Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kathy Returns

By boyballkiller

Kathy moved a week after what happened at Jennifer and Cory’s house. Her parents were too embarrassed to live by anyone who knew what went on. They moved to a city only six hours away, so they packed up their minivan and a U-HAUL and were on their way. The house they had bought was similar, but smaller. They were tired the first day and unpacked only the beds and a few blankets and pillows. Kathy and her brother Jared slept in the same room. Jared was eight years old, just like Cory. He endured much more abuse though. He had been busted by Kathy since he was six, and she hurt him horribly. All Jared’s parents knew was that his sister would occasionally hit or kick him. They considered this normal and only verbally warned Kathy. Jared didn’t dare tell his parents either. The first time he mentioned something about it, Kathy tried to destroy his balls for good. He just tried to avoid her. Jared was very little and couldn’t do anything to defend himself. His only protection was his jockstrap and cup he wore for baseball. He wore it constantly. Kathy would try to catch him after a bath or when he was changing. If nothing else failed she could just overpower him and take out the cup. That first night though, Jared’s clothes were packed, including the jock and cup, and Kathy knew this. She was going to get him.

About an hour after they all went to sleep, Kathy quietly crept out of bed. She went over to Jared. She could see his figure well through the thin blanket and saw her target, Jared’s crotch. She aimed and then swung her fist down, nailing her little brother in the balls. Jared flew up and was moving his hands towards his balls but Kathy repositioned and began to squeeze. Jared arched his back and began to seethe. She dug her fingernails into his balls and was twisting her hand left to right. She heard one of her parents get up so she quickly stopped and ran back into bed. She still managed to give Jared a sharp punch to the balls before she left. Kathy knew she could hurt Jared all night but tomorrow was school, so she went to sleep.

Unlike her last school, she was now going to Junior High. Jared would still be in elementary school and would get a break form her during the day. Kathy did not know what to expect, but she confidently walked to the bus stop. Kathy got on the bus and sat by herself. A few stops later a girl got on and sat with her.

“Hi! My name is Denise. You’re new right?”

“Yeah, I just moved here,” Kathy responded. Denise began talking, describing her friends and teachers she knew. Kathy was not paying attention though. A boy sat down next to her. He was around her age and was wearing a tight-fitting pair of basketball shorts. He was turned around talking with another boy in the seat behind his. The boy was sitting with legs spread wide apart and his groin facing Kathy. She could see a lump in his pants and desperately wanted to grab at it and hurt his balls.

“Hey! I think we have gym class together!” Denise said in a loud voice. Kathy was brought back to reality.

“Wow, really. That is great.”

“Yeah, we have it eighth period, at the end of the day. Isn’t that great?”

Kathy liked the idea of having gym class at the end of the day and she smiled and said, “Great!”

Most of the day was uneventful. She did not have recess anymore, so she couldn’t prey upon boys in the schoolyard. She managed through the day like the rest of the students and was quite relieved when her final class came. Denise met Kathy at the door to the girls’ locker room.

“Hey Kathy. How was your first day?”

“Fine. Today was fine.”

“That’s great! I love gym class. There are so many cute boys is this class.” Denise was a little too happy for Kathy, but she meant well, so Kathy dealt with it. Kathy was given her red and white uniform and dressed for class.

Following Denise, she lined up on the yellow line and waited for the teacher. Denise began jabbering again but Kathy blocked her out and began looking around. There were about 25 students in her class, only seven of which were boys. They were easy to spot though. They all wore white gym shorts and red tops, while all the girls had on red skirts and white tops. Denise was right; all the boys in the class were cute. She scanned the line and to her surprise she saw the boy from the bus. He was standing at the far end of the line joking with a few of his friends. Kathy focused on his crotch again. The gym shorts were tighter than what he had on before and he drew attention from all the girls in the class, not just Kathy.

“That is Jimmy! Isn’t he just beautiful!” Denise giggled as she pointed down the line.

“I was just thinking that myself,” Kathy responded.

“Okay everyone!” the coached yelled as he came from his office. “Time to stretch!” They did their stretches and Kathy watched Jimmy the entire time. Jimmy noticed her attraction and began to look back at her. When the time came to pair up for their lesson, Jimmy walked up to Kathy.

“Heh, I am Jimmy. You want to be my partner? We are doing weightlifting and I am definitely the strongest in the class.” Jimmy made himself out to be the greatest thing in the world but Kathy wanted to be his partner anyway.

“Sure I would. My name is Kathy.” Kathy walked with Jimmy over to the weight bench they were assigned to and watched as he sat down and began to lift.

“So, you are new here, right?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah, I just moved here.”

“Well I think that is great. I think you are great.” Jimmy was clearly attracted to Kathy and made it very clear. Kathy just admired him, especially his spread legs and his balls clearly resting between them.

“Hey Kathy, will you get that ten pound weight for me?” Kathy turned and bent down to get it. Jimmy looked over her and began to think about her the way only a teenage boy would. Before he could fully engulf himself in his fantasy he was overcome with a terrible pain. Kathy had dropped the weight on his balls.

“Aaagghhh!” screamed Jimmy. He popped so quickly he hit his head on the bar the weights were on. He fell back and pushed himself off the bench. Now his head was bleeding and his balls were hurting.

“Oh my gosh. Take him to the nurse,” said the coach. Kathy walked out of the gym with Jimmy on her arm.

The halls were silent; the only sound was Jimmy whimpering. He was grasping his balls in one hand and his head in the other. Kathy stopped about twenty feet from the gym door. She and Jimmy were in the sports hallway, so they were far from any other classes, students and teachers.

She propped him up against the wall and touched his head and said, “You poor thing.” As Jimmy reached with his other hand she kneed him in the balls again. He slumped over and groaned.

“How did you like it when I threw that weight on your little balls? I bet it hurt a lot?”

“You stupid bitch!!!” Jimmy didn’t have time to let out another word, Kathy reached down and grabbed his balls and squeezed with all her might. She pulled and twisted until Jimmy fell over. She then grabbed his ankles and started grinding her shoe-clad heel into his balls. The hard tile floor did little to cushion the blow.

“How about that? How’s that feel?” Kathy yelled.

All what the once proud boy could do was cry softly, “please stop.”

“Remember, if you tell anyone what I have done, they will laugh at you and call you a baby and coward. If you tell I will break your balls for good.” Kathy had all her weight on Jimmy’s swollen balls. The 13-year-old boy could not take much more.

“o….k…..p.l.e.a.s.e…..s.t.o.p” Jimmy gasped. She kept the torture up a few more minutes to satisfy her sick urge and then stop. When she let go of his legs they fell as if they were dead. Jimmy had no energy; he couldn’t even nurture his balls. He just lay there, limp on the floor. If Kathy had wanted, she easily could have destroyed his balls until he passed out, but she helped the poor teenager to his feet and walked him to the nurses.

He told the nurse he pulled his groin muscle, which caused him to fall and hit his head. He would never mention the truth to anyone, because, as Kathy had said, he was too embarrassed and feared ridicule from his peers. He also feared he would lose his balls forever. Jimmy was not Kathy’s first victim, but he would not be the last.

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