Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Melissa's First Ballbusting

by g_power

Melissa sensed the tension as soon as she stepped on the city bus to take her home from school. She saw it in the eyes of the driver and then the passengers, and then she heard the snarling voice of a man in the back of the bus.

"Shit, man, stop making every fucking stop! I gotta get to the bookie and put down my bets!" From the looks of the passengers, this asshole had been loud and belligerent way before she had boarded.

Sitting down in the front of the bus, Melissa reflected on how she was becoming much more aware of the world around her than ever before. At 13 she now commuted cross-town to a school that her strong-willed mother felt was the best in the city for her daughter. Melissa was always bright and self-assured, with a heart-melting smile, but now she was blossoming into a very attractive young lady. She had long reddish brown hair and a lightly freckled face that gave her an aura of innocence. But inside, Melissa was changing, feeling sensations that she had never felt before, and the boys in her class were starting to drool over her.

A couple of weeks before, at the mall, Melissa noticed not only one of her classmates staring at her, but his father was staring as well! Melissa felt both contempt and amusement for father and son, but at the same time felt a thrill at the realization that she could wrap either of them around her little finger if she wanted. She was starting to realize what "girl power" really meant. Melissa's mother knew all to well how boys behave around budding beauties like her daughter. After all she was one herself at that age, and with her traveling back and forth to school each day, sat her down for a talk. She knew that Melissa knew the "birds and the bees" and knew that Melissa was too strong-willed to accept a lecture from her, but she did stress that if she ever got any unwanted groping and fondling, the best way to put a stop to it was a hard blast to the balls.

Melissa tingled when her mother told her this. She had never spoken like that to her before. She also had no idea of how miserably Melissa's 17-year-old brother John had treated her. Melissa was never one to complain, but it was getting really annoying lately. Since her breasts started to develop, John would viciously twist her nipples through her blouses and shirts. She wouldn't tell her mother, but Melissa told herself that the next time her big brother tried anything, she would surprise him with a knee to the balls. Melissa's thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the nasty passenger.

"Get off the fuckin' cell phone, you asshole! You're making too much noise!" Everyone on the bus snickered, since this idiot was clearly the loudest asshole on the bus. Still, nobody made a move to stop him. The man got up and walked towards the front of the bus, muttering to himself. Melissa now got her first good look at him. He was old, she thought, in his thirties. Liquor on his breath and tattoos on his arms. He started yelling at the driver to step on the gas and get him to his bookie. The driver picked up his phone to call his dispatcher and get help.

"Put down that fuckin' phone!" he bellowed. "Everybody's got their fuckin' phones!" This guy was nuts, Melissa realized, and she also noticed that everyone was afraid to stand up to this guy, including the driver, who put down the phone, pulled the bus over and opened the door.

"Please, Sir," the driver pleaded, "have a seat and I'll get you to your bookie. Otherwise I'm going to ask you to leave the bus!" Melissa was disgusted with the driver. She had a long day at school and wanted to get home, and he was wasting time being nice to this bum.

"Just get the fuck going!" roared the asshole. Melissa was waiting for one of the grown-ups to do something but nobody said anything. There was tense silence. The driver and the passengers looked nervously around, stealing only quick glances at the wild-eyed menace who looked like he was about to throw the driver off the bus. It was anger more than a calculated decision, but Melissa decided that if no one else had the courage to do anything about this asshole, she would take care of the matter herself.

But despite being angry with the man, Melissa was smart enough not to let it show. She knew that one of her best assets was her sweet, innocent smile and demeanor. She wasn't sure what was about to happen, but her heart was racing. She would be making the first move, and realized with excitement that this meant that she would be in control. All she had to do was keep control of the situation. Melissa stood up and moved towards the door.

"Oh no you don't, you fuckin' bitch!" he snarled. "Nobody's leaving or getting on! We're not stopping until we get we're I'm going, and if you try to leave I'll slap you around worse than I just did with my bitch of an ex-wife when she complained that I wasn't paying the child support!"

Melissa was now seething internally. This was the worst excuse for a man that she could think of. He beat the mother of his children, didn't pay his child support, but was betting a wad of money with his bookie! If anyone deserved punishment, it was this asshole! There was NOTHING that she could do to the scumbag that was worse than he deserved! But Melissa didn't show her true feelings. She just smiled shyly at the man. She stuck out her lower lip.

"I'm tho thowwy, thir!" she lisped in her soft, sweet voice. And then she suddenly lashed out with her right leg, her sneaker banging into the man's balls. The man stood in silent shock for less then a second, then started moaning in pain. He started to pitch forward, but Melissa swung up her left leg, catching the man on the bottom of the chin. He fell backwards and out of the bus.

Knowing that she had the momentum, Melissa jumped off of the bus and onto the man's belly. His annoying voice sounded so much better when it was bellowing in pain, she thought to herself with a laugh. She jumped up, spun around and landed with on of her knees on his solar plexus and another one squashing his balls.

"I'm sorry," called the bus driver, "But I have to keep moving!" That really got Melissa pissed off.

"No you don't!" she yelled at the driver. "My books are still on the bus! I'm taking care of your problem for you, so just wait a few more minutes and we'll be on our way!" The driver shrugged and stayed. Still, no one had moved to help her, although everyone in the bus was looking out the window at them.

The man tried to get up, but Melissa jumped up and kicked him in the jaw. She felt and heard something snap, and was unprepared for the thrill that it gave her. She kicked the man onto his belly, put a foot on the small of his back, grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled. Buttons flew all over as the shirt came off in her hand. She quickly tied one of the arms of the shirt to his left wrist. The man tried to turn around but Melissa stopped him by stomping on his balls, loving the feeling of the two orbs squashing under her sneakered foot. But even more than that, she enjoyed the howl that the man made. Melissa giggled in delight. His scream was at least three octaves higher than the deep growl that had frightened the driver and passengers! This was a new power that Melissa was feeling. Not only was she beating up a man that older men were afraid of, but she had injured his manhood! She was making him less of a man! She kneeled down, her knee slamming hard into his balls, making squeal higher than a soprano!

"Now we're seeing how big and tough a man you really are, aren't we, asshole?" taunted Melissa in a sweet voice, but one that was deeper than the man's strangled sounds. Melissa got up and put a foot on the small of his back, pulling his arms up painfully behind him with one hand. With the other hand she searched his pants pockets. He had over five hundred dollars cash on him, which Melissa happily waved in his face before putting it in her pocket. In other pockets she found a switchblade knife and a pack of cigarettes. Melissa had just started smoking with her new friends at her new school, and with the price of cigarettes these days she was happy to relieve him of his smokes. Into her pocket they went.

In desperation, the man kicked out with his legs, trying to knock Melissa off of him. The girl thought that the man should be begging her for mercy instead of trying to get free, and she petulantly stomped down on the back of his right ankle, listening with satisfaction as the bone that runs from the back of the heel to the ankle snapped. She repeated the process with his other foot. The man's shrieks were louder, higher, more "girlish" than ever. Melissa dropped both of her knees on the man's back, producing another groan. She pulled his loose fitting jeans down and grabbed his balls with her right hand, putting the steel blade of his knife to his eyes.

"See what I have in my left hand, asshole!" she hissed. "And feel what I have in my right hand!" Melissa squeezed his injured manhood. "You know what I'm thinking, don't you, asshole?" The man couldn't believe the vicious things that the cute little girl was saying with her sweet smile and perky voice. In a panic, he tried to get up to his feet, forgetting that Melissa had shattered the thin bones that had previously connected his heels to his ankles. He immediately collapsed in agony, falling on his knees. Melissa felt another surge of exhilaration. She had crippled him! She had rendered him incapable of walking! First she took away his masculinity, and now, thanks to her, the only way he could move around was by crawling like a baby!

Grabbing his injured ankles, Melissa tied them up with the legs of his own pants. When he put up a protest, Melissa stomped on the back of his neck, driving his nose painfully into the hard pavement. His whimpers were more childlike than ever. The driver and the other men had been afraid of him, but she had turned the menacing man into an emasculated, babbling baby! She grabbed and twisted his newly smashed nose. She pulled him by it, and he slithered like a snake in an attempt to relieve the pressure. Finally she got him to the curb, by a sewer opening. She pushed his head into the opening and kicked the back of it several times until his head was wedged sideways between the ground and the top of the sewer opening, too weak to pull it out.

Melissa calmly stood up, wiped her hands off to signify that she had just completed her task, and with a final stomp on the trapped man's balls lightly stepped back onto the bus, the cheerful schoolgirl smile on her face. But the looks that the driver and the passengers gave her were different than before. They were looking at her with new respect, even fear! Just a bunch of fucking male wimps, she thought to herself as she settled back into her seat by her schoolbooks. Absent-mindedly, Melissa tapped the pack of cigarettes that she had confiscated against her hand. The driver cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry, miss, but there's no smoking allowed on the bus!" This amused Melissa, since she wasn't thinking of smoking. But she was feeling her power, and was still exhilarated from her destruction of the man. She smiled at the driver.

"I bailed you out, you wimp-ass!" she purred. "I deserve a smoke!" The driver looked uneasy.

"I'm sorry, miss, I appreciate what you did, but rules are rules!" A voice came from the back of the bus.

"She saved us. Let her smoke if she wants to!" Other passengers nodded in agreement.

"Does anybody object to my having a smoke?" asked Melissa in her sweet little-girl voice. There was no voice in opposition. With a sheepish smile the bus driver shrugged, pulled out his own lighter and lit Melissa's cigarette for her himself! Melissa accepted the light.

"I'm sorry Miss, but I hope you understand-"

"Stop blubbering and start driving, boy!" The driver turned around in embarrassment and started driving. Another thrill went through Melissa. She hadn't even thought about what she was saying, but she had instinctively called the driver, who was in his 50's and therefore around four times her age, "boy!" She felt entirely comfortable with it, and the man had responded by shutting up and driving, just like she had ordered!

Melissa took a deep drag of her cigarette, menacingly blowing her smoke at the driver. She giggled as he tried not to react, though she saw him tensely grip the steering wheel. Yes, she was definitely starting to feel her girl power.

Soon, Melissa would be home. She wondered if her big brother John would try to harass her and give her an opportunity to bust his balls. She couldn't wait. She took another drag and smiled. Maybe, she told herself, if he doesn't try anything, she might take the initiative and pick a fight with him! Contentedly, Melissa blew smoke rings. One way or another, she would own her big brother's balls before long!

Melissa's Second Ballbusting, Day One

After demolishing the man on the bus, Melissa rode home in glorious victory. Everyone on the bus was dazzled at the way the 13-year-old girl had taken control of the situation, severely beating up the man that they had all been afraid of. He was left lying on the desolated street, his head wedged in a sewer opening, unable to get free. She smoked a cigarette on the front of the bus, totally against the law but with the approval of the grateful passengers, and the driver, who backed down after initially telling Melissa not to smoke.

Melissa enjoyed the feeling of being in control, and was surprised at how easy she was able to seize it. She had destroyed a man twice her age and a foot taller than her, and she had in effect taken control of the bus from the 50-something bus driver. She was so giddy with her new power and the respect that she saw in the eyes of her elders that she briefly considered ordering the driver to detour the bus for a few blocks so that he could drop her off right in front of her house. She giggled. Maybe some day she would do that, but not today. Still, Melissa couldn't resist one more gratuitous show of power. As she left the bus she held the lit cigarette butt out to the driver.

"Dispose of this for me, boy!" she purred in a voice both girlish and imperious at the same time. Sheepishly, the driver held out his hand and Melissa dropped the butt in it. He winced in pain as the hot coal stung his palm. He angrily threw the butt out the window then looked at Melissa. He couldn't believe that such an innocent looking girl, with a sweet smile on her freckled face could be capable of the brutality that she had displayed, but he had seen it with his own eyes. For her part, Melissa enjoyed the look of hurt on the driver's face when she insulted him. She had no respect for him because he couldn't handle the man and was happy that he knew it. Besides, Melissa loved the idea of ordering around a man who was old enough to be her grandfather, calling him "boy". And now she discovered, almost by accident, that she enjoyed humiliating the driver as much as she enjoyed beating up the other man earlier. Melissa's blue eyes sparkled and her long reddish-brown hair bounced as she stepped lightly off of the bus.

Taking control seemed to be so easy and natural for Melissa. She was ready for some more action. For years, she had been terrorized by her brother John, 4 years her senior, now 17 years old. John had picked on her for as long as she could remember, and now that her bust was developing he had taken to pinching her nipples painfully along with all of his other usual harassments.

Recently, she had been considering kicking her big brother in the balls the next time he started up with her. But now, brimming with confidence and victory over the man in the bus, she couldn't wait any longer. She decided that at the earliest possible moment when their parents weren't around, if he didn't start up with her, she would pick a fight with him and overwhelm him with her newfound girl-power.

When she got home, Melissa got some great news. Her parents were going away the next day, Friday, for the weekend. John grinned smugly at Melissa. He was always at his most brutal on the weekends when they were alone, and he figured that it would be no different this time. Melissa put on a frightened expression for John's consumption, but her heart was racing. Tomorrow would be the day when she would take revenge against her big brother, and she couldn't wait.

The more Melissa thought about the situation, the more confident she became. Considering how easily she had beat up the man on the bus, beating up John should be a snap. The man on the bus was bigger and stronger than John, and he looked like he was more of a fighter. John, being four years older than Melissa, was taller than her, but he seemed to have stopped growing, and she was catching up a little! He was skinny and not athletic at all, though he liked to watch sports on television. So he took out his frustration by bullying his little sister all these years. Melissa cursed herself for not standing up to John earlier, but everything was about to change now.

On Friday afternoon Melissa stayed away until she knew that her parents had left. She was taking a chance that John might have gone out for the evening, but she chuckled as she saw her brother's car in the driveway. He had just gotten his license and Dad got him a used car, but her wimp of a big brother was home on a Friday night, probably preferring to harass his little sister instead of going out with a girl his own age.

Melissa quietly opened the front door and heard the sound of the television in John's bedroom. Since he wasn't aware that she was home, she decided to take the offensive. She tiptoed to his bedroom door. She wanted to throw him off balance, psyche him out, knowing that it would make her physical assault on him more effective. She put a cigarette between her lips, fluffed her long hair, took a deep breath and flung open John's bedroom door. She chuckled. Her lazy big brother was lying on his bed, watching a basketball game.

John was startled. He absolutely forbade Melissa from entering his room without knocking and receiving permission. Even more startling was the cigarette in her mouth. He had never seen his sister smoke before. He froze, not reacting for several seconds. Melissa clicked a lighter and lit her cigarette as she purposefully strode toward him.

"I need more cigarettes, Johnny Boy!" she purred. "Make yourself useful and drive me to the store to get another pack!" John couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. Aside from everything else, he hated being called "Johnny" and Melissa knew it. And she had called him "Boy"! His kid sister! He swung himself up into a sitting position.

"G-Get the fuck out of here, you little-" John's sputtering was cut short when Melissa suddenly blew a cloud of smoke in his face. As he coughed, her left hand balled into a fist. She swung back and brought it forward in a vicious underhanded blast to his nose. He fell backward, blood splattering from his nose onto his face and clothing. Before he reacted, she jumped onto the bed, her knee landing on John's genitals.

John moaned in pain and surprise, not knowing exactly what had happened. But the pain in his balls caused him to cry out in pain. Melissa brought her forearm and slammed it back down into John's throat, and suddenly his cries became more violent, but also quieter gags. His hands flew up to his choking throat, leaving an irresistible opportunity for Melissa to drive her knee back down into her big brother's balls. He cried out again, and received a punch in the face, bloodying his lips.

Overwhelmed by his sister's attack, John wasn't able to think. Instinctively he curled into a fetal position on the bed, trying to protect his balls as well as the rest of his body. But Melissa was relentless. She jumped on the bed and her feet landed on his shins, causing him to cry out in pain and straighten his body. She jumped back down, her knees slamming into his belly. His mouth gasped open liked a beached whale as the air escaped from his lungs. Melissa took the opportunity to drop her lit cigarette butt into his mouth. His mind and body were in such turmoil that the butt slid down his throat, leaving a trail of coals before it extinguished. Melissa laughed in delight at the comic sight of her brother gagging; smoke pouring out of his mouth even as he unintentionally swallowed the butt.

Melissa was thrilled at what she had just done to her brother. It was a lifelong dream that had come true. She now realized that she could and should have done this years ago, but now she would make up for lost time. Instinctively, she knew that she would have to keep up the intensity level so that John would remain off-balance. Her goal was to break him to the point where he finally would have no more fight left in him, where he would no longer question his little sister's authority over him and unhesitatingly obey her most humiliating and degrading orders. Only then would she let up on him, though she would never let up entirely.

Positioning herself seated on the bed behind her brother, Melissa grabbed his pinky fingers in her fists and pulled his arms up behind him, while snaking her strong legs around his skinny body.

"Now like I said, Brother Boy, we're going for a ride to the store! In fact, just to teach you a lesson, you will buy my cigarettes for me!"

"N-No f-fucking way!" stammered John, whose objections were cut short when Melissa swiftly and viciously drove the heel of her sneakered foot into his already sore balls. She felt his body turn to jelly as he moaned like a baby. Melissa kept her grip on John's fingers and her legs scissored his sides as she ordered him to get to his feet while she remained astride him.

"Now first you'll give me a ride on your back to the car, and then you'll give me a ride to the store! Get going, Brother Boy!" Melissa knew how degrading John must have felt, his little sister calling him "Brother Boy" and able to make him do whatever she wanted. Anger flared up in her eyes but Melissa banged her crossed ankles into his balls. John lurched forward, steadied himself, and realizing that his sister could hurt him at will, carried her to his car. She sat beside him, constantly waving a fist at him, her eyes on his crotch. He drove to the store. She walked in with him, grinning in delight as he paid for the cigarettes. Once they were outside, Melissa turned her palm up, and John sheepishly put the pack in it. She made him light a cigarette for her and he miserably drove home as Melissa reveled in her new power.

If John had thought that Melissa would go easier on him once he started obeying her orders, he was sadly mistaken. When they got home, Melissa ordered him to go to bed.

"But it's not even 7:00 yet!" he complained. And I haven't even had dinner yet!" Melissa loved the helpless look on John's face. Beating him up was bad enough, but now his little sister was sending him to bed early without dinner! He was bewildered at the thought that she was capable of enforcing her juvenile, mischievous whim over him with such ease!

"Please, Melissa, I'm hungry!" he trembled in a voice that made him ashamed. Melissa smiled menacingly at John. In his whole life he had never seen such a predatory look in her eyes. He was used to seeing fear there. But now it was big brother who was afraid. She glided over to him as gracefully as if she were floating on air, thrilling at the still new feeling of power over her former tormentor. As she approached him she swung her leg back. Instinctively, John covered his balls with her hands. But that wasn't Melissa's target anyway. Her leg swung up and her foot thudded into his belly. John let out an agonized moan as he dropped to the floor. Melissa kicked him onto his back and stomped hard on his stomach.

"That ought to take care of your hunger for the rest of the night, Brother Boy!" murmured Melissa. "Now you have five minutes to wash up and then it's bedtime!" John looked up from the floor at his sister, his eyes glazed and frightened. She had dreamed for years of rendering him into this position and could barely believe that it was actually happening. Slowly John stood up and without a word trudged to the bathroom.

"Remember, big brother, five minutes, after that I'm coming after you! Now move it!" Anger flared up in John's eyes but he quickly put his head back down and went into the shower. Melissa was giddy with her new power, giggling as she heard him shower quickly. He was obeying her five-minute limit because he was afraid of her! When John returned to his bedroom, towel around his waist, he found Melissa there, smoking a cigarette.

"Okay, into bed, big brother!" she chirped. John turned away from her and slipped on his pajamas. His mind was in turmoil. He figured that he would come up with a counterattack the next day, but for now he knew that he had no choice but to go to bed. Once John got into bed, Melissa stepped to the bed, put her cigarette in her mouth and tightly tucked him in.

"Now I don't want to hear another peep from you tonight, Johnnie!" she snapped, cigarette dangling from her lips, as she turned out the light and firmly shut the door on her way out. John couldn't believe what had happened. First Melissa had beaten him up and then she had put him to bed like a little baby! As he was feeling sorry for himself, music blared from the living room, making John even more miserable. His kid sister was enjoying herself while he was confined to his dark room. Melissa's residual cigarette smoke hung in the air, a humiliating symbolic reminder of the role reversal that had taken place between the newly empowered girl and her suddenly subjugated older brother. Bitterly, John realized that in effect, his little sister was babysitting him! The only difference was that Melissa had more power over him than any babysitter ever had when he was little. She was more overbearing than their parents were. They were somewhat strict, but Melissa had been positively brutal! He started to cry in self-pity. He decided that he would have to do something the next day to put his sister's torment of him to an end.

As a miserable and despairing as John was, his sister's mood couldn't have been more opposite. Adrenalin flowed through her body as she basked in her victory, thinking about her plans for the following day. She realized that her brother was in shock tonight but would probably try to get even with her tomorrow, because he wouldn't be able to stand the idea of continuing his subservience to his kid sister. Melissa smiled at the thought. She was ready for anything that he would try, and she would have fun playing with him. She would give him his opportunities, but she was confident that she would beat him back down every time. She had proven to herself that she could hurt John anytime she wanted and that he was unable to stop her. Yes, she decided. She would play with him all day long, wearing his mind and body down until they were both completely broken.

Melissa couldn't wait for the morning...

Melissa 3 - big brother's Long Weekend

As he lay in darkness, John's head cleared a little. He was still smarting from the beating that his 13-year-old sister had given him. He decided that he would surprise Melissa in the morning and give her the beating of his life.

John tiptoed quietly down the stairs. Melissa was in her bathrobe, heating up a pot of water for tea. Yawning, she wiped the sleep from her eyes and shook her loose hanging long reddish-brown hair, feeling a glow of satisfaction from her victory over John the night before. After busting his balls and otherwise hurting him, she made him go to bed early, without dinner. She knew that her brother felt humiliated and would try to regain the upper hand, and knowing John; she figured that he would try something sneaky.

Suddenly Melissa heard the floor creaking slightly and she knew that her creepy big brother was creeping up behind her. She hummed softly to herself, not letting on that she could see his reflection in the teakettle as he sneaked up behind her. When he was close he jumped up, landing on Melissa's back, his arms wrapping around her neck. Melissa swiftly bent her right lower leg back and her bare heel crashed into John's already sore balls from behind. He moaned in pain and surprise, releasing his hold on her neck and falling to the ground.

"Gotcha again, big brother!" giggled Melissa. "It looks like you haven't fully learned your lesson yet. Oh well, it's only Saturday morning. I have all weekend to punish you if that's what it takes to beat some sense in you!"

"Y-You surprised me last night!" retorted John. You couldn't have done that if I was prepared for you!" Melissa chuckled.

"Oh, poor baby!” she mocked. "Poor 17 year-old Johnnyboy can't handle his 13 year-old sister because he wasn't prepared, so she beats him up!" John blushed in humiliation. "I'll tell you what, Brother-boy. I’ll give you all day to get your frustration out of your system. You can challenge me to as many fights as you want. I'll beat you every time! Just don't be a coward and try to sneak up from me from behind or the next time I won't just kick your balls, I'll pull them right off of you!" She put her bare foot on his crotch as he lay on the floor and wiggled her toes. "Got it, wimp-ass big brother?" Angrily, John pulled his body out from under his little sister's foot and stood up.

"Okay, you little brat," he said, going into a fighting crouch. "Now you're going to get it!” He then lunged at Melissa, who waited until he was close enough and then drove her knee powerfully into his balls. John crashed back down to the floor with a howl.

The teakettle whistled. Humming contentedly, Melissa turned away from her writhing brother to pour her tea. She heard John getting to his feet but pointedly ignored him as she sat down at the table. She lit a cigarette and sipped her tea, demonstrating that she was totally unafraid of anything that her former tormentor might try.

"Any time you want to fight, Johnnyboy, all day today, just let me know and we'll go at it. But until you beat me, you have to do as I say, just like last night! John grumbled an unintelligible response, mainly to save face, not because he had anything meaningful to say. He was in too much of a state of bewilderment to think straight, let alone talk straight. Melissa stubbed out her cigarette and flicked it onto the floor near where John was struggling to his feet.

"Clean that up boy!" she murmured. "And then wash my teacup. After that you'll clean the house while I supervise you. And remember, any time that you don't want to obey my orders any more, all you have to do is challenge me to a fight and beat me!" Fuming with humiliation, John reluctantly did as he was told.

"I'll do this, but I want to fight you again before you make me do anything else!" he muttered.

"No problem, Johnnyboy, I'll wait for you in the living room. "Let me know when you're ready!" Melissa drawled. She knew how much he hated being called "Johnnyboy". Almost as much as he hated being beaten up by his kid sister! That's why Melissa did it. She was playing with his mind, and his mind was in turmoil. Melissa felt wonderful; her only regret being that she had waited so long and endured so much from her former bullying brother. John finished up in the kitchen and found Melissa sitting on the living room chair, smoking another cigarette.

"Okay, Johnnyboy," she purred as she stood up, "give it your best shot. But when I finish with you, you will put on an apron and clean the kitchen!" As Melissa knew it would, John's face flushed red with anger at his sister's goading. Covering his genital area with his left hand, John charged at Melissa, swinging her right fist at her. Melissa took a drag of her cigarette, ducked under the punch and slammed her knee into his groin. His hand didn't offer much protection. The shot to his balls was agony, and pain shot up his left hand. Melissa grabbed his wrist and flung him to the floor, letting go of him only before almost dislocating his shoulder.

Melissa put her cigarette in her mouth and casually leaned over, grabbed his ankles in her hands, stood back up and spread his legs out as wide as she could. Grinning with both excitement and girlish wonder at the discovery of her power, she slowly bent her knee and lifted her foot over his groin.

"N-NO M-MELISSA! PLEASE, I GIVE UP!" he shrieked. Melissa felt a shudder of excitement ripple through her. The experience of her big brother being terrified of her was still new to her. But instinctively Melissa knew that she couldn't let up the pressure on him.

"Sorry, Johnnyboy, it's just too hard to resist!" With that she stomped down on his balls. She kept her hold on his ankles and stomped again, crushing his hands when he tried to block her path. She shifted her foot's position ad swung her foot underneath his groin, her toes pounding in to the underside of his balls. John was beside himself in pain, desperately trying to pull away from his sister's viselike grip. With a grunt she stood him upside down on his head.

"All right, Johnnyboy!" she sang. "I'm letting you go now. If you still want to fight me again just let me know. You can fight me as many times as you like today, but you might just want to face reality and give up! But for now you will put on Mom's apron and start doing the dishes, understand?"

"YES, YES, MELISSA, PLEASE, ANYTHING, JUST LET ME GO!" cried John. Melissa let go of John's ankles. John crumpled back to the floor and slowly picked himself up as his sister sat back down in the living room, turned on the television and finished her cigarette.

Melissa gave John a hard time with the dishes and everything else. She inspected his work and found fault, making him clean the kitchen floor three times before she was satisfied.

An hour after the previous onslaught, John told Melissa that he was ready to fight again. This time she faked blows to his balls and instead concentrated on his belly and face. John's balls worked against him, Melissa realized. Not only were they painful when wounded, not only were they so conveniently available to an attacking female, but even if she didn't touch him there, he would be so worried that she would and would always leave other parts of his body defenseless. She also realized that despite his height advantage of four inches, she was better coordinated than him and was able to attack him at will. She now realized that even without busting his balls, she probably could have beaten him up in a fight years ago. Anyhow, after five minutes of knocking her big brother around, he gave up and pleaded with Melissa to stop. After an additional five minutes, in her own time, Melissa finally stopped her beating.

After finishing the kitchen, Melissa had John vacuum the living room. John said that he had to go to the bathroom, but instead of coming right back down he tiptoed to his bedroom. Melissa noticed this but pretended not to. Whatever John was up to, Melissa was sure she could handle it.

When he came back to the living room, John charged at Melissa without warning when her back was to him. She let him wrestle her to the ground and land on top of her. Then she quickly went into action, spinning around and driving her right leg between his legs. She pounded her knee into his groin and encountered a dull thud. John was wearing a protective cup!

The cup caused a small amount of pain to Melissa's knee, but it hurt John more, even with the cup on. Now Little Sister was angry! She slammed her fist into his already bruised nose and as he cried, his hands flying to his nose, she unbuttoned his pants and stuck her hand underneath the cup. Her fingers found his balls and squeezed, and her efforts were rewarded by the highest shrieks that she had been able to get out of her brother's strangled throat. She had become proficient at kicking balls over the past two days, but now she was getting up close and personal with John's testicles, kneading them in her fingers.

"If you ever try anything like that again, Johnnyboy," Melissa hissed, "I'll squeeze your balls into pulp and pound it up your throat!" She gave a quick, violent squeeze and let go.

It's not fair!" whimpered John. "I can't fight when I'm afraid that you're going to hurt my balls!" Melissa chuckled at her big brother's whining.

"What you're really saying, Johnnyboy, is that because men have balls and women don't, that women have the natural advantage! I agree with you. But it's more than that. Women are mentally tougher, and even physically tougher if not always stronger. I KNOW that I could beat you easily without going near your poor little gonads! For the rest of the day I promise that I will never attack your balls in any fight that you challenge me to!"

A little later, John was ready for another fight. True to her word, Melissa didn't attack his balls. Instead she got him into a full-nelson, painfully punishing him yet again. Then she pulled his arm back behind him and he was wailing like a baby for his baby sister to stop hurting him.

Melissa let go, and saw that almost all of the fight had gone out of John. She felt excited that she had nearly broken her big brother to her will, but she wanted to goad him into one more final degradation. As John lay whimpering on the floor, Melissa knelt beside him and sang in the universal children's taunting melody: "I'm stronger than you are!" I'm stronger than you are!" As she knew it would, Melissa's singing went straight to the heart of John's ego.

"Y-You’re not s-stronger than me!" he blubbered. "I don't know how you did what you did, but you're still not stronger than me!" Melissa giggled.

"Okay, Brother-boy. All I have done is beat back your challenges all day long, hurting you a little more each time! But if you still need to be convinced that I'm stronger than you, then let's arm-wrestle right now!"

Melissa wasn't only a better fighter than her brother; she was also smarter than him. He may have been able to beat her in an arm-wrestling match before they started the day's fighting, but now she had worn down his body and his spirit. And she had just put his arms through intense pain and strain. John looked at his sister, already poised with her right arm in position to grasp his. He knew that he had no choice. He couldn't back away, but she had spooked him so much that he had no self-confidence left.

As John's nervously sweating hand met Melissa's, she casually lit a cigarette with her right hand. He tensed up, ready to go. He pushed forward several inches and was then stopped cold. Melissa looked like she wasn't even paying attention, taking drags of her cigarette and blowing smoke rings; her arm didn't budge. Then Melissa took a drag and blew a long stream of smoke at John.

"Okay, big brother, I'm ready to go!" she purred, firmly pulling her arm and both of their hands into an upright position. "Okay, 1-2-3- GO!" she barked, keeping her arm in that position, grinning at John's frustration as he wasn't able to move her arm down. Then, Melissa brought their arms halfway to the floor and held him in that position while she took another lazy drag and blew more smoke rings.

Melissa lowered her arm so that John's hand was two inches from the ground and then painfully twisted his wrist. John cried for Melissa to let go, that he was giving up. But Melissa wasn't ready to stop, and she kept twisting and pulling his wrist. In desperation, John tried to pull his arm and hand down to end the mat, but Melissa firmly kept John's hand from touching the floor, prolonging the match for her own pleasure, even though of course she could have pounded his hand to the floor whenever she wanted. Finally she slammed and ground his hand with a vicious flourish.

After that, Melissa made John strip naked as he continued to clean the house. As he was doing this, Melissa called a boy from her school that had asked her out. She hadn't given him an answer before, but now she called him up. Paul was overjoyed to hear from Melissa, but bewildered when she told him that she would provide their transportation - her brother John would drive them to the movies in his new car and act as their chauffeur!

Knowing that he had no choice, John miserably agreed. Paul was amused when John got out of the car to open the rear door for him. They made out together as John drove, realizing that he was now a servant to two thirteen-year-old kids who were having more adult activity than he ever had.

That night was just the beginning. Melissa informed John that from then on, he and his car would be at her disposal, and that he would start by driving her to school every morning, beginning on Monday. John morosely nodded, figuring that complaining wouldn't help. He would have to try to figure out some way out of this mess.

After they got home, John asked Melissa if he could at least have a cigarette after his long, painful day. He had been smoking for a couple of years, but Melissa had taken his cigarettes from him and forbade him to smoke. Melissa was amused at how humiliated he looked, and realized how difficult it must be for him to be reduced to asking his kid sister for permission to smoke. He must have really needed one bad! But Melissa knew that if she was going to break him she couldn't give him an inch. Giving her brother a smug grin, she put a cigarette between her lips, lit it and then swiftly shoved it into his mouth. She laughed with delight as she clamped her fingers on his lips, making him extinguish, chew and gag it down.

"That's the only smoking that you'll be doing from now on, when I use you as a receptacle for my cigarettes!" declared Melissa. "Look at you! You're crying like a baby, and babies can't smoke! In fact it's way past bedtime for babies, so get ready for me to tuck you in!"

So like the night before, Melissa tucked her big brother into bed like a mother would with a baby. And in every way, John was feeling like a helpless baby, suffering at the hands of his merciless little sister.

As he miserably lay in his bed, John told himself that if he could just endure Melissa the next day until their parents came home, he would be okay, and he would figure out to do to get out from under her thumb during the week. He felt so ashamed. He used to look forward to those weekends alone when he would torment Melissa. Now he couldn't wait for Mom and Dad to come home so that he would finally feel safe from her attacks. What a difference two days make!

John would have been horrified if he knew that at that very moment, his sister was planning his torments for the next day. And the plans included an ingenious method that came to Melissa's mind to continue her torment of him in the house even after they returned, right under their noses. Melissa smiled contentedly. If John only knew, he might run away from home! By the following night he would know, but by then it would be too late!

Melissa 4 - Sunday, Painful Sunday

John spent a miserable, fitful and painful night turning in his bed and wondering how it could be that after roughing up his kid sister for years, she was now able to beat him up with greater ease than he ever could. He didn't sleep for more than an hour at a time, and knew that he would have to be ready to serve Melissa for the rest of the day. At least until their parents got home later that day, when John assumed that Melissa would have no choice to let up on him.

Melissa, on the other hand, had a very peaceful and restful night's sleep. As she woke up in the morning, she felt exhilaration as she remembered how she had utterly destroyed her formerly bullying big brother. It wasn't a dream; it was reality - as wonderful a reality for her as it was miserable for John.

When she heard her brother shuffling to the bathroom in the morning, Melissa called out for him to toast an English muffin and brew a cup of tea and bring it to her. Melissa hadn't even gotten out of bed yet! She motioned for him to put her breakfast on her night table and light her morning cigarette for her. Melissa enjoyed the agony that was written on John's face. She was beginning to realize that she enjoyed messing with his mind as much as his body.

Melissa ordered John to eat one piece of plain, dry white bread and a quart of water for breakfast, nothing more and nothing less. She then made him finish cleaning the house, including her bedroom. While John was performing his tasks, Melissa would frequently call out for him - to light her cigarettes, clean her ashtray, fetch her drinks and whatever other annoyance that she could think of. She was amused watching him, knowing that he wanted desperately to fight her again, but knowing that Melissa's offer expired at midnight Saturday night, having been beaten back every time. He could still feel the effect of the beating that he took at her hands, and feet and knees, the night before, and he was still too psyched out to fight her again just yet. Besides, he figured, he would probably just laugh at him for begging and maybe even punish him for asking, so he didn't even bother.

But John was sorely mistaken if he thought that by no longer challenging his sister, she would let up on him. He was in his room, keeping quiet, trying to keep a low profile when Melissa flung the door open - she never knocked anymore - and strutted towards the bed where he was lying, trying to recuperate from the multiple beatings that Melissa had given him. She giggled with girlish giddiness as he cringed when she approached him. John saw that his sister was holding a knitting needle and a ball of yarn.

As John watched in silent puzzlement, Melissa let out several feet of yarn on his bed, and rolled the wool out the door and eventually into her bedroom. She allowed for a few more feet and then snipped the yarn, tying it to the knitting needle. She then returned to John's room and fed the needle under the carpet, pushing it into the hall. It took a while, but Melissa pushed the needle under the hall carpeting and into her bedroom. She pushed the needle up and the yarn resurfaced right near her bed. She pulled several more feet of the wool up and then returned to John's room, where her brother was still staring in puzzlement at the long string that snaked up from the seam in his carpet.

"We'll finish this up later, Johnnyboy," purred Melissa. "But Mommy and Daddy will be home soon, and you have to finish up the housework!" Melissa loved the look of helpless misery on her 17-year-old brother's face. She certainly preferred it to the smug, macho look that she had become used to through the years. She vowed to break him to the point where he would never even THINK of looking at her, or any other woman, that way again. Still aching all over his body, John pushed himself up and, unable to look his victorious 13-year-old sister in the eye, trudged out of the room to obey her instructions.

Melissa and John's parents returned later and saw that their son's face was banged up. They asked him what happened, and he answered that he had fallen down a flight of stairs. Melissa had to suppress a giggle. John wasn't about to tell Mom and Dad that Little Sister had beaten him up repeatedly, or that the condition of his face was only the tip of the iceberg!

Later in the evening, as their parents watched television downstairs in the living room, Melissa quietly opened John's bedroom door. John had been trying to keep to himself, but now he was cowering on his own bed in front of his kid sister.

"Up on your feet, Johnnyboy!" snapped Melissa in a voice full of what can only be called "girlish authority". John was disconcerted by the combination of sweetness and imperiousness, but he slowly got to his feet. Melissa picked up the string of yarn from John's bed and licked her lips as she slowly pulled it through her fingers. "You have to pay for jumping me yesterday after you put on your protective cup. It wasn't so protective after all, was it, Johnnyboy?" she taunted.


Nothing could have thrilled Melissa more than her former bullying big brother whimpering, begging her not to hurt him. But although excitement was charging through her body, she kept in cool control. Nonchalantly, she put an upturned palm under the fly of his pants.

"Okay Johnnyboy, let's have your balls! Right now!" John looked at Melissa in horror. His sister couldn't be serious!

“Please, M-Melissa," he stuttered, "N-Not again!" Melissa impatiently closed her hand into a fist, opened it up again and kept repeating the process.

"If you make me go in there and get your balls myself, like I did yesterday, I'm going to hurt them even more than I'm planning to! Now unless you want me to turn your balls into jelly, you will pull them out and put them in my hand!" As if he were in a stunned trance, almost disbelieving that Melissa was actually making him do it, John miserably unzipped his fly and pulled his genitals out. Melissa was discovering that she had an instinct for humiliation. She raised her upturned palm several inches, making her brother stand on his tiptoes in order to reach it. Melissa gently squeezed his balls, causing brief but sharp pains as she raised and lowered her hand, forcing John to move up and down with her.

"Okay!" she chirped. "Now hold your little weenie up and out of the way while I practice my Girl Scout knots on your balls!" John couldn't imagine anything more demeaning than to have to hold his penis in front of his sister like that, but soon John realized that he had more to worry about than humiliation. Melissa, looking very clinically at John's testicles, wound a spider web of intricate slipknots around them. It took her several minutes and then she gave a tug. Her brother's sudden yelp of pain gave her her answer: Her first attempt at testicle tying was a success!

Melissa tugged and pulled the yarn from different angles and with varying force, and was proud of her handiwork. Just one pull tightened all of the knots painfully. Some were tied around both balls and some surrounded just one of them, and they all tightened painfully at the same time. When she stopped pulling, the yarn would loosen slightly, just enough to allow Melissa to tug again, and the entire squeezing process would be repeated.

"Be right back, Brother-Boy!" chirped Melissa as she skipped out of John's room and into her own. John sat dejectedly on his bed, feeling sorry for himself, when suddenly the wool squeezed tightly around his balls. Melissa, from the comfort of her own bed in her own room, had simply pulled the end of the yarn that she had snaked under the carpet between their rooms and through the hall. The pain was excruciating, and it jolted John so badly that he fell off of the bed and onto the floor. Melissa skipped back to John's room and giggled at the pathetic sight of her big brother writhing in pain on the floor. Their mother heard the crash from downstairs and asked if there was a problem.

"Don't worry, Mom, Johnny just had a little accident!" Melissa answered; covering her mouth to muffle the laughter that she couldn't stop as she looked at poor John. Melissa laid down the rules for John. He would be required to present his balls to her any evening that she demanded it, whether for punishment or just for her own fun. There wasn't enough yarn to allow him to go to the bathroom, so he would have to take care of everything before she tied his balls up for the night. And he wouldn't be allowed to untie his sister's knots until she signaled her permission in the morning - with three sharp tugs in rapid succession.

"Understand, Brother-Boy?" she asked him menacingly. John's sad eyes looked to the floor. He couldn't believe how quickly the balance of power had changed, how his little sister was suddenly in total control of his life.

"Okay, Melissa." he somberly replied. Another thrill went through Melissa's body. She was feeling very comfortable with the immense power that she was wielding.

That night, Melissa had fun for the first time with what she called "remote control ballbusting". Right under their parent's noses, but totally unbeknownst to them, all it took was a flick of her wrists, or a wiggling of her fingers to cause her formerly tormenting brother unbearable pain. But John had no choice but to suffer, because he now knew that his sister was fully capable of hurting him far worse than this if she wanted to. John also knew that starting the following morning, he would be required to drive Melissa to her school before going to his own. He decided to go along with this for a while, while he figured a way out of his predicament. Maybe, he thought hopefully, if he obeyed his sister and didn't cause any trouble for a few days, she would let up on him a little.

At that moment a sharp yank suddenly caused John to squeal as his balls were once again compressed. He spasmed in pain. That kid sister of his was enjoying playing her girlish games, and there was nothing that he could do to stop her. Melissa tied her end of the yarn to the bedpost so that it would retain a constant pull on John's testicles, checked to make sure that his lights were out and that he was in bed, just like she had ordered. She went downstairs and watched the local news and made small talk with her parents. Little did they know that thanks to their darling little daughter, their first-born was presently in constant agony as the yarn around his balls squeezed tighter with every move he made!

After a while Melissa kissed her parents good night and skipped upstairs. She took a shower and got into bed, and then checked the tension of the yarn and smiled. As she knew, John wouldn't DARE untie the wool from his balls! She really WAS breaking him! Licking her lips, she wrapped her left pinky finger around the cord and gave it a sharp twist. She couldn't see or hear him, but from the violent spasmodic pulling she could feel his reaction.

John sobbed as silently as he could. "How long can this last?" he asked himself. "It can't get any worse than this!" Once again, John was wrong. Melissa wasn't about to let up on him. In fact at the same time that he was crying himself to sleep, she was planning in her mind of raising his torment to a new level. She would never get bored with busting his balls, but her creative, vengeful mind wasn't content to stop there.

Melissa's sweet smile curled wickedly as she decided on her next step. She had spent the weekend beating and humiliating her brother in private. But by the end of the upcoming week, Melissa promised herself; she would beat and humiliate him in public!



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fantastic stories

Anonymous said...

Amusing and mentally horrifying. My friend runs a moderate short story publishing company, I will show this to him.
His company mainly deals in short non-fiction stories, I will presume this is pure fiction (as this is illegal and punishable by law in Canada, the US and Europe.)
Nonetheless, he will show these to the board of directors.