Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Marcia’s Revenge

By Bradybunch

It hadn't been even a full week since Greg had won the battle and gotten to move into the attic, and though Marcia finally agreed to it, she was still pretty upset about the whole thing as she walked down the steps. Her mom and dad were out of town for the week, and the other kids were all out playing until supper. The only ones in the house were her, Alice, and Greg, who was upstairs no doubt sleeping in the attic like the lazy son of a bitch he was! Grrrrr, it made her mad just to think about!

Marcia entered the kitchen and Alice was there, as usual, fixing supper for the six kids, and Marcia leaned over the front of the counter to see what was on the menu for the night.

"What's for supper Alice?" she said.

"I'm fixing those noodles you kids like so much... and then for desert I'm gonna make those cookies Greg likes," Alice answered, still stirring the steaming pot.

"Gee whiz," Marcia pouted, "Greg sure is getting the ROYAL treatment around here!"

"Well now what's that supposed to mean?" asked Alice. She turned the noodles down, put the lid on the pot, and then walked on around the counter and gently guided Marcia to a seated position at the small round table in the kitchen. She could tell Marcia was upset and always enjoyed helping out the kids when she could, especially the girls.

"It's just not fair," Marcia started, "Greg gets the attic, and I don't get anything. What makes it worse is that he's gloating about it all the time behind mom and dad's back!" Alice took Marcia's hand to console her a bit more.

"Now I really think Mr. and Mrs. Brady did what they thought was best Marcia. Your mother and father love you all very much, you know that."

"Yeah, I know," Marcia answered, "but how come boys always get their way?! Like with you and Sam, Alice, how come you always do what he says without any questions? Don't you have any pride in being a women?" Alice smiled.

"Sure I have pride in being a woman sweetie! I do what Sam likes to do cause I care for him..." Alice's voice trailed off as she stood up and walked back to her cooking, then she muttered under her breath, "but Sam knows I'd crush his balls too..." She giggled to herself quietly.

"What?" asked Marcia standing up herself and walking back to face Alice. "What'd you say?"

"Oh nothing honey... nothing at all..." Alice's face turned a bit red and she looked back down to stir the noodles some more, and now a bit faster and with more intent.

"No," continued Marcia, "I heard you say something about Sam's bowling balls." Alice couldn't help herself and laughed out loud.

"Not his BOWLING balls sweetie! His BALLS! BALLS!"

"Oh," said Marcia quietly. Now SHE was the one turning red! Looking down at her shoes she suddenly felt both embarrassed and excited at the same time. She stood there a second or two, playing with her hair, hoping for all it was worth she didn't look as awkward as she was feeling. Then finally she got up the nerve to ask what she was thinking.

"You mean," she said with a gulp, "you mean his pee-pee?" Alice was still stirring and smiling ear to ear. She wasn't laughing AT Marcia, she was simply smiling because of the sense of power she felt, the same power she always felt when she thought of controlling a man, particularly Sam the butcher, by taking his balls in her hand.

"Yes," she said still grinning, "I guess you could call it that. You know men's balls are what gives us girls power over them. When used correctly, they allow us to get basically whatever we want out of a man." Alice could tell Marcia was interested!

"Even Greg?!" Marcia said with noticeable excitement in her voice.

"Yes," answered Alice, "even Greg... and if you like, and if you promise not to tell Mr. and Mrs. Brady, I'll gladly 'teach' you a few things, so that Greg, or any other man for that matter, will never be able to do anything to hurt you in any way ever again." Marcia had never seen Alice like this! She looked alive... invigorated... even powerful!

"Yes PLEASE Alice PLEASE! Teach me! Teach me how to use Greg's balls against him to get what I want!"

It wasn't but an hour or so until Marcia was leaving the kitchen, grinning so big she thought her face would crack off, and armed with the new knowledge of a few means of 'payback' for her big brother Greg. She headed straight for her room, and got the items needed for the fun and games she was about to have; a rope, a pair of scissors, and her biggest pair of high heel pump shoes. Alice had already supplied her with a rag and some ether from the garage, then left for Sam's to have a little fun of her own, and to leave Marcia alone with Greg. They had also called Peter, Bobby, Jan, and Cindy at their friends’ houses and told them they could stay there for dinner if they liked... as a 'treat'.

"Finally he's going to get what's coming to him," she thought, and the smile broadened even more. She opened the attic door, holding the bag full of her new 'toys' in her teenage hands, and listened... not a sound.

"Good," she whispered, "I bet he's asleep!" Which is EXACTLY what she had been hoping! Very quietly, and VERY slowly she snuck up the attic steps. One at a time, making sure to stop for a few seconds when one began to creek... then moving her foot to a more solid spot, she'd continue on. When she got up the stairs there he lay, sprawled out on his bed, headphones on listening to some popular rock band, and looking even more cocky and arrogant than she'd ever seen him look before.

"Ooooo, this is gonna be fun," she thought! She had a hard time not giggling as she snuck over to him, and placed the rag with the ether on it over his mouth. At first he jumped a bit... struggling for just a second. Alice said he might. Then he settled down and looked ever so restful. Marcia started right to work!

First she removed his shirt. This was easy. Then she peeled off his pants. This was a bit harder, and got her a little out of breath. Not only from the work of pulling and tugging though, but because ever since her mom had married Greg's dad she had wanted to see his body in the worst way! Now she was getting the chance, and it was making her more than a little moist between the legs! Finally after his socks and t-shirt came the moment she was waiting for. As if she was picking up a baby bird that had fallen from its nest, she ever so gently peeled back Greg's whitey tighties... slowly, but surely revealing his cock... and then the two treasures of his manhood... the two things that were going to give her what she wanted.

What did she want? She didn't want to permanently hurt Greggy... she did want to let him see her new found power, that's for sure! But more than anything right now she wanted HIM! The sight of him was making her increasingly wet, and by the time she had him tied to all four bedposts, she had locked the attic door, and was standing next to him as naked as he was.

So there she stood, lightly flicking her left nipple and gently massaging her moist pubescent mound with her other hand. She was just standing there staring, enjoying the sight of him, enjoying the power she already felt, day dreaming about his cock being inside her, and about what it would be like if they weren't 'brother' and 'sister'. She was so lost in thought in fact that she jumped a little when he spoke.

"Uggghhh..." was the first noise out of his mouth. Greg turned his head this way and that, and Marcia could've sworn he looked right at her at LEAST three times, but he was still just waking up, still realizing the situation he was in.

"What the hell?!" he exclaimed when he finally became aware of both his nudity, and his restricted state. He was raised up looking down onto his naked body, pulling at his restraints, and still hadn't really noticed Marcia.

"Don't struggle," she said with a sly little grin. "It's no use." Her hand went back up to her perky little breast and she grinned a bit more, biting her tongue slightly between her teeth.

"MARCIA!" Greg yelled! "What are YOU doing?!?! What's going ON!?!?" He was struggling now even more, paying no regard to what she had said. He didn't feel in danger really, he just wanted to cover himself in front of his sister, and it was then that he became fully aware the SHE TOO was naked! Along with this realization he remembered a few other things as well... mom and dad were gone... Peter, Bobby, Jan and Cindy were gone too! He was here alone! Tied to a bed! NAKED! With his sister looking like the cat that just ate the bird!

He didn't know why yet but he was beginning to get nervous. Maybe it was the way Marcia was slinking her way over to the bed... one hand gently teasing her left nipple, and the other tracing her bottom lip. She looked hungry... sensual... powerful!

"Wh... what are you doing Marcia?" Greg asked, his voice beginning to shake.

"Simple Greg," she said as she sat down on the bed next to his feet, "I'm going to have a little fun..." She smiled, her fingers tracing his inner thighs. She liked the way it made him squirm.

"And you..." she continued... "You are going to finally get what you deserve... and probably wish you were a girl by the end of it all... at least that's what Alice says." ALICE! Of course! Greg had forgotten about Alice! She'd put a stop to this... this INCEST!

"ALICE!!!!!!" Greg yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Alice isn't here Greg," Marcia laughed. Then suddenly her face changed. She didn't look like the nice innocent little sister Greg knew... she looked colder... meaner. Her voice sounded different too when she spoke.

"But just for that, I'm gonna have to show you who's in charge here!" Greg laughed a little nervously.

"What do you mean?" he asked, trying to force a smile. "Like just cause I'm tied up you have some sort of 'power' over me?! Wait till mom and dad hear about this! Man are you gonna get it!" He frowned at her as if to show authority. Marcia's grin came back to her face as she stood up and walked across the room.

"I don't think you understand what sort of situation you're in Greg," she said, opening his desk drawer and removing 2 large rubber bands.

"I am very much in control here, and you won't be telling mom and dad, or anyone else for that matter, a single thing about this little 'play time', or else I'm going to tell EVERYONE about it!" She had walked back over to the other side of the bed and climbed up on it, straddling Greg's lower right leg just below the knee. She held up the rubber bands stretched on her daintily high school hands.

"What are those for?" Greg asked with a chuckle, "You gonna put my hair in ponytails now?" Marcia was soaking wet! He was acting so damned cocky and didn't YET see what real trouble he was in! She bit her bottom lip and smiled BIG as she leaned down verrry near his cock and balls and whispered, making certain her breath was being felt on his manhood.

"Noooo.... these are going somewhere much, much more precious!" Greg's eyes widened and his head shot up! He had the sudden look of terror on his face, like a veil had been lifted and he finally understood what a helpless position he was in!

"Now... now... now... Marcia... let's not get to hasty here ok... mom and dad don't have to know about this... I promise... I'll do what ever you say... I swear it... just let's not do anything we might regret..." He was stammering, trying hard to sound like he was still in control, and even harder to fight the stirring sensation he felt in his crotch.

"Oh!" Marcia said with a start, still bending over just inches from Greg's penis, and still looking up along the horizon of his teenage body to his now fear filled eyes.

"Looks like you're getting a little... ummm... shall we say, 'bigger', in places?" She smiled as she said it and leaned back a bit to watch in wonder as Greg's once flaccid member began to grow, ever so slowly, and ever so steady. She couldn't help but lower herself onto his hairy shin and wipe off some of the gathering wetness.

"That makes me wonder," she said, sitting back upright and still staring at her helpless brother's cock, "what will your reaction be when I put these on you?" She held up the rubber bands again, not once looking up from Greg's now prominent erection.

"Now Marcia... let's... let's be reasonable here..." he stammered again.

"Oh, I'll be reasonable, just like you were 'reasonable' last week when we were arguing about who gets the attic!" Marcia had had it! She reached down and grabbed Greg's nut sack, to her small delight making him let out a small yelp, and then wrapped one of the rubber bands tightly around the base of it, above his two well shaped balls. She made sure to watch his face as she let it *SNAP* down... his reaction made her giggle again. He was still wincing in pain, eyes squinting, back arched and muscled tensed as he spoke...

"Wh... wh... this... this is about the attic?!?!" His voice was filled with disbelief.

"Y... y... yesss...." Marcia said mockingly, grinning a sinister grin again and reaching down and holding his now nicely compact balls in her young soft hand.

"Not ONLY the attic though Greg, but every other fucking thing you've ever done to me! This is MY way to PROVE to you once and for ALL that when it comes down to it..." she looked down at his nads and squeezed just slightly as she said this again for emphasis, "when it really comes DOOOWWWWWWNNN to it, girls have ALL the power over guys!" With that gentle squeeze Greg's body writhed even more, his back arched higher still, and Marcia delighted in the beads of sweat that were now forming all over his body.

"OK!" he yelped again, sounding more and more like their little lisping sister Cindy, "I've got the point! Girls are better than boys! Groovy!!! Real groovy!!!"

"Well... just so I'm sure," Marcia cooed, "I'm gonna leave you like this for a while..."

Greg interrupted, "No... pl... pleeease Marcia... please.... they hurt so bad...." Marcia's look changed again, she didn't like being interrupted, especially not by someone she could so easily destroy! She started squeezing harder... very slowly... and as she squeezed she began twisting as well. She loved the feel of Greg's family jewels in her hands, and she loved that even though he was obviously in a lot of pain, and even though he was humiliated and at her complete mercy, his cock was raging with a massive hard on!

"Greeeegggg...." Marcia cooed again, "it's not nice to in-ter-upt people..." Each twist brought a new expression to Greg's face, a new reason for Marcia to smile.

"I'm... I'm sorry..." he said, tears welling up in his eyes. "It's just that they really... really hurt... won't you please... please let go... they hurt so, so bad..."

"Ahhhhhhhhh," Marcia said with a giggle and in a taunting voice a child might use towards another child on the playground, "is yo' po' wittle baws hurting wittle Greggy.... po' bay-beee." She giggled again, noticing that a bit of pre-cum was oozing out of his cock shaft.

"Pleeeeeeeeease!" Greg moaned. Marcia looked at him and thought he might actually pass out if she kept squeezing and twisting his nuts. She had already taken them almost one full circle around... so, she let go, and as she did she *FLIPPED* the tip of his cock head with her finger. This made Greg jump of course, but he also let out a *SIIIIGGGHHHH* of pure relief.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" he said, out of breath and still slightly crying.

"You're welcome," Marcia laughed, still playing with her erect nipples. "I just want you to remember this," she began, taking a moment to grab his shaft and *LIIIICK* the pre-cum off the top of it, "next time you feel like acting like an arrogant son of a bitch to me... heck... to ANY girl! Got it?!" Greg nodded violently, holding his breath and his load as Marcia licked his penis.

"Gooood boy," she said, wiping her mouth as if she'd just tasted food from the gods themselves. He didn't know WHERE this next thought came from, it literally LEPT into his brain... and then he couldn't get it out. The fact was he was in a LOT of pain, but that didn't change the other fact that he needed to cum, and BADLY! So before he thought it completely out his mouth was moving...

"Marcia..." he began, realizing already that he probably should've just lain quietly.

"What?" Marcia answered in a surprisingly soothing voice... her hand still tracing Greg's shaft just below the head.

"Ummm.... could.... I mean... ummm.... I was just wondering...." he continued.

"What?!" she said, sounding a bit more annoyed.

"Ummmm.... well... you really hurt me," this made Marcia smile again at the thought of it, "and I was just wondering if you could uhhhh.... if you'd uhhhhh.... 'finish' for me."

"What?!" she said. Greg knew he had made a mistake!

"You mean you want me to make you CUM?!"

"Well... yes... but that's ok... you don't have to! I shouldn't have said anything! I'm sorry!!!" He was trying desperately now to make up for his obvious mistake.

"Let me put it this way," Marcia started, smiling now and leaning forward, getting right in his face, and making sure her breasts, then tummy, then her small wafts of newly grown pussy hair rubbed gently on his massive hard on as she spoke, "if you DARE cum Greggy-poo, I will take that pair of scissors over there and *WHACK* both of your precious nuts OFF!!! Got it?!!!" She *FLIPPED* his cock again, and Greg had to bite his bottom lip to keep from erupting all over his sister's tight soft belly

"Got it..." he whimpered. She swung her leg over and off the bed and then stood up. She then walked over and got dressed, very slowly and very seductively to her own surprise, she couldn't believe she was enjoying teasing him this much, and Greg's horror, he had to shut his eyes and look away. Because as much pain as he was STILL in, the mere SIGHT of her dressing, putting on that bra... those panties... those little short cheerleader socks, and that short dress and tight little t-shirt... it was enough to make him explode right then and there! Marcia was watching his twitching shaft with a sly grin the entire time almost wishing he would cum, just so she could hurt him some more.

"Now lay perfectly still while I untie you," she said as she leaned over him and began undoing the ropes. "And remember," she continued, "this never happened. If you tell ONE SOUL, I'll make sure ALL your friends know your sister beat you up and had you begging her to let you cum! You'd probably be arrested, and then put into prison for incest and rape... cause they always believe the girls stories over you boys... and then no telling what would happen to you in prison. But we don't have to worry about THAT do we?" She winked at him as she finished releasing his last ankle.

"No!" Greg said emphatically, still laying perfectly stock still in the same position he had been tied in, "No! I won't tell a soul!"

"Goooood," said Marcia.

"How long must I lay here Marcia?" Greg asked, making sure not to sound defiant at all.

"Umm... just until I get downstairs I suppose... then you can get up."

"May I..." he cleared his throat, fearing the worst, "may I cum after you leave?" Marcia laughed out loud. She walked back over to Greg, reached down again and ran her finger up his shaft ever so lightly. She grinned from ear to ear at the look on his face... one of pure agony in every sense of the word.

"Yes..." she finally said, "You may cum once I leave." Her finger let up from his body, and Greg let out a deep sigh. His balls were feeling a bit better now, and they were SO FULL of cum he felt if she didn't leave soon he'd cut them off himself! He watched as she walked for the stairs, then she stopped and came back over to the bedside.

"One more thing," she said, smiling in a way as to quicken his heart again.

"Yes?" he answered nervously.

"Next weekend while mom and dad are gone again, I want to show Jan and Cindy what fun you boys can really be. So it's your job to get Peter and Bobby up here and have them tied, stripped and ready for us after supper... ok?" Greg nodded, his eyebrows raised in fear, and his heart sank at the thought of enduring MORE of this.

"Good..." Marcia giggled. "And just in case you forget, or think of weaseling out of it, here's a little incentive to remind you who's in control here..." With that she slammed her fist HARD into Greg's still unprotected balls, causing him to jump and cry out... his hands darting down to his aching groin automatically.

"Tut-tut," cooed Marcia, "You moved... I'll have to repay you for that next week."

And with that she bounced, giggling, down the stairs, leaving Greg Brady, the cool cat in school, curled up on his bed, clutching his jewels, and quietly crying a little... not only from the pain, and from the refusal to climax, but from the knowledge that he'd have to endure it all again the next weekend... and there was nothing he could do about it.

The End???

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