Thursday, November 1, 2007

What Happened in that House

by sag

In a big house out of town a beautiful 35-year-old woman named Linda was sitting and watching TV. She wasn’t feeling good that night. She felt cold. She went upstairs and grabbed a skintight and pantyhose. Then she sat down to watch a film, an action film. She saw how the actress in the film defended herself by kicking and punching her opponent balls. She suddenly felt she liked the idea of hitting a man in the balls.

Suddenly she heard a break in. That was the window of the back door. She ran upstairs to hide in her room and called the cops. But it was too late; a young man about 19 years old with a muscular body grabbed her from behind. He held her mouth so she couldn’t scream. Then he dragged her in her room, put her on the bed and tried to reach her tights, but she grabbed his hands and delivered a high knee into his balls. It sounded bad. He screamed in pain. He never expected that to happen. Soon the pain was all over his body, especially his balls that he was holding in his hands.

Linda, who now was up, hurried to the phone, found out it wasn’t working, tried to reach outside. After ten minutes the ball busted young man whose balls were still sore went to find her. He was feeling too angry that a woman bitted him up by hitting his manhood and hurting him by his sex.

Finally Linda was out of the house but it was a long way to the town and it was cold out there. She decided to get back in the house and fight back. The intruder was searching the house not for the money but to get revenge by raping her. His cock was aroused badly. Finally he reached the basement; he took a good look around and looked into a mirror. He saw her behind of him, but it was too late.

She kicked him hard in the balls from behind; her foot with her pantyhose hit his aroused cock and balls. He jumped in the air in pain and clutched his aching balls with his hands; his knees were shaking and were getting close to each other. She then forced his hands to release holding his balls and then she kneed him hard in the balls again and again. His was screaming loudly. She stopped and hit under his balls with an open palm. He held his breath in pain and then he shouted again loudly because she was squeezing his balls hard. She kept squeezing for 12 minutes. Then she released him to fall to the ground. She held his legs up and open and then she stomped hard on his balls with her sexy foot in pantyhose.

After three hard ones she sensed his dick is getting bigger, she got so angry she said, “You bastard - having an erection! I will show you who will have erection after this.” Then she kept his legs in the same position and landed on his cock and balls with her knee with all her weight. He held his breath again but he blacked out for a moment.

She grabbed his cock and twisted he came back because of pain and started to beg her. “Please lady stop! You win! I will surrender!” he said, his eyes full of tears.

She looked at his face; he was just a boy crying in pain. “Do you accept that women are superior to men and men are just pigs who don’t know their limits?” she said while twisting his erected dick.

“Yes, yes… lady, please don’t call the cops,” he said in a crying voice.

She said, “Of course not, you will stay with me here for a couple of days we will see how your behavior going to change.”

“Please don’t destroy my balls I will do anything.”

Suddenly she felt she like helping him “Don’t worry. But I need to do one more thing.”

“No, no not the balls, I beg you, it hurts terribly.”

She raised her hand and punched softly in the balls again. He jumped and blacked out.

After five minutes he found himself on her bed with his pants down. In front of him she sat, putting ice on his balls. “I want complete recovery of your balls before I kick them again.”

Overtime at the Office (part 2)

By sag

It was Friday noon. John finally showed up at work. He was limping and once in a while he had to stop and catch his breath. He noticed there are a few men around. Mostly he would see women going back and fort. Some of them say hi and some of them giggle when they saw him. ‘Could Rosa make this public?’ he thought to himself. He went to his cubical, Sat down slowly. A secretary girl was passing.

“Hey John. Rosa wants you in her office.”

“Who me? I didn’t do anything. I swear.”

“Okay, it is not the first time you screwed up the weekly reports.”

He wiped the cold sweat of his forehead. He acted prematurely. He got off his chair with the same slow motion again and went to her office. He knocked and entered while his legs were shivering.

“Come in Johnny.”

“H… Hi.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I haven’t told anyone except Linda… and Nadia, pearl, Maria, and…”

She went on and on for a while naming almost all women in the office. John didn’t know what to say.

“Oh please I can’t go to jail. It... It was an accident. I will do whatever you want. Name it. Anything…”

“Anything? Well, I might be able to arrange something. Of course you have to do something for all the girls that I told them about you last night. For now, I want you to get on your knees and start kissing my foot.”

He held her cute sexy feet in his hands and started to kiss them. Her pantyhose were very soft and silky. He started to grow in his pants.

“It appears you liked my foot in pantyhose last night. They liked you too. Well, mostly they liked your nuggets. Man, they are soft and vulnerable. When I grabbed your groin last night I got your dick and balls at the same time. You were growing big last night. I guess you are not capable of that today or maybe never. Let’s see.”

She pushed him with her foot on his back and sat down on him. Her soft and warm ass in pantyhose and stirrup leggings were setting him on fire. She reached down his pants and opened his belt and Took down his shorts. His nuts were red and swollen. But to her surprise his dick was straight as an arrow. Rosa felt all her kicks and grabs were almost for nothing.

“You dirty dog. You still get an erection? You were supposed to be harmless according to the book. Well, I think I have to be satisfied with hurting those red nuts of yours.”

Suddenly the door opened. It was Linda. She was wearing the shortest miniskirt John had ever seen and her legs were shining in her tan pantyhose. The skirts were so loose and soft and so short that john could see Linda’s g-string dividing her big ass to two. She said hi and hugged and kissed Rosa. For a second their legs went between each other’s. Something was going on there. John’s dick was hitting the roof almost. Linda approached john that was on his knees with his dick straight up and his swollen nuts. She put her sexy feet in pantyhose under his nuts and lifted them. John moaned in pain and pleasure. She played with his dick too and she started to laugh nervously.

Rosa, have you thought of something that he can do to make it up to all the women he insulted last night?”

“Yes, but I can’t tell in from of him.” They whispered in each other’s ears and giggled.

“Okay Johnny. It has been decided. You are going to make a formal apology today in front of all the women of the office in the gym. We saved you some of the embarrassment by giving all other men, a day off today.”

“I will do whatever you want. Please. Not that.”

“Sorry Johnny. My mind is made up. At 2:00 PM be ready at the gym or we will come after you with police. Women police that is. We have people in the force that keep you in the jail and have fun with your balls as long as they want.”

“Ok, ok I will do it. No more ball busting please. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Oh, little baby’s balls hurt. Oh, well. Maybe one more.”

Linda and Rosa grabbed his hands and lifted him up. Then they spread his legs apart and kicked him in the balls one at a time. He was jumping up and down like a rabbit. Those soft silky feet in pantyhose weren’t so soft now. Several kicks got his dick and he was ready to shoot. Linda noticed that and stopped. Sharply, she grabbed his balls and squeezed. And with the other hand she grabbed the tip of his dick, digging her nails in. He screamed in pain like a girl and his voice went high.

“Wait. Just kill his erection. Remember, we need him up and about for this afternoon,” said Rosa.

“Yeah you are right. Well you got lucky. I was going to pop your balls. Ha, ha, ha.”

Linda grabbed john’s head and gave him a big kiss of death then she left the room to go and arrange for john’s apology ceremony. Rosa pulled up his pants for him and helped him to the room back of her office. She put him on the bed and went to get some ice, she then pull off his pants again and put the pack on them. John let out a relief sigh out and relaxed. Rosa kind of liked the idea of holding something between a man’s legs, so she got a bit closer. A smile was on her lips and john noticed that. Their heads got closer and they started kissing. John’s hands were busy all over Rosa’s body. He had one hand on her thigh, feeling the smooth silky stirrup leggings she was wearing and the other hand was holding her chin. After a while his hands moved on her big ass and her huge boobs. That was when Rosa went mad a bit and showed that to him by pressing the ice pack hard on his balls. He squealed in pain and doubled over.

“Well, well. You just lost your place little boy. But that’s ok. A man crawling into a ball is turning me on.”

She pushed him back and took the ice pack off his balls. Then, she sat on the bed in front of him and put her feet in pantyhose on his dick and started to rub. He was jumping up and down. Her feet were hitting his balls a bit. His dick started to get bigger. She could feel the harm cum building up. At the right time, she let go of his dick and moved away. John with a humiliating effort followed her to have her finish the job. He grabbed her from the back and rubbed his cock against her ass in soft silky leggings. She suddenly kicked back and her heel caught him in the balls. He went down crying.

She turned back and said, “You think it is the first time I did that? I never let you cum.” John, holding his nuts in pain, looked at her with anger. She came close to give him more beating. Suddenly, john grabbed his own cock and jacked off. He pointed his dick toward Rosa. She screamed. But it was too late. She had to change her leggings. It was stained with his cum almost anywhere of her leggings. She rushed toward him to kill. Suddenly the door opened. Two hot girls came in with Linda.

“Its time,” said Linda. They grabbed John by his arms and Linda grabbed him by the balls from behind.

“You try something stupid; you know first thing you will feel is pain. So behave like a little good boy and do what mommy says.”

John’s dick was growing again. He tried to hide it from Rosa this time. She had to go to her rest room and change. They arrived at the conference room. Girls pushed him in. there was at least twenty hot girls in there. All were wearing 70’s style minis with pantyhose and high heels.

“Hi ladies. As you know this is john. Your department manager. He is here to make a formal apology to all the women in this office for the way he acted.”

John was pushed to the front. He put himself together. One look at those shoes and he knew what would happen if he doesn’t comply. So he started with a shivering voice and apologized. Then Linda pushed him away and said, “Well ladies, he is at your mercy. Do you accept his apology?”

They all screamed no… and laughed.

Linda said, “Well, you know what his punishment is.” The two girls again clamped him and pulled his legs apart with theirs. Each woman came to the front in a line. Each said what they hate about him and kicked him in the balls.

“Remember you reported me because I forgot to stable the report? It is pay back time.”


“Remember you wore cologne that I was allergic to? Here is what I did in my mind back then.”


“Remember you got me flowers for my birthday at the office. Well, I hate flowers.”


John couldn’t breathe anymore. He was red as a tomato. And so were his balls. He received twenty kicks and his balls jumped up from the blow every time with their sexy feet in high heels. At the end of the line Rosa was standing. She had changed into loose miniskirts and pantyhose with high heels. She came toward him with a sexy walk

“Well, well. I think it is time that I tell you why I have an urge to terminate you manhood. I don’t know where to begin. Remember you tried to rape me last night…”


“Remember you told on me when I left the office for my hair dresser?”


The list went on and on. Rosa got his balls with her high heel good. She then used her knee. Putting her hands on his shoulders, her knee crushed his balls against his pelvis. He let out a scream. All those other women were kicking him softly and none used their knee. The two other women let go of him. Rosa hugged him and kneed him again. Her soft silky pantyhose were hitting him in the balls and his dick. He couldn’t take it any more. Her grabbed on to Rosa like a boxer and held her knee between his legs by crossing his knees. Now her knee was on his cock and balls. He put his head on Rosa’s shoulder breathing heavily. His eyes were full of tears. Rosa wrapped her soft hands around his waist and put her head on his shoulder. John thought that’s it, and she has forgiven him.

“Please Rosa. Don’t destroy my balls. I love my balls. I want to be with you. I will do whatever you want. “


“Please no.”

“Remember once…”

“No, no please.”

“Remember I had a crush on you, but you went out with Suzan?”


She released her knee from his grip, put one step to the front and with the other leg kneed him square in the balls. The blow lifted him from the ground. He collapsed on his back. He wasn’t holding his balls anymore. Rosa, Linda and the two other girls approached him. They spread his legs apart. His dick was standing and there was an empty sac under it.

“Ouch, you put him out of commission. He is not a man anymore.”

“Well, let’s see. “

Linda poured cold water on his face from a flask on the table. He came to. John was moaning and crying. He reached down his nuts and felt that they were gone.

“Please, get me to a doctor. I am begging you.”

“Listen you piece of shit. I will help you. But after that you are my bitch. I expect you to do whatever I say.”

“Yes ma’am. Please call a doctor. It might be too late. I can’t feel my balls.”

“Oh, you are going to feel something.”

Rosa took her shoes off and pressed on his belly hard. His nuts shoot back into his scrotum. He jumped up in pain and shouted holding his nuts and fainted again.

One of the girls said, “Oh, I ‘m gonna miss his screams in high voices. Now that he is your bitch we have to find somebody else in the office to have fun with.”

“No, you can always borrow him for the night,” said Rosa.

“Ooh, thanks. If you want we can trick my boyfriend the same way. It has been so long that I wanted to teach him a lesson about girl power.”

“Sounds good.”

The girls left the building telling each other ball busting their experiences and laughing, while John was lying on the ground with his pants down wondering how long it would take for him to recover and get an erection again.

The End

New Girlfriend

by sag

Hi. It is me sag. I haven’t finished the ballbusting in the village yet, but some thing happened to me that I want to share. I met this girl whose mother is from my homeland and her father is Canadian. She is so cute. She lives by her self now, and I told her about my fetish. Now I write stories about her and not all of them are true. Here goes.

Last month I was so pissed off. I didn’t do well on my tests and I had to repeat those courses again. It was raining all morning. Finally we had a little sun near dusk. I decided to go on a walk in the park near my apartment. Lots of people were out walking in the park. I found a seat and sat on for half an hour enjoying the view. I noticed some giggling noises from the back of the bench that I was sitting on behind the bushes. I turned back and saw three girls around 26 playing and laughing together. I was gazing at their breasts jumping up and down that suddenly one of them grabbed the other from the back and rub her self against the other ass. They were wearing stirrup tights so the view was great. Suddenly the one in front turned and kicked her hard between the legs. She went down holding between her legs and making funny noises like man who got hit in the balls.

The kicker said, "Yes, that’s how you deal with a man who is bothering you." There was a lot moving in my pants. I couldn’t help it. My cock was so erect that I could feel how hard the bench that I am sitting on was. I listened again.

One of them said, "What if the attacker balls were damaged? Then you will go to jail for forty years.”

"No, if you are defending yourself you can do what ever you want to his balls. The police won’t suspect a thing because you are a woman and you won’t go to jail, because it was in self-defense." I thought my penis would touch the ground any minute. I couldn’t lose this moment. I didn’t want to get hit in the balls but chatting with these girls would give me pleasure. I went toward them and I pretended I was walking.

I talked to the teacher. "You folks are martial arts champs? You are pretty good." This small compliment worked. She was kind of embarrassed.

"Hmmm... no! We are practicing women self-defense." I pretended that I didn’t know what that was, so she began to lecture me about it for two hours. You know how they bore you with too much talk, but this one gave me a hard-on and the two other girls kind of noticed that but just giggled. I continued talking and most of the time listening, so I was kind of getting to know this teacher girl, her name was Atina. She was a little fat around the waist, but in a cute way.

The casual talk changed itself to first date. I told her I liked her and she said I was such nice guy that cared to listen to people. I invited her to a cop of coffee with her friends. They laughed at the word cop that they heard cup, and her friends said they have to go now. We went to a coffee shop nearby and talked more.

It had been two months now. We talked about sex already. She showed that she needed it like a thing that all people do, so she had to do it too. She wasn’t a virgin but she was pretending it was okay by her. Finally I was invited to spend the weekend in her house. I packed my things and arrived there ten minutes later. She was wearing what I love, skin tights and pantyhose under it. She said she felt cold a bit. She was looking nervous. After kissing she went to bring me tea and crackers. Boy was that day a cold one.

She began to talk. “I am very happy that you are here. What shall we do tonight?”

“We could go to a movie if you like,” I said.

“No it is too late and my niece will be home by now,” said she.

“I am sorry. I didn’t know that you were not living alone.”

“Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you. She is here just for a couple of days. I am sorry but my sister had to go on her business journey.”

“Oh, you have a sister. I didn’t know that. Looks like you are going to tell me more about yourself.”

She started to talk for a long time about how her sister killed her husband in self-defense and how her husband used to beat her sister. I got this hard-on again. To my surprise something suddenly touched my private parts. It was a very nervous hand. It was too quick and fast that I thought some body hit me in the groin. Well the pain was like that.

“Oh, I am sorry, I am sorry. Are you okay? Sorry this table is too small.” I was on the floor holding my balls in pain, moaning and crying. She helped me get up then she again touched my thing.

“Don’t worry, I know first aid.”

Oh, boy. That was the best first aid that I had. Then she said, “I wanted to ask you something. I don’t know how to say this… My… my… my friends told me you had a hard-on the day that we met, is that true?”

I was red with shame. “Why were your friends looking at my, you know?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Let’s forget about it, my friends say so many stupid things.”

“Maybe they are jealous.”

“That’s got to be it.”

She was red all over. Suddenly someone came in, a very cute 17-year-old girl in high school out fit, pantyhose and a bag.

“This is my niece Karen. How are you honey? This is my boyfriend sag. So tell me did you have good time at school?”

“Have I ever? Do you remember I told you about a bully who wouldn’t leave me alone?”


“Well I took your advice. This time he grabbed me from behind, I slapped him hard and I kicked him in the balls even harder.”

Atina was red and embarrassed all over. I was going to have an explosion in my pants. She ran into the kitchen to bring more tea, and of course and escape from my strange look. I went in the kitchen. She got so exited that she dropped the teapot.

“You are wondering what a bad aunt I am, but I can give you a hundred good reasons why I told her to do that.”

I tried to look confused. “What are you talking about? What did you tell her any way?”

“You know, let’s go to my bedroom. I am going to tell you a story.”

This should be good, I told to myself. When we got there she shouted to her niece to not bother us for an hour. I laughed. “Only an hour?” I made her only more embarrassed.

We sat on her bed and she began. “You see when I was 18 I wanted to go to the places that boys of our high school go. I was in my last semester and I had a crush on this boy named John. We went out a lot together. Once we went in the gym. Two guys attacked us. They beat Johnny pretty hard. I screamed for help but it was no use. They grabbed me and one of them wanted to do something bad to me. Luckily, my mother taught my sister and me how to defend ourselves against men. So I got up and kicked one of them in the groin very hard. He went down holding his balls in pain. The other one attacked. I sat down quickly and punched him in the balls. I felt his tender thing flattening against my little hand. I was worried for John. He was lying there unconscious. When I was done with both of those guys after stomping on their balls, I went to Johnny. But I was too late. He was dead. The doctor said he had an internal injury. The court sent them to jail and it was over. Oh, if it was up to me I’d order that I personally cut off those guys’ balls with my nails. After that I couldn’t date any boys any more. I hated the male gender. I went to a self-defense class and finished the whole level. Now I am a self-defense teacher. So you see, I don’t want that what happened to me to happen to my niece. You are the first guy that I feel safe with after that. I can tell you stuff and you listen.”

Her voice was shaking and she was crying. I held her in my arms. She did some thing very unexpected. She reached down and grabbed my balls along with my erect dick.

“You bastard. All the time you had a hard-on. What makes you so happy? My near being killed by those guys?”

I was in a great deal of pain. She was yanking my cock and balls so hard that I screamed in pain. She didn’t let go. She held them until my erection went off in pain. She sat on me, looking in my eyes. “Wait. You had a hard-on when I told you about groin strike technique in the park. Then you had a hard-on when I touched your thing in the living room. And now you have, sorry, had a hard-on when I told you I hit those guys in the balls. You have a fetish. I know what that is. You want me to beat you up.”

I said with a shaking voice, “No, I love you. I care about you. True I have a fetish just to hear a woman beat a man in the balls, but I don’t want to lose my manhood and I don’t want to be beaten up by anybody. Please stop torturing me.”

She looked at my face. I was in pain. Then she undid my pants. She brought her feet covered with nylon toward my thing and grabbed with her foot. “What you need is a foot job to show that I believe you.” I was in heaven. During the foot job she told me about her other ball busting events too. I came four times in a row. After that she told her niece good night and we had sex all night.

At midnight I got up to grab some thing to eat and drink. I asked her if she wanted anything or not.

“Bring me a chocolate from the fridge. Sorry I can’t get up and make you something, so help yourself.”

I went in the kitchen wearing my boxers. I was in front of the fridge and someone kicked me hard in the balls with their barefoot. I jumped up in pain but she grabbed my balls from behind and squeezed hard.

“I will tell my aunt that you bothered me in my home, attempting to rape me.” It was Karen. She squeezed my balls with her soft hands so hard that I screamed in pain like an alarm to warn Atina.

She ran to the kitchen and saw me. “What happened here? Honey, let go of his… his… you know… things,” said Atina.

“No aunt Atina, he tried to rape me. As you taught me before we have to cut the rapist’s ball off.”

“Wait a minute… if he wanted to rape you, why did he attack you with his behind?” said Atina.

“Well… I don’t know,” said Karen.

“Tell me the truth.”

“I am sorry. I wanted to draw some attention. You guys left me alone here. I would have told you the whole thing before you cut his ball off.”

“Will you stop saying that word?”

“You always say it too.”

“Not in front of my boyfriend.”

“Oh, sorry I didn’t know you guys still didn’t do it, to become comfortable with each other to say these things easily.”

“What? Yes we did. I mean I don’t want to say balls in front of you with him.”

She was so confused. Her niece had a smart mouth.

“Okay. I guess I can forgive you. I think sag will forgive you for me, wont you?”

“Yes. Yes. Definitely, any time. I mean yes.”

“Well honey (talking to me), I guess you could be a good sample of our private self-defense lessons,” said Atina.

“What? You want to hurt me again? Please I can’t take it.”

“Don’t worry. Just show my niece what a man’s private parts look like.”

“No, I love you and I only show that to you.”

“Okay. Maybe I better tell Karen to nail your balls, you rapist.”

Both were laughing.

“Fine, Fine here you go.”

I took off my boxers and both took a good took. Their eyes were wide like they never seen such a thing. Karen wanted to touch them but her aunt didn’t let her and dragged her hand away but instead her hand hit my balls again. I was on the floor crying and they were sitting around me apologizing.

“Aah. I am sort of hungry. Let’s make some thing to eats,” said Atina.

“I call for cooking,” I said.

“No, you’ve had enough trouble today. I will cook.”

“Perhaps you could make me cook by grabbing my, you know, thing (I tried to sound like her).”

“Ooh, tempting, but not in front of my niece. I guess you better put on something before I step on you BALLS accidentally.”

We had a great time that night. That became out weekly routine. Karen always made an excuse to come to her aunt’s house on weekends to hang around. Atina never let her touch my thing again.

Karen likes to hang around with us. She feels she is so cool talking to her elders about stuff.

But she makes me worry. Last time she said she was going to bring her mom too. I wonder if she wants to try some self-defense technique on me.

Girl's Defense

by sag

The story that I am about to tell is about two girls, 25-year-old cousins who came to Canada in winter of 1999 with a boy named John who was their friend’s brother. John had decided to live in Canada too, and they all traveled together. The cousins looked alike as twins, not very tall and great asses. They chose their city of Vancouver for living, in a poor area of out side of town. They found a building with two one-bedrooms vacant. John took the one at the end of the hall and girls took the one next to it. It was only a thin wall between the suits. The neighborhood was terrible, full of pimps and drug dealers.

After two months the one called Roya found a job in an office after she talked to one of her distant relatives who was a 35-year-old homemaker. The other one who called Lila found a job in a gym. But John still was looking for a job. Soon Roya and Lila got promotions and received better salaries, but John was able to find a job as a janitor in one of the offices. Roya’s and Lila’s bosses were both female so they received better posts and assignments than the other employees, but no one knew the secret.

Two male employees were talking about Roya. “That bitch. I put my whole life to get that post and she comes in and without no experience or degree gets the job.”

The other said, “Someone has to teach that bitch a lesson.”

“I will do it. I will make her so embarrassed that even if they offer her the head chair, she wouldn’t stay.”

“Be careful man, don’t do any thing stupid.”

“If there is any one stupid, it is that bitch.”

It was the hour of closing; everyone left the building except Roya. She was wearing sexy stirrup tights and pantyhose under it with cute soft shoes. She bent over her desk to gather all her papers. Her ass was huge in a very sexy way, standing up. Suddenly somebody grabbed her from behind hard. His large hands were holding her waist and were driving her ass toward his penis. She felt the big thing rubbing against her ass and jumped up in fear and screamed.

He covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream and whispered in her ear, “You bitch; I lost all the opportunities that could have been my big break because of you and your feminist shit. Now it is payback time.” He reached in her tights and felt her hips. She couldn’t bear it any more. She remembered Ms. Jones, herself-defense teacher’s, words, “First hit him where he loses control and then make your final move which disables any man every time.”

She moved fast. Since his hands were on her hips she could easily turn and punch him in the nose. He jumped up in pain and let go.

“You fucking bitch!” he said and attacked her. She made a defensive move with her hands blocking and locking both his hands. Then she kicked him in the balls as hard as she could. Her shoe was open-toed, so she hurt his manhood severely. Her foot actually felt that she was hitting something very soft and vulnerable. For a moment he was stiff as a stuffed animal. The fear of great pain in the balls made him a weakened and scary man. He never expected this from her. He never thought of her as such a woman. Soon the pain made him shout in pain. She held and locked his hands perfectly, so he couldn’t protect his manhood from her deadly kicks in the groin. She kicked him even harder. This time she kicked some of his penis too.

“Oh! His pervert’s cock is still aroused from the action,” she thought to herself. “I am going to make sure you won’t get a hard-on almost ever!” she shouted. He started to beg her not to waste his manhood, but she stepped forward and kneed him hard in the balls, interrupted him from begging and sent him to a shocking pain in the balls. He couldn’t breath and started to sink to the ground.

She was very proud; she brought a man twice her size down to his knees. But she couldn’t let him go that easily. She helped him up, but he played a trick and tried to hit her. She moved to a side from his punch. She grabbed his hand and with her other hand she made a fist. It was her turn to punch. She landed her punch directly in under his groin, smashing his aching ball against his body. He screamed like a little girl in pain, tears were all around his eyes and laughter and excitement were on Roya’s face. Then she grabbed his balls with her soft feminine hand and squeezed hard. His nuts were very big and her hand got his cock and both his balls.

“Wow, it is big! Actually it feels nice, not only the power that I have over him but I like holding and pulling his balls,” she thought to herself. Soon he began to sink to the floor in pain, but she didn’t let go and followed him to the ground.

“Please, I will do anything,” said the poor ball-busted man.

“Anything I say?”

“Yes, I promise. Please let go.”

“Okay you pig. You know if you refuse what will happen. I will call 911 and tell them you tried to rape me, and every woman in this office will be a witness. Now take off your clothes Tommy.”

He didn’t take his underwear off, so she ripped them off. She sat in front of him and grabbed his cock with her foot.

“You have to give me compliments about how I beat you. If I like it you will get rewarded and if I don’t like it you will be punished,” said Roya. He began to give her compliments, but the joy of her nylon feet stopped him from talking so she drove the tip of her foot under his balls and lifted them up. He jumped up in pain and began to talk again.

They were in the building for an hour or more then they came out. Roya was helping Tom coming down the steps. They went in the car.

“Now answer. Are you seeing some one?” said Roya.

“No, I swear. Please don’t hurt me.”

“No you idiot. I am the one you will be seeing. I mean I am your mistress now. I own you. Everything I say you will do. And if you refuse you know what will happen.”

“Yes, I promise. You have my word. Please don’t tell any one.”

“Oh good, I know what will happen. Now take me home.”

“Yes, ma’am. Are you sure you want to come to my home?”

“No stupid. Take me to my home… You haven’t been with other women, haven’t you?”

“No, you were my first contact.”

“What! You sick bastard…” She started to beat him up in the car. After a while Roya got tired of hitting him and told him to drive her home.

“Ok you idiot, here is the deal. Call me twice every day or I bust your balls,” said Roya.

She was happy and proud of defeating her attacker and she was climbing up the stairs when suddenly a drunken man grabbed her ass. She moved fast and grabbed a side of his pants and delivered several punches in his balls. She was so fast that he even got the chance to say OUCH! He went down and lost consciousness. She went in and told her cousin what happened. They both laughed, then Lila told her about her day, how she beat up a muscular man with her groin strike technique.

“Where was I? Oh yes. He claimed that he paid the fee, so he would exercise anywhere he wanted. And I told him this part is women only. He asked why women could go anywhere but men couldn’t? I said because we are women and we are superior. He called me a bitch and tried to choke me. But I moved fast and punched him in the balls twice. He screamed like a girl in pain and froze in shock. I locked his hands and kicked him hard in the balls five times. All women in the gym were cheering and counting my kicks in the balls. Then I struck his groin with my open palm and grabbed his cock and balls and dragged him out of the gym. Then I shouted, ‘Are there any other men who wants to work out in women’s section?’ All other men went to the other side of the gym. We were all cheering and my students asked me to teach them the groin strike. Now we will have a self-defense course in our gym.”

They both wet their tights when they were telling each other how they beat these men by hitting them in the ball. Soon they started to rub themselves with their tights on.

John, who lived next door, heard their stories and got a hard-on. He looked into the hole that he made between his wall and theirs, and saw how they were rubbing themselves. He thought to himself this is the best time to go there and ask them if they have any ice, maybe they were horny enough to have sex with him. He got up and knocked on their door.

Roya opened the door. “Oh hi, John. What can I do for you?”

John was so exited that he could barely talk. “I… I need some ice. Do you hav… have any?” said John.

“Why do you need ice Johnny?”

He never thought of that. “I just need it.”

“Ok. Why don’t you come in. I will get some ice for you.”

He came in and saw Lila, but she got up and took off her shirt and showed him her breasts. He was flushed and was gazing on her big tits and couldn’t move. Suddenly Roya kicked him in the balls from behind. He felt a killing pain in the balls. He was wearing his boxers only so her kick got both his balls. He sank to the floor but Roya held him from behind and Lila put a step forward and kneed him in the nuts with her other leg.

He cried in pain “Aaaagh! Please don’t. I never did anything to you,” said John.

“Yes you did, you pervert. You were watching us from that hole that you made in the wall.”

“There has been a mistake. I came to get some ice.”

“Ok. Tell us what do you want the ice for and we’ll let you go.”

“I… I… I don’t know.”

“I’ll tell you what you’ll you be needing ice for. Maybe your balls are aching terribly and need to be cooled down.” Lila said that and kicked him in the balls with her soft nyloned foot. Then they both grabbed one of his hands each and kicked him many times in the balls from behind. He fell down the floor; his breath couldn’t catch up with the action.

Lila sat on his face and Roya sat on his belly holding a sharp knife. “Ok you pervert, time to say good-bye to your puny manhood.”

“No wait, wait. I will do any thing. Just name it.”

“Ok, I want to cut off your balls.”

“No, no. Anything except that (in a crying voice).”

“No, we have decided. We want to cut them off.”

“I can be your dummy in self-defense class.”

This idea made the girls think. “Hey, he’s right. I can make money out of it,” said Lila. “Ok you poor boy, we decided that you’ll lose your manhood little by little. You won’t be wearing any cups tomorrow. I want my students to have a real simulation. Now before we let you go you must clean something for us.”

After half an hour of ball-busting again, he was on his knees naked, kissing and licking the two beautiful girl’s nyloned feet.

The class was newly developed and nobody knew about the safety limits except Lila. There were no covers or hit resistance material for poor John, but the worst was there was no cup. He had two choices: lose his manhood in an unfair battle with women or go to jail as a rapist.

Early in the morning Lila knocked on John’s apartment door. When the door opened he received a painful solid kick in the groin by Lila. He bent over and went down with a cry in pain holding his groin.

“Come on Johnny, you are going to take lots of these like this today,” said Lila.

“I can’t. I am dying in pain. Please…”

“It is your choice. It is women's self-defense class or going to jail as a rapist.”

“Oooohhh… I am dying.”

Lila helped John in the car and they left home. When they arrived there, Lila said, “Oh! Good they changed the sign finally. Now it is a women’s gym only. Let’s go.” Lila led John into her own personal change room.

“Okay! Take all your clothes off and wear these,” said Lila.

“But these are women’s stirrup tights. I can’t wear these.”

“Oh you will or I’ll call security to get you for attempting to rape me. They are all female and first they’ll beat the shit out of your balls.”

The two women in the back heard them and giggled. John and Lila entered the practice room. Johns cock and balls were showing under the tights since Lila made him take off his underwear too.

“Hi everybody. This is John,” said Lila.

“Hi John,” said all.

John took a look at the women present in the room. All were around 30, beautiful and all were wearing stirrup tights and pantyhose. He got a hard-on and tried to hide it, but his cock was showing clearly under the tights. Some of women noticed and giggled.

“Ok everybody. John is here to help us learn about men’s weakness. First look at his crotch. He is wearing tights so that you can see the effects better. First is the groin grab. As you all know men’s testicles are very sensitive. When a man hits the other’s balls he never hits like a woman with hate. When a man has got a grip of your waist, first get near his groin with your hand, go through up to your open palm and hit as hard as you can upward. He’ll jump in pain and shock. Then grab a full grip on both of them, squeeze and pull as hard as you can upward. Show no mercy. Hold this position as long as you can and squeeze the life out of his balls. Like this.”

Then her went hand down and grabbed poor John’s balls fast. She squeezed and pulled upward. He jumped up in pain and bent backward standing up. He let out a loud scream in pain but Lila didn’t let go. He began to sink to the ground and she was following him until he hit the ground. He clutched his groin in pain, crying and screaming in pain. All the women cheered for Lila and laughed at John beaten up by a woman through his sexual organs which made him stronger than women.

The students helped John get up. He was in a lot of pain and he threw himself on one of the women to get up, but she went down and grabbed his balls and dragged him up. John’s tears of pain could be seen in his eyes.

“Ooh! Your cock is growing again. Be careful or I’ll rip it off,” said that woman.

“Ok now we’ll learn the best technique of groin strikes, which is in our femininity: kicking in the balls. Now John, attack me.”

He wouldn’t dare but the women pushed him from the back toward Lila. She grabbed his hands and kicked him hard in the balls with the top of her foot. Her nylon foot hit his ball hard. Her foot went upward and crushed his balls and some part of her foot hit the tip of his cock. He jumped up in pain and cried out in a high voice holding his balls. The pain was floating in his eyes. Then two women grabbed his hands and the others stood in a line.

“Now sisters, remember every lousy memory about men who pissed you off and picture John as that man and kick him in the balls. If he gets an erection, kick harder,” said Lila.

First a blond woman, sexy with her big butt in pantyhose, kicked him in the groin. She lifted him up with the top of her sexy foot. John wanted to drop but the two women who were holding him up pulled his hands and punched him in the balls. The target was visible and women couldn’t miss.

Next was a beautiful red-headed gymnast. She lifted her foot and kicked his balls four times in a row. Then she held his waist and drove her sexy knee in tights in to his balls hard. All women took a turn and kicked, kneed, squeezed, stomped and punched his balls hard until his growing cock let out a large mass of cum, passed through the stirrup tights and wet the women around him.

They became so angry that they decided to squish his crushed balls to the ground, but one of them who was a police officer said, “Instead of destroying his manhood we can take him home and practice on him to get to know the dangers of being attacked at our own house. If Lila agrees.”

“Okay, but there is a charge for that. And you have to bring him back with two balls intact. I have another class short of a dummy,” said Lila. They made a deal that the officer takes him first and they went with the alphabet after that. John was thrilled when he took a look at her tall and powerful body.

She led him to her car. “Hey, by the way I am Kathryn,” said the beautiful tall blond.

They reached home after a while. John was so afraid he couldn’t say anything. They went in. she called her 17-year-old daughter.

“Come sweaty. This is the guy I told you about on the phone. He is going to help us practice more.” John gazed at her. She was so beautiful he couldn’t stop staring.

She came near and said, “He is so puny I can beat him up twice and in half the time.”

“Ok honey, why don’t we try,” said Kathryn.

“Ok, attack boy,” said the girl. John was so pissed off he threw himself at her, but she moved aside and punched him in the stomach. He bent over, so she made him fly in pain with a sharp and steady kick in the balls. John, who was crying, dropped on the floor and the girl named Linda stood on his balls crushing them to the ground. John looked at the mother and daughter laughing at his weakness. He thought what they would be doing to him next.

Kathryn came to him and helped him up and helped him sit on a chair near the dining table. “My daughter made this sausage and meatballs. You better like it or I’ll taste yours to see which one is better,” said Kathryn.

After dinner they made John clean the table, wash the dishes and wax their toenails. “You like female feet Johnny, don’t you?” said Linda.

“Yes, very much.”

“Ok. Come with me.” They went into her room and after her nails were dried she put on tan pantyhose and sat on her bed.

“Ok Mr. Peanut, start tickling my feet with your lips. No spit or I’ll twist you balls,” said Linda.

He started kissing her nyloned feet while she was holding him by the hair. He thought to himself, “What a great smell!” His cock started to grow again. Suddenly one of Linda’s feet moved from John’s lips and kicked him in the groin hard. He jumped up and doubled over.

“You silly boy. Your weakness is not only your balls. You get distracted easily. Anyway you earned your night. Hop in. you will share this bed and if you do any thing stupid my mother and I have an excuse to cut of your balls. I told her I want to experience men in bed when I wouldn’t let them have what I have. So if you want to walk out of here without your manhood try to have sex with me. I won’t be wearing any panties but I will be wearing these pantyhose just for safety.” They went to bed, John in only underwear and Linda with a bra and her pantyhose.

“Ok if you touch me or even have contact with me your balls will pay,” said Linda. John dragged himself to the end of the bed, staying far from her. He thought of other things to himself. He had never had sexual contact with a woman. He started to count sheep, but it was useless. He could still feel the heat running through the blanket. He thought he could cover her mouth and hug her for a bit, maybe the heat would go off, but then he would lose his manhood by her mother. He put his hands down and wanted to jerk off, but Linda found out and from behind grabbed his balls and yanked. He screamed like a little girl. She pushed his body and made him lie down on his belly. Then she took off his underwear and got a hold of his cock and balls again. She squeezed hard and made him cry. His troubled manhood was red as a tomato. She got them a little loose this time. Soon his moaning got silenced and he could hear Kathryn laughing next door of his screams.

“Ok, jerk off boy, you passed the test. If you had jumped on me a second ago I would have cut your balls off, but now I am going to reward you with a nylon footjob,” said Linda and turned him to his back. She sat down in front of him and drove her foot in his groin area. Suddenly she stomped on his balls and made him cry again.

“Ohhh! You poor baby. Did I step on something vulnerable?” said Linda. Then she grabbed his cock with her sexy foot and rubbed up and down. His cock grew like a tree and became dark red. She went on and on while she was giving him a footjob telling him about her busts that she made when she was attacked in the street.

“You won’t believe this one. I was walking back toward home from the gym, and these two guys followed me and said they want some action. One of them grabbed me from behind. I turned and kneed him in the balls with my sports tights on. He jumped and held still in pain then he clutched his balls and screamed in pain and went down. The other attacked me with his fist. I went to a side and punched him in the balls. I could feel his balls squish. He screamed like a girl and went down. It was time for me to run, but I told to myself why run. I can have fun with these guys. Let’s show them some action. They barely stood up and I went under their balls and grabbed them both in my hand, gave a little twist and pulled. They were wearing loose pants so I squeezed the life out of their balls. You should have seen their faces. They became red like apples and they screamed loud in high voices. I yanked hard; they came down in pain until they reached the ground. I held on for a long time till they passed out. But at the exit I delivered a hard kick in their balls each.”

Suddenly she kicked John hard during the footjob and made his cock explode. Cum was everywhere. Lots on her feet and pantyhose.

“Oh, sorry honey. I guess no babies for them. How about you?” said Linda. She wet herself too. She took off her pantyhose and put on another. John still was lying down on the bed, mixed up between pain, humiliation and pleasure. She ordered John to change the blanket and clean himself. Then they got back in the bed and held each other. Linda asked John to hold and kiss him. But he had his pleasure and refused and went to sleep. Suddenly Linda brought him back from sleep with a tight grab of his testicles. He jumped up and cried in pain and immediately started kissing her and touching her. She asked him to rub her private area. Her moaning became louder and louder till she came. They went to sleep till morning.

When they got up Kathryn had gone to work. Linda asked John to make her breakfast and it wasn’t necessary to remind him if he refused what would happen. He made her breakfast and put it on the table for her, but she punched him hard in the balls. She was so near so she hit bulls-eye or bull’s balls.

“Ooh! I almost felt your balls on the tip of my fist. How can this soft hand and small fist of a little girl brings down a man this big?” said Linda. After breakfast she went to her room and put on her high school outfit, mini-skirt, pantyhose and flat pointy tip shoes. She was so pretty that John couldn’t resist and hugged her tight and kissed her, but she grabbed his hands and delivered four deadly kicks into poor John’s balls. With each kick John let out a cry like an injured dog. Then she held him in her arms and looked at his eyes.

“Oh! My poor doggy. Do your pervert testicles need more punishment? Thanks for the tip in self-defense. I am going to try it on my classmates and then blame them for being perverts. Now Johnny, clean the kitchen and the hall. When mom comes back the house must shine. If not, your nuts will pay and I better tell you, she kicks so hard your balls might end up in your throat,” said Linda and left for school. John began to clean the house top to bottom.

At the evening Kathryn arrived home. The first thing she did was that she snuck behind John. Then she made a karate chop with her hand and struck John’s groin from behind. He jumped up, holding his balls in pain, and fell in to Katherine’s arms.

“You are so fragile,” she said and started to kiss him on the lips. John was in-between pain and confusion.

“Ahhhhhgh! I am doing that with your daughter; this is wrong,” said John.

“First of all she does that to you not the other way around, second, she is leaving after school to her roommates’ apartment, and finally, I’ll do what I want to you and I dare you to stop me,” said Kathryn.

“Okay. Okay. Just don’t hurt me any more. I will do whatever you want me to do.”

“Oh, honey. I like vulnerable men. Come here. (Kissing). I heard you like nylon feet. If you are a good boy I will give you a good shot.” She went to her room and after changing her clothes and taking a shower she appeared in front of John in a tight blouse, which showed her big tits, and stirrup tights and pantyhose.

“Now I will show you what a woman can do to a man in stirrup tights,” said Kathryn. She ordered him to lie down on the floor. Then she took his pants off and played with his cock till it got big. She grabbed one woman’s short nylon sock and put it on John’s growing cock. Then she dragged it down under his balls and released the end under them. His balls were in the nylon now and the tightened end of the nylon made his balls go upward which made a little pain down there. Then she stood up and bent over, grabbed the end of her left foot stirrup and put it under John’s balls. Then she let go. The stirrup closed and trapped John’s cock and balls between the stirrup itself and her nylon foot. John jumped from the pain and tried to release the soft silky stirrup from his balls but Kathryn pushed him onto his back again. Then she pulled her leg to a side. His balls were pulled with the stirrup too and of course it was a great pain for John’s balls. Then she stomped on the floor with John’s balls under her foot. A noise of crushed grapes could be heard from his balls. He shouted continuously in pain. His eyes were full of tears. He hugged her feet begging her to stop. But he found her rubbing her cunt and moaning in pleasure.

“Oh! Scream Johnny scream. I love men screaming in pain when I crush their balls,” said Kathryn. John was almost unconscious. He couldn’t scream any more.

“Oh no honey, don’t go to sleep now. We are having fun,” she said and lay on him, putting her knee in front of his groin. She again tried to kiss him more and rubbed her knee to his balls to get an erection. Suddenly he jumped and rolled over Kathryn, holding her hands nailed to the floor and sitting on top of her. He noticed his cock and balls were between her legs near her cunt showing under her soft silky stirrup tights.

“Oh you are a tiger,” said Kathryn and rotated her hips, crushing his balls between her sexy thighs.

He tried to bear the pain but he couldn’t and let out a slow scream. “Why are you doing this to me? It hurts. What did I do to do?” said John in a crying voice.

“Oh, honey. Don’t cry. I was just having some fun. Of course it hurts you a little but you deserve it. I am punishing you because you are a man. You like me and you want some of this too. So you have to give me pleasure the way I want.

He became soft and let her hands go. Suddenly she grabbed one of his legs and rotated it. She stood up and stomped hard-on his balls with her soft nylon feet. Then she opened his legs and landed on his balls with her round shaped ass. She shook her ass there several times, crushing his balls against him and her sexy round ass. He was out this time for sure. She dragged him to her bed and removed the nylon sock from his erect cock. Then she took off her clothes but left the pantyhose on. She went on top and took him in through a small hole in front of her cunt. She was on top and pumped very fast and hard banging John’s head on the top of the bed.

She said, “Now scream for me.” He didn’t comply, so she grabbed his balls and squeezed hard. He screamed in a high voice, so loud that dogs began to bark outside. That was it. The ride was finished. She had her fun and John… well he was out again.

She whispered in his ears, “Oh. I liked it all right. Tomorrow we are going back to the self-defense class. Let’s see who will bust your balls tomorrow.”

He begged her to let him go. That he couldn’t bear his nuts being crushed. But she grabbed him by the balls and dragged him in the car. Soon they were there and this time in the practice area every one of the women were waiting eagerly to kick John in the balls. They rushed John and give his balls a soft squeeze, but it made him cry in pain and went down.

“Ooh! It appears that Kathryn did a lot of practicing,” said one of the women.

“I brought my daughter today, to prove to her that men are so fragile and can be defeated easily,” said one of the women in pantyhose and grabbed John’s balls and yanked. “See honey, he is on his knees. He will do whatever I tell him. Now kiss my feet.” John immediately complied and rubbed her feet with his lips. She giggled and wanted him to go on but Lila the teacher asked her to let John come to the middle of the practice room.

“Now listen ladies. We are going to show you how far you can go before you explode a man’s nuts.” They all laughed. She grabbed his balls in her soft hand and yanked upward. John tried to stand on his toes to prevent his nuts being pulled.

“See how he stands up as far as he can to ease the pain. Now you can either squeeze more or you can push him to the ground. But remember, his aching balls are your key to defeating him completely, so never let go until he is completely disabled.” Then she pushed him to the ground and sat on his chest.

“Now use both of your hands to squeeze the life out of his balls.” She grabbed each testicle and pulled and squeezed. John was shouting in pain and Lila’s big fat ass in tights was breaking his chest. All women were badly horny. John’s moaning had turned them on.

Suddenly John screamed, “I surrender... Oh my balls... My balls are exploding. Please stop. Ahhhgh!” Lila squeezed his balls a bit more and released.

“Now Johnny, you have to fight with everyone in here. If you lose, you lose your manhood. If you win we’ll let you go home and never bother you again.”

“At least give me a cup,” said John.

“No honey, that’s the fun part,” said Lila.

The first one was a homemaker who was divorced and she had cut off her husband’s cock and balls and didn’t call the police till he died of loss of blood. John knew that and he knew if he lost she will cut it off for him. John threw the first punch. She blocked it and put her knee under his groin softly, held his arms and rubbed his cock with her leg in pantyhose. John got an erection.

“I want to see my target better,” said the woman. John tried to choke her, but she put her hand on his face in his eyes and punched him with her small feminine fist in the balls. He was down; she kicked him in the face. He was thrown on his back. She jumped up and landed on his balls with her nylon feet, crushing his balls to the ground. John jumped up, he couldn’t breath. He touched his balls to see if they were there any more. They were there all right, but they got swelled like two oranges. His cock was hit too and was growing again. John was used to the pain. He got up while his legs were shivering. She let him get up completely and charged. He got her head under his arm and brought her down, but she reached for the balls and grabbed them roughly and squeezed hard since she was a little scared. John was crying but he bared the killing pain and choked her good. She let go of his balls. He won! She was down completely.

Suddenly the redhead attacked him from behind. She drove a karate chop in and upward to his groin. He screamed and his legs were crossed. Other women got near too.

He shouted in a high voice, “It is not fair… it was a one-on-one fight. I won (holding his balls in pain).” He began to cry loud. “What have I done to you? I became your dummy. You bruised my manhood and became proud of it. I cleaned your houses, bared the pain and screamed for you and had sex in the most disgusting way. What did I do to you? (Crying) Just tell me?”

All were looking at Kathryn. “Did you have sex with him? We were supposed to torture him for what he has done. And you had sex with him?” said Lila.

Suddenly John shouted, “What did I do?”

“Well, you tried to rape me.”

“What? You bitch. I hate you. I hate your face, your attitude and your guts. I have a girlfriend myself. I live next to your apartment. How stupid do you think I am? If I did that you would sue me and I would be in jail by now. And there must be signs of my DNA on your body. Kathryn is a cop. I ask her to arrange a test.”

“Okay, okay. You didn’t try to do that. You were just a pervert looking through the hole in my apartment two days ago, which is bad, right Kathryn?”

Kathryn said, “You lied to us Lila. You told us this guy tried to rape you and you would teach him a lesson by bringing him to this class three days ago. But now you are saying two days ago.

John walked out, saying he won so he was going home. Suddenly the woman who was fighting John got up and attacked him from behind.

John turned and pushed her to the ground. “Ok, you want some kicking action take that,” said John and kicked her in the cunt. She screamed holding her cunt.” Oh you don’t even have balls, but still it hurts, doesn’t it?” This time no one helped her by attacking John. Maybe John’s shouting scared them. Everybody left the gym. Lila was so pissed off; she wanted to kill John, so she rushed home to teach him a lesson. She called her cousin Roya to give her a hand (or a foot).

When she arrived, John was gone. He didn’t have any furniture since he didn’t have any job to earn money to buy anything for his apartment so he packed fast. She saw a notice on his door that the landlord put as a notice.” Due to the late payment this suite will be evacuated.”

Roya arrived there and asked where John was. Lila knew his girlfriend’s address. His girlfriend’s name was Jill and she was a waitress. Lila and Roya went to her workplace and talked to her about John. After twenty minutes of talking Jill got up and asked them to leave. John was in the back washing dishes. Jill went in the back and told him it was okay and they were gone. It was the end of the week and John wanted to give his aching balls a rest.

They went home and took a shower. They brought food from the restaurant. They kicked back and relaxed on the couch. The TV was showing a late night action movie. They watched TV for an hour or so. There was scene that the sexy woman in the film tried to seduce the bad guy. She started rubbing his cock. Suddenly Jill’s hand went to John’s pants and did they same. Suddenly in the film the woman grabbed the bad guy’s balls and squeezed hard. He screamed and jumped up and down in pain. John was so scared he wanted to escape, but Jill’s hand was still around his cock and balls. He begged her to let go.

Jill was confused. “Gee, get a hold of yourself. I was just playing. Besides it is Friday night.”

“Oh, honey I am sorry. You don’t know what happened to me. My manhood is hurt and I don’t know when I’ll be able to make love,” said John.

“Sorry hon. I expect some service tonight.”

“But you don’t understand…”

“What? You tried to rape some woman and she busted your balls good. And you were wondering if you be able to fuck?”

“What? Who said that?”


“She is lying. I didn’t do anything.”

“Shut up. I know about the self-defense class. In fact I wanted to come and do you myself. You have one chance. I know the truth. Tell me the truth and I will let go.” (She said that grabbing his balls.)


She squeezed hard and made him bend over. He started to tell her everything from peeping through the hole in the wall to being busted and fucked by Kathryn.

“Ok, you told me all and I don’t mind you sleeping with another woman since I will make your life a living hell,” said Jill.

“I didn’t want to sleep with her. She threatened she would cut off my balls.”

“Ok. Now if you don’t do what I order you I will cut off your balls.”

“Please Jill. I love you. I will do anything for you.”

“Oh really? Beginning now. Wear these pantyhose.”

He asked her to let go of his balls and wore them quickly. “No honey. Let me show you how to put them on,” said Jill. Then she helped him wear them like a woman. His cock and balls were showing under the hose and were growing again. She was wearing the same pantyhose with a very short skirt. She grabbed the ends of her skirt and lifted them. John’s eyes were round and his cock was exploding. Suddenly she kicked him hard in the balls. Her sexy nylon foot in the air hit John’s balls hard and lifted them. The kick was so hard it lifted John from the ground. He hit the ground holding his groin in pain. She grabbed his legs, opened them, kicked away his hand on his groin with her foot and stomped on his poor balls. Tears jumped off from John’s eyes and a cry of pain filled the air.

“Ok, you pervert. Call me a bitch or I send your balls in to your throat,” said Jill, standing on his balls.

“Ok. You are a bitch,” said John in a high voice.

“I’m a bitch, ain’t I?” said Jill and stepped on his balls, flattening them to the ground. He grabbed her foot and tried to stop her from crushing his balls to the ground. She stepped away, but she changed her top of foot on to his groin, kicking him hard. John didn’t scream this time. It was strange. He was out. She took a look at his balls. They were missing. She looked at his empty sack. She was horrified and she couldn’t control her laughter.

“Oh, John, if you were a rapist, I would make you wake up so that I could see the look on your face when you see your balls are gone,” said Jill. The doorbell rang. Jill opened the door. It was Roya and Lila. They were wearing stirrup tights and pantyhose with high heels.

“Have you got him good?” said Roya.

“Yes, but I think I went a little too far.”

“What have you done?”

“His balls are gone.”

“Let me see.”

They came in. Lila sat on his belly and Roya sat on his face. “Now look at this Jill. You may see some thing similar next time,” said Lila and got up a little and landed on John’s underbelly with her round big fat ass. Suddenly his balls shot out of his body into the sac again. The pain was so great that John woke up screaming in high voice like a little girl, finding himself under a big fat ass on his face, crushing his nose, and another on his belly, squishing his balls. Jill checked for any cut off vessel in his sac. She found none, but she still wanted to bust.

Lila said, “No honey, we might lose his balls forever, but give a good punishment to his cock.” She grabbed his cock and dug her nails into the tip of his cock. He almost died in pain. His screams lost their loudness. He went back to sleep again. The three women went into the hall, drinking and talking about him as a weaker sex and left John in pantyhose, in a lot of pain, alone and humiliated.

BB in Iran (part 1-2)

By sag

Note to guys. This is a long story and the ball-busting part is far apart.

It was a hot summer day, mid July in the capital of Iran, Tehran. It was time for the young teens to go out and play. The noon time was too hot so everyone would come out in the evening. But only guys came outside. And girls... well they stayed inside watching the boys. They didn’t come out at that time, especially when the horny teens were all outside playing, laughing and swearing. Among those boys there was a 17-year-old boy called Ali. He had a bad itch. When he felt the rough hair around his privates the only ones he could talk about it to were his male friends.

He saw the first naked female body when he was watching “Ghost”. His pants were growing when he was watching Demi Moore’s body. Suddenly his mom fast-forwarded the movie and yelled at her son not to watch that. Ali’s father was killed in the war and he had no chance of knowing how to deal with his itch from his dad. His parent didn’t help him and his male friends didn’t know either. Ali once hit on a girl and they became friends but a week later the police caught them and asked them what was their relationship, and to their astonishment they both ended up in jail till their parents bailed them out. Now 17 year old Ali knew that having a girlfriend in Iran was a crime.

About a month later, when he was grounded at home, new neighbors moved in. Ali had a peek through his window. The building was dedicated from the government to the people who lost their men in the war. The new neighbors were like them too. There was a 35-year-old woman, her daughter and the girl’s aunt who lived with them. All three wrapped themselves in chador (a large black or gray cloth which covers the woman body not for stranger men to see them. It is a forced issue in Iran by the Islamic government and refusing it is a federal offense.) He then noticed that they were removing part of the window of their apartment to remove an old chimney pipe. At night he could see through it with his telescope. He only could see the hall so there was no chance of seeing them naked in the there. His mom and sister went to visit them and get to know them. Later that evening it was time for Ali’s mother and sister to have their weekly ladies gathering at home.

Ali’s mom shouted, “Ali. Get out of the house. I am having my friends over.”

“But mom, I am grounded, remember?”

“Oh I see. Okay. You can stay but get your dinner and go to your room and don’t come out.”

“Okay mom.”

She then closed the door on him and locked the door. She then put the key in, so he could not peek from the keyhole. He tried to hear what they said but he couldn’t make sense of it. He only heard several times about kicking and workout class. He then looked in his telescope to see the new neighbors. They were lying on the ground and were watching TV. They had their chadors off but had their scarves on. A little hair was showing on front of their heads. He focused on the young girl. She was about 18 and from his sister he heard that her name was Samira. She was beautiful. She had very large breasts, barely fitting in her half naked h-shirt. On the bottom she was wearing a shiny black stirrup tights and under it a tan pantyhose. It was a little cold in the rooms at night. He zoomed in on her feet, wrapped in pantyhose.

Suddenly he felt something growing in his pajamas. He had a full erection when he zoomed in on her large hips and sexy legs. He started to jack off. “Oh, what large hips. I never realized what pleasure it is to watch strange women. What large legs. Man I am dying. I want her ass on my dick. I love stirrup tights and pantyhose,” he said to himself. When he moved to the hot mom and aunt, he exploded, wetting his pajamas.

The other day he noticed that Samira had a computer in the hall. Well, he knew the phone number for that apartment and they were using the modem. It was a matter of hacking to their system to find her email and messenger id. The email was and her messenger id was ballbustergirl. He went through the dictionary but couldn’t get the meanings.

Several days passed. He heard from his mom talking to his sister that the Rosa family lived in the U.S. for a long time and they had some kind of sporting class and they were going to teach it here. Ali thought to himself that he could make it happen with Samira but they had to keep it a secret. So he went to the chat room. She was online so he sent her a message.



“Want to talk?”


“Are you a girl?”


“I am a boy and I love ladies.”

“I could have guessed.”

“So what are you wearing?”

“Excuse me?”

“Come on. Tell me.”

“You are rude. And you know what girls do to rude boys.”

“Haha. Let me guess what are you are wearing - a tight shirt, sexy black stirrup tights and pantyhose.”

“Wow. You are some fortune teller. What is the color of my clothes?”

Ali thought he had better not go that far. “Well, I don’t know. I only can see you from a distance.”

“Oh, you can see me?”

“Yes, and one night I’ll come to your room and grab you from behind.”

“Ooh, I am so scared. You know what I will do?”

“You are a girl. What can you do?”

“Well, let’s see. I’ll kick back with my pantyhose foot between your legs. Wanna try?”

Ali didn’t get it. He was never hit down there. He confused it with an act of sex. “Okay.”

“Okay, this is the address.”

He got the address and ran toward her apartment. He knocked. Samira opened the door and hid behind it. He came in. Suddenly she kicked him in the balls from behind. He only had Arabian comfort pants on (something like pajamas). It was totally unexpected. The pain ran through Ali’s stomach and then up, frying his brain. He held his nuts in pain. He couldn’t breath. The kick was well placed. He went down clutching his manhood. The world was running around his head. She had strong legs.

She then said, “Ok dear Ali. I have noticed that you were watching me from your window. You are so stupid. I am going to have a lot of fun.” She then grabbed him by both legs and dragged him to her room. He never saw a girl’s room before. His sister always locked her door. There were panties and pantyhose, shorts and bras all over. She was kind of sloppy. She put him in her bed.

“Ok, little boy, let’s find out what the Persian boys are made of. I left Iran when I was ten. Now is a chance to work on you,” said Samira. She then sat on his face. And with her strong legs she totally clamped his hands so he couldn’t move. She could see clearly how his penis was growing. He was humiliated, but on the other hand it was the first time he was touched by a girl. The enjoyment didn’t last long. She grabbed his dick and both balls in her hand and yanked up. Ali screamed like a little girl. From the sound that he made and his position, it was like she was on a horse. Then with the other hand she picked up the phone and called two of her friends.

“Oh, hi girl. I finally am doing what my mom and aunty taught us last week. I have him now. What, you don’t believe me? Here. Listen to my evidence.” Then she twisted his cock and balls. He let out a loud scream in pain... tears appeared in his eyes. “Ooh, little baby is crying. Hey, come on up. I can show you how to handle a male rapist.”

Her friends came up. They were both wearing pantyhose and miniskirts. They never got the chance to wear those in front of any men. Now, it seemed a bit weird. They made him stand up.

“Oh, uh, please let me go and I do anything. Please don’t hurt me,” said Ali.

“Oh, we won’t hurt you. We just want to play some football,” said Samira and she kneed him in the balls. Ali, who couldn’t stand up, clutched his hurting balls, his legs stuck together and he went down crying and begging. The two other girls grabbed him and made him stand up.

Samira explained, “You see girls. Men are very vulnerable, especially around the groin area. Men have these sacs (she said that grabbing and holding his balls up) and they are girl’s best friend. The testicles. They are very sensitive and also make men so strong. But a small tap there and you’ve got yourself a man begging you to stop. For example, you can grab, twist and pull and sometimes squeeze hard.” She did them all when she was talking. Ali’s face was red. She was busting his aching balls badly. He couldn’t get out. There were three girls to fight with and at the moment Samira had his balls squeezing hard.

“Or you can strike with an open palm.” She then put her hand back and suddenly brought it forward, busting Ali’s balls with an open palm. She made her hand like a spoon whipping his balls up.

“But my best choice is to kick or knee. Hard and solid. Now you girls try.” They held his hands up and kicked him from behind. Two girls from left and right kicking him in the balls from behind made him faint. Their feet hit his balls hard and some of their kicks hit his dick. He suddenly got an erection which made the pain worse.

“Ok, girls I can’t teach you the face attacks because we have to let his face be. I don’t want to upset his mom. Now let’s have some fun.” She took off her shirt and stirrup tights. She was left with a bra and pantyhose. The same for her two friends. They went to the bedroom and started to touch each other, leaving Ali on the ground holding himself in pain. He then heard moaning voices from the bedroom. He dragged himself to the bedroom. He saw the girls making love and rubbing each other’s legs and ass in pantyhose. His dick and balls were in bad shape but he got a giant erection. Samira noticed him.

“Hey! You are not supposed to watch. Hiyyyah!” She kicked him square in the balls with her pantyhosed foot and lifted him up. He went to sleep like a baby. She then grabbed him by the balls and made him stand up. She then dragged him out of her apartment. He was jumping up and down in pain screaming like a little girl in high-pitched voice. The neighbors saw her dragging him by the balls. They all laughed. In that time of the day only women were home. They all cheered for her. Finally she arrived at his sweet and pushed him in.

“Okay sweetie. Next time you sneak in, you leave without your balls,” said Samira. She then went back home. She was the first woman who walked in hallway without a chador. From that day other women did the same and if a man stopped them, they knew what to do with his balls.

About Ali, he was devastated. He was on his back on the floor holding his testicles in pain crying and feeling humiliated. All those women saw him being dragged by the balls by the new girl. Suddenly his mom and sister came in. They took their chadors off. They no longer were wearing baggy dresses under their chador to hide their body even after they came home.

“Oh my. My little boy got himself into trouble. Did Samira teach you good not to mess with women? Her mom and aunt taught us how we can defend ourselves against men. Now girls can go out in the evening and have a good time like boys and if boys misbehave, they have to face the humiliation of holding their manhood in pain. Samira’s mom is a self-defense teacher. She graduated from New York, U.S.A. She fought for permission to open a class in her hometown, Tehran. They didn’t like the idea of women defending themselves but her dead husband was recognized as a war hero so she got a chance. She also is a friend of the vice president’s wife who introduced feminism to Iran. She also showed the statistics of rape possibility lowered down in New York and assured them that it could happen it Iran too. Now women all go to these classes to lean how to hurt men in the balls. You, my little boy, had the opportunity to become a volunteer live dummy. Now I will get some ice to make your testicles feel all better,” said his mom.

Ali was stiff as wood lying on the floor. He was ashamed, humiliated and beaten up by a girl and now in his own home he was under pressure by his mom and sister. They no longer wore baggy dresses and their tight stirrup tights and pantyhose gave him an erection which was very uncomfortable. Both his sister and mom had large hips. Very sexy. Their asses were held up beautifully and the tights made them very sexy. They were his mom and sister. But then he never saw their body curves till today. His mom took his pants down and grabbed his balls. She then took a nylon ladies sock out of her purse and wore it on his cock and dragged it under his balls. His balls were trapped in it. She put a bowl of ice under his balls and put his balls in the bowl.

“The nylon is for your protection. The cold ice might stick to your skin and rip it off. I want your balls recover by the next day. Your sister and I want to practice before the class.” Ali was full of rage. The only thing that he could think about was revenge. His manhood was badly hurt; he was humiliated and beaten up by a girl. His reputation was lost in his own home, in the neighborhood and even in the society. This could mean the end of the male dominated society in Iran. One thing was for sure, Revenge. And he was going to need some help.

Part 2

Three days passed and Ali’s balls started to get back to normal again. A couple of ice bowls and his mom’s treatment made it all better. But it wasn’t the same for Ali any more. He suffered emotionally. In his lifetime, the question of women as superiors and men as a weaker sex never had been brought up. And now he was beaten by Samira pretty bad. He finally got up from his bed and went out of his room.

He saw his sister on the phone. She was laughing. When she saw Ali, she laughed even harder. He got pretty mad and moved toward his sister. He went there to strangle her. She kicked him square in the balls. She was wearing pantyhose and stirrup tights. Her foot was showing from Ali’s behind. He couldn’t breath. His eyes were open wide. He tried to retreat and go to his room and cry in pain on his bed but she held her foot up in his crotch, not letting him go. Any movement would make a severe pain in his groin. She was still talking on the phone.

“Oh no Samira that was nothing. I just busted my brother’s balls again. No I held him just like you showed me.” She then moved her foot and ended her call, but suddenly she grabbed Ali’s balls and yanked. She then moved toward her room dragging him by the balls.

“Did Samira do this the same way I did?” said his sister Shiva. He was so much in pain that he couldn’t answer. He just limped up and down in pain and followed her into her room. She made him lay on the bed. She noticed something. His penis has grown. She never seen a man’s sexual organ before but she kicked some when she was in the self-defense class. Out of curiosity she put his Arab pajamas down. She then laughed at his penis.

“Oh my god, what is that limp thing?” Her laughter at his thing made him lose erection.

“Ooh, it is becoming smaller. Come on Ali, make it bigger again.”

“I can’t.”

“I order you. Or I’ll pull them. Well actually I don’t know which one gives you the most pain if I pull. Let’s try it.”

“No, please. No. I beg you.” She then grabbed his dick and pulled. He moaned and his cock got hard. She laughed like a crazy maniac. She then held his balls. He started to beg again.

“Huh, a nice grab down here make you men confess everything. So this is your magical area which makes us women stronger than you.”

Ali’s pride was hurt again. He got mad and rolled over his sister and pinned her to the bed. She then moved her knee up. It caught him in the naked balls. He jumped up like a rabbit and fell on the bed beside her. His cock was going to the roof this time. This time Shiva started to play with Ali’s cock. She then grabbed hard and jacked him off. Ali didn’t care about the brother and sister anymore. It was his first time. He couldn’t stop it. She laid on him. She was wearing stirrup tights and pantyhose under. She grabbed his dick between her strong legs. The soft silky tights warmed up his cock. He was about to explode. She looked at his eyes. She was moving up and down, rubbing his dick with her wonderful soft thighs in tights.

“Ooh, ah… get up. I am exploding.” said Ali. She moved away and started to give him a good hand job again. His dick was as big as a cucumber. The wet ooze was coming out of his dick. She gave it a mighty pull up with her soft silky hands. The white ooze shot out all over her bed.

“You bastard boy, Look what you done to my bed. Oh, I am gonna teach you some football,” said Shiva. She then grabbed his arm and forced him to get up off the bed. He pushed her on the bed. Shiva had seen the “Last Action Hero” movie before. So she acted exactly the same. She said “big mistake” and she screamed” hiiyyaah!!” and placed a kick hard in her brother’s naked balls. She was wearing pantyhose and the scene was very sexy. Her sexy foot in pantyhose kicked him in the balls hard. It lifted him up a bit. His eyes became small as a bean. He fell on her on the bed, his eyes full of water. To Shiva’s astonishment, his penis grew again.

“Ooh, you like feet. And you want it in pantyhose,” said Shiva. She then started to play with his dick with her hot feet in pantyhose. He went crazy, jumping up and down in pleasure.

“Oh, Shiva faster, faster,” said Ali. He all forgot that this was his sister. They both did. On the other side of the room their mother was reading the self-defense books that she borrowed from Samira’s mom. Ali was almost close to shooting cum out for the second time on his sister’s tan pantyhose feet. Suddenly the door opened.

“What the hell are you doing?” said their mom.

“He made me do it. He said if I didn’t do it he would have his friends attack me and rape me,” said Shiva.

“Is that true Ali?” said mom.

Ali was stunned by her lies. He couldn’t walk. He just trailed off.

“Kick him dead girl,” said mom.

He tried to escape from the room. His mom blocked his way and kicked him in the balls so hard that he was lifted from the ground. His mom was wearing pantyhose and stirrup tights too. Her large hips responded to her large and strong leg and shoot his balls up.

“You wanted a pantyhose footjob. Now you’re gonna get it,” said his mom. He tried to control himself and focus on getting out of the room. He went toward the back room, toward his sister but she kicked him in the balls too. He screamed in a high-pitched voice, clutched his testicles and like a jackass went toward his mom again. She this time kneed him between the dick and balls with her tight stirrup tights in the way that the stirrup of her tights under her foot stretched and made her pantyhose foot even hotter. The pain was indescribable. He went back and forth several times and received several kicks and knees from his mom and his sister until he hit the ground on his back breathing heavily. His mom and sister grabbed his legs and dragged him out of the room.

“Oh, mom I feel so dirty. He is my brother and he made me give him pleasure,” said Shiva.

“Oh, well. Perhaps it is not that freaky.”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Well, he is not your real brother. He is not even my real son. I married his dad and we adopted him.”

“But why did you do that? Couldn’t you make a baby yourself?”

“No honey. I kicked your father in the balls several times and his sperm count became low.”

“But how did you have me?”

“Well honey by that time we saw several doctors and they helped us in your case. In fact I asked the lady doctor to choose your father’s sperms the way that I’d have a girl. Not another boy whose balls make him weak instead.”

“Oh, mom I am so happy you did that.”

“Now honey why don’t you go Samira’s and I will teach him a thing or two about being the man of the house.”

She left for Samira’s. Mom helped him up and put him on the sofa. She then grabbed his cock and balls. He started to beg her not to hurt him again.

“Please. No mom. I’ll do anything. Please don’t pop them. I want to enjoy having balls.”

“Oh you silly boy. I ‘m not gonna hurt you. I just want to relive some of the moments that I had with your so-called daddy. And if you call me mom again I’ll rip them off with my soft hands.”

Ali shut up this time. She helped him onto the sofa near the TV and she sat beside him. She started hugging and kissing Ali. She did that before but this time she wasn’t the mom, she was the lover. She jumped on him and rubbed herself against his cock. She then took his cock out and placed them between her legs. The soft stirrup tights did the trick and Ali grew again. She was going up and down so fast. She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV and VCR. The film showed several women kicking, kneeing and grabbing men’s testicles and making them cry. Most of the parts were from American movies. Both were watching uninterruptedly. There was a part where a woman was being raped so she grabbed the rapist’s balls, yanked and squeezed. The scene was going on for 25 seconds. Suddenly Ali’s mom lost control. She got up on her legs and landed a knee in to his balls. She was holding his hands on top so he couldn’t block her knee. The second knee made Ali cum all over his mom’s tights.

She got pretty mad and screamed, “Hayyyaaaah!” The third knee made Ali faint. She gained control again.

“Oh, honey I am so sorry. That was too much.” She started kissing him all over again. She didn’t notice any reaction.

“Honey, honey! Answer me.” She didn’t get any reply. She got worried. She lifted his cock and took a look at his balls. One was missing.

“Oh, I wrecked him. Oh, I am so sorry.” But she remembered something. She pressed on Ali’s stomach. The missing testicle shot back in the sac again. The pain made Ali come back. He was crying like a little girl. She then held him like a baby in her hands and sang him a lullaby. He was so humiliated that he wanted to kill her, but he was in no condition to get up. His balls were killing him. And she was holding him so tight that he couldn’t move. He realized he by himself couldn’t stand up to them. This was all Samira’s fault. He had to plan this carefully. He needed some help. He started to plot a good plan to get back at Samira.

To be continued.