Monday, October 15, 2007

My First Attempt At Writing A Story!

By moneyshot29

I begin to wake up and immediately feel the slight burning sensation in my thighs. I try to move my legs but realize slowly in my sleepy stupor that I can't. They're tied down - ropes around my ankles and knees - holding my legs spread open. My arms... my arms can't move either. I'm tied down in a spread-eagle position. As I become more alert I realize I'm naked. I can feel the cool, smooth, silky sheets on my penis and balls. Someone looks into the room, my vision too blurry to make out who it is.

"He's waking up!" I hear a female voice say. My eyes adjust and I see two familiar faces entering the room, one carrying a hot pink duffel bag.

"Hello Todd."

I recognize Kirsten and Kelly at that moment and realize they must have drugged me.

"We were so thrilled that you told us about your little fantasy. We decided to give you a little birthday present," Kirsten says. "But trust me; you don't want to see what’s coming." At that moment Kelly slipped a blindfold over my head - shutting out the visual world. After securing the blindfold she let her long fingernails trail lightly down my chest, over my left nipple, pulling the sheet away as they went. When she reached my crotch I could feel a single fingernail scratching the length of my hardening penis. When she reached my balls she removed her hand and pulled the sheet away.


A hard slap directly on my balls! I let out a grunt and struggle against my bonds to try to protect my sore testicles as the two girls giggle.

"Should we gag him, do you think?"

"No let's not... I want to hear the noises he makes!"

"Great idea!"

I can hear what sounds like a plastic bottle being unscrewed. I feel a hand gently holding my penis and pulling my foreskin back, while another starts to rub all over the head.

"Wait for it..." Kelly playfully whispers in my ear. That’s when the familiar burning sensation begins. Icy Hot! They put Icy Hot on my penis! As the burning intensifies I begin to thrash about... trying desperately and impossibly to remove my cock from the source of the burning! My now rock-hard dick is flopping about as I thrash around - and the girls are loving it. Hysterical laughter fills the room.

"Look at that thing go!"

“It’s bouncing all over the place! HAHAHA How ridiculous!"

After several minutes of burning, thrashing and laughter I finally adapt to the pain and the burning becomes a lingering tingle on the tip of my penis. Something is gently rubbing against my scrotum... I can't make out what the object is but I have a pretty good idea. Then I feel it - the ever-so-familiar sharp stinging on the skin of my sac, followed by the dull ache spreading over my lower abdomen. A wooden spoon. They are hitting my balls with a large wooden spoon.

SMACK! Again... and I grunt... and struggle to protect my balls!


"Don't fight it boy… it’s only going to make us enjoy it more!"


My body is writhing in agony. I'm trying desperately to close my legs and protect my balls but the bonds around my knees won't allow it. Raucous laughter again fills the room. I feel something warm next to my head... a leg. Now on the other side too and warmth in front of my face.

"Here's the way the game works, Todd," I hear Kirsten say. "You lick my pussy... for every 30 seconds that I don't have an orgasm... you get one of these from Kelly" SMACK!!! "Time has already begun... you best start licking"

My tongue flies out of my mouth, furiously searching for Kirsten’s clit. I'm not going to mess around; I'm going straight for the magic button.


Agony! My balls are aching but I'm trying to concentrate on Kirsten's pussy. Licking furiously at what I think is her clitoris.

SMACK!!! Oh god was that 30 seconds already!?

I can hear Kirsten beginning to moan in pleasure while Kelly is still laughing hysterically.

SMACK!!! My balls are killing me. My whole abdomen is in pain and if this doesn't end soon I think I might vomit from the testicular-agony-induced nausea. After ten more whacks of my balls I finally hear Kirsten screaming in ecstasy! Thank god!

Kirsten climbs off of me, and just as I'm beginning to think its over I feel Kelly climb on and immediately another SMACK on my balls.

"Get licking boy! It’s my turn now!" Kelly yells.

The process takes much longer for Kelly. I had to remember that she once told me she likes slow teasing licks. I lost count of how many times my balls where hit with the spoon, but it had to be close to 40.

After Kelly finally came, I felt my bonds being untied and heard both girls saying things like, "Good boy" and "what a good little toy you are".

The blindfold was still on and my nuts hurt way too much for me to think about getting up and walking away. After the last rope was removed I felt something go around my balls and tighten. A collar. A sharp tug persuaded me to get to my feet. My arms were than handcuffed behind me.

"Come on, boy... just one more thing to do."

We walked out a door and I felt the cool night air on my skin. Oh no, we're outside. Sharp tugs on my nuts let me know which direction to walk in. First there was grass underfoot, and then pavement. After walking for what must have been five minutes I felt an explosion of pain from my crotch. One of them had kicked or kneed me in the balls. I fell to the ground in complete and utter

agony and felt the blindfold being removed. I could see Kelly's car, with Kirsten already in the passenger seat and the driver's door open. As I lay on the ground handcuffed, with a collar and leash around my testicles I watched Kelly walk to her car.

"Please girls... please no," was all I could muster.

Kelly turned and looked at me, winked, and got into the car. As they drove off I began to fully realize my situation... how the hell was I going to get home?

I Gave At The Office!!! !!! ! (part 1-2)

By missboots

9:00 p.m. Thursday

The girls all met after work to celebrate their last day working for the asshole dealership and were looking forward to working for the new owners. After a couple of hours of drinking, one of the girls said, "One of assholes I am not going to miss is that jackass service manager!!”

Instantly two or three others all spoke up and said how tired of his stuff they were!!! ! It was a common denominator for all the girls. This guy had obviously harassed each and every one of them very badly, enough for them to plot a severe and painful revenge for this guy’s last day at work. They started to plot and didn't finish up until 1:00 a.m. but were confident they planned this out to the last detail!!! !!

5:00 a.m. Friday

The alarm clock went off and I shut it off with no problem on this Friday. It was my last day at work at this auto dealership as their service manager; new owners were taking over and all the managers were being replaced by the new owners with their own managers they trusted to bring in. I had a new job lined up and was looking forward to it but luckily for all the mechanics and office help, they all got to keep their jobs with the new ownership. And they also got a free week off paid while they redecorated.

6:30 a.m. Friday

I always enjoy being the first one to work. I get everything turned on and ready and I still get a nice amount of quiet time to read the paper and grab some coffee before everything gets hectic. I was leaning on the parts counter with the paper like every morning when something felt "different". I thought I heard something when I felt an explosion in my balls. I looked down between my legs and saw a brown leather cowboy boot crushing my balls!!! I know that boot!!! It was Mary’s!!! And then the pain hit me. As quick as I slumped down on the counter a second explosion hit my balls!!! Again the same boot landing solid between my legs. This time I slumped down, the pain taking all the strength out of my legs sending me down to my knees and falling forward onto my hands when the third kick from behind sent me flat onto my face crying from the pain!!! ! Before I knew what hit me I was down with a pain I have never imagined!!! !

A few minutes later I was awakened with the click clack of high heels and heard a soft voice say, "Are you okay?" It was Bunny and I was still laying there but now looking at a pair of patent leather pumps with a four inch heel and handcuff like chains running around the ankles. She asked me, "What happened? I saw Mary leave here looking pissed! What did you do?”

I told her I didn't know. She offered to help me up and as I struggled up she grabbed my hands to help. Once I was up she interlocked her fingers with mine, turned my palms face up and bent my fingers down so hard. I stood on my tippytoes with my arms fully extended as she backed up and unleashed a lighting fast snap kick with the pointy toe of those pumps connecting solid with my balls!!! Before I could react with the pain she reeled back with her right leg and snapped kicked again, this time even harder!!! ! As I was falling she really bent back down on my fingers and I still stood up for her. Unfortunately this time she backed up, took a deep breath and really snapped kick my nuts straight on. This time King Kong could not have held me up from the pain that was rushing through my body. I fell hard to the ground curling up like a baby!

Before I knew if my balls were still intact or if I ever was to use them again I felt my right leg being lifted up high into the air followed by my left leg also being pulled up. This made me kinda sit up and when I did I saw Dawn in her sexy pink mini skirt and her pink three inch heel ankle boots. I knew the look in her eyes and when I tried to cover my balls with my hands Bunny, holding my right leg, jabbed her four inch heel into my right armpit, pinning my arm, and Mary followed her by pinning my left arm with her cowboy boot. Dawn then jumped forward with her left leg and blasted my balls with her right boot. It made me try to sit up but the girls had me pinned down bad and all I could do was beg her to stop!!! That didn't help as her second kick was even harder as she connected hard with her pink boot!!!

As she started her third kick, Mary stopped her and said, "Last one, make it good!"

Dawn stopped and said, "You’re right" and backed up four or five steps and ran forward and kicked so hard she missed a little and the toe of her boots just glanced off my balls but her three inch heel slammed ungodly hard into my right ball!!

I thought I was passing out when Bunny started yelling at me, "You have been asking for this for a couple of years now. We could not let you leave without us letting you know how much you pissed us off!! Unless you want us pressing sexual harassment charges against you or having your wife get phone calls all hours of the day asking for you and whatever else we feel like telling her you will take this all as deserved punishment for treating us women as crap!!! Do you understand?"

I said, "Yes" and Dawn reeled her boot back a foot and kicked my left nut straight on, causing me to tear.

She yelled at me, "YES WHAT?"

I screamed, "Yes Ma’am!" and they dropped my legs and left me laying there grasping my balls and all I could hear was their heels getting quieter and them laughing and talking about me

11:00 a.m. Friday

I was in a daze all morning. I could not believe what had happened to me. My last day and I can not even find a position to work where I don't cause worse pain to my balls. I have tried to pee all morning but can't, my balls are swollen to twice their size but still do seem to be intact, so maybe I shouldn't complain after the savage kicking I took. And then I heard all those heels walking down the stairs.

It was Bunny, Mary and Dawn, the “Three Bustkateers”. They all stopped on the other side of the parts counter I was leaning on while trying to rest my balls when Bunny said, "We just stopped to say goodbye. Our boss gave us the rest of the day off and we are all going to lunch. We are just waiting for Stacy."

I said, "I thought Stacy got fired last week?"

Bunny said, "She did but she has one more job to finish off." Just then I felt a super hard kick from behind in my balls. I thought I was feeling better a little but when this kick caught me off guard. I thought I was going to throw up. As the pain was sending me down to the ground Bunny and Mary grabbed my arms and pulled me up against the parts counter and Stacy kept the ballbusting kicks coming. The second kick was not very hard for whatever reason but the third kick… it sounded like a firecracker going off when her boot slammed into my nuts.

I slumped back into the ground and faded off into unconsciousness. I heard all four girls clicking away and still laughing I came to a few minutes later and went to the bathroom to compose myself if possible I had to walk like a penguin it hurt to bad to move my nuts too fast I checked them out and they were still intact luckily, but swollen a little more at least they were gone and I should make it through the day.

7:00 p.m. Friday - closing time

I had made it all afternoon my balls were still swollen and hurt like hell. I couldn't even touch them without screaming but they were still round and intact, just badly beaten. The sales manger came back and said he was leaving and everything was locked up out front. A few minutes later I heard a knock on the window in back of the parts room where the night receptionist/cashier worked and saw Jeanette, the hottest 22 year old who flirted more than I did and she was dressed in a purple old sweat suit and gym shoes. I walked up to the window and she handed me a note, winked at me and closed the blinds on her side of the window.

I read the note – ‘Turn around and look at the parts shelf directly behind you. Look at the top shelf and place your right hand in the white nylon zip tie and pull it tight then place your left hand in the handcuff on the top of the shelf on the left side, leaving you looking back at this window. When I return from changing in the ladies room, if you are not in this position I will call your wife and try to explain to her how I am pregnant with your child. I am sure I will not have any problems with you!’ I followed her instructions and a few minutes later I heard the hard click of Jeanette's famous thigh high spiked heel boots!!!

Before I heard the heels stop, I looked down as the toe of those boots was sticking out just past my crotch as the top of her booted foot was slamming into my balls. I wanted to fall then but the ties kept me upright as she walked in front of me and quickly snapped kicked her super pointy toe into my groin again taking my legs out. All I could do was close my eyes and turn my head as that second kick was coming. This pissed off Jeanette. She told me, "That was a free one but listen very, very carefully to my instructions. I am going to walk to the window and turn around. When I do I want you to follow my every step. I guarantee that you will never forget this moment for as long as you live. When I turn around I want you to look into my eyes and feel the fear. When I say, ‘look down now’ I want you to look at my boots and watch me strutting up towards you. I want you to watch my left boot plant in front of you then I want you to watch my right boot swing back and keep watching it as it flies towards your swollen balls. I want you to watch it every inch by inch as it rockets into you, knowing this will be they worst pain you will ever feel in your life! And I warn you now… if you fail at any of these orders I will have to do it again until you obey and trust me, as hard as I am going to try to destroy your balls with this last kick, you do not want me to try again!!!


"Watch me walk away."

"Look into my eyes."

"Okay, look down now!!" Before I could try to plead she quickly was heading towards me. I could not help but watch her every move as scared as I was. I watched her plant her left boot and when she kicked out with her right boot I couldn't keep up with its speed. When it connected with my balls it sounded like a stick of dynamite went off. I was kicked unconsciously instantly.

9:00p.m. Friday

I woke up on the floor of the parts room not knowing where I was until the pain in my balls reminded me of everything and the cut nylon zip ties laying around me also helped remind me. I did not hear or feel Jeanette cut me down or leave. I just know I am very lucky to still have my balls intact, as swollen as they were and as hard as it was to walk. Now I just had to figure out how to tell my wife why I am two or three hours late and why my balls are swollen three times their normal size


9:30 p.m. Friday

It took a while but, I finally got myself together enough to make the one hour drive home. My body is telling me I have to pee, but I can't go While I was standing there trying, all I could see was Jeanette's boots strutting up to me, her left boot planting, and the right one flying into my balls! I kept picturing it over and over. It was like she burnt it into my memory.

9:45 p.m. Friday

I stopped at a Quickmart to gas up my truck and to pick up a six-pack for the long ride home. Hopefully I can pee when I get there and more importantly, come up with an excuse for my wife why I am so late and why my balls are swollen three times their normal size…

10:45 p.m. Friday

Finally, home at last. I went in through the garage door and quietly walked in. I walked by our bedroom and my wife was asleep in bed. What a lucky break! Hopefully I will be walking better tomorrow and can b.s. her on why I was so late.

I finally had to go to the bathroom. I tipped toed there and, after still standing there waiting to go, picturing Jeanette's boots blasting my balls over and over, it was hypnotic the way she did this too me, I finished and headed back to the garage for another beer.

11:15 p.m. Friday

While walking through the family room, I thought I heard a noise behind me. I turned and looked into the dark family room but all I could see was Jeanette's boots flying towards me, her left boot planting firmly, her right boot swinging back and then watching it rocket straight into my balls! The reality hit me about the same time I realized this was my wife’s knee high black stiletto heel boot crushing my balls!!!

Oh my god!!! Not tonight!!! While I stood there numb and paralyzed from her kick she was wasting no time. She kept her forward momentum coming and grabbed my shoulders and tried her best to knee my balls into the roof of my mouth!!! She pushed me back into the garage door opening then she stepped back and rifled a snap kick into my balls with the very tip of her granny boots. This one was sending me down. I looked at her pulling back her leg for another snap kick but as I turned away my legs gave out and I ending up on my hands and knees facing away from her. Big mistake.

She jumped forward towards me while punting my balls with all her might. This sent me flying forward but my right shoulder hit the door opening stopping me. She must of counted on this because her second kick from behind was so hard. I thought my balls both exploded at the same time!!! She watched me crumple to the floor crying, coughing and gasping for air and started laughing her ass off while taking off her boots. She walked up to me and dropped her boots on my nuts and told me she was “going to bed, make sure you polish my boots for me before you come to bed. I still have plans for them for the rest of the weekend! I guarantee after this weekend you will never be late again!”

11:30 p.m. Friday

As I lay there, hoping my balls were still intact, I had a couple of last thoughts. One good thing about my wife's ballbusting episode - she unknowingly is going to feel very good about herself tomorrow when she inspects her work tomorrow and is now taking the full credit for five other evil women and the work their wicked shoes and boots already did. And even with this increasing pain in my balls that does not seem to be stopping to grow I wonder if it would have helped if I told my wife, "I just gave at the office!"

9:30 a.m. Tuesday [about 3 weeks later]

The girls were on break when Bunny called them all over to her desk. As she dialed the phone Bunny asked for Halle. A minute later Bunny put the phone onto speakerphone and said hello to her cousin Halle who worked at the dealership their old buddy service manager went to.

"Hi, just wanted to know how your new service manager is doing?"

Halle said, "Just great, he is the nicest and biggest gentleman around all of us girls but he is kinda 'jumpy' though."

Bunny asked, "What do you mean?" Halle told her the other day she snuck up behind him to kid around with him and when she got close to him she stomped down her high heels really fast and loud like she was really running up behind him. All he could do was scream, "No, please!" and curled up into a little ball and looked like he peed his pants!

The girls on the speakerphone were laughing so hard and high-fiving each other they couldn't even say goodbye to Halle!!!

Phone Call

By maxcrazymax

Hello? ---- Oh, hey Suzy! ---- Oh, yeah... uhmmm...I forgot... been kinda busy here. You'll NEVER guess what happened! ---- Oh, shut up, do you wanna hear why I didn't make it or not?

Well... you know that cleaning service I just got? They sent this guy today. ---- No, not that one. A new one. Anyway, he was late! The asshole, so I left as soon as he got here so I could make it to class on time. But of course, you know me, I forgot something, so halfway there I had to turn around and get my notebook. ---- Be quiet! You're no better. ---- Anyway I got back to the house and went in, and I guess the guy didn't hear me. ---- I don't know his name, just listen! ---- Oh, well he's almost 6' and more tan than me, prick! Kinda hairy too. Mustache and goatee.

Anyway, I was just going to slip in and get the notebook and book it. I was already going to be late. Then I saw him as I passed the laundry room. You know I come in through there a lot, and pile my shoes there? ---- The li’l perv was on the floor of my laundry room, nude, with my shoes, and socks, and bras! ---- No REALLY! I swear! ---- I know! ---- No. ---- No. ---- I'll tell you what I did, just listen. ---- No I didn't. ---- Come on! Give me a chance! ---- No, I wasn't scared! ---- Well, yeah, he is bigger than me, but... I don't know. Anyway I wasn't. I just stepped into the laundry room and said, "What the hell are you doing?" {Giggles.} You should have seen the look on his face. He was beet red. Trying to cover himself with a dirty sock! {Laughs.} I was struggling to keep a straight face. And get this; he somehow managed to get out a lie! He said, "I... uhm… I’m... doing the laundry?" Just like that. Like it was a question. ---- I know, like I’m going to believe that! I was really fighting not to fall down laughing at this point, but part of me was still mad, so that helped.

So I said, "Yeah right! I'm calling Amy." You know Amy, right? ---- Yeah, she owns the service. Anyway, that did it. He was still on his knees, still trying to cover himself, but now he was bent over, begging me not to tell! He was saying, "No! pleeease, please miss. Please don't tell. Amy will fire me! etc." I told him he'd be lucky if she didn't kill him first, {Laughs.} ---- Oh, I know. I couldn't believe it either. It was hilarious. This man, kneeling, nude, begging. ---- I did. I was laughing my ass off. ---- Oh, no, I couldn't stop anymore. But I did regain enough composure to ask why the hell I shouldn't tell her. That stopped him from begging. He thought for a second, I was looking down at him. Then he looks up, and says, "I... uhm… I'll do Anything, miss. Just don't tell. I'll clean your place for free, anything! I promise."

Well, by this time there was no way of making it to class, and you know my twisted li’l mind. ---- {Giggles.} ---- You would be thinking the same thing, girl! ---- {Laughs.} ---- No, I wasn't laughing out load, but I'm sure there was an obvious smirk on my face. ---- Well, I wasn't sure if he really meant it or not, so I decided to make sure before I made my decision. So, looking down at him I said, "Anything?" smirking at his predicament. He hung his head. ---- {Laughs}, I know. Anyway, he hung his head, but I could see that he was blushing again, but he kinda nodded and said, "Yes, miss" Well, I didn't know what I should ask to test him, but the first thing that came to my mind was, "crawl over here and kiss my toes, slut!" ---- I DID say that. ---- Yeah, I said it seriously. And he tried to weasel out, saying "but… but I meant...." I said, do it NOW! And he got on all fours, head hanging, and started crawling. THAT's when I started laughing. ---- I know! {Laughs.}

Well, here he was crawling to me. ---- How could I not? ---- {Laughs.} But he crawled over, and I had those old sandals on. ---- Yeah, the blue ones. And he bends over, his hairy ass in the air. ---- laughs, I know, it was! And he begins kissing each toe. Very gently actually. ---- Yeah, it did feel good, but I was still laughing.

I wanted to see how far he'd go in his promise, so I pulled my foot back. He stopped. I was feeling real wicked by this time, so I said, "Did I say stop?" He looks up, confused. So I said, "Well, did I?" He shook his head, said, "n… no miss" and bent over again, crawling forward to continue. I'd let him just touch my big toe and then move it back. Making him crawl forward each time. ---- Yeah, he did. {Laughs.} Well, it’s not as if the little perv didn't want to. And he knew I knew it, which made it all the more humiliating. {Giggles.} ---- I'm getting to that. Finally I did say stop and walked around him... slipping off my sandals. Walking around him, just looking at him on all fours. ---- He was. He looked like he wanted to evaporate he was so embarrassed, or Em-Bare-Assed. {Laughs.} I stopped behind him, and totally without warning KICKED him, square in the balls. ---- Laughing, no really, I did. ---- Well, I was still mad at him. ---- Damn right I had a right to be. ---- He did. {Laughs.} He rolls over, holding them. Moaning a bit. But THIS is really funny. I told him to spread them again, and reluctantly, he forces himself to spread his legs, this time looking up from on his back, and I KICKED him again. ---- {Laughs.} He whimpered a bit more yes. ---- {Giggles.}

Well, it worked at least. I knew he was serious about his promise. And his cock was still hard! ---- Laughing, I know, I know. ----Well, like I said, it did feel good for him to kiss my toes, so I walked up beside him, and placed a foot on his face and said, "Lick it." ---- Of course he did! {Laughs.} ---- It did. His mouth was warm on my sole. Plus there I was standing over him, my foot on his face. It was funny, but it was fun, too. ---- He licked and sucked on it for a while then I decided to try something. I put that foot on his chest, and stood up on it and placed the other on his face. ---- Well, you’re not a size 3 either! laughing. ---- Well, he did make a muffled moan, but he let me do it! ---- Hee, hee. ---- Well, the floor was dirty! He hadn't cleaned it yet! I couldn't put my freshly licked clean foot back on it! Laughing. ---- Exactly!

Well, by this time I was dying of thirst and I kinda wanted to go to the living room for a smoke, so was about to make him get me a drink, but then I saw all my dirty clothes strewn about and his hairy body and decided to dress him for the job. ---- {Laughs}, you know it girl! ---- Well, there was a frilly li’l apron that I made him put on. {Laughs}, yes ludicrous! ---- Well, I was going for the French maid thing, but it’s not like I had any of the other things one would wear. ---- Sooorrryyy... You buy them and I'll make him wear them. {Giggles.}

So, yeah, I had him get me a drink, and I went to take a seat. I told him he had to stay on all fours, so he comes crawling in with the drink in one hand, head bowed, and offers it to me. ---- It was ok. If it hadn't been I'd already planned to make him wear it. ---- {Laughs.} I saw him looking at it. I could tell he was thirsty too, so I asked him if he wanted some. He said, "Yes miss?" And I laughed and said too damn bad, bitch! He hung his head and I practically cackled. Then I took my finger and lifted his chin and told him to open his dirty little mouth. Of course he did, I guess thinking I would give him some after all, and I did. Laughing. ---- I'm sorry, I just can’t think about it without laughing. I took a sip and spit it into his mouth! ---- {Giggles.} I know, but I never denied being evil! ---- {Laughs.}

Well, I wanted to enjoy my drink and a smoke so I leaned back in my chair and told my slave to get on all fours so I could put my legs up. ---- Laughs, well he made a good floor mat so why not a footstool?!? ---- Hee, hee. After I finished my cigarette I was looking at his ass, exposed there, and I picked up a shoe from beside my chair and SMACKED his ass. I did it hard and it started getting red there immediately! A perfect shoe print! ---- {Laughs}, well he looked up, all confused, like, "what did I do?" Which made me laugh, and I asked him, "What!? Do you think I need a reason to do that?!? Isn't what you've done already reason enough for ANYTIME I want, you little slut?" He hung his head, which made me giggle, and he said, "yes, miss, I’m sorry miss" ---- Of course not! I told him just that. No way he was getting off that easy. I was just glad I'd thought of using the shoe, because by the time I was through my hand would have hurt! ---- Oh, I have no idea. I lost count. He was whimpering, and squirming, but he did TRY to stay still. ---- {Laughs.} I know. I was laughing the whole time, and his as kept getting redder and redder. ---- Oh, no. ---- Well, I DID think about tying him up but I thought it was even funnier to me, and more humiliating for him, that even though he wasn't tied up, and its not like he couldn't have MADE me stop, he let me do it anyway. ---- Laughs, exactly.

Well, after truly putting him in his completely debasing place, I felt it was safe to let him do something that could bring me real pleasure... as long as I did it in a way that he had no control of, so I told him to lay down, on his back. ---- Giggles, well, yeah, he did kinda whimper when his butt touched the floor. ---- Ha, Ha. Well, I'm getting to that! I walked over and stood over his face, and let my shorts drop right onto his face. ---- Yeah :), his eyes did bug! ---- Well, you know I don't wear panties! ---- Well, that’s what he thought too, but you're both wrong. ---- {Laughs.} I kicked them off his face and sat down, yes, but I made sure to place my ass over his mouth, and I spread my cheeks good too! ---- Why the hell not! He made a good floor mat and footstool, why not a seat? ---- Well, he's the perv I caught in my laundry room, why can't I make him lick my ass? ---- Hee, hee. Well, I did. As soon as I sat I told him to start licking, and he tried to say, "Yes miss" and started. ---- Well, I think that’s what he said, it was hard to tell with my ass on his mouth muffling his voice! ---- {Giggles.} It did. And I couldn't help it; I started riding his face, grinding on it. ---- Well, I don't know if he could breathe or not, probably not well. ---- Hee, hee. No actually I let up every once in a while. It was too fun to have it stop because he was dead! ---- Well, I did eventually.

After I'd had enough of that, I gave him another spit of my drink to wash his mouth out with and turned around so he could. ---- Yeah, I WAS VERY wet by then. Yeah, I'm sure he face was covered in it in seconds. Yeah, and he has a mustache and goatee too, like I told ya. ---- {Giggles}, Yeah. ---- Oh, I don't know how long! I know it was still bright outside when I closed my eyes, and it wasn't when I opened them again. ---- Of course as long as I wanted! ---- Oh, I lost count of those too. ---- Hee, hee, hee. ---- Yeah, he had been hard for a long time, so while I was sitting there I put my feet around it, but I told him they better not get messy! ---- So, I don't care if it was mean. {Laughs.} ---- Well, what do you THINK I did, I made him clean them off! ---- Yeah, that was the first thing he really hated doing I think, but I just laughed, I didn't care. ---- Well, I'm still trying to decide if I should.... SHIT! ---- He just screwed up! ---- Yeah, he's still here. What? Do you think I'm going to let him leave? ---- {Giggles.} ---- Well, he's on the floor at my feet, painting my toenails and he just screwed up! I guess I'll have to make him learn by doing his own first! ---- {Laughs.} Well I've got some pink; that should do for the little slut! ---- Hee, hee. Yeah, I need to go and deal with this. Maybe if he can figure out how to do a good job I'll consider using his cock from more than a place to step. ---- Laughing. I'll tell you tomorrow! ---- Oh, the house? Yeah, well I'll make him do that while I sleep, or maybe tomorrow. Sometime when I'm not here so I don't have to be bothered. ---- Video? ---- Oh, I see, just in case he decided it’s not worth it that could be more blackmail material to hold over his head. ---- Hmmm... I'll think about it. ---- {Giggles.} ---- Yeah, well, like I say, I'll tell ya tomorrow. ---- Hee, hee See ya then.

Jay's Bad Day

By Max Smart

This came from a Stripping and Humiliation Board archive, but it is ball busting and it is very good.

It was all the girls' idea, tricking Jay into a crooked strip poker game. He deserved it, though, and I happily joined in the conspiracy. All but one of us had a fabulous time.

I'm Sam, and I'm 17 years old. The girls are Chris and Julia, both 16. Jay is Julia's younger brother, a very irritating and obnoxious 14 year old. I have a crush on Chris and we're "sort of" going together, although nothing has really happened between us except for a little smooching and slow dancing. We all live in the same block and have played together for years - which is one reason it's kind of hard for Chris and I to graduate from kiddy playmates to teenage lovers.

I actually kind of like Jay. The person that was really out to get him was Julia, on whom he was always playing tricks and persecuting in various ways, such as embarrassing her in front of dates. He's a red headed, freckle-faced kid with a fair amount of baby fat still hanging around.

Recently Jay had pulled a few tricks that really pissed Julia off. He had pulled her bikini top down when they were swimming at the local country club pool, giving a brief but ample eyeful to quite a few boys from Julia's class and making her so embarrassed she begged her mother to let her switch schools. He had stolen a pair of her panties and run them up the flagpole at school. And finally, he and a couple of his friends had burst into Julia's room and caught both Julia AND Chris in the middle of changing clothes. Chris had on her underwear, but poor Julia was completely naked. This was the trick that pulled Chris into the act, and it turns out that this was a big mistake for Jay. He shouldn't have gotten Chris mad.

Julia is a cute, short blond, with a nice plump figure. She has a great butt, I must say. She may be very intelligent for all I know, as may Jay, but neither of them has let on if it's true. Chris, I think, is very smart and very clever. Of course, I DO have a crush on her, so I might be biased. Chris is tall, maybe 5'10", and very curvy. She is a brunette with curly hair and fabulous dark brown eyes. One think I didn't know about her until the episode I'm about to relate was that she could be pretty mean if you got her mad.

I was invited to take part for two, possibly three, reasons. One, they needed extra muscle. Two, I could deal from the bottom of the deck and could make sure that Jay lost. Three, and this is purely wishful thinking, Chris wanted me to have the fun of taking part in Jay's punishment because she liked me.

Chris made up the plan. I was to suggest a game of strip poker, played by the four of us out at Julia and Jay's parents' cabin near Lake --------. I would drive us because I had just gotten a license. Chris and Julia were to pretend that they didn't want to do it but would allow themselves to be talked into it by Jay and me. We didn't worry about talking Jay into it, he wouldn't need it.

Just as we expected, Jay went for it. Now, one fact about Jay is that he is very shy about his body and would absolutely HATE to really have to take his clothes off. But I knew very well that one reason Jay was willing was that he had no intention of actually taking his clothes off if he lost. He planned to simply refuse and laugh when people called him a cheater. He didn't mind being called a cheater. Of course he HOPED that one of the girls would lose and WOULDN'T refuse. It was a pretty sure gamble, from his point of view - lots to win, and nothing to lose.

During the drive everyone taunted each other about how embarrassed they were going to be without their clothes and how silly they would look. Jay blushed a couple of times but didn't seem too worried. I got a special thrill when Chris said to me, "I wonder what you have to show us, Sam?"

We got to the cabin and drank a little wine I had pilfered from my parents’ liquor cabinet. Then, as planned, I laid out the rules. First off, once you started to play, you couldn't quit the game until it was over. The game was over when one person had no clothes on. If you DID try to quit, that meant you automatically lost and would then immediately have to strip completely. I explained that we had to have a rule like that in order to make the game real. In order to raise the stakes a little more, the naked loser would get spanked by the winners and would have to follow any orders until he or she was allowed to dress.

Jay seemed very excited by this and agreed to go along. I'm sure that he figured he would just quit if he got into trouble and there was nothing we could really do about it. Chris and Julia pretended to object to the spanking part, but Jay and I talked them into it, mostly by taunting them for being wimps and prudes and scaredy-cats. It was really fun to see Jay unknowingly sow the seeds of his own doom, and the girls played their "shy and modest" parts wonderfully.

We played a very simple game - seven cards dealt face up. The owner of the lowest hand had to remove an item of clothing and give it to the winner. When someone finally lost all of their clothes, they would have to "pay" to get their clothes back by accepting ten spanks per item from that item's owner. This rule was presented as a bit of a punishment for wearing more items of clothing than normal.

It was tons of fun to tease poor Jay by having Chris, Julia and I each suffer losing streaks until we were down to our underwear. Jay, who had lost nothing so far, was exulting and making threats about how sore someone's bottom was going to be. By the way, Chris looked fantastic in bra and panties. I hadn't realized before what a nice set of boobs she had. Wow. I was doing my best to conceal my hard-on, but I'm not sure I succeeded very well, since Chris kept asking me if I was enjoying myself and winking.

Then young Jay's losing streak began, and it must have been incredible to him. He lost six hands in a row and was down to just his jeans, and, presumably, his underpants. He seemed a bit nervous, but still eager to go on, probably figuring that the odds were now in favor of him getting to see a set of naked breasts after the next hand. Unfortunately for him, he lost the next one too.

Chris and Julia had wicked grins on their faces as Chris said, "Well, Jay, off with the pants. C'mon, we're already down to our underwear."

"No. I quit. I'm bored." Jay tried to feign indifference.

"You can't quit, Jay." I said.

"Oh yeah? Just watch me." and he started to reach for his undershirt from Julia's pile of winnings.

"Jay, dear," Chris began, "If you don't take your pants off now, you'll be cheating and you'll automatically lose. That means you'll have to take everything off."

"Ha! Try and make me!"

Chris answered, "OK, we will."

We had been sitting on the floor. Chris, Julia and I started to get up, with the obvious intention of accosting Jay. Jay also clambered to his feet and tried to make a run for it. I caught him. I'm quite a bit bigger and stronger than Jay so it was an easy matter to wrestle him down to the ground. I sat on his chest and Chris grabbed his ankles. It was to be Julia's pleasure to do the stripping.

"Let me go! You bastards! Let me go! I'll tell! I'll tell!"

Julia said, "Oh shut up, Jay. Oh, Jay, I'm going to undo your belt now."

I couldn't see exactly what she was doing but I could hear the belt being unfastened even through Jay's threats and yells.

"Oh, Jay, I'm going to pull your zipper down, now." Julia was having a good time with this!

Jay's braggadocio took a downturn here. "No! Please, Julia! Don't? Don’t? ooooooohh!" As Julia suited action to word - I could hear the zipping sound.

"Down come your jeans, Jay. Hmmm, looks like your underpanties are coming down with them. Oh, well, might as well pull them down too."

Looking behind me, I could see that Julia was slowly working Jay's jeans and underpants down his hips.

"Ooooh! Look at the cute little wee-wee!" Julia cooed.

Jay began crying. "Nooooo! Stop! Let me go!" His face was scarlet.

Julia got Jay's pants and underpants down to his knees and then Chris helped her work them completely off. I got off Jay and Chris released his legs. Jay sprang to his feet, covered his genitals and backed himself against a wall of the cabin. He was still crying, begging us to give him his clothes back.

Chris said, "Jay, you've been a cheater and now you've refused to follow our orders. We're going to show you what the punishment for cheating or disobeying is."

The three of us grabbed Jay and dragged him to the heavy wooden table. It was lots of fun, especially since the girls and I were still in our underwear. I got some interesting glimpses of what seemed be a luscious pair of nipples on Chris's boobs.

Chris had come prepared with convenient lengths of rope and we managed to bend the crying, threatening young naked boy over the table and tie his legs and arms. Chris took care to pull Jay's legs as wide apart as possible before tightening the knots. Jay's freckled hindquarters were now defenselessly presented to me and the excited girls.

Jay had stopped threatening now and was just crying and begging us to let him go.

Chris suggested that the three of us put our clothes back on. I agreed that it was probably a good idea, but I was a bit sad about it. We dressed.

Jay's enforced posture gave us a good view of the crack of his bottom and of his twelve-year-old's hairless balls. I wasn't particularly interested in Jay's balls but the girls clearly were, and I was really getting off on their enjoyment.

Chris said, "Jay, you're now going to learn the penalty for disobedience or cheating when playing strip poker with the likes of us. Julia is going to do the honors. Here, Julia, take this fly swatter."

Chris hand Julia the fly swatter she had brought for just this purpose.

"Now, Julia," Chris said, "you know what the target is, but I don't think you know exactly how hard to smack it. Remember that boys are very sensitive there, so we don't want to be too rough (Jay started to shift nervously at this); but on the other hand, Jay deserves a strong punishment so we don't want to be too soft either. Why don't you try a practice swing on the arm of this easy chair?" Chris pointed to an easy chair that was place so Jay could see the action.

Whap! Julia smacked chair arm with frightening force.

Chris laughed, "Well, Julia, you can hit him like that if you don't want him having any children!"

Julia giggled, "How about this?" She hit the chair again, with a quite a bit less force. It was still enough to make me cringe at the thought of my balls being treated that way, but Chris wasn't satisfied.

"Now you're getting too wimpy Julia. Try something in between."

Smack! Julia did as asked and the chair received an intermediate stroke. I personally thought it was a bit strong.

Chris asked me, "Sam, you're a boy. What do you think? Was that last one hard enough?" I could only swallow nervously and nod, indicating that, yes, I thought it was hard enough.

Jay had been quiet through all this. I think he was stunned at the import of what was going on. His crying had stopped but he was panting with fear and his eyes were wide as they stared in horror at the sufferings of the easy chair. Finally he started to struggle in panic, pulling desperately at the ropes.

When he saw that he couldn't get loose, he pleaded to the smiling girls. "Don't, please, don't! You'll h-hurt me!"

"Well I certainly hope so, Jay. After all it's punishment!" Chris said gaily as she led Julia back around to Jay's shivering backside.

Chris instructed Julia, "Now, Julia, first get your range. That's good. Now move the swatter part up to make sure it will land right on the target."

With a mischievous smile Julia lightly touched the swatter to Jay's cringing balls. Jay jerked and gasped.

"Ahhhh! Oh! Don't! Don't! I'm sorry! You can spank me! I'll be good! I'll never cheat again!" Jay babbled, struggling some more, causing his balls to wobble a bit, which the girls seemed to find amusing.

"Now bring your weapon down. Good. Take aim. And try to remember how hard you hit the chair the last time? 3? 2?"

"No! Don't!!!" Jay begged.

"1? 0!"

Smack! The fly swatter hit home, directly on target, with enough force to make my balls cringe in sympathy.

Jay yelled out - a long drawn out yell of pain and shock. Then the pain began to swell and he treated us to a series of agonized groans.

Chris said, "Quick, let’s untie him."

We followed her lead and untied the ropes. Jay crumpled immediately to the ground grabbing his throbbing crotch and rolling on the floor in agony. I was somewhat horrified, but Chris and Julia were almost beside themselves with enjoyment as they watched Jay's sufferings.

Gradually the intensity of Jay's pain died down somewhat and he lay quietly with his hands between his legs, moaning softly.

Chris said, "Ok, time for the spanking. Jay, listen, you've just found out what the penalty for disobedience is. I want you to stand up, now!"

Jay ignored her.

"Ok, then, we'll repeat the treatment. Let's get him back on the table, guys."

"No! I'll do it." And Jay hopped to his feet with surprising agility, while somehow still managing to cup his family jewels protectively with both hands.

Julia ordered, "Hands at your sides, Jay."

"Ohhhh, please, Julia. I can't."

"Why Jay," cooed Julia, "Are you being disobedient? You must have liked your 'treatment'!"

Jay instantly brought his hands to his sides, displaying to me and the girls his prepubescent penis and balls. His balls seemed to have acquired a reddish hue from his recent "treatment". You could tell by the wrinkles in his forehead and that they were still paining the poor kid. He began to cry again.

"Ok," said Chris, "You're getting ten spanks for each item of clothing. That's, us let's see? Ten from Sam, 20 from Julia, and, hah! 50 from me! I feel sorry for your bottom, Jay, because you're getting your spanks with this and Chris magically produced a pretty scary looking riding crop.

Jay was too cowed by the thought of further "treatments" to protest too much. "Ooohhhhh! Please! Please, just let me g-go!"

"Let's see, I think we'll have you over the back of this easy chair. That's right bend right over. Now, now, don't squeeze your legs together so much. A little wider. Good, that's so we can apply any more treatments if you're bad."

"I won't be bad! Don't give me any more treatments!!" Jay's voice could be heard.

Jay managed to take all 80 strokes, but he suffered quite a bit. Several times he hopped up and had to be coaxed back down with threats of further "treatments". It appeared that just about anything was preferable, including a rather amazing set of marks on a very red and sore bottom.

Chris was the most severe. She gave her full strength to every stroke, producing full throated howls of pain from poor young Jay as she laid stripe after vivid stripe on his wincing, writhing butt.

Chris was finally finished and Jay continued to lie over the chair, crying his heart out. His bottom was a real mess - bright red with lots and lots of purpling stripes.

Chris said, "Very good, Jay. You were actually very well-behaved. I guess our 'treatment' is a very effective method for getting young boys to behave. Or maybe even older boys?" with this, Chris gave me a smile that made me a bit nervous.

She continued, "Now we have only to finish your punishment for cheating and disobedience. You see, the penalty is actually two strokes and you've only had one. We just gave you one of them at the start to get you to behave. So, let’s get the other one over with and then you can have your clothes back."

"Huhhh?" Jay mumbled. I don't think Chris's terrifying announcement really registered, or Jay would be protesting vigorously.

"Stand up, Jay." Chris ordered.

Jay slowly started to push himself up. His bottom was so sore he had to move very stiffly and gingerly. Reflex caused him to again guard his genitals.

Julia seemed to take this as her personal province, "Hands at your side Jay." Jay quickly obeyed.

Chris laughed. "Good boy, Jay. You've learned obedience for sure. Now, come over here." She said, leading the little lamb to his second slaughter.

When she started bending him over the table, the light finally dawned. Like I said before, Jay has never shown much cleverness. He started to struggle, but the three of us quickly had him tied down again in the same position as before, over the table and with legs well-spread.

"Gosh, Jay," said Chris with a sparkle in her eyes and a laugh in her voice, "I'm sorry you struggled just now. That means we have to add two more strokes, so now you get three. Julia, will you do the honors?"

-The end.-

New Home

By matthewsmith

Roaming streets in darkened night

Seeking drunks so dumb and dim

Silky dress and long high heels

Brings them home as meat to break

Picks him up inside her Lexus

He gets excited sexually

She is too, but he's no questions

She waits for her control to prove

Her violent power over these beasts

Taming men as horses too

Car pulls up he feels so horny

Opens door and steps inside

A bed of silk, so soft and cozy

Drunken sperm begin to leak

She touches lightly gently waiting

Tells him now to close his eyes

Injects his neck with tranquilizer

Laughs at him, he rolls his eyes

Takes him to a darker room now

Drags him by his balls that are

Tied so tight with strong hemp rope

Pulled and burned, and dislodged

Unconscious drunkard not knowing yet

The damage that's growing in his loin

The pain he'll feel on re-arrival

And where he's spending the next few nights

She locks his hands, and knees and feet

On a rotating tabletop

Turn and lock like gyroscope

She thinks about the fun she'll have

Sadistic beauty full of hatred

Full of evil, pain, and death

She will show this drunken schoolboy

The world's pain and more than that

He will be forever scarred, if death

His fate he does not meet

She will try to spare his life-force

So he knows that she is queen

Eyes are foggy, but he wakes

She greets him with a smile now

He doesn't know just where he is

Hasn't noticed his body yet

The moment lingers, she waits for it

And then she sees the pain infest

"What the fuck" he slurs so muffled

The pain he feels from rope is now

A burning ring about his scrotum

And aching ache in testicles

The cuffs, claustrophobia

Then the panic begins to set

"Welcome to my little dungeon,

I've dealt with men like you before,

I will have some fun tonight,

Now don't speak another word"

She lifts a buck knife

In her left hand

And brings it down

So violently

But it was just a trick to scare him

For his groin,

Already hurting

Instead she cuts the rope

From around his scrotum

Tossing it nonchalantly to the floor

Takes her stance

She grows a smile

Rubs her outer thighs

Focuses between his legs

Her foot moves instantly

From floor to sack

A violent flash

Light blinds his eyes

She snaps again

Her smooth tan foot

Vomit flows from the weak man's mouth

She paces the room

Vulture circling her prey

And waits for his sickness to end

Sadistically snickering

At his pathetic state

His stomach empty

He still dry heaves

A nasty bruise grows on left nut

A small rupture from her foot

Insides slowly seep out

Through the crack

Left side of scrotum swells

With blood and puss

And who knows what

She's happy with her work,

Although it wasn't planned

She steps outside

And comes back in

With fire hose in hand

A powerful surge of water shoots

She aims it at his face

All at once he is subdued

Drowning in this path

Of water flushing out his face

And getting in his nose and mouth

Then all at once she turns away

One shot of water

To his package just for fun

Just for fun

He gasps for air

After that assault

His heart straining from excess pain

Arising from his manly pieces

Desperate to escape now

He struggles against restraints that

Are still to strong for him to break

"Tonight you're going to learn the pain,

that all you men should know"

Tracing her nails across his chest

She teases him with gentile

And looks into his sorry eyes

She smiles as he shrinks away

In tears he waits bracing his mind

For what's to come tonight

"Sweetie, ya know, I have to pee,

but there's no toilet here,

if you could open wide for me,

tonight might not be quite as bad,

but if you spill a single drop,

then I'll take this cigarette,

and light it just to put it out,

inside the tip of your small thing."

He opens wide, but still in fear,

She hops on like a horse,

Aims her pee-hole

At his tonsils

And tries to relax her bladder

The stream begins, a warm sick taste

So fast he can't keep swallowing

Tries his best but overflows

And spills down side of face

Spills down her long leg

She gets up off him

Looking angry

"You fuck, you got piss all over

my leg, you're going to pay now"

She lights her cig and puffs away

But when it's halfway done,

She lifts his dick and dangles cherry

Right above his urethra

He sweats in fear anticipating

This awful pain that's sure to break him

She spreads his head and shoves it in

Twisting and turning to pack it tight

He screams in pain, agony, sickness

Feeling his world flash before.

"I warned you faggot,

you should have listened,

Should have heard the words I said.

You spilled this urine on my leg and

All over the floor and your head.

This is your punishment."

With that she cupped her hands and waited

For the moment to come wry

Gave his balls a firm hard slapping

Made him dry heave a second time

His body going into shock now

Will he come out of it again

He'll just have to wait until

The blinding pain stops blinding him

"Now I'm going to leave you sweetie.

Leave you here for a while,

With broken balls and burnt urethra,

I hope you like this domicile."