Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nailed Hard

By domaine1

I'll try and make it short and sweet. This is true. I do get all my bb fantasies indulged by my fiancée so I am very lucky. She loves it and in particular the power/dominance my balls give her. She, needless to say, is always swatting, kicking, squeezing or whatever till I give in. She is very athletic and hot too. Most of the time the only time I ever really feel it painfully is when she grabs me to make a point and squeezes. For her it is not always sexual but dominance related, though she usually gets aroused by my submission at those times.

Anyway we always horse around wrestling and stuff (she usually wins by getting the jewels... poor me I know…) We were watching some show on cops on TLC and it featured a female cop. She had wanted to be a cop and still thinks about it.

Anyway I saw the sad look in her eyes and said, "Look, no way do I want you to be a cop. Besides why do you want to deal with lowlife scum day in, day out? You will begin to believe that all people are scum and that is not like you and you are not rugged enough to be a cop. We mess around but in a real fight it’s different."

"Fine," she said. She got up went and got our handcuffs.

"Ok, lets play a game. I’ve cornered you and am pointing my gun at you and have told you to get on your knees with your hands over your head and I have to cuff you. Start this way and we will see what happens. Do what you want but remember if this was for real I would have back up too." We cleared the living room and I got on my knees this way. She came up behind me after she said don't move...

I had no idea what was coming the first thing she did was to twist and cuff one arm. At that point I went to fight her but she twisted the cuff on my wrist and it hurt like hell then she stomped down on my right heel (I was still on my knees). It felt like she had broken my ankle. I went down on my side and she twisted me onto my stomach. She was about to get the other cuff on when I spun, rolled into her and knocked her off balance, but she recovered quickly.

We had a piece of leftover 2" thick dowel (from a closet) that was supposed to be her stick. She jabbed it down onto my thigh and it hurt. I was pissed. What started as a game now was more. I was still trying to get my balance with my wrist killing me and with cuffs dangling off it, my ankle not working right and now a Charlie horse in my thigh. I stumbled back and she kicked out at my balls.

She hit, but not hard. She then charged in, bashed me into the wall and pumped her knee into my balls… the third was the charm. I had never been kneed so that it really hurt. My balls had always found a way to escape. Not this time. They must have been hanging low and got totally trapped between her knee and my pelvic bone just the way it is supposed to happen but never had before. Now when I think about it I get turned on... but then.... oh my god! Nothing, I mean nothing, felt good or erotic about it. I thought my nuts were toasted for good it hurt so bad.

I just grabbed my nuts and went limp... all my breath went out of my lungs in one whoosh. She then tried again for good measure but my hands had gone down there and my legs clenched closed. No matter, she slammed my head against the wall so I saw stars.

Next thing I remember was feeling her knee on my back and the cuff being twisted and snapped closed on my other wrist. I was trying to move and tell her I was really hurt but she put her foot on my neck and pushed my face into the floor. She was breathing heavy and hissed "asshole". I was trying to talk but I was in too much pain and couldn't utter a word do to the lack of breath. I looked up at her, she had this wild angry look on her face and her lip was bleeding (I found out later I had elbowed her in the face at some point)

"pppllease it hurts," I whimpered but she just said, "Fuck you. I'm glad it hurts." She then walked away towards the bathroom. I was very close to gagging from pain/nausea at this point. I then heard her washing up in the bathroom. I don't know how long I was lying there but she came out in just panties and a t-shirt with wet hair.

"I am going to let you up but don't ever think I can't handle my self, asshole. And if I want to be a cop I will be."

Gotta go there is more to this story...but I'm sure I’ve bored you all by now. But it is true, all of it. Dome

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