Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dear Diary

By high voice

Dear Diary,

The church was having their annual spring picnic. Of course I had to work behind the drink stand. I had to show everyone I was the sweet gentle preacher's daughter they all thought I was. I knew he would be there, with that little black haired tramp on his arm. I swallowed the disgust in my mouth. I was "too angelic" he said. He wanted a bad girl. I could never be bad or so I thought...

We had just run out of lemonade and mother sent me to the church basement to get the other jug from the cooler. I was thrilled to be away from there, at least for a little while. The basement was an ugly place. Cement and rats all over the place spiders too. It gave me the chills being down there alone. A creepy feeling of being watched over came me and I ran for the stairs.

A strong arm reached out and grabbed my shoulder. I gave a startled cry. I soon recognized who it was. I freed myself from his arms.

"Hey I thought you said we could be friends." I moved away, picking up the jug of lemonade. I started walking to the stairs. "She is really nice once you get to know her. You two could be friends. I know your jealous and everything..."

"Jealous!!!" I dropped the jug and marched back towards him. "I am not...not jealous…of that...that...whore!!!" I was so embarrassed. He had hurt me for the last time. My body must have known what it was doing before I did. I felt my sandal fly up to meet his groin. It took me a moment afterwards to recognize what I had done. What I had felt? I watched him crumple to the floor. I liked the sudden rush of power. I liked it a lot. Then I had an idea.

I could still hear him groaning when I reached down and grabbed his sack. I could feel his balls throbbing with pain. I saw the surprise then pain on his face when I pulled. He was forced to stand. I squeezed harder. I loved the feeling of those pitiful throbbing balls on my palm. (To be honest, it was getting me hot.) I pulled upwards until he had to stand on his toes. Then when

I thought surely they couldn't go higher without breaking off; I released him. He crumpled onto the cement floor. I laughed. I was enjoying this. Like I had said he had made me hurt for the last time. He was groaning and cupping his crotch at the same time. I laughed.

I moved closer to him. I grabbed his hair and lifted him closer to me. "So I am a good girl, am I?" I kicked off my sandal and moved my foot up his short pants so my foot was against his bare skin. I felt him trying to push my foot away. But I pushed my weight forward so the pressure to his sack would distract him. He lay there on the floor, his hands on his head, pressing his eyes into his head. I laughed again. I twisted my foot. I heard him groan again.

My mother would come looking for me soon enough. I had to make him feel sorry for what he did to me fast. I pushed him so he was on his back. His hands were still covering his balls. I put each of my hands on of his knees. Then I bent my knees and balanced there for a second. I could see the fear in his eyes. He knew what was coming, and had to except it. I let my arms go falling with both knees onto his sack. I heard him lose his breath.

I stood and walked out laughing. In surprised I heard him call after me.

"What took you so long to do that? It was great..."

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