Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It just doesn’t seem fair

By Brendakool

Part 1

I realized at a very early age that with very little effort, a woman of average beauty could exert a tremendous power over men. The dress and allure of a woman can work magic. While a dress might cause a man to notice her, her shoes will elicit an almost autonomic response. Shoes with heels that "Click" on the ground beneath them will cause heads to turn no matter where you are.

I also learned that heels had other powers. In a high school physics class we were studying the concept of force. At the end of one of the classes on force the teacher asked if any of the girls had a pair of high heeled shoes that had thin heels on them that they could bring in to class the next day. I raised my hand along with a few other girls.

The next day the teacher showed us some boards that were about six inches by six inches and about an inch thick. He asked one of the biggest guys in the class to come up to the front. The teacher put a board on the lab table and told the boy to hit the board as hard as he could, with the bottom of his fist. The boy hit the board hard and the teacher held up the board and asked if we saw any damage. We couldn't see any. He then asked one of the girls to come up. He gave her a hammer and asked her to hit the board with the hammer. She hit the board and the teacher held it up to see if there was any damage. There was a definite indent in the board, where the hammer had hit.

Next the teacher asked if anyone had brought in the pair of shoes he had asked for on the previous day. I raised my hand and he asked me to come to the front of the room. I was wearing a pair of t-strap shoes with little heels. The teacher asked me to take off my right shoe. He then put one of the boards on the floor and asked me to "Stomp" on the board with my bare heel. I raised my foot, cocked my heel and stomped onto the board. The teacher raised the board and asked if any damage had been done. There was none that could be seen.

The teacher then asked me to put on the shoes that I had brought. The shoes were black patent leather pumps that I wore on special occasions. They were dressy and had a thin strap across the instep. The heels were a little over three inches and were very thin at the tip. The teacher pointed out that the tips of the heels were made of metal.

The teacher put another board on the floor and asked me to stomp on this one. I again, raised my foot, cocked my heel and slammed it into the board. I heard a crunching sound as my heel hit the board. The teacher lifted the board and there was an indent in the board the exact size of my heel. I was surprised to see what my heel had done.

The teacher said that the application of force was a function of how that force was applied. The difference was that same girl hitting the same board with the same leg now had a way of focusing her energy. That focus was her shoe with the "Spike" heel, as he called it.

The teacher then asked me if I could hit the board any harder. I said I thought I could and he placed a new board at my feet. I positioned myself over the board, raised my foot and brought my heel down on the board as hard as I could. As my heel hit the board I heard a cracking sound and when I looked down I saw that I actually split the board into two pieces. I was again amazed at the power I could generate. I broke a board into two pieces with, actually, very little effort, just by using the heel of my shoe.

The teacher again made some points about the focus of energy and he said that it was amazing that women could wear such "Elegant Weapons". I was struck by the term elegant weapon.

Later that day, almost every boy in the class came up to me and said they were glad that I wasn't stomping them with my heels. I got the impression, however, that what they were saying was one thing but it seemed like they were wishing that I would, in fact, stomp on them with my heels.

Well that was a moment of awakening as far as the use of heels goes. Anyone interested in the rest of the story as to how I have used my heels to my advantage? Let me know.

Part 2

After coming to certain realizations I experimented with different elements of my "Packaging" to see what and where effects would take place. While I never considered myself a "Miss America" type, I was chosen as both homecoming and prom queen in my senior year. I am not saying that for any other reason than I saw myself as being chosen not for "Beauty" in the traditional sense but more on niceness and well roundedness.

I must say that when I started my, somewhat informal, experiments in "Packaging" I had no idea what would be responded to and what wouldn't. What came across to me very quickly was how the packaging was perceived and so much of the perception had to do with what I was wearing on my feet. It became very obvious, very quickly that boys, and now men, love shoes. While high heels and straps all get attention almost anything works.

One of my first experiences with this was when I was still in high school and went ice-skating with some friends. I got off of the ice when one of my skates had loosened up. I sat down on a bench to re-lace the skate. One of the guys in the group came over and without even asking.... said "Let me do that". He got down on both knees, put my one skate on his leg and proceeded to tighten my laces. Finished with the one skate he then asked how the other one was. I said it too was a bit loose and he then put my other skate on his other leg and re-laced that one. After he finished we sat there for second or two. Both blades of my skates were resting on both of his thighs. A thought crossed my mind.... and so I leaned both skates back so that just the tiny back edge of the blade was now on each leg. His body gave and almost involuntary quiver and he touched each skate very gently as they were resting there. I raised my right skate up and tapped the side of his face with the toe pic on the skate and said "Ok, let's go back". He seemed "Dazed". I wasn't sure what I had done but I knew I had done something. He got up quickly and told me that he would be glad to help me with my laces if they ever came loose again.

While skating one other guy came up and said that if I need help with my laces that he would be glad to help. It was still a bit mysterious but it did give me cause to do some thinking on what had happened.

As I had mentioned I was selected as the prom queen in my senior year. I had to look very regal so I picked a very nice 3/4 length black crepe dress for the prom. When picking out my shoes I did make the choice to go a bit wilder than I might had normally picked. I chose black silk closed toe t-strap sandals. The upper edge of the sandal, the T and the ankle portion of the straps were inset with diamonds (Fake obviously) but they did give the shoes a nice aura. The heel was a little over three inches, not super thin but not clunky and the "Diamonds" went from the tip all the way up the back of the heel.

At one point in the evening I sat down to take my shoes off and the guy I was with asked if I needed any help. Once again, aware of the guy and the shoe thing, I said sure. He sat down next to me, took my foot into his lap and proceeded to unbuckle my shoe. I noticed how gentle he was while doing it and he was always looking at my shoe. I put my bare foot on the floor and that felt good. I then raised my other foot to his lap but instead of resting my ankle on his leg I positioned my foot so that only the heel was touching his leg. I could see that I was pushing on his leg because the fabric of his pants actually came up around the heel of my shoe. I pretended not to notice and actually "Pushed" a little harder to see what would happen. Just as with the skates, this guy went into a bit of a daze. He didn't say anything but you could see that he was physically changed. He unbuckled my shoe and slipped it off by grabbing the heel. He just looked at it for awhile and said, "Boy these are sure pretty (pause)... and powerful (pause)... I could feel the heel digging into my skin. I could tell he was waiting for a response so I just looked at him and said... "well I don't know about that but I sure hope you will be around when I have to put them back on." You could see his eyes opened wider and he said "Sure I would be glad to help."

When it was time to leave I walked over to the table and slipped my foot into each shoe to see what he would do. I could see him rush over and he said, "I thought I was supposed to help you with those?" I said I wasn't going to do anything without him. I thought I would try something else at that point. I just stood there with my unbuckled shoes on my feet and he asked me if I was going to sit down so he could buckle my shoes. I told him that my legs were sore from dancing and I would rather just stand. Did he mind just buckling them with me standing there. He said "No... of course not". He got down on both knees, while I just stood there, and he buckled my shoes. There were a lot of people going by but he didn't seem to notice. One of my girlfriends chuckled and gave a wink and a thumbs-up as she saw what was going on.

When he was done he asked if that was ok but I told him that the left shoe needed to be a bit tighter. Without hesitation he went back and adjusted the strap to be a little tighter. I thanked him and told that "He could get up now". He smiled got me my little jacket and we were on our way.

There was something about having this guy down on his knees buckling my shoes that made me feel nice inside like I was being served. We went out for some breakfast after the prom and we were in the back of the limo with another couple. I told the guy that he could give me a foot rub if he wanted to and I moved over to the far side of the seat and raised my foot. He took it in his hands then took the other foot, gently unbuckled my shoes and gave me a nice foot rub. The other couple in the car just watched as we all talked about the dance and things we would be doing that summer and college.

When I thought I was finished with the foot rub I told him he could put my shoes back on for me. I did the heel in his leg thing again, just to see what reaction I would get. It was the same "Dazed" look. When he was done I took my right foot and twirled my ankle in front of his face and asked him if he didn't think that the shoes were beautiful. He was taken back and almost speechless. Here were my shoes just inches from his face and he was just staring at them. All he could say was Uhh Huh! I then got a little bolder.. and I am not sure why I even said it but I said "You can kiss my heel if you want." He took my ankle brought the tip of my heel to his mouth and kissed it very nicely. There was no hesitation and I was very, very surprised that he would kiss a heel that had been on the ground but he did. Without any hesitation or question he gently lifted my other foot and kissed that heel too. I thanked him and then just cuddle up for the rest of the ride home.

That night I was awake and was very astonished at what had happened. I talked with my friend the next day and she said that her date wanted to know what was up with us. She told him that I just liked being pampered and he said "OH".

Part 3

As the year progressed I had given my experiences much more thought. I had shared the experiences with some of my friends and most of us still had unanswered questions about what some of the event and happenings really meant.

One of my friends told us a story about one of the guys she was going out with and how he had gone a little too far a little to quickly. She told us how she had dealt with the problem when she had thought that she was going to be in trouble. Seems that while this guy was trying to force himself on her that what she did was to bring her knee up hard into his balls. She said that the effect was immediate and that he was not only off of her but that he was absolutely helpless.

Most of us certainly knew that the groin area of a guy was a target if it needed to be but I, myself had never had to use it and I had never even talked with anyone who had the actual experience of hitting a guy there. We were all intent on listening to how it was done. Our friend said that she had never done it before but that her father told her that if she needed to get herself out of a harmful situation that she should kick, knee or punch a guy as hard as she could and not to worry about the outcome as far as he was concerned. She said that the guy was a bit affected by some beer he had had at a party and that she knew she could have probably just pushed him off but she thought it was a good idea to try what she had been told would work.

My friend said that all she did was wait until his legs were spread over her legs. She closed her eyes and brought her knee up into his balls as hard as she could. She said she really didn’t know what would happen but she was surprised at the effect and the longevity of the effect. They were in the back of his car at the time and she said that he just rolled off of her and onto the floor and just lay there moaning, kind of crumple up with his hands on his balls. She said he was breathing very hard through his mouth and every now and then she could see his body kind of shiver and he would moan harder.

She said that after about ten minutes of him just rolling and swearing that she took his car key out of his pocket and was going to driver herself home. She realized he was not as sober as he should be and he didn’t seem in any shape to drive. She said that as she took his keys she tried to push the front seat forward so she could open the front door to get out. She actually had to step on him to reach the door. He grabber her ankle and pulled her back and yelled at her that she wasn’t going anywhere. At this point she knew that he was mad but he still didn’t seem to have any strength. She said she was determined to leave so she pulled her leg away and leaned up against the side window and drove her foot into his balls. They had apparently been to a party and she was wearing some sandals that had, what she described as, medium high heels. She said she could feel the heel going into something soft and having that softness give way under her heel. She said that she didn’t stop with the initial drive of her heel but once she hit him she just kept pushing on her heel to make sure she had immobilized him. My thoughts ran back to the time in my physics class and remembering the damage that heels could deliver. I wondered if his balls could be broken as easily as I broke that board.

She said that he, again, just curled up and grabbed himself and was laterally crying. She took the opportunity to get into the front and drive herself home. When she got out of the car, at her house, she noticed that he was asleep or unconscious, she wasn’t sure but about two hours later she heard the car start and drive away.

We asked her about the details and what she was feeling at the time and what she observed. Her take on the whole thing was that it was a very effective tool and she was amazed at the effect. We all laughed and wondered what we would do if the time came that we needed to use it.

The time came before I knew it. The next week, a bunch of us were at the beach for the day. We were playing volleyball and this one guy in our group that I thought was a friend and usually well behaved was a bit out of control. We were all in swimwear. I had a two-piece on. It wasn’t an ultra bikini or anything, just nice and tasteful. This guy would keep getting close and if we were going for a shot he would rub up against me and generally make a nuisance of himself. He was telling me how “Hot” I was and how he knew that I must really want him. This was the summer between high school and college and the last thing I wanted, at that time, was someone like him. He was persistent all afternoon and it got to the point where some of the other guys told him to knock it off.

Later that afternoon some of us were having lunch and one of my friends said that she would have taken him out if he had done that to her. I said I was tempted but that I really didn’t want to hurt the guy but that if he had persisted any more that I might have done it. A couple of the girls said that he was an arrogant bastard anyway and they couldn’t think of anything better than to see him get his nuts cracked. I assured them, not really sure myself what I would do, that if he persisted that that is exactly what would happen. Almost simultaneously three of my friends said “Can we watch”.

A little later I went out for a run with one other girl and when we got back to the house guess who was leaning on the porch railing waiting? We came up the steps and he made a comment about how we both looked and how he could help us get undressed and take a shower. I winked at my friend and turned to him and said, “You know that might not be such a bad idea.” You could see that the words caught him off guard and his demeanor changed. He seemed like he wanted us to think he really wanted to be helpful…. Sure!

I told him that the first thing he could do for me was to help me take my running shoes off and give me a foot rub. We could then talk about the rest of his ideas. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing. I knew what I wanted to do but this was my first time and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I sat down on one of the chairs on the deck and raised my foot and said “I need that help”. He came over and got on his knees and said “At your service”. I said “Not just yet” and I put my running shoe on his crotch and just moved it back and forth a bit. His head dropped and his hand fell to his side and he was just there taking the massage. His legs spread and as they did I knew what I had to do. I removed my foot and stood up. I gently touched his head and told him “Don’t move… I have an idea.” He didn’t move. I the came up close to him and pushed my lower body into his face. As I did that I brought my right foot back as high as I could and with everything I had I brought my instep right into his balls. My foot didn’t stop when I hit him and I actually followed through with the kick. His body came up off the ground. He let out a gut wrenching sound that I had never really heard before. His face contorted and he fell back and on his left side. He was in a very tight fetal position with his hands tight against his groin area.

My girlfriend was actually bouncing up and down and applauding. She was telling me what a good job I did and that that was one of the best take outs she had ever seen. It was my first so I didn’t really know if they guys was acting or if I had really done some damage.

While he was lying there he called me a bitch and said he would get even with me for that and what was I trying to do. I walked over to him and told him that if he ever came near me again that he might not be able to have children. He muttered a F_ _ _ you and went back to moaning. I looked down at him. His face was just inches from my feet. By now there were several people on the porch. No one tried to help him and my girlfriend, who had seen everything, was telling everyone to just be kool and that everything was being taken care of. I just stood there for a second. His face was just an inch or two away from the front of my running shoes. When the guy opened his eyes I raised my right foot and came down as if I was going to stomp his head. I didn’t hit him and stopped just short of his head but in doing that I noticed that his eyes closed and his head turned so as to protect his face but his hands didn’t move.

I thought for sure that he would try to protect his face but his hands didn’t move. I knew then that I must have hurt him pretty good. That was the first time I had done that to a guy and as I stood over him I knew it wouldn’t be the last. The feeling of power was incredible. I can’t even explain it. I took a guy out buy kicking his balls. It was that easy. Looking down at this guy I now wanted to do more. It was actually exciting. It was a feeling that I had never felt. And I liked it. I really liked it. I then put the sole of my right running shoe on the right side of his face. I pushed down. I then pushed harder and then even harder until a significant portion of my weight was on this guys face. He cried “Get off”. It wasn’t a cry of anger it was one of desperation. I was stepping on this guys face and he was pleading with me to let him go. I pulled my foot from his face and there were indents on his face from the nubs on the bottom of my shoe. I left my shoe prints on a guys face. There was sand on the guys face from the bottom of my shoe. As he turned some of it went into his mouth and he was spitting it out. I looked down at him and asked how that tasted. He seemed to be recovering slightly and he brought one of his hands up to wipe his face. When he did that you could tell that he could now see that there was a crowd watching what was happening. His attitude changed and he was now going to try to minimize the damage done to his ego.

He got up on his knees, still holding himself, and said that I had given him a cheap shot and that I was a lucky bitch that there were people around. Somehow, my fear of this person was gone. While I did know that he might be bigger and stronger, I also knew that he was weaker and more vulnerable than he could guess. I went up to him again and said that if he ever threatened me again that I wouldn’t be as “Gentle” on him as I was this time. As I turned to walk away he gave me another F _ _ _ you and said “Just wait”. I turned back and said “What did you say?” as I turned he was getting up on one on one leg. He was still hurting but he was making an effort to prove his manhood. I took a step back toward him and without warning I delivered another hard kick with the instep of my Nike’s right into his going area. One of his hands was still holding his crotch and I actually kicked his hand but it was hard enough to cause a chain reaction and bring him down.

He fell back on his side and was rolling back and forth from his back to his side. He couldn’t say much and was making “Those Sounds” and doing “That Breathing” thing again. When he rolled onto his back I raised my foot over his face and this time I came down on his mouth with the bottom of my running shoe. I didn’t hit him super hard but hard enough to cut his lip. I then rubbed my shoe back and forth across his mouth and told him he had better shape up and shut up if he knew what was good for him. I was amazed that had taken him down and how easy it was to have my way with him. He was virtually helpless and I standing over him, in complete control and was rubbing the dirty sole of my running shoe on his mouth. I was really enjoying this little bit of humiliation that I was causing him. Again, no one made a move to help him.

I took my shoe from his face and look down at him. I moved around to his other side and I put the heel of my running shoe right on his throat. I told him to look at me and told him that that was the last time he was to talk to me or even be around me. I didn’t like his type and did he understand? He didn’t say anything so I pressed my heel down harder, then harder until he nodded yes. I asked him again if he understood and he, once again, nodded yes. I had my heel on a guy’s throat and he couldn’t do anything about it. I did wonder for a second what effect, what the physics teacher had called “Lethal Weapons”, would have in the same situation. Thinking about that gave me a little thrill.

I took my heel from his neck and walked back to the group and everyone was so supportive. It worked out that that second blow had actually done some damage to one of the guy’s balls and one of his friends had to take the beaten one to the emergency room later that afternoon. He had an inflamed testicle and he was not feeling good for over a week.

My girlfriends and I talked many times about that incident and what it had felt like. They really wanted to know what I felt as I was doing what I did. I tried to explain it as best as I could but I told them that it was something I couldn’t have imagined. I did feel powerful. I now knew how vulnerable a guy could be and standing over the guy who had given me trouble and wiping the soles of my shoes on his face really gave me a thrill. The rest of the gang was getting into it and we decided to have some practice sessions and we practiced by kicking and kneeing pillows.

Part 4

I chose to attend a mid sized Southern University. I found that the life style was pretty much free. Not many rules to follow and “Most” of the kids there were there to learn the academics as well as what it was like to be on your own. I did find some, not too many, but some ,of the kids who were very into making sure you knew where they came from, who their families were, all the “Things” they had done, what they thought they were famous for, what they drove, how much stereo and video equipment was in their room and…. How grateful you should be that they would pay any attention to you at all. It was hard to believe that some of these kids really believed their own press but they did.

My roommate was very “Kool” and we got along great. She was smart, attractive and objective in her opinions but not bashful about where she stood on something if she believed it. Neither one of us were from rich families and we both knew what it meant to work and we both appreciated our families very much and what they were doing to help get us through college.

We both took our classes seriously but we also knew how to have real fun when the work was done. We would keep each other aware of anything that was happening on campus that might be fun. Our dorm was what was called a “Split” dorm. Our dorm was five floors and each floor was spit into a boy’s side and a girl’s side. There was a “Fire” door between each section and the bathrooms were single sex. The arrangement did allow for the free flow of traffic between both sides of the floors.

We had, what seems to be, a nice mix of kids and privacy never seemed to be a problem. One of the guys on my floor was in my freshman biology class and I found out that he was a pre-med student. Biology was the last class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for both of us, and we found that we would walk back to the dorms together on most days.

I could tell this guy had some interest in me and while I didn’t have a strong interest in him, he did seem nice and he seemed to be friendly. My roommate and I decided, independently, not to participate in the sorority “Rush” thing. Some of our friends had decided they were going to pledge and that added a level of anxiety to most of their lives that became very visible. The guy who was the pre-med student also pledged to the Fraternity for the pre-med students. Later that fall he was chosen as a pledge and the fraternity was going to have a “Dance Party” at the fraternity house to honor the new pledges. Guess who got invited? Well I was fine with going to a party but this was going to be my “First” fraternity party and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew all of the stories but I wasn’t sure how a bunch of Pre-Med students would party. It worked out that my roommate was also invited so we shared the fun of planning for the date.

The party was labeled as “Semi-Formal. Typically that means that the girls get dressed up but the boys only have to wear coats and ties but nothing more formal from them was required. I had brought a couple of nice dresses with me in anticipation of this kind of thing. The dress I chose was a burnt red close fitting outfit that had thin straps across the shoulders and was about 3/4 length. My roommate was going to wear something a bit frillier. Closed shoulder and a little longer that 3/4 and it was in a soft beige.

My roommate modeled her out fit and it looked great. She topped it off with pair of beige stockings and a great pair of beige sandals. The sandals were all straps and the heel was very thin and well over 3 inches high.

I went to model mine and I realized that I didn’t bring any red shoes to wear with the dress. I did have black and black patent shoes that would work but the red shoes that would work with this dress were still in my closet at home. My roommate had a great pair of red shoes that would have worked except for one thing. She wears a size 9 and I wear a 6 1/2 – 7. I did try hers on to see what the “look” would be but I could never wear them. My smallish feet have been an inconvenience before because I could never borrow anyone else’s shoes and so if I needed something I had to buy them for myself.

I was going to ask to have the shoes sent down to me, from home, but after thinking about it, while they did match, they weren’t exactly the style that I wanted to wear to this party. So, because the party was the next weekend, I decided to go and buy some new shoes for the dance. My roommate came and we made a nice time of it.

While I do not have closets full of clothes I do choose what I wear very carefully and I but things that stay in fashion and things that are made well. If I am guilty of over-purchasing anything it would have to be in the shoe department. I am not what I would call “obsessed” but I have many styles in many colors so I can make the choice of what to wear, based on what I am doing and how long I will be doing it. Again, the quantity issue has a lot to do with the size issue since I couldn’t borrow shoes from anyone else. Even my mom’s shoes are too big for me.

Not knowing the new city all that well, we ended up at a fairly good-sized mall with many good stores as anchors. After a fairly thorough search I found what I wanted. The color matched perfectly and the shoes were beautiful. The shoes were all leather. The top, toe area was a very smooth and soft leather. The shoes had gently tapered toes, two elastic straps over the instep and thin ankle straps with a continuously adjustable buckle at the ankle. The heel was about as high as I could wear for a prolonged period of time. They are between 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 inches high. They were “Shaped” heels in that they started out wide at the base of the shoe then went to an ultra thin middle and then flared out a little at the tip. They weren’t the thinnest heels I had ever had to walk in but they were definitely on the thin side. The shape of the heel was really nice and it was one of the things that made the shoes so pretty. They had them in both 6 1/2 and 7 so I tried them both on and the 6 1/2 actually fit a little nicer so I chose them. Even better… they were on sale because it was coming up on the end of the season for that style.

When I was in my room that week I would wear my new shoes while doing homework or studying so that I could break them in a little, scuff up the bottoms and get used to the heel height and minimize any “Wobble” that might occur because of the thinness of the heel tips. It was quite the look…. Jeans or shorts and my Red High Heels. I was getting the nickname the :Lady In Red” because of my shoes. One of the interesting things was that there was more activity at our end of the hall that week and all of the girls noticed it. It got to be such an inside joke that for a couple of evenings, most if not all of the girls were wearing their heels with their causal attire. We were quite the talk of the whole dorm. Some of the girls hadn’t realized that, somehow, shoes made some sort of difference to some guys. And while all the guys weren’t at our end of the hall there were a significant number who found some excuse to make their way down. It was so obvious that we would kid about it and do things just to see what would happen. I shared a couple of my stories about discovering the effect shoes had on some guys and some of the other girls had similar stories.

The pre-med student, who asked me to the fraternity party, and who was on our hall, came down to see “ME”, pretended to notice the shoes with surprise and asked me if those were the shoes that I was going to wear to the party. I said, “Yes…. I bought them just for you!” He didn’t say much but, again, you could see there was a change in posture at that comment. He asked if they were hard to put on and take off. I gave him a quizzical look, like I didn’t understand and he stammered to clarify that they must be hard to put on and take off with the straps and buckles and all. I told him that it wasn’t especially hard but it was always easier when someone was there to help. He just swallowed and said he would be glad to help anytime. I thought about it for a second and told him he should come back in a half hour and I would let him help me then. He left, I noticed the time, so I could tell if he was prompt or not and then I told the rest of the girls that if they want to see something… sort of make their way to my room in a half hour or so and find some reason to stick around. Talk about class, parents, boyfriends…. Anything…. Just find a reason to stick around. Most wondered what I was up to but said…. “They Would Be There”.

I was on my bed, reading some history. I was on my tummy and my legs were bent so that my shoes were up in the air. There was a knock on my door and exactly 30 minutes…. It was unbelievable how prompt he was. I said “Come in” and the door opened slowly and the pre-med student walked in with kind of a swagger and said, “I am here with that help you asked for. The guy seemed to be have a nice side to him but there were some stories about him that said that he could be demanding and inconsiderate. Guess I would find out.

He walked over and asked if this was a good time. I told him sure and put my book down and sat on the edge of my bed. He didn’t move so I just tapped my heels on the floor and said “well come on over and help me take my shoes off”. He walked over and now, without hesitation, dropped to his knees in front of me. I put my right foot on his thigh and just as he reached down to touch the ankle straps there was a knock on the door and in walked my friend from across the hall. She pretended to be asking about the history chapter when she stopped cold and looked at me sitting on the bed with this guy at my feet. She said that she didn’t want to “Interrupt” anything and I just played it down and said that “he” was just here to help me off with my shoes and what was her question? Well the guys face did turn a light shade of red and he just sort of knelt there not doing anything. She asked me her question and I tapped my heel on the guy’s leg and said “Go ahead”… His eyes went back to my shoe and he started to undo the buckle. When he wasn’t looking, I winked at Cindy and she winked back and then there was another know on the door and Cindy’s roommate walked in asking what was happening this Sunday…. She looked and said “Oh My”… what have we here. I again said I was getting some help with my shoes and we talked about Sunday. The guy was having a little trouble with the buckle since it wasn’t the type with holes and a pin. This type of buckle used a kind-of slip mechanism that could be adjusted to any size but you had to pull the buckle to loosen the strap. I told him what to do and he willingly obliged.

More knocks on the door more girls and what seemed to be more embarrassment. As he finished unbuckling the shoe on my left foot I placed both feet on the floor. They were now between his spread legs and only inches from his fragile testicles. He looked up at me and asked me if I wanted him to take my shoes off. I told him, “In a second” and that I just wanted to give my toes just one more little stretch. With that I bent my ankles so that each foot was just resting on the tips of each heel. The floors in the rooms are tile and I knew if I leaned my heel back enough, it would slide forward and right into the groin area in front of me. What was going through my head was just how hard I wanted to do this. I was going to go out with this guy. I had heard different stories about him and I wanted him to know that I knew how and where to hurt him. I decided to “Go for it” and I pushed down hard on my right heel and tipped my foot back to the point where it did break loose and the tapered toe of my shoe went right into his balls. It was a great shot. He was so surprised and his reaction was so immediate. The wind went out of him, he doubled over, grabbed hi crotch and went down on his left side.

There was a slight collective gasp from the girls in the room and that quickly turned to smiles and a bit of laughter as they asked “What Happened?” And did I mean to do that? I said no it was an accident and I just looked down at him and said what can I do?….. I am sorry. One of the girls said. Give him something to suck on… she heard that that can help to lessen the pain. I said “What… can I give him to suck on? One of the girls said “your finger” another said… “Your Heel… let him suck on your heel.” I looked down at him and asked if he thought that would help. He was breathing hard and his face was twisted but somehow he managed a “Yes”. I brought my heel to his mouth and he moved slightly so that it lined up… he opened his mouth and I slid the heel in. The sole of my shoe was resting on the side of his face and he was sucking gently on the high heel of my shoe. His eyes were closed, he was in a tight fetal position and he was sucking on the heel of my shoe. I could feel the motion as he was sucking. I asked him if that helped and there was this kind of moan in the affirmative.

I was smiling at the thought of how easy this was to bring a guy down and then to actually have him do what you wanted. Everyone pretended to be concerned but everyone there was liking what they were witnessing. As his pain subsided you could see the tension in his body, going away. I pulled my heel gently from his mouth and asked him if he was “OK”. He said he was fine and as he got up slowly, I told him how sorry I was about what had happened but I knew I would never have to do anything like that to him for real since I knew he would be a nice, kind and considerate person anytime we were out. He looked at me with surprise and you could tell he, now wasn’t sure if it had been done on purpose or not.

Well we all had a lot of talk, that evening, about what had happened and two of the girls in the room said they had never seen a real “Hit” before. They were amazed at the speed of the guy’s reaction and the fact that he seemed so helpless after being hit. There were a lot of stories that were told that evening and my guess was that there was a lot of good education going on. There are never too many women who know how to take care of themselves if the situation arises.

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Bulls***. This is either a straight up lie or you live in a country full of foot fetishists. Guys dont like your feet or shoes, i know I don't. We like high heels because of the way girls in them have to stand. Their asses stick out and legs look nicer. This story is a total lie.