Friday, November 9, 2007

Very silly story I wrote a LONG time ago

By Stu Schwartz

Here's an embarrassingly bad story I wrote as a frustrated college freshman. It's silly, but I thought it was fun when I found it so I figured I should share it. Yes, it's dumb...

“Fuck,” she said. “These boots are killing me.” They'd been walking for at least an hour from the Halloween party. Cindy knew she shouldn't have borrowed her roommate's boots. The shitties were going to be way too tight, and there was no way Cindy would be able to walk in them comfortably. The hot October night and worn stockings didn't help matters, either. It was worth it, though. Cindy looked sexy as hell and knew Tom was getting excited. She could see the little bulge in his pants as he walked beside her. ‘Hee, hee,’ she thought. ‘I'm going to tease the shit out of the bastard.’

After what must've been at least a two-hour walk, Cindy and Tom finally made it back to her dorm. She ran up the stairs ahead of Tom and by the time Tom made it to the third floor, she was already opening her door. They walked through Kate's room and into Cindy's. The first thing Cindy did was plop onto her bed. Tom took the floor, resting his head on one of the many pillows Cindy had in her ridiculously comfortable display.

“Finally, I get to take these fuckers off,” Cindy said as she unlaced her right boot. She threw the boot off and it landed erect next to Tom. She got the other one off quickly as well and let out a sigh of relief. “Ahhh… relief.”

“Shit, Cindy. That stinks!”

Cindy let out a wild cackle and dangled her feet off of the bed and onto Tom's nose. “Trick or treat, Tom! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!” Her wet, stocking-clad foot pressed firmly onto Tom's defenseless nose.

“Come on, Tom! Be a good sport. Hahaha! Trick or treat smell my feet! Sniff, sniff, Tom! Come on! Take a big whiff!”

Tom obliged. He sniffed as hard as he could, overwhelmed by Cindy's powerful odor. He started sniffing repeatedly, when Cindy pulled away.

“Okay, Tom, that's enough. Now be a pal and give me a good rub.”

He got onto the bed and faced Cindy. She threw her feet between his legs, purposely landing them on his groin gently enough not to cause pain, but firmly enough to warrant a joke at Tom's expense.

“Careful,” Tom said. “Don't want to hurt the merchandise!”

Cindy laughed. She'd seen Tom get kicked in the balls fiercely by her roommate the previous week in a cruel game of Twister. “Yeah, I bet you're still recovering from Kate! That was the best! You crumbled from that little blow!”

“Yeah, yeah, Cindy. Very funny. No damage done, though. I can take a joke. A little kick in the balls keeps a man sane sometimes.” He began rubbing her feet, waiting for her to start to get into it. As soon as Cindy started to feel pleasure, he held onto her left foot tightly by the ankle and started tickling fiercely!

Cindy, of course, laughed and kicked at Tom's stomach with her right foot. “If you do that again, Tom, I'm going to kick you in the nads so hard you won't know what hit you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Tom said. “We'll see about that.” Tom grabbed her left foot again, and tickled her extremely.

“Tom--- I mean it! Stop or I'll kick you in the nuts!”

“Sure,” he said. “Go ahead,” and he spread his legs wide to make the point.

“Are you crazy Tom? I'm gonna hurt, you this time. I really am.” And with that she rested her right foot onto his crotch for emphasis. “See--- I'm poised. Stop right now or I start kicking!”

Tom feigned fright and stopped. Then he started right up again.

“Okay, Tom. You asked for it.”

BAM, Kate shoved the sole of her foot into Tom's crotch. He did not stop, though. ‘Must've missed,’ she thought. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Kate started kicking away at his nuts.

Tom doubled over in pain. Laughing, Kate pinned him down and stood above him. “Sniff, sniff, Tom! How do your little balls feel, Tom? Sore? Hahaha! I can't wait to tell Kate about this. Smell my feet, geek! Smell 'em smell 'em smell 'em!!! Hahaha!” She then pinned his arms down and cocked her leg back, her knee pointing right at Tom's vulnerable balls. “Want more, Tom? Want more?”

Tom said, “I give, I give. Sorry. Jesus--- I didn't realize you were so crazy.”

Cindy calmed down. Although she still had Tom pinned, she started to regain normal breath and started to make sure he was okay. “Hahaha. I'm sorry. I know it's not funny. I haven't kicked a boy in the balls in years. I know it's not a mature thing to do. Shit. I apologize. I'll never do that to you again. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I'll make it. You didn't get me that hard. In fact, I'm already starting to feel almost 100%.”

“Good,” Cindy giggled.

Tom had to giggle too. She had him pinned. Now is when she'd make her move. They'd kiss, they'd play, they'd fuck. It was clear. She had a twinkle in her eye indistinguishable from the last five pre-lay twinkles he'd seen.

“Ready, Tom?” Cindy asked

“Sure am,” Tom replied. “I can't wait.”

She cocked her leg back. “Are you sure? I know you've been wanting this for a long time.”

He readied himself for her kiss.

She stretched her leg back further.

SLAM--- right into Tom's nuts. She got off the bed, and grabbed her friend's boot. “Smell me, Tom. Smell me! Hahaha!”

Again, she looked sympathetic. She stepped back onto the bed. “I'll help you up, Tom. You're okay, right?”

“Yes, but geeeeeez!”

“Give me your hands, Tom!”

Tom removed his hands from his nuts and gave them to his cruel pal. She took them gently, and stroked his thumb. Suddenly, she pressed her right foot down onto his crotch. She didn't drive it in hard, but she held it there with enough pressure to threaten Tom greatly.

“Don't,” Tom pleaded. “This is serious. You could really hurt me that way. Be nice.”

Cindy just laughed. Gently she made a crushing motion with her foot. To and fro, to and fro. She lifted her foot so it was a few feet above his fragile groin. “Three, two, one, hyyyyyyyaaaaaaa!” She stopped just short of crushing him. Then she started teasingly giving him slight jolts. Tap, tap, went her foot on his nuts. Tap, tap. Then a little harder. Suddenly, she gave him a full-fledged stomp. She ran out of the room laughing, leaving Tom to deal with his balls.

About a minute after Cindy left, Tom heard the sound of laughter in the hallway. Shit. Cindy was telling people about this. Fuck. It's gonna be just like when I got kicked in the 7th grade. I'll be the laughing stock, and someone might even try to replay it on me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

The door opened. It was Cindy, Kate and Amanda standing on either side of her. “Heard you had a little bit of trouble, Tom,” Kate said mockingly.

“Uh, yeah. I guess you could say that. I'm alright now, though.”

“How are your balls, Tom? Are they alright?”

All three girls laughed. Kate and Cindy were one thing, but Amanda was quite another. She was cruel as hell, and a self-defense teacher known for groin-intensive sessions. “I kicked Clance in the nuts 84 times this afternoon! Despite the padding, he looked like he was going to cry anyway. What a fag! So Tom, Kate and Cindy asked me to show 'em a few moves. Since you're already a bit raw, I thought you'd be the perfect target. How 'bout it?”

Tom got up and ran for the door, but the three cornered him. “We could torture the hell out of you right now and you know it, assface. Just spread your legs and let me at 'em a few times. It'll be easier on you that way.”

Tom thought hard. He wasn't about to spread his legs for this crazed bitch. He made a run for it. Kate grabbed him by his boxers from behind and pulled upwards. As he went for his hands to free the wedgie, Amanda kneed him as hard as she could. He fell onto the floor, right outside Kate's closet.

They picked him up and took turns giving him wedgies and kicking and kneeing his balls. They weren't even hitting him that hard at this point. Just hard enough to cause pain. After a few dozen blows they left him alone. He sank onto his back, clutching his burning crotch. It felt as though both testicles were swelling and bumping into each other.

Cindy stood over Tom. “Watch this, girls,” she said, and placed her sweaty sole onto Tom's nose. “Trick or treat, fag! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat.” He sniffed in as hard as he could, humiliated but not about to let himself get his nads bashed further.

“Awesome!” said Amanda, as she took off her Tretorns. “Smell 'em and weep, pussy.” Amanda's feet smelled absolutely fierce and she knew it. She laughed hysterically as he cringed and sniffed.

“Give me a turn,” said Kate. Kate, already in stocking clad feet, pressed her blue and white striped sole onto Tom's face. Her feet smelled the worst of all. She loved his reaction of terror. He pulled away. She rested her foot on his balls.

“You know, Tom. I used to kick the boys in the balls all the time as a kid. But you're the only guy I've kicked since I've been 16 or so.” She gently wedged her heel onto his nutsack and slowly turned it side to side, not applying any real pressure. He was scared. Suddenly she dug it in, giving him eight quick twists or so before letting up. She then got up and slammed her heel into his nuts full force.

The three again left him alone in the room, laughing at his misery. He knew what he had to do. He paused for about five minutes. Actually, he did not do this voluntarily. He could not move. It was amazing, but he thought he'd be okay. He got up eventually and ran out of Cindy and Kate's room. He rushed down the stairs and into the main lounge.

Suddenly he saw a harrowing sight.

About 250 women were sitting on the floor, with Amanda standing in front of them explaining some self-defense moves. Everyone was laughing and having a grand old time.

“He's here,” she said. “Stand in front here, Tom.” He tried to run but she kicked him in the nuts before he could get very far. The audience laughed. “Now I want you stand in front here and spread your legs. We've got a lot of kneeing to do.” The class lined up and took turns kneeing Tom in the nuts. Each person seemed to feel the need to say something cruel to him as they took their shot. Tom was horrified to see so many familiar faces enjoying his pain. His ex-girlfriend Nicole got to her turn and just sort of paused in front of him.

“Tom, you don't really think I'd knee you in the nuts, do you?” she said sweetly.

“Please don't, Nicole. I really don't deserve this.”

“I know, dearie. I know. It is kinda funny, though, watching you get kneed in the balls repeatedly. I'm over you now, but when we first broke up, I would have loved to knee you in your precious sack. Come on, Tom. Spread 'em wide for me. You owe me at least this. I promise I won't knee you too hard.”

“You're crazy Nicole. Absolutely crazy. Please have some mercy on me. I never meant to hurt you.”

Nicole started to chuckle. She drew her leg back and swung her knee into Tom's right leg. “Haha! You didn't really think I'd knee you, did you? Tom--- I'm more mature than that.” With that Nicole started to walk away. The next girl got in line and kneed Tom squarely in the nads. He was almost relieved that it wasn't Nicole. Suddenly, he felt a huge blow to his nads from behind. He looked down, and Nicole's shoe was firmly planted into his nuts.

“You bitch! You fucking cunt!” he screamed.

Five more girls kneed him in quick succession. He fell to the ground.

Nicole stood over him laughing. “You sonofabitch!” she said. She placed her foot down onto his crotch. She applied a little pressure. Then a little more. She was laughing madly now. She released her foot and walked away.

“Loser,” was all she could muster as a bye-bye.

As the girls exited they made tons of jokes at Tom's expense. Some even took cheap shots at his crumpled body. After everyone left and Amanda kicked Tom a dozen or so more times (the bitch could not resist), Tom was left alone in the room with Cindy.

“Cindy?” Tom said meekly. “Can I spend the night?”

“Sure,” Cindy said, without the slightest bit of mockery. She helped Tom up and walked him to her room. Kate chuckled at the sight of him, and ran to give him some more punishment. But Cindy shooed her away. They closed Cindy's door, and Tom took off his clothes. Cindy took hers off as well, and they crawled into her bed.

“Are you okay, Tom?” she asked. “I know I got a little carried away, but I just can't help it. I love kicking guys in the crotch. I hope we can still be friends.”

“Cindy---,” Tom said. “I really, really like you. Will you knee me in the nuts if I try to kiss you?” he asked.

“Only if you want me to,” she perceptively replied. “Only if you want me to.”

“Not tonight,” he said. “We'll talk in the morning.” Tom kissed Cindy like a schoolboy. The two embraced. They looked into each other's eyes and began laughing.

“You rock, Cindy,” Tom said.

The Rain

By stockings

A few weeks ago I was driving along a busy road taking my daughter to a party. On the pavement was a fantastic looking woman, around 30, wearing a short skirt, tan stockings and black sling-back court shoes with 4" stiletto heels. She looked so good I even turned my head while driving to maximize the time I could look at her.

It took me around fifteen minutes to continue the drive to the party during which it rained very heavily. Having dropped off my daughter I started my journey home and as I approached the road where I had seen the lady, my thoughts turned to the possibility of seeing her again. Unfortunately there was no sign of her. I approached my turn-off and took the corner quite fast… whoosh! I drove straight through a giant puddle created by the rain. What's more, when I glanced to the pavement, there was the woman all soaking wet from what I had done.

As someone who always hoped to be in a situation where he might be confronted by an angry woman who would kick him in the balls, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Indeed, her pointed toe sling-back shoes were not only very sexy but also deadly. Thus, instead of driving off I decided to stop, get out of the car and see what developed.

As I approached the woman I decided the best action was to plant the idea in her mind of revenge and how kicking me in the balls might be a good way of achieving it. I therefore started to say, “Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, look how wet you are! Please don't be angry and do something silly like kick me in the balls. Please let me drive you home. "

A wicked smile flashed over her wet face. She started pushing and said, “So you are sorry are you? Well, you have ruined my evening and so now I am going to ruin yours!" With that she drew her right leg back and kicked me full force in the balls. The pain was unreal but wonderful. I slumped to the pavement in the fetal position re-living the fantastic sight of her tan stocking legs and feet in those deadly but sexy shoes smashing into my balls. Yes, I could have dodged the kick (I knew it was coming) but my plan had worked perfectly. I heard the click-clack of her stiletto heels as she ran away down the road. I must have lain on the pavement another ten minutes before crawling back to my car and slowly driving home. My balls were very swollen and bloody for days. Then came the bruising and only now do they seem to be back to about normal. The pain lasted about a week but was a wonderful reminder of an incident I will treasure always.

First Meeting

By stockings

This story starts about two months ago when a lady I e-mailed as a member of a Yahoo Ballbusting club actually replied. I realized from her profile that she lived close to myself, but was surprised by her lengthy reply (unlike the usual twenty words or so). Over a period of weeks we wrote most days, negotiating the parameters of a potential meeting, until one day, she actually suggested me meet. What had started as a fantasy now seemed possible to happen. Her only stipulation was to follow the "rules" of our negotiations to the letter. I went cold with shock before replying "Yes". We then agreed a date and location, a pub about ten miles from my home. She had my description and was expecting me to approach her. I was to look for a lady in a dark blue dress, black stockings and black stiletto heeled court shoes (the stockings and deadly pointy-toe shoes being one of my stipulations).

The day of our meeting arrived. I had butterflies in my stomach. I had never done anything like this before. Driving to the pub, I wondered if this was such a good idea as only once before had I been kicked in the balls and it had really hurt. Then I started to wonder whether she would turn up, whether she would not be as I hoped in my minds picture of her, or even worse, would she be a man! While still pondering all these things, I turned into the pub car park and turned off my engine. I was ten minutes early, so closed my eyes and listened to the radio.

At exactly the right time, I walked into the pub and towards the area she had said to meet. Unbelievably, there was the most beautiful woman of about five foot ten sitting at a table wearing a dark blue dress, black stockings and the most elegant black stiletto heel shoes you could imagine. I approached her and it was immediately obvious that she was the lady in the E-Mails. I sat down and had a gulp of Coke (already agreed she would get this from the bar). She was actually amazed that I had turned up! I sat opposite her, as agreed, so she could access my balls with her foot. Not that she did for the whole hour (and three lots of drinks) we were there.

She did however swing the foot of her crossed leg close to my groin and ask questions like, "Are you nervous?" or "Do you think I will really hurt you?". She would giggle at my nervous replies, especially as she drank more vodka based drinks. Then, after about the hour, she said I checked out, so we could go back to her house for the session. I gulped; we both stood up and left to go to my car.

On arrival at her house, she poured us both some drinks (I was still on Coke because of driving. She was merrily getting rid of any inhibitions with more vodka). "Do you approve of my shoes and stockings?" she asked. I replied that they were incredibly sexy and ideal for the task. She giggled again. We both knew it was fast becoming the time for me to stand before her, legs apart, as per our agreement. I asked if she wanted to begin and she said yes.

I rose to my feet, opened my legs and looked at her beautiful feet and shoes. "Would you like me to remove the shoes?" she asked.

"No" I replied. I had come this far and wasn't going to back-out now. She giggled again, drew back her leg, and kicked me full force in the balls. Her pointy toe hit me direct on the left nut and I immediately fell to the ground in agony. Nothing I could do with my hands alleviated any pain. I rolled from side to side, fully aware she was watching my every move and smiling wickedly. After a few minutes she asked if I was ready for another. We had negotiated three kicks, two at least with her wearing shoes. There was no way however my balls were going to take such punishment. Realizing my vulnerability, and still gasping in agony, I begged that there be just one more kick, without shoes. She looked disappointed, but agreed. I asked for a few minutes more to recover which she also agreed.

After the few agreed minutes, I slowly lifted myself up to a standing position. My balls were on fire, I felt sick to my stomach and she still had her shoes on. Despite my love for her shoes, I begged she remove them before approaching me. She giggled and said "Don't you trust me?" She then agreed to remove her shoes before approaching me as long as I kiss her feet after the kick.

"Fine," I said, happy to agree anything at this stage. She removed her shoes and ordered me to remove my hands and open my legs.

Never before, and maybe never again, I found myself in such a dangerous but sexy position. There I was, balls severely in agony but ready to be kicked again by the sexy stockinged foot of a beautiful woman. The moment did not last long however. As had happened before, she drew her leg back and kicked me full force right between the legs. Her sexy black nylon covered toes smashed both my balls and I collapsed (indeed, almost passed out) into a ball of agony on the floor. I had ringing in my ears and was trying not to be sick.

She was laughing at my predicament and asking bitchy questions like "Do your balls hurt?" and "Can you not take the third kick as originally agreed?" I couldn't answer her as my mouth seemed disconnected from my brain. Indeed, it just seemed as if my whole body was a mass of pain. I felt her stockinged foot cover my mouth, "Be ready to start kissing my feet in five minutes!" I heard her say, before she left the room.

Five minutes passed and both my balls were still in agony. The kick from her stockinged foot had hurt more than the one from her shoes. Perhaps this was because it was the second kick, or because it crushed both my balls instead of one? Whatever, she now sat on a chair by my head and ordered me to kiss her feet. I started to kiss them as best I could, given my predicament. Obviously not doing a good enough job, she roughly forced her toes into my mouth. If I weren't so damaged this would have been a real turn-on. Now however, I just wanted this over with so I could leave and recover. Eventually she tired of my attempt to kiss her feet properly and she stopped forcing her toes into my face. "Next time we shall do the feet kissing before your kicks!" she announced. So she intended a next time!

I slowly raised myself off the ground and sat also in a chair. I could tell my balls had swollen in size and were becoming strangely numb after the recent agony. "So, you want to meet and do this again?" I asked.

"Too right!" she giggled, but said next time she wanted to wear a pair of strappy stiletto heeled sandals so that I might go at least the second kick with her wearing them. I agreed to another meeting but not before I had made a full recovery. This was acceptable to her. I then stayed about another hour with her until I felt able to make it to my car and drive home. During this hour we discussed the experience. I told her how for me the enjoyment would be looking back and re-living the event. For her, destroying me so completely was the real thrill. She also showed me her sandals (gold in color) and I agreed to bring her a pair of tan seamed stockings next time to wear with them.

This all happened about a week ago. To be honest, I thought she had ruined me for life. My balls had not only swollen but also turned black. My prick had all but disappeared into the swelling and was also black, swollen and painful to the touch. Having a wee was a real experience! Now, a week later, some (just a little) of the swelling has gone down. Generally I think I am on the mend though and am looking forward to our next meeting.

My First Orgasm

By Stacy

This is a very true story about an old friend of mine. For whatever reason, I have always been fascinated with ball-busting, and I believe it originated in my childhood. I had accidentally swung my hand into a schoolmates balls one day and have since been in love with the hobby. Of all the times I’ve hurt a guys balls, this is one of the most memorable. If I titled it, it would have to be ‘My First Orgasm’.

When I was 16, and had just received my driver’s license, my friend Michelle and I (Stacy) were planning to visit a male friend’s house named Mike. To summarize our physical descriptions, I was around 5’ 4”, brown hair, and weighed 140-150 pounds. Michelle however, was blonde (I know), her weight was about the same, but she was about 6 inches or so taller. Michelle was usually very aggressive, while I was more or less the passive type; but not on this day. Anyway, I’ll get on to the story.

I believe it was a Monday when Michelle and I were supposed to be at our friend Mike’s house at 7:00 PM to watch a movie; he said his parents weren't going to be home. I wasn't able to get her until about 8:30 and we didn't get to Mike’s until 9. This was thanks to my parents, who insisted that I eat dinner with the family that evening.

When we got to Mike’s, we walked in like we always do. However, this time he was lying on the couch in his underwear; wearing the Haynes brand as I recall. He was very embarrassed to say the least.

Michelle brought on the first problem, but I was quite enjoying the view of him in his undies. She laughed at him and told him that he didn't have anything worth covering up with underwear in the first place. I imagine that didn’t make him feel too good, because he retaliated with shots aimed at her ego as well. He told her that he saw her in her bra and panties once, and that she looked like a little Smurf; complete with the flat chest. Of course Michelle didn’t take this very well, so she told him he was ‘dead’ and started heading his way. Remember when I said Michelle was the aggressive type? Well Mike new this, so I really don’t know what he was thinking. As far as I’m concerned, he willingly walked right into his problems.

Michelle backed him into the living room wall. Using her forearms to hold his shoulders against the wall, she started kneeing his balls repeatedly with great force. Eventually, after six or seven times, she let him slide to the floor. Although he couldn’t really speak at the time, we could see how much pain he was in; and quite honestly, it excited me to witness this.

After not even four or five minutes, Michelle climbed onto him and sat on his chest facing his feet. She was holding his arms down flat on the floor, and told him she would destroy his balls if he tried to throw her off. She then called for me to come over and help, but I was very hesitant at first. Although getting guys in the balls is fun, I didn’t want to ruin a good friendship over it. Yet at the same time, I was so excited that I didn’t really care. When I say excited, I really mean sexually excited. I had always enjoyed this sort of thing, but this was the first time that I felt sexual pleasure as well; it’s very difficult to explain.

Needless to say, I wanted to get his balls since they were that easy of a target. I walked over to him and pulled his legs away from each other. I remember that it was a nice view, but at the same time it was kind of awkward. I improvised and pushed his knees back to chest while his legs were apart. This position was very easy, as I could just sort of lean forward on his legs; my weight held them in place.

What I saw next was probably one of the biggest highlights of the evening. His underwear must have been somewhat old, as they were so thin that his balls were somewhat visible through the faded white fabric. Seeing this made my heart skip a beat, so I looked up at Michelle. As well, she was staring in amazement at my find.

I didn’t want to waste too much time, so I lifted my knee up and smashed it right down into the center of his balls. As my knee hit directly on target, I could feel the smooth and semi-rounded balls being crushed from the force. The feeling of pleasure I felt while inflicting pain between his legs was unimaginable; this pleasure had to continue on.

I pulled my knee up and slammed it down into his spongy balls over and over, enjoying the burning hot sensation between my own legs. Each blow to his balls brought me closer and closer to having the orgasm of my dreams. Of course, looking straight down at his nearly showing balls probably helped a little as well :) I looked up at Michelle, and she appeared to be REALLY enjoying the show; she was rubbing herself to orgasm (at fifteen years old!). Even though she saw me look at her, she continued rubbing herself like there was no tomorrow.

I finally stopped kneeing his balls about ten minutes or so into it; I came up with another idea. Although I kneed his balls twelve times or so, Mike continued to struggle and moan about how bad they hurt. I had expected him to either cry or pass out by then, but I REALLY needed that orgasm.

I figured that since Michelle was being so open about rubbing herself, she wouldn’t mind me getting out of my sweatpants before I continued on. I let go of Mike’s legs and stood up to remove my sweats, but leave my shirt on. I wanted an orgasm; I didn’t necessarily want to show them both my boobs. Besides, it would have just given Mike something to mock me about later. Trust me; he would have had something derogatory to say about them.

After I removed my sweats, I told Mike that I was trying to be fair; he and I were both in our undies. I had Michelle get off of him and help me turn him on his belly. Of course he gave us problems, but after a few smacks to the balls he stopped all the struggling.

I told Michelle to sit on his lower back so her weight would hold him down, but yet she would still be able to see what I was doing. I spread his legs open enough to get my hand around his balls. As I tightened my grip around them, I could tell it wouldn’t be long until I reached my immense orgasm. I gripped his balls and started pulsating but very stern squeezes. Each squeeze of those balls got me closer and closer. As I crushed them between my fingers, I used my free hand to rub myself; not caring that Michelle could see my every move. In the back of my mind, I remembered that the slightly orange colored panties I was wearing became somewhat transparent when they were wet. I can only imagine the detail that Michelle could see as I rubbed myself to ecstasy.

As my orgasm grew near, the grips around Mike’s poor little balls became stronger. I stopped squeezing both of them, and focused on pinching either ball and fantasizing about what I was actually doing to him; causing his sensitive and vulnerable balls great pain in order to prove a point. I soon heard a moan that, for the first time, was not Mike’s voice. Being a bit distracted, I looked over at Michelle. She had just reached her climax and was vigorously trying to grind her clit into Mike’s lower back while alternating her view between my panties and my hand pinching one of his balls. As I looked down between my own legs, I could see that my suspicion about the transparency was correct; she could see every feature of my wet and shaven self. The feeling of this voyeuristic situation combined with the feeling of Mike’s ball being crushed between my fingers was just too much. I shrieked loudly and squeezed Mike’s poor ball tightly as I had the most gratifying and intense orgasm of my entire life. Even to this very day, almost ten years later, no self-induced orgasm has come close to that magnitude.

The rest of the story is pretty much as you would expect. We were embarrassed, so we got dressed and got out of there. As far as I know, Mike never did pass out, but yet his mother found out and contacted my mother and Michelle’s mother the very next day. Michelle didn’t get in trouble, but I was literally grounded for six months. School was the only way I could see or talk to Michelle, and everyone seemed to know what happened. Neither of us ever heard from Mike again, but I wouldn’t expect we should. Although I hated to see the friendship die, he will forever live in my heart as the man that gave me my first orgasm.