Wednesday, August 8, 2007


By blbstee

I have experienced a few actual busts. This was the first that I recall. It was painful and the deliverer really enjoyed it.

I did experience one time earlier with a girl whose name I have forgotten who was in seventh grade when I was in fifth. She was bigger due to the age difference – and more physically mature, of course. She was a dark brunette and work short skirts, about my height at the time of 5'2” or 5’3”inches tall, a slender, but not skinny figure with breasts showing themselves in her white blouse. I was in short sleeve shirt and jeans. She was wearing Mary Jane type shoes without socks and had thrown her books down as I had approached on the sidewalk where she had lay in wait with her friends.

I don’t even remember what and why we fought, all I remember is that she hated me and I felt the same towards her for some reason. She taunted me into a fight, which I engaged readily, we swung, wrestled and got up again, and then as she gained the upper hand she hit and pushed more savagely, laughing as it was apparent that she had the upper hand and was winning. I remember her eyes shining in pleasure, as she knew she had won, even before it was over as I gasped, struggled and sniffled. After pushing me around and hitting me with her fists she then finished me with a kick to my balls and the kids who had gathered in a thick crowd had cheered her when she had struck home.

Seeing me collapse in mind numbing ball-busted agony she had stood to the side. I think some in wonder, although I knew she knew what she was doing, but was surprised it had been so effective. “She racked him!” I remember hearing though the fog of tremendous nut torment shouted gleefully by several of the girls who had watched as well as some of my friends who were also there. I had cried out in from that horrible sexual centered pain feeling for the first time in my life the mind numbing, gut wrenching torment of a woman’s/girl’s dead on hit to my nuts.

She gave a couple of kicks to my back and legs while I was down. Hard ones, but barely felt by me when compared with the searing agony in my balls. Eventually through her kicks and the taunts of others, I recovered enough to decide it was time to escape - they weren't departing as was usual.

When I got up to run away, bent over with my hands holding my balls, my books left behind, she had easily caught up with me before I had gotten very far - her and my friends following her like lemmings.

A couple of her friends had shouted gleefully, “Get him again!” Then she grabbed my shoulders, turning me around, then slammed me hard up against a fence, pulling my hands away from my balls, grabbing my arms, weakened from pain, by the wrists, and then, with a smile on her face, looking down towards my groin, had slammed her knee into my nuts again to the cheers of her friends.

Then with a shout of "Yes!” she had done it again before I could collapse, my face slipping down her taut excited body. Whether she and her friends were sexually stimulated was unknown to me at the time, but I think they must have been. It wasn’t something I thought about at that age, but I had screamed out in pain from the good hit to my already tormented balls, falling to her feet looking up at her through tear filled eyes smiling down on me before a neighbor woman had come out scaring the kids off and called my mother to pick me up. She had really given my bad boy pain, the same that Tina did a few years later.

It wasn't over with this girl though. We met again a little later, before Tina did me in high school

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