Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bustin' The Flasher

by Hardie

This story contains explicit sexual material and should be read by adults only.

Marianne and I dragged ourselves out of the pool onto the grassy bank and sat for a while, catching our breath after our swim and basking in the warmth of the August sunshine. We'd found the pool earlier that summer, and now came to it whenever we could to enjoy the cool water of the river and the privacy of the location. Opposite our resting place was the steep cliff of a canyon wall, while behind us stretched a gloriously green finger of meadow, about ten yards wide, before it disappeared into the woods which concealed the river from the country road a quarter of a mile away. We stripped off our swimming costumes and stretched out on our towels, letting the sun dry off our lithe young bodies as we chatted happily.

It was while we were getting dressed that the flasher appeared! Marianne had just pulled on her navy blue cotton briefs over her sturdy, smoothly muscled thighs and was wriggling into her white crop top, when I spotted him.

"Hey, look!" I said in a hushed voice, hardly believing what I was seeing, "we're being flashed!"

"Where, where?" gasped Marianne as she fitted herself into her top. "Oh my gosh!" The man was at the edge of the woods. He was completely naked and was leaning backwards in profile to us so that we could see his huge, thick cock thrusting outwards and upwards in a massive erection.

We stared in amazement for a moment, then Marianne shouted, "Let's get him!" and charged madly across the grass, giving me no alternative but to run after her. The man's surprise was evident from the expression on his face. He gaped at us as we hurtled towards him, then he tried to move backwards into the shelter of the woods. It was then we noticed he hadn't completely removed his pants. They were still round his ankles. When he tried to move, his feet got caught up. He toppled over and cracked his head on a tree stump.

As the guy lay there half stunned, we stormed into the attack. Marianne dropped on his chest and began smashing her fist into the guy's face, while I stood off a bit and kicked him wherever I could. In no time at all, the man lay still. Marianne stopped punching him and got up. He lay spread-eagled at our feet, moaning, semi-conscious.

Marianne was elated. "Look at the size of him! He's huge. And we beat him!" I suddenly realized that what Marianne said was true. Even lying down the guy looked enormous. He must have been a couple of inches over six feet, well muscled, with powerful shoulders and thighs and a well-defined stomach. And he was at our mercy!

"Quick," said Marianne, "get his shoe laces and we'll tie his hands together." I took the laces out of his trainers. They were quite long and it didn't take us long to turn him over, pull his hairy, muscular arms behind his back and secure his wrists. He was groaning and moving his head by the time we'd finished, and he opened his eyes fully as we turned him onto his back again. He looked confused as he saw a couple of girls standing over him, and then he realized he couldn't move his hands and started blustering about what did we think we were doing, and he'd get us, and that sort of stuff!

"Shut up," said Marianne. "We don't like guys flashing their cocks at us, so just be quiet or I'll kick you in the balls!" The guy could see by the look on Marianne's face that she meant every word, and he shut up!

"Get him up," said Marianne, grasping his hair and pulling. I got hold of him under one shoulder and we got him onto his knees. His once proud cock was now hanging limply between his muscular thighs and flopped around as we made him move. I was fascinated by it, as I'd never seen a naked man before.

"Come on, Mr. Flasher Man," gasped Marianne, transferring her grip to his dangling balls, "get on your feet for the nice little girls."

"Get him against the tree there," ordered Marianne. The guy looked ridiculous as we made him shuffle over to the nearest tree, his feet still entangled in his pants, being pulled by the balls by a determined looking, half naked, young girl. We backed him up against the slender trunk of the tree. I removed the belt from his trousers and put it round his neck, buckling it behind the tree trunk. The guy was pleading with us to let him go, asking what we were going to do to him as I removed his pants from around his ankles.

"We're going to teach you a lesson, Flasher, so shut up or I'll stuff a sock in your mouth," threatened my friend in a commanding voice which brooked no argument.

"We need to spread the sucker's legs," said Marianne. "I know!" She found a stout branch and we lashed one of his ankles to one end using his pants, and lashed the other ankle to the far end of the branch using his shirt. We had ourselves a nice big, helpless, muscular, male victim! It felt really good seeing this big, fully-grown man made helpless by a couple of girls. I was fascinated by the size of the guy's cock as it hung down between his legs. I tentatively took hold of it and joggled it around a bit.

I could feel it throbbing in my hand, then it began to grow as the guy's body jerked and squirmed as I played with him. His ball sac contracted as his cock surged upwards as I massaged it with my fingers. It was really thick, and must have been a good eight inches long, and my rather tiny hand only just fitted round it.

"That's good," said Marianne. "Bring him up.... Now let go!" she ordered. I let go, wondering what she was up to. I was enjoying making the guy's cock grow with my fingers. Marianne positioned herself in front of the guy, her head barely reaching half way up his chest. The man was staring at her fearfully, seeing the aggression in her posture as she stood, legs apart, tiny breasts thrusting over clenched fists.

"First we bring you up, Mr. Flasher, then we bring you down," she said, and, picking her spot, smashed her fist into the guy's dangling balls. The man let out a yell as his body tautened and his head jerked back to bang against the tree trunk. His cock hung limply again as he squirmed in pain. His head dropped onto his chest as he sobbed with the humiliation of being beaten up by a couple of girls.

"Bring him up," said Marianne, motioning me forward, where I got to work with my fingers again. I held his cock with one hand and reached for the man's balls with the other. He was groaning with pain and begged me not to hit him. Instead, I worked away with my little girl hands on his cock and balls, watching his face as I brought back his erection. His moans of pain changed to little `ahhs' of pleasure as I stroked him under his ball sac. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, trying to thrust his cock towards me.

Not waiting for Marianne, I swung my own fist up between the guy's legs, and punched him in the balls. It was a great feeling, as my knuckles squished into his sac, making his mighty male body jerk like it had received an electric shock, as he yelled in agony. I loved it. My whole body thrilled at the control I had over the man. I could make him purr or scream, depending on what I did to his balls. I could feel my insides melting as I watched the guy's body jerk around as he kept grunting with pain from the effect of my blow, the punch of a girl into a man's balls!

"Here, it's my turn," said Marianne, pushing me aside. She began to lace into the guy's stomach, her fists pumping in and out like a pair of pistons. At first, they seemed to just bounce off the ridges of male muscle, but the girl was persistent. Soon her fists were sinking into the man's body, making him groan and gasp as she began to inflict pain with her punches. To our amazement, the guy's cock began to expand again until it soared up out of his mound of pubic hair, rigid as a telegraph pole.

"Hey," panted Marianne. "Look at his hard on! He must like being hit by a girl!" She began to slap his cock back and forward with her hand. She was getting up quite a speed when, suddenly, the man's whole body stiffened. His head went back. His mouth dropped open and his cock erupted! Marianne jumped back in alarm as the male cock jerked and leapt of its own accord, spurting cum in all directions, some of it landing on her leg.

"You pig!" she screeched, and kicked out at the guy, catching him under his quivering cock and sending it slapping into his stomach. His eyes widened in fear as the girl closed with him. "No, please.... aggh.... aggh.... aghh!" he howled as she smashed her fist into his balls again and again in angry retribution. He hung limply as Marianne stepped back. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he hung open mouthed, little farmyard noises emanating from his throat.

Marianne was panting from her exertions, but her eyes bright with excitement. I felt the same. I wanted more. I got to work on his balls again. At first the guy's body jerked around as he begged me not to touch him any more, but I kept my fingers working just behind his sac. It didn't take very long for him to change his tune!

Slowly his cock came up again as my fingers worked their feminine magic on the male body. "Poor man," I crooned. "Did the little girl hurt your balls, then? I'll make it all better for you, then I want to see your nice big cock stand up again for me. Can you do that? Just for me. You did want to show us your nice big cock, didn't you? Well I'm going to make it grow again. There's a good boy."

The guy was rampant! He was still moaning and crying tears, but his cock was thrusting out again into my teasing fingers. This was wonderful. I felt so good. I held the cock loosely in my hand, feeling the thing quivering in my fingers. With my other hand I found a pulse under the guy's ball sac, where I'd been stroking him. It was thumping away. It was like I had a whole male engine in my hands, throbbing and thumping, and I had control over it.

"Hey," said Marianne, "he's enjoying you doing that. We're supposed to be punishing him for flashing us, not helping him get off!"

"Oh, he'll be punished all right, won't you big Flasher?" I reached up and tweaked his nose. He tried to jerk his head to one side, but I got him anyway and waggled his head from side to side. This was fun. "I'm just going to apply a little pressure now!" My fingers closed tightly round his balls as I began to squeeze. I looked up, smiling into the man's tear stained face, watching the fear grow as I hurt him. At first the balls slid off each other and slithered around in their sac. Then, as I tightened my grip, I could feel the balls squashing into each other until I had them trapped in my grasp.

The man was moaning again. I twisted. He yelled. I pulled downwards. His head dropped as sobs wracked his massive frame. All this time his cock stayed up in a huge erection. Although the guy was being tortured, he was still sexually aroused. `Or maybe,' I thought, `it's because he's being tortured by a girl that he's hard as a hammer!'

"You like being punished by a girl, don't you?" I murmured. The guy groaned. "You like having a girl squash your balls and punch your stomach and kick your cock, don't you?" My voice got louder as I jerked his balls. "Answer me!" I demanded.

"Yes," he admitted, his whole frame collapsing into defeat as the word left his lips. "I like it!"

"Wow!" exclaimed Marianne. "We've got ourselves a masochist! Well, Mr. Masochist," she said menacingly, reaching up and holding him by the throat, "you're in luck, because we like hurting you!" She jerked his head back so that it cracked against the tree trunk. She held him there. "If you like pain, you're going to love this! Knee him in the balls, Di!" She moved back.

"Hang on," I said. I'd got as far as putting on my skirt, and didn't want to mess it up. I stepped out of it and stood in front of the guy in my navy blue cotton briefs and white polo shirt. I've got nice legs, smooth and tanned, and strong from lots of swimming. He was taking in the sight of me, standing there with my legs apart, smiling up at him with a predatory look on my face, like a cat watching a mouse. He was gasping for breath, eyes full of a mixture of apprehension and lust. I took hold of the man's bulging biceps to steady myself, took aim and brought my knee up into his balls with crushing force. The guy cried out once, then slumped in his bonds, making keening noises as the pain bit into his brain.

Marianne's face was flushed with excitement. "Come on," she said, "let's untie him. He's not much fun just hanging there. You get his legs and I'll undo his hands." I started to protest. I mean, the guy was huge compared to us girls. But Marianne was already untying his hands. I released his ankles from the branch to which we'd tied them. This was dangerous!

But the guy wasn't going to do anything brave! As soon as he was untied, he sank to his knees, head bent, clutching his balls, thanking us pathetically for letting him go.

Marianne grasped him by the hair and forced his head back. "We haven't let you go, Flash," she said. "We've just untied you so we can have more fun with you. Like this!" And she held him by the hair and began punching the guy in the face. It was weird. The girl made him look at her balled up fist, then rammed it into him. Then she repeated the process until her fist got sore. And this big, powerful man just knelt there and let the girl beat him up. All he did was hold his cock and...

"Hey!" he's jerking off, "I shouted," as I realized what was happening.

"What!?" said Marianne indignantly, furiously shaking the guy by the hair. "Get on your back!" she ordered. She brought her knee up into the man's jaw with a sharp crack, toppling him over.

"Spread your arms and legs!" she ordered the groaning male, kicking him in the ribs to emphasize her command. She stood astride his spread-eagled body, hands on hips, chest heaving, a gleam of excitement in her eyes as she looked down at her naked male victim. "You are a very naughty man," she rebuked. "I am now going to kick you in the balls as punishment for wanking without permission. Keep still!" she barked, as the man began to plead and tried to cover his balls with his hands.

Mercilessly, the girl stepped into the v of his spread thighs. His whole body was tense with expectation and fear. The veins stood out on the side of the guy's neck and his fingers dug into the ground as he waited for the girl to carry our her threat. Cruelly, Marianne smiled down at him, relishing the man's fear, torturing him by postponing the inevitable. I found myself unconsciously rubbing my groin, fully aroused by the sight of the slender girl standing over the magnificent body of a spectacularly muscled, naked, male, totally in control of him, making him tremble with fear as she toyed with his emotions.

Then she struck. Her foot lashed into the man's balls.

I'm sure his whole massive body left the ground as he cried out in agony, then slumped into unconsciousness, his collapsing legs bringing Marianne down in an indignant heap on top of him. Furiously she jumped up and started kicking the guy's body. Then she realized he couldn't feel anything.

"Hell," she looked worried. "Is he dead?" she said.

"No way," I reassured her. "He's breathing OK. He's just right out of it."

Marianne was now totally deflated. "Come on," she said. "Let's get out of here."

I had a better idea.

We tied the flasher's hands again before he came round, and took him with us as we went through the wood. Instead of going straight to our bikes, we made a diversion of about half a mile and once more buckled the guy with his belt to a slender tree trunk right on the edge of the wood. Then I stuck my fingers in my mouth and did my really loud whistling trick.

A couple of Girl Scouts, who were pottering around their camp in the field below the wood, looked up. Marianne was working the guy's cock and balls, bringing him up to another mighty hard on. The girls began shouting something and pointing up at us. A young woman came running from a large tent, followed by another, older woman, followed by a dozen girls. They stared up at us, then began to run across the field towards us.

We left the guy dangling there, his cock thrusting skywards like one of the girls' tent poles, and ran off, laughing with excitement at the devilish audacity of our actions, and disappeared into the woods.

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