Monday, October 29, 2007

Physical Pleasures

By Pleasure Seeker

Chapter 1

Greg and Rachael had only been dating for about three months. It had only taken them four dates before they started fucking, about normal for Greg and faster than usual for Rachael. Greg was coming up to 24; he had blond hair and was a fit medium build, just under six-foot. Rachael was 20, good looking, kind of cute with it; she had light brown shoulder length hair, a good pert pair of breasts and long slender legs.

That day they had been walking by the lake, it was getting towards late afternoon and they were drifting towards the parking lot. Rachael asked, “One last look at the lake before we go?”

“Okay,” said Greg. They both sat on some rocks by the edge of the lake where the water came right in.

Greg was Rachael’s fourth boyfriend, and though it was so far the shortest relationship, she found Greg much sexier than the others. There was something about the way he made love to her which suggested an adventurous nature about sex. So far, though she had not explored this potential aspect. But this was about to change without her realizing it.

They talked for a while about nothing much, watching the last of the other visitors begin to head home. A few feet away was the track to the parking lot, all of a sudden they were startled by the screech of tires as three boys on bikes careered past.

“Have you ever ridden a bike?” enquired Rachael, looking at his firm thighs but also noticing the visible bulge in his chinos were his legs met.

“I used to,” he said, thinking back to when he was a teenager. “But a soon as I was 16 I started to drive and suppose didn’t need to.” He then remembered one of his cycling days, when he and some friends from school rode out to the creek about 12 miles outside town. He thought about telling Rachael, couldn’t decide, and then did.

“I remember once, I was with some friend out at Wild Creek, guess I was about 15. We were just coming to the ridge on our bikes, a steep up-hill ride, when the chain on my bike came off and I landed hard on the cross bar straight on my balls. It really hurt for a few minutes, but after lots of laughter from the other guys I was able to carry on.

“The funny thing,” he said, only now realizing what may have occurred, “when I got home about an hour later and went up to my room, I felt incredibly horny, with a heavy but yet not fully hard cock. At that time of course I wasn’t fucking anyone so had to be content with jacking off. My balls were still tender from the busting earlier, but I still felt the urge to squeeze hard them while rubbing my cock.”

Rachael listened in fascination; she always wondered about men’s bodies and what they felt when sexually aroused.

Greg continued. “When I came, and it didn’t take long, I remember shooting more cum than normal, but most surprising was the distance the first few spurts went, overshooting the tissue I usually laid on the bed. There was a long white streak all across the bed quilt which I had to quickly clean up.”

“Do you think it was the blow to your balls that made you cum like that?” inquired Rachael.

“I don’t know. It’s never happened to me since and I’ve never been kicked or hit in the balls, even during school sport.”

“I’ve grabbed you balls during sex and even squeezed them quite hard, you haven’t objected,” said Rachael.

“I get so horny then that it takes a lot to distract me from what you are doing to my cock,” he replied.

“I think we should test this out as soon as possible, when we get back to my place I suggest I kick you in the balls and then you tell me how you feel.”

“No way!” said Greg, alarmed.

“I promise to fuck afterwards and anyway, if it still makes you horny, just think about not having to rub yourself off this time. Maybe some sucking of your dick first, some clit and pussy?”

“OK, but just one kick. With my jeans on and no shoes on your feet.”

“We’ll see,” said Rachael, thinking this is going to be fun and if I know Greg, it won’t stop at that.

Chapter 2

Back at Rachael’s apartment, about an hour’s drive from the lake, Greg and Rachel grabbed a bite to eat and then started to freshen-up after the days outing. Greg watched through the door of Rachael’s room as she stripped for a shower. He watched her firm tits spring from the confines of her bra as she unfastened the clasp. He could see her shapely ass as she slipped off her jeans, the curvature of her buttocks and the space between her legs showing off the outline of her cunt against the dark background of the bedroom. Clearly visible now was the mound of brown curly hair that surrounded her lips outlining her pussy he so much wanted to part them and fuck with his rapidly hardening prick.

As he sat there thinking about Rachael and sex, she suddenly disappeared into the shower leaving him only with his genitals to play with. He thought of the time she would take his firm end between her lips and allow the rim to rub over the edge of her lips before taking the full head of his swollen cock into her mouth. As he did so he realized that his balls were soon to receive Rachael’s undivided attention, with her intent of finding out if inflicting him to high levels of testicle pain would make him extra horny and a super fuck.

Slowly Greg felt each testicle, letting his fingers trace the plum-shaped outlines held within his scrotum. He wondered how much pain he could expect from his nuts, the memory of the bicycle ride was distant now and the prospect of having his nuts crushed alarmed him. Suddenly he wanted to tell Rachael that it was only a joke and that he had made the story up to pass the time. After a few moments thought though, he realized that he found the relatively minor pain exerted by Rachael on his balls during sex a real turn-on, causing him to have some of the best hard-ons of his life, perhaps there was something about ball busting that released an additional level of sexual arousal in men. Alright he decided, he would let Rachael at his balls and let her convince him on the benefits of the experience.

Greg could see Rachael as she dried her naked body, her hands rubbing the towel over her firm breasts, down over her flat belly and between her legs. He sighed as she rubbed the towel around her pussy and up to her small tight asshole, thinking of the times his dick had penetrated those moist lips and left his thick creamy spunk running down her thighs. She then proceeded to pull on a T-shirt and mini briefs.

“Come on Greg, finish that beer and get in the shower, I can’t wait to kick you in those beautiful big balls of yours,” called Rachael as she pulled on a flimsy pair of light blue knickers that barely covered her cunt hairs.

Greg climbed out of the chair and pulled his T-shirt off followed by his Chinos. Rachael looked at his smooth but muscular chest and arms, she watched as he lowered his cotton briefs to reveal his ample cock and full balls. Even soft, Greg could manage six inches, hard it was a magnificent eight inches of thick throbbing cock, enough to fuck her off properly every time.

Rachael watched as he showered, thinking only of his balls and the pleasure she wanted them both to have from Greg’s ball busting.

Greg came out of the shower and started to dress. He pulled on a pair of Levis and some socks, grabbed another beer and went over to where Rachael was sitting on the sofa.

“I thought I said no jeans?” she said as Greg appeared.

“Come on, I need something to stop them being ripped off,” said Greg as he playfully held his groin.

“No, if you want to feel the impact of my foot in your balls they must be either exposed or held in place by the minimum of material. Put on those tight blue briefs you bought from Sears last week. They look good but let your nuts stand out.”

Greg pulled off his jeans allowing Rachael a look at her target. She looked at his plump testes and wondered what it was like to have such sensitive parts between the legs and as part of one’s sexual organs.

Quickly Greg pulled on the blue briefs, adjusting the fit to allow his heavy cock to hang in front of his balls. Rachael stood up and moved towards him. As soon as she could reach her hand had delved into his pants and pulled his cock upwards to expose his nuts from the front. Rachael was not now concerned about Greg’s penis. That could wait; all she wanted was his balls.

“One kick to start, OK?” said Rachael looking at Greg. He winced at her, but really he was almost looking forward to answering a big question. Greg nodded and opened his legs about two feet. Rachael shook her head and made him move them wider apart. She could now see a clear gap around his restrained nut sack, the shape of her intended targets clearly visible through the thin cotton.

“I think it will be best if you close your eyes, if you flinch or move it may reduce the force of the blow.”

Greg obeyed. Legs apart, eyes closed he braced himself for the most pain he was ever going to feel, but strangely looked forward to the impact.

Rachael took two steps back, balanced herself then swung her right leg forward in a kicking movement with all her weight. The instep of her foot came sharply into Greg’s groin. Nothing could now stop Greg from finding out if this was to be pleasure or pain.

The first Greg new was the sharp impact into his scrotum. Like any skin on skin impact this was slightly sore, but this was only the beginning of the experience. He felt himself being briefly lifted off the floor as the full force of Rachael’s kick hit him. He knew it would be a few seconds before the ball pain would start. Already he could feel the affects of the impact in his abdomen, the sharp pain in his sides and stomach. This would last only a few seconds, but would be intense. He tried to focus on his balls, believing that most of the impact would be felt there and quickly turn into sexual arousal.

With his eyes still closed he struggled to keep his balance after the blow. The pain of the initial impact was now transferring to the intense ache in his testes. This is what he remembered from the bike crossbar in the balls. Although it hurt like hell in his balls he was starting to get really turned on by this and wanted the feeling to continue. Standing up straight to maximize the feeling in his nuts, Greg managed to open his eyes to see Rachael looking at him, wondering what she had done to the guy she loved.

“Are you OK? Are your balls all right? Do they hurt?” she asked desperately.

“Yea,” gasped Greg holding his testicles. “It’s OK. What I’m feeling now is great, all the pain is in my balls but I can feel a hard-on coming on.”

Rachael looked up from his balls to see a firm shaft sticking up in the front of his briefs. Wow, she thought, one kick does this already. Greg pulled down the front to his briefs to examine his balls. They looked a little red and perhaps slightly swollen, but otherwise normal.

“How do they feel?” inquired Rachael.

“Tender, but fine,” said Greg rolling each one gently in turn between his thumb and forefinger to check it was still whole.

“I’m going to knee your balls now,” said Rachael.

“I said one kick, you’ve had that,” replied Greg. He wasn’t about to stop her though, this was too much of a turn-on to stop now.

“Come on, your enjoying this and so am I. Lets take it all the way whilst your balls are tender and see how much you can stand”. As she said this, her hand cupped Greg’s scrotum and gently massaged the contents. His cock was stiff now and his end was poking out from the briefs.

Greg considered Rachael’s request and decided he would like to know what his balls would feel like after she kneed him.

“OK, but make it good one,” he said.

Rachael stepped back, releasing his balls. She reached out with both arms and held Greg by the shoulders. She gestured him to open his legs wider, then swung her right leg back and then bought it rapidly up into his tender scrotum. Greg bent at the waist with the force. The few brief second quickly passed before he could feel the intense sensation in his nuts.

Rachael watched as Greg staggered at little, recovered his stance and grabbed his balls, holding the pair of red testicles as they delivered a painful but highly arousing pain throughout his body. His cock remained upright throughout this time. Rachael looked longingly at it, wanting to take the head into her cunt, impaling herself on the long shaft, right up to Greg’s aching balls.

“Here, let me,” she said reaching out for his balls. Greg removed his hand from around his testicles and started to gently rub the tip of his penis, slowly flicking the skin over the ridge.

Rachael took his testes in her right hand and felt the shape of each ball with her fingers. Almost instinctively her grip tightened on his balls. Both testicles were now trapped in a vice-like grip, her fingertips pushing into the firm flesh of Greg’s swollen balls. She locked her grip and at the same time leant forward and kissed Greg on the lips, pulling to him with her free hand.

The pain shot up Greg’s sides as he felt his balls grabbed in this tender state. After the initial shock had subsided the residual pain turned into an intense sexual ache once again and started to arouse him, his cock again stiffening, the glans bursting though his short foreskin to reveal his purple shining knob.

Rachael responded by taking her hand from around Greg’s waist and gripping his penis, allowing her hand to slowly masturbate him. Her other hand maintained its hold on his balls.

As she rubbed her hand up and down his erect cock Rachael could feel his balls throb under the pressure applied to them. Greg groaned audibly with the pain as she continued to grip his nuts and occasionally massage them. His only movement was a thwarted attempt to push his hand into Rachael’s knickers and rub her dripping pussy off. She was determined that this was going to be Greg’s experience and her coming could wait until he was ready to fuck her later.

“Are your balls alright?” she inquired.

“Yes, I can just stand your grip at the present. The longer you squeeze for, the more intense the pain becomes. Squeeze harder! Harder! Harder! Arrgh!” moaned Greg as Rachael obeyed his command. Her fingers now pulling at his compressed scrotum and its contents with her right hand. To apply more pressure to his balls she took her left hand off Greg’s knob and gripped his right testicle, his left one being gripped by her right hand. By applying separate forces to each ball the impact on Greg was visible. His cock seemed to grow even stiffer, the skin of his end stretched tighter, the hole in the end no longer a slit but almost round with an oozing of the clear fluid men make when highly aroused.

Greg groaned in both pain and pleasure at the forces acting between his open legs. Rachael started to move the tips of her fingers in the firm flesh of Greg’s balls whilst maintaining the pressure. Greg was almost whimpering but still he let her carry on.

Suddenly Rachael released his swollen testes, Greg sighed with relief at the almost instant removal of the deep-seated sensations in his balls and lower abdomen.

“Come over here and sit on your balls,” ordered Rachael as she took a slightly padded chair and placed it in the center of the bedroom.

Almost in a daze Greg moved over to the chair. Rachael reached between his legs from between his buttocks and pulled on his swollen scrotum. She allowed Greg to lower himself onto the chair whilst her hand held his balls in place close to his ass hole. As soon as the weight of his body started to push his balls into the firm cushion of the chair she withdrew her hand. Greg let out a moan as his weight compressed his super sensitive nuts, just to make sure he wasn’t cheating and taking some of the weight on his legs Rachael quickly pulled his feet up off the floor. Greg cried out again.

“How are they?” asked Rachael.

“Starting to throb, I can feel each ball, they feel really hard. It’s like I’m going to come, but I’m not going pass the point of no return and actually cumming off. Each time they throb they must swell because the pressure increase making them hurt and throb more.”

Rachael watched Greg’s face, slowly his eyes closed and his mouth opened. He looked almost at peace.

“What is it, Greg?” she wondered.

“It’s like coming in little bursts but without the sensation in my cock,” he whimpered.

With that Rachael pulled off her T-shirt followed by her now wet knickers. Quickly she rubbed her right hand over the opening to her pussy ensuring that the thick white cunt cream was ready for what she intended. By pulling Greg’s balls back between his legs his prick was stretched tight, the end at a shallow angle to his thighs. Rachael took hold of his shaft and quite roughly pulled the underside of the penis at the base to produce enough skin to allow it to angle upwards. This is where Greg’s eight inches would help.

Quickly she positioned herself on his thighs, holding his shoulders. Looking down to check the penetration angle, she lowered her wet pussy lips over the glans of his cock. She could achieve about three inches of penetration, enough she thought. Her next move was to start bobbing up and down on Greg, the point of deepest penetration resulted in most of her weight being taken by Greg’s throbbing balls. He briefly opened his eyes at the extra pressure and pain but he could hardly see his girlfriend inches away. The sensation in his balls and his cock now having its most sensitive parts rubbing up a woman’s pussy was too much.

The throbbing of his balls spread between is legs to envelope his entire sexual organs. He was coming like he has never come off before. The exquisite rubbing of knob inside Rachael and the hour of ball busting was coming to a climax. He threw his head back, mouth open wide and cried out in ecstasy as the first massive spurt shot from his pulsing cock. He could feel his balls almost wrenching themselves to pump out his cum into Rachael’s cunt, shot after shot of the hottest cum he had ever felt erupted from his dark purple penis. Still he cried out, the throbbing never seeming to end.

Rachael could feel the heat and the force of his spurts as the semen hit the walls of her vagina. Already it has started to trickle down her leg and onto Greg’s thighs. After what was an age Greg became quiet and still, to relieve him she climbed off him, more cum dripping from her pussy lips as she did.

Greg stayed still for a few more moments then raised himself to release his trapped balls. They were still swollen, hanging slack in his now red scrotum. Slowly he climbed out of the chair and looked at Rachael, smiled and took a step forward and put his arms around her naked body, drawing her to him. A large drop of cum landed on his foot.

Later Greg made love to Rachael, giving her an endless series of body shaking orgasms.


The General (part 1-2)

by philco

The military man with a chest full of medals had always been a closet masochist. His résumé reflected this. Early in his career, he volunteered for multiple infantry in Korea and Vietnam. Along the way, he earned commendations for bravery and his strategic genius had him well on the path to General. At 50, he made 3-star and by the ripe age of 57 he was promoted to 4-star General. The 6'4", rugged 230-pound Army man with the graying flattop definitely looked the part. Upon being promoted, the hero was given the option of hiring his own secretary. He relished the idea and took a firsthand role in interviewing candidates.

Ten days into the search, the bachelor with and eye for the ladies found the ideal woman. A slim, petite, Demi Moore look-alike in her mid 30's, this woman exuded innocence and elegance. She had eyeglasses and wore her long, silky hair in a sexy ponytail. Her attire was business professional - long-sleeved white blouse, a beige skirt cut loosely above the knee, a metal ring belt that hugged her curvy hips, ivory nylons and matching peep-toed stilettos. Her single status appealed to the General since married women, and especially those with children, were high maintenance.

The interview went well. She expressed flexibility indicating she was free to work from dawn to dusk. Her skill set was excellent and she answered the General's questions patiently and to his satisfaction. After a moment to skim her résumé one last time, the West Point alum closed the file with gusto and said, "You're hired". They smiled mutually in agreement. Just then, the man's cell phone rang.

"Excuse me," he apologized. "I have to take this." As he stepped out of his office for privacy, the stunning hiree caught her breath and strolled to the window to admire the morning sunshine. Seconds later she wheeled around to return to the guest chair when she noticed an open web file in the General's computer.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she pressed play on the dormant file. The image that materialized was that of an attractive woman in a karate outfit instructing a younger woman dressed in business attire how to properly defend herself, with an emphasis on 'busting balls'. The hiree's satin panties moistened at the mere idea of 'girl power' but her mid-morning wet dream ended abruptly when she heard her new boss wrapping up his call. She quickly clicked the stop button before double-timing it back to her chair.

"Sorry about that," bellowed the 4-star as he re-entered the room. "I just learned that we've been invited to a party tonight. The Joint Chief's are hosting a bash in my honor to celebrate the promotion."

"We?" she asked.

"Yes, we," he confidently snarled. "It will be the perfect place to introduce you to those you will be working with… and against," said the General with a sly smile.

"I can't wait," said the shapely brunette. "Meet you there?" she asked.

"Indeed," he said. "Here's the address and please dress formally."

Hours later the hiree arrived at the black-tie function dressed to rupture with a sexy, black evening dress highlighting her perky bustline and a black leather mini-skirt. Her black, pointy-toed stilettos caught the eye of the lone military cop manning the metal detector entrance. "You could really hurt someone with those, ma'am," said the young guard in a sheepish tone."

The woman, wearing her gorgeous hair down for this occasion, sensed her absolute superiority over the boy. She smiled, removed her glasses and said, "Oh, you mean these shoes." She gazed down innocently at the sharp points and flexed her foot for emphasis. "You're probably right." She the playfully tilted her head, looked into the MP's eyes and warned, "And if you give me any static officer, you might find your testicles orbiting your tonsils." He smiled uneasily and motioned her through. She advanced without incident and, knowing the MP's gaze was magnetized on her fetching derriere, the woman strutted toward the ballroom, her weapons clicking as she went.

"There you are Lisa. You look lovely," said the General, decked out in full dress uniform with the newly minted 4th star on both shoulders. "Glad you could make it," he said as he kissed her hand and kindly seated her at his table.

Thank you for inviting me sir," she said. The pair proceeded to get more acquainted as toasts to the new 4-star sporadically interrupted their chat.

"I did a little research on you General," said the woman as she snuck her pointy-toed shoe under the table, making soft but direct contact with his package. We have a lot in common," she said as the point of her shoe provocatively probed and jabbed his scrotum.

"We do?" he said in a wary tone.

"You're not only single like me but you like having your balls kicked."

Taken aback, the General said, "How do you know?"

Lisa replied mischievously, "I saw that webpage you had open this morning. You're a closet masochist! Don't worry; it will be our little secret. But I have to admit, it made me very horny. I don't know if you noticed on my résumé but I once worked at the CIA where they taught all delicate females self-defense." She then jabbed him hard with her heel, causing him to recoil slightly. "You mentioned sir that we have people to work against and I could be quite handy as an internal espionage agent." She went on to add, "Because of my appearance, men tend to underestimate me."

Never mind a 4th star, the General's third leg was on full alert as Lisa continued to lightly jab his sack while giving a tidy dissertation of the many ways to 'bust' a man. "Punching, kicking, slapping and flicking are all good techniques," she said. "But there are other subtle methods that I specialize in. For instance, come close for a moment sir." She reached under the tablecloth and gently unzipped his trousers. Grabbing his testicles firmly, she the gleefully explained the famous 'grip and twist'. "It's especially effective when dealing with pushy men at bars," she said. "You make a ring with your thumb and index finger around the nutsack, apply pressure by tightening and the use your index finger to divide the testicles while pressing inward."

The General winced and patted his hand on the table to signal her to relent. "That'll work," he said then quickly looked around to see if anyone was eavesdropping on Lisa's mesmerizing lecture. Satisfied no one was, the General caught his breath and instructed his new secretary to, "Please continue."

The brunette vixen drew the General's attention to those wicked, black pumps she was wearing. "These are my nutcrackers," she purred proudly. "My girlfriends and I talk frequently about the latest pair of 'nutcrackers' we purchased. The MP at the entrance noticed this pair. And why wouldn't he? The point (she fingered the sexy outline of it) is most effective in cutting a man down to size. One properly executed snap kick with these, General and even a powerful man like you would be down for the count." The 4-star grimaced while accidentally spurting in his shorts. Trying to contain his excitement, he reached under the table to zip his trousers, which were still undone after the 'grip and twist' lesson.

Meanwhile, Lisa waxed on about her pumps. "I've learned a new technique that I'd love to try out on you General.

"What's that?" he asked with a trace of fear.

"I'd like to kick you as hard as I can with these pointy shoes. Only I'm going to follow through and get you with my heel as well, sort of a double whammy," she said with a smile that nearly leveled him.

The General gulped, contemplating how such a nasty strike could be on his manhood. "You'd do that?" he asked in disbelief.

"I'd let you wear a cup though," she responded. "But only for the first kick. The rest would be straight on and I promise, deadly accurate."

Lisa now knew she had her boss wrapped around her finger. Seizing the moment, she invited the General to slow-dance as Chris DeBurgh's 'Lady in Red' came on. As her trailed Lisa to the dance floor, the General got a good look at her sexy, compact body. Her pumps elevated her petite frame just enough so that her eyes were even with his chin. Gently placing her hands on the General's broad shoulders, the woman seductively traced the outlines of the General's 4-stars. She gazed into his eyes and warned that if his hands went any lower than her waist, "You'll be walking funny sir."

The General was however on his best behavior. Lisa whispered that she was joking but that she did have a question for him. "General, what do you get when you subtract two from four?"

Puzzled, the General could only muster, "Two."

The woman pulled the unsuspecting man closer and said, "Wrong silly. A 4-star General... minus two..." She drove her left knee powerfully into his pills, which impacted hard against his pubic bone. "…equals you, my dear, in the fetal position." The General faltered like Mike Tyson after a Buster Douglas uppercut. The stunned hero collapsed into Lisa's arms and she struggled to cradle her superior while also applying a Spock hold to the man's neck.

Just before he passed out she whispered, "Oh, you met my knee General. I'll see you at 0600. Bring your cup."

The ensuing commotion was met with a mix of bemusement and concern by the rest of the gathered elites. "What happened to him?" asked one of the other 4-stars as his eyes took a walk up and down Lisa's irresistible figure.

The woman maintained her exquisite feminine poise and put her hands on her cheeks for effect. "I'm not sure," she offered convincingly. "I think he fainted."

0600 Next Morning

The following morning, the 4-Star arrived at the Pentagon for his regular 6 a.m. start. He was a bit groggy and his gait was slightly off, as he made his way down the long hallway to his office. At his promotion party the night prior, his newly hired secretary had asked him to dance and during that dance, she delivered a clandestine knee that popped his nuts like the balls in one of those air-powered lottery machines. The gorgeous woman subsequently applied a pressure point pinch maneuver to his neck that left him unconscious. When he finally came to an hour later, his short term memory failed him and he could not explain to colleagues what caused him to pass out. Nevertheless, here he was, back at work early the next morning.

Lisa was waiting for the general inside his office when he arrived. Upon seeing her, it all came back to him, the way she had easily disposed of him.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you,” he said sternly.

Lisa was not intimidated and quickly the reversed the tone, “Oh General, you made my night. To think that a little thing like me….could take you….a big strong military man… OUT… with one knee… it got me soooooooo wet.” The hero heard this and felt like he’d almost won the lottery. Here she was, a sexy and mature woman who was not only a cool person, but one who was also into his secret fetish.

Dressed in a tight light blue blouse, her top three buttons were undone and her matching knee length skirt had a generous slit up one leg that revealed her sexy white stockings. The pony tailed brunette rose from her chair and sauntered toward the general. Her white pumps with razor sharp points, clicked on the shiny waxed floor as she approached and pinned him against the wall.

“I’ve always liked kneeing men,” she continued. “A knee in the balls… is arguably the best technique available to women, especially to a petite woman with bony knees like myself. The bonier a woman’s knee is… the more damaging the strike. And besides, it’s a very up close and personal way of saying ‘fuck you’. Most men are too distracted by my eyes or cleavage to even realize it’s coming. From a woman’s standpoint, a knee in the balls contains the ultimate element of surprise. Won’t you agree general?”

The general had encountered many formidable adversaries in his career but here was an ally that was being very adversarial. Lisa was correct though on all counts. Her gaze…..was intoxicating, and her perky nipples… were causing a serious gravitational reaction in his Defense Department issued dress trousers. He was almost daydreaming when the woman lightly slapped his face with her left hand and scolded, “General, my eyes……are up here.” He quickly snapped out of it and locked eyes with her. She smiled glowingly at him then took the opportunity to gently unzip his pants with her right hand.

In addition to her many incredible feminine attributes, Lisa prided herself on her fingernails, often spending hundreds of dollars to update her impeccable French Manicure. Her glistening 2-inch white tipped nails invaded the general’s nether region with mixed intentions. She slipped her right hand inside the hero’s underwear and used her index and middle fingers to provocatively tickle the underbelly of his ball sack. The general began to purr liked a Cheshire cat.

Lisa could feel the general’s flag was at full mast and she joked, “You did say you had a bone to pick sir. You weren’t lying were you?” And with that, she quickly grabbed a firm hold on his pocket rocket.

“Last night was great,” she said, maintaining eye contact with her boss as her right hand firmly massaged his throbbing shaft, “but that sir… was just a love tap.” Right then, using his hard cock as leverage Lisa pulled the general toward her and brought her right knee up sharply and squarely, trapping his package underneath his hard held boner.

The general dropped with a thud to the floor and moaned pathetically. Very satisfied, Lisa fanned out her lovely nails while looking down on her fallen boss and sighed, “You might recall general, that last night I wore that tight leather mini skirt. And today you might notice I’m wearing a skirt with a slit.” In the state he suddenly found himself in, the general was incommunicado. So Lisa continued what was now a monologue. “I love mini-skirts, especially sexy leather mini skirts, but I just find that looser skirts with a sexy slit provide me with more freedom of movement… to better punish men with my knee. Don’t you agree?” she asked rhetorically.

Lisa felt badly about how she’d once again suckered her superior with a surprise knee. She looked down sympathetically at him, and said, “I think we could both could use a cup of coffee, now don’t move, I’ll be back General.”

The hero continued to writhe helplessly while catching a blurry glimpse of Lisa’s wonderful wiggle exiting his office. Moments passed before he was able to pick himself up and stagger to his big leather chair. Lisa soon re-entered the room double-fisted with coffees and placed one on the general’s desk.

“Glad to see you’re up Sir, this should help see straight again,” she said before seating herself seductively in front of him on his desk while crossing her shapely legs for effect.

The man had barely gotten down a swallow of the tasty java when the seductress sipped hers, looked up and asked, “Did you bring your cup General?” He almost spat out his first sip when he heard that. “Remember, I told you I wanted to try out that new technique on you handsome,” she continued, as she slid off the desk and walked behind him and placed her soft hands on his shoulders. “You’ve tensed up sir, I think I need too loosen you up before we begin,” she said and she proceeded to massage his thick trapezoid muscles until she could feel him noticeably relax.

The vixen then walked to the office door and locked it. She told the 4-Star to stay still and close his eyes until she was ready for him to open them. After the events of the last 24 hours, he didn’t know what to expect next, but aching nuts and all, he was fully prepared to go with the flow. Meanwhile, Lisa watched the General intently, making sure he obeyed her order, as she proceeded to disrobe.

“O.K., she said, “you can open your eyes.” His jaw dropped when he opened his eyes to find his perfectly toned and tanned brunette secretary standing ten feet away, in a white bikini, with her ivory stockings pinned up by a garter belt.

“I had a fashion decision to make General. I could have slipped on this nasty pair of knee high black boots I own, but I decided these white pumps would suffice for what I have in mind. Both have the ball busting points I talked about last night, but if you cum, I didn’t want any of your man juice staining my black boots so I stuck with the white pumps. It’s probably a moot point anyway sir because I can cripple you in black or white and besides,” she half-joked, “your balls will feel like a used piñata when I’m done with you.”

“You got me Lisa,” confessed the general. “I do have this fetish, but my tolerance as you can tell is pretty low. Will you help me build it up a bit more?” he asked.

“That IS my plan General,” she replied, as she removed her glasses and took off her pony tail liberating her brown locks and fidgeting with them in a feminine manner to ensure they now flowed straight down her back. “General, there’s a lot of power in a knee, but I’ve found that a pointy toe can do maximum damage too. In fact, for me, it’s almost a toss up. Please stand up sir, I’d like to try to a combination on you.”

“But I forgot my cup,” remembered the hero as he got to his feet.

“That’s too bad sir. I guess I’ll have to be gentler then,” said the bikini beauty in a devilish tone that failed to convince her superior.

“What are you going to do?” he asked as his voice cracked with anticipation.

Striding toward him to close the distance, she stopped about three feet from him before launching her damaging assault. “I’m flattered you asked,” she said with purpose and without hesitation. “First General, I’m going to kick you (she then stung him with the point of her pump at half-strength).

Then I’m going to knee you. (Grabbing the man by his lapels, she once again buckled him with a vicious right knee lift that squished his pills.)

Then lastly (as she forced him to stand up straight), I’m going to finish you off,” and she then launched a very lady like snap kick aiming to demolish his sack with her pointy toe while hitting also his scrotum with her sharp stiletto heel on the follow through.

It was barely 0700 but the general was ready for bed again. The vixen’s three-pronged assault had left him down on all fours. Ironically, one of his hands was pawing the point of Lisa’s right shoe as she stood innocently in front of him, and he mumbled something about how she’d broken her promise to be gentle.

“Ooooooh,” she purred totally oblivious to the damage she had wrought. “I got you square with my toe didn’t I,” but I just missed with my heel follow through. “Get up sir; I’m going to try THAT ONE again.”

Gender Wars - Genesis (part 1-2)

By peter


A beam from the sky streaked through the solemn dark clouds of the night and crashed into abandoned lot number 23A. The dirt was immediately cast aside by the unyielding force and scorching heat of the beam to reveal several reinforced titanium plates below. In moments the beam had punched through them too and after a minute the beam faded. With that the final male resistance cell against female domination in the nation ended. The personnel at X-Corp Control, the division in charge of the orbiting satellite that had fired the beam let up a cheer and toasted each other as the final phase of operation ‘swift kick’ was concluded.

Aside... For those who don’t know this is another installment of a series of stories I wrote ages ago. Truth be told, I can’t remember where I left off, so I’m going to start a new series in the same world. The story takes/took place in a world where male domination has been replaced by that of the weaker sex. How? As I vaguely recall it had something to do with the release of a series of bombs that destroyed the y-chromosome. The story revolved around several men and their resistance cell. In the ensuing new world order the slang ‘Danglers’ became the derogatory reference to men and a group, which I will refer to as the X-Corp (perhaps they had a different name in the previous chapters) are tasked with handling male upstarts in ways only females can. Back to the story...

From his dilapidated balcony Michael watched the beam from when it was just a thin trickle of light cutting through the sky to its evolution into a large pink cylinder the size of a skyscraper and its final dissolution into nothingness.

“What will I do now? What will all men do now?” he thought. “Ha, the gentler sex. I wish that were true. They destroyed our very last hope of equality, of the chance of a fair life and they did it to devastating effect,” Michael scoffed out loud. He said this all with a bewilderment and fear that did not sit well with his 15 years working as an Elite in his nation’s army. Working as an elite until the women had come to power that is. At that point men were deemed too unruly, too violent, too primal and too unevolved to be good soldiers. Women, with their ‘greater sense of unity and greater level of evolution’ were the ‘only ones who could handle a responsibility as great as the protection of the country’.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

“Dangler, open the door sweetie. I’m here for my therapy.”

Michael opened the door. Leaned up against the doorframe was Melissa, a beautiful, tall blond with shoulder length hair. She stood there in her dark business suit and heels staring at Mike’s groin as if talking to it and not him.

“It’s been a tough day for me so far, honey. I think we’re gonna have an interesting session tonight.”

Men didn’t work anymore. For the same reasons he had been discharged from the military other men had been deemed incapable of handling anything but the most basic of jobs. But he had found a way to make more than your average man: women had become more aggressive since taking power, new training schemes had been implemented to teach them to beat any man in any situation (for self-defense apparently) and… they wanted to practice these skills and would pay good money for it. With his army training Mike could put up a good fight. In fact he had won against his female clients on several occasions. Basically Mike fought the women, his clients, who came to his apartment and got paid three times more than the maximum male salary.

Without invitation Melissa stepped into the doorway. She thrust her hand out and grabbed Mike’s balls.

“Ooh, they feel so plump. I hope they’re not too tender from last time. I just got carried away a bit. Hard day at the office. You know what I mean, right Mikey?”

“Look Melissa, let’s just do this. You want to fight me. Let’s go.” Mike had just watched the male resistance die from his balcony. He wasn’t in the mood for her taunting but as he spoke that sentence he realized he had annoyed Melissa. That wasn’t smart, especially when she had her hand cupped round his genitals.

“You’re right Mikey, sweetie.” She tightened her grip on his balls. “All business with you huh?” She twisted her hand a little. “Let’s get to it!” With a vice-like grip she yanked mike by his balls, dragging him to the fight room. A place she knew all too well. Like a good dog Mike followed, squirming and walking with his legs parted to try to minimize the pressure on his balls.

In the fight room Mel let go of Mike’s delicates and moved to the other side of the 5m by 5m room, but not before a firm tug that caused Mike to wince and Mel to giggle. Without a word Mike removed his trousers and shirt and stood in front of Mel, wearing only his tight spandex jogging shorts with a hole cut in the front to allow his genitals to hang out. Women liked it like that. It gave them easier access to the man’s stuff, and they enjoyed being able to see what part of the groin they were kicking… It ‘refined their technique’. Mel, in her tall, confident beauty removed her suit-jacket and undid the top three buttons of her shirt. She loved to tease mike and slowly caressed her voluptuous breasts. Mike tried to ignore her, but his cock slowly hardening was something beyond his control.

“Put on your cup, Dangler,” commanded Mel. “I want to have a bit more of a challenge this time!”

Mike did so. After all he got paid 15 dollars an hour to do this.

They approached each other and Mike threw a left punch at Mel. He almost hit her square in the face, but his punch was stopped as he looked down to see Mel had landed a shin kick straight into his cup. He backed off a bit. She was fast today. That meant she really WAS pissed off. He jumped back a bit and Mel grinned.

“Didn’t crack it, did I?” she purred.

Mike looked down and saw a slight break in the cup. Nothing that made it unusable. He overcame the mild pain and reapproached. This time he lunged at her, while turning his hips sideways to protect himself. She threw a kick but missed. He barged her to the floor. As she fell one of her breasts slipped out from her shirt and Mike, naturally, paused to observe. Another kick rocketed into his groin. This time the tip of her shoe was perfectly placed to lever just behind the seam of the cup and push through to his testicles. Mike dropped and grabbed his screaming balls as Mel slowly stood up triumphant and began to massage her breast back into her shirt.

“Oh get up Mikey, it wasn’t that hard!”

Twenty minutes later a new round had begun and Mike found he was winning. He had her pinned on the floor. He wasn’t even wearing a cup! Her delicate frame too weak to lift Mike’s muscular body. She writhed and wriggled but she could not escape. Mike was about to claim victory but suddenly found a hand probing up his thigh. Instinctively he moved his body away, to only just miss a fist slamming into the spot where his balls were only moments before. But Mel was quicker than him still. Her training meant she could react on instinct and she followed that strike by thrusting her hand to where she now knew his balls lay expectantly. She grabbed them and twisted.

“I think I’ll yank them off this time,” she whispered, half menacingly, half jokingly.

With every wriggle by Mike she tightened her grip. With every yell she twisted and with every attempt to fight back she yanked. Mike hated this. This was the worst position. When the woman grabbed them he couldn’t do anything. There was nothing on her to grab. Her perfect form made her invulnerable to any equivalent attack and a fast punch was out of the question, she was too wily for that. She’d crush his balls first. And then she began to dig her nails into his balls. It wasn’t permanent damage, but Mike passed out from the pain.

When he awoke he saw 15 dollars left taped to his testicles and a female lipstick mark on his balls next to a note. He took the note; half dazed, and began to read.

“You were great mike. We should do this again next week. I hope you don’t mind about the lipstick. I just love men’s balls so much. Such good control points! If you didn’t have them you may have had a chance. But then, if you didn’t have them you wouldn’t be a man would you?

XXXX, Mel”

Mike had been humiliated for the last time. His balls were almost as sore as his pride. He wouldn’t do this anymore. Not unless he was fighting the women for real. Not unless he had started a new Male Resistance...


Men’s fashion had changed quite a bit since women took control. Though men still wore t-shirts and shirts the change had been to the trousers. If a man walked in public he had to wear trousers with a special sleeve in which to insert his balls, pushing them forwards and outwards. A separate holder, which women called the pinky glove, was also designed into the trousers in which the man would insert his penis. These new trousers were called cupping-trousers or CTs. The idea officially, was that it was sexy. But the truth was women just liked being reminded they were lucky enough to not have such a vulnerability and loved staring at a man’s juicy cock and balls as they bounced as he walked - just longing for a kick.

To be fair, women’s fashion had changed a lot too. With their increase in confidence and when in casual wear, all women wore tight binding tank tops and of course the obligatory skirts or tight shorts. What better way to remind men of the ‘weaker sex’s superiority’? Not only that, but these days, it seemed all women had the bodies to pull it off.

Mike hated his trousers. He could almost feel the glare he got from every woman on the street as he walked towards the bus-stop his cock and balls bouncing along with him. Sometimes women would just feign a kick to his balls then begin giggling as he moved his hands to protect them.

As the bus pulled up everyone formed a queue to board. Mike hated this too. He hated the way women would ‘accidentally’ brush up against his penis when he was waiting, just to see if they could make him hard. The woman queuing in front of Mike was gorgeous though. In her short pleated skirt and revealing top she was perfect. Her firm round ass moved backwards towards Mikes cock and she began to lift her skirt, rubbing her panty-less ass against it. Mike new he shouldn't bother saying anything. The woman would just claim it was he who was the aggressor, and he'd probably receive a swift back kick to the balls. Mike stood there, trying hard to not get turned on, but she was too seductive, she smelt too good and she felt too soft. Soon he had a raging hard-on.

The woman pressed up hard against Mike, and subtlety grabbed his cock that was now protruding out between her legs. Still encased in the fabric of his CTs Mike was just grateful that particular part had been made of a material that stretched. She held onto his cock then began to move it up into her pussy. She did this for a few moments and Mike continued to focus on reducing his boner. Clearly the woman wasn't happy with his now softening penis and she began to squeeze and twist it. Suddenly Mike felt her begin to undo his flies and moments later his penis was out of his trousers and being inserted directly into the woman's wet and warm pussy. Mike couldn't resist the pleasure and he began to go hard again. The woman was just teasing him, because only a few seconds later it was her turn to board and she stepped up onto the bus, leaving a raging hard-on that Mike couldn't slip back into his trousers.

Mike let the other men behind him go up onto the bus (it was women on the bus first then men, after all women had more important things to do and had to board first so they could get on with running the world) giving him time to lose his hard-on and slip his cock back into his trousers. He looked up at the woman, smiling at him through the bus window, and she blew him a kiss, then took out her cell to probably call a friend - no doubt to talk about the fun experience she'd just had with a man and how glad she was to be born without penis.

Mike was about to step up on the bus when he felt some hands creep up between his legs, cup his balls and slowly pull him down off the bus. This was made all the more easy by the trousers with their separate holder containing his balls, probably another reason women wanted men to wear these cupping-trousers – they could more easily control their toys. Mike grimaced from the pain and, unable to turn his body due to the hand between his legs, turned his head to see a beautiful brunette in a tight black top and shorts.

“Excuse me, I have to get on, Dangler,” she said, toying with Mike’s balls as she spoke.

“Argh! You could have just asked,” Mike exhorted, feeling the rage building from the blatant unfairness of it all.

“Excuse me?”

“I – said – you – could –have – jus… ahhhh!”

The brunette tightened her grip, yanking Mike’s balls backwards and damn near pulling him off his feet. The women on the bus and still waiting at the stop applauded her for her assertiveness and booed mike for his rudeness.

“Arrrghh!” Mike yelped as she yanked his balls again, this time with such an upward and backwards force that mike’s face almost hit the floor. Mike was drained from the pain, only being held up by the vice-like grip on his sack. As the brunette let go, mike slipped to the floor and he felt her six inch heel dig into his back as she stepped on him and onto the bus.

Eventually Mike got up, just as the next bus arrived. He queued again and stepped onto the vehicle.

“Next stop, the bar on the outskirts of town, the only place with men who may be capable of starting the resistance,” Mike thought.

He paid for a ticket and waited for the standard electronic hand to extend from the driver’s cabin and tape it to the sleeve in which his penis lay. This reminded him of branding cattle but, as the bus company slogan goes ‘with this new system, everyone will know when the male doesn’t have HIS ticket.’ Mike moved past the rows of women in their suits and men in their CTs and promptly shuffled to the back of the bus, sitting down alone. Mike stared out the window. The pink siren lights of the X-Corp police van could be seen on the other side of the road. They were racing somewhere. The van broke suddenly, spun around and started moving in Mike’s direction. They were racing towards the bus!

Moments later Mike’s bus jolted to a halt as the X-Corp van cut it off. He saw three voluptuous women, barely contained within their cat-suits, jump out and board the bus.


Suddenly a man halfway down the bus jumped up and grabbed the woman next to him, holding her in a head lock under his left arm.

“THAT’S COZ THE BITCH YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT KICKED ME IN THE BALLS!!” he yelled back, tightening his headlock around the woman.

Mike could almost see it happening before it did. The woman, with her free right hand, rammed it up between the man’s legs. As the man loosened his grip round her neck from the shock, she stepped back and pushed him off of her and towards the X-Corp officers. Like lightning the officers drew their guns and fired soft cushioned pellets at the man’s crotch. These were special projectiles, incapable of hurting a woman but having sufficient force to stun a man if impacting on his testicles. The X-Corp trained their women to fire these perfectly. It was rumored that all the officers were so elite that there was a 99% chance of the projectile hitting the most vulnerable front point on a man’s testicles in the first shot.

This time they must have got him because the man stood stunned for a moment, then cupped his hands round his balls and bent forwards, gasping for breath. The front officer sexily sauntered towards him, her breasts and hips swaying as she did. She slowly began to undo the zip running from the centre top of her cat-suit, until half her cleavage was showing and slipped her hand down between her breasts. From here she pulled out a ring, about 5cm in diameter, grabbed the man by his balls, who was still gasping for breath, and placed his cock and balls through the ring. Then by pressing a button on her watch the ring contracted and tightened round the man’s genitals. The officer then began walking off the bus.

The man knew the drill; if he got too close to her the ring would tighten and expand in thickness, effectively forcing his balls out in front of him and eventually popping them off. If he got too far away the same thing would happen. He scurried to his feet and walked, silently with the officer. He didn’t want to provoke her. As walked down the corridor of the bus the woman he had placed in the head-lock came running up behind him and swung a devastating kick up between his legs, dropping him to the floor. The X-Corp officer having already stepped off the bus at this point was unaware of any of this and kept walking towards the van. Suddenly he was ‘too far away’ from the officer and the ring began to expand. He screamed and yelped and only after twenty seconds did the X-Corp woman come up to him and deactivate this automatic mechanism. The officers didn’t care about the man, but they were busy, and so while one escorted him off the bus the other two made sure the incident wasn’t repeated by consoling the woman who had been attacked by the man.

As quickly as all this had happened, it was forgotten. Though Mike wanted to help the man he knew he couldn’t do anything yet. He reassured himself that all he needed was time then he could make the changes he wanted; with his military history he had the training and contacts to acquire weapons and lead his team. He quieted his mind and stared out the window, watching the shadows dance past on the walls of the buildings around him.

After an hour and half Mike reached the outskirts of the city. The place was called the Regal Pub but it wasn’t that regal and it barely classified as a pub. He pushed open the creaky door and in there was a crowd of at least 25 men, all his ex-military buddies, all eager for a fight. And Mike knew they had the resolve to win…

Gender Wars (part 1-4)

By peter


Ever since the development of biological weapons the potential to wipe out the human race has existed. More to the point so has the potential to wipe out specific races. In 2092 a German scientist (male of course, only a male would do something so foolish) developed the Y-missile, a missile which targeted the Y-chromosome of human males. Seeing as women don’t have a Y-chromosome we were of course unaffected. How ironic the events, which followed, were. This bomb had been designed by a man to prevent any further wars, seeing as no dictator would dare launch these weapons lest they destroy him along with his enemy. Of course this was true, no dictator… no male dictator anyway.

The records state a great female leader, who ruled her nation perfectly, became disillusioned with all other nations and their endless bickering and decided to wipe out the male gender, whom she blamed for the lack of global cooperation. She believed that they were more warlike, aggressive, dumber and weaker than the female gender and only by curbing the number of males could she unite the world in an era of peace. In 2093 at 2213 hours, on the 23rd of June she launched her entire Y-missile fleet. The missiles hurtled towards predetermined areas of the globe where the explosions and clouds of the Y-chromosome killing virus could spread the greatest. Of course all those male leaders tried to protect themselves, and how did they do this? In the same way a male would cup his hands round his balls after he has taken a hit they tried to activate their missile defense shields after the missile launch.

Unfortunately some of the missiles were taken out in space and thus the spread of the Y-virus was not 100% however the majority of the missiles impacted their targets, wiping out 81% of the male population. Soon after, the world was quiet. With almost no males around the bickering seemed to end, nations co-operated, the world united and peace was forged. Nothing like a woman’s touch to get the job done.

The remaining males seemed lost and confused and I did pity them. Those poor men, trying to live in a society where they were outnumbered four to one. Notice how I use the past tense; I did pity them, until they formed the Y-resistance. In response, the new female nation of a united world called fittingly Utopia formed the X-corps. This was a huge regiment of women who were taught to be spies, fighter pilots, astronauts, special ops troops and so on. Their only mission was to wipe out and finish off all the remaining Danglers (a derogatory term used to refer to the males, I’m sure you can guess how we came up with such a name).

The Danglers lucked out on their first major strike; they attacked one of our major military bases. Many of our female spies had already coerced the males (too bad they thought with their balls) and had gathered vital information about the pending attack before it happened, thus when the Danglers did attack X-corps was ready. This highly successful operation was called Project Swift Kick, so named because it was designed to deliver a devastating blow to the males from which they could not recover in time to stop us crushing them.

You are reading the Journal of Rebecca Craft and I have been tasked with cataloguing the movements of the Y-resistance along with their actions, in order to produce a novel which will be released to all the female students of the Utopia School System (males are too stupid and unruly to be allowed into class), so that this epic era, which saw the change of the human race, is forever remembered.

NB: as part of newly developed mind scan techniques different parts of the story can be told by different characters, male and female as their thoughts have been scanned.

Project Swift Kick

“Come on baby you know you want me,” purred this beautiful woman, Phillipa, as she rubbed herself up against me. My name is George and I’m a resistance cell agent. At this moment in time I had no idea such a beautiful creature, as Phillipa could possibly be a spy, she looked so sexy and so disarming. Her hair flowed down below her shoulders and her blue eyes seemed to shine in the moonlight. And her smile had that sexy, playful quality that always gets me up, if you know what I mean. But right now, with her against me all I could look at was her deep inviting cleavage. I could feel my penis becoming harder as she pressed her thigh gently into my groin and softly rubbing it up and down. Momentarily I became lost in the ecstasy of the moment and at that moment she grabbed my balls, it was a little shocking at first. She grabbed me quite hard, making me gasp.

“Are you okay, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

I looked at her, slightly dazed and unfocused. I guess this had all been part of her carefully scripted plan, that one move reminded me of how vulnerable I was, standing square in front of her like this. Perhaps the X-corps had taught her that vulnerable feeling males are more cooperative. Though these are my current thoughts, any analysis at the time was impossible, since all my attention was focused on her.

“Of course not baby,” I said with as reassuring a grin as I could muster and we moved to the bed. After five minutes on top of her I was really getting into it. Sex for us is a rarity, especially nowadays with current female views on how inferior men are. However right now I was in heaven and she looked like she was there with me!

Then the strangest thing happened, she started asking me questions. “Are you going away after this soon George?” She would pause every time I thrust into her, but would always continue her sentence.

“Yes, I have a mission.”

“Oh that sounds... uh… dangerous, what… uh... are… uh… you... doing?”

I explained, somehow, along with the date and location of the mission as she asked, “Thanks honey that’s all I wanted to know.” As she spoke my eyes must have popped out of my head. I was staring right at her and could see a wry smile grow across her face.

“Stupid male, get off me now!” Picture the scene, we were there, me on top of her, our bodies undulating in perfect unison, when suddenly she stops, her huffing and heavy breathing end and she starts to insult me.

Unfortunately I was climaxing at the time, I could tell I was about to blow and found myself unable to stop thrusting.

“I said GET OFF ME!!” With that she grabbed my testicles and I could feel her nails scratch against my sack, which was augmented all the more since my erect penis meant they were totally unprotected. A supreme pain came over me as my body tried to continue thrusting and yet my testicles were pulled in the opposite direction. All I could do was make a gargling sound.

“Honey, don’t trust women, we’re too clever for you.” With that she let go of my sack and almost instantly rammed her knee into the back of my balls, then pushed me off her. I guess I passed out after that.

I awoke to find myself dressed, since apparently most women find the male body disgusting now, and spread eagle on the floor. Phillipa was standing over me by my feet, in a black skirt which stopped about six inches above her knees and a tight, barely buttoned, white blouse which revealed her black lace bra.

“He, he,” she giggled. “You were easier to extract information from than I thought. But then what should I have expected from a man.” She paused to slip into her high heels then continued. “Perhaps if you had had more blood in your brain at the time it may have been harder. Or not, if you’ll excuse the pun, sweetheart.” She stepped forward and tapped her foot into my groin, almost patting my balls with her heels. I doubt she fully understood how sensitive my balls were at the time and she seemed startled as I groaned and clutched my balls.

“Hmmm, you men are so weak down there aren’t you?” I looked up at her as a condescending smirk of superiority and amusement grew across her face. She kept looking down into my eyes and I realized how foolish I must have looked, cupping my balls in my hands. After a few seconds I managed to move my hands away, overriding that natural male instinct to protect them.

“I knew you’d do that. Most men realize how foolish they look when in your position, especially in front of a woman. They always move their hands away. Male pride, what a curse! Well just lie there until the police arrive to take you into custody.”

She said police but as a Y-resistance member I knew she was referring to X-corps police, a band of sadistic females who viewed men as playthings. In their view the best way to extract information from a male was through sex (which, given the events which led up to my capture seems to work) but also by pain. I have heard stories of the men sent to their interrogation camps, even the strongest men have been broken, just because they have a pair of testicles. Fundamentally balls are men’s weakness and strength. Sometimes I think that it is because of our balls that we men can never beat the women they don’t have such a disability.

Somehow the thought of this police corps’ arrival scared me enough to overcome the dull pain which still lingered in my gut. She had turned her back on me and was filing her nails as she stared out the window. She obviously had no respect or fear of me. Quickly I jumped up and rolled onto the bed on my left, intentionally landing on my knees to bounce myself off the bed. She must have been expecting this, with a grace and elegance I guess only females can accomplish she spun on her right heel and thrust her left leg up between my legs. It all happened so fast, I had only had time to jump on the bed and land. I just had time to look down and see her high heel poking out from between my legs, slamming my balls into my pelvis. The pain was intense and I could only move my hands to my balls before dropping fetal on the floor next to the bed. Through the vaguely transparent wall that blocked out my senses I could just make out an almost sexual gasp and something like ‘poor little man’ flow from Phillipa’s lips. I felt her drag me back to my old position on the floor to the right of the bed and proceed to pull my limbs apart so I was spread eagle again. I recovered, I guess, about 15 minutes later to see her in the same place with her back to me once more, staring out of the window.

Slowly I tried to lift myself on my elbows but as I did so she turned. “Don’t be so obstinate. That’s the problem with you men; you never know when you’re beaten.” With that she stepped forward with her right leg and pressed it right against my balls. I could feel them being crushed between my pelvis and the hard, polished surface of the sole of her high heel.

“Let’s make sure you don’t try anything again!” With that she looked me straight in the eyes, smiled then suddenly twisted the sole of her high heel in my groin.

“Aaahh!” I yelped, swallowing hard and trying not to let my facial expression betray the crippling pain I already felt. She looked at me, quite amused and twisted her foot again. With each twist I could feel my balls roll under her foot and with each twist she increased the pressure.

“Now (twist) let’s (twist) make (twist) sure (twist) that (twist) you (twist) are (twist) immobilized (twist)” She stepped off me all of a sudden and my hands instinctively cupped my balls.

“Move them away!” she commanded and with a primal instinct, for fear of more attacks I obeyed.

“How’s that for ball control?” she snickered. She stepped forward placing both feet between my legs then knelt down, using her knees to hold my legs apart. From the inside seam of her skirt she removed a small rod and extended it. It was a thin rod, about a centimeter in diameter which was affectionately called the Nutcracker by most of the X-corps. Simply it would be extended until about twelve centimeters long and then bent, quite easily, into a ring around the male genitalia. Almost like a collar for my balls and penis. As she grabbed my genitalia through my thin trousers I could feel my penis harden, in spite of all the pain I was experiencing. I couldn’t believe it, this woman had seduced me, tricked me, manipulated me then attacked me repeatedly and yet just because she was leaning forward and could see down her cleavage I wanted her again. I could tell she knew I was staring as she applied the Nutcracker as I could just discern the smallest grin forming across her face.

“I hope you enjoyed the view Dangler,” she stated as she gracefully stepped back onto her feet. “If you hadn’t been thinking about my breasts perhaps you could have knocked me out. I may not have been able to stop you and you may have been running free right now.” The annoying part was that she was right, all I needed to have done was throw one punch and she would have been knocked unconscious but once again the female had outsmarted the male.

Now my predicament was even worse. With this ring around my genitalia I found them sticking forwards and outwards, not only more vulnerable to any female that decided she wanted to hit them, but also to the surroundings. The woman that invented this must really have hated men. With my balls and penis out in front of me, almost 90 degrees from the ground I was unable to walk effectively as it was very easy to bump them on any of the surroundings, thereby causing myself tremendous discomfort. Not only that, but the ring was designed thickly enough so that running was impossible. Were I to walk normally my thighs would press against the ring, thereby pushing it forwards and thus pushing forwards my balls. If I were to sprint I could end up castrating myself.

When the Y-resistance first liberated a colony of imprisoned males we could tell they had been ‘nutcracked’ simply by the way they walked with their legs spread more than usual, almost like saddle sore cowboys. The Nutcracker had one other method of “male control” on command from any female, and only from females, the Nutcracker would tighten and expand. Should it be told to do so it could expand enough to castrate a male by forcing off his nutsack. In fact the best part of this, according to the women and the most embarrassing for the men, was that it was male specific. No woman could ever be so controlled. They were right. Despite the Y-resistance’s best efforts we have never been able to think of anything that can equal the Nutcracker in terms of controlling them. They just don’t have such vulnerable protrusions.

Phillipa, my captor, stood over me still grinning. She looked so superior to me. Her long powerful legs stood apart and over me and I lay on the floor with my forward protruding balls and penis producing a rounded lump in my trousers. Her body was smooth, no imperfections, perfectly constructed, her tight, tiny skirt highlighting this fact as I could see passed the slit that ran down it, her underwear clearly visible. Her perfect breasts seemed to make her body seem even more arched and her posture even more triumphant. Whilst my worn out, weakened face only paled by comparison to the perfect, undisturbed makeup that lit up hers.

How could we men win against such female superiority? No, I can’t think this sort of thing; if I do we would never win this war. I lay there for ten minutes as she stared at me, an expression of amused bewilderment, probably at how easily I was beaten, drawn on her face. With her legs apart over mine I found myself thinking that if she were only male I could kick my legs in the air and wham, she’d be out like a light.

I lay below her, beaten and used. All I had to do now was to wait for X-corps police to arrive to take me to interrogation. Once I arrived, I thought, perhaps I’ll be able to escape…..


Soon a team of X-corps police arrived consisting of three cat-suit clad women holding Incapacitators in their hands. Since the X-corps is designed to control men all their weapons and devices tend to centre round male weaknesses. In this case the Incapacitator fires non lethal plastic pellets, much like a bb gun but the pellets are the size of a bullet. If hit on most parts of the body the pellet just stings, notice I say most parts. However, as is to be expected the X-corps are highly trained markswomen. When it comes to hitting men in the balls with any weapon, including with the Incapacitator they seem to be especially good. And should a pellet from the Incapacitator make contact with a male’s balls he will be unable to move for at least 25 minutes. The obvious advantage of this is that should a chase occur in a crowded area an X-corps soldier can shoot indiscriminately and she will not hurt any of the females, just the males.

Unfortunately for the Y-resistance we have not developed anything to parallel this. Women just don’t have any vulnerabilities that we don’t. In fact the X-corps’ soldiers are such crack shots that I have seen them hit a man in between the legs from behind even as he was running away. As for the guy to which I refer he was nutcracked (a term used to describe when the Nutcracker is applied) and then left for the authorities. The X-corps crack shots that hit him had just left him there because the entire female population took it upon themselves to occasionally kick the man in balls whenever he tried to get up. I guess that’s sisterhood. And with the Nutcracker applied his testicles were at maximum exposure, there was no way he could stand up to even one kick.

Anyway I digress. With the arrival of the X-corps one of the female agents unzipped the top of her cat-suit and delved into her bra to remove a leash. She took it in hand and attached it to the Nutcracker, which now encircled my genitalia. Without a word she turned, her long brown hair bouncing carefree on her shoulders and tugged on the leash.

To avoid any pain I quickly followed, walking close behind her as she led me out of the motel room, down the hall and through the bar. I’m sure the route she chose was intentional. It was good propaganda for the X-corps, the women got to see how pathetic the male resistance was as one of its members was dragged away like a disobedient dog by a tall, curvy high heeled brunette, while any would be joiners of the male resistance got to see how they would be treated should they step out from under the females’ heel.

I was led to a medium sized metal van with a flashing pink siren on its roof. The back door of the van was opened and the leash was momentarily removed by one of the women whilst the other two, a red head and a blonde aimed their guns at my groin. I could see the little red targeting lasers perfectly follow the bulge in my trousers (as explained earlier the Nutcracker encircles a man’s penis and balls like a collar causing them to protrude forwards and outwards). So perfectly did they trace my genitalia that every turn I made to block the laser from shining on my bulge was quickly countered by one of these elegant, females moving to retarget my manhood. Suddenly the red head winked at me and grinned mischievously. I just realized the ‘confused puppy dog’ look that had manifested itself across my face before…


I had never been shot by the Incapacitator before but it lived up to its name. I dropped to my knees instantly and then collapsed, lying fetal on the floor. I could feel the women’s smiles of superiority burn into me as I was lifted by one of them into the back of the van and then felt the leash being removed.

I came to as the van drove over a speed bump to find myself with the brunette sitting in the back of the van. The seat seemed perfectly normal; my legs weren’t fastened, nor were my hands or torso. Instinctively I tried to stand up.

“Argh!” I yelped and fell back into my seat. In my haste to stand I hadn’t fully acknowledged the situation. I found the Nutcracker had been removed, along with my trousers and pants. The base of the seat on which I sat was perfectly flat except for a hole through which my testicles had been allowed to drop, probably whilst I was passed out. Once my testes were dangling through the hole the gap at the top was electronically decreased by a thin plastic plate at the top of the hole which closed just enough for my balls to be unable to pass back up through it. In standing I had tried to pull my balls through a hole that almost a centimeter too small in diameter.

X-corps was all about “male control” and this seat, along with the majority of its weapons, exemplified this philosophy. This ‘restraint’ would be useless against females but practically every male was vulnerable to it. Here was I, a big, strong male totally immobilized by a thin piece of plastic which encircled my testes and prevented me from standing up without emasculating myself. As I tried to struggle to get out of my, well, I guess the word bonds would be correct, though I’ve never known a sheet of plastic to count as a bond; the brunette looked on, futilely trying to suppress a grin of amusement. With every slight movement I made I would quickly return to my original posture as my nutsack would pull against the plastic top of the hole. All the while my brunette guard beamed happily as she sat on a similar seat opposite me, yet content in the knowledge that she could never be “held” the way I was.

We soon reached the X-corps interrogators main headquarters, a huge grandiose steely grey complex with militaryesque trucks parked within the compound. Bands of black cat-suit clad women with a zipper all the way from the bottom of the torso over their breasts and to their necks patrolled the area. Somehow though, the females lent, what was effectively a military base, an air of mystique and sensuality that I had never experienced in the military bases of the past. The van suddenly jerked to a halt, making me slide in my seat causing my balls to stretch and a brief huff to slip from my lips.

“He, ha” snickered the brunette momentarily, as she hid her grin behind her hand. The engine stopped and she gave me a pitiful look, almost like the kind of look one gives a dog before she takes away his food. She unzipped the top of her cat-suit giving me a good long look at her deep cleavage then delved her hand deep into it, fishing for something. I just stared distracted as her breast moved left and right, straining against the leather suit, a little more and she would have spilled out of it. After what seemed like a blissful eternity her hand came out with a small key sized card, I’m sure she intentionally took her time about finding it. From the corner of my eye I could see her eyes, but with my mind distracted it had taken me a while to fully acknowledge anything. The whole time she had been fishing around her bra she had been staring at my groin.

With this realization I looked down but only to find myself standing to attention, my dick positively pushing for the sky. I blushed tried to force my penis down by crossing my right leg on top of it. However my penis was pulsating so strongly and was already so large that it escaped from under my leg and popped back up into the air like a lever on a spring. The brunette, who wasn’t much older than 25, giggled again. She probably liked the feeling of power it gave her to control a guys body against his will. I bet she did this to all her prisoners. She then looked me in the eyes and in one quick movement unzipped her cat-suit all the way down. My eyes just gazed at her curvy body, almost naked in front of me and I felt my penis straining. She leaned over and gave it one jerk and I came. I saw her press a button on the grey remote she had obtained and a powerful electric shock pulsed through my balls, causing me to come again but causing me so much pain that I couldn’t move.

I was still conscious but was in too much pain to move as these three petite females grabbed me and lifted me out of the van. I was carried to a detention cell as I started to regain some of my strength. I guess the females noticed I was recovering because once I reached the detention cell I was thrown intentionally towards the bed corner. As I flew through the air I could just see the corner approaching and landed with a thud, smacking my groin straight against it. I heard more giggles from the three X-corps females then dropped on the floor cradling my aching, swollen balls.


The artificial light of the detention hall activated, beaming straight into my eyes. I could only assume it was daytime. I got up and lugged myself onto the bed. Whilst I had been sleeping someone had injected a small cylindrical microchip, no larger than three mm just above my penis. Due to the depth of penetration I found myself unable to remove it. Nevermind I thought, it’s probably a tracking device. Still the first duty of a prisoner is to escape and I have no chance of doing so until I remove it. I guess I’ll just wait until I know the area then I’ll remove it and make my escape.

My cell was about five meters by five with no windows to daylight, just one window (situated about 1.7m (head height) high in the door) to see into the main area where the guards sat and otherwise a thick metal door as the only possible exit. The door had a hatch about 1 meter above the ground which was about thirty cm by thirty cm; I guess they served food through there. As I said the first duty of a prisoner is to escape so I walked up to the door and peered through its window, only to have them close the shutter on me. In retaliation I started banging on the door, I had to see outside, I had to know how many guards there were, what their rotations were. At the very least this banging may provoke a response, let’s see how they deal with prisoners. I kept banging look steadfastly at the shutter, hoping it would open.


I felt that same dull pain course thorough my stomach and looked down to see a fist pull back from the lower hole in the door. Whilst I had been banging, the women (who had no compulsion about using below the belt tactics) had opened the lower shutter in the door and punched me square in the balls. I guess that lower hole wasn’t just used for food. I tried to stagger back, but before I could the same hand flew through the hole again and grabbed my testicles.

“Don’t step over the line male. We’ll go easy on you this time!” With that, an angelic, yet very angry female voice stopped, and she squeezed my testicles, twisted them then pulled them towards her. AS she pulled I had no choice but to follow, getting pulled straight into the door, face first. Whilst I was being pulled against the door I felt a second hand unzip my flies and pull out my testicles and penis. The hand seemed to probe my shaft, embarrassingly making my penis grow, until I was just about to ejaculate. Then suddenly the same female hand let go of me, but before I could pull away it grabbed my balls again, squeezed, twisted then pulled, followed by a hard knee to my testes, which was made even worse by my balls being slammed against the top of the hole in the door.

I felt so emasculated, I was trying to cause trouble for the guard but whilst I was facing the door banging against it she had quietly opened the lower hole in it and punched my testes and then pulled my balls through this hole leaving me unable to defend myself. My hands could not pass through the lower hole as it was too far away and there was no way for me to bend as I was pressed square against the door, totally immobile. I had been totally outwitted by this female guard. She kneed me once more for good measure then pushed her hand through the hole into my cell, forcing me to stumble back and away from the door, to sit on my bed, cradling my manhood as I rocked back and forth in a vain attempt to dilute the pain.

I had no clock so any attempt to tell the time would be a waste of space but quite a while later my cell door opened slowly and a beautiful blonde in a pink cardigan and short black skirt opened the door.

“Come with me,” she commanded. I stood up. “Uh, uh, uh!” she objected playfully. “I’ve heard about you, you’re quite the tough guy.”

“Tough guy?” I thought. “I’ve been repeatedly beaten and outsmarted by women who were much smaller than me by just one hard hit to my balls. If I’m tough then what have all those other guys been like?” I stood before her, my black trousers still unzipped.

“I see you were the one banging on the door, huh George? I hope Claire wasn’t too hard on you. It’s just we have rules about such unruly male behavior!” She said that in a very matter of fact manner and yet I knew it was an insult, it seems the government’s verbal restructuring program is converting the word male to mean bad, and succeeding.

“Claire?” I asked.

“Oh dear, pretty but not too bright are we? Claire is the guard. And before you get any ideas, don’t worry we don’t need more than one. One female can easily take on a gaggle of males and win. Well now, as I was saying earlier, I don’t wish to have to kick your balls in. Then I’ll have to carry you all the way to the interrogation room, so don’t force me to.” She paused to flick her hair from her face and whilst examining the cell in a very bored manner continued.

“Let’s make sure you can’t fight shall we?” She pressed a small button on her wristwatch. Painlessly and noiselessly the little microchip above my penis activated and extended round my genitalia, just like a Nutcracker. It then expanded, forcing my balls and penis forwards to almost point at her through my trousers.

“A little tip big boy, you may wish to unzip your fly. It’s going to get very uncomfortable walking around with your penis and balls rubbing against the hard metal of the trouser zip.” She smiled playfully as I obeyed her commands.

“Let’s go!” she reiterated and I followed obediently, my penis and balls sticking out through my unzipped trousers. I approached some opaque sliding doors which respectfully opened as the female in front of me approached and started to close soon after forcing me to jump through. As I jumped my thighs pressed against the ring of the Nutcracker and I felt my balls squeeze against my nutsack and the hard cold metal collar that surrounded my manhood. As I gasped in pain she turned to face me.

“Oh sorry, you had to jump through that door didn’t you? You see the doors only respond to females.” The room was pitch-black all around except for a white spot light which down on the center of the room. The room itself must have been huge since the blackness seemed to go on forever. It must have been at least twenty by twenty meters.

“Honey,” she began, “my name is Dr. Ryan, and I’m sorry to say that it is my job to firstly information from you about your male resistance group and secondly to reintegrate you into society. Now there are two ways to go about this, either you tell me everything and I, well…” She paused and slowly ran her hands over her chest and into her cardigan. “…and I, well, reward you, or you refuse and I beat it out of you.”

This could be my chance I thought, I can take this woman in a fight, just turn sideways and then she can’t kick my balls. She’s just one woman; I need only hit her once!

I looked her up and down as if challenging her then feigned a confident grin. “I’m sure you could beat it out of me… it’s just that....” I paused and ran my finger round the Nutcracker. “It’s hardly fair is it? You have me at a disadvantage.”

“Oh you mean your balls, well that’s…” she grinned mockingly, she knew exactly what I meant but she couldn’t help but say that.

“NO!” I interrupted. “The Nutcracker.”

“I see. Well it’s only there to stop you from running away.” She pressed a button on her watch and the Nutcracker retracted back into the microchip.

“ARRRGGHH!” I shouted as I charged at her, jumping just as I was about to reach her.

She stared at me implacably then rolled onto her back. As I flew over her she thrust her leg up kicking my balls whilst I was in midair. Fortunately the kick didn’t fully connect and I hit the ground but managed to break my fall with my hands then quickly staggered to my feet. She really had expected to connect fully and was still lying on the ground. Quickly she tried to get up but as she got to her feet I grabbed her from behind, grabbing her and holding her by her breasts. I tried to bear hug her, lifting her into the air. She was obviously in pain but just managed to slam her heel into my groin. I felt my grip weaken but continued to hold on, squeezing her and her breasts even harder.

“Argh, let go!” she screamed as she slammed her heel into my dangling balls again. I felt them smack into my pelvis. I could barely breathe but I kept my grip, she was weakening too, her back heels were becoming less decimating. I squeezed her even harder then fell forward before she could reload for another kick and slammed her down on the floor. I pushed myself up off her, pressing down on her butt as I went, forcing her back onto the floor. I stood up but before I could step up off her she kicked her leg upwards and backwards straight into my groin, connecting fully from underneath. I reeled back and fell at her feet. . I saw her slowly getting to her feet and realized that if I were to have any chance of beating her I would have to get up too.

“You tore my cardigan you lousy male animal. Now I’m angry!” She ripped off her cardigan, revealing her round bouncing breasts, supported only by an overly tight push-up bra. By this time I was also on my feet but in a much worse state than she. She had got most of her breath back in the time that I had been fighting the aching in my balls.

“Uh,” she exhorted as she threw a snapping kick forward. I just managed to miss but couldn’t help bending forward instinctively. During this moment of weakness she punched me in the head as I leaned forward sending me flying backwards. Whilst I struggled to regain my equilibrium she walked straight towards me, and thrust her leg up, hard into my aching balls.

Fortunately the hit was far weaker than usual since she was a little weakened and I just gasped and hunched forwards slightly, resting my hands on my thighs. I was running on empty. This one female had defeated me by targeting just one area of my body, the head punch was merely a chaser to the decimating hits to my testicles. I saw her preparing to throw another kick and jumped back into the shadows. The room must have been quite large and only the very center was illuminated with a spotlight. I disappeared in the shadows; thank god I was wearing black. She knew that trying to find me in the shadows would be very hard and instead used this time to recuperate, remaining in the spotlight.

“Where are you little man? What’s wrong? Was I too much for you?” She started to caress her breasts and slipped out of her skirt. Openly in front of me she started to run her fingers up and down her almost naked body. All she was wearing was a tiny tight pair of panties and a tight black bra that she was nearly flowing out of.

“Why was she doing this?” I thought then suddenly I realized her plan. Her beautiful smooth body was very distracting and I could feel my penis getting bigger. I hadn’t realized due to my fly still being unzipped but now my penis was starting to become very erect.

Focus! Come on man, focus! I thought. All I knew at this moment was that I had to defeat her. I couldn’t concentrate though; her body was too alluring so I just went on instinct. I charged at her from the side, my erect penis swinging around, and grabbed her. A shocked expression grew across her face as I grabbed her as she was not expecting such a sudden attack, but that shock only increased as my penis thrust into the side of her thigh. "You’re finished," I thought. "You are in a perfect bear hug." My hands had encircled her body, meeting at her right arm. Her legs couldn’t reach me and I could see the left side of her head. She struggled but right now I was still stronger than she. She struggled more then suddenly that wry female grin I have come to expect flashed across her face again. Before I could figure out what she was thinking, her left arm, which was pinned against my body turned slightly and her hand cupped my testicles and then clenched them.

“Uuuh, oh, oh, oh!” she was saying, as though she were getting turned on by all this. “Ooohhh!” she cried as she squeezed down hard on my balls like a vice tightening on two marbles.

“AARRRGGHH!” I screamed as hands automatically released her from the bear hug to move to protect my balls. It was too late she gripped them with her other hand too pressing herself against me continuing with the deep breathing.

“I’ve had enough of you male!” she screamed as she rammed her knee up into my balls whilst moving her hands to my shoulders to hold me down. She was preparing for another hit and I was all but finished. Using my last ounce of strength I threw a punch in her stomach, figuring that on a woman it may the best I can get to hitting balls since it could wind her. And it did. It was her turn to back off, dropping to the floor simultaneously with me, but the two of us clutching different areas of our anatomy.

Once again she started to get up sooner and it was up to me to force myself up in order to be ready for her attack. To recover, I quickly stumbled into the shadows of the room again, only to have her continue with the exhortations of “ooohhhh” and have her caress herself seductively. Quickly I ran at her, with the intention of throwing a punch to her head to knock her out once and for all but it was at this moment that I figured out why she had been acting so sexual. My erection was in full and as I attacked she ducked my punch and grabbed my cock which was an easy target, being a good six inches in front of my body. She started to spin in a circle, holding my penis hard in hand as she did, forcing me to once again spin with her, only to have her stop and face me, my legs wide apart in an attempt to keep my balance.


She nailed me six times in the balls and all I could do in return was exhale and quickly try and re-inhale. With her hands clamped around something as easily grabbed as my erect penis I could not pull free, nor could I protect my balls with my hands, as hers blocked my way. I dropped like a stone to the floor whilst this female, using her body, intelligence, grace and natural female advantage remained over me, a triumphant smirk glowing from her. Her defeat of the male animal. I think to her it was the final proof she needed of female superiority. She beat me by using the fact that all men think with their dicks. In fact she gave me an erection mid-fight and used it against me, it was my body and I couldn’t stop her. I lay on the floor, my hands cupped round my groin.

“Never…” She kicked my hands and I moved them away. “Try…” She kicked again, this time with no protection she struck the back of my testicles, causing me to scream. “That…” She kicked once more. “Again!” She kicked again. And in spite of the situation and the pain I could still vaguely see her breasts bounce with every kick which only caused my erection to grow.

I was fetal on the ground now, barely able to move and almost completely unaware of my surroundings. All I could hear were her footsteps as she stepped around me again and again looking down at her beaten opponent.

"Move your hands away!" she commanded and I obeyed.


I heard her watch bleep and the Nutcracker reactivated.

"Get up." I obeyed, slowly and cautiously staggering to my feet, being careful not to augment my pain by pressing my legs against the Nutcracker. Without a word she triumphantly marched out of the room and I followed behind her. As we left the room the doors slid shut behind me.


I looked around to see the sirens in the corridors begin flashing and the main lighting drop to a fifth its normal level, throwing shadows across the corridors.

"ATTACK UNDERWAY. Y-RESISTANCE ATTACKING. ALL PERSONNEL TO STATIONS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" a woman's voice proclaimed over the base intercoms. My allies had come, now was my chance to escape!

Part IV

Distracted, Doctor Ryan had momentarily let her guard down. By now I had learned that I had to take her out quickly, any delay and she could order the Nutcracker to castrate me, if she didn’t just do it herself with those decimating kicks of hers.


Using all my weight and residual strength I threw a punch into the back of her head and she collapsed on her back to the floor, dazed but still conscious. I couldn’t believe it, what does it take to defeat these women?!

“Nutcracker, begin tightening,” she mumbled.

“No!” I thought. I could feel this thing round my genitalia slowly tightening and expanding. By default the Nutcracker tightens slowly unless a speed is specified. Thankfully the doctor had been too fazed to define one which meant I had about two minutes. I stumbled towards her and dropped to my knees; my legs spread either side of her stomach, but placed so to not leave my manhood vulnerable to an unexpected knee. This helped buy me some time as my legs were now spread wide and so the Nutcracker would take longer to fully emasculate me.

Pinning her arms down with my elbows I leaned over her and placed my hands on her neck. “Order it to stop bitch!” I yelled, the blearing of the sirens forcing me to scream.

“Ha, ha, soon you will be nothing but a castrated male. I suppose for you it would be a step up.”

“Order it to stop now bitch. I will not ask you again!” And with that I pressed a little against her windpipe. I could feel her warm, soft stomach rubbing against my balls as the Nutcracker forced them away from my body and down towards hers.

“Ha, ha, look at you Dangler. Wouldn’t you rather be female? Even now your masculinity betrays you.” With that her glistening, playful eyes gestured towards my balls. I followed her gaze and realized my balls rubbing on her stomach were causing my penis to grow. I felt my ears reddening and her playful expression betrayed a condescending curiosity to my inability to control my own body.

“Look, if you don’t tell me I may… (I paused as the Nutcracker’s continuing expansion was now causing my testes to sting) …suffer, but you will be dead.” Beads of sweat had already started forming on my forehead, it was apparent to the both of us that I was not joking and that both our fates would be decided by her decision within the next few seconds.

She gazed at me, her turquoise eyes seeming to see straight into me. “Nutcracker, cease tightening,” she commanded.

I uttered a sigh of relief. But I now found myself in an equally awkward predicament.

Of course she had already realized and began to tease me. “Now what male? If you release me I will defeat you again, just like I did last time, then I will make sure you are tortured before being strung up by your balls. And if you don’t soon the guards will arrive and they will do it to you anyway for assaulting an X-Corps scientist.” The unwavering confidence of her smirk disconcerted me just as much as her words. She obviously still had the strength to defeat me in a physical battle and should she begin to lose – somehow- just one verbal command and the Nutcracker would rip my sac off.

I was starting to feel panicked and just snapped. “Not this time bitch!” I yelled as I slammed her head into the floor again and again. My elbows were lifted off her arms as I did this and immediately her hands shot into my groin as she clasped my balls. I could feel her squeeze and contort my sac as I smacked her head into the floor. We had a battle of resilience on our hands, whoever passed out first lost. I was squeezing my eyes shut, trying to block out the sharp pain she was causing me and I could feel my awareness slipping away. As my arms automatically slammed her head into the ground again and again I heard her aroused breaths flowing from her lips with every twist of my balls. We continued trying to destroy each other for several seconds when suddenly I realized her grip had been released. I cautiously opened my eyes, I had finally knocked her out and her arms were now limp by her sides.

Ironically in spite of all the pain she had been causing me the view of her bountiful, rounded breasts in her bra and her smooth glistening skin momentarily pity her and despise my actions. I wonder if men could ever beat women in a fight, it’s almost preprogrammed into us that we shouldn’t hit them and when we do we disappoint ourselves.

“Snap out of it George!” I thought. I staggered to my feet, using the hand railing by my side to as a support – this is no time to be philosophical. Down the corridor I could hear the clicking of high heels, X-corps guards were approaching and I was in no shape to beat them. Hell I doubt I could beat them even with a platoon of men at my side. Quickly I robbed the doctor of her watch, placing it in my pocket – perhaps I could figure out how to use it to get out of here. I then took her unconscious body and draped her over my left shoulder. I needed her since the doors only opened in response to female DNA.

The physical strain the fights had put my balls through was evident, as they were now super-sensitive. Just the doctor’s limp arms brushing by them as I walked caused me discomfort, making me twist my body slightly to stop her arms swinging into them. Quickly I turned the first corner I came to, ensuring I was out of the line of sight of the approaching guards. Just in the nick of time too, as I heard their whispers soon after. I peered round the corner and glimpsed two women standing where I had just fought the doctor– a blonde and a brunette stood together, Incapacitators in hand. I couldn’t make out the blonde as was facing away from me and had now started moving down the corridor, away from me. However the brunette was moving up it and getting closer. I had never seen such a well-endowed woman; her breasts were so huge and obviously unsupported that they bounced, even when tightly squeezed into her cat-suit.

I turned and began a furtive, fast-paced strut down my corridor, hoping to turn another corner or find a room then totally lose her through the maze of corridors.

I was just about to turn the corner when I heard her voice chase me to the corner. “HALT!” she cried. I glanced at her and saw a flash from her gun.



A dull pain spread throughout my inner thigh and penis. The pellet from the Incapacitator had slammed into my thigh and ricocheted into my penis. Thank god! I thought. If that damn thing had slammed my balls I would be back in the jail cell clutching myself.



She fired again and this time the pellet slammed into the unconscious doctor’s dangling arm. The force of the shot though made her arm swing into my balls, causing me to instinctively bow to the brunette to protect my groin. I looked up and saw a bemused grin on her face. She was probably trying to comprehend how my balls could be so sensitive that just a simple graze of an unconscious woman’s arm could hurt me.


On hearing the shots I instinctively turned. Just in time too! Three more pellets slammed into the outside of my right thigh. Shocked, I darted round the corner, the X-corps brunette in close pursuit, the stinging pain in my penis slowly fading.

The brunette darted round the corner, expecting to find me halfway down this new corridor but instead she found me standing in front of her. I had only made it appear as if I had darted away but instead had been lying in wait. She ran right into me and I grabbed her by her breasts and drove her backwards into the wall behind her. Catching her by surprise meant I had gained the upper hand and she had dropped her gun and left her guard down. I guess she was too confident.

She slammed into the wall but it had only taken her a second to recompose herself and as she bounced off the wall she used that momentum to thrust her knee forwards. I groaned. The shock and pain of the knee meaning I was unable to stop myself. I was still driving her backwards as the hard bone of her knee connected with the soft tissue of my groin and I slammed right into her. My hands squeezing into her breasts tightly as the pain lanced through me.

“ARGH!” she yelped, shaking her head as if to shake off the pain of my squeezing hands. As she shook her head her shoulder length hair brushed my face, obscuring my view and causing me to close my eyes. As my eyes were shut I was unable to maintain my bearings and was forced to press into her to keep her at bay. In frustration she slammed another devastating knee into my groin. My eyes squeezed shut again, but this time it wasn’t to protect them from her flailing hair but from the aching pain, which I was becoming all too familiar with.

That knee ended me and I lost my grip on her breasts. I slid down her, feeling the smooth leather round her breasts and stomach caress my face as I fell. She was still leant up against the wall and I was on my knees at her feet, legs spread. I just caught her ogle my balls before she flung her foot between my legs. With that I dropped backwards on my back and went fetal in an attempt to protect myself from more abuse. She was still in pain, but figuring I was beaten, was in no rush to finish me. Through the haze of pain I spied the Incapacitator gun by her side and I quickly reached for it. She was still up against the wall, rubbing her breasts around in her cat suit, when she realized what I was doing. Just as I grabbed the gun I turned to lie on my back and face her as she stepped into my groin.

“Umph,” I mumbled. She smiled sadistically and twisted her foot again. Without thinking I took the gun and fired at her. Given my lower angle and weakened state I wasn’t able to shoot as high as intended and the pellets hit her in the pussy. When shot there at almost point blank range, even a woman could be caused pain from this gun. However whereas at this range a man would be on the floor unconscious for several hours (much like I was earlier) she simply jumped back against the wall, yelped and grabbed her vagina. She turned sideways to me, still leaning against the wall, one of her thighs crossed in front of the other. In her shiny cat-suit this stance just made her look more alluring and curvaceous and my penis started to get chubby.

As I pushed myself along the floor away from her, so as to get out of her ‘leg shot’ I kept the gun trained on her face. The resistance had taught me that the only part of a woman’s body that was vulnerable enough to the Incapacitator so as to wound her was the face. Like an exhausted animal I backed away whilst this calculating female kept her eyes locked on me, scanning me for a moment of weakness, when she could pounce.

As I stood up my thigh pressed into my Nutcracker, stretching my sac and causing me to flinch and momentarily drop the gun to my side. In an instant I heard the click of her heels along the metal floor as she sprinted towards me and just managed to glimpse her bouncing breasts and long legs before I felt her foot slam into my groin. Her leg was perfectly placed. It had elegantly slipped up between both my legs and exactly whacked my balls. I fell forwards and into her, vainly hoping to use my weight to topple her, though she was ready for me and caught me, her long strong legs momentarily bending to cushion the force of my body landing in hers. Once again I found myself helpless in a woman’s arms. My legs were dragging beneath me and only her arms hooked under mine were keeping me aloft.

“Are you okay sexy?” she asked sweetly, her heaving breasts rubbing my face. All I could do was groan.

“I guess that’s a no. It’s too bad you’re a resistance fighter; you’re kind of cute!” she purred. “Oh well!” With that she flicked her leg forward into my balls then unhooked her arms from under mine, causing me to slump fetal to the floor.

She kicked me a couple more times in my hands, which were cupped, protectively, round my balls to ensure I was beaten and no threat, then bent over and picked up her gun.

“WARNING LEVEL 2 BREACH. ENGAGING LEVEL 2 DEFENCES!” screeched a voice over the siren.

At that moment the door on my left exploded and five Y-Resistance troops poured out, to form a shield around me. The brunette, meanwhile, had already darted for cover round the corner and was firing at the Resistance troops. The first volley of pellets from the brunette flew straight into the first man’s groin but simply bounced off and though he appeared to bend slightly and sneer he seemed unaffected. With that she disappeared round the corner again, doubtless to change the setting on her gun to fire ‘cup bypass pulses.’

Affectionately called ‘Super Man Stoppers’ by the Corps - due to their ability to take advantage of a man's testicles even when he is wearing a protective cup- they are more like pulses of compressed air that slam into the man’s cup. The compressed air permeates any gaps in his clothing and any between him and his cup. The air then ‘slaps’ the testicles causing him enough discomfort to make him unable to focus mentally. One hit and he is fazed but still standing, two hits and he will drop to a knee in pain. This is a recent weapon and was only invented to decrease the fatality rate of Y-corps fighters to X-corps troops. You see any captured fighters become hostages and potential subjects for torture etc all of which would increase the number of potential sources of secret information the X-corps could obtain. Plus since we men haven’t been able to think of a weapon that can incapacitate women with ease we are forced to use ‘fatal weapons’, which only decrease our standing in the eyes of the public – who despise fatalities of any kind.

“Two of you men carry away this guy, you two provide covering fire!” yelled the commander as he slipped through the hole in the door. Two guys picked me up and began to carry me away. Just before I was lifted through the corridor hole I saw a second air pulse slam into one of the guys balls. At such a range of just ten meters or so the guy was so incapacitated that he was reduced to an arched pile on the floor. As he dropped I could distinctly hear a sexual exhortation from the brunette, even through the gun fire. The second guy providing covering fire foolishly bent to pick up the first but as he tried a rapid fire volley of at least five or six air pulses slammed into his legs, throwing him off balance and causing him to fall on his back. Before he could move, another rapid fire set of pulses collided with his balls and he joined his comrade, fetal on the floor.

“Leave them, they’re gone!” yelled the resistance group commander. As the two troops dragged me down another corridor he laid down suppressing fire, beads of sweat from the gun heat dripping down his face, I couldn’t help but feel inferior, this situation being a perfect exemplification of life. Whilst the female moved around with a graceful, elegant, precise gun which could never be used to hurt her own gender we men were forced to use a brutish, thuggish gun that was more like a club. I guess it underlined the difference in the refinement of the genders.

“Grenade!!” yelled the commander and the troops all hit the deck.


The grenade exploded, a pink gas proliferating through down the corridor.

“What the hell is that?” I yelled at one of the troops.

“Pheromone grenade, heads up buddy!”

I didn’t realize that that was a double entendre, not for a few seconds anyway, until I realized my trousers appeared to be imitating a circus tent. Looking around I saw the three other troops, who were now leaning way forward as they scurried down the corridor.

“What happened?”

The commander ran forward and proceeded to explain. “That was a pheromone grenade; the gas seeps through your pores or gets into your lungs and reacts with the body. It basically gives us erections. Think Viagra in highly concentrated gaseous form.”

The commander couldn’t look me in the eye as he explained he almost seemed ashamed of himself. “Those damn bitches!!!” he yelled. I could feel my erection in my trousers growing more and more and the troops carrying me were finding it more and more painful to run, their penises undoubtedly grazing against the inside of their hard plastic cups. Even the commander was doing a strange sort of waddle.

“Commander, I can’t do this, my, argh, my groin!”

“Remove the damn cup then!”

Once again the females had taken advantage of male biology. It was so simple and elegant, with our penises erect we men couldn’t run, we couldn’t fight and most of all we couldn’t wear cups. We were defenseless. And we are meant to be their protectors!

We continued running down the corridor, the brunette had probably been ordered to break off pursuit and wait for reinforcements (though I can’t help but think that one woman could have taken us all on and won, especially given our current, ‘disadvantaged’ state). We regrouped with the other Y-resistance teams who had infiltrated the base, some of whom had obviously also been ‘pheromoned’ and were either waddling, had undone their flies – penises sticking out and to attention, or were pressing theirs down with both hands. For a highly trained military organization we weren’t looking very professional!

We all charged through a hole in the ‘main complex’ wall and ran into the open ground. I heard some whispering, and from what I could gather the females had sealed off the escape exit. Leaving us trapped. We had to fight our way out!

The males whose penises weren’t so erect that they were unable to fight, formed the main front line, at least fifty of us in total were facing off against thirty of them, though ten or so of us were too aroused to be of much use. The two genders met across a huge, flat courtyard. Immediately the men started shooting as did the women. It was vaguely interesting to watch, all the men were firing at the women’s heads and torsos whilst all the women were shooting low. Men fell in pain, women fell wounded.

I locked my eyes on the voluptuous, 5 7” brunette who had so deftly defeated me earlier. She was already engaged in a hand to hand fight with one of the ‘unerect’ males. He threw a punched. She dodged it but was just clipped in the stomach. But she spun with the hit and did a 360, her leg coming round to strike him in the side of his outer thigh. His leg appeared limp from the kick and she slammed her high heel spike into his foot. It was almost comical the way he grabbed that foot and started hopping on one leg. She then swung her leg high up into his balls but as soon as he hit the floor he was up on both feet again and the brunette’s foot was obviously hurting from colliding with just his cup. They both backed away and composed themselves.

Suddenly she unzipped her cat-suit top and flashed him. I must say I was impressed, she wasn’t wearing a bra and he got a real nice show. At least he did till she leapt at him and slammed her back into his chest. Instinctively the man’s hands flew round and grabbed her chest, but finding only her breasts he couldn’t help but squeeze. The brunette used her left hand to pin his to her breasts and used her right to grab his cup and, with surgical precision, dislodge it. I say surgical because I know what she did. A standard X-corps technique is to lift the cup slightly so the balls slip out underneath and outside it whilst the penis remains protected inside the shield. She must have done it perfectly because as she slammed the palm of her hand back onto his cup he gave out a high pitched yell and dropped to his knees, his testicles undoubtedly being ‘cut’ by the cup’s edge. She then kicked up between his legs and he hit the floor, riving around in pain. Poor guy, with that kick his testicles were probably splattered against the outside of his cup, it wouldn’t surprise me if she had castrated him.

The battle continued for almost twenty minutes, but it was soon apparent we were losing. Suddenly the Commander who had saved me originally jumped up behind me.

“Don’t worry laddie, we have a contingency plan. Take this!” he thrust his palm forward to reveal a small pellet, the size of a pill. I looked bewildered.

“It’s a communications device, tracking device and can be used as an explosive as a last resort. Take it and hide it under your tongue. The pellet shapes itself to the tongue to hold itself in place.

I grabbed it and did so. I knew this device. I knew what the commander was planning.

Just then our final battle line collapsed and the women charged the commander and he braced himself as the leader of the attacking females slammed her foot up into his groin. With his cup removed due to his erection and the lack of his penis absorbing even some of the blow, the commander yelped like a girl and his face flew into the floor. The redhead stood over him as he rived in pain then sneered and stooped and lay on his back, forcing him flat on the floor. She took his legs and spread them, took some scissors and cut a hole in the crotch of his trousers. She then seductively moved her hand up his thigh and into the hole. After fishing around momentarily she drew his balls out through the hole and attached a small metal collar round his testicles. I was trying to figure out what was happening when suddenly a foot slammed into my groin and I started groaning again. I was rolled onto my stomach and a woman lay down on my back. I felt her cut the same hole in my trousers and attach a similar collar to my balls.

“Here’s what happens baby. This is new, let’s call it the slicer. This is how it works, you step out of line and we kick you in the balls. The collar is sharp at the edges and so with the kick YOUR balls with slam into the collar’s blades and they will be sliced off! Men don’t get second chances with these things. In fact the best part is the Incapacitator will also slice your balls should it hit them whilst they are collared like this!