Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jennifer's Dream Come True (part one)

By mstewa1

This is my first post so feedback welcomed!! If response is good sequels will be written.

Jennifer was waiting for her lousy hubby to get back. She had found out earlier that day he had been cheating and she was waiting for revenge. She sat on the sofa in her new shiny black platform thigh boots with a six inch heel, her leather mini skirt, leather gloves and leather corset. She wasn't waiting long as Jason strolled in the house five minutes later. He walked into the room and was shocked by what his wife was wearing. He had a funny feeling that that night he wasn't going to like what she was going to do. He tried to act cool and asked how she was but as soon as she mentioned his mistresses name Julia he knew the game was up. He was about to explain himself when she demanded that he strip naked and lay down on the floor with his legs spread. He argued but a swift kick to his balls took the wind out of him and he complied.

He laid on the ground naked and began to whimper as he knew he was going to have a whole new experience.

Jennifer wasted no time and stood over him with her platform boot just over his balls. She stamped on them and swashed them in upon contact and held her boot on him as Jason tried to use all of his withering strength to lift her boot off him. But with his wife standing at 6 foot, 2 inches tall and physically strong legs he had no chance. Upon seeing her husband try to fend her off she took some rope and tied his hands to the table to prevent this happening again. She then stood over him again and proceeded to do the same and stamp on his balls swashing them again. She was beginning to enjoy herself and was getting excited over what power she had over him. Jennifer then began to kick Jason repeatedly into his balls using more force every time Jason yelling as the pain intensified in his unprotected sac.

After about 50 kicks Jennifer stopped and untied Jason telling him to kneel with his legs spread so the onslaught could continue. He complied and again she kicked him with more force than before leaving a echo of whimpering from Jason to sound the room. Enjoying herself, Jennifer stopped after 50 again and inspected the damage with her leather glove working her way over his balls with her index finger. She began to rub the bottom of his dick and worked her way up. Jason always admired her magic fingers and before long he was fully erect. Jennifer saw this as an opportunity to squeeze his sack together, once again leaving Jason to cry in pain.

Jennifer had a brainstorm at this point and tied Jason back up again to prevent him recovering fully and proceeded to get her phone and dial in Julia's number. As soon as Jason knew who was on the end of the line he knew he was in trouble...

To be continued...

The Shoe Store Clerk

By MsBoots69

While working during X-mas vacation at a mall in Denver while I was in college, I took a part time job at a shoe store called "The Freaky Pair" which specialized in hard to find HIGH heels and all up to date "fashionable" shoes.

I worked from 10am until 9:30pm one day and dealt with over 150 totally complete assholes {customers} that demanded everything and really had me in a really pissy mood!!!!

While I was locking up and doing inventory a security guard walked up behind me and asked me if I needed a hand? BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Besides the fact he was a fat obnoxious pimply young kid, he grabbed MY ASS which you do not do without me wanting me to!!!!!

Well somehow I kept my composure and said "sure" and told him to come in back and we well have a few "KICKS" together...

I led him into the stockroom and told him to wait by the curtain while I used the bathroom. Which was really time for me to get and slip on a pair of size 7 1/2 red pumps that laced up the front and had long strings that wrapped around my ankles and legs and tied in a big bow just below my knee, with a nice 4 1/2 inch heel that was very wide at the top but tapered smaller than a #2 pencil at the bottom!!

I snuck up behind the kid and he was just standing there leaning over a small counter and I hauled off and kicked him as hard as I possibly could, all he could do was stand there in shock and lean over the table more opening up his crotch even more and again I let him have a perfectly placed red toed shoe in his balls!!! This time he fell to the ground on his backs screaming STOP PLEASE, but all the days frustrations only made me deaf and all I did was change my shoes into a pair of brown suede boots with a thick chunky heel and then I stomped him so hard he sat up and I seen him crying, not moving, just holding my ankle while my boot heel was grinding into his balls and all he could do was cry!!!

I wanted to try on all the shoes and see which ones were the best on this kid but I thought he had enough and helped him out of the store and leaned him up on the banister by the steps and held his head up so he could look me eye to eye and rammed my knee into his beaten nuts for one for the road, he fell so hard to the floor and balled up like a little baby!!!! Oh well!!!!

I went back into the store to lock up and looked at all the shoes I could of used as weapons and really CRUSHED the kid, and just smiled and walked by him still balled up on the floor and told him how lucky he really was I was a nice girl!!!!!!

The Mary Avon Lady

By MsBoots69

It was in late November in Seattle and I was rushing door to door to get all the X-mas orders in I could by the deadline. All I kept thinking about was I need to stop this b.s.!! I'm going to be 40 next March and this door-to-door stuff is getting old. Even though I was weathering the old age looks thing really well, thanks to all my products and five days a week at the gym, I need to get myself a office job. The make-up kits felt like they weighed 100 pounds today. The houses seemed like they were a mile apart and these high heeled boots were killing my feet but appearance is EVERYTHING in my business!!

I finally made it up this long driveway and sat down my bags, straightened up my long trench coat and wipe d the spots off my patent leather boots all the way up to my calves where they stopped. It was then I noticed a scuff I made on the 3 1/2 inch heel on these steps which really pissed me off. I just spent $200 for these boots!!

When the door opened a big guy in normal farmer gear, the coveralls and baseball hat, smiled with both his teeth at me, and asked me, "What can I do for you sugar?"

"SUGAR?" I shook it off and asked him if I could speak to the woman of the house please.

He smiled again and said, "Sure," and invited me in.

I knew right away there was no way a woman of the house lived here. There were too many empty beer cans and dirty dishes everywhere!! This big guy yelled out, "Hey Jethro, this here little gal is looking for the woman of the house," and laughed out loud.

Well Jethro called out, "I be right there Bubba," and in walked in his double, right down to the bibs and hat.

I shook my head and said I have GOT to get out of this business!! I was just taking off my trench coat when they were both eyeing me up and down. I had on a short red skirt that hugged my old but very firm butt with a matching blazer with a silk thin white blouse under it, business but attractive. Like I said, appearance is everything!

Well just then Bubba walked up behind me and grabbed both my ass cheeks with both hands and started to squeeze and laugh. And here comes Jethro. I snap kicked him so fast and hard I think I paralyzed him and I instantly came down and stomped my spike heel into the top of Bubba's foot causing him to scream louder than Jethro!! I then spun around and rammed my knee into Bubba's nut sack causing him to double over, giving me time to turn and snap kick Jethro again keeping him immobile!!

Bubba was starting to stand straight and I took three big strides and buried my boot toe-deep into his crotch, lifting him off the ground and quickly dropping him and Jethro must have came to because here came the big hick. I easily side-stepped his rush and bent down and punched his jewels as he ran by causing him to stop and double over. I then KICKED the hell out of his balls with three hard full power boot full from behind - down he went!! Bubba was lying on the ground crying and I ran and football kicked off his crotch as hard as I could causing him to sit up then I continued with a roundhouse to the side of his head knocking him out cold!! Back to Jethro, he was still down so I walked to him and held up his right leg and kicked him six times over and over right into his balls and knocked him out with a snap kick in the middle of his big forehead!!

There this over-the-hill woman stood in the middle of this pigsty with these two out cold, so I smiled and got my makeup kit and painted their faces with the brightest colors I had. They really looked like clowns now! I added up all the makeup I used on them, wrote out a fake receipt, took the cash owed out of Bubba's wallet, walked down to his crotch and put the receipt on his balls and lifted my knee to my face and stomped down with the spike heel landing right on his left nut!!!!

He didn't even wake up, and probably wished he hadn't when he does!!! I looked at my boots and saw that damn scuff and walked to Jethro and stomped his balls the exact same way as Bubba and he didn't move either!!! I then took $25 out of his wallet and left him a note that I took the money to have the boot scuff I got while stomping on your balls repaired!!

I gathered up my kits, put on my trench coat and straightened it up and headed out to the house next door and said to myself, "I have got to get out of this business!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Mad Driver

By MsBoots69

I woke up late for work and was having a bad day. It was a normal crappy Monday morning and nothing was going right!! There was no coffee, no shaving cream and I stepped in a pile of puppy droppings barefoot!!!

I get through that and the I can not find my car keys, I tear up the house looking for them and finally find them and run out of the house only to trip over a bag of garbage my lazy son left on the porch that he was suppose to take out last night!

I finally hit the road and I get to my first stoplight and a black T-Bird with smoked windows is just sitting there after the light turns green. I back up to go around but the car takes off like a bat out of hell!!! I get to the next light and the same T-Bird does the same thing. I am starting to get pissed but the car takes off and pulls into a 7-11. I keep going and after a while I go to turn left and this black T-Bird flies past me and whips into the left turn lane making me slam on my brakes to just avoid rear-ending this asshole!!! He then takes off and this guy seems like he is destined to make himself a pain in the ass along my whole route!! Finally he cuts me off again and pulls into a mini-mall parking lot and by now I was really pissed and decide I need to kick this guy’s ass!!!!!

I whip in behind this guy and block him in and I get out ready to kick his ass and I started by kicking in his rear quarterpanel!!! Well finally the door opens and out comes a dark blue pump with two ankle straps with studs buckled around a really dark tanned leg followed by the other leg!!!! Both attached to the most beautiful petite blonde with spiked hair wearing a matching blue skintight sundress with mirrored sunglasses and tons of jewelry!!!

Before I could close my wide opened jaw she kicked me so hard in the balls I couldn't believe it came from that little babe!!! I was doubling over from that kick as she pushed up my head and blasted me with three knees that I swore came from a 300 pound man!!! I went down instantly!!!!! She then walked up and kicked my with her pointy toe of those pumps again forcing me to close my legs around her foot making it hurt even more. She would then take her foot out and stomp her stiletto heel right into my balls causing me to open my legs again!!!! After four or five rounds of this back and forth torture she finally took a deep breath and kicked me so hard with those pumps again I must have slid back two feet and I though I was blacking out!!!

As she was walking away all I could do was watch her cute ass in that tight dress and her long high heels tapering away when she reached into her purse and pulled out a set of keys and unlocked a door and turned to look at me and flashed the most evil smile at me while I laid there unable to get up and wondering if I would ever get a hard on again!!! As she went inside and I was fading in and out of consciousness I read the sign on the door - Welcome to Miss Diamonds Dojo… The Self Defense Specialist!

I was having a really crappy day!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hypnotist

By MsBoots69

I was alone last Friday night and thought I would go to the local riverboat casino and try my luck on a little blackjack. I got to the boat at 10 p.m. for the 10:30 cruise and it was already sold out. I never have any luck... So I went to one of the lounges to wait for the next cruise and had a few rum and cokes to pass the time when she asked me if she could sit down at my table with me!!!!!!!!

I looked up and saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen; she was tall, slender and really built like a brick shithouse!!! She had long reddish curly hair and had to be six feet tall. She was wearing a short tight dark green leather skirt with a white sweater that was short sleeved with buttons up the front that showed off her perfect breasts, she also had on a waist length black coat and the most dangerous looking pair of black ankle boots I had ever seen, they had a four inch metal heel with a matching silver toe tip and the laces were wrapped tight along the top around a buckle around the ankle and I don't think I have a shoe fetish but I couldn't take my eyes off her legs or those shoes!!!!

We had three or four drinks together and I was buzzed and told her I would rather take my chances gambling with a chance at her than on the boat now!!! She smiled and said she had a idea!!! She picked up my hand and led me out of the bar to her hotel room, and told me she had a bet in mind! When we got to her room she made me another drink and proposed her bet. She bet me she could hypnotize me and make me feel like I have NEVER felt like before!!!! She said we would both put up 500 dollars and the winner got all the money and the loser would be a slave to the other for one hour!!!!!!!!!

So that seemed simple enough, and I would have a fun time either way, so I agreed and we started. She moved all the furniture out of the way and had me stand in the middle of the room with my hands on my hips and took off her gold necklace and started waving the heart shaped pendant in front of my eyes and was talking to me with a very whisper!!!!!!!!!!

The next thing I remembered was waking up on the floor in the middle of the room and feeling perfectly normal except for the fact I was 500 dollars short and I had a video tape laying on my chest with a note saying to enjoy the room for the rest of the night and to have a drink because I was going to need it really bad!!!!!!!!!!

So I went to the TV and put the tape into the VCR and made a huge drink and hit play. There was this beautiful redhead talking to me and I was still feeling kinda under trance but could not explain it. She said this was going to hurt her more than me but watch and enjoy the show. I was standing in the room all alone when she walked in wearing a latex mini-dress and those same hot boots!!!!!!! I didn't know what was going on but she looked amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! She walked up to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the throat and then smiled and blasted me in the nuts with the hardest knee I ever saw, and it was on ME!!!!

I didn’t even budge and I felt like I was in the twilight zone, watching her knee me in the balls that hard and I couldn't even move or feel it???? She then backed up and kicked my balls dead-on in those boots!!! Not one or two times but it musta been 30 or 40 times. Each time harder and harder and the whole damn time I am not even moving or acting like I feel anything????????

She finally stops kicking me and looks at the camera and says, “You will never forget this image and you will cringe every time you even hear the tap of a spike heel but here it comes,” and she steps back and runs up to me and kicks me so hard in the crotch. I am sitting there watching her lift me up to my tiptoes with the force of that kick but I do not move or fall or even feel the damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!! She then lays me down on my back and lifts her leg up and slams down that metal spike heel into my balls and I still am not moving or even act like I feel it??? She musta stomped that heel into my balls 10 or 15 times until she tired herself!!!

She then kisses me on the cheek and "I bet I would make me feel like you have never felt before but I felt normal???????????

As she was leaving she stepped in front of the camera and told me this, “You need to keep this tape and anytime you doubt the power of a woman you need to watch this and remember who is in charge!!!!!!!!!”