Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Easy Money

by Empress Tiptoe

Chad groaned in disgust as he looked in his wallet. He shouldn't have had that last six-pack at the frat party last night! Now he was short for tonight's wet t-shirt contest. He had enough for the cover charge, but he had no gas in the car, and he had promised three other guys a ride, including Big Mike, the captain of the football team. He'd be expected to buy them a round, too. Chad couldn't disappoint Big Mike, or he might never get on the team! And everyone knew that the members of the football team got laid every the cheerleaders, according to rumor. Especially by Mary Lynn!

Chad's cock swelled in his jeans as he thought of chesty Mary Lynn Rogers, the queen of the cheerleading squad. He had heard that she would be competing in tonight's contest. Mary Lynn did fabulous high kicks, and the football players all said that on important game days she wore no underwear, and every kick gave them flashes of her naked crotch. The thought of Mary Lynn in a torn wet t-shirt made him s o hard, he could barely stand it. He considered jerking off, then decided to wait for the t-shirt contest. He had already cut out the bottoms of his jeans pockets so as to be able to do it unobtrusively. Instead, he took a quick stroll down to the student mailboxes. Maybe his parents had sent him a twenty.

Chad's mailbox was empty, to his disgust. Across the hall was the Job Board, and Chad scanned the papers hanging there. Maybe he could make some quick dough, and save himself the trouble of shaking down some geeky freshman. He didn't mind doing it, but couldn't afford another suspension. There was an ad for a job doing lawn work on the local golf course. "Too much like work!" Chad snickered, and looked on. He sneered at the local fast-food chain's plea for help...rolled his eyes at Professor Gilpit's request for someone to assist with swim classes for paraplegics, guffawed openly at the Air Force recruiting poster. His smile vanished and he shuddered as he saw the next poster.

Students wanted to model for art class, $9.00/hr. It brought back painful memories of Chad's sophomore year. He had answered this ad then, and gone into the art class expecting to make some good money sitting still and staring into space--something he was very good at. The first shock had been when Frau Kriegsschiff, the visiting art prof from Germany, had ordered him to take off his clothes.

"What?!" Chad had asked incredulously. He assumed from her accent that she didn't speak English very well, because she COULDN'T mean--

"OFF! Off mit dem!" barked Frau Kriegsschiff again. With an impatient noise, she grabbed his shirt and yanked it up over his head.

"Hey!" Chad objected, starting to struggle. Frau Kriegsschiff simply grabbed his foot and lifted it from the ground, sending Chip crashing to the floor. Chad was no weakling, but she was a good foot taller than him, and maybe a hundred pounds heavier. She pulled his shoes and socks off as if he was a toddler. Then she undid the zipper of his tight jeans and started yanking at the cuffs of the legs, trying to remove them.

"My God, I'm being raped," Chad had thought. "I'm being raped by an insane blonde Teutonic female Sumo wrestler!" With a final jerk, Frau Kriegsschiff had removed his trousers. Chad had scurried to his feet and quickly yanked down his own briefs, trying to save himself that humiliation, at least.

Frau Kriegsschiff had narrowed her eyes, examining his body all over--but especially in the crotch region, he had thought. Then she said, "Okay, you do fine. Get on, move it! Class has already started!" With a huge muscular hand on his butt, she steered him into a classroom. Chad blushed and covered his crotch with one hand as he heard a giggle. Frau Kriegsschiff hustled him up onto a platform in the middle of the room, where he had stood awkwardly, his hands clasped in front of him.

"Not like that," snapped Frau Kriegsschiff. "Stand natural!" Chad tried to speak, but couldn't think of what to say before Frau Kriegsschiff lost patience and mounted the platform. She pulled his hands away from his crotch with a jerk.

"Like so!" she snapped, placing one of his arms bent, with his hand resting on his hip, and the other hanging loosely at his side. "There", she murmured. Chad began to enjoy the feel of her body rubbing against his nakedness as she adjusted his stance, placing each of his feet carefully, changing the angle of his shoulders, and finally--his jaw nearly dropped--adjusting the position of his genitals.

There was another smothered giggle. Chad burned with embarrassment...and a little arousal. Frau Kriegsschiff stepped back, saying, "Okay, you do fine. Do not move!" She whirled to face the art students, who w ere semi-circled all around Chad's front and sides.

"And you--less giggles, more drawings! Get to work!" The room was silent except for the scratching of pencils on sketchpads. Frau Kriegsschiff wandered around the room, examining the students’ drawings and giving instruction.

"Geez, I hope there's no one I know in this class!" Chad thought. Trying not to move, he began sneaking peeks at the faces of all the busily drawing students. Slowly it dawned on him.... the students were all...GIRLS! Chad was awed by this revelation, and his active imagination went wild.

"Suppose they're all getting really hot for me," he fantasized. "Suppose Frau K. leaves for a coffee, and they all run up here and mob me, fighting over who gets my cock into her wet pussy first, jumping on me one after the other--" Chad stopped his fantasy with a thrill of horror. His cock, even more active than his imagination, was starting to lengthen and swell. In seconds it would be doing its usual "raise the drawbridge" trick! While he, Chad, was on stage, buck naked, being stared at by about twenty chicks!!!!

"What the hell," thought Chad suddenly. "Let 'em see it!" He straightened his shoulders, threw out his chest and set his mind to his most hard-core fantasies, imagined describing to his buddies how "the teacher took one look at me and started tearing my clothes off and groping me!" imagined all those hot young pussies getting wet from staring at his boner. Soon Chad was as hard as he had ever been in his life.

He caught the eye of one young woman who had stopped drawing and was simply staring. He moaned softly, just loud enough for her to hear. She blushed and hastily went back to drawing. He tried to catch some of the other girls staring, and got a few giggles in return.

Frau Kriegsschiff made another round of the students. "What's to giggle at? Draw, dra-" She suddenly did a long double-take at one of the girls' sketches. Her gaze snapped up at Chad. Specifically, at his throbbing hard-on.

"Stop that!" shouted the art prof. "Young man, we do not allow that behavior here!

"I can't help it," said Chad innocently. "It's an involuntary reaction, I can't do anything with it!"

"I know what you can do with it!" Frau Kriegsschiff snapped. She marched furiously to the center of the room and mounted the platform with Chad, who began to feel nervous. He was stunned when she bent down, took the hem of her long skirt, and began rolling it up to expose her bare, pale legs. "She's going to fuck me!" thought

Chad open-mouthed as Frau Kriegsschiff tucked the front of the skirt into her waistband. "She's going to fuck me here, NOW, in front of the whole art class!" His stiff cock quivered and he felt the beginning thrills of orgasm. He was trying to hold it off until he was inside her when she suddenly slapped two hard, beefy hands down on his shoulders and brought her knee smashing up into his soft balls.

Too stunned to feel anything yet, simple reflexes caused Chad to bend over with a jerk, burying his face between Frau Kriegsschiff’s ample boobs as a second gristly knee crunched into his nuts and ground them mercilessly into his pelvis. The jolt of the knee pushed him over the edge to orgasm even as the torture of his crushed testicles turned his knees to jelly. He crumpled to the floor slowly, his numb face stroking against Frau Kriegsschiff's breasts, her stomach, her underpants and then down her leg to rest on her foot.

As he lay there helplessly and uselessly clutching his broken rocks, Frau Kriegsschiff jerked her foot from under him and walked away, saying, "Enough with the giggles! Draw, draw!" There was a flutter of paper, and as Chad writhed in agony, all he could hear was the scratching of pencils on paper.

What had happened three weeks later had almost been worse. He and a group of his football buddies had taken a short cut through the art building, when Fipps had yelled, Hey, guys, LOOK at THAT!!" Chad looked. There was a glass display case with a sign that said "Life Drawing 301" and in the middle of it, there he was. It was a superb drawing of Chad lying on the ground with an expression of pure agony. He was curled up with his hands buried in his crotch, and he stared out of the picture glassy-eyed and drooling, with a trickle of semen dripping from between his fingers.

Chad's balls had finally stopped aching a few days ago, but looking at the picture brought back a flood of humiliation and a sympathetic pain in his groin. "Wow, what a drawing!" hollered Ed. "Will ya LOOK at those TITS!!" Chad was relieved to realize that his friends were only staring at the sketches of naked women. But a group of female art students at a table nearby had suddenly began whispering to each other and smirking in his direction. He managed to pry his friends away from the display and hurried them outside. They teased him for weeks about being a "bashful virgin," but it was worth it.

Painful memories indeed! Chad shuddered and cringed with remembered pain. He had never had the guts to face Frau Kriegsschiff again to demand his paycheck. Chad tore the paper down from the bulletin board and threw it away. On second thought, he fished it out and stuck it up again, chuckling at the idea o f some OTHER poor sap being the next victim.

Chad continued staring at the bulletin board. Babysitting and pizza delivery didn't appeal to him. Neither did painting fences or walking dogs. Suddenly, Chad found his answer. STUDENT VOLUNTEERS WANTED IMMEDIATELY--subjects for Experimental Psychology class. Pays $20 for half an hour.

"Woo hoo!" Chad whooped. "Half an hour of laying on a couch and telling them I wanna kill my dad and fuck my mom, and I'll have all the money I need to see Mary Lynn's tits in a torn wet shirt!

Gleefully, Chad tore off one of the little phone numbers at the bottom of the page. Then he tore off the rest, saying, "Screw the competition!" A short phone call later and Chad had himself a job, and an appointment for four in the afternoon.

Chad showed up for his appointment in the Medical Arts building ten minutes late. He figured that psychology majors would have nothing better to do than wait for him. And it would give them the chance to psychoanalyze why he was late, for extra course credit.

The truth was that he had wanted to finish watching a new porn video a friend had loaned him. He wanted his balls to be at their bluest when he went to the wet t-shirt contest that night. Chad had turned the video off halfway in disgust, though.

The scenes where the tough biker guy had humped the officers of the Topless Highway Patrol (THIPS) had been great! Chad had had to unzip his jeans and let his little sidekick out to breathe. But then the Nudist Avenger had shown up--some chi ck with a super-hero cape and nothing else on but some sparkly makeup over her face and nipples and silver high-heeled shoes. Chad had sat forward eagerly, waiting for the biker to overpower and screw her up down and sideways, when suddenly, her leg had shot out and NAILED the biker, right in the nads! Chad had grabbed his crotch protectively, his erection swelling further for some reason. The big, tough biker guy was laying on the floor groaning!

Chad swore, and fast-forwarded the video. When it started again, the topless cops were holding the guy’s legs apart as the Nude Avenger punched repeatedly at his exposed balls and the biker cried and begged for mercy. Chad shuddered and turned the video off. He couldn't believe he was still hard after watching those last scenes. "The trouble with you is that you've got no sense," he said to his cock. Then he looked at the clock and swore. He yanked a couple of icy beers from the mini-fridge and pressed them against his crotch. The cold did its work, and soon Chad was able to zip up and run to his new job.

There was no one in the office when he arrived. He sat in a chair and waited a few minutes. Then he began clearing his throat, shuffling his feet, and making other noises. After a few minutes, a door opened, and a girl's face popped out of it. "Oh, you're here!" she said. "We thought you weren't coming! Just come this way, please." Chad got up and entered the room after her. It was a very plain white room, which looked like some sort of laboratory. Two girls talked quietly with their backs to him, and a woman professor turned to face him.

"There you are at last!" she snapped. "Okay, take off your clothes."

"W-what?" Chad stammered, suddenly hit by a fearsome sense of deja vu. The professor turned to him with an annoyed expression, and remembering Frau

Kriegsschiff, Chad stripped hastily.

The professor pulled what looked like a sheet of round stickers from her pocket.

"These are a new kind of computerized sensor," she told him, as she pressed one on his forehead and pushed and rubbed it firmly to make it stick. She went on to press two more on his chest, just under the collarbone. "They will monitor your pulse rate, perspiration level, muscle contractions, and body temperature changes during the experiment." She placed two more stickers on his nipples, running her fingers around and over them. Chad felt the tingling of arousal in his groin. He had worked himself up too well, there was no way he could turn his mind from getting excited by this woman's manipulation of his naked body.

The next two stickers went on his ribs, then two on his stomach, below the waistline. "Oh, please!" Chad begged mentally, wanting to feel her hand on his cock. But the next two stickers went in the crooks of his elbows. Then the professor kneeled down and placed stickers on the soft backs of his knees. Her fingers tickled as she pressed them into place.

Chad looked down and fantasized. "Yeah, guys, this professor sees me and right away orders me to take my clothes off. Then she gropes all over my body, and she's getting hotter and hotter, and the next thing you know she's down on her knees and..." Chad waited in an agony of hopeful lust, praying that the professor would make some involuntary contact with his genitals that he could exaggerate to his friends as a grab or a squeeze or even a blowjob.

He was electrified when the prof suddenly actually took hold of his cock. She placed one of her stickers on the swelling head of his prick. The intense sensations as she rubbed the sticker into place made Chad gasp. It was over too soon, but before he could recoup from his amazement, his balls were in her hand. She carefully stuck one sticker one each side of his scrotum and taking one ball in each hand, rubbed them firmly into place. Chad gasped again, but not from pleasure this time. What had seemed like simple firmness on other parts of his body felt like crushing force when applied to his tenderest parts. It ended quickly, but left Chad with a numb, throbbing ache as the professor got to her feet.

She peered at her watch and looked disgusted. "I don't have time to supervise this myself. Next time, be on time! The students will have to do this on their own." She picked up her coffee cup and left the room.

Chad turned to the students. He felt embarrassed, suddenly being alone and naked with the two strange girls. While the professor's hands had been playing on his body he had forgotten their existence. He turned to face them. Or to check out their tits, anyway.

One of the girls didn't have boobs worth mentioning, but one had huge knockers.

Chad looked at her face and was stunned to discover that it was Mary Lynn Rogers, his cheerleading fantasy!

His jaw dropped as he blurted, "What are YOU doing here?!"

Mary Lynn grinned and said, "I major in Psychology, didn't you know that?" Mary Lynn took CLASSES? Somehow, Chad had thought that cheerleaders just hung around doing their makeup, adjusting their bras, and talking about guys when they weren't cheerleading. It was disturbing to think that they might actually have thoughts in their heads besides "he's so hot" when they watched him.

"This is my lab partner, Helen," said Mary Lynn. Chad nodded vaguely in the direction he thought the flat-chested chick might be in. He didn't much care, not when there were Mary Lynn's big hooters to stare at.

The flat-chested girl seemed to notice, and stated sarcastically "IF we 're all relaxed now, we can start to take preliminary readings."

Mary Lynn explained, "We have to make a note of your normal pulse rate and such, while you're in your normal state." Chad's erection had gone down during the conversation, but if Mary Lynn thought that his pulse rate would be normal while he was naked in the same room with her...

The two girls began scribbling in their notepads, occasionally glancing at their palmtop computers. Chad waited impatiently. He was used to being the center of attention when he was with chicks, and he couldn't help resenting those notepads. They took Mary Lynn's admiring gaze away from him.

After a few minutes, Mary Lynn said, "Okay, we're ready to start." The other girl went to a closet and wheeled out a little trolley. On top of it was what looked like an aquarium, with a plastic-lined hole in one end. The girls adjusted the height of the trolley until the hole was directly at the height of his genitals.

Mary Lynn took Chad's balls in her hand and smiled up at him. "Do you mind?" she winked.

"Not at all!" Chad answered. His cock was already hard again as Mary Lynn gently tried to push his balls through the hole, one at a time. She did not have much success. The hole was a snug fit, and Chad's stiff cock kept getting in the way. He loved how she kept pushing it up, only to have it fall onto her hand again, all the while she was holding his nuts.

"Here, let me help," said the other girl. She took Chad's cock and pressed it upward, against his abs, then pressed the aquarium against him to hold it up.

"That's better", said Mary Lynn, and went back to trying to work Chad's balls through the hole. As Chad tried to peek down Mary Lynn's cleavage, the other girl suddenly tickled Chad's cockhead with one finger. "Now, where have I seen this little guy before?" she said teasingly. "Didn't you model for the art class once last year?"

"No," snapped Chad flatly. He felt his face turning bright red as the girl laughed.

Mary Lynn stood up. "All done!" she announced cheerfully. Chad looked down. There were his balls, inside the aquarium. It made him feel strange. They were safe and protected, but they were out of his reach...away from his control. He could no longer feel their comforting weight dangling between his legs, and the feeling was spooky.

The other girl looked down at her computer. "Heart rate and blood flow changing," she reported. "Separation anxiety is setting in!" The two girls scribbled furiously in their notebooks as Chad stood there feeling more and more uneasy, and even angry. He was relieved when they stopped writing, and said, "Stage one is finished."

Chad waited for them to release him, but to his surprise they opened a door on the top of the aquarium.

"Time to put them in!" said Mary Lynn. Put them in? Something was going IN there with his unprotected balls?

Chad's stomach muscles clenched nervously as he asked, "What are you putting in there?" The other girl had lifted a sack from the bottom of the trolley. It seemed to be moving. "Hungry weasels!" she said with a wolfish grin. She dumped the sack and slammed the lid shut.

Chad screamed and tried to pull his balls out. A stab of pain went through his body as he yanked them against the aquarium. They had been put in one at a time, and there wasn't room for both to come out at once. He held still, praying the animals wouldn't find his frail organs.

There was a sudden brush of fur against his nutsack, and a scraping of tiny claws. Ch ad screamed again, and oblivious to the pain shooting through him, pulled steadily until his balls, one by one, finally popped out of the hole. The sudden release sent him crashing to the floor, where he lay clutching himself with white-hot stabs of pain shooting up through him.

The girls tried desperately to write in their notebooks, but they were shaking with laughter so much they could barely manage it. Chad, through his pain, managed to look at them, and was stunned to see that they were laughing so hard that they could barely stand up.

"You ninny!" gasped Mary Lynn. "They're only HAMSTERS!" Her words made no sense to Chad, but much later, when he could stand again, he looked in the aquarium. There were three cute, fuzzy little teddy-bear hamsters. He felt like an utter fool, and the girls collapsed in laughter again. Chad could have sworn that he had seen at least twelve weasels in there, with glowing red eyes and sharp, flashing teeth.

"I'm sorry!" Mary Lynn choked out, tears of laughter running down her cheeks.

"You were so funny!" She tried to speak seriously. "The object of the experiment was to measure your change in pulse and temperature, based on how much control you felt you had over your own safety."

"I was only kidding," the other girl smothered a giggle. "I wouldn't have said it if I knew you'd fall for it and try to rip your own doodles off."

"I'm impressed, though," said Mary Lynn seriously. "I didn't know you could hit a note that high!" The girls collapsed in gales of laughter again. Chad angrily picked up his clothes and started dressing.

"Don't do that!" objected the flat-chested girl. "The experiment isn't done yet!" Chad continued dressing grimly.

"Oh, come on, Chad!" pouted Mary Lynn. "Have a sense of humor! Here, I'll tell you what--here's the twenty dollars for taking part, and you don't have to do anything else. But if you DO," she added, with a provocative glance, "There'll be a bonus in it for you!"

"Yeah, sure!" snarled Chad. "What is it, a lollipop?" Mary Lynn leaned close to him and breathed in his ear, "I'll do the experiment in the nude." Chad froze. His teased cock started up again in spite of his pain. "Get away, you idiot!" he shouted to himself.

Mary Lynn leaned over him again, pressing her body against his, and whispered, "AND I'll let you feel my tits..."

Chad swallowed. Slowly, he began to remove his clothes again. Chad stood naked in front of the two young women. He felt a nervous tension as they wrote in their note pads.

Mary Lynn looked up. "Okay, we're ready to start again. For this next part, we need a subject and a control."

"I'll get the other guy," said her lab partner, and left the room. Chad racked his brains for memories of his days of chemistry class, before his football scholarship. Control...that meant that one subject would undergo the experiment, and the other would be kept experiment-free for comparison. Chad wasn't sure what the girls planned to do next, but he hoped he would be the control.

The room was silent, and Chad was naked and alone with the busty Mary Lynn Rogers. That thought alone was enough to make him hot. "Hey," said Chad. Mary Lynn looked up. "You promised to take your clothes off and let me feel your tits," Chad reminded her.

Mary Lynn gave him a weary, condescending smile and stood up. "Watch carefully, junior, I wouldn't want you to miss a thing," she told him. She started by tucking her pencil behind one ear and pulling off her lab coat. Then she pulled the bottom of her blouse out of her waistband. Slowly, starting at the bottom, she began unbuttoning. Chad's eyes were riveted to her hands. As Mary Lynn began swaying back and forth, the open slit in her shirt waved in the breeze, revealing tempting flashes of skin. Mary Lynn gave him a seductive, mischievous smile as she undid the last button, letting her blouse fall open. Chad stared hungrily at the sheer black-lace bra beneath.

Mary Lynn started dancing and humming The Stripper. "Da dum dum...da DA dum dum," she sang, swaying back and forth and pulling open one side of her blouse at a time to give Chad flashes of her bosom. Still singing and dancing, she opened both sides at once with a melodramatic flourish, and started to shimmy out of the blouse. Chad was annoyed at the tone of silliness that she was putting into what he wanted to be a seriously hardcore erotic scene, but he was too busy watching to object...and the way Mary Lynn's boobs jiggled and bounced as she wriggled her way out of the shirt was something Chad had no complaints about.

"Dum...dum...dadadadadadaaaa..." Mary Lynn twirled the blouse in the air a few times and flung it away. She did a few more dance steps, and turned her back on Chad. She ran her fingers up her own sides slowly and erotically, then slid them down, and to the side of her skirt. She swayed and ground her hips as she undid the button and zipper, then raised her arms over her head like a hula dancer. Her skirt gradually began sliding down as she wiggled her fanny, finally falling lightly to the floor, leaving Mary Lynn in her pantyhose. She sat down on the lab bench, still singing. After spinning around on the bench once or twice, Mary Lynn raised one foot high into the air. She flipped her shoe off with one finger, then did the same for the other foot.

Mary Lynn lay back on the bench, her back arched. "Da da da da, " she still hummed, tickling at Chad's cock and balls with her nylon-covered toes. A giggle sent delightful ripples over her body. Chad could barely keep himself from joining her on the bench.

She stuck her thumbs into her waistband and pushed down on her pantyhose and underwear at the same time. She had to squirm slightly to get them down, and stopped when they were at her knees. She tickled Chad's rock-hard cock with her toes again, then raised her foot to his face. "Wanna help me? She asked him.

Chad took her smooth, warm foot in his hand and began to pull off the nylon stocking. He took his time. From his current vantage point, holding her ankle, he could see right into her naked vagina. His mouth was dry with lust, and his cockhead was wet. Eventually, he pulled the pantyhose completely off her foot. Mary Lynn raised the other foot and smiled wordlessly. Chad swallowed and began pulling off the other side. As he worked on it, she flicked his balls gently back and forth with the big toe of her naked foot. Chad felt he was on the verge of orgasm, and tried to control himself and to think about something else. He had no intention of coming until Mary Lynn had made good on her promise to let him feel her tits. He nearly lost it when Mary Lynn moaned, "Oh, Chad, that feels soooo good." Chad quickly yanked the pantyhose off. He knew he couldn't wait much longer.

Mary Lynn was naked except for the black lace bra. She stood up and slid her hands under the shoulder straps, pushing her arms through so that they fell and hung by her sides. The she put her hands on her hips. "I saved your favorite part for last, " she winked at him. "Would you like to do the honors?"

Chad stepped forward and put his arms around Mary Lynn. He fumbled with the fastening of her bra, undoing it more by luck than anything else. With the release of support, Mary Lynn’s heavy breasts fell onto her lower chest. The bra hung from below them, pinned by the weight of her breasts. Chad pulled it free and let it fall. He put one hand on Mary Lynn's right breast, then the other. It was so big that both his hands wouldn't go around it. He moved one hand to the other breast and stood there lifting them, squeezing and feeling their softness. He rubbed their tips with his thumbs and felt the nipples grow hard under his touch, the area around them turning stiff and puckered. Chad couldn't stand it any longer. He grabbed Mary Lynn around the waist and pushed her down on the bench. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. Chad was fumbling for her slit, ready to shove his cock into her, when a hand grabbed his balls and squeezed sharply.

Chad squealed with pain and surprise, falling off the bench. He landed on his back, the wind knocked out of him and his hands between his legs. Mary Lynn's lab partner was standing over him, smiling. "Playtime's over," she said briskly. "Time to finish the experiment."

With no apparent objection or concern, Mary Lynn got up and stepped over Chad's prone body. She picked up her lab coat and put it on. "Get up, Chad," she muttered under her breath. "She didn't squeeze you THAT hard."

Ashamed to look like a wimp in front of Mary Lynn, Chad staggered to his feet. His balls were throbbing, sending wave after wave of pain through him. Neither of the women paid him any attention, as they talked to another naked man, who wore the same round microchip sensor patches Chad did.

Another MAN? Chad felt his fury rise with the realization that this dweeb had witnessed his humiliation. And he seemed to be trying to hide a smirk! Mary Lynn and her friend ignored Chad, as they took some readings of the other guy.

"Only one question," said Mary Lynn. "Who will be the subject and who will be the control?"

"Lets flip," said her friend. Taking a coin from her pocket, she tossed it in the air, catching it as it came down. The girls gazed at the coin.

"Okay," said Mary Lynn, and the other girl put the coin away. Chad wondered who won. His relaxation was complete as the two women took the other man aside. What ever they were going to do, Chad must be the control, and wouldn't have to suffer the unpleasant fate which awaited the other guy. To his surprise, Chad felt a stirring of disappointment.

"Okay, like I said before, we're experimenting with ability to control reflex actions," Mary Lynn said to the man. "Now, I want you to try to stand straight up and not react to what happens."

"Hey!" Chad said. "I thought you were going to do the experiment in the nude!" He immediately regretted his big mouth when he saw the other guy's ears prick up...and not only his ears!

"I AM nude...under my lab coat!" said Mary Lynn. "We have to maintain a professional atmosphere, you know!" She winked at Chad, and gave both men a quick flash of a bare breast. Chad was too angry to enjoy the display. The NERVE of that guy, getting a boner for Chad's chick! Chad made a mental note to beat the creep up later.... on every possible occasion.

"Remember, try not to move!" Mary Lynn admonished. She swung her foot forward, slowly at first but gaining momentum, until it impacted with the guy's nuts with an audible smack.

"Serve him right!" Chad thought, but couldn't help cringing as he watched. To his surprise, the man managed to stay standing, only tensing up and bending over slightly at the waist. The girls wrote in their notebooks for a few minutes.

"Very impressive," Mary Lynn said. "Let's do that again. Remember, stand up straight!" She kicked again, harder this time. Chad gasped as he saw the force of the hit. Mary Lynn's coat fell open as she attacked, giving Chad a great view as she smashed the loser's nads with a lethal foot.

This time the man reacted more. His knees came together and he doubled over, rocking his upper body up and down while he clutched his balls. Chad grinned, in spite of his own tense, cramping stomach muscles.

"Remember! Try to regain control as soon as possible!" Mary Lynn's lab partner ordered. After a moment, shaking with effort the man pulled his hands away from his crotch and stood as straight as he possibly could. Mary Lynn and her friend made notes for several minutes.

"One last time and you're done," said Mary Lynn comfortingly. The man nodded and stood with his body braced and his fists clenched. Mary Lynn swung a foot at his groin, and the man doubled over and grabbed his balls without even having been hit.

"You're too tense," said the lab partner. "Try to relax." The man took a breath and started to unclench his muscles bit by bit, as the second girl massaged his shoulders, back and stomach. Mary Lynn occasionally made a feint with her foot or fists at his groin. After a time, the man was able to stand still, panting and sweating, but ignoring Mary Lynn's threatening moves.

That's when she let him have it. Chad hiccupped and grabbed convulsively at his own crotch as Mary Lynn let fly with one of her killer cheerleader kicks--the kind that go straight up in the long as nothing is in the way! There was no pretense of control this time, the man fell to the ground and curled himself around his bruised gonads, retching and sobbing. Mary Lynn and friend took notes for quite a while. Then the friend helped the man to his feet and helped him out of the room. He shuffled as if his knees were bolted together, holding his balls with both hands.

"You did a wonderful job," the girl told him, giving him a little kiss behind the ear. "You go home and take care of yourself now, and thanks for the help. " The man hobbled through a door and the girl closed it after him. They girls turned back to Chad. He hopped down off the table he was sitting on.

"I guess that's it, isn't it?" he said. "The experiment is through."

"What do you mean?" said Mary Lynn. "All we've done is the control."

"What?" said Chad. "I thought I was the control!" He felt a cold metal bracelet snap around his wrist. Then his arm was pulled around his back and a second handcuff connected his two wrists. "Come to think of it, you told me the experiment was about having control over your own safety, but you told that guy it was about controlling reflexes..."

"Let's just say it's about control," said the lab partner smiling sweetly. Mary Lynn began stretching her legs and practicing high kicks as her partner grasped Chad's aching nuts firmly and led him to a corner of the lab. Two wires dangled from the ceiling, tickling against Chad's chest and stomach. The girl took a small, curved steel bar, shaped like a tall, thin letter U, from her pocket.

She pulled Chad's sore balls painfully out from his body, sliding the metal bar up around the base of his scrotum. She pulled his cock down into the groove on top of it. Suddenly she gave a sharp yank on the bar, which forced a yell from Chad.

"Good," she smiled. "There's no way you'll be able to pull your goodies out of that one!" As Chad bent over with a groan, the girl attached the two cables to the ends of the steel U. The n she stood in front of Chad, her body almost touching his.

"Hold on to your hat, bud." she said mischievously, winking. "I'm going to twist your nuts now!" Chad tensed, then relaxed as the girl began twisting some metal nuts on the cables, which were about at the height of Chad's shoulders. The cables shortened as the nuts turned, and Chad suddenly felt a movement at his crotch as his genitals, trapped in the steel U, were slowly pulled upwards.

He waited nervously as his balls made their slow upward journey. His scrotum stretched, and his cock began slowly pulling out of the metal loop. The tension became uncomfortable, then painful as the girl continues shortening the wires. Chad stood on his toes to relieve the pressure, but she continued turning the nuts until he was pulled up snugly and only the head of his cock was caught in the metal latch above his wedged balls. Then the girl stepped back, smiling.

She noticed that Chad was on his toes. "Try to put your feet flat on the floor," she ordered. Chad did, and the unbearable pain made him jerk back up, his balls throbbing. When his body tried to double over, his shoulders hit the wires, causing another agonizing jerk on his testicles. Shaking with the effort and pain, Chad pulled himself upright.

The girl nodded her head. "Just right," she said. "You remember, we told our other subject we were experimenting with control over reflexes, and asked him to try to stand straight while Mary Lynn rattled his rocks for him. See, he was the control. The natural need to protect his reproductive organs forced him to obey his reflexes and protect them from danger." She reached out with one hand, gently caressing and stroking Chad's trapped balls and cockhead. Even in Chad's current state the feeling was pleasant.

"It's different with you. Your protective reflexes are now your worst enemies. If you double over, if you bend your knees together, if you even try to improve your footing, you will suffer agonies to your testicles, your most precious evolutionarily valuable assets. And whatever you do, try not to fall down and roll around on the ground," she grinned. "The cables MIGHT break and let you down...or your sweet little apricots might just get plucked off the tree, if you get my drift." Chad felt a cold chill go down his spine as the girl gave his dick a final finger tweak and backed away. Mary Lynn stepped forward, her bare feet moving silently across the lab floor.

"Wait, Mary Lynn," said the other girl. "I'd REALLY like to do this one myself!" Mary Lynn looked slightly disappointed, but smiled and said, "I understand. Have fun!" Chad was relieved at the thought that he would not be on the receiving end of Mary Lynn's high kicks, but part of him was outraged and disappointed. If some chick was going to play soccer with his jewels, he at least expected her to have decent hooters!

The girl smiled at him coldly, as if she understood. "You're a breast man, aren't you" she smirked. "I can always tell one of you when you walk in the room. It's like I'm totally invisible, and you will only talk to the biggest pair of boobs in the house. Not to the girl they're attached to--guys like you don't look above the shoulders when you're conversing!"

Chad was scared. Was h e in the presence of some sort of insane extremist feminist nut? Of course he looked at women's tits! That's what they were THERE for! That didn't mean he wasn't interested in other female body parts as well...He tried to placate her.

"That's not true! I love and respect women. If I don't look at their faces while I talk...uh...well, it's just that I'm kind of shy. I mean, with some guys women are just sex objects, but I think they're just as good as regular people, ya know?"

She laughed. "Okay, Mr. Sensitive," she said, giving one of his nuts a light pinch that made him wince. "Let's test you. If you can remember my name, I'll believe you and let you off the rest of the experiment." Chad felt a little lift of hope. Her name? Yeah, Mary Lynn had told damn! Well, Chad remembered that it had an L in it...and had vague feeling he had read the name in some old poem he had been forced to read for school once.

"Lenore?" he said hopefully. She smiled wordlessly, swung her fist, and punched at his nutsack. Chad felt his balls compress, crunched between his hard stomach muscles and the woman's knuckles. He jerked, trying desperately not to react to the blow. Every movement added to his pain. When he finally began to breathe again and dared to open his eyes, the woman was smiling at him. Her cheeks and lips seemed flushed and her eyes sparkled. Mary Lynn stood behind her, carefully taking notes on the experiment.

"Very good," the lab partner said. "The reflexes, I mean, not the guessing game. Wrongo! Try again. Would you like a hint? It will cost you a nut squeeze."

Chad's mind raced. He thought he had it. "Ellen!" he blurted. "No, Eleanor!" The woman smiled.

"No, and that's two guesses.... though I guess I won't quibble, since you have two of these..." This time she pulled her fist way back and hesitated for a moment before swinging with her full power, from the shoulder. Chad remembered what she had said about his reflexes being his worst enemy, and tried to relax his muscles as she hit. At the last second, anticipation made him clench his stomach muscles, and once more his tender, swollen gonads were smashed between her fist and his own tensed belly. A cry escaped him as he wobbled, trying desperately to keep his body erect, and he cursed himself for the hours he had spent working out to have "abs of steel."

Chad swayed on his toes. Every muscle and nerve twitched and jerked at the contradiction between his need to stay upright and his need to collapse, hugging his bruised eggs close to him. He had no idea what the chick's stupid name was! Why should she expect him to remember? It was so unfair! Chad wondered how many more times he could take his nuts being pummeled before he passed out, or his knees buckled. Already, he had terrible muscle cramps in both his legs. He knew he'd better come up with something soon or he might never have to worry about testicle pain again.

"I'll take the hint," squeaked Chad. The girl smiled and moved closer to Chad. She put one finger into her mouth, sucking it, then licked it and moved it to Chad's waist. She placed the wet finger on his cock head and began stroking it around in circles, looking deeply into his eyes. Then she moved her hand down onto his balls, and tightened her fingers slightly.

Chad had thought a squeeze would be less painful than another punch, but hadn't considered that it would last longer. The gentle grip was only slightly painful at first, but as it was maintained the agony grew worse and worse.

Chad's vision began to blur and he gasped out, "Stop! Don't! I can't stand it!" The fingers loosened immediately, and the girl put her cheek against Chad's. She licked at his ear and blew gently across it before she whispered his hard-earned hint.

"I'm not Rumpelstiltskin." As she stepped back, laughing, Chad could see that she was breathing heavily. The bitch was actually getting off on this! He shuddered at the power of her hands, and how she had reduced him to begging for mercy with such a light, almost tender pressure. He could barely take his eyes off the hands that had caused him such pain...hadn't he heard something somewhere about a fist that sank a thousand ships?

"Helen!" Chad hollered. "Your name is Helen!" The girl smiled and turned away. Chad relaxed. He had got it right! Unexpectedly she whirled, throwing one foot at his exposed balls. Chad had no time for reflexes, the foot pushed the vulnerable spheres deep into his abdomen, smashing them against his backbone and driving all the air from his lungs. Chad gasped for air. His whole body felt like it was falling apart. He would have screamed, but had nothing left to do it with. Only the driving inner force that urged him to protect his balls at all costs kept him from collapsing. They had been cushioned this time by soft muscle and organ tissue, but in their battered state, even a tap would have been excruciating.

Chad opened his watering eyes to see the girl staring at him. " Did you say Helen?" she asked. "Sorry about that. You got it right." Her chest was heaving, and she stared at him with arousal and amusement in her eyes. Abruptly she turned away. "I can't stand this any more," she said. "Finish up, will you, Mary Lynn?" The girl marched quickly to the office door and went through it, barking, "Ed? Come here, now!"

Chad closed his eyes again and sobbed air back into his lungs, retching. He thought he would feel better if he could throw up, but he hadn't eaten that day...something to do with making the beer work faster. He could hear the scratch of a pencil on paper as Mary Lynn made notes and he had a brief flashback to Frau Kriegsschiff's art class. From the office, he heard Helen moan. "Oh, Ed, mmmmm... I love it when you do that. But you're supposed to wait for my command" This was followed by the sound of a soft thud, and a male groan. Shortly afterward came more female moaning, louder. Even after all his torment, Chad felt a stirring in his cock. He felt desperate for relief, felt that coming might take away some of the pain in his balls, somehow. He looked up as Mary Lynn tucked her notepad into her pocket and laid her palmtop computer on the counter.

"Poor Chad!" she smiled sympathetically. "Well, the experiment's done. Aren't you glad?" Chad nodded wordlessly. "One nice thing about your current position," joked Mary Lynn. "I can kick you in the groin without hurting you!" To Chad's shocked horror, Mary Lynn's foot swung up and struck him between the legs. Chad yelped.

"Oh, stop it!" giggled Mary Lynn, hoisting herself up to sit on the counter. "I kicked you down THERE, and your balls are way up HERE!" She placed her cool, bare toes against his stretched nuts. It's true that she hadn't struck him, but his stupid reflexes had betrayed him again--when he saw her foot coming, he had doubled over and clenched his knees together, resulting in another painful yank.

Mary Lynn began to twiddle her toes slightly, tickling his aching balls. It was a combination of pleasure and agony. In the background, Chad could hear Helen wailing and screaming. It sounded as if someone was screwing her brains out. Slowly, as if it was nervous, Chad's cock started to swell again. Mary Lynn noticed and laughed.

"You know why I took off my clothes for you, Chad?” she asked, continuing to massage his nuts with her toes, rubbing up and down now. "You're my little remote control toy! Remember how much fun it is to press a lever and have your car go whizzing off? Vroom! Men work the same way." Mary Lynn opened her lab coat again. Her sexy, top-heavy figure transfixed Chad's attention, and with sudden speed his cock swelled to full hardness.

"See?" the woman laughed. "Vrooom! Off he goes! And men wonder why women aren't interested playing with plastic cars..." To Chad's disappointment, she closed the jacket again, but continued the agonizing, delicious rubbing of his balls with her naked foot. Chad moaned as a toe brushed against his swollen cock, and he tried to press it against her. The slight movement increased the pressure on his balls sharply, and he quit.

"You can't blame Helen for getting miffed." said Mary Lynn. "It's so humiliating to feel ignored. I remember what that was like." She changed the stroking of her foot to a steady, circular movement. "I was soooo hot for you in junior high!" The remark startled Chad out of his trance of lust and pain. Mary Lynn was in junior high with him?! No way! He'd have remembered!

Mary Lynn smiled at his disbelief. "Don't remember, do you? I had the locker next to yours. Back then I was a scrawny, pimply thing with wild hair. I used to say hi to you in the hall, and you'd ignore me. I used to wait for you outside of class, but you always ran off with your GUY friends. Once you even knocked me over without noticing me, but time has been my best revenge!" She had increased the pressure slowly on her foot, and the motion had become a painful grinding.

"You'd do any thing to get into my pants now, jerkoff!" she sneered. "Just for a peek at my body, you let us pound your most precious possessions into hamburger. Idiot!" Chad gasped as she pulled her foot away and stomped at his balls lightly with her heel.

"I'd love to pay you for those years of humiliation with one of my high kicks, but I'm afraid that in their current state, your little marshmallows would pop like water balloons," said Mary Lynn. "I think this will be punishment enough...for today." She leaned back, bracing herself with her arms and poked lightly at his balls with her toes. Then again. Over and over, rhymically the cool, soft toes bounced into his balls...and with every poke, Chad's hard cock was squeezed gently between his balls and stomach.

"Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick tock..." went Mary Lynn in time with her gentle kicks. Her leg was still, all she had to do was bend her ankle, repeatedly lifting her foot and letting it fall onto Chad's tender sex organs. Chad gasped and cringed. Every t ouch increased his pain, but he desperately needed the stimulation to his cock to continue. He moaned, and Mary Lynn giggled.

"Starting to enjoy this, aren't you?" she teased. "Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock..." the foot kept patting him. His balls felt as if they were on fire, his cock was throbbing on the verge of explosion.

"Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock..." Sweat ran down Chad's body, and he thrust himself involuntarily against Mary Lynn's foot in his urgent need for relief. The movement only caused him more pain without bringing him nearer to the release he needed He did it again, unable to control the responses of his own body. The agonizing simulation continued.

"Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock..." His back arched, the veins on his cock stood out like cables, and he held his breath, as his heart seemed to pound in rhythm with Mary Lynn's foot...

"Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock..." Chad took a gasping breath, felt every muscle in his body tighten as the thumping on his testicles continued. The nerves in his genitals seemed to be vibrating with an indefinable sensation of mind-numbing intensity.

There was a sudden sound of a door opening, and a shocked voice cried out, "Mary Lynn, what are you doing? STOP IT! "

Helen came hurriedly into the room, straightening her clothing. "Mary Lynn, what do you think you're DOING?" she scolded in outrage. Mary Lynn let her foot drop.

"Chad and I were just having a little fun," she said innocently. "What's the problem?"

"Can't you see he's just about to come?" said Helen. The two women turned to stare at Chad's cock. Chad moaned in frustration. Still immobilized by the hook that trapped his genitals, he jerked uselessly at the handcuffs that held his wrists behind his back. The continual light kicking of his genitals had been agonizing, but the cessation of the stimulation it provided was maddening. His completely stiffened cock, trapped between his tightly suspended nuts and his stomach, throbbed furiously in the rhythm that Mary Lynn had started. Tick, tock, tick, tock...

"Better not touch him again," said Helen. "He'll go off like a bomb, and the lab will be a mess."

Mary Lynn nodded wistfully. "I suppose so." Chad stared in disbelief as the two girls stepped back and sat down on the bench, picking up a brown paper bag on the way. They took some sandwiches out and began to eat them, talking about their classes and ignoring Chad completely.

Chad clenched his stomach muscles, trying to use them to provide some pressure and stimulation to his needy cock. It didn't work. He relaxed his ankles, so that the suspending cables pulled his nuts tighter against his body. That worked better, but Chad gasped with the pain. He felt lightheaded, and knew he could not bear the repeated straining against his balls that he would need to get off. He jerked at the confining handcuffs again and made a wordless yell of rage and frustration, which made the girls look in his direction and giggle. It started them on a new conversational topic.

"Why on earth would guys evolve so that their gonads are OUTSIDE of their body?" laughed Mary Lynn. "It makes no sense. They're always whacking them selves on something, catching themselves in zippers, getting kicked by horses....” Chad's erection finally began to slacken out of sheer exhaustion. Chad's body ached and his knees shook. He couldn't believe they had left him like this! His knees wobbled. It was only a matter of time before he collapsed, leaving his bruised balls hanging from the ceiling. He knew he had to escape! Suddenly he noticed that the adjusting nuts on the cables which held his balls trapped were at a height he could reach with his mouth, by bending his body sideways at the waist. Quietly he bent and began working the nut with his lips and tongue, trying to loosen the tension. He could hear the girls chattering as he worked.

"I remember the first time I saw a guy get his nuts racked," said Mary Lynn. "When I was a kid, there was this guy a few years older than me who lived on the same street. He was a bully, and would always push me down when we met, or twist my arm or something. I asked him once why he did it, and he said "Cause I'm not allowed to HIT girls!" Well, one day I saw him riding his bike down the sidewalk, and I hid behind a neighbor's hedge to get away before he saw me. There was a big bone there, from the neighbor's dog, and I suddenly decided it was time for revenge! I jumped out just as he passed and shoved the bone in his back bike tire spokes!

"The bike jerked to a stop, and he slid right off the seat and fell on the crossbar, then crashed to the ground. I was thrilled, but I knew he was probably about to beat me up. Sure enough, He got right to his hands and knees, glaring at me. I was too scared to even run! But suddenly he went, like... "uuuuuunngh!" and sank down with his face in the dirt and his hands holding his crotch. He started rolling around--right over dog doo, too! -- and groaning. I ran away as fast as I could, surprised that he wasn't tearing after me. I didn't see him for a while after that.

"Anyway, about a week later I went to the local swimming pool. There's a sun deck, and I went out on it to spit out my gum, because it was starting to taste like pool water. When I headed back, there he was, standing in my way. He said, "You wrecked my bike, you little pigface! Now you're going to pay for that!" He stepped toward me. I remembered how he had hurt his crotch, and I could see a lump there, so I thought it must still be sore. So, just when he started to pull my hair, I grabbed the lump and squeezed it as hard as I could. He turned red in the face, hiccupped, and fell down again! I got away from him, feeling pretty tough! He stopped picking on girls after that.

"After that, a friend of mine told me all boys could be hurt down there, and when the bully started picking on her brother, four of us girls got together and mobbed him, holding him down and taking turns squeezing and kicking his crotch. He behaved a lot better after that, and even got to be a pretty nice guy. Maybe he just needed his testosterone level lowered!"

Chad felt utter horror and disgust at the way the two women giggled over this tale. He kept turning the nut with his lips, and suddenly felt something give way. The wire came out completely, releasing one side of the steel yoke which trapped his balls. The effect wasn't what he had hoped, though. The sudden slackening of tension on one side didn't give him any extra freedom--instead, it painfully twisted his nuts sideways, while keeping up almost the same tension. Chad bit back his cry of pain, afraid to do anything which would attract the women's attention. His only thought now was escape! As he went to work on the second nut, he heard Helen begin to talk.

"My first time was with Ed, actually. We were buddies in junior high--neither of us was into the dating thing yet--and we used to plan to be international spies together some day. One weekend we were at his house alone, playing with my chemistry set. He had sneaked some sulphuric acid from the school chemistry classroom, and we were mixing it with various chemicals, and seeing what happened. Well, Ed started horsing around and accidentally spilled some of the acid on himself--over the front of his pants! "The cloth started smoking, and we both panicked, knowing that sulphuric acid could eat right through flesh, so we tore his pants off as fast as we could! He was yelling his head off, in pure terror!

"I was scared, and grabbed a wet rag, and started to scrub his privates, hoping to sponge off any acid that had gotten through the pants. The harder I scrubbed, the more he yelled! And the more he yelled, the more I thought he was getting acid-burned, so the harder I scrubbed!

"Finally he managed to get away from me and curled up, holding his balls and rocking back and forth. He started saying, "I'm going to tell, I'm going to tell!" I told him not to be silly, that he had stolen the acid himself, and he had spilled it, so he would be the one to get in the most trouble. Then I told him that if he was burning THAT bad, we should call the doctor, whether we got in trouble or not.

"He said, "I'm NOT burning, damn it! You crushed my balls! I'm going to tell!"

"I was stunned! Here I was, trying to help him out of his own stupid blunder, and he was whining that I had hurt him, and he was going to turn me in! I was still in shock from the sudden scare, and suddenly all that adrenaline rush turned into rage, I guess. Because I said, "Oh, yeah?! Well, if you're going to tell anyway, I might as well REALLY hurt you and make it worth while!" Then I pushed his legs apart and tried to grab at his balls again, but he was squirming around and keeping them pretty well protected. After a while of this struggling, I saw that his wiener had swollen up and was poking out from his hands, so I grabbed that instead and started pulling and squeezing and pinching it.

"All of a sudden, Ed's eyes got all glassy. Some white stuff squirted into my hand, and Ed groaned and laid back like he had konked out. "Now I was scared again. I thought that I had REALLY hurt him bad! I took off and went home, feeling like a complete cowardly louse. I hoped he would be all right and that he wouldn't tattle on me.

"He was in school on Monday, but we avoided each other all week. Finally on Friday, he sat down next to me at lunch. We didn't talk at all for a while. Then he said, "Want to come over to my house again tomorrow?" I said, "Sure," still feeling pretty awkward. I was trying to get the nerve up to overcome my embarrassment and apologize, when he asked me, "You could...I mean, if you want to do that with my cock know...would you?"

"I was astonished! I had spent the whole week feeling miserable for what I did, and the creep had liked it! "Only if I can do --you know!--to your balls again, too!" I said grimly. I was really surprised when he said, "Yeah, that would be okay!" and grinned at me.

"Well, we've been meeting ever since. Like he said back in those days, if we were going to be international spies together, I had to learn how to torture enemy agents, and he had to learn to resist--"

The conversation was interrupted by a sudden thump. Chad had worked the second cable free, and his strained legs, no longer compelled by fear to hold him up, had buckled, sending him to the ground. Chad lay there, every muscle aching, and looked up at the two women who came to stand over his body. His legs were like rubber, his hands were still tied behind him, and he knew he was helpless.

"Really, Chad," said Mary Lynn. "If you wanted to be let down, why didn't you just ask?" She reached down and with a light jerk, pulled the steel U off of Chad's balls. Then the women helped Chad get up onto his rubbery legs and walked him across the lab. Something ran through Chad's head from the story he had just heard. I'm going to tell. I'm going to tell...

"I'm going to tell!" Chad blurted. "I'm going to report this! I'm calling the cops as soon as I'm out of here!" The two women turned and stared at him as if he had just sprouted a second head. Chad felt an icy chill go down his spine. His hands were still fastened behind his back, and he was defenseless. He braced himself, half expecting a pair of feet to smash simultaneously into his throbbing balls.

"You're going to report...what?" asked Helen with a puzzled frown.

"You know what!" Chad shouted. "You guys lured m e in here, tied me up and handcuffed me and tortured me! You kicked my nuts till I nearly threw up!"

"You VOLUNTEERED to take part in this experiment!" Mary Lynn reminded him. "You were free to leave at any time."

"Yeah, right!" Chad argued hotly. "When my hands were cuffed behind me I was hanging by my balls?"

"Well," said Helen. You COULD have asked us to release you, if you didn't like it."

"Like it?" Chad shrieked in falsetto. "LIKE IT?!"

"Well, yeah," said Mary Lynn primly. "I understand that some guys DO get into this sort of thing. What did you expect us to do, read your mind? Helen, did he ever ask us to let him go?"


"Did he ever say he wanted to quit the experiment?"


"Did he ever tell us not to kick him anymore, or that he'd had enough?"


"Did he ever ask us to stop?"

"Nope. Oh, wait, he did once, while I was squeezing his lemons," answered Helen. She added self-righteously, "And I stopped at once. After all, no MEANS no, right?"

Mary Lynn put her hands on her hips. "So, what are you going to report, Chad? Are you going to lie to the police, tell them you whined and begged like a baby? Really, if you wanted out of the situation, you only had to SAY so, stupe!" Chad sat on the bench with his mouth hanging open. He had never felt like such a total idiot in his life, his balls had never hurt him so much in his life, and he hated Mary Lynn and Helen for all of it. Mary Lynn picked up one of his feet and put his sock on, then did the same with the other. She picked up his briefs and slid them up to his knees.

"Hey, I want my hands free!" Chad said suddenly. "Please," he added as an afterthought. He still felt it was dangerous to antagonize these women.

"No problem," said Helen. " Let me find the key." She pulled open a drawer and began to rummage through it. Mary Lynn stared at Chad's balls at took them in her hand. The touch was painful.

"Don't" said Chad, and Mary Lynn dropped his balls. They smacked down on the bench, which was just as bad.

"Those look like they're beginning to swell," said Mary Lynn. She opened a cabinet, and opened the door of a little refrigerator inside, removing two square blue cold packs. "These will help the pain and swelling a bit," said Mary Lynn as she helped Chad to his feet and pulled up his shorts. She slid the ice packs into his crotch, one under and one over, with his aching balls sandwiched between them. Their coolness felt good on his burning nuts. Then Mary Lynn pulled Chad's trousers on. She seemed to pull them upward with more gusto than necessary, and Chad was glad he had worn baggy pants. Helen found the key to the cuffs, and removed them. Mary Lynn started putting Chad's shirt on for him, but he snatched it from her, saying, "I can dress myself!"

"Then why do you do it so badly?" Helen giggled. Chad just glared at her and limped out of the lab. The ice packs seemed to be reducing his pain already to some degree.

"Hey!" Helen ran after him, waving the twenty-dollar bill. "Don't forget what you did it for!" She shoved the bill down into Chad's pocket, surprised when her hand kept going through his bottomless pocket. Chad yelled when her fingernails poked into his sore groin. Helen withdrew her hand with a slight smirk. "You have a hole in your pocket," she told him. She went back into the lab as Chad fished out the twenty and stuck it in his shoe.

Classes had ended long ago, but the halls were busy. Chad tried to walk as normally as possible, but pain forced him into a bowlegged limp. He noticed a few curious stares from passers by.

"What would I think if I saw someone walking like this?" thought Chad. "Heck, I'd give him a wedgie!" In sudden fear, Chad headed for an exit door. The ice packs were becoming uncomfortably cold. Chad cut across the campus, hoping to find some quiet corner where he could take the icepacks out for a moment and readjust them, but there seemed to be people everywhere. By the time Chad reached his dorm room, his nuts felt positively numb. As he opened his door, he sighed with relief. He would remove the ice packs, put his feet up, and stay in bed all weekend. Then he opened the door and found himself face to face with Big Mike, and two other football players.

"Where ya been?!" yelled Big Mike. "We thought you forgot you were giving us a lift!"

"Oh, yeah," said Chad weakly. "The wet T-shirt contest. Hang on, guys, I need to go to the can first."

"Screw that!" said Big Mike, grabbing him by the back of the neck and marching him out the door. "Tie a knot in it, we're late already!" Chad was used to breaking the speed limits, but he outdid himself this time. He could barely feel his balls any more, just an icy sensation in his groin. Hadn't he heard that your toes fell off when they got frostbite??!! Chad hardly heard what Big Mike was saying.

"I talked to Coach, and we've decided to start you in the defense," Big Mike yelled over the sound of the engine and the two noisy idiots in the back seat. "We like the way you tackle. You've really got balls, kid!"

Chad hoped Big Mike was still right as he screeched to a halt near O'Leery's Hot Spot. They hurried to the door, Chad ahead of the others, and he nervously shifted from foot to foot as they waited t o enter, while the bouncer argued with some kid over the validity of his ID.

"Calm down, sonny," Big Mike kidded. "You never saw hooters before or somethin'"?

"I really, REALLY need to use the can!" he muttered back. Ahead of him, the kid with the fake ID finally left, after a swearing match with the bouncer. Chad threw his ID at the guard, pushing into the bar and racing for the bathroom, ignoring the bouncer's yells to stop.

Chad slammed the door and yanked his pants down, peeling the icy cold packs away from his scrotum. He cupped his balls in his hand, and was relieved to feel the tingling, prickling sensation that meant his circulation was still going. It developed into an agonizing pins-and-needles feeling, and Chad stayed there in the john, holding his balls until most of the sensation faded, leaving only the familiar ache he was almost used to now.

Chad's spirits lifted. Mary Lynn had kicked, beaten, humiliated, and nearly frozen the balls off him, but he had beaten her! He had made it through the day, and now things would be back to normal--he would sit in comfort (sort of) in the anonymous darkness, and Mary Lynn would have to strut around the stage and jiggle her jugs for his pleasure. The idea made Chad feel so smug and powerful and masculine that he dropped the ice packs into the toilet and flushed several times, causing a flood of tidal wave proportions in the little bathroom. Then he strutted back out, retrieved his ID from the bouncer, and joined Big Mike and the others at their table.

He saw that they had turned their chairs around backward and were sitting on them that way, and he followed suit, glad for the excuse to sit with his legs spread wide apart. "What's up, got the runs?" asked Big Mike.

Chad shrugged and said, "I'm not feeling so hot today..."

He reached for a beer, but Mike stopped him, saying, "You're driving! If we ALL lose our licenses at once, how will we get around?" Before Chad could argue that one beer wouldn't hurt him, the lights went down and the stage lights flared. There stood Mary Lynn Rogers in a wet, shredded T-shirt and cut-offs. The wet cotton clung to her figure, revealing every succulent curve, and the tears in the shirt showed enticing glimpses of skin. In spite of his shudder o f fear and twinge of pain at the sight of her, Chad's organ started to stiffen again.

"Traitor," he muttered.

Mary Lynn stepped to the microphone. "Hiya, boys!" she winked. There was a deafening roar of cheering, hooting, and whistles. When it had died slightly, Mary Lynn continued. "As the winner of last year's wet T-shirt contest, I'd like to make an announcement..." More screams and whistles. They were a roomful of young males, high on alcohol and hormones, they would cheer anything the T-shirt goddess said.

"Wet T-shirt contests are a tradition of our college," she continued. "Next week, we've decided to start a new tradition...Next week, you get to entertain us!" More screaming and cheers. "Next week will be the first T-shirt contest for men! Male contestants will wear wet T-shirts...and nothing else!"

The cheers were much, much weaker at this. Mary Lynn smiled. "Don't tell me all you big strong men are afraid to show us what you've got? We have a list of every guy here today, and if any of you don't show up to take your turn on the stage...well, I guess we'll just have to come after you, won't we?" There was some nervous laughter at this, and some cheers from the few guys who were already too drunk or horny to listen to what s he was saying. Chad shuddered. He knew HE'D be on that stage...he wouldn't dare not to be.

"We hope to make this an annual, if not daily event!" Mary Lynn continued. There were more cheers, but these came from the women offstage. "With that out of t he way--let the contest begin!"

Music started, loud enough to shake the walls, and Chad could feel the pulse of the bass in his feet, his bones, and in throbs of pain from his aching crotch as strobe lights started flashing on the stage. Twenty or so women were onstage, all gorgeous, all dressed in wet T-shirts in various stages of dilapidation. They danced and their tits jiggled and bounced in time to the hard rock beat. Chad's eyes were filled; he couldn't get enough as he stared at the dancing figures. One woman had cut out circles of her shirt over her nipples, leaving them exposed to view. Another wasn't wearing so much a T-shirt as a collar with ribbons of cloth hanging form it. The strobe lights flashed, leaving indelible images on Chad's eyes, and he whooped and screamed with the rest. The bobbing breasts seemed to have a hypnotic quality, Chad's cock was achingly hard inside his pants and he couldn't take his eyes off the dancers. He panted, caught helplessly in the lure of the open display of sexuality.

One of the dancers separated from the others, and to massive cheering, left the stage and went dancing among the audience members. It was Mary Lynn. She writhed and twitched to the music, her big breasts swinging and bouncing. Ch ad moaned with desire...he knew, even as he watched her stroke one guy's leg, and tickle someone else's crotch, that she was coming for him.

She danced her way across the floor among the hooting, lecherous mob. One guy made a grab at her tits, and she floored him with a solid kick in the balls. He crashed to the ground holding his crotch and retching as Mary Lynn danced on. The crowd yelled and cheered louder than ever, but no one else dared to grab at her.

She reached Chad's table. Swaying to t he music, she pressed her breasts against Big Mike's face. He put a hand up to feel them, then tore the T-shirt further to leave them bare. Mike kissed, licked and sucked at the nipples hungrily, and Mary Lynn stroked his head. Suddenly, she roughly pushed him backward, so that he landed on his back on the floor. She placed a bare foot on his crotch and said, "Wait till next week, sweetie." She leaned down on the foot and ground it theatrically, to the hoots of the mob. She danced on as Big Mike picked himself up, grinning and trying to pretend he didn't hurt.

Mary Lynn danced on until she stood behind Chad. She put her hands on his shoulders from behind and slid them down his chest until she was pressed against his back, her breasts resting on h is shoulders on either side of his neck, and her hands tickling his belly. Chad had thought his cock couldn't get any harder, but now it throbbed and pressed against his fly like a steel rod. Mary Lynn slid down further, reaching around Chad to slide her hands into his bottomless cutout pockets. He felt when her hands touched his briefs, moved forward to find the fly. Her fingers made tantalizing contact with the head of his cock for an instant. Then, with a sudden effort, Mary Lynn pulled with both hands. Chad felt an agonizing pressure on his sore balls, and sudden relief as the cloth of his briefs gave way. Mary Lynn had torn the fly wide open. She slid her hands down to his groin again. One hand took firm hold of his cock, stroking it with a thumb. The other hand gripped his balls, giving them a squeeze that made Chad gasp and cringe. Chad was horribly embarrassed to have this happening in front of the crowd of horny males, but needed the relief too much to resist Mary Lynn, feared her too much to object.

The watching crowd screamed and hooted with lascivious delight as they watched Mary Lynn stroking Chad off inside his trousers. Chad wondered if they had any idea that while the thumb tickled and stroked his cock, her other hand was busy with his balls, massaging them, sliding them around gently, squeezing them roughly, pinching first one testicle and then the other between the thumb and index finger. The pain was all that kept Chad's overstimulated cock from spraying. In spite of the abuse, after the long day of deprivation, Chad felt he was finally about to come.

He could feel Mary Lynn's big soft breasts pressed against his back in the kidney region, and he reached back and put his hands on them, squeezing and kneading their softness. He shuddered and gasped, hardly noticing when some guy poured beer all over him.

The rhythm of Mary Lynn's thumb on his cock accelerated, the pressure increased, and Chad screamed as he came, partly because Mary Lynn had suddenly squeezed his balls in a grip like iron. Chad felt his semen gushing out, filling his trousers and soaking in, and still it kept coming. Mary Lynn released her grip on his balls and tightened it again, as if trying to milk out every drop of his juice. Chad doubled over, hit his jaw on the table and bobbed back up again. The crowd was screeching like a band of rabid, sex-starved chimpanzees.

Finally, Chad stopped spurting, and Mary Lynn pulled her wet hands from his pockets. With a final, triumphant grin at him, she danced back to the stage, her hands dripping with Chad's cum. Chad's friends yelled and punched him on the shoulders in congratulations for his "conquest." Chad swayed like a wet rag in the wind, grinning back at them stupidly.

Then he put his head down on the table and passed out.

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