Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Construction Destruction

by bobbobbob

It was bad enough that the two OSHA inspectors were lazy officious assholes. It was worse that they showed up 5 hours late without even calling and then demanded to see the "man in charge". But it was their habit of blatantly staring at my tits that really sealed their fate.

I sent the crew home so I could have them to myself with no witnesses. They liked that and wasted no time blathering on about the importance of safety while hinting that sexual favors and cash bribes would eliminate any OSHA fines. The fat one even rubbed his dick and leered at me. I led them to the construction elevator.

"I really believe in sparing no expense when it comes to safety, Gentlemen. So, we use the three strap system on the elevator", I lied. Actually, the second and third straps are only used for equipment, not people. But they didn't know that and continued to ogle my sweaty body while I fastened the heavy nylon straps on them. They smiled when I eased their legs apart.

"Good personal safety gear starts from the ground up. These are size 9 steel-toed cum resistant boots" I then demonstrated their soundness by kicking the skinny one in the nuts so hard his feet left the floor. WHAM. It felt great!!! I felt that familiar stirring I always get when destroying balls. The brutal boot kick lacked the cruelty of my usual method and I really couldn't feel them break. But it was still a nice new experience. And watching his fat partner's miserable manmeat lose its hardness was very satisfying. As was watching Skinny's foul mouth make silent screams for mercy.

"The heels are steel too. The law doesn't require it, but Safety First!!" With that I spun and launched a heel kick at Skinny's balls in case they weren’t' already pulverized. (Like I said, it's hard to tell with those heavy boots).

On the one hand, I have to admit I missed badly with my heel kick. (Hey, you try a wheelhouse kick on a moving open-air elevator!!) But it was cool, because the sound of his femur cracking was awesome. It was very empowering. And snapping that thick bone removed any doubt I had about the state of his balls. I sighed with wet satisfaction and silenced Skinny's now audible screams with a quick squeeze on his Adam’s apple. I laughed at his gasping pain and smiled seductively at Fat Boy. I reached into the tool chest.

"You'll notice SIR, that both sets of pliers have slip resistant and electric shock reducing rubber handles." I pulled down his trousers and gripped both ends of his dick with the two sets of pliers. I laughed out loud because I find it funny that Fat Boys can have such tiny dicks. And because it's so much fun to see how far I can stretch them. His got to about 7 inches before I sensed it was about to snap. I held it stretched taut like a rubber band with one set of pliers.

"Oh my. A violation. Someone has left a staple gun plugged in. Is there any way I can convince you to overlook this?" I asked.

Pop, Pop, Pop. Three # 7 copper tipped staples pinned his penis to his hairy belly. And out of my way. I licked the salty tears from his pig face and contemplated his virgin balls.

"Hmmmmmm, Snip, snip", I said while I pulled out the bolt cutters. "Stop staring at my tits, you fucking pig". He looked away and then his whole mass of flab shivered as he heard the bolt cutters find and then sever their target. It was so funny!! I trussed his sac with the freshly cut wire, of course. And pulled it out to make a better target. I love feeling my naked knee smash into them but, as I suspected, the pain in his stapled penis prevented him from truly appreciating my busting his balls. So I turned my affections to Skinny and unbuckled his three straps and let him fall to the floor.

"Off!" I commanded. And off came his pants and shorts. Soooooooo easy. "Expose." And he rolled over on his back and spread his damaged goods for my approval. His left nut was a lovely purple mash of pulp. I rolled the right nut gently under my boot. So gently. "Worship!" And his hands quickly moved to remove my boot. His subsequent eager licking of my sweaty foot was inexpert but not unpleasurable.

But not as pleasurable has ruining balls, of course. I shoved my toes deeper into Skinny's eager mouth and reached over and yanked down hard on Fat Boy's scrotum. I unsnapped his buckles and he fell with a thud at my feet. I'm not sure how he felt about falling on the floor with his face inches from his partner's balls. I know I loved the look on his face when I yanked my foot of Skinny's mouth and stomped his relatively undamaged nut. One. Two. Three. Four. Feeling it disintegrate. Each stomp meeting softer and softer resistance. Is there a better sensation?

Fatty tried to get up. Tried to avoid his fate and deny me his castration. Three vicious kicks from my booted left foot into his flabby torso put him back on the floor. But my bare left heel got scraped on the floor when I braced to kick him. THAT really pissed me off!! I decided he needed less merciful treatment then Skinny boy. And besides, Skinny was pretty much done in by then.

"Bite", I ordered. There was a cool blue flash as Skinny bit through the electrical cord. Under normal circumstances, I would have made him stay awake so I could savor the pain of his crushed man meat but it wasn't really disappointing when the 220 volts knocked him cold. I had Fatty to play with.

Touching the frayed live cord to the staples in his penis was great fun. Slowly. One by one. Watching the skin sear. Hearing him scream. I loved killing his dick and with it out of the way, I could focus on other areas.

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