr. O’Neal. She said “Wait.” Then she moved really close to him, put her hands on his hips, and gazed into his eyes like she was going to kiss him. She glanced down and noticed his legs were spread a little – just enough for her knee - took a slight step back with her right foot and leaned into kiss him.

She got close to his face and said “I like you a lot Mr. O’Neal, but right now, YOU’RE NOT FUCKIN’ HELPIN’ ME AT ALL!!” With that, she sent her right knee upwards towards his groin with amazing speed. Mr. O’Neal never even saw it coming, as he was locked into Erica’s eyes. Even if he had been looking down, all he would have seen would be a blur; she moved her leg so fast. Her knee hit him dead on in his right nut, pinning it between her knee and his pelvis.

He groaned loudly, doubled over immediately from the initial shock, his mouth wide open. Before he could react, she pulled her right foot back as far as it would go and sent it forward between his legs again. The toe of her platform sandal hit just behind his balls, with the top of her foot still smashing his balls, and Mr. O’Neal could only manage a cowardly yelp. However, it wasn’t what she intended and she looked a little disappointed.

She quipped, “You’re lucky I missed.” He started to fall to the floor with his hand covering his battered balls.

He said, needing a little effort to speak, “I should report you! Erica, what’s gotten into you?!”

She answered, “You won’t report me. Well, I gotta study. Good night, Mr. O’Neal.” With that, she turned and walked out of the room toward lunch. She knew Mr. O’Neal wouldn’t say anything; no guy that she’d ever busted said anything about it. What guy would want to admit that he’d just gotten the shit kicked out of him, by such a small, innocent young girl?

Later on that day after school, she ran into Andrew, a guy who had most of the same advanced classes. This guy wasn’t exactly the epitome of male strength and attractiveness. He was pushing 6” tall, was painfully skinny, short black hair that was parted down the middle, and very thick black glasses; Andrew was a nerd. But he never did anything to impress anyone on purpose, as he was his own man. He didn’t have any friends or activities to speak of, so he spent most of his time his studying. For as socially inept as he was, he made up for that (in his own eyes) by being one of the smartest guys in the school.

Erica approached him and smiled broadly. “Hi, Andrew! I have a question for you,” she said, in a half trot because she was in heels.

Andrew looked in her general direction, but was too shy to look her in the eye. He answered “Yeah, Erica?”

“You have Mr. O’Neal for calculus, right?”


“Our class has the test on Monday. You had yours already, right?”


Erica’s smile started to blossom, and she bent down a little so her eyes met his. She asked him “Do you think you could help me study?” This is usually the point when she pushes her chest out to let her tits help the guy make up his mind, but she thought Andrew was probably gay.

He gave her a little longer answer than he usually does when he replied, “Don’t you have a game today?”

She answered, “Yeah, but can I come over tomorrow? So we can have all day to study?” She smiled really sweetly and glanced down at his package, and refrained from laughing as she saw the bulge down there grow a little.

But his answer was simple: “Sure.”

She said, “Great! See ya tomorrow at about 1!” And before he could confirm or give a different time, Erica was off in the direction she came from, her heels making loud sounds on the hard floor.

The next day, Erica showed up at Andrew’s house, in a nasty mood since her team lost 1-0 yesterday. She really wanted to get some aggression out, but she had to take into consideration that it might not come to it. The door opened, and Andrew stared at her with his mouth open. His eyes panned up and down Erica’s body because she was dressed for a little more than just a study session. She was wearing a very short black miniskirt that didn’t even go halfway down her thighs, black fishnet stockings, a low cut, red v-neck tank top that said “Dangerous Curves Ahead” in yellow across her breasts, and black high heeled pumps with a thin ankle strap. She also had her book bag on, but Andrew wasn’t paying that any mind, obviously.

She watched as he looked her up and down, smiled sweetly and asked “So, do I get to come in? Or did you wanna study in your doorway?” She felt a surge of sexual energy flow through her when she looked down at the huge bulge in his pants. “He stuffed his pants?! He must think he’s gonna get some; this is gonna be easier than I thought,” Erica said to herself.

Andrew, a little embarrassed because of his immediate reaction to her, said shyly, “I’m sorry, come in.” He held the door open for her and watched her walk by into his home. Damn, she knew how to walk to get a guy’s attention!

After she sat down, Erica and Andrew began studying next to each other at a table, looking over notes, and Andrew telling her what to pay attention to for the test. However, Erica was still having a little trouble understanding. She decided this was the time to make her move. Since she now knew that he wasn’t gay, she turned her chair to face him, and pushed her chest forward, and frowned mockingly, saying “Andrew, I’m sorry if I offended you with my outfit today. I have a big date right after we’re done here.” She smiled innocently and continued, “You forgive me right?”

He answered, “Of course.” Then she put her hand on his inner thigh, inches away from his cock, which was still hard and said “Great! Then can you do me a favor?” Andrew, too aroused to even speak, simply nodded his head. He’d never seen any girl look like this before, and he was enjoying it. With that, Erica pulled him to his feet and took him a few feet away from the table so she’d have room to maneuver. She pulled him close to her body, grinded her crotch against his, and sucked on his neck. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands all over his chest, which wasn’t exactly impressive. After of few minutes of this treatment, Andrew was about to cum; he’d never even kissed a girl before, let alone anything like this. She felt him quiver in his near-orgasmic state, and that’s when she stopped.

She smiled pleasantly at him again, asking, “You think you could give me the answers to that test? I can’t get a B on that test.”

Andrew got his wits about him again, pondered the question, and then answered, “Look Erica, you’re definitely the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, but I can’t help you cheat. I’ll study with you until your date, if you want.”

She thought to herself, “He’s really long-winded now, he must be really horny. This is really gonna hurt him!” She scowled and said, “I don’t have a date, you idiot.” She then grabbed his shoulders and sent her right knee up toward his balls in a blur. She felt her knee crash into on of his balls (She wasn’t sure which one), and the impact lifted him off the ground a few inches, but somehow he remained standing, although bent over. She was shocked when he didn’t even make a sound when she kneed him. She tried to look him in the eye, but his eyes were shut because he was in pain.

Since he wasn’t looking, she took the opportunity he gave her. She took a few steps back, pulled her leg back with her high heeled foot behind her and above her ass a little, and then she shot it forward with blinding speed. It felt like the kick was in slow motion to Erica, and when her kick connected between Andrew’s legs, she could feel both of his balls right where her shoe ended and her foot began. She smiled cruelly as Andrew fell forward into her, sliding down her body on his way to the floor. Astoundingly, he didn’t make any noise when she kicked him. When he ended up on his knees, his tried to protect himself by covering his aching balls, but Erica was too fast and too experienced with this, and she grabbed his hands and easily lifted them over his head.

Then Erica started to talk to him, viciously kicking him in the balls between her words. “ALL (BAM!) I (BAM!) ASKED (BAM!) FOR (BAM!) WAS A LITTLE (BAM!) HELP!!” She ended her taunting with her hardest kick, and it lifted Andrew well off the floor. She pushed him roughly to his back and looked at his crotch, seeing that whatever he stuffed his pants with was gone. Erica began to think that maybe that bulge in his pants was real. With that, she knelt down and unzipped his pants, pulled his pants and white briefs to his knees and gasped at what she saw. His cock, although as limp as a wet noodle, was enormous.

She said, “For being a little fuckin’ nerd, you’re hung like a rhino.” She then stood up and gently nudged his cock onto his stomach with her foot. With a loud feminine grunt, she lifted knee high in the air, about chest high, and stomped down on both of Andrew’s balls.

This time he whimpered, and started to say quietly “The answer to #1 is…”

“SHUT UP!! YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE!” Erica screamed at him, and then she smiled innocently and said “I’m having too much fun!” Then she proceeded to stomp on him again and again, and whenever she missed a little, she’d stomp on him and grind her foot down on his balls like she was putting out a cigarette.

She removed her foot from his groin and started to go to the table to get her books. While she was putting them away, she said to Andrew, “I’d better go home and study. Don’t wanna fail!”

Andrew answered, struggling to speak, “I’m gonna report you!”

Erica scoffed and replied “No, you won’t. You’ll be too embarrassed to admit that such a small, sweet girl kicked the shit out of you!” She giggled like a little toddler.

Andrew responded “I will too. I don’t have an image to defend.” Hearing those words sent a shiver up and down her spine. She’d miscalculated badly; Andrew was a total loser and would have no problem telling about what she’d done to him. And once he came forward, all the other guys she’s kicked the shit out of would probably come forward.

She had to find a way to keep him quiet, but how? Erica then went pale, and realized that she’d have to blow him if she had any chance of silencing him. She walked over to him, heels clacking on his floor, and she knelt between his legs. His cock was still in plain view, and she wasted no words or time, and she grabbed his cock and put as much of it in her mouth that would fit, which wasn’t a lot of it. It hardened in her mouth, and she skillfully blew Andrew, with him finally making the moaning noises she felt she should have heard earlier. Since Andrew had never had an orgasm before (not even from himself), it didn’t take him long to cum. He started to shake, buck, and jerk as he shot what seemed like gallons of semen in her mouth. Like the blowjob professional that she was, she easily swallowed everything in her mouth.

She wiped away what didn’t fit in her mouth, and tried to force a smile, saying, “Still feel like telling on me?”

Andrew, pretty much spent, shook his head no.

The broad smile returned to her face, she stood up quickly, and said “Good!” She pulled her right leg back again, and sent it forward to kick Andrew in the balls one more time. She saw that she caught him in the left nut with the toe of her pump, and it gave easily like she’d ruptured it. She wanted to ask him, but he tensed up and then passed out.

She went to the table, grabbed her books, and, with a huge smile on her face, said, “Thanks for helping me study” to an unconscious Andrew, and let herself out the door.

The End.

Derek and His Coworkers

By kneemynuts

**This is a work of fiction. If I duplicated any real names or events...I swear it's an accident!**

Derek had just been dumped by his long-time girlfriend, and he was crushed. He wasn’t acting like the happy-go-lucky guy that drew people to him. It had been two weeks and he was still brooding.

His coworkers, mostly females, were concerned about him so some of them dragged him out to a bar one night right after work. Maria, Christy, Anne, and Robin sat at a table with Derek, hoping to draw him out of his funk and back to himself.

Since they came right from work, they were all in business casual, more or less. Derek wore loose-fitting clothes, a simple collared shirt and slacks to hide to tall, lanky form. The women looked much better: Maria, a Latina, let her long dark hair cascade down the shoulders of her tight button-down blouse, her top barely containing her ample chest. Her miniskirt stopped just above her knees, showing off her sexy legs. She completed her look with black pumps with 3” heels. Christy was a blonde, and although she wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, she was pretty cute. She wore black pants that were just tight enough to accentuate her curves without making her look fat. She wore a low cut long sleeve shirt that showed her cleavage, making any guy unconsciously stare. She was made a bit taller by black boots with a 4” heel and a little platform. Anne, the most attractive of the group, had her brownish-blonde hair stop at just above her shoulders. She wore a black tank top with a black blazer over it, and a very short miniskirt that turned the heads of every guy in the bar. Her long sexy legs were emphasized by her matching black pumps with a 3 ½” heel. Lastly, Robin had her red hair in a bun that was a little messy now that work was over. She dressed more modestly than the other women, wearing a sweater that didn’t exactly show off her figure. She had on a loose skirt that went down to her ankles and on her feet she wore sling-back black sandals with 2” heels.

After a few rounds and more than a few failed attempts at getting Derek to talk, Maria decided to up the ante a bit. She asked “Did you hear that story about that guy on the 2nd floor whose wife Krazy Glued his package to his body?” Derek looked up, a little startled; that got his attention.

Anne knew the story was nonsense, but realizing they had Derek’s attention quickly added “Yeah, he was cheating on her. So she got even.”

Robin added casually, “I would have just castrated him.”

Derek’s expression changed from being slightly startled to terrified. He said “Oh my God, are you guys serious?? I mean, he started it by cheating but…oh my god!” He shook his head while his friends laughed at his discomfort.

Christy said “Well, okay, I wouldn’t castrate him or glue him…I would just beat it.” She blushed a little when Derek stared at her, his mouth hanging open.

Maria said in a somewhat slurred voice “Yeah, then you could keep hurting him whenever you want.”

Derek let his gaze go to and from each of his coworkers, feigning shock. It was a very erotic desire of his; his ex busted him regularly and he was a member of many BB sites. And his coworkers were hot! He’d almost try anything to get them to bust him. Almost.

Just when he was about to change the subject, Anne, who was sitting next to him, stood up to go to the bathroom when she looked down and saw Derek’s growing erection through his pants. She gasped but the other girls were so happy watching Derek squirm that they didn’t seem to notice. She bent down and whispered in his ear “Meet me outside in 5 minutes.” He just nodded his head, not knowing what his friend was up to.

After a few more minutes of listening to the ladies’ CBT ideas, Derek decided it was time to see what Anne had in mind. He walked outside, and when she saw him she smiled sweetly. Anne then took his hand gently and led him a few feet away down a dark alley. She said, “I saw your pants. You liked what we were talking about.” She sauntered right up to him, getting so close their bodies touched. She wrapped her hands loosely around his neck and Derek didn’t back away from her; he thought she was hot, and he was a little drunk. She whispered in his ear, “I know you like it; I saw your name on the BB forum.” Derek started to explain when he was interrupted.

He said, “But how did- Ooomph!” Before he could finish his question, Anne pulled her hands tighter around his neck and kneed Derek hard in the balls.

She giggled and answered his unasked question “C’mon! BigTex?” She kneed him again, harder. “From New Jersey?” She kneed him again, and this time he fell to his knees in front of her, moaning in pain. She looked down at him, saying “You couldn’t have been more obvious! Now hold still.” With that, she took a slight step back and sent one of her sexy black pumps forward in a blur toward Derek’s balls. She connected perfectly, kicking him hard enough to lift him off the ground a little. Derek was paralyzed on the ground with the pain in his balls, but he looked at Anne’s legs and heels and didn’t mind staying there for a while…not that he had a choice; he couldn’t get up.

Anne knew he wasn’t going anywhere, too. She started to hit number on her cell phone and she put it to her ear, covering her other ear with her hand. Derek could hear what Anne was saying, but he had to strain. He heard “…He’s down now…yeah, you can come out now… (laughs) yeah, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.” She turned back to Derek, who was still on the ground, holding his aching nuts.

She smiled sympathetically at him, walked over to him, and put her hand on his cheek. She said to him “Come on, sweetheart! Now that that bitch is gone, we can give you more of what you need.” With that last part, she gently smacked his hands, which were covering his balls. “It may be a long night for you…but hopefully, it’s very good…”

To be continued…?

A Football Star, 2 Girls, and a Bet (part 1-2)

By kneemynuts

*This story is a total work of fiction. Any names, places, or anything else that may have been repeated is entirely coincidental. Oh yeah, and this story involves minors in semi-sexual situations. But if you go ahead and read this and you’re offended, as Redd Foxx used to say, “Fuck you, because you’re a dummy.” Enjoy the story! *

It was Saturday evening, and Eastern High School’s star running back, 16-year-old sophomore Timmy Williams had a lot to celebrate. He had helped Eastern win the Group 2 championship this afternoon; he had been voted the best high school running back in the entire state by every high school coaching staff in the group; his 5’11”, 180-pound muscular frame and clean-cut good looks won the admiration of many of his female schoolmates; his mastery of his studies made him well-liked by the faculty. Unfortunately, Timmy was so shy, he didn’t celebrate much of anything. In fact, if not for his handsomeness and incredible athleticism, he would have been unanimously considered a nerd.

On this particular night, as with every other Saturday night, the football team would have a huge party, with alcohol supplied by the team’s parents (a perk of being a state-championship-caliber football player). There would be many of the team’s classmates there, including some very attractive girls who were dressed to impress. And, as usual, Timmy planned on staying home. This time, however, the team wouldn’t be taking no for an answer; they wanted Timmy to join their fun. The captain added “Where would we be without you running the ball for us?” Since there was nothing that Timmy could do to argue, he decided to go. They told him the party started at around 9:30, but he could come whenever he wanted.

At 9:20pm, Timmy showed up at the captain’s house, where the party was to be. There were only the players there so far, and they all had a couple drinks already. All his teammates laughed when they saw him; Timmy never showed up late to anything. Eastern’s quarterback threw a lanky arm around Timmy’s shoulders. Timmy offered a simple smile and said “Hey guys”; he genuinely liked his teammates and actually enjoyed their company.

“Yo dude! Keg’s in the back and we got some Absolut in the fridge,” exclaimed the captain, attempting to ruffle Timmy’s short brown hair. Timmy half-chuckled, easily brushing aside his friend; Timmy was immensely strong.

He asked, “Uh…do you have any Coke?” The captain laughed and said “Sure, help yourself to whatever you want.” So he went into the refrigerator, grabbed a soda, and went over to the couch to sit by himself.

As the minutes became hours, more of Timmy’s schoolmates came, a lot of them very attractive girls. However, he never moved from the couch; he didn’t like talking to new people. He knew who everyone was, but these weren’t exactly the over-achieving brainiacs he had classes with. Many of the visitors would stop over by Timmy and tell him he had a great game and that he was awesome, but Timmy would just give them a half-hearted “Thanks.”

While he sat on the couch nursing the same soda he was drinking before, after his well-wishers left, two girls sat on the couch on either side of him. He glanced at them and immediately looked down to the floor; he’d never been in a position where he had been in such close proximity to girls who were so attractive. One of them had shoulder-length blonde hair, a slim athletic body, small but perky breasts, long chiseled legs, and very hypnotizing blue eyes. She wore a short halter-top that showed off her toned midsection, a black miniskirt that ended not even halfway to her knees, and black 3” heels that had criss-cross laces up her calf.

Her friend had brownish-blonde hair, a very curvaceous body, sexy green eyes, about a large C-cup chest, and powerful but sexy looking legs with hips and an ass that commanded the attention of every guy (except the shy Timmy) when she walked. She wore very short, tight jean shorts that barely hid the bottom of her ass, a tight tube top, and silver 4” spiked heels with a pointed toe.

The blonde spoke first, saying “Hey, aren’t you Timmy Williams?” Timmy, still looking at the floor answered “Yeah…that’s me.” Her friend said “You had a really good game yesterday. It was like no one could stop you.”

“Uh…thanks,” was Timmy’s only reply.

The blonde slid closer to Timmy so that her legs were touching his. She said, “I’m Susie” as she held her hand out to him. He took it gently and looked into her eyes, but his response was trapped in his throat because he had never seen eyes like hers before. While he was staring into Susie’s eyes, her friend slid closer so she was touching him too.

She said “And I’m Christa” with a big smile on her face. Timmy, noticing that he hadn’t given Susie a response and that he still had her hand, blushed.

He let her hand go, and looked at Christa, saying “Um…it’s really nice to meet both of you.” He sat back, looking down at the floor again, but he couldn’t control how attractive he thought they were…or his reaction to it. Realizing this fact, and wanting to get out of the situation anyway, he said “Uh…I think it’s…um…hot in here. I’m gonna go outside for some air,” and quickly stood up.

Susie stood up just as fast and quickly said “We’ll come with you, it’s hot as hell in here,” pulling Christa to her feet. Christa just looked at Timmy and smiled, almost laughing. Timmy, obviously startled answered “uh…okay.” So the girls followed Timmy out the door into the relatively fresh air.

“So, what else do you do besides sports?” asked Christa when they got outside.

Timmy just glanced at her and said, “Nothing really. Nothing interesting, I guess.”

Susie wrapped her arms around one of Timmy’s and put her head on his shoulder, answering, “I’m sure it isn’t as bad as you think. Humor us.”

Startled again, he tried to speak but his voice cracked. “Where the hell did all this come from?” he asked himself.

Christa did the same thing with his other arm and said, “Yeah, tell us.” With that, Timmy gave them an abbreviated list of all his accomplishments and things he does by himself.

“Cool,” said Susie, looking at Christa with a devilish grin. Christa did her best not to laugh, but she looked she was about to burst out laughing. Timmy didn’t even notice; he was looking down at the ground again.

Susie asked, “So you’re a football player and a wrestler?” She gave his muscular arm a squeeze and continued, “You must be pretty tough.” Christa giggled to herself as she watched her friend set up poor unsuspecting Timmy.

“Ever been kicked in the balls before?” Susie asked, trying to hide her smile.

Timmy blushed, and answered quietly, “No…uh…that’s never happened.”

Christa didn’t wait for her friend to keep going, and blurted out, “Do you think you could take a kick from each of us?”

“Oh my god, what is going on?” Timmy thought. But he said to her “I dunno, I have no idea what it feels like.”

Susie didn’t try to hide her grin anymore. She said, “Well, I’ll kick you, then Christa will. If you stay standing, we’ll tell everyone you’re dynamite in the sack.” Christa laughed loudly, and once again Timmy blushed.

Christa continued where her friend left off and said, “If you go down, you have to come back home with us and be our slave for the rest of the night.”

Timmy said, “That doesn’t sound like such a good idea. I mean, people would know you’re lying if you told them that. I don’t go out much.”

Susie stood in front of Timmy and grabbed his cock through his pants, replying, “Well, if you stay standing…” Timmy instantly realized what she meant by that, and reluctantly agreed.

Both girls giggled with glee. Susie took a few steps back and said “Ok, Timmy spread your legs a little bit, sweetie.” Timmy felt very awkward, but did as he was told. Susie said “I won’t hurt you too bad,” then without warning, she swung her leg back as far as it would go, then set her black high heeled feet forward in a blurry arc. It was a perfect kick, the instep of her foot smashing between Timmy’s legs and crushing both of his balls.

Timmy let out an incredible groan as he fell to the ground like a rock. He cradled his aching balls in his hands as he laid on the ground in fetal position, moaning to himself.

Susie started laughing triumphantly, saying, “You went down! Now you’re our slave!” However, Christa didn’t look as pleased as her blonde-haired friend. Susie stopped laughing when she saw Christa and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I didn’t even get my turn,” Christa answered bitterly.

Susie answered, “Is that all? We have all night. Plus, since he went down, he’s our slave now.”

She turned to Timmy, who was still in agony on the ground, and said to him, “C’mon, my little sophomore, get up.” She started to help him up with Christa, and as he stood, his legs wobbled; he had never felt anything like that. Susie continued, “Now spread your legs again, it’s Christa’s turn.”

He tried to comply since he was pretty sure his night would get much worse if he argued. Before he could get his balance and establish a firm base, Christa’s foot was already on its way. Her pointy toe slammed viciously into his right testicle, giving Timmy the impression that she’d ruptured it. He went down again and started to feel like he was about to puke. He felt like he was about to cry; although he was incredibly shy and was often intimidated by speaking to people, he never wanted to cry before.

Christa said, “Let’s get him to your house. We can’t keep this up much longer or we’ll get caught out here.” She motioned to Susie and said, “Go get your car so we don’t have far to go. It doesn’t look he’ll be going that far.” Then both girls started to giggle like, well, schoolgirls.

Timmy thought “Wait…CAR?!” He managed to choke out a question, asking, “You… can… drive?”

Christa looked down at Timmy and smiled, answering “Of course, silly. We ARE seniors.”

SENIORS?!?!?!?! This was going to be a long night for Eastern’s star running back.

Part 2

As Timmy Williams sat in the back of Susie’s car, he was starting to feel a little light-headed. The feeling wasn’t caused by the two, thunderous kicks he had just received or because he was physically uncomfortable in the back seat. Timmy, simply, was terrified. He had no idea what these girls (SENIORS!!!) had planned for him…not that he didn’t have the means to find out; Susie and Christa were discussing what they were going to do, laughing and not making the effort to keep their plans a secret. Timmy was just too scared to listen. Not that he was a wuss; he had played in tons of high-pressure football games and wrestling meets. He just didn’t trust these girls who had, just a few minutes ago, destroyed him so easily.

Susie pulled her car up in front of Christa’s house, and both girls got out. Timmy was a little hesitant to join them, knowing that he was in for a long night. Susie and Christa waited by the car, looking in at him, staring really. Feeling uncomfortable, he got out and joined them. His balls still ached a little, but he could move, and Timmy, Susie, and Christa walked into the house.

“You know, I can do anything I want to you. My mother’s on a huge business trip and she says I can take care of myself,” Susie said to Timmy. Christa laughed mockingly when Timmy squirmed a little, and then she made her way towards him, her sexy hips moving from side to side. Timmy, although he was very shy, watched as she came. He was hypnotized by the way she sauntered, so mesmerized that he realized she stopped and put her hands on his shoulders only when her hips stopped moving. He looked to the floor quickly so their eyes wouldn’t meet, but he still wouldn’t have been able to stop what happened next. Although he was looking down, he never saw it coming as Christa kneed him viciously in the balls, then did it again before the pain could set in or before he could react. Timmy doubled over from the surprise but the pain only took a few seconds to hit him like a ton bricks. He fell to the floor, cradled his balls in his hands, and curled himself into fetal position.

Both girls gave each other a playful hug, holding on to keep each other standing as they were laughing very hard. For a couple of minutes, the room was filled with noise; the girls laughing and Timmy groaning.

Both girls had recovered slightly, and started to make their way over to Timmy, who was still on the floor. Susie prodded him with her right heel gently, and said “Damn, Christa, you really nailed him.” She moved her black high heel so it was by his chest, and then nudged him onto his back with it.

She smiled innocently at him and asked “Are you okay?” Surprisingly, he nodded; he was used to lying about how he felt physically, since he’d been a football player and a wrestler. When he said that, Christa trotted over, being careful not to fall in her silver pumps.

They both said at the same time, as if they rehearsed it, “Well, then get up!”

Wobbly, Timmy got to his feet, his legs very shaky under him. He kept a hand covering his crotch so he wouldn’t be on the wrong end of a surprise assault on his balls. He stood there, carefully watching both of them when he thought to himself, “I’m a football player and a wrestler and I’m getting beat up by girls!” His shyness vanished, and it was replaced by aggression. He suddenly charged, going after the first girl he saw, which happened to be Christa. Like the seasoned wrestler he was, Timmy took her down with ease and pinned her to the floor. Christa, unable to move, was terrified – what was this guy going to do? Before anything could be decided, Timmy felt a hand on both of his balls. Oh shit! The hand tightened and pulled, forcing Timmy to move.

“Get the fuck off her, asshole!” Susie screamed as she twisted slightly. Timmy was in so much pain he could barely scream. Susie felt how weak Timmy was, and she let go a little, only to clamp back down on his balls with both hands. He was starting to pass out when Susie was thinking about letting him go, and lucky for her, she did. The instant she did, Timmy retched violently, making a mess on the floor.

The girls forced him to keep it up when he had the ability to move, which wasn’t for a long while. He was on his hands and knees when both Christa and Susie stood over him.

Christa spoke up first saying, “You know, we still own you.” She glanced over at her friend then continued, “Take your shirt off for us.”

Timmy, knowing he was defeated and would only prolong his misery if he disobeyed, complied. He revealed his muscular body, and Susie and Christa wasted no time, touching his body immediately. His shyness returned, and he turned red. While they were feeling him up, Christa slid behind him, and held his hands behind his back. Susie, smiling devilishly, drove her knee up in a blur between Timmy’s legs, and then did it again…and again…and again. Christa, not being strong enough to hold this huge athlete, let him drop to the floor.

Christa walked around to the front, and caressed his face, starting to feel a little bad for him. She said, “Just a few more and we’ll take you home, ok?”

Timmy, who had tears in his eyes, nodded his confirmation.

Susie, grabbing him under his arms, picked him up slowly. “Spread ‘em a little,” Christa said to Timmy as she put her hands on shoulders. As soon as he did, she kneed him in the balls, very hard. The kneed him over and over, and after about six she stopped, stepped back and kicked him with her pointy-toed pumps, hitting him dead on. Timmy’s body went limp and he passed out. Susie let him fall to the floor in a heap.

Both girls stood over Timmy’s unconscious form, Susie smiling triumphantly. She looked over at her friend, saying “Same time next week?”

Christa returned the smile and replied, “Hell yeah! What party?”

Susie answered, “Well, I always had a thing for soccer players…”

The End……???